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Donna ran down Grant and Marley with her car, thinking Marley was Vicky. Someone left Felicia dead roses. Nick wondered if Sophia was still in love with Matt. A sniper aimed for Rachel, but Carl jumped in front of the bullet.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on AW
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Monday, May 11, 1998

At The Cory Mansion
, Carl returns from where ever he was at and has another one of his awful headache attacks. He sits down in one of the chairs in the doorway area and rubs his head. Inside the study, Rachel told Amanda that she has made a decision that if ever anything where to happen to her she wants Paulina to help Carl in raising the twins. Amanda ask Rachel why was she doing this. Rachel told her having Carl living in this house surrounded by Mac's memories with Matthew and her constantly attacking him, has brought a strain on their marriage. Carl overhears their conversation from inside the doorway area. Amanda was worried that there was something more to them going away and still believes that Carl has something to do with it. Rachel told her the decision was hers and she hopes that leaving Bay City and getting a fresh new start will revive the Carl she fell in love with. Amanda hugs her mom and told her she was going to miss her. Rachel told her she was going to miss her too, but it was for the best. Amanda suggest to her mother that she leave the twins behind when she takes off with Carl and lie to him about why she left the babies behind. Rachel squashes that plan and told Amanda that she would never leave her babies behind, they need her as well as Carl. When Carl hears Amanda suggesting to Rachel that she leave the babies behind, he becomes upset and leaves. Rachel hears the door open and some what realizes that Carl was there. She went into the doorway area, but he was no where to be found. Rachel then goes to look for Carl. Amanda flashes back to her and Cameron's conversation at overlook a while ago and then turns and sees Cameron standing outside on the terrace. She told him when she was talking to him about helping her find out if Carl was responsible for Brogan's death, was even more important now. Cameron ask her why now and she ask him if he was going to help her first, which he told her he will.

At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices,
Jake was there discussing getting a restraining order against Lila. Cass tells him that Michael's death has taken it's toll on a lot of people. Jake acknowledges, telling Cass for some reason; Donna was hell bent on destroying her daughter and Vicky can't take much more of this with Lila practically stalking her everywhere she went and Donna laying guilt trips on her. Cass some what agrees but before they can discuss it any further, Tyrone shows back up at the office and ask if Lila was there. Cass told him he hasn't seen her since she barreled out of there today. As Cass and Tyrone argue again over having to break the news to Lila, a curious Jake asks them what was going on. Cass realizes that Jake will hear this any way, so he told him the truth. Cass told Jake that the money from Shane's research that Lila was banking on and they do mean banking, has already been patented by some French Scientist, so Lila will get nothing. Jake has a hard time hiding his delight and tells them with a smirk on his face that it just breaks his heart. Cass told him that it certainly broke Lila's. Jake says let me guess, it's all Vicky's fault. They nod in agreement and Tyrone told Jake that Lila blamed the whole thing on Vicky and said she wished she where dead and then left, tearing out of there like a bat out of hell. Jake told them maybe they should issue two restraining orders, one for Ms. Southern Fried and the other for Mommie Dearest.

At Michael's Gravesite,
Donna was frantically driving up to Michael's gravesite because she was mad at Vicky and upset that the journal detailing Shane and Vicky's affair was true. As she approaches the gravesite she sees Grant and Marley (who she thinks is Vicky) walking down the road. They embrace each other and A outraged, Donna screams NO! and punches the accelerator and speeds toward them. Though she tries to veer off at the last minute, she was still unable to avoid hitting Marley and Grant. Her car rears over to side and Donna hits her head on the steering wheel. She eventually comes to, but doesn't recall what happened. Marley and Grant are lying behind her on the ground knocked unconscious. As she speeds off down the road, Nick approaches from the other direction on his motorcycle and was horrified to find his sister and Grant lying unconscious on the ground. Wondering who could have done such a thing, Nick looks down the road and sees a dark car speeding away. He then calls the authorities and Grant and Marley are taken away in an ambulance. Meanwhile at Carlino's, Josie is there visiting with Paulina and grabbing her a bite to eat when the call comes in. Learning Grant and Vicky have been hit by a car, Josie runs out to take care of the situation and Paulina calls Cindy. Cindy answers the phone and Paulina told her Grant has been hit by a car on Cemetery Road, Before she can go into more detail, Cindy drops the phone and rushes out of the house to the hospital.

