The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on Y&R

Sharon and Nick reunited. Christine chose Paul over Danny. Jill and Katherine lashed out at each other about the past. Neil learned that Victoria was pregnant. Jack got Victor to admit on tape that Victor was staying with Nikki. Carl Williams was alive.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, May 25, 1998

PHILLIP is excited and wants his Mom and Aunt Cricket to hurry; everyone is ready and waiting for them. Christine begs off; she has a lot of thinking to do. Nina has a feeling that Christine needs her, so she promises Phillip that she will join them at the park later. After Phillip leaves, she asks Chris what is going on.

CHRISTINE tells Nina that she can't get Danny out of her mind, but Nina reminds her that she was only 15 or 16 when she first met Danny. Christine remembers the first time she met Danny; she was a young woman who knew who Danny was but never thought she would be lucky enough to meet him. Christine has another flashback to a time when Danny escorted her to a party; he tells her how terrific she looks. Another time, Danny tells her that she should be seeing other guys, but a teary eyed Chris wonders how many she will have to date before she has broadened her horizons enough to suit him. Finally, she tells Nina, they realized that they were made for each other and the rest is history. Now she has flashbacks to their "incredible" wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. This was a marriage that should have lasted forever, she says.

The doorbell rings and it is Paul. He wonders if a certain beautiful blond would like to spend some time outdoors on this beautiful day. Although she is tempted, Chris tells him that she has a lot of thinking to do. Paul leaves after she tells him that she will have a decision for him and Danny soon.

NINA rejoins Chris and she begins to remember other things, like the sad parting with Danny when he left for New York to do the Broadway play. Next comes the phone call from Danny just as Chris is leaving for NYC for a visit; Danny tells her not to come because he has some thinking to do. Cricket remembers getting the "Dear John" letter and her devastation at reading that Danny has someone else. She also remembers that it is Paul who comforted her. Paul got me through a terrible time in my life, she says to Nina.

The telephone rings and it is Danny. He wonders if a beautiful blond lady will have dinner with him at the hospital. Once again, Chris explains that she has a lot of thinking to do.

"What happened?" A sobbing Chris asks her best friend. "I loved Danny so much. How could it all have gone so wrong?" Chris begins to have flashbacks involving the Phyllis phase of her history with Danny. There is Danny telling her about the affair with Phyllis, her threat to make the affair public if he didn't marry her, and his telling her that he has a son. She remembers when Paul gave her an engagement ring and when she tells Danny that she is marrying Paul. She remembers telling Paul that she will marry him over the holidays, then Paul walks in and finds her in Danny's arms after lovemaking. She flashes back to telling Paul that it meant another, but Paul puts off the wedding; later, Paul forgives her and they are married. She then relives the scene where she tells Paul that she has feelings for Danny.

"Why can't I forget about Danny?" she asks Nina. Nina tells her that when she learns that, she will know which man to leave behind and which will be her future. Nina says that she must leave now to be with her son. After Nina leaves, they play the song, "For the First Time," while there is a montage of pictures of Danny, Christine, and Paul. "By tomorrow I will have my answer," Christine says aloud. "I have to . . . By tomorrow I will know."

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

NIKKI is talking to Sharon about Cassie; she says that Cassie is an obsession used to punish Nicholas for giving more of his attention to business than her. How could you be so selfish and insensitive to put that child ahead of your family? She asks. I am selfish and insensitive? If you only knew! Sharon responds. What? Nikki asks. If I only knew what? Dammit, Sharon, tell me!

Cassie is my daughter, Sharon blurts out. She is my little girl! I am tired of keeping it a secret. She is mine and I love her and I don't care who knows it any longer.

Nikki says that this answers a lot of questions, but she can't help wondering why she didn't tell them a long time ago. It was no secret that Sharon had a baby when she was young; a baby that she had given up for adoption. She isn't judging her for that; she was a young and na´ve girl, but how can she be sure this is really her child? Sharon tells her that it is a long and complicated story, one they don't need to get into right now. The important thing is that her child is back, she is living with her, and she will never let her go again. She tells her that Nick insisted that she keep Cassie's existence secret from the family. It wasn't because Cassie is another man's child; it is because he doesn't want another child. Children do not fit into his master plan.

