One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on OLTL

Andrew introduced River to David. Bo was denied bail. An autopsy revealed that Georgie had been pregnant. Max offered to help Nora. The killer left a clue. Mel approved of David moving into Dorian's house. Cassie was thrilled to see her father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, May 11, 1998

Dorian had an emotional reunion with David Renaldi and begged him to let her tell Cassie that he was in Llanview. David pleaded with Dorian not to tell Cassie and was shaken when Cassie walked in looking for Dorian. Seeing David's desperation, Dorian decided not to tell Cassie about him. Later, Dorian felt as though she couldn't leave the hospital without offering her help to David. Andrew brought River to meet David, but didn't tell him David was his grandfather. With tears in his eyes, David watched as River played him a song on the piano. Asa told Viki he wanted her to lie in order to protect Bo, but she refused. Later, Todd overheard Viki refuse to answer Del's questions regarding the night Georgie was killed. Todd accused Viki of covering up for the Buchanans. Bo was arrested and thrown in jail for the murder of Georgie Phillips. Hank told Bo about the evidence they had against him and they prepared for the bail hearing. Bo warned Asa and Clint that he might not get out on bail. Pacing around the morgue, Drew yelled at Georgie's lifeless body and asked why she had to ruin everything for him Drew approached Del and told him he wanted to work on the murder case, but Del refused. Drew promised Bo that he would find the real killer and get him out of jail. After she exploded in the station, Sam told Nora that the best thing for Bo was for her to stay strong. Braving a barrage of questions at the Police Station, Nora made a statement in support of Bo. In front of all the reporters, Sam angrily confronted Todd about seeing Georgie the night she was murdered and said maybe Todd was the guilty party. Drew then attacked Todd for insulting Bo. In the morgue, Del observed as the coroner began his autopsy.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

The Courthouse:

Sam brazenly asks Todd where he was the night Georgie was murdered. Blair tries to defend Todd as the reporters start to turn on him asking if he was sleeping with Georgie and was he the last person to see her alive, but Todd ignores all of them. He slowly walks up to Sam and quietly says the word "traitor." He accuses Sam of being bought off, but Sam reminds Todd that "everyone is fair game." When Todd tries to walk away, Kevin continues to bait him by asking whether the blackmail idea was Todd's. Todd calmly handles the inquiries by saying that Bo is the one who's going to fry and leaves. Sam, feeling bad about his betrayal of Todd, asks Téa to "keep an eye on him." Nora thanks Sam for taking Todd down a peg. "I know that wasn't easy," she says. "You have no idea how difficult that was," says the lawyer, "but somebody had to stop him." Viki tells Kevin that she didn't think it was necessary for him to attack Todd.

Llanview Hospital

Dorian continues to insist to Andrew and Mel that she can help David. Dorian wants to invite David to move in with her. Andrew tries to make Dorian understand that David is perfectly lucid and has made it clear in no uncertain terms that he does not want to see Cassie, but Dorian can see only her own agenda. Dorian just wants to repay David for taking Cassie when she couldn't handle raising her. Mel accuses Dorian of trying to put David between them and once again making decisions for everyone. A fine accusation coming from the man who dragged her to Canton because he thought it was best. Dorian accuses Mel of being jealous. Mel says that he isn't jealous, but he's just not sure he's ready to take on all of this right now.

Llanview jail:

Bo keeps trying to work out the details of what happened to Georgie in his mind. Del assures Bo that he doesn't believe that Bo killed Georgie, but at the same time he has to wonder because the murder weapon wasn't in Bo's car when they searched it. Del obviously thinks that Bo moved it. Bo denies moving it, but refuses to say that Drew is the one who tampered with evidence. Bo says that he thought that Del believed him. Del says that he does believe him, but obviously does not because he continues to accuse Bo of the murder and of concealing evidence. Nora walks in as Del heats up his interrogation and tells Del that if she ever catches him interrogating Bo without counsel again she will file a complaint against him. After Del leaves, Nora tells Bo that they should tell the police that Drew took the bat, but Bo refuses, he says that Drew has worked too hard to lose everything now. Sam enters the jail and hits Bo with the news that the judge has denied him bail, so he will be staying in jail.

Viki's office at the Banner:

Kevin tells Viki that he wants to write an article naming Todd as a suspect in Georgie's murder. Viki tries to make it clear to her son that they will not use unethical tactics to get back at Todd. Kevin accuses Viki of being more interested in protecting Todd than her integrity. Viki rips into Kevin for the accusation. She is a Lord and her children are Buchanans and she will not get in the middle of a battle between the two families. Kevin isn't interested and wants to go after Todd. Viki tells Kevin that if he has a problem with Todd, take it up with Todd, but don't think that he can use the Banner to get even.

