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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on GL
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Monday, May 11, 1998

Real Reva finds Clone Reva in her bedroom and demands that she cooperate with her so that she can bring Annie down, who she believes to be behind all this. Clone Reva keeps telling her that she doesn't know who Annie is! Not listening, Real Reva rants on and on about how she probably had plastic surgery and came back to fool her whole family. Clone Reva is absolutely amazed to see Reva, but doesn't actually believe it until she sees the scar on her left arm. Then, she angers Reva by saying that it didn't matter anyway, because Josh had chosen to make love to her, and he had forgotten about Real Reva.

Josh comes up the walk with some flowers for Clone Reva and runs into Cassie, who is distraught over losing Hart. She tells Josh that she has sacrificed everything for this clone, including the man she loves. She announces that she and Tammy are moving out tomorrow.

The Revas hear Josh come into the house, and Real Reva calls out to him, but runs out to the balcony. She whispers to Clone Reva, "let's see who Josh chooses to make love to this time".

Hart comes to Dinah's apartment, very drunk. She tries to sober him a little by walking him around and making him drink coffee. He tells her that he tried to drink" Cassie out of his mind, but it didn't work. Hart also told her how he saw Cassie at the country club and she said that he was only a fling and didn't have any real feelings for him. Dinah and Hart ended up in a passionate kiss.

Tuesday, May 12

by Soap Opea Central

Today's recap was proivded by Liz Key

At the Residence of Josh and Reva
It is Reva and her clone face to face. Reva calls out to Josh as he enters the house but the clone decides she is not losing Josh to anyone and hits Reva over the head with a vase, knocking her unconscious. After dragging Reva into the closet, the clone meets Josh with open arms but suggests he take a shower. Assuming he must need it if the clone requests he showers, Josh complies allowing the clone time to gag and bind Reva. When he comes out of the bathroom and embraces the clone, the clone asks if they can go downstairs and watch television or play cards. Josh is amused thinking she is just being shy. As they are kissing, Reva makes a thudding noise in the closet. Josh goes downstairs to check to see what the sound was and the clone puts a throw blanket around Reva so she can not make any more noises. Then the clone goes downstairs and suggests to Josh that they just sit on the sofa. A little confused he agrees and they snuggle while Reva is trapped upstairs.

At the police station
Harley and Phillip are trapped in the stairwell and use the opportunity to review the police report. While Phillip looks at the statements of the witnesses, Harley peruses the forensic report. She discovers that the angle of the bullet does not mesh with Beth's story and that the gun was shot at very close range. Execution style, muses Phillip. Immediately they assume J.C., the hired killer, must have done the murderous deed and that Beth is indeed protecting Lillian. Reading further in the police report, they discover that not just mud was found on Carl, but also red clay. Hmmm...Beth had red clay on her shoes and there is no red clay in the potting shed. Phillip infers from this information that Beth was at the pond, saw J.C. shoot Carl, and did not call for help or try to stop him. Harley speculates that Beth let J.C. shoot Carl because she wanted him dead but could not kill him herself, BUT now she feels guilty. Yeah, right. I think perhaps these two are giving Beth too much credit. In a tender moment Harley tells Phillip she wished she was there for Nadine and that she wished she could have protected her as Beth is protecting her mother. They kiss but are interrupted by a janitor entering the stairwell. Taking advantage of the open door, they prepare to leave. Phillip suggests they go to Harley's place and finish looking at the file, but Harley tells him she knows and he knows they would not work. Would that be so bad, Phillip asks. Harley tells Phillip that she thinks they should not sleep together until this thing with Beth is resolved. On that note, they leave the stairwell.