Nikki tells her that she can't go through life hiding from the truth. If she only would have come to her, she could have helped her out with Nick---with the family. She feels terrible for Nick and how he must have felt when she decided to accept this child back in her life. Nick had definite plans for his life, now this . . .

"This" is a child with a name, Sharon tells Nikki. Before she can answer, the door opens and an excited Cassie rushes in. She gives Sharon a big hug and tells her how much fun she has had.

KATHERINE and GINA arrive at the hospital to take Danny home. He tells them that he doesn't like Michael Baldwin but he can't help feeling grateful to him. Now Chris is about to make her decision. Everything is changing and only for the better! He doesn't want to jinx himself, but he has a feeling which way Chris is going on this. Soon he will be getting a lot of tender loving care from her. After signing a few autographs for the nurses, they leave for home.

VICKI and COLE are still at the restaurant. Cole has a feeling Vicki called about something she specifically wanted to talk about. Vicki says that there was a reason, but she has a lot of trouble putting it into words. She wonders if he ever reminisces about them and their life together. He tells her that he does occasionally, but he tries to focus on the future. She wonders if he ever plays "what if?" If they had the chance, could they go back and correct the mistakes that were made? Cole tells her that there is no use beating herself up; the past is the past. Vicki says she cannot help rewinding the tape from time to time to see what she left behind. Just at this moment, a fan interrupts and asks for an autograph. While he is talking with his fan, Vicki tells herself that she has to tell him he is going to be a father; she has to! When the fan leaves, Cole tells her that he is busy. He feels she asked him here for a specific reason and he would like for her to get to it. Okay, she says. As she is trying to put the words together, Ashley arrives saying that her business associate is late. Cole asks her to join them, but Vicki angrily tells them that she is late and leaves.

VICTOR goes to Nick's office; he wants to talk to him about his marriage and he doesn't want any noise about it not being his business. He cares about his children and Nick, Sharon and his grandson is his business. Nick tells him that he would like to save his marriage, but only up to a point. He has other commitments. Victor says that he understands his ambition, he understands his desire to get ahead and he is proud of him, but there is more to life than a career. He has to find a balance between work and the rest of his life, because a career doesn't mean a thing if you do not have the love of your family.

Nick begins to whine about how he was too young to be married. He loves Sharon and they were happy; then Noah came along. He loves his son, but he wasn't ready for him. Victor asks if that means that Sharon didn't get pregnant by accident. That isn't what he means, Nick answers. I just wasn't ready for kids. We talked about it and she understood where I was coming from. Victor wonders if this was both their decisions or just his. He admits that Sharon went along with it because he asked her to. He loves his son but children weren't a part of his plan. "Plans are good," Victor agrees, "but only if they are made with a little flexibility. Things change. I wish I had given a lot of thought to my life before I divorced your mother." Nick tells him that he hopes Sharon will change, but if she doesn't, he will deal with it then. If he really wants Sharon to understand, then he should go to her and explain where he, Nick, is coming from.

TONY comes into the living room and is surprised to find Grace sleeping on the opened sofa bed. He tenderly brushes back her hair and she awakens. He can't figure out why she is spending so much time at the office. It has a lot more to do with Nick than the work, he is sure. He tells her that she has an agenda where Nick is concerned. She is just waiting around until that marriage falls apart, then she will be there to pick up the pieces. Until then, she will be offering sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. It isn't like that, Grace says. Nick is a man on his way to the top and if she wants to get to the top, she has to ride along with him. He warns her that Nick and Sharon are going to get back together, but Grace tells him that he is wrong.

KATHERINE goes to see Christine at Legal Aid. She tells Chris that she and Gina took Danny home but there was one of his favorite women missing. She tells Christine how she thinks she should chose; when she does, Danny will not only have his physical life back but his emotional life as well. She is the only one who can give him back his heart. The time for thinking it over is running out; it is time to make the choice and she is sure who she will choose.