The diner:

Téa tells Todd not to take Sam's attack personally, but Todd pretends that he doesn't care and continues to work on the next day's edition. Todd spots Jessica at the lunch counter and goes to talk to her. Jessica tells Todd that she doesn't want to talk to him. Todd is obviously very hurt and asks Jessica not to hate him. Jessica says she doesn't hate him "but right now I don't like you whole lot." She then turns her back on him. Todd goes back to the table where he and Téa were having lunch. Téa tries to talk Todd into coming home for dinner tonight and he agrees. Then Blair comes in brimming to the gills with news. When Todd asks Blair what her big news is, she asks Téa to excuse them, what she has to say is confidential. When Téa refuses to leave, Todd tells Blair to "spit it out". Blair tells Todd that the blood on the bat matches Georgie's, which matches the blood in Bo's car. Todd is ecstatic and races out for Bo's hearing, saying he won't be home for dinner. Téa raises objections saying that ever since they agreed to remarry, Todd has spent more time with Blair than with her. Todd agrees to be home for dinner.

Georgie's autopsy:

The coroner finds something that completely shocks him.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Diner- Nora and Max

Nora is searching for a waitress to refill her coffee cup when someone taps her on the shoulder and she is surprised to see it is Max. His kids are doing well and he left them for a visit with Luna's family. He obviously has not read a headline. Nora asks him if he knows what is going on. Max jokes that he wants to know what is Bo's excuse for leaving a beautiful woman like her alone for so long. Nora tells him that Bo is in jail. When she recaps for him all the events surrounding Georgie's murder, Max tells her he has thought Georgie strange ever since that time she cooked dinner for them at Nora's house. He certainly does not believe that Bo killed her. He asks Nora what he can do for her. Nora jokes that he can buy every copy of the Sun. Max says that Todd is blowing out his ear and he knows it. He tells Nora if he needs someone to pull some dirty tricks, he is her man. She smiles.

Llanview Jail and County Courthouse-Todd, Sam, Drew and Blair

Drew watches his father behind bars, but leaves quietly without speaking to him. He does, however, say goodnight to the guard and when the door slams shut, Bo calls over the guard and asks if that was his son. He confirms that it was.

Drew winds up in the lobby of the Courthouse. Blair asks him if she can help. He is upset that his father was denied bail. He tells Blair she is going after an innocent man. Why does she have to convict him in the press? Blair replies that it is just her job. Drew remembers Todd well and says that he has the morals of a worm. Blair reminds him that not so long ago Drew's moral was not exactly exemplary either and that his father was not pleased with him. Yet he did not hold a grudge against Bo. Blair offers him a meal at Dorian's. He agrees, but says the subject of his father is off limits.

After Blair and Drew depart, Todd emerges from the shadows and accosts a surprised Sam. He has a lighter and an envelope in his hand. Todd reminds him that the lighter was Peter Manning's and that Sam knows why Todd took it away from his father. The envelope holds a letter that Sam wrote to Todd when he was a kid. Todd hold the flame close to the envelope. He saved the letter all these years because he thought it meant something. But obviously, he was wrong. He wants Sam to take both the lighter and the letter back. He accuses Sam of being just like his father. He set him up and knocked him to the floor and Sam just loved it. He came back to town just to kick him in the teeth. Todd does not understand how Sam could have treated him like that in front of all those reporters. There were things about Nora and Sam he could have printed but he didn't. Now he joined the wrong team and he doesn't know why he treated him this way.

Sam tells Todd this was an object lesson. He asks him if he killed Georgie. Todd says what would Sam think if he had. Sam counters that that is not what matters. Sam said the right thing in the wrong way at the wrong time and he made people suspect Todd. "It was a misuse of circumstantial evidence, pal", Sam says and Todd takes immediate offense at the term and tells him not to call him "pal". Sam replies: "Well, I am and I am trying to keep you from making a mistake by condemning Bo". Todd says that the town deserves to know the truth about Bo and he won't let Sam whitewash it. Sam says this is not about Bo. It is about Todd. The kid he wrote the letter to led a life of hell, but Todd is grown now and can't hide behind his hurt and anger. He is swiftly becoming a bully like his father. Todd cries out that Sam is the bully. Sam is not fooled by Todd. He knows that he hides behind a protective wall and pours boiling oil over the side at any perceived threat. "Why did it hurt when you thought I turned on you?", Sam asks.

