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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, May 11, 1998

Andy and Nikki enjoy their limo ride and start kissing. Andy keeps pulling away explaining that she should be with someone younger and someone who is not her teacher. When they can't make it back to the train station they are forced to stay the night in a hotel.

Hal wants to know why John is arguing with Carly. John wants Carly to explain the reasons about her pregnancy. Barbara walks in on the discussion and states that she knows Carly does not have a heart condition. John covers for Carly and says that he ran a cardiac test on her. Hal makes Barbara apologize to Carly, who does so and then leaves. Hal decides to take Carly to Chicago to see a specialist.

Julia finds Jack on the phone talking to Xavier. She grabs the phone and hangs it up. As she is about to leave his room, she hears Xavier outside the door and has to hide. Jack offers Xavier a deal to help him find Julia.

Lily is watching a newscast about her tragic death. She tries to open the door but finds it is locked. She then gets mad at the TV because it will not shut off and throws it on the floor. Holden and Lucinda come to Lily's rescue. Lucinda guesses that David is behind this and calls Margo to have him arrested. When Margo tells Lucinda that they do not have evidence to arrest hi, she makes her own plan against David.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Tom and Margo argue about Eddie. Margo wants to know if Eddie moving in with then with come between then. Hal goes to Tom and Margo's house and they all argue over Eddie. Hal tells Margo that he agrees with Tom that it is a bad idea for him to live there. As soon as Hal leaves Margo yells at Tom for lying to her. In the morning Margo tells Tom she has changed her mind and does not want Eddie living with them. That makes Tom really happy. Margo goes to the jail to tell Eddie the news when Eddie announces that he is ready to come live then them.

Hal goes to see Eddie and tells him that he does not trust him around kids. Hal tells Eddie that Adam is his son. Eddie says he will never hurt Adam. Hal asks him what does he want in life. Eddie doesn't know. Eddie has a dream about his mother and wakes up and starts to thrash his jail cell. The guard comes and calms him down.

David and Molly are in the back of a limo when it starts to drive recklessly. The doors are lock and they can not get out. Finally it stops and they get out. Only to discover Lucinda there laughing. "Were you scared" she asks. Lucinda tells them that she planed it. She then gets into the limo and leaves Molly and David there. Lucinda barges into Molly's room and tells her the deal is off and to start packing.

Holden and Lily's power go out at their house. Lily hears a noise outside the window and Holden goes to investigate. He comes in and tells Lily that he did not find anything but did notice that their house is the only house without power. Lily sees a shadow by the window. When she tells Holden about it the shadow disappears before he can see it. As Holden and Lily go up the stairs to bed the shadow reappears.

Ben and Camille are eating dinner when her mother comes in. She says the modeling agency wants to get a hold of her. Camille tells her mother that she wants to finish school. Ben and her mother start to argue over what is best for Camille. Camille finally tells her mother to leave. Camille has sever more pains through dinner.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was submitted by Kathy Gire

Margo arrives at the jail for Eddie's hearing prepared to tell him that she and Tom have decided against having him move in with them, but Eddie surprises her and accepts the offer before she has time to withdraw it. The judge grants Eddie probation as long as he lives with the Hughes'.

Prince Xavier gives Jack $10,000 in the hospital to find Julia, his fiancée, and to report on her activities while she has been missing. Julia is disguised as an electrician and is in Jack's hospital room during the discussion.

At the police station, Jessica learns that Carly is pregnant. Hal and Carly are preparing to leave for a consultation with a cardiologist at Chicago Mercy Hospital, where Jack is.

Tom and Emily run into each other at the Mona Lisa, and Tom tells Emily he has lost all enthusiasm for the law. Emily encourages him to quit and do what would make him happy.

John comes into the Mona Lisa, followed by Barbara. She apologizes to him for her behavior towards Carly and tells him that she is now at peace with the death of little Johnny and she no longer blames anyone.

Margo and Eddie arrive home followed shortly by Adam and Casey. Margo gives Eddie his own set of keys to the house and Adam (now played by an older actor) fills Eddie in on the house rules. Tom walks in and is stunned to see Eddie there.

Lisa is bemoaning the fact that she has no male attention when old flame Ralph Mitchell suddenly appears in the Mona Lisa.

At Chicago Mercy, Carly literally bumps into Jack in the hallway. Jack pulls her into his room and assumes she is there to visit him. When Carly explains that she is there for a second opinion about her "heart condition," Jack is very worried. Hal appears in the hallway, just outside Jack's room.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Barbara tells John that she realizes no one is to blame for Johnny's death and that she has been treating John unfairly. John is elated by this news and ecstatic when the children join he and Barbara for dinner at the Mona Lisa. Barbara lets it slip to Nikki that Carly is pregnant. Upset, Nikki turns to Andy for comfort.

Tom is surprised to find Eddie will be living with he and Margo after all. Margo tries her best to convince Tom everything will be okay. Tom reluctantly agrees. Later, Eddie sensing things are not all right, "tests" Margo and Tom at the family dinner table--disrupting the children and putting the adults on edge.

Hal finds Carly with Jack and is not pleased. Hal tells Jack that Carly is pregnant. He asks Jack when he will be returning to Oakdale and Jack replies that he is in no hurry to get back there. Later, Julia spills the beans about Carly visiting Jack when he was first admitted to the hospital. Caught in a lie, Hal once again confronts Carly about her feelings for Jack. Hal tells her he needs to know once and for all how she feels about Jack Snyder.

Ralph Mitchell, while passing through town, stops by the Mona Lisa to say hello to Lisa. The two of them flirt with each other. Later, they end up in bed. When John stops by Lisa's apartment to inform her about the progress he's made with Barbara, he is shocked to find Lisa and Ralph have just engaged in some "afternoon delight."

Friday, May 15, 1998

John is upset to see Lisa with Ralph Mitchell. John questions Lisa regarding Mr. Mitchell's intentions as well as whether they practiced safe sex. Claiming he is her friend and feeling protective of her, he tells Lisa he doesn't want to see her get hurt. A rejuvenated Lisa tells John not to worry, she's an adult and just maybe she was using Ralph instead of the other way around.

Carly tells Hal that she came to see Jack in the hospital because he was dying and that he was delirious and asking for her. She tells Hal she had to come because he saved her life, but that she married Hal and only loves him. When Hal insists their marriage is over if she can't be honest with him, Carly suddenly feels ill. After being examined by the heart specialist, Carly and Hal are informed that Carly has no signs of a heart condition.

Sam and Kirk are upset to hear that, because Molly is homeless after her book contract falls through, David has hired her to run security at the Falcon Club.

When the clown for Luke's party cancels, Sam talks Kirk into filling his shoes. When David overhears this, he orders Molly to stall Kirk while he puts a devious plan in motion. David hires his own clown to scare Lily and Luke. Holden and Lucinda know David is behind the whole thing and they vow to make him pay.

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