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Thorne grappled with his reoccurring feelings for Macy, who was planning a family with Grant. As Ridge and Brooke questioned a gang of kids about Bridget, the kids attacked them. C.J. enlisted Amber's help in talking Bridget into contacting her parents. Sheila set out to solve James' issues with his partners.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, May 25, 1998

After talking with Ridge on the phone, Bridget takes off again. C.J. tries to stop her, but she's gone. Sally and Macy walk by the storage room where C.J. kept Bridget and wonder what C.J. is doing in that room. C.J. asks his mother and sister if they have seen a little blonde girl. Sally notices the bed linens and warns her son he better not be creating a playboy love nest. C.J. takes off in search of Bridget. He checks with some models at Spectra but no one has seen her. Sally wonders what her son has gotten involved in.

Thorne stops by James' house to talk and informs the doc that Bridget is still missing. Bridget is very confused about her family and if that confusion was combined with the normal confusion of puberty it'd be easy to see that she is quite vulnerable. Thorne also needs some advice about his personal life. He confesses he is still in love with Macy. Before Thorne continues, James warns him he might want to get another doctor since the medical board is threatening to take away his license to practice. Thorne doesn't care about that. James is the best, and Thorne needs his advice. That said, Thorne admits he needs Macy in his life but realizes she is committed to Grant. When he and Macy are alone, Thorne can feel something there between them. Thorne says he would be both thrilled and jealous if he found out Macy were pregnant. James advises him to go see Macy.

Bridget heads back to the place where she was when C.J. found her. She hides at the side of the music store and remembers when Ridge told her he was leaving the family and marrying Taylor.

Ridge and Brooke show Brian, the man from Convenant House that helps runaways, a picture of Bridget and he says he has seen her on Hollywood Blvd in front of a guitar store. Brooke, Ridge, Lieutenant Baker, and Brian race to the store. There they question one of the workers at the guitar store who says he's seen Bridget but she turned down help. Ridge blames himself for this mess Bridget has gotten herself into. He did what he thought was best, but that wasn't good enough. Ridge says he should have handled telling Bridget he was leaving differently. She's so young and family means everything to her and he ripped it apart. Bridget overhears everything and realizes Ridge still loves her family. With her being away, Bridget thinks that is one way to get Ridge back with Brooke, since her absence is drawing them closer. If she can stay gone only a couple more days. Bridget vows to do anything to save her family.

Thorne drops by Insomnia to talk to Macy. Grant's not there and it's a good time to talk. Macy doesn't think it's such a good idea, but what Thorne has to say is really important...

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Darla walks into the Insomnia and notices Thorne talking to Macy. Thorne admits to Macy their friendship is important to him but wants her in his life as a real friend. Macy has been thinking about their relationship also and wants a friendship with Thorne but reminds him she is committed to her marriage. Macy says she never thought she and Thorne would become friends given their history together but she thinks they are better people because they survived their mistakes. Macy takes a phone call as Grant walk in and gives his wife a hug. Macy looks for Thorne but he's gone.

Taylor enjoys watching Ridge hold Thomas but snaps at him when she asks him to change Thomas' diaper. Taylor apologizes for being short but admits it is difficult being a single mother. She can't go on like this even if Bridget doesn't come home. Ridge thinks Taylor has taken Stephanie's side in believing Brooke is using Bridget's disappearance to get closer to Ridge. Before things get too heated, Taylor decides to go for a walk but Ridge holds her back and apologizes. Once this crisis with Bridget is over, Ridge promises he and Taylor will start their new life together, but Taylor says that's not good enough.

Since it has been bothering Macy that she is having trouble getting pregnant, she tells Grant she made an appointment with a fertility specialist. Grant thinks that's unnecessary since they have only been trying to have a baby for two months. Macy wants to make sure they are not wasting their time and wants to know if there is a problem. Macy is scared she might receive bad news and asks Grant to accompany her to the fertility specialist.

Taylor says she needs more than a promise she and Ridge will eventually be together. Ridge can't be everything to everyone. Brooke does need Ridge but Taylor needs him too and shouldn't feel guilty about that. Taylor realizes Brooke is going through hell but Ridge doesn't have to be her sole supporter. Ridge is giving Brooke so much he has nothing left to give Taylor or Thomas. Taylor has waited years for she and Ridge to be together. Ridge wants the two of them to be together just as badly and promises to always be there for Taylor.

At home, Thorne releases his anger by working out when Darla stops by. She realizes Thorne is still in love with Macy and asks him what he is going to do about it since Macy is married and trying to have a baby.

Macy and Grant meet with the fertility specialist. Macy is eager to begin since the only thing missing in her life is a baby. Grant assures his wife they will have a baby.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Macy and Grant anxiously await the results of her medical check up. Macy feels she has so much to offer a child, she just wants a baby so badly. The doctor returns with her test results and everything checked out ok. There is no medical reason why Macy can't have a baby. In a couple months, if Macy is still having trouble getting pregnant, the doc advises her to see him again, but until then, Macy is given the green light.

Thorne tells Darla that he would never hurt Macy. She's married and trying to start a family, but no matter how much Thorne loves Macy, he would never hurt her. Thorne informs Darla that he and Macy decided to be friends. Even so, it's killing Thorne to watch Macy with Grant. Thorne admits he tried to forget about Macy, but she is so much a part of who he is, so they agreed to be friends. Thorne is not happy with that but what choice does he have?