Back At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices,
As the guys discuss Lila being left out in the cold, Ms. Lila Belle returns to vent more anger towards Cass and Tyrone. Upon seeing Jake, Lila asks him if they invited him over to celebrate her humiliation. Jake told her no, but it sounds like a good idea to him. Lila ask him what they told him and Jake tells her everything. Lila then starts ranting and raving about how all this is Vicky's fault, saying that she enlisted Cass's help in dragging out the probate so that Shane's research would fall into others hands and they would steal the research, therefore leaving her penniless. Cass told Lila she had better cool it, because she was about to get slapped with a restraining order. As Lila continues to rant and rave to Cass, Jake and Tyrone hear the ambulances outside and Lila told them it's only a hit- and-run she heard it on the radio and ask can they get back to the matter at hand. They continue to ignore her and Jake calls the station to get the scoop on the story. Joe asks Jake where he was calling from and Jake told him Cass's office, then hangs up. Jake jokingly told them Joe wants him to wait at Cass's office until he comes. When everyone's face turns serious, Jake realizes that Vicky was involved and tears out of there to the hospital.

At Felicia's Place,
Felicia gets some lovely roses and decides to wear one. While she was out of the room, someone quietly breaks in her apartment and replaces her roses with dead ones. Felicia returns from the other room and was shocked and terrified to see that someone has replace her roses with dead ones. She scans through chapters of Embers In The Snow and realizes that one of the characters died a day after her roses where replaced with dead ones. She then rushes out of there to see Cass, but when she arrives at his office he isn't there. Wishing she could talk to Rachel, Felicia decides to confide in Tyrone. Tyrone persuades her to go say goodbye to Rachel before she leaves. Felicia asks Tyrone to tell Cass that Carl was up to his old tricks and then leaves to see Rachel. Back at the Cory's, Felicia and Rachel try not to fight about Carl and have a tearful and strained goodbye.

At Donna's Place,
Donna returns home and acts like nothing has happened. As she was rifling through cards and letters, Cass shows up to tell Donna that Vicky has been in a hit-and-run accident. Upon hearing this, Donna has a flashback of seeing Grant with Vicky and was puzzled when Cass told her that Grant was also injured. She then recalls the hit-and-run and grabs her things to head over to the hospital with Cass on her tail.

At Bay City General,
While Marley and Grant are being bought into the hospital, Jake arrives and wants to follow the emergency team into the ER, but Paulina holds him back. Realizing just how much Vicky means to him, Jake told Paulina when he finds out who did this he will kill them. Nick arrives behind the ambulance team and tells Jake and Paulina that he was the one who found them, but didn't see who the driver was that hit them. Josie also arrives and told Nick she needs a statement from him. Nick told her that he saw a dark car speeding away when he arrived, but didn't see the license plates or the driver. Cindy makes it to the hospital as well and Paulina angrily asks her if she hit Grant and Vicky. Cindy was appalled that Paulina would think this about her and told Paulina that she was not responsible. Paulina reminds Cindy of her jealousy of Vicky and that her last words to her where if I can't have Grant no one can. Paulina also told Cindy that she has been know for pulling crazy stunts like this for the sake of Grant in the past. Cindy told Paulina that Grant loves her and she would never do this. Meanwhile, Donna and Cass show up and the doctor allows Donna and Jake to see Vicky. Donna kneels at her daughters bed saying over and over again that she didn't mean it. Vicky suddenly appears in the room looking just fine. Everyone was startled and then shocked, especially Donna who screams in horror when she realizes that the daughter she ran down was actually Marley. Donna starts apologizing to Marley's unconscious body and Vicky asks them how this happened. One of the doctor's returns to the room and is startled to see Vicky standing there. They explain to him that they are twins and the one in the bed was actually Marley. The doctor told them he needs for them to step out for a minute. In the corridors, Nick told Jake about how means he's been to Vicky lately and how thinking that she may have been killed gave him a wake-up call. Donna overhears them talking and realizes that Marley and Grant may have seen who hit them. She then daydreams that Marley and Grant have awaken and sit up in their beds pointing an accusatory finger at her for hitting them. Allowed back in Marley's room, Vicky wonders why Marley hasn't come to since she only suffered a concussion. After she says that, Marley does come to with Donna, Vicky and Jake standing around her bed. Marley looks at Donna accusingly and says "YOU". While Jake and Vicky stand there looking puzzled.