"Because it was you", the confused boy inside Todd cries out at his friend's betrayal. "They have a name for it", Sam replies. "It's called love. I meant every single word in that letter". Sam hugs Todd and for a moment, Todd is comforted, but then he pulls away. Sam gives him back the lighter and the letter and asks what they are going to do next, but Todd just walks away.

Diner- Sam, Max and Nora

Sam shows up and Nora introduces him to Max. Sam says he is sorry he is late, but he was waylaid by Todd. Nora is surprised Todd did not shoot him on sight. Nora also lets it slip that Blair is now working for the Sun and Max is shocked to hear that Blair is working for her ex husband again. He leaves Nora and Sam to plot strategies for Bo's trial.

Llanview Jail- Bo and Hank

Hank comes to visit Bo. Hank wants his bud to know that he was not happy that Bo was denied bail Bo says he realizes that Hank did the best he could, but public opinion is against him. Everyone in town has a copy of The Sun. It is not good for Hank to be here. Hank admits that he has considered removing himself from the case. It is circumstantial evidence, but Bo removing the bat from his car really hurt his case. He asks Bo if he cares to clarify what happened. Bo changes the subject to the coroner's report, but Hank says it is not finished yet. Bo asks Hank to tell him off the record if he still believes he is innocent. Hank says he has seen Bo under enormous pressure and no matter what Georgie was doing to him, there was no way he could have killed her. He just wishes Bo had told Nora what was happening. Bo replies that the timing was bad. He and Nora were just readjusting to each other after the twins were returned to Max and he thought he could handle Georgie without alarming Nora. Hank calls Georgie a "twisted little girl". Bo replies, "definitely twisted, but no little girl.". He recalls what Georgie did to Rachel and he knows that right now he is not Rachel's favorite person. He wants Hank to tell his daughter that he understands. Hank says he will keep an eye on Rachel and Bo says he wishes someone could do the same for his wife. Someone other than his attorney. Hank assures him that Nora has him and so does Bo. Bo is moved when Hank says if he needs anything, he should let him know. Bo switches the subject to baseball and says that the Phillies would be better off with Dykstra in the centerfield. Hank looks at him and says softly "I love you, too, friend."

Dorian's- Blair and Drew

Blair says that Drew is on edge and he should relax. She wants him to sit down and she will get him something to eat. When Blair leaves the room, Drew walks over to the terrace doors and is about to open them, when Kelly appears and asks what he is doing there. He tells her that his father was denied bail and that he messed up everything again. This was a bad idea. He wants to leave.

Kelly tracks him down and admires his motorcycle. He forgot his helmet and she figured that he was in no condition to drive without it and besides, it is against the law. Drew says that is his line. All he wanted was to make his father proud of him. Kelly tells him it takes a lot to turn around. Asa used him to blackmail Dorian. Drew replies that he let him. He does not expect Kelly to forgive him. Kelly says that she did not expect Blair to forgive her, but now he is at the top of his class. All he can do is stick by Bo. She looks at all the gadgets on the bike and Drew is surprised that she is interested. He never took her for a biker chick. She explains that she rode a lot of mopeds in boarding school. He takes a handkerchief from his jacket and polishes the bike. Kelly notices the snap missing on his leather jacket. She tells him it is good he feels so much about his dad. Drew says he is supposed to be tough. Kelly reminds him that it OK to cry sometimes. Drew is certain this is a twisted payback for all he did wrong. Kelly admits she has felt that way too. Drew says he can't get Georgie's face out of his mind.

Todd's office- Todd and Téa

Todd is flicking the lighter in his darkened office. He finds the middle drawer of his desk and puts away the lighter and the letter and looks up to see his wife sitting in the corner chair. "Now what?", he asks gruffly. She replies that she just wants to know how his day was. Todd does not understand why she is sitting in his office in the dark. Téa says that she thinks better in the dark. She is thinking about how she doesn't see him for days on end. Todd wants to know if this is about Blair. He heard her say at the Diner he spent more time with his ex than with her. Téa warns him not to make this about her being jealous of Blair and him. "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck...", Todd says sarcastically. Then he tells her that Blair is not the reason he has not been coming home. He has work to do. No one else can go up against the Buchanans.

Téa ridicules this fantasy he has. Todd is so noble, like a small town marshall going up against the big time ranchers. It is just an excuse to put her on ice. He dives into work and has no time for the two of them. Even this fight is preferable. She will take what she can get. Todd begins to loosen up and tells her about Sam. Téa explains that what his friend did was just a legal strategy. Todd is betrayed because Sam told everyone he killed Georgie. "Sam knew me, everything about me", Todd says. Téa touches his shoulder. "What does he know about? Your father?". She kisses his shoulder and nuzzles next to him. "It's going to be alright Todd."

