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Sheila learned that she was indirectly responsible for James losing his practice. Bridget got robbed as she hid out on the Los Angeles streets. C.J. found Bridget and hid her in the Spectra basement.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, May 18, 1998

Brooke calls Thorne and informs him Bridget is missing. Thorne promise to keep an eye out for her and notices C.J. visiting Macy next door. Since C.J. is friends with Bridget, he might know where Bridget is, Thorne reasons. Macy give C.J. a tour of her new house when Thorne comes over and asks about Bridget. C.J. hasn't heard from her either and abruptly leaves.

Grant and Darla are working but Darla can hardly stand to be in the same room with him considering what he did to Thorne. Grant informs Darla his attack on Thorne was meant as a message to stay away from his wife. Darla wants to know what Grant is afraid of? When Macy married Grant, she put Thorne in her past. Darla advises Grant to start acting like he knows his wife loves him and to talk to Macyif he is feeling insecure instead of acting out in violence.

James is furious the medical board wants a hearing to decide whether or not to take his practice away. It's taken James years of hard work to get his practice to the level it is today, and he is not going to let some hypocritical people take it away. Sheila realizes James' colleagues are putting the heat on him because of her, and vows to help James fight for his right to keep his practice.

Macy tells Thorne she can relate to what Bridget is going through since she once ran away from home when she found out her father was leaving. Macy hopes when Bridget does come home, Brooke and Eric are patient and understanding. Thorne admires Macy's aptitude toward motherhood. Macy prefers not to talk about that subject with her ex and notices a bruise on Thorne's face. Thorne admits Grant is upset he is living next door and attacked him. Grant comes home and Macy rushes Thorne out the back for fear of another confrontation. Macy's warns her husband they need to talk...

C.J. checks around for Bridget to no avail. Wherever Bridget went, it's not safe.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

As the sun sets over Los A, Brooke's fears for Bridget's safety increase. Ridge advises Brooke to remain positive, but Brooke is frustrated she can't do anything but wait. Rick and Amber come home and are shocked to learn Bridget ran away. Rick starts yelling at Ridge but Brooke cuts him off and accepts the blame for Bridget's disappearance. Brooke informs Rick that Bridget took off after she learned her mother withheld Thomas' true paternity to Ridge. Rick and Amber agree to go look for Bridget.

When Macy confronts Grant, he admits to attacking Thorne. Grant realizes his actions were not rational but he is just so afraid of losing the one person who has let him be himself. As Thorne listens from the patio, Macy assures her husband he is never going to lose her and her relationship with Thorne is behind her. Reassured, Grant wants to get to work on their baby-making. Macy steps outside first, where Thorne tells Macy he heard everything and heads home.

Somewhere on the streets of LA, Bridget blames Brooke for tricking Ridge and now that he is leaving their family, she is never going back home. Bridget feels that Ridge's leaving means he doesn't care about her or her family. Bridget is confronted by some man who offers her to come inside and use the phone to call her folks. Bridget refuses and tells the man to get lost.

Eric arrives at Brooke's with Lieutenant Baker who obtains a description of what Bridget was wearing and a recent photo of her. Lieutenant Baker and Eric set out to look for Bridget because it is tough to be alone on the streets, especially at night.

Another man, Brian, approaches Bridget who says he is with Covenant House, a place that helps runaways and kids on the street. Brian offers to help her by providing her with a meal and a place to stay, but Bridget says she already has a plan. Brian gives Bridget his phone number so when her stuff is stolen, or worse, she can call him.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

While C.J. is playing his guitar, he loses one of the springs and the only place that he can get a replacement is in Hollywood. Sally and Clark notice C.J. is quite upset. C.J. admits what his best friend Rick is going through is getting to him. C.J. heads out to get the replacement spring for his guitar before it gets too late. There was a time when Sally would have given anything to be a Forrester. Now with as many problems as the Forresters have, she wouldn't trade places with any of them.

Brooke is frantic with worry now that is starting to get late and Bridget is somewhere on the streets. Brooke leaves the front door open in case Bridget comes home. Ridge advises Brooke to keep the faith and gives her a hug. Taylor walks in and notices the two embraced. Before Ridge notices Taylor, he goes upstairs to check Bridget's room again for any clues as to where she might have gone. Taylor thought she might help with some insight as to where Bridget might be, but Brooke lashes out at her. Brooke thinks the only reason Taylor is there is because she is worried about all the time Ridge is spending with her. Brooke assures Taylor her only concern right now is her daughter. Taylor doesn't think Bridget is going to be at the mall or at a friends house. Taylor believes Bridget might try to call Ridge at her house since that's where Ridge said he was going to be living. Brooke doesn't buy that theory and orders her rival out of the house!