Tuesday, May 12th">

Grant regains consciousness but was unable to recall any details of the accident. Meanwhile, Donna breathes a sigh of relief when Marley can't seem to identify the driver of the car which struck her down. Felicia again urges her friend not to leave town with Carl but Rachel stubbornly insists that she trusts her husband completely. Angered to find her sister at her bedside, Marley orders Vicky to go away. Amanda nags Cameron to help her uncover Carl's true intentions. Disappointed to learn that the wrong twin got creamed by the car, Lila berates Grant for failing to get his hands on the journal. Vicky told Joe her theory that someone was gunning for her and mistakenly went after her identical twin instead. Watching her daughter fight for each painful breath, Donna tearfully vows to make things up to Marley somehow. Passion erupts for Cameron and Amanda. Grant suffers a sudden setback which puts Cindy in the precarious position of having one of her biggest lies exposed. The cemetery's caretaker comes forward with information about a dark-haired woman at the wheel of the car which ran Grant and Marley down. Anxious to deflect suspicion away from herself, Donna points the finger at a sputtering Lila. An intruder steals Cameron's gun and takes aim at Carl and Rachel.

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Wednesday, May 13, 1998

by Soap Central

In New York City,
Matt and Sofia return back to there hotel room and Sofia asks Matt if there are any messages from Billy yet. Matt told her no, but was confident that he will call. He then compliments how well she handled herself and Sofia tells him that he makes her feel like she can do anything. Matt told her that she can and then the phones rings, it was Billy who has called to tell them that he has signed the contract to be on their record label. After Matt hangs up, he and Sofia rejoice on a job well done and decide to celebrate the signing of their record labels first artist. Matt went downstairs to make arrangements for the celebration and once he leaves, imaginary Nick appears. Sofia tells Nick that they are only going dancing and Nick told her she can say what she wants to say, but she has a desire for Matt. Sofia grows angry and told Nick that he was not even here only a twisted figment of her imagination that won't go away. Nick told her that was called a guilty conscience. Sofia told him she has nothing to be guilty about because Matt and her are just friends. Nick asks her what does she want. She says she doesn't know, but she's gonna figure it out before she went home to him. Nick asks if she still loves Matt. Sofia doesn't say yes, but does tell him that you just can't turn off feelings for someone you care for. She then told him that Matt makes her feel like there is nothing she can't do and that the next thing that comes out of her mouth isn't gonna be wrong or the dumbest thing he's ever heard. I wanna be the person he thinks I am and I like how I feel when I'm with him, I feel free. Nick says you mean free as opposed to being trapped? Sofia told him that was not what she said, so if he's not gonna listen to her then get out of her head. Nick says then choose and ask if she has plans for the evening. Sofia told him that they are going dancing, not staying up in the hotel room all alone. Nick says you mean alone like last night when you where only lying a few feet away from him and wanting him. Sofia told him he was so wrong and Nick told her that we will see. Sofia yells back to him that you bet we will, just as Matt returns and wonders who was she talking to. Sofia covers and told him she is just excited about going dancing. Matt asks her if she feels like being spontaneous tonight. Sofia says yeah and then asks what's up. Matt told her that the nightclub was booked up all night.(since when does nightclubs be booked up all night, especially with all the clubs New York has) Sofia tells him they can go to the movies, or either hang out in the hotel all night. Matt says wait here and went to the closet and brought a dress out he bought for Sofia so they can celebrate. As they dress up and dance and talk, Matt starts getting ideas for an album cover, featuring Sofia with nothing but a throw on. Matt leaves to get his art stuff and Nick shows up to antagonize Sofia some more. Matt returns and begins to sketch Sofia. Sofia has a daydream that Matt stops sketching and told her how beautiful and sexy she is. As Matt kisses her, Sophia wakes up from her daydream. Matt asks her what was wrong, because she starts to blush all of a sudden. Before she can answer the phone rings and it's Nick calling home from Carlino's. Sofia says she'll answer it, but when she stands up she accidentally lets her drape slip off, giving Matt a full view of her naked body.