Once he is home, DANNY calls Paul and asks him to come over; Paul says he will be right there. It doesn't take long for Paul to arrive. Danny says that he heard that Paul offered to give him a kidney. That was a generous and classy thing for him to do and he appreciates it. Paul says that in that case, why doesn't he do something classy and back away from his wife. Oh, I can't back away, Danny says smugly. It isn't up to me. The lady loves me; what can I do? I have a feeling that today is going to be the day she comes back to me. Paul says that there is no use in debating it; they will know soon enough. As Paul leaves, Danny tells him he will send him flowers as a consolation prize, but Paul tells him to save his money, he will need it when he starts dating again.

ASHLEY wonders if Cole is having some residual feelings for Vicki. He tells her that Vicki is a beautiful, exciting, sexy lady but Ashley is the one he is in love with.

VICKI sits alone in her office. She is angry that Ashley had to show up; she should have just told Cole with Ashley sitting there! She grabs the phone and dials. Cole's answer machine answers and Vicki leaves her message. "Cole, we need to talk, ALONE. Call me as soon as possible."

SHARON tells Cassie to say hello to Nick's Mom. She speaks to Nikki and begins to tell her all about the man who told the story at the library. She is so excited and animated and Nikki is simply enthralled by her. She is laughing and imitating the way the man talked. Maybe someday you can go with me, she tells Sharon. She then turns and tells Nikki that she can go also if she feels all right. Nikki tells her that she is feeling much better now. Cassie wants to know how it feels to be shot four times. She wanted to visit her in the hospital, but Sharon explained that she was too sick. It is hard when you cannot help someone, she says, but I prayed for you every night. I am so glad you are all right. Can I give you a hug? Nikki gathers the little girl in her arms and begins to stroke her hair. She and Sharon exchange a look that only mothers could understand.

LYNN goes to Legal Aid to plead Paul's case. She tells Chris how perfect the two of them are together. If she didn't believe it, she would be there scratching her eyes out instead of trying to get her to choose Paul. She finally gets the idea that Chris has made up her mind and she wants to know who she is choosing---just a hint! Chris says that both of their first names have an "a" as the second letter. She then seriously tells her that the man needs to know first. She goes to the phone and calls someone; she makes a call to someone and makes a date.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

NIKKI is playing the piano when Victor calls. He tells her that he will be a little late; he is going to stop by and see Diane. He says that he feels bad about hurting her. Is that a problem? Nikki doesn't like it, you can see that on her face, but she tells him that a visit from him will make her feel better. She has an errand to run, also she tells him before hanging up.

PHYLLIS gets a call from Danny; he wants her to come to his apartment. Will she? Phyllis says that it is a rare day when she gets a special invitation from him, so of course she will be there soon.

NIKKI drops by Nick's office, but he isn't too happy to see her. He thinks she is only there to interfere. She says that she is only there to help him and Sharon; from what she has seen, they need her help desperately. Nick is terribly upset when Nikki tells him that Sharon has told her everything. "I explicitly told her not to do that!" Nick shouts. "I wanted enough time to get a grip on the situation." Then you had better start getting a grip pretty damn soon, because so far you haven't handled this well at all! Nikki shouts right back. She tells him he is being totally unrealistic in handling this impossible situation. He can't expect Sharon to abandon her child a second time. Nick tells her that there is more involved than she knows. He says that he was very upset when Sharon kept him in the dark for so long. He thought she trusted him, but she was keeping this huge secret from him. Besides, he was furious that she was pushing this seven-year-old daughter at him and he never got a chance to get to know her. He finally admits that they both made mistakes. He loves his wife, but he doesn't know if they can make it now. Nikki promises that she will keep his secret from Victor for now, but he needs to know. If he still loves Sharon as much as Sharon loves him, then he will do as much as it takes to save his marriage.