Bridget is huddled in front of the same music store when two thugs approach her with a promise to take care of her tonight. Bridget tries to get the two to leave when one of the thugs, Slash, notices her purse. The two thugs steal all her money and purse.

Eric and Lieutenant Baker roam the streets in search of Bridget. Eric marvels at how different the streets are at night. So many young kids selling the bodies and sticking needles in their arms. Lieutenant Baker says alot of the kids come from abusive families and are searching for a way out. Some kids, like Bridget, are just mixed up. Eric spots Bridget and Lieutenant Baker pulls over. The Lieutenant summons Bridget to the police car, but it turns out not to be Bridget, just some girl who looked like her. Lieutenant Baker order one of the guys the girl is hanging out with to take her to the Covenant House.

Taylor reminds Brooke she is a trained professional and urges Brooke to listen to her advice. Taylor believes Bridget will look for Ridge at her house and thinks Ridge should be there. Brooke orders Taylor out of her house before she shoves her out! Ridge comes down the stairs and Brooke tells him Taylor is accusing her of using Bridget's disappearance to get closer to him. Ridge asks Taylor if that's true.

C.J. is stunned to find Bridget camped out in front of the music store that he goes to get his guitar replacement parts!

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Brooke and Taylor are fighting when Ridge comes downstairs and asks what is going on. Brooke immediately accuses Taylor of using Bridget's disappearance as an excuse to get him back. Is this true? Taylor says that the issue is not he, Brooke, or herself; she is trying to help. If you don't want my help, Brooke, just say so and I will leave you to deal with this alone, Taylor says. Okay, Brooke says, you say that we are looking in all the wrong places and calling all the wrong people, so if you want to help, why don't you say something positive? Taylor tells her that in Bridget's frame of mind, she isn't going to contact her usual friends or go to her usual hangouts. She is too broken up for that.

Ridge asks how Taylor thinks they should go about looking for Bridget. Taylor says they have to look at this through Bridget's eyes. Only then can they figure out where she went.

C.J. finds Bridget, dirty and hiding under a pile of newspapers. He insists that he has to take her home, but she refuses; she wants him to leave her alone. Your family is going nuts, C.J. tells her. This place is dangerous; I have to get you away from here. You don't know what kinds of people hang out on these streets. Oh, Yeah! Do I ever know! Bridget answers.

Rick continues to call everyone he knows to see if they have seen Bridget. Amber comes in and tells him that she has spent hours looking for her at all the beaches. He warns her about going to the beach at night; she should know how dangerous those places are at night! Amber says that she has to find Bridget before something happens to her!

It is all Ridge's fault, Rick says. None of this would have happened if Ridge hadn't walked out on my Mom! Amber says she knows he is angry at Ridge, but this isn't helping. She has been at this for hours; she even went to the end of the bus line and questioned the drivers. She didn't realize until tonight while driving around just how easy it is to get lost in this city; it is endless!

What has happened to your family is more like what would happen in my family, Amber says. You guys are solid; you love one another and care what happens. Why did this happen to people like you? Amber thinks about everything that has happened in the two months since she has been here. Rick's accident, Ridge leaving, now Bridget running away. Maybe she is a jinx! Don't think like that, Rick tells her, but she reminds him that things like this didn't happen before she came along.

Bridget tells C.J. about the two guys who stole her purse. That settles it; he has to get her away from here. She will be dead meat if he leaves her in this part of town. Bridget says there is nothing to go home to; she can handle herself. No you can't, C.J. insists. I know you have big problems, but this isn't the way to deal with them. Living on the streets is pure Hell. I know you can't talk to your family right now, but you need to talk to someone. Talk to a friend. Believe me, as bad as things are at home, they are a thousand times worse out here. When she continues to refuse to leave with him, he throws her over her shoulder and takes her to his car.

Brooke remains hostile to Taylor, saying that Taylor only wants to point out how she is to blame for Bridget's running away. But Taylor tells her that she doesn't blame her; this is not about blame, it is about understanding Bridget, what she is going through, and what drove her to do this. And you can help us do this? Ridge asks. I know I can, Taylor answers. But it is up to you, Brooke. I am offering my help. You can accept it and I will do my best, or you can refuse and I will leave. Of course I want your help, Brooke tells her.