At Bay City Police Station,
Joe brought Lila in for questioning about the hit-and-run at the cemetery. Joe asks Lila if she wants an attorney present, but Lila told Joe that he has no right to bring her in on a trumped up charge. Joe told her that they have a witness who placed her at the scene of the crime as well as the matching license plates of the hit-and-run driver to her car. He then told her that she had a motive since she thought it was Vicky at the cemetery and not Marley, she thought she'd just rear-end her. Lila told Joe that she was not in the habit of running people down with her car. Joe asks her if she has a habit of hanging out at cemeteries, and just so she knows, it's probably not a good idea for her to lie to the arresting officer. He then told her as far as that goes, there are plenty of babies born in prison and he hears that they even let you hold them for a little while. This frightens Lila who then comes clean and admits to Joe that she was at the cemetery, but adds that she didn't hit anyone. Cass suddenly shows up and claims that Lila was his client. Because she hasn't been charged with anything, Cass told Lila that they can leave. Delighted that Cass has come to her rescue again, Lila pronounces up out of her interrogation seat and happily follows Cass out of there. Back at Lila's place, Cass flat out asks her if she ran down Marley and Grant. A shocked Lila says that she thought he believed her. Cass told her he doesn't have to believe her, but adds that she did have plenty of motive after finding out about Shane's research and blaming Vicky, it all fits. Lila told Cass that she did not hit Grant and Marley and has enough problems to worry about without having to worry about getting sent to the pokey. She then went on about being broke and not being able to pay her bills etc. Cass told her why doesn't she consult the father of her baby. Lila spouts back that he was dead, but Cass says no he means the real father of her baby. Lila told him not to start that again, but Cass told her that he knows Shane was not the real father of her baby and then speculates about Dr. Nolan either being the donor or the one who knows who the real father was and Lila was paying him hush money. Lila then gets mad and asks Cass what does he want from her and what is it he was after. Cass says that he finds it satisfying cleaning up after walking disaster areas. Lila accuses Cass of wanting her, which makes Cass laugh and spouts dialogue from Gone with The Wind, telling her that she thinks she's the belle of the ball and the cutest thing around even in her present condition, but she can just hang it up because she isn't geared to set the male libido on fire in her present condition. Lila faints, but Cass thinks she's faking it.

At Carlino's,
Amanda waits at Carlino's for her scheduled rendezvous with Cameron. Meanwhile at the Cory's, Cameron fears the worst after finding his weapons are gone. He calls Josie and told her that Carl was on the move and they have got to stop him. As he gets ready to leave, he runs into Paulina who was looking for Rachel. He told her he hasn't seen Rachel or Carl and then whizzes past her in a rush. Paulina then heads back to Carlino's and finds a starry-eyed Amanda sitting there waiting for Cameron. Paulina told Amanda that she saw Cameron and he was looking for Carl. Amanda told Paulina about Rachel leaving the twins behind, but won't consider it unless Paulina agrees to be legal guardian while they are away. Paulina was angry and blasts Amanda for even suggesting to leave the children behind. Amanda told her that Rachel can take care of herself, but Cory and Elizabeth are little babies that need protection from a possible mad man. Paulina told her that Carl would never hurt the twins he loves them and would do anything for them, but she was beginning to think that it was Amanda who has lost her mind. Amanda told her that was why they need to be sure that the children are fine. Paulina says, Carl isn't crazy, but something like this would push him over the edge. Amanda suddenly gets chills and fears something bad was about to happen. Joe shows up and both he and Paulina are shocked that Amanda now trusts Cameron. Paulina suggest that to Joe that Amanda trusting Cameron probably has something to do with her getting to know him better. Amanda asks her what does that mean and Paulina told her that she needs to go out more and get a life, because maybe then she wouldn't be so wrapped up in Carl and Rachel's lives and would get a life of her own. Joe steps in and told Amanda that if a killer was in town it was Cameron, not Carl.

On The Road To Overlook,
Cameron realizes that Carl has taken Rachel to the overlook of Bay City and speeds to it so he can try to prevent what he believes was a crime in progress. As he was speeding, a cop car comes up behind him, but he doesn't stop when the cop behind him told him to pull over. Cameron eventually pulls over and asks the cop to give him the ticket quickly. The cop wonders where he was going in such of a rush, but Cameron says nothing. The cop then runs his license plates and a check on Cameron. When he returns to Cameron's car he told him that he's clean and his car checked out okay. Cameron told him that he knows that and then asks for his ticket. The cop gives Cameron the ticket, but he's too late.