At the Boardinghouse
While Beth and Lillian are at the restaurant, Beth tells Lillian that Ben said there is a good chance that she will not do any jail time. Lillian tries again to warn Beth about Ben but Beth says she knows the real Ben and he is not like everyone says he is. Lillian reminds her of her mistake with Carl and how she could not see him for what he really was until it was too late. Lillian again says that she knows Beth did not kill Carl and that J.C. did. She wants Beth to let her take the rap, so that Beth can be there for Lizzie. Beth again tells her mother that she and Phillip will get back together while Lillian just looks at her with pity. Cassie enters the restaurant and asks Drew about getting her room back with an adjoining room for Tammy. Since Nola is away, Drew says that makes her in charge and she will unlock the rooms and leave the keys on the bed. Turning away, Cassie notices her ex sitting at the bar drinking a beer. She confronts him about meddling in her life with Dinah and he tells her that Dinah would have pulled off Cassie and Hart's breakup without his help. When she leaves and stands on the porch, Rob follows her and tells her he loves her, etc., etc. Since they are having such a civil conversation, Rob suggests they go upstairs where he can show her how much she means to him. Angered, Cassie tells him they are finished as a couple and their past is just that: The past. Meanwhile...

At Dinah's Penthouse
A very drunk Hart dances with Dinah but begins to get dizzy. After getting him to lie down in bed (for his own good, of course), Dinah starts coming on to him big time and tells him she still loves him and still has the wedding gift she was going to give him at the surprise wedding. He wants to see it and a panicked Dinah searches frantically for something to give him since she was of course lying about the wedding gift. She comes across the watch she bought Ross for his birthday and chips it to "antique" it. She then presents it to Hart saying it was once Henry's and he would have wanted him to have it. Hart is moved by the gift. While Dinah slips into a black negligee, Hart passes out. She returns to the bed and is frustrated to discover her plan to seduce Hart is foiled. But wait...No one has to know nothing actually happened between Dinah and Hart. Thrilled with her newest plot, Dinah starts to undress an unconscious Hart.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Michelle and Dahlia meet at Company for breakfast. Drew is their waitress and she acts very snotty to Michelle, but Michelle is more amused than offended by this. Dahlia wants to know what's going on with Michelle and Jesse. Michelle says she can't stop thinking about Carlos. She could be more open and real with Carlos, but now that Carlos has been revealed to be Jesse, she feels on edge. Jesse is always fussing over her, and she feels smothered by him. Dahlia says that Jesse is overprotective of Michelle because he's afraid of losing her again, and that Michelle should try to understand. Michelle wants to get Jesse to stop treating her like an invalid. Just then, Jesse arrives. Dahlia leaves. Jesse, watching Michelle, asks if she's OK. Michelle confesses to a slight headache, and Jesse starts saying maybe it's her eyes, maybe they should call the doctor, maybe she should rest. She says no, she needs some fresh air, can they go riding on Jesse's bike. He says he wants to take her home so she can rest, and Michelle says, "Jesse, I have something to say to you, and I really need you to listen."

Rick and Ross and Ben also meet at Company, and Rick and Ross ask when Ben's going to get moving on getting Abby released from jail. Ben pulls out Abby's release papers and hands them to Rick, saying that Abby can be released that day. Rick is overjoyed. Ben says, in that arch way of his, that he pushed the paperwork through out of brotherly love for Ross. Rick leaves for the jail to tell Abby the good news.

Meanwhile, at the jail, Selena and Abby talk about "the plan." Selena asks Abby if she really wants to go through with it, and Abby is firm that she does. Abby manages to slip a note to the Mean Guard via another prisoner. While the other prisoners are out exercising, Mean Guard meets Abby in her cell. She apologizes for not meeting him the other night in the laundry room. He comes on to her, and she plays along with it. She asks if they can meet tonight, and he says yes, and leaves. Abby is relieved and shaky after her encounter with Mean Guard, but proud that she's sticking to the plan. Later, Rick arrives and gives Abby the good news about being released today on bail pending her appeal. Abby is stunned, and blurts out, "But I can't leave right now."