Taylor explains how Bridget is just a young adolescence learning to deal with a lot of new feelings, especially about boys. The teen years are challenge enough but Bridget is also dealing with a lot of repressed trauma; trauma she hasn't learned how to work through. This is not easy to hear, I know, admits Taylor upon seeing the looks of shock on their faces.

Bridget was born without a father living with her. For years we thought Ridge was her father. Bridget has had two major upheavals in her life; the first was when she learned that the man she loved and looked up to was not her father. Although everyone tried to give her as much love as possible to see her through that time, it was still too much for a little girl to live through without there being some trauma. To learn that you were not her father was too much for a little girl who had put so much love and trust into the relationship---just to have it taken away. To make it worse, there was no explanation that she could understand---it was all because of a lab test. It was an unbelievable thing to accept; she developed a lot of rage and it was all generated toward you, Ridge, for abandoning her.

Bridget fights to get out of the car, but C.J. holds on to her tightly with one hand while driving with the other. She says that the first red light they come to she is out of there. He finally promises not to take her home; he will take her somewhere where she will be safe.

C.J. takes Bridget to an old storage room in Spectra's basement. No one has been there for years; she will be safe and unnoticed there. She promises to stay there if he promises not to tell anyone.

Taylor explains that since Bridget loved and trusted Ridge, she could not vent her rage; instead she pushed it down. When you married Brooke again, she learned to love and trust you again. You mentioned a second trauma, Doc, Ridge says. Was that when I told her that I was leaving? Yes, Taylor answers. Now she feels betrayed by both of you. All her old rage resurfaced.

Are you saying that all these years, I put too much focus on Ridge? Brooke asks.

Taylor admits that that is one of the problems. But she assures Brooke that she did the best that she could at the time. Also, she adds, Bridget witnessed her breakdown a few years ago; she saw the loneliness and suffering and her dependence on Ridge whenever he was around. Brooke is devastated to realize that she has been weak when her daughter needed her to be strong, but Taylor reminds her that she was trying to cope. Anyway, what kind of role model does she want to project for Bridget. Someone who is human with human weaknesses or someone who never needs any help coping with their problems? Brooke says that if anything happens now, it will be her fault. I could have been there for her more, she says. I was too involved with myself, with my own misery to take proper care of my little girl. You were coping, Taylor reminds her. Tell that to Bridget, Brooke answers. She should not be out there living the greatest nightmare of her life. My innocent little girl doesn't have the safety net of a family now when she needs it the most.

"Taylor, I need her back. Please help me find my baby!" Brooke cries as she and Taylor embrace.

Friday, May 22, 1998

Brooke walks outside. "It's morning, she says. "A new day, and my daughter still isn't back. Come home, baby! Please come home." Ridge walks up beside her. I feel as helpless as you do, Logan. All we can do is wait. After they go back inside, Lt. Baker stops by with someone. "Have you found her?" Brooks asks.

Bridget is asleep on the floor in the Spectra storage room. She wakes up and looks around. She pulls a picture out of her backpack and looks at it; it is Brooke and Ridge. C.J. comes in with breakfast. "No coffee?" she asks. He tells her that she is too young for coffee and too young to mess up her life like this. When she threatens to leave, he promises to do it her way for now.

Stephanie tells Taylor that she believes that Bridget will be found soon; her every instinct tells her that is hiding out at a friend's house. "It is a critical moment for that little girl," Stephanie goes on to say. "But, it is also a critical time for you and Ridge. What time did he get in last night? Late?" When she finds out that Ridge didn't come home last night, she gets very upset. Before you say anything, Taylor says, they are in the middle of a crisis over there. Nevertheless, Stephanie says, the annulment isn't final yet and Brooke is still his wife and she is going to do everything she can to hold on to that marriage. Taylor says that the state of her marriage isn't what is uppermost in Brooke's mind. Maybe not, Stephanie agrees. But she has him back in the house where she wants him to be; she is going to take every moment that they are together to solidify that marriage. You can count on that!

Lt. Baker introduces Brian, a man from Covenant House---a shelter for runaways. Have you found my daughter? Brooke wants to know. Lt. Baker tells her that they haven't found Bridget yet, but there is a missing person's team on the case. Brian speaks up. Lt. Baker wants me to tell you about our shelter. It is a safe house for kids on the street. We try to keep the kids safe. He tells them that they have a van that goes through the streets offering whatever help they can to kids on the street. He likens themselves to lifeguards at the beach. But that is for runaways, Ridge and Brooke protests. Brian reminds them that their daughter didn't come home last night. He doesn't want to frighten them, but there is everything out there, drugs, gangs, and prostitution. These are the realities that your daughter is facing; we have to find your little girl before it is too late. Lt. Baker wants to put a tap on the phone so that they can trace it when/if Bridget calls. They tell him where the phone connections are and they leave.