Atop The Hill Overlooking Bay City,
Rachel and Carl are there enjoying their last beautiful night in Bay City. Unbeknownst to them, the sniper was in position waiting for his target to get into view. A little ways down the hill at overlook, Carl and Rachel are sitting on the grass and Carl was reciting poetry to Rachel. Carl told Rachel that he loves her and they embrace. Carl told Rachel that they shouldn't leave Bay City and questions Rachel's reasons for leaving. Rachel told Carl that she feels they need to get away from the added pressures of Bay City. Carl asks Rachel if she'd trust him with the children if something was wrong with him and Rachel says she would. Carl then asks her if she would ever take his children from him. Rachel realizes that Carl was at the house and knows that Carl overheard her talking with Amanda about leaving the children behind. Rachel holds him and told him that they would never leave their children behind, but they need time to find out what was wrong with him. Carl starts crying and told puts his head in Rachel's lap and told her yes they will find out what was wrong with him. Rachel holds him in her arms and asks him why he sounds like he's saying goodbye to her. Carl told Rachel that he's so afraid of losing her and Rachel assures him that neither of them can live without the other, adding that if something where to happen to him it would just be like it was happening to her. She then makes him look her in the eyes and says don't you know that I love you and my heart was yours, I am your partner in life forever. Carl becomes overwhelmed and stands up confused and the two separate. Suddenly the sniper has a clear shot of Rachel and says this is what he's been waiting to see. As Carl looks towards the hill top, Rachel ask him to come back over to her and Carl told her in a minute. Rachel then tells him that they belong together. Carl spies the sniper hiding among the trees and suddenly yells NO! and jumps in front of Rachel as the sniper pulls the trigger........

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Thursday, May 14th">

Nick repeatedly phones Sofia's hotel room in New York but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Sofia gives an appreciative Matt a good long look at her body, then offers to finish the pose in the nude. Upon hearing a shot, Amanda rushes into the woods and finds Rachel weeping over her fallen husband. After bringing Lila out of her faint, Cass apologizes for insulting her earlier. As Cameron arrives to help Rachel and her daughter, the sniper packs up his equipment and disappears. Too distracted to continue sketching, Matt told Sofia how much he wants to make love to her. In the emergency room, Amanda and Paulina try to comfort Rachel while the doctors scramble to stabilize Carl's vital signs. Later, Amanda's frantic call to her brother interrupts Matt's big moment with Sofia. Excited to feel her baby kicking for the first time, Lila shares the moment with Cass. Carl's doctor told Rachel they've discovered some abnormality in the brain unrelated to the gunshot wound. Lila decides to secure her child's financial future by telling Matt the truth about the baby's paternity. Cameron realizes he's been set up to take the fall for attempted murder. Rachel breathes a sigh of relief after the doctor assures her that Carl will survive.

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Friday, May 15, 1998

by Soap Central

At The Cory Mansion,
Cameron rushes in and told Amanda that whoever stole his gun, has probably already put it back. He gets ready to go upstairs to get it and Amanda ask him if he was going to remove it before the cops get there. Cameron looks at her and asks her why was she acting differently. Amanda then flat out asks Cameron if Carl hired him to kill her mother and if her mother was really the target. Someone knocks at the door and Cameron told Amanda not to answer it, but she does. It was Joe and Josie who have a search warrant. Joe ask Cameron how long has he been there and Cameron sarcastically replies that he hasn't been there long enough to destroy any evidence. Joe ignores Cameron and he and Josie go check out his room. Josie heads upstairs and Cameron told her third room on the right. Josie finds Cameron's rifle and Joe examines it. Learning that the rifle has been fired recently, they handcuff Cameron and place him under arrest. Amanda stands by watching as Cameron says that he has been set up.

