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Monday May 11, 1998

Hope arrives at her hotel room in New Orleans and keeps looking at that picture. . Outside her room, a woman with a scarred arm shows up and knocks on Hope's door. Hope asks the woman if she can help her and the woman tells Hope that they must talk right away. Hope lets her in and the woman tells Hope she knew her in the hospital. The woman tells her that it was a terrible time for her, but it was worse for Hope. The woman is shocked that Hope has no visible scars. She also says that her demeanor is different as well.

The woman tells Hope that she used to have night terrors in the hospital and that she tried to escape from the hospital as well. Hope asks her what happened to her after leaving the hospital . The woman tells Hope that she believed she lived in Bayou Dugar, which puzzles Hope. The woman says that Hope wanted to go back to where the fork tree meets the river. Hope becomes upset and the woman leaves.

Bo is at the station and calls Alice to talk to Hope. Alice tells Bo that Hope has gone to New Orleans to investigate her past. Bo tells Alice goodbye and Billie shows up with a burger and shake for him. Bo tells Billie that she should be home and relaxing. Billie tells Bo that she has an idea how they can have a new beginning. Billie asks Bo to move in with her until the baby is born. Bo is reluctant to move in because he tells her that he may be leaving town for personal reasons, but Billie knows it has to with Hope. Bo tells Billie that he wants to help Hope because Stefano is involved and he tells Billie that this is just something he has to do. They argue. Billie becomes upset, but Bo says that Hope is in danger. Billie asks Bo if he's going to New Orleans because he's worried about Hope or because he loves her. Billie tells Bo not even to answer her question because she knows the answer. Billie asks Bo if he only told her he loved her so he could sleep with her, but Bo is called out of the office before he can answer.

Hope calls Bo's cell phone and Billie answers, she is still waiting for Bo to return to his office. Hope asks to speak with Bo, but Billie tells her that he's not here. Billie tells Hope to leave her and Bo alone, and then she hangs up. Bo returns and asks Billie if someone called him. Billie tells Bo the truth and he becomes upset. Back in New Orleans, Hope realizes that she must go into the Bayou alone.

Nurse Ali and Mike are at Chez Vous. Ali tells Mike that she was worried that he didn't like her because he never called her, but he tells her that he's just been so busy. Mike has a memory of dancing with Carrie when "How Do I Live" plays. Ali asks him if he's okay and Mike asks Ali to dance with him. Austin shows up and asks Carrie out to Chez Vous, which she accepts. When they go to Chez Vous, Carrie sees Mike and Ali dancing and having fun. Carrie and Austin talk with Mike and Ali for a bit before taking their seats. Carrie tells Austin that dating Ali will make Mike look better to the board members, but she is obviously disturbed this.. Austin invites Mike and Ali to join them for dessert. Suddenly a reporter shows up and tells Mike and Carrie that he'd like to speak to them about something because he's leaving town immediately. Mike tells the man that he and Ali can handle this and they leave. Carrie is hurt that Mike tells Carrie he doesn't need her for the interview. Carrie is so bothered by it that she asks Austin to take her home.

Stefano is upset that Vivian is living in his house. Kate recognizes Vivian's place and thinks it is familiar to her. Kate has a flashback of coming to a similar place whole working as a hooker. Stefano questions Vivian about her late husband, but dinner is served before she can tell Stefano anything. Vivian starts bragging to everyone about her infinite wealth. Stefano asks once again about her dead husband. Vivian tells them that it was a whirlwind courtship and she knows that he is watching over her. Stefano tells himself that everything here is his and he won't give it up. When Vivian tells them that she gave Edmund and Susan a Monneti as a wedding present, Stefano chokes on his drink. Vivian offers Celeste a job, but Celeste says she'll have to think about it. Stefano warns Celeste that she is still his employee since nobody ever leaves his employment. Lexie asks Stefano that he seems quiet and asks if something is wrong. Stefano tells her that he just has some business problems.. Later, Stefano questions Vivian about a will. Vivian tells him that she has a will and she shows Stefano a copy of it in which Jonsey left her everything. Stefano announces that he must leave for the evening, so he and Kate leave. Kate asks Stefano if he knew Vivian's husband, but he denies it. Kate tells Stefano that the only thing Vivian wants is his 49% share of Titan.