DIANE is having a glass of wine and looking at a picture of Victor when Victor opens the door with his key and enters. They look at each other without speaking for several moments. He tells her that she is beautiful. I have missed you, he tells her. How are you doing? Are you enjoying yourself? Diane looks at him in disbelief. Am I enjoying myself, she says with a laugh? No, how can I enjoy myself? When you turned away from me I was devastated. I have never experienced rejection like that before. I have thought about picking up and moving on is more than I can bear. Victor tells her that she must move on with her life, if only for her own sake. He is deeply sorry, but he hopes that he hasn't destroyed the rest of her life. He reminds her that she has her work; she is the most gifted architect he has ever known. What happened to the final drawings for the interior of Newman Enterprises? How are they coming along? Diane is surprised that he asks about that; she didn't think he would want her to remain on the project. Of course he wants her to finish the job! He tells her. That hasn't changed. Then he tells her that there are times in one's life when one has to do what he or she has to do. He hopes she understands. "I understand better than you might think," Diane tells him. "I know you are caught up in an emotional situation while doing a humane, compassionate gesture. You sacrificed a marriage that meant the world to us both. I hope you haven't forgotten all that we had, because I haven't. We were the happiest people in the world before that phone call and in my heart, I still believe in the love that we shared with one another.

Victor is almost in tears as he walks slowly toward her. He pulls her into his arms and says that it was wonderful to see her again. "It was for me too," Diane answers. They almost kiss, but he turns at the last minute and leaves. Diane is left with a face full of mixed emotions.

SHARON is talking with Doris about telling Nikki about Cassie. She is glad she told her; now there are no more secrets. She just hopes that Nikki doesn't tell Nick she knows about Cassie. If she does, he will know that she betrayed him and things would go from bad to worse. While they are talking, the phone rings and it is Nick. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. Shall they meet at the house? I'll be right there, Sharon says. After hanging up, she tells Doris that she barely recognized that it was Nick that she was talking to.

NINA stops by Legal Aid to ask Christine out to eat. Chris says that she can't do it tonight because she has to meet someone. She has finally made her decision and she wants to let him know right away. When Nina asks who she has chosen, she tells her that she will be the second one to know.

PHYLLIS arrives at Danny's place and tells him how happy she is to see him up and around. But, she is intrigued. Why did he want to see her? He wonders if she would like to take Daniel for the night. Phyllis is shocked, but happy; she would love to take him home with her. This is what she has wanted for such a long time, but she has just one question. Why? Danny tells her that he has plans and Joanie is sick. He could have called Gina or any number of people, but he called her because things are changing. He had a lot of time to think while in the hospital. Besides, he knows that she loves Daniel and would never hurt him. Christine figures out that he has a date with "that twit" Christine and that he is still chasing her like a puppy dog, but she is just happy to have her son all to herself. She rushes up the stairs shouting "guess what" to her son!

PAUL tells Mary that he can't stay any longer; he has to get home because he thinks that Chris will be making her decision tonight. When Mary doesn't seem to be listening to him, he begins to blast her for not caring. Chris makes me happy so it seems that the least you could do would be happy for me. He finally notices that something is wrong and asks her about it. She tells him that today is special and she has been feeling down all day. What day is it? He asks her. She reminds him that today is her wedding anniversary; she still remembers her wedding as if it were yesterday. "I cannot help but think about your father," she tells Paul, as she goes to the desk and takes out a picture of Carl. "I have been looking at it all day." Why do you do this to yourself? Paul says.

"I know you have given up on your father," Mary tells him. "But, I believe that he will come back someday. I don't know where he has been all these years, but I know he will come back." Paul says that there is another possibility, but Mary won't hear that he is dead. She tells Paul to go on home; she doesn't want to ruin his important evening. After Paul leaves, she looks at the picture. "Dear God, don't let him be dead! Help my husband find his way home."

IN A KITCHEN SOMEWHERE, a man bearing a strong resemblance to the picture Mary is holding walks in shouting if anyone one is home. A young beautiful woman comes into the kitchen and welcomes him home. The man says that something smells good and the woman says she made his favorite, sauerkraut and spare ribs. "It is so good to be home," the man says as he kisses his "wife."

JACK arrives at Diane's just after Victor leaves and he is disappointed when he learns that she is expecting someone else. She tells him that her lawyer is coming by and tries to get him to leave. But Jack wants to meet this man, and she finally allows him to stay. Once Michael arrives, Jack constantly interrupts Diane to bad mouth Victor. Michael finally tells him to leave so he can confer with his client privately. Before he leaves, he gives Michael his business card and tells him that he is the expert on Victor Newman; come to me if you have any questions about the man! Later, Michael asks if there was any sort of document signed when Victor left to get the divorce. Of course not! Diane tells him. I trusted my husband. Michael says he has a little more digging to do, but he believes he has something important to tell her about the divorce; something she will be happy to hear about. Don't keep me waiting, Diane tells him.