At Bay City General Hospital,
Carl has come to in the ER and Rachel was overjoyed to hear him trying to talk. As Carl keeps calling out Rachel's name, Rachel told Carl she was right here as she kisses him tenderly. Rachel explains to Carl that he has been shot and asks him if he knows who shot him, but Carl just told her that he loves her. Rachel reassures Carl that he was going to be find and will make a complete recovery. Doctors come in and one of mentions doing a MRI on Carl. Carl protests, but Rachel told him that they are only trying to help. Rachel goes out while the doctors examine Carl. Felicia shows up to offer Rachel some moral support. Felicia asks Rachel if Carl was going to be all right. Rachel tells her that the gun shot didn't kill him. Felicia asks her if all of this happened when she left Rachel the other day. Rachel told her that she doesn't know what happened and then adds that something was wrong will Carl. Felicia told her that the one thing Rachel has always believed was that Carl loves her. She then asks Rachel if she believes that Carl would try to kill her. Rachel told her that no, and she will always believe that Carl loves her and will never doubt that, never. Amanda shows up to tell them that Joe and Josie arrested Cameron. Felicia asks her if the chauffeur shot Carl, why was he trying so hard to save him. Amanda says good question and then told them she was going over to the police station to see if she can find out anymore and leaves. Felicia tries to get Rachel to go home and rest, but the doctor comes out and told Rachel that Carl was going to be fine and they are going to move him to ICU. Rachel went in to see Carl and told him that he was going to be fine and kisses him. Carl told her that he wants her to go home and get some rest. Rachel protests, but then decides to go. Carl told her that he loves her and Rachel told him that she loves him too and they both say together, always. Rachel then leaves.

In The Hospital Corridors, Donna was on the phone with Lila who has called her to tell her that she wants the journal back and unless Donna wants the contents of the journal to be made public, she had better come over there right now. Donna told Lila that she can't and Lila says oh well, I guess I'm going to have to ruin your daughter's reputation and then hangs up on her. Donna says Lila wait, just as Vicky comes up behind her. Vicky says a few moments ago you had Joe haul Lila off to police headquarters and now she is calling you on your cellphone, what did Lila want. Donna acts real nonchalant and told her who cares what Lila does and she shouldn't be surprised by anything that Lila does. Vicky says since she may have hit Marley, when she was trying to kill her, then she has a right to be mildly concerned about Lila's actions. Donna told her that Lila probably convinced the police that she didn't run over Marley and Grant, but since she knows that I am not gonna let her off the hook, she's probably trying to scare me. Vicky told her mom that she was going to have it out with Lila once and for all, but Donna stops her and told her that she will handle it. Donna then told her that she has to get a breath of fresh air and for Vicky to look after Marley. Vicky asks her how was she suppose to do that when Marley won't let her come near her. Donna told Vicky that Marley was confused and in pain and just needs time. Vicky then speculates about Donna seeing Grant over at the house and being upset and asks Donna if she said something to Marley to get her to come here. Donna tries to act like she doesn't know what Vicky was talking about, but Vicky asks Donna why was Marley here and why was she meeting Grant at a cemetery where some maniac tried to run them over. Donna told Vicky that she doesn't know and Vicky told Donna that she was lying to her. Donna says, we'll see who's lying and then leaves for Lila's.

In Grant's Hospital Room, A nurse comes in to discuss Grant's condition. Cindy goes over to Grant and told him that everything was going to be fine and they have to get ready for his blood transfusion. Grant mumbles something about Kirkland and Cindy told him that everything was okay and she loves him. Grant tells her if that was true, he needs her to go and find Vicky for her. A twinge of pain shoots through Cindy, but she went and does as Grant ask. Vicky comes to see Grant and he asks her how was Kirkland doing, because he hoped he didn't scare him the other day when he slipped back into unconsciousness. Vicky tells him that Kirkland was going to be find, as Cindy listens from outside the door. Vicky asks Grant why he was at the cemetery with Marley, but he can't remember. Grant says he wish he could remember because then he'd know who ran them down. Later, Grant told Cindy that they have to do something. Cindy only agrees to help him if he realizes that she was the one he needs, not Vicky. Cindy returns later with some blood and as they nurse was getting ready to give it to Grant, he screams NO!