Kate goes home and Roman stops by to see her. Roman asks Kate to help him bring down Stefano, but she tells him no way and slams the door in his face. Stefano goes home and is furious that Vivian has sold and given away his art. Stefano says that he must get his things back and then comes up with an idea.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Marlena wakes up to see John staring out the window. John comes over to the bed and kisses her.. Marlena tells John that she's so glad he brought her to New Orleans and they kiss some more. Breakfast is brought to their room and John tells Marlena that he'd like to learn more about his past. Marlena tells him, that's important that he look into his past and John thanks her for her support. John says that he just wishes that someone was there to support Hope in the search for her past. John recalls offering help to Hope and hopes she doesn't pursue this on her own. John asks Marlena if she'd be all right with him helping Hope in the future and Marlena says she would mind at all. John looks through some tour books and has a flashback when he sees a picture of Maison Blanche in the tour book.

Roman and Abe are in Salem Place conversing about Vivian's strange dinner party. They both don't understand why Vivian invited either of them. Abe asks Roman if he regrets backing off of Marlena and Roman says he doesn't because he knows Marlena would have picked John. Stefano is also there, with Bart and he's furious that everything he bought has been left to Jonsey's widow. Stefano asks Bart to leave him alone and he tells himself that he has some surprises in store for Vivian. Bo longs to go help Hope, yet he also has to be here for Billie and the baby. Bo calls the doctor to here about the results, but the doctor says they won't be in for a day or two. Bo decides to go to New Orleans and be back in time to hear the results.

Kate is at her house and is still wondering about the townhouse. Billie comes downstairs and asks her mom to tell her everything that happened. Kate wants to hear how her night with Bo went first. Billie tells her mom that it was wonderful until Hope called. Kate tells Billie how Vivian was flaunting her new found wealth. Kate asks Billie about what happened with Bo and Billie tells her mom they fought about Hope. Kate says that she should use Hope's trip to hold onto Bo now that Hope is gone, possibly for weeks. Bo shows up and they all start fighting and Kate leaves so Bo and Billie can talk. Bo tells Billie that he's called the doctor about the amnio and that they won't get the results for a day or two. Billie thanks Bo for being here for her, but she senses something is wrong. Bo tells Billie that he's going to New Orleans for the day to help Hope. Billie gets angry and Bo says that there is nothing they can do until the results come in. Billie realizes there is nothing she can say to stop Bo, so she tells him to just go. Bo goes to see Roman and tells him that he's going down to New Orleans for the day and he'd like him to watch Billie for him. Roman is angry with Bo because he should put Billie over Hope. Bo says he'll only be gone for the day, so Roman agrees.

Kate goes out to Salem Place and runs into Stefano. The two begin talking about Vivian and Jonsey and the two are spotted by Roman and Abe. Stefano tells Kate he has some new ideas and Kate tells him they can discuss it at the office later on. Roman confronts Kate and she tells Roman that she wants nothing to do with the war Stefano has with the Bradys. Kate walks off and meets with Harold.

At the Townhouse, Ivan serves breakfast and Vivian believes she's made a great impression with Stefano. Vivian tells Ivan that she's going to help Stefano get the respect in this town that he wants. Ivan asks Vivian if she's thinking about sleeping with Stefano and Vivian tells him she's not thinking about it, she's planning it.

Later, Vivian becomes curious about the basement and tries to open the door. Suddenly Stefano shows up and Vivian begins to flirt with him. Vivian shows him some of her treasures and she tells him that she's thinking of auctioning off some of them. Stefano tells her not to do that without consulting him first because he'd like first crack at them. Stefano asks Vivian if she's knows what is in the basement, but Vivian says she hasn't been down there yet. Stefano asks Vivian to let him know if she gets down there because he's curious as well.