PAUL is back in his office when Lynn comes in with a happy smile on her face. She is sorry she wasn't there when Chris called him; she would have liked to see his face when Chris gave him the good news. What good news? Chris hasn't called me! Lynn tries to back step, but Paul pins her down. He finds out that Chris has made her choice and since she didn't call him, she must have called Danny. Paul is near tears as he takes the punch right in his heart.

DANNY puts champagne on ice; he checks his hair in the mirror. The door bell rings and there is Chris. He is happy to see her, happy to get her call. Chris tells him it is good to see him out of the hospital. Danny thanks her for standing by him through the whole ordeal, but Christine reminds him that he should be thanking Michael Baldwin. I have, Danny says. He gave me a kidney, but you gave me the will to live. He invites her to celebrate. He is going to get glasses for the champagne then he wants her to tell him the news he is so damn anxious to hear. Tell me I am the man for you, that I am the man you will love for the rest of your life. He lightly kisses her and leaves the room.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

VICTORIA is still at Brash and Sassy when Victor pops in. He is on his way to the ranch, but just had to stop by and offer his congratulations to her. What! Blurts a surprised Victoria. She is relieved when he goes on to tell her that the sales for the second quarter are highest they have ever been. He then asks her about her personal life. Are you still seeing Neil? He asks. Would you have a problem with that? Victoria asks in turn. How would you feel if I am more involved than anyone realizes?

Victor wonders if her feelings are just rebound from her split with Cole, but Vicki sets him straight. She and Neil have a lot in common and they have fun together. That is all it was at first, but now she is having more serious feelings for him. What do you think of Neil? She asks. Victor says that Neil is a nice guy, hardworking and competitive in business; also, he says, I like him a lot. He asks about Drucilla, Neil's wife. Vicki says that Neil never mentions his wife, but he does miss his little girl a lot; as far as she knows, they are headed for a divorce. Vicki gets a little emotional when Victor asks how serious things are, but she explains that she isn't sure. If he had asked her that a week ago, she could have answered, but today, she just isn't sure. She says that she has a problem that he can't help her with; nobody can, she adds.

NEIL calls Malcolm at the studio and tells him to come over immediately. What is wrong, Malcolm asks, alarmed. You don't sound like yourself. Neil only answers that he will wait for him in his office.

DORIS tells Sharon that she looks like she is about to walk the gangplank. You can't be that afraid to see Nick! He didn't sound like himself, Sharon tells her. He sounded so formal and business-like; like a man who has already made his decision. Doris tells her to think positively; Nick could have made up his mind to save his marriage. Go there with an open mind and an open heart.

GRACE pops into Nick's office with a report and a sandwich. Nick is packing his briefcase, so he tells her that he hasn't time for that. He has an appointment; he is meeting Sharon. Sharon called you? Grace asks. No, Nick says, he called her. He doesn't know what he is going to say, but he can't let his marriage fall apart. Grace tells him that Sharon can't even begin to understand how he feels about his work. The two of you have different priorities. I don't want to hurt Sharon, but she can't begin to understand your drive for success; she is all wrapped up with the children. Nick says that that is probably where he failed her; he should have tried to understand her needs more. One thing is for sure, he says, my life is damn empty without Sharon in it. I miss my wife and want her back. As he rushes out of the office, Grace looks devastated by his words.

MALCOLM arrives at Neil's office and asks what is going on. He is surprised to find Neil very angry, but Neil says that he damn well knows why he is angry. He accuses him of going to Victoria and interfering in their relationship. In only a matter of days Victoria has gone from being in love with him to avoiding me. "My theory is it is you, my brother. I asked you to stay out of it but you jumped right in and made Victoria back away---maybe for good. You just couldn't keep your nose out of my business, could you?"