Bridget tells C.J. that he can never make her go back so get off her back or she is gone; I'm not kidding, she shouts. Calm down, C.J. tells her. You got it; I won't say anything for now, but you have to do this one thing for me. You have to get this running away business out of your head. That is heavy stuff. That place where I found you was just the beginning; it is all downhill after that. I know how scared and upset your are; I know what you are going through. You don't know what I am feeling! She declares. C.J. tells her that he does know. "Divorce sucks! My family wasn't exactly the Cleavers, you know. I know that you love Ridge and it probably feels like losing your first boyfriend, but you need help and I am here to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life". But, he continues, he is also there for her mother. She is going crazy with worry and he wants Bridget to call her. She is the last person I want to speak to, Bridget tells him. C.J. tells her that she has to let her mother know that she is all right. Call her now! He says as he hands her the phone.

Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke will do everything she can to hold on to her marriage. You can't let her get away with this. She will do anything to keep him in that home. Taylor tells Stephanie that she knows where she is coming from, but she isn't going to push. She reminds Stephanie that she is a mother; surely she knows what Brooke is going through! Of course! Stephanie says. If it were I, I would be terrified. But that doesn't mean that Brooke will let the advantage slip away. But, Ridge is the father of your child; you can't let Brooke get away with this. Taylor admits that Brooke could be pulling a guilt trip on Ridge, but she can't do anything about that. She tells her that since Thomas, she has changed; her priorities are different. She questioned Ridge once and was wrong; she won't make that mistake again. Taylor assures Stephanie that as soon as Bridget comes home, Ridge will come home to her and Thomas. He will not turn his back on his baby. He loves Thomas and he loves her; she is sure of that.

You may be able to ignore her manipulations, but I can't, Stephanie says and leaves.

Brooke says that Brian painted a pretty grim picture. God only knows what has happened to Bridget. To know that she is out there roaming the streets where anything can happen to her is more than I can bear. Ridge tells her that they cannot think the worse. They will find her; they have a lot of people looking for her. Brooke reminds him that LA is a very big place; she could be anywhere. All she knows is that Bridget isn't at home where she belongs. My daughter is a runaway and she doesn't want anything to do with me. What kind of mother am I? She asks. Ridge tells her to quit beating herself up. Bridget is confused now but she will come around.

No, Bridget says, she won't call home; she doesn't care what they are going through---not after what they did to her. C.J. just wants her to tell them that she is okay. You don't have to tell them where you are, he says. He hands her the phone. Call, he insists.

Ridge is comforting Brooke when the phone rings. Answering, Brooke doesn't get an answer at first. Finally, she says, "Bridget is that you? Answer me, please honey." When Bridget finally answers, Brooke is overjoyed. I am so happy you called, she gasps.

Taylor is looking at a picture of Thomas and Ridge. We will have a long and wonderful life together. I promise you, Thomas, we will be a family. Taylor has a daydream that takes place in 2040. She and Ridge are discussing how happy they have been and how wonderfully their gifted son is doing in the business trying to outdo his old man. You told me it would all work out, didn't you, Ridge? She asks. Returning to the present, she tells the picture that it will all work out.

Brooke asks where Bridge is so that she can come and pick her up, but Bridget says she isn't coming home. Brooke tells her that they have all been so worried about her; she has got to come home. Bridget wants to talk to Ridge if he is there; if she won't let her talk to Ridge, she will hang up.

Ridge takes the phone and tells her that they are all waiting for her to come home. She says that she thought he would be with Taylor. He tells her that he understands that she is upset and angry and he would like to talk to her about it. She tells Ridge that she needs him so much; she doesn't want him to leave. When he said his marriage vows, it felt just like he was speaking to her. I know Mom lied to you and you hate her for that, but . . . Ridge assures her that he doesn't hate her mom, but Bridget says that she hates her. She is making him leave them. Please don't go away; please don't go, Ridge. You haven't left yet, does that mean you are going to stay? Ridge begs her to come home so that they can talk about it. You are leaving us, aren't you? Bridget asks. If you aren't going to be there, then neither am I. Even though Ridge begs her not to hang up, she does. After hanging up, she runs out of the room with C.J. rushing after her.

She hung up on me, Ridge says. Why would she do that? Brooke asks. Don't worry, Logan, we will find her, Ridge says as he puts his arms around her.

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