In New Orleans, Hope has a terrible dream of someone forcing her to look at herself in a mirror. Hope decides to go to Bayou Dugar and decides to do it without calling Bo. Hope drives a car to the Bayou and ends up at a gas station to ask for some directions. Suddenly a dog jumps up onto the door of Hope's car and begins barking at her. A man shows up and pulls the dog off and he seems to recognize Hope. Hope asks him if he knows her, but he says no. Hope shows him the picture of her 7 years ago and the man says that she could never have looked like this. Hope asks the man if he knows where the river meets the forked tree and he tells her no, but he suggests she go home NOW. Hope refuses and continues with her search and ends up being knocked out.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Vivian is determined to get into the basement, so she can sell some more treasures. Ivan points out how angry Stefano got when she thought about selling some more items, but Vivian just tells him Stefano is a true collector. Vivian calls in a security man to help her try to break through the door. Suddenly something in the basement explodes! The doorbell rings and a man in a mask, who is really Bart, tells Vivian and Ivan that they have to leave because a gas tank exploded. Vivian doesn't want to leave, but Ivan carries her out. Bart goes inside and calls Stefano to tell him that the coast is clear.

In Salem Place, Kate talks to Harold about how she fell in love with Victor, but Victor most likely won't recover from his stroke. Harold asks her how he can help her and Kate asks Harold about Vivian's townhouse. Harold tells Kate that he owned the townhouse, but he lost it to Stefano DiMera. Kate asks him is Stefano still owns it and Harold confirms it.

Nicole is at home and is waiting for Sami to call about the photo shoot. Nicole's landlord knocks on Nicole's door for the rent. Nicole surprises him when she's able to pay the rent. The landlord takes the check and gives Nicole her mail. Nicole looks through her mail and when she sees a certain letter she says she has to get out of this dump before anyone can find her. Nicole calls to speak to Sami, but she's busy and can't talk. Franco goes in to see Sami at Titan and tells her, in Italian, that she's breath taking. As Franco and Sami kiss, Eric shows up and sees them. Franco leaves and Eric slams Sami for making out in her office and then he warns her to watch herself with Franco. Sami feels insulted, but Eric says he just wants her to be careful. Eric wonders if she's using Franco to get Austin; but Sami says she's moved on and Franco makes her feel special, attractive, and desirable. Sami goes to the photo lab to look though some shoots for other new faces.

Meanwhile, Franco makes a call to the florist for Sami. Franco calls an old friend and tells her how he can't wait to see her and hold her again. Suddenly Eric shows up and he ask Franco what he thinks he's doing. Franco tells Eric that he was talking to a woman he grew up with and considers a sister. Eric leaves and Franco gets another call, which he takes in Italian. Later, Franco grabs a man named Roberto and they start yelling at each other in Italian.

Nicole bumps into Sami in Salem Place and they talk about the men in their lives. Sami also points out that she doesn't know if there will be a next photo shoot. Lucas calls Sami and Nicole overhears that Sami has to make a decision about which model to use for a photo shoot in Miami. Later, Sami spots Kate with Harold and wonders if he is one of her old clients, which he is. Kate then realizes that Vivian's late husband was involved with Stefano and doesn't even know it. However, Kate realizes that having a secret about Stefano can be dangerous as well. Nicole goes to Titan and Eric is there. Nicole tells Eric that she fears that Sami is going to fire her. Nicole says that it's her own fault because she doesn't know how to play office politics. Nicole tells Eric that she is thinking about getting an agency to promote her for the Miami shoot, but Eric tells her that he can talk to Sami for her.

At the hotel in New Orleans, John has become mesmerized by a picture of Maison Blanche. Marlena has to knock him out of his trance by yelling at him. John tell Marlena that he had a memory of being a priest at Maison Blanche, but he wants to know what happened to him after being held prisoner. John tells Marlena that he wants to forget about the past right now and celebrate their future, so they go out.