Diner- Nora and Sam

Nora is making a list of all the people with motives to kill Georgie. She has been a busy girl in her short life. But opportunity is a problem. Sam is still upset about Todd, but does not want to discuss it. He is also worried that the autopsy is not back yet. It could be a bad sign. Nora starts to lose her appetite. She says that Todd is a jerk taking pot shots at Bo. Sam is visibly ruffled by having Nora so close to him. He says he needs to go somewhere where he can have some peace. Nora asks if he is angry at her. She would like their relationship to get back on track. She needs a friend right now. Sam says yes, and Bo really needs an attorney.

Dorian's- Blair and Max

Blair is very happy to see Max, but he thinks she is nuts to work for Todd. She cries the poor mouth and tries to convince him that she is only doing it to support herself and her little girl. He is curious about what she did with Kelly's money. Blair replies that is none of his business, but Max reminds her that all his money went down the river and they were going to invest it to make a fortune. Blair says she promised Dorian on her death bed that she would give the money back to Kelly. She is turning over a new leaf. Max replies the only reason she would work for Todd is to go after his millions. Blair insists that she is better than that and that if the richest man in the world walked through the door right now, she would turn him down. Max says the one thing he could always count on was her greed. Blair drones on about how she wants Starr to be proud of her mother. Max snidely calls her Saint Blair. Maybe he should convince Kelly that he is an endangered species. What did her cousin say when she gave the money back. Blair admits she hasn't told Kelly yet. Max is now sure they are back in business.

Kelly and Drew

Kelly asks Drew how he knew Georgie. He tells her he went to the morgue. He thought she would look like a monster but instead she was just a girl. Kelly asks if she looked scared, like she knew she was going to die. Drew admits he tried to imagine what she saw last, but Georgie took all her secrets with her. He says he hopes she is finally at peace and will stop haunting all of them.

Nora's house- Sam and Nora

Nora tells Drew that she hired a private investigator to trace Georgie's activities all the way back to grade school. They can't have too many facts. Sam wants to bring on Téa as an assistant attorney on the case. Nora thinks it is bad idea. Téa is with Todd Manning. Sam replies that Téa is just married to him. Nora thinks that is a fine point, but Sam is certain Téa will be useful to the case. Sam is beginning to get neck cramps. He is trying to concentrate on all the people who were at the lodge. The unidentified man. Viki. Hank. Nora begins to message his neck and shoulders, but Sam is plainly distracted to the point he can't concentrate because of Nora's presence. He begins to pack up his briefcase and calls it a night. He asks Nora if she will be OK alone. She replies that Drew will be home soon. After Sam leaves, Nora picks up Bo's shirt and holds it against her.

Meanwhile.... In Llanview Jail, Bo thinks of Nora.

Todd's Office- Téa and Todd

Todd insists he will be alright. He doesn't care about Sam. He owns the paper, the building, the penthouse and no one can tell him what to do. He says that is freedom. All he wants is peace and quiet. Téa says, Bull. If he had peace, he would be bored after five minutes. He loves chaos. He loves to stir the pot and watch it boil. He loves the anxiety he creates in people. He wants everyone as vulnerable as he feels. "Why does everyone insist on my being vulnerable? Do you want a collar on me to lead me around. You already had a man with a collar", Todd replies. Téa refuses to take the bait. "I love you any way", she tells him. "Don't start", Todd says. "I never stopped. That is why I came back to you and you know it. It's not about sex. I can wait, but if you can't make love to me physically, make love to me with your mind and with your heart. Yes, I know you have a heart. Come out in the open with it. Instead of hiding behind your defenses. That is freedom" "That is terrifying", Todd replies.

Téa sets out a beautiful dinner in the office. She has candles, flowers and food. She forgot the matches. Todd reaches into the desk drawer and uses his father's lighter to light the candles. He tells her he doesn't want to talk. Téa tells him to just eat. Todd does his usual cave man routine. Eating with his fingers and then licking them. Then he looks up at Téa, who picks up a whole baked potato in her hands and starts eating it. She does not have to say a word. Todd picks up his napkin and tucks it under his collar. He picks up his knife and fork and attempts to eat like a gentleman. Téa smiles. Todd is trying, but he still can't resist licking the food off the knife.

Kelly and Drew

Drew says he still feels guilty about how he treated Kelly. She replies it was a long time ago. Drew is glad she and Joey are back together. She informs them that they are not. There seems to be an attraction between Kelly and Drew that both feel. She tells him to stop by and grab something to eat with her some time and if he finds the snap, she will sew it back on for him. Drew watches her as she walks away and after Kelly turns the corner, she stops and thinks a moment before she heads home.