Over at Dinah's suite, Hart wakes up and discovers he's naked in bed with Dinah, who's snuggling him. Dinah acts like they made love the night before. She Says that they had kissed (which Hart remembers), then lies and says things got hot between them and they ended up making love. Dinah goes further with her lies, and says that Hart had told her he still loved her. Hart apologizes, and tries to say it only happened because he was drunk. Dinah tries to convince Hart that he would never have made love with her and say that he loved her if he didn't in fact still love her deep down. Hart looked confused. He apologizes again, and says he's not ready for this. Hart tries to give back the watch Dinah had given him, but Dinah won't let him. Hart starts to leave, but then decides that to make things up to Dinah he will take her to breakfast at (where else?) Company.

Over at the Lewises', Clone Reva and Josh wake up in the living room, having spent the night down there. Josh reassures Clone Reva that "You're my Reva now." The kids return from their sleepover, and Marah asks Clone Reva if she's OK, since she acted so weird last night. Clone Reva realizes that Marah had met up with Real Reva. Up in the closet, Real Reva struggles to free herself, when Josh comes in the bedroom. Clone Reva rushes in to distract him and try to get him out of there. Josh tells Clone Reva about Cassie and Tammy moving out. Clone Reva says, "Am I supposed to be sad about that?" Josh says, "It would help. We're supposed to be a real family, not some soap opera family on TV." Finally Josh leaves with the kids to meet Cassie at Company for breakfast, to Clone Reva's relief. Just then Real Reva is able to get the gag from her mouth and yells for Josh but it's too late. Clone Reva says she has to get rid of Real Reva, which upsets Real Reva. Clone Reva drags the still-bound Real Reva down to the car. Real Reva is able to take off her wedding ring and drop it on the bedroom floor. Once in the car, Clone Reva tries to figure out how to drive the car. They argue, and Clone Reva ends up explaining that Michael cloned her from Real Reva's frozen eggs after Josh was so devastated by Real Reva's death, but Real Reva doesn't believe it. Clone Reva throws a blanket over Real Reva's head, and attempts to drive away.

Meanwhile, back at Company, Cassie tells the kids that she and Tammy are moving out. She sends them off to play, and she and Josh talk about Clone Reva. Cassie tells him she will never be able to be close to Clone Reva. Then Hart and Dinah walk in. Cassie remarks that Dinah is positively glowing. Dinah makes comments to Hart about Josh and Cassie shamelessly flaunting their affair. Hart becomes uncomfortable and has to leave. Later, after Josh leaves, Dinah walks over to Cassie and says, "I just want to thank you. It's so good to have Hart back."

Josh arrives back at the house and goes to the bedroom for a suitcase to pack Cassie and Tammy's things. He sees the ring on the floor and picks it up. He says, "This is Reva's wedding ring. She was wearing it the last time I saw her." He's baffled!

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Rick tells Abby she's free on bail. Abby says she can't leave yet -- she's made a promise to stay and help Selena first. When Rick gets angry, Abby explains that in jail it's important who your friends are because they keep you safe. While they're arguing, the guard returns and forces Rick to leave.

Ross tells Beth that she'll probably get only probation if she pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, but wants to know why Ben is helping her. Ben shows up and says he can answer Ross's question for himself.

Phillip brings Harley a pizza for breakfast, commenting on how weird she is to request it. But he joins her anyway.

Josh bangs on Michael's door to see if Reva has gone there. He tells him how Reva took the car (she can't drive!) and how he found real Reva's wedding ring on the closet floor -- it's the ring Reva was wearing the day Annie abducted her from the office! He wonders if Reva is trying to send him a message, but concludes it's more likely Annie who is sending him a message: that she's back in town!

The Clone takes Reva to the basement of the lighthouse, complete with three-foot thick walls!

Michelle let's Jesse know that she's been feeling crowded by him since returning to Springfield. She says that the Institute taught her not to be so needy, and pleads with him to give her some space and to "take things slow." Jesse is hurt, but agrees to take things one day at a time.