Malcolm tells him that he is wrong; okay, he says, I went to Vicki, but only to ask her to think about the consequences. I was only looking out for your best interest. Besides, Victoria is a big girl. Nothing I said would have made her back away if she didn't want to. Neil said that he crossed the line; if he ever gets back with Victoria, he had better keep his two cents out of it. Clear?

"Okay, I get the message," Malcolm says. "I know you are hurt and only taking it out on the nearest person." Just stay out of it, Neil tells him. If I need your help, I will ask for it. After Malcolm leaves, Neil reaches for the phone, but hesitates. "No, not on the phone," he says. This is better handled face to face with the lady.

TONY arrives at Grace's office to check up on her and he finds her crying. She tries to hide it, but he wants to know if someone, Nick perhaps, was giving her a rough time. She tells him that Nick has gone to see Sharon. "You are finally figuring out that I was right," Tony says. "They are going to get back together." Just hold me, Tony, please, begs Grace.

PAUL stands at the window, a look of deep despair on his face, when Lynn brings in some letters that need signing. It can wait, she says when she sees the look on his face. "How could I have been so stupid?" he asks. "How could I let Chris get away? I have spent a long time thinking this over; I never would have thought she would choose Danny." He tells her that he just wants to be alone.

When Lynn goes into the outer office, she sees that Chris has just come into the office. This is not a good time, Lynn tells her. Chris demands that she tell Paul that she is here. Lynn finally goes into the office and lets Paul know that Chris is there. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her. When Lynn goes back into the reception area, the phone is ringing. As she goes to answer it, she tells Chris that Paul doesn't want to see her. When her back is turned, Chris goes into Paul's office anyway. "Lynn said you didn't want to see me," she says to Paul. "Would you tell me why you don't want to see me?"

Paul tells her that this isn't a good time; he can't deal with her right now. He knows that she has chosen Danny and he wishes her all the best. "Who told you I had chosen Danny?" Chris asks. He says that it doesn't matter who told him; he loves her enough to let her go. Chris wants to tell him what she told Danny, but he won't listen. Finally she raises her voice and tells him that she told Danny that she cares a lot for him and always will, but she loves her husband. Paul can't believe his good fortune. As he raises her hand to his lips, the light catches the diamond in her ring. He has a flashback to the day they took their wedding vows. As the minister pronounces them man and wife, they kiss in the present.

SHARON is dressed and ready to leave when she finds one of Cassie's drawings; it is if herself and Noah. As the music begins, "Just Go Ahead; Just a Hundred Tears Away," she has flashbacks of the past. She remembers when she first found out that Cassie was her daughter, of Cassie coming out of the bedroom and interrupting her and Nick, and of Nick yelling at her as he is leaving. She then flashes to her wedding day, to the day Nick carried her over the threshold of their new home, and to their making love.

Just as Sharon is headed out the door, Cassie arrives home. When she realizes that Sharon is going somewhere, she wants to come along. Sharon tells her that she can't this time; she is going to see Nick. Cassie brightens; she is glad and asks Sharon to tell him hi for her.

NICK walks into his home and feels the emptiness around him. With the same music playing, he begins having flashbacks of hurting Sharon. He then has flashbacks of his wedding day, of making love, of talking to the unborn Noah, and of the time when he first held his firstborn son. He wanders into the nursery and looks down into the empty crib. The flashbacks continue. He remembers seeing the nursery for the first time, of Noah's first Christmas.

Nick wanders back into the front room just as Sharon comes in the door. They look at each other apprehensively. "We need to talk," Nick tells her, but Sharon wonders what more there is to say. Nick says he has a lot to say; will she listen to him? He tells her that he loves her and wants to work things out. He has been doing a lot of soul searching. You can't believe that I have enjoyed being separated from the woman I love, can you? I know I have hurt you; I wish I could take it all back. I felt overwhelmed and took it out on you. It isn't your fault that I feel so overwhelmed. I suddenly realize that sometimes life doesn't work out the way you planned it to. Instead of beating my head against a wall asking why this happened, I should be figuring out how to live with this.