Morgue- Coroner

The killer left a calling card. It is a stud with a raised star pattern. The coroner says it's possibly a button or the raised facing of a snap.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Written by Mechelle Larkin-Davis


Drew pays Bo a visit in jail and tells him that he is going to tell Del and Hank about the bat. Bo tells him that he can't because he (Drew) has too much to lose. Officer Annie listens in the background.

Cramer House (Cassie, Kevin, River, Blair, Kelly)

Mel comes through the door, looking for Dorian. Blair and Kelly tell him they don't know where she is. In the living room, River talks to Cassie in his 'machine man' voice (imitating David's computer).


The camera pans David's piano and family photos, before showing a forlorn looking David. Dorian stands at the door.


Drew tells Bo that he has messed everything up. Bo re-assures him that he only did it because he was trying to protect him. (Ofcr. Annie still has her antennae up) Bo calls her name and she moves on. Drew asks Bo how much he thinks she heard. Bo tells him that Annie is alright and on his side. Drew drones on about how he has messed up the chain of evidence and as a result forced Bo to lie. Bo in true fatherly forgiveness, tells him that the only thing that matters to him is that Drew has turned his life around. Bo reminisces about the graduation and again tells Drew how proud he is of him. Drew says he just wants to earn Bo's respect. Bo tells him that a year ago he made the worst mistake of his life by walking out on him and apologizes. Drew forgives him and tells him that he has nothing to be sorry about. Bo says "you turned your life around and I'm not going to let you throw that away". He reminds him that police regulations state that rookies who tamper with evidence while in training, get the boot and possibly jail. [sidebar: Does anyone remember Bo ever being a police officer? I don't] Drew says he is willing to do the right thing. Bo says that the right thing is for them to protect each other.

Cramer House

Kelly and Blair worry about Dorian's whereabouts. Blair tells Kelly that if anything happens to Dorian, she'd feel guilty because she made a promise to her that she has not kept. Blair then says she has something to tell Kelly. Of course the doorbell rings and interrupts the pending and long overdue confession. Enter Andrew. Cassie blasts him for being late. Andrew explains and asks why she is so upset. Cassie says that Dorian is missing and was supposed to come home from the hospital. She tells him that Mel came by earlier and said he thinks he knows where she may have gone. She asks Andrew if he knows anything. In runs River (no pun intended). Cassie asks Andrew if River has been watching a new TV show because he has spent the entire evening pretending to be 'machine man'.


David asks Dorian what she wants. She tells him she wants him to become a part of Cassie's life. He replies that he is a complication. Dorian tells him that he is not a complication, he's Cassie's father. David rolls away and says "No".

Bo & Nora's House

Nora and Sam argue about her rubbing his neck. Sam explains that he could not let her rub his neck because he couldn't let her touch him (I'm really liking this relationship although I love Bo & Nora too). Nora thinks that Sam is mad and that she has obliterated their friendship. Sam assures her that he isn't, that they can be friends and that they are going to get Bo out. They shake hands and embrace then Drew walks in. Drew tells them about his visit with Bo. Sam prepares to leave and as he does, Drew reminds him that his father is counting on him and trusts him.


Dorian tries to convince David that she has changed and asks him to move in. David says no. Dorian tells him he is being stubborn and that he could make a lot of people happy. He asks for how long? Dorian continues to make her argument. David tells her that his disease is degenerative. Dorian says that they'll deal with it. David asks "what about the pain". Dorian mistakenly thinks he is talking about physical pain and says "that's why they make pharmaceuticals". David replies not his pain, but Cassie's.

Cramer House

Kelly asks Blair what it was that she wanted to tell her earlier. Blair claims to have forgotten and asks about Drew.

Sam's Hotel Room

Sam walks in and finds his ex-wife, Lindsay Rappaport. (Played by Catherine Hickland ex-Tess on Loving and The City, who by the way is looking really great) Sam asks how she got in and inquires about the kids. She tells him that she is taking their daughter to Europe for the summer, but the son will be with him. He tells her that he'll be working the summer in Llanview on this case. She asks if it's the case or Nora. She then accuses him of never quite getting over Nora.


Nora visits Bo, they kiss and embrace. Nora tells him she needs him. Bo replies that what he needs is a plan.


Dorian tells David that Cassie loves him for what's inside of him and that his problem is that he doesn't think he deserves to be loved. David rolls away and begins to cry. Dorian hugs him and tells him that she understands how scary this love thing is, but when it is offered, it should be taken.