Bo arrives at the hotel looking for New Orleans and learns that Hope isn't in her room. Bo asks the man at the front desk where Hope could be. Bo learns that Hope rented a car and took off with a map of Louisiana. Marlena and John run into Bo in the hotel lobby and Bo tells them that Hope is here as well. Hope is in the Bayou and is passed out cold. Hope eventually wakes up and wonders who could have thrown a rock at her. Hope hears someone and Wayne, the man from the gas station shows up and once again warns her she should have left, and now he has to teach her a lesson. Hope tells Wayne that all she wants to do is remember what happens and she believes she lived here. Wayne tells her that there is no one out here and that he'd remember her if she lived here. Hope asks Wayne if he through the rock at her and he just tells her to go home. Hope leaves and Wayne puts out some groceries and makes a hollering sound. Earl shows up and Wayne tells him about Hope and how she claimed she was the burnt girl. Earl says that can't be because there could only be one. Meanwhile, a woman finds the food Wayne left out and begins eating. Hope returns to the hotel and is greeted by a worried Bo.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Nicole thanks Eric for agreeing to put in a good word with Sami for her in getting the Miami modeling shoot. Eric asks Nicole why she looks so depressed. Nicole says that she has the feeling Sami is aiming to replace her in the New Faces campaign. She tells Eric that Sami won't return her calls and that she blew her off at Salem Place. Nicole says the Miami shoot is really important to her because she has always dreamed of being a model, and she has the feeling that now that she has her chance, she's blowing it. Eric tells her that's nonsense, because the camera loves her. Nicole says she can only open up with Eric, so Eric tells her that he will just insist to Sami that they always be paired. Nicole says she can imagine them together at Miami Beach, sipping champagne in the sun. Eric tells her he loves her enthusiasm and that she should never take her success for granted. Nicole says she learned the hard way about dreams not coming true. Eric tries to probe her about her past, but Nicole changes the subject. They decide to look at the Countess Wilhelmina shots one more time.

In the bayou, Wayne and Earl talk about covering up the traces of the swamp girl so that the nosy stranger won't find out about her. Earl admits he threw the rock, and Wayne says he hopes that it scared Hope enough to keep her away. They leave more food and clean up trash from the swamp girl, who is hiding a few feet away. We can see her only from the back, but she has long, dark hair, tan legs, and wears cutoff jeans...

In New Orleans, Bo asks Hope what happened to her head. She says it was a fall, but Bo doesn't believe her and asks Marlena to check her out. Marlena tells her to be careful with a head injury. Privately she tells John that obviously it wasn't a fall, because the area around it wasn't scraped. They all sit down to lunch together and Hope recounts her adventures in New Orleans. John, Marlena, and Bo all agree that it's too dangerous for her to continue her search alone, and they manage to persuade her to let Bo go with her. Hope is concerned that Billie will be alone, but Bo says the amnio results won't come in for a few days anyway. Hope finally thanks Bo for doing this for her, and Bo says he will always be there for her.

In Salem, Billie is anxious and angry without Bo. When the phone rings, she jumps for it, hoping it's Bo calling to say he changed his mind about helping Hope. The call is from the hospital, and they tell Billie they got her amnio results early. Billie says her husband isn't there, but she wants to hear the results anyway. After she hears the results, Billie hangs up the phone and starts crying. Roman comes in and finds her nearly hysterical. He curses Bo for not being there and holds Billie in his arms. She tells him that she is upset that she just got the most important news of her life and no one is there to share it with her. Roman says he is there for her. Billie tells him she got the amnio results and everything is fine. Roman jumps for joy and they share a moment of celebration, but soon Billie is upset again as she realizes it should be Bo who is here to celebrate with her. Roman pours a ginger ale toast and they start talking about their days in Paris with the ISA. Roman gets a phone call from Shane and tells Billie that he has to go to New Orleans to brief the new ISA chief on the Paris case. Billie tells Roman that although she shouldn't have, she kept a disk containing all the files on the case. Roman is shocked that she held on to something so potentially dangerous, but asks her to get it for him because it might help with his briefing. Billie begs to go with Roman to New Orleans; she says she can help with the briefing and tell Bo about the amnio results in person. At first Roman refuses, but finally he caves in and Billie hugs him with excitement as she runs off to pack.