Nick says he wants her to come back home---her, Noah, and Cassie. He wants them to be a family. He promises that somehow he will make Cassie feel at home. He can't guarantee how things will be; this is all new to him. He asks her to go and get the kids tonight and bring them home. Sharon agrees that this won't be easy; it will take working together, learning patience but if they take it one day at a time, they will get through this. She believes in them; she believes in their marriage.

OLIVIA comes to see Victoria in her office. We need to talk, she tells Vicki. I realize you are in turmoil, that you are facing a difficult decision. I just want you to know that I am here to discuss the options you have. Vicki tells her that her head is a mess; she can't talk about this right now. Olivia asks if she has told the father, but that is the last thing Vicki wants to do. Try and stay objective, Olivia advises. I know it is hard, but Neil has a right to know! Vicki's mouth drops open and she begins to laugh. You think this is Neil's baby? It isn't; there is only one man who could be the father of my baby and it is the man I am divorcing!

Just at that moment, Neil knocks and enters before being asked. He begins to speak to Vicki but he sees Olivia. "Not you too, Olivia," he says. "I just got through telling Malcolm, now I am telling you, stay out of my business. I resent your coming to Victoria and telling her that we aren't right for each other. Nothing could be further from the truth!" Olivia stares at him in shock while a smile of amusement crosses Vicki's face.

Friday, May 29, 1998

VICTOR is annoyed when Jack enters his office without an appointment. What do you want? He asks. Jack tells him that he wants to know where he stands with Diane, his former wife---the latest of his former wives. He just talked to Diane and she is holding out hope that Victor will come back to her. If this is not the case, she should hear it from the horse's mouth. Do you want her to hold onto this hope, yes or no?

Victor tells him that he is married to Nikki and that should tell him everything he needs to know. However, he will spell it out for him once and for all, even though it is none of his business. He is very explicit. He would never keep a wonderful woman like Diane hanging. "I'm married to Nikki now," he says. "I intend to stay married to Nikki. I regret hurting Diane, but that part of my life is over. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever will I resume my life with Diane. I do hope we can be friends, but that's all we'll ever be." As Jack shows himself out, he tells Victor that he has made him a happy man!

PAUL tells Chris that he thought he has lost her, but now they are home together and that is all that matters. They are planning a night for just the two of them when the phone rings. It is Lynn. She is worried about Paul because she was out of the office when he left. She wonders if she can do anything for him. Paul tells her that she can get off the phone so he can get back to his wife. Lynn is overjoyed that he is back with Chris. However when she hangs up, you can see that this joy is also mixed with just a twinge of sorrow.

OLIVIA tells Neil that he is way out of line and Vicki backs her up. She says that Olivia had seen her on a medical matter and was only checking up on her. Neil apologizes, but reiterates that he will brook no interference where his personal life is concerned. Olivia leaves, telling Vicki that if she needs anything, just call.

CHRIS says they can get back to where they left off but only after she calls Nina. "Dorothy was right," Chris tells her. "There's no place like home." Nina is overjoyed to hear that Chris and Paul are back together. She tells Paul that it gives her faith that sometimes things work out like they are supposed to. Unknown to Nina, Phillip has let himself into the room and is listening.

After hanging up, Nina notices Phillip and shares the news of the reconciliation with him. Phillip thinks that if it could happen for Paul and Chris, it can happen for his Mom and Dad. "You think we didn't try hard enough? Phillip, you know that isn't true!" Phillip looks at his mother and says, "Isn't it, Mom?" He gets up and walks out leaving Nina with a worried look on her face.

PAUL now unplugs the telephone. Now no one can interrupt them. As they embrace, the doorbell rings. Opening the door, Paul is surprised to find Danny there. He comes inside and says that he has something to say to the two of them. He wishes them well in their marriage and asks if they can remain friends. The two men shake on it while Cricket says, "The best of friends."

VICTOR finishes a meeting with Jill and observes that she is acting very spirited and up; she must have moved out of the Chancellor mansion. On the contrary, Jill says, she is still living there, but she doesn't know why. Maybe she gets some sort of perverse pleasure out of being with Katherine. She knows that her leaving would really make Katherine's day, so to keep her from being happy, she stays in a miserable situation.