Cramer House

Andrew tells Cassie that he befriended a patient at the hospital with ALS. River chimes in and explains that he uses his computer to talk. Later, Kelly asks Andrew if he thinks people can change. He asked her if she was referring to Joey. She said no Drew. Andrew tells her to stay away from Drew.

Bo & Nora's

Rachel walks in and asks Drew where her mother is. Drew replies, "she said she was going to see dad " (with the emphasis on "said" as if to raise doubt). Rachel picks up on it and says "what do you mean, said"? Drew says he meant nothing. They discuss Bo and Georgie. Rachel says she hates what Bo is putting her mother through. Drew says it's not Bo's fault and that he did not murder Georgie. Rachel says maybe not, but he didn't resist her. Drew replies that Bo and Georgie were not having an affair to which Rachel asks "how can you be so sure?" Drew asks her the same question. He then says there was a long list of folks who wanted Georgie dead, starting with Nora.


Dorian continues her campaign. She tells David that the family wouldn't be complete without him and that it would be a tragedy for him to cut himself off from the people who love him most. She types 'yes' on his computer. Mel walks in and Dorian introduces them. Dorian and Mel step into the hall and Mel tells Dorian that he likes David and would not mind him moving in with them.


Bo and Nora discuss the case and Georgie's history of blackmailing men. Bo puts together a scenario of how Georgie could have gotten the photo of him in bed with her. He tells Nora that Georgie probably used a video camera and taped he and Nora in bed, then cropped out Nora and inserted herself. Nora recalls the unmade bed and her nightgown on the floor. Bo says if Georgie used video, then the tape should be easy to trace because there aren't that many places in Llanview that have that type of sophisticated equipment. They agree they will find out.

Sam's Hotel Room

Sam and Lindsay continue to discuss Nora. Lindsay tells Sam that she's staying in Llanview to help he and his son reconcile. She spends the night in the adjoining room.

Cramer House (Cassie, Blair, Kevin, River, Kelly, Andrew, David, Dorian and Mel)

Dorian walks in, sees everyone and announces that this is the best homecoming she could have imagined. Everyone asks here where she's been. She replies that she has been on a mission for Cassie. Cassie asks what she means. Dorian explains that since she kept she and David apart last year, she thought she should bring them together now. Cassie's face lights up and thinking that he is in another county, says she is going to pack. Dorian tells her that David is not in the best of health. Cassie asks if it is due to the avalanche. Dorian tells her that David fully recovered from his accident but during that, it was revealed that he had ALS. Cassie looks stricken, thinks a moment, then turns to Andrew and says "the machine man?". She asks why he didn't tell her. She then announces that she is going to the hospital. Dorian stops her and says that ALS is not a pretty disease. Cassie says she doesn't care and that she is going to see her dad because she loves him. Off-screen you hear David's computer say "I love you". Cassie turns to face him, River runs to him saying 'machine man' and they all embrace and cry (me included).


Nora tells Bo she's worried. Bo tells her that at least now they have a starting point.

Bo & Nora's House

Drew and Rachel continue to argue about the possibility of Nora killing Georgie. Drew tosses the accusation of Nora being with Rappaport in a motel room. Rachel retorts that Nora saw Bo and Georgie kissing through the lodge window. Drew says it could have been anybody and that Bo was not Georgie's lover. Rachel asks "how do you know that?" Drew says he knows his father. Rachel storms out. Drew picks up a rose and says to an empty room "I was".

Friday, May 15, 1998

Dorian, Cassie, David, Mel and Kevin

In Dorian's living room, Cassie and Dorian are sitting on the couch discussing David. Cassie stayed up until three AM talking to him the night before. Cassie thrilled to have her family altogether and she hopes David stays. But what about Kevin, Cassie wonders, she hopes he understands about her staying at Dorian's instead of the carriage house. Dorian hopes Mel understands, too. David overhears the last part of their discussion.

David thinks that what he overheard means that they think he will be a burden to them. Dorian and Cassie insist this is not the case at all. Cassie wants them to be together as a family again. She finally knows now why Dorian gave her to David's care when she was a baby. But David left her with his mother, David asks if she was lonely. Yes, sometimes, Cassie admits, but David did his best to see she had a loving, stable home to grow up in. Now she wants to get to know her father and wants River to get to know him too. What about Kevin, David asks. Cassie insists that Kevin will be fine, he knows how much David means to her. David tries to turn away, but Cassie won't let him, she begs him to stay there. "Help me feel whole again", she asks.