At Salem Place, Vivian is annoyed that she can't go back to her townhouse. She calls Bart, who is posing as the gas man, and asks him when she can return. On Stefano's instructions, he tells her she will have to stay overnight at the Salem Inn at his company's expense. Vivian is annoyed, but since she is insured for all her valuables, she grudgingly agrees. Bart calls Stefano and tells him it looks like Vivian hasn't cracked the combination to the basement yet. Meanwhile, Vivian is surprised to see Sami in Salem Place. She stops her and they exchange unpleasantries, but decide to be civil to each other. Sami asks Vivian what she sees in Stefano, and Vivian says she'll tell her when she's older. Sami smirks and Vivian says Sami knows nothing about love, since she's still hung up on Austin. Sami hints that she may be moving on. Vivian asks with whom, and Sami says she needs an espresso (mispronouncing the word, as usual). Vivian puts two and two together and says that the new man must be Franco, since he's the one who introduced Sami to espresso. Sami admits it and Vivian gets her to 'fess up about her feelings. Vivian listens somewhat sympathetically and tells Sami that her best advice is to remember never to let a man pressure her into something she's not ready for. Sami thanks her and they part ways.

Meanwhile, Franco collars his Italian friend Roberto and threatens to kill him. In Italian, he says he knows Roberto turned him in and he could end up in jail or back in Italy. Roberto is obviously terrified of Franco, but gets him to agree to sit down for an espresso so they can talk things out. Franco practically pushes Roberto to the Java Cafe and Roberto tells him that he had no choice; the INS put pressure on him. Franco says he can't go back to Italy or he'll be arrested. He tells Roberto that his only hope for survival is if Franco can figure out a way to stay in the states. Roberto asks him how he's going to do that. Franco says that he needs to get a girl to marry him before his court date. Just then, Sami walks up behind Franco and demands to know what's going on. She has a shocked look on her face and Franco wonders how much she heard.

Friday, May 15, 1998

Sami demands to know what's going on when she sees Franco and Roberto talking, looking upset. Franco is relieved that she didn't appear to overhear him saying that marrying her was his ticket to remain in the States. He tells her that Roberto was nearly mugged by two thugs, but he scared them off. Roberto pretends to be very grateful. Sami is horrified and says she will call Abe, but Franco and Roberto convince her that since nothing was taken and they didn't get a look at the faces of the muggers, it would waste Abe's time. Sami asks Franco if they're still on for tonight and he says that he has a very special evening planned. Sami walks away happy and Roberto says that she must be the one he wants to marry. Franco says she is a challenge because she is part innocent girl and part manipulative bitch, and he has to figure out how to control both parts of her.

At Titan, Eric talks to Marlena, who tells him she and John are vacationing in New Orleans. Eric says he guesses he'll have to get used to that. When he hangs up, Nicole asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he realizes his parents will never get back together. Nicole says she knows what it's like to have a dream shattered, but Eric is so lucky to have two parents who love him. Eric says Nicole seems sad, and asks if he can help. She says there's nothing wrong; she's just tense about the shoot. Eric promises to talk to Sami about it. He goes to Sami's office and tells her about John and Marlena. Sami says she will never be close to Marlena again. Eric asks if she's given up on having a mom, and Sami says she seems to have found a surrogate - Vivian Alamain, who has been giving her great advice. Eric warns her that since she works for Kate, she probably shouldn't hang out with Vivian. Sami asks Eric if he came here to talk about the Miami shoot. Eric says he would like to do it, and Sami immediately agrees. Eric says that he needs the right model and suggests Nicole. Sami says he needs to learn to work with other models. Eric says he knows, but he and Nicole have great chemistry. Sami asks him if he wants to do a modeling shoot or to get a free vacation for his girlfriend. Eric is so offended he almost quits, but Sami apologizes and says that she was out of line. She says her date with Franco is making her nervous. Eric tells her Franco seems to have genuine feelings for her and that he wishes her happiness. Sami is touched, so she says Eric deserves happiness too and agrees to hire him and Nicole for the Miami shoot. Ecstatic, Eric hugs Sami and heads back to the office to tell Nicole. Nicole has been looking at a letter and saying that she came to Salem to get away from her past, and that Eric may be her best friend. When Eric comes in, Nicole hides the letter and listens as Eric tells her to pack her bags; they're going to Miami! Nicole jumps for joy and hugs him, but as she looks into her eyes, they both turn serious, as if they're about to kiss.