KATHERINE picks up a photograph of Phillip and caresses it. She remembers back to a day over 20 years ago when Phillip came to the house with some papers for her to sign. He chastises her for drinking; he told her when he called that he wanted her sober for this meeting. He explains that by signing the papers, it will make for a quick and uncomplicated divorce. Katherine insists that she doesn't want a divorce, but Phillip ignores her. He explains how the property will be divided; she will have the house, of course. She doesn't want the house. How can she live here without him after all the years of happiness they shared in this house. When Phillip doesn't relent, Katherine grabs his pen and tells him she wants nothing; she "X" out all the property. If you want out so much, she screams, then you can get out. She signs the divorce papers while telling him that she is tired of begging and pleading with him. I'll sign your damnable papers. After signing, she grabs her glass and her bottle and moves to the other side of the room. Watching her pour the rest of the vodka into the glass with shaking hands, Phillip shakes his head in disgust and leaves the room while Katherine falls to the floor keening with pain.

"You would still be alive today if not for Jill," the present day Katherine says to the picture. "It is all because of Jill!"

DIANE is also looking at a picture of her beloved and caressing it. "Soon, my darling, you will be home. We will be together soon." The doorbell rings and she opens the door to a smiling Jack. He tells her that he has just come from Victor's office with proof that she is living in a dream world. He shows her a tape player. You taped your conversation! Diane asks aghast. She tells him that this is unethical and she will hear none of it. You will hear this, Jack tells her. Victor in his own words will tell you what his future plans are. "All right," Diane says, finally. "I will listen to your tape then you can take your immoral and sneaky tactics and get out of my house." Jack begins to play the tape. As Victor's voice begins to fill the room, Diane's face is a mirror of desolation.

JILL arrives home and asks Esther for a glass of mineral water. When Esther says she isn't there to wait on her, Jill begins to dress her down. Katherine sends Esther to the kitchen while Jill wonders why she keeps that woman on; good help can't be that hard to find. "On the contrary," Katherine tells her. " It is very hard to find someone who will be loyal to you and will not betray you when your back is turned."

Jill sees Phillip's picture and picks it up. When was this picture taken? She asks. It must have been in the early years of your marriage, because he looks so happy here. Katherine tells her that she and Phillip had a wonderful and fulfilling marriage for years. "Yes," Jill says. "Before your liquor and stable boys drove him away." Before you stole him from me, corrects Katherine. Stolen by one that I trusted. Jill says that she was a loyal and trusted employee. She looked over her; she tried so hard to help her. Yes, agrees Katherine, until you betrayed me. How could you have done it? You knew how much I loved him and what he meant to me. "I never set out to seduce your husband," Jill tells her. But Katherine says that she used her youth, beauty and sex appeal to lure Phillip away from her. She still remembers the night it happened; she watched from this very window. She sat by the pool, dressed only in her bikini, trailing her toes through the water. She sat there and sat there until Phillip came to her.

That is not the way it happened, Jill corrects her. Yes, I was out by the pool. You had passed out; I was feeling such deep despair for you. I sat by the pool to think and enjoy a summer evening without realizing that Mr. Chancellor was there. She was embarrassed and apologized to him for being so forward, but he told her to use the pool as much as she wanted since his wife never used it. He was so kind and gentle; I had never been treated like that by any man. It was only later that I realized that I had fallen completely and hopelessly in love.

Katherine is amazed at Jill's capacity for self-delusion; she has purified her affair with the man who died because of her. And you accuse me of self-delusion! Jill responds. He would still be alive if it weren't for you. He wanted me; he wanted to marry me and he did on his deathbed. He wanted me to be his wife and for my family to be taken care of. You destroyed all that! How different my life would be if it weren't for you!

NEIL wants to know what has changed Vicki. Is it my family? Because they won't bother you any more, he promises. Vicki denies that his family is any problem; he is making way too much out of this. Then it is your father, Neil guesses. Your father doesn't approve of me. Vicki tells him that her father is one of his biggest fan, both personally and professionally. Then what is it? Neil cries. I won't leave until you tell me.

"Okay," Vicki cries out. "You really want to know? I'm pregnant! So there. Are you satisfied? I'm pregnant." While tears stream down her face, Neil stares at her in disbelief.

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