Dorian lets Mel in and they head to the living room (Cassie and David are no longer there). Mel wants to go out to lunch and talk about their wedding plans. Dorian says no, she want to be there to help David settle in. Well, how about dinner then, Mel asks. Not today, Dorian says. Mel starts discussing where they should hold the wedding, but Dorian doesn't want to discuss it today. Tomorrow, she tells him. Mel walks out in a huff, mad that Dorian doesn't seem to be very eager about the wedding. David arrives in time to see Mel storm out. "Big mistake", he tells her.

Dorian says to David that he doesn't know Mel, their relationship is very complicated. If Mel is going to be this obstreperous, Dorian thinks maybe she should postpone the wedding. "Obstreperous", David's computer says. Dorian looks at him, puzzled. David just wanted to see if his computer could say that word, he teases. "You are impossible", Dorian says, "and Mel is that undiscovered country beyond impossible". Dorian goes on to describe the man she needs, one who knows who he is, who knows his own worth. "Asa?", David suggests jokingly. Dorian really doesn't think that's very funny. She just needs a man who won't go to pieces the moment he's not the center of her attention, a man who can appreciate her eccentricities, her uniqueness. Dorian sits down and takes David's hand. "A man who isn't afraid to confront me when he feels I've gone too far...a man like..." "Mel", David finishes for her, although I felt that inside, David was wishing that Dorian would say like him.

Kevin is at the Banner city room. He's about to rush out the door to go to the police station when Cassie arrives. He tries to hustle her out the door with him, but she won't go, she has to stay and talk to Viki. She's decided to take a leave of absence for a while because of David. Kevin tries to convince her she doesn't have to quit her job to spend time with David. They don't know how long David might have and she wants to spend the time with him. Kevin agrees to support her, but he still doesn't feel she has to give up her work. Cassie says she isn't quitting for good, she's just putting things on hold for a while. Kevin wonders if that means putting their relationship on hold for awhile, too. She came into this relationship with a lot of baggage, her son, her ex-husband, and now her father, she doesn't think Kevin should have to deal with all of this. But I want too, Kevin assures her, because he loves her. Cassie just thinks it might be time for Kevin to take a step back from her and see where he is.

Kevin understands that Cassie is trying to give him a way out, but he has no intention of going. It not going to be easy, Cassie warns him. Her father needs a lot of help and over time he'll need even more. Kevin made a commitment to Cassie and he intends to stay with her. Do you love me, he asks. Cassie says that she does love him. I love you too, Kevin says, relieved, and kisses her. Mel interrupts the love birds to tell them the news that his wedding to Dorian is off again.

Mel's not asking Dorian to make a big lifestyle change and he loves who she is and most of what she does, he just can't stand the way Dorian deals with him, as if he's not in the room. Cassie doesn't understand what Mel is staying, Dorian dotes on him. Mel explains, it's the way she handles him, she procrastinates. That's why he ended up getting the house boat, because Dorian kept telling him about this wonderful loft space she had, but would never show it to him. It's her means of controlling him. It's not like he didn't realize this before, it's just that Dorian's plate is very full right now and he doesn't think she's willing to give their marriage the attention it will need to survive. Kevin wonders if maybe Mel is just reading the whole thing wrong. Mel isn't sure about anything, maybe he should pray for a sign. Dorian, who has just arrived, gives him that sign. She knocks his feet out from under him and falls on top of him, just like when they met in Washington D.C. "We were made for each other", she tells him, "now marry me or there will be hell to pay". Dorian wants to plan the wedding that afternoon, but Mel says no. If they are going to be married, they are going to do it here and now, in the Banner city room. Are you in or are you out, Mel asks.

Sam, Nora, Asa, Joey and Jessica

Asa shows Sam and Nora around Sam's new offices at the Buchanan building. It is absolutely enormous, Asa wanted to be sure Sam was comfortable while spending every waking hour on Bo's defense. They're going to need to hire a staff, Nora says and then changes it to, "...*you're* going to have to hire a staff, I shouldn't be allowed to hire anyone anymore". Asa's already got them some help until their can hire their own. And what could be more trustworthy than Buchanans, Asa comments, opening the office door to reveal Jessica and Joey waiting inside.

Sam sends Joe to the law library Asa has set up to look up some precedents. Asa takes Jessica outside to the reception area to show her how to use the phones. Nora fills Sam in on her discussion with Bo about the photograph. It couldn't have been taken by a still camera or they would have heard something. Also, it would have provided only one image which would be very hard for Georgie to match. Nora thinks that she must have used a video camera and then digitally cut Nora out and added herself to the picture. If it was done digitally, it would explain why the lab working on it is having a hard time proving it's fake. Sam decides they'll have to check every video lab in town. Nora seems a bit distracted and Sam asks if she's OK. She's fine, she insists, it's just she sometimes has trouble believing this is all happening. Someone set up Bo really, really well, says Sam. Nora is determined to find out who that person is. Outside, Asa is showing Jessie the phones. She insists she knows how it works and then proves it by answering a call and transferring it to Nora. It's Hank calling to tell Nora that they are bring Bo up for questioning again. Nora and Sam rush out the door.