Stefano gets a call from Bart, who says he's arranged for Vivian and Ivan to be gone all night and part of the next day. Stefano tells him to get the incriminating materials out of the basement. Stefano heads over to Titan to meet with Kate. He tells her the financial records of Titan are very impressive and it looks as if their past association has paid off. Kate says she doesn't want to discuss her past and offers once again to buy Stefano out. He says he has no intention either of buying her out or of selling to her. He says that what he wants is Kate. She asks him nervously what he wants from her. Stefano says she is his ticket to high society respectability and he wants her to start escorting him to charity events and parties so that he will be accepted by Salem society. Kate says she will never become involved in something illegal. Stefano assures her he's turned over a new leaf, so Kate drops her bombshell and asks why he lied about never having seen Vivian's townhouse when in fact, he owns the place! Stefano is caught off guard and starts to babble something, but Marie comes in and says he has a phone call. Stefano gratefully takes it while Kate gloats to herself about having scored a point on Stefano, but she tells herself not to anger him, because that would be dangerous. While she's waiting for him to returns, Sami breezes in without knocking and plops the Miami shoot papers on the desk for Kate to approve. When Kate gives her a hard time for not knocking and for being rude, Sami reminds her who has the upper hand around here and starts teasing her about her callgirl past again. Kate is so angry she threatens to fire Sami, but Sami tells her that she saw Kate in Salem Place with a man who looks like an ex-client and asks Kate if she's going back to her old ways. Stefano suddenly returns and tells Sami, who looks terrified, that she will show respect for Kate or answer to him. Kate is jubilant as she realizes that Stefano is the one person in the world who scares Sami.

Billie calls Bo's hotel from the plane to New Orleans and learns that he has left with Hope for the day. Roman tells her not to be upset and that they'll probably be back by the time they land. Billie starts to regret going to New Orleans, but Roman says Bo will be ecstatic to hear the amnio was normal. They arrive at the hotel, and as Roman is settling Billie into a room, the ISA chief knocks and says he was hoping they could meet early. Roman introduces Billie as his sister-in-law and a crucial part of the case. The ISA chief doubts her credentials at first and is angry about the disk she kept, but Roman defends her passionately and says that the information she kept is going to be tremendously helpful in reopening the case. They begin to explain how they posed as an American couple trying to break into the black market in order to penetrate the smuggling ring. They both flash back to a night at the opera in Paris, where they're pretending to be in love for the benefit of a Count and Countess. As they embrace, Roman whispers to Billie how incredible and sexy she looks. Billie gazes at him and reminds him that no one can hear them. Roman says that he wasn't saying that as part of his cover. As they remember the moment, Roman and Billie smile seductively at each other. The ISA chief admits that he was wrong about Billie and says it was a pleasure to meet her. He offers Roman the job of heading the investigation. Roman says he will get back to him in a few days. After the chief leaves, Billie says even she was tempted to take the job. Roman tells her not to even think about anything other than her baby, but says that he wants to take her to dinner until Bo gets back.

As Bo and Hope drive out to the bayou, they recall old times and almost reconnect, but Hope reminds Bo his future is with Billie and the baby and there is no chance for them. She tells him to concentrate on the mystery they're trying to solve or to go home. Bo agrees and they stop at the gas station where Hope got hit before. In the swamp, Wayne and Earl are armed with a gun and trying to keep track of the swamp girl. They are worried Hope will return and see her. When they see Hope and Bo prowling around, Earl tells Wayne they have to take care of these nosy people once and for all. As Bo and Hope pass by, Wayne and Earl attack them, taking them by surprise and holding them captive.

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