In Marley's Hospital room, Jake encourages Marley to let her sister come by for a visit, but Marley refuses to talk about Vicky. Jake told her that if he can forgive Vicky, she should be able to as well. Marley told Jake that she doesn't think so, but Jake told her Vicky had a chance to be with Shane, but she didn't and he believes her. Marley warns Jake that he's being sucked back in by Vicky and he shouldn't let it happen. Jake told Marley he can't help it because he loves her. Pained to hear Jake going on and on about how deeply he loves Vicky, Marley was tempted to reveal what she knows, but doesn't. Jake tells Marley he'll be back in a minute and leaves. Outside Marley's room, Vicky told Jake that she doesn't know why Marley was treating her different. Jake convinces Vicky to go in and see Marley, so she decides to. Inside the room, Marley asks Vicky why she's here and Vicky told her that she wants to get over the anger so they can be sisters again, as well as friends. Vicky then told Marley that she loves her and wants to know what she can do to make her trust her again. Marley however, starts coughing and gasping and a panicked, Vicky calls the doctor who sees that Marley needs to be sedated. They sedate her and Vicky stays by her side and talks with her about the very first time they met each other and how she has always wanted to be like Marley. Jake peeks in to see if they are talking through their differences and hears Vicky tell Marley that she wants the chance to love her.

At Lila's Place,
Donna shows up at Lila's apartment and told Lila to make it quick, because she doesn't have time for her little games. Lila told Donna that she wants the journal back, but Donna told Lila that she'll never get the journal back and asks Lila why was she so interested in having it back when she was trying to burn it. Lila then went on about Shane and Vicky's affair and how Donna now knows that she was right about Vicky all along and it would give her great pleasure to be able to expose some more dirt on Vicky. Donna told her that she has no prove of it. Lila lies to Donna that she still has some of Shane's old loves letters to Vicky as well as hotel room receipts and credit cards that show times when flowers where purchased by Shane for Vicky. Donna is unmoved and told Lila that she had better stay away from her family or else. Lila told Donna the only way to shut her up was if she stops trying to pin the hit-and-run accident on her, but Donna still refuses to give in. Donna then gets ready to reach in to her purse for something and Lila grabs her purse from her and gets the journal out of it and throws Donna back her purse. Surprised that Donna isn't trying to re- get the journal from her, Lila speculates that she thinks Donna would like to see Vicky punished as well. Donna told Lila she had better watch her step and leaves. Once she was gone, Lila relishes in having the journal back and says, I won. Outside Lila's door, Donna wonders if she did the right thing by letting Lila regain possession of the journal.

At The Police Station,
Joe and Josie bring Cameron in for questioning. Cameron told Joe about Amanda's concern for Rachel and he went looking for Rachel and got pulled over by some trooper named O'Hara, but Joe says there was no such cop on the Bay City Police Department. The frame that was forming around Cameron tightens as he realizes that the officer who could have provided him with an alibi was a plant who was working with the hitman. Josie talks to Cameron and Joe watches through the window. Cameron told Josie that he tried to call and warn her, but Josie says she doesn't know if he was just trying to cover his butt. Josie then realizes that Joe was listening in on her and Cameron's conversation, but doesn't know how much of it he heard. Josie leaves the interrogation room and Joe told Josie that the bullet that hit Carl was fired was from Cameron's gun. Meanwhile out back in some alley, the sniper pays the man who he had pretend to be a police officer.

Back At The Hospital,
While Carl was being wheeled into the ICU department, the hitman has snuck back into the hospital dressed as an orderly. Once he was alone with Carl inside the room he holds Carl's hands and told him that he was ready to carry out the next step. Standing in the corridors, Vicky talks to Jake about Marley's changed attitude towards her and thinks that Donna knows what was going on. Donna returns to the hospital and Vicky corners her mother and demands to know what was it that she has done that has got Donna so mad at her. Donna tells Vicky that she can't get into this with her right now, because she might say some words she will later regret. As they argue, Jake jumps in and told Donna that he was tired of the Vicky bashing and also wants to know why Donna has been acting poorly towards her. Donna told Jake to stay out of it, but Jake tells her he was already in it. Donna then told him that once she told him what she knows then he won't want to have anything to do with Vicky as well. Just as Donna was about to tell them, somebody yells fire in the ICU and tells them they will have to vacate the premises. Vicky says, Oh My God, Marley. Then they all try to run up the stairs to save her. Outside the hospital doorway, Felicia and Rachel are getting ready to leave and Rachel is contemplating staying. Felicia talks her into going home and resting and as they are walking away an explosion went off in the hospital......

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