Drew, Kelly and Joey

Drew is sitting at the counter in the diner, practically asleep, when Kelly walks in and taps him on the shoulder. He's waiting for a hamburger to bring to his father, he explains. Drew admits that he was the one who called Kelly and then hung up on her the night before. Kelly thinks that maybe Drew should talk to somebody about what's going on, she suggests Andrew Carpenter. Drew isn't too thrilled by the idea. Joey walks in and walks over to them as soon as he spots Kelly. Is everything OK here, he asks protectively.

Kelly and Joey are sitting in a booth at the diner. Kelly is daydreaming, thinking about something, and when Joey calls her name, she spills milk all over her dress. She heads to the bathroom to clean up and Joey takes the opportunity to tell Drew to stay away from Kelly. It's taken Joey months to get this close to Kelly again and Drew's part of the reason for that. Drew really messed up Kelly the last time he was here and Joey's not going to let that happen again. Drew thinks that Joey should be more concerned about helping Bo right now. Joey says he will do everything he can to help Bo, he's just not on Drew's side.

Drew, Bo, Hank, Del, Nora and Sam

Drew is visiting Bo in his jail cell before his shift begins. Drew questions Bo about Sam and his relationship to Nora. Bo explains they are old friends from Chicago. I wish they would let me help with the case, Drew says. Bo tells Drew what he can do for him is be the best cop he can be. Drew agrees, then asks how well Bo knew Georgie. Not well enough, Bo replies, if he had known about her history earlier, he would never have let Georgie near Nora. Officer Annie stops by with the news that Del has the results of the autopsy. Bo sends Drew on a mission to get him a cheeseburger from the diner, the food in jail is terrible.

Upstairs, Del informs Hank that he's bringing Bo upstairs for questioning again. Hank is upset, what else could Del possibly have to ask Bo. The two men get into a loud argument in the middle of the police station. Hank's insisting that Bo's not guilty and Del tells him he can't let Bo go because he's a nice guy. Del's impartial in this matter, that's why he's in charge of the case. Hank thinks Del should be out there looking for the real killer, Del doesn't even have a motive for Bo killing Georgie. After arguing for a while, Del finally shows him the new evidence, the autopsy report. Out in the hall, Drew overhears two cops talking about Hank and Del's argument. They mention that whatever is in the autopsy report provides a motive for Bo killing Georgie. Back inside, Hank is saying "This can't be true". Del says it is true and it changes everything.

Del tells Hank to keep quiet about the new evidence until Del says otherwise. Sam and Nora arrive. Hank is unable to tell them what is going on, but they can tell that the news is bad. Nora tells Del that no matter how much he questions Bo, he still doesn't have a motive. The picture is fake and they will prove it in court. Maybe it wasn't about money, Del suggests cryptically, but won't give them further information and walks away. Do you believe in Bo, Hank asks Nora, because he's going to need all of your faith right now. Bo is brought upstairs and taken to the interrogation room.

Del starts asking questions he already knows the answers to, like when did Bo meet Georgie. Bo answers, but Sam gets impatient and tells Del to get to the point. Del then starts asking Bo about the night of the poker game. He reads Georgie's journal entry for that night which says she met Bo at the lodge for a game of strip poker, with exciting results. That's a lie, Bo insists. Outside, Drew arrives late for work and Annie mentions it. The best thing you can do for your father is to do your work well, she advises him. Drew agrees and heads to his desk to catch up on paperwork. On the way, he spots the file with Georgie's autopsy report on the desk and stops to take a look. He puts down the folder and rushes out of the room, ignoring Annie when she calls his name.

As Drew lurks outside the interrogation room, listening, Bo explains what happened. How Georgie threw herself at him, naked and he refused her advances. He thought Georgie was sad and pitiful, there was nothing attractive about her. Bo is tired of the fact that a lunatic like Georgie has turned all their lives upside down and tired of the fact that Todd is trying him in the press, printing whatever he feel like, whether it's true or not. Nora suggests instead of asking the same questions over and over again, that Del should get off his butt and find another suspect in the case. Del asks Bo when the first time he was alone with Georgie was. Sam tells him not to answer the question, what is your point, he demands to know from Del. "She was pregnant, OK! Does that answer everybody's question?", Hank suddenly blurts out. Drew, standing outside, overhears Hank's outburst.

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