Ben says he doesn't believe Beth is a cold-blooded killer, and that's why he can help her. "Oh, and Abby is?" an incredulous Ross asks. Ben's excuse is that Abby was surrounded by people and could have asked for help; Beth could not. Blake calls Ross then, and the look on Ben's face gives away his feelings (at least to Beth). After Ross leaves, Beth asks Ben, "Do you think he believed you?" and tells Ben that they have another problem, Harley, who won't cease her investigation. Ben suggests they pay her a visit together.

Frank shows up at Harley's accusing her of stealing the Carl Stevens murder file, then replacing it on his desk this morning. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't arrest both of you, right here, right now!," a furious Frank declares. "You have no case, Frank," says Harley, grabbing the file with both hands to put her fingerprints all over it. Phillip steps in then and starts quarreling with Frank, and in the meantime the phone rings and it's someone with a tip about J.C. Clayton. Harley quickly refers to it as J.C. Penney to throw Frank off. Getting Frank to leave, Harley and Phillip take off to Richmond, Illinois to see J.C. Clayton and determine whether he has an alibi for the night of the murder.

"Oh, God! What if she sees the clone?" Michael asks Josh after hearing Josh's suspicions about Annie being back in town. As Josh runs to the door to resume his search, Buzz shows up. "What are you in a hurry to do? Whip up another Reva?" he asks knowingly.

Reva asks the Clone to untie her hands because her wrists hurt, but the Clone won't fall for it. "Do you really expect me to believe you're a clone?" Reva asks. "Believe what you want; it's the truth!" the Clone says. She explains to Reva how the decision to clone her came about, and what it's been like since then. She tells Reva she wants her to leave Springfield and never come back. Her only other option is to remain locked in the basement and die. At first, Reva says she couldn't bear to leave, but soon sees it as her only way out, and agrees. She'll need some money, however, and some proof that the Clone is who she says she is. The Clone offers the photos of her growing up as proof and leaves to get them.

Nathan the guard shows up at Abby's cell. She says, "What's the rush? Isn't anticipation half the fun? Want a little preview?" and kisses him hard while Selena sneaks his keyring off his belt.

Ben and Beth go to Harley's apartment just as she is leaving with Phillip. They are being playful and loving and Ben tells Beth she can drop the act; he knows how it must have hurt her to see them together. Beth starts to cry on Ben's shoulder.

At show's end:
Reva shows up at Michael's apartment and Josh demands to know why she took the car and where Reva's ring came from!

Reva screams for help from the abandoned basement and says to herself, "I am Reva Shayne!"

Friday, May 15

by TV Guide

Josh confronts Reva clone about Reva's wedding ring but she claims to know nothing about it or where it could have come from. She quickly picks a fight with Josh and demands that he leave her at Michael's place to be alone with her few memories. After he leaves, she grabs all the photos she can find as well as Michael's bottle of growth medicine. When Reva clone comes back with the early photos Michael snapped of her and accuses her of planting the wedding ring, Reva refuses to believe that she is a clone and accuses her of scheming with Annie to hurt her and Josh. Hoping to keep Hart close to her and knowing that she might be ovulating tonight, Dinah decides to offer Rob a special going away present with a romp in bed in hopes that she'll become pregnant. Hart confides to Matt that he got drunk and supposedly made love to Dinah the other night but, for the life of him, he claims to have no memory of what happened. Tammy interrupts with a request to come to his farm to ride and leaks that she and her mommy moved out of Josh and Reva's place. Sending Tammy away, Cassie asks Hart how he could jump into bed so soon with Dinah after their problem. Taking full responsibility for his actions, whatever they were, Hart confesses that he was drunk but adds that he was hurt and confused as well by her claim that she never loved him. Jesse and Michelle talk things out at the lighthouse and are unaware that Reva clone has locked the real Reva in the basement of the lighthouse. After Jesse storms out because of a fight, he finds Drew crying at Company because her father died from a heart attack.

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