C.J. brings Bridget back to the storage room at Spectra. Bridget promises not to leave again when C.J. threatens to call her mother. Bridget admits she saw Brooke and Ridge at the guitar shop looking for her. C.J. can't believe Bridget return to her mother but realizes Bridget thinks if she can stay away long enough, Brooke and Ridge will get back together.

Amber admits she doesn't know Taylor or has never seen Ridge with her, but she can't believe Ridge would give up everything he has with Brooke. It's not that simple, Ridge says. Rick and Bridget are still going to be miserable even when Bridget does return home. Amber doesn't have any advice for Ridge but reminds him it's not too late for him to change his mind. Ridge has what everyone wants and is searching for, can he really give it all up?

Darla doesn't want to see Thorne torture himself but Thorne admits being friends with Macy is better than not having her in his life at all. Thorne and Darla hear Macy and Grant next door celebrating their news. Macy surprised herself by how much she wants a baby. When she was with Thorne, he was the one who wanted to have a child, but Macy's career at Spectra and her singing were her priorities. All that's changed now. Grant assures his wife in one year she will be sitting on the porch rocking their baby.

C.J. summons Amber to Spectra where she is stunned to find Bridget!

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Edging her way around boxes and racks of clothing, Amber is surprised to see Bridget asleep on the storeroom floor; C.J. tells her that she has been here since the first night she ran away. Bridget wakes up and is angry that C.J. broke his promise. I didn't break my word, C.J. explains. Amber is the only one I told. Bridget tell Amber that she can't tell, or she will run away again. "Bridget, you've got to go home," Amber tells her. "Your family is going nuts over this." What family, a surly Bridget asks. I know how you feel, Amber tells her, but Bridget says that she doesn't. I know you are furious and hurt, Amber says, and you feel like everyone has been lying to you all along. But running away isn't going to help; it is hell for your family!

Ridge and Broke are driving around looking for Bridget while Eric and Lt. Baker check the shelters. Seeing a child no older than twelve, Brooke says that they have to find Bridget; they can't leave her out here one more night.

James calls his partners---Carlos, Alex and Sally---into his office for a conference. This is awkward, he tells them. He tells them that he got a letter from the medical board that his license is under review. He says that Carlos has told him that they all want him to step down; is this how all of you feel? Sally tells him that it wasn't an easy decision for them to come to. He tells them that they are friends as well as colleagues. He needs their help in fighting the medical ethics board. If he leaves, it will be the end for him; the medical board will look on it as a loss of faith on their parts. If he stays, it will tell the board that they still have confidence in him. However, Carlos tells him that given the circumstances, they have no other alternative. You were once a brilliant doctor and a good friend and you will be sorely missed, Carlos adds. James says he won't be missed because he has no intention of leaving. If they can't understand, he is sorry, but this is HIS firm. If it wasn't for him, they would have no jobs.

The partners are adamant; they have no intention of helping James; if he won't leave, they will. James accuses them of saving themselves and letting him hang. It has already come to that, Alex says. James reminds them of all the good work he has done and how he has helped them all; he helped Alex with his research on a rare syndrome and, he asks Sally, where would the Dawson children be if not for him. She admits that they would all be institutionalized, but that isn't the point. What about Sheila? James is stunned. What about Sheila? Sheila was one of my patients; I cured Sheila. My God, James, Alex says, because of you, Sheila tried to kill herself!

Ridge sees a girl that he thinks is Bridget, but is disappointed when it isn't her. He tries to convince Brooke to let him take her home to get some rest, but she refuses. You are exhausted, he tells her. I could get Rick or someone else to come out here with me. Brooke insists that she wouldn't get any rest at home. She would rather be out here. As she looks around she comments that the number of young kids here on the street overwhelms her; their families that are going through the same thing that we are going through. Ridge tells her that that isn't so; these are "throwaway kids." Their families aren't concerned about them. Brooke imagines that is how Bridget feels; what have we done to our baby?

This is how you all feel? James asks the group. Yes, answers Sally, I am afraid so, James. James accuses his partners of sitting in judgment over him; he cured Sheila, surely they will see that! But Alex tells him that he is in denial. They wonder how he can help others take control of their lives when he can't do that himself. As he is ready to go on, Carlos stops him; that is enough, he tells Alex. You have proven your point. Everyone gets up and leaves the room except for Carlos. He tells James that he is sorry it came to this. You were the best, he tells James. When he is alone, James drops down in his chair, shocked that they have all turned against him.

C.J. tells Amber that Bridget saw her parents on the streets looking for her. Is this true? She asks Bridget. Bridget explains that she hid in the alley while the police questioned the storeowner. She saw her mother crying and Ridge giving her comfort. Amber wonders how she could watch her mother crying and not say anything. Is this some kind of payback? This is killing your parents and your dad and Rick are devastated. They are afraid you are dead or have been raped. This is making them crazy. Is this what you want?

When Bridget cries that it isn't what she wants, Amber tells her that she should come home now and end this. "I can't! Not yet!" Bridget says.

C.J. explains that Bridget has it in her head that if she stays away long enough, Ridge and Brooke will get back together, but C.J. tells her it ain't gonna happen. How do you know? Bridget challenges him. C.J. tells her that he's been there; don't you think I tried every crazy thing to keep my parent together? Amber tells her that if that is what she is after, it won't work. She would like to see them get back together too, but this isn't the way to go about it. "Your mom has only had a couple of hours of sleep since you have been gone; same with Ridge. They spend all their time either driving the streets looking for you or sitting by the phone hoping you will call. Believe me, driving these streets isn't exactly romantic. It just isn't worth it!"

There is nothing as important to me as my family, Bridget says. Amber points out that her future is also important. What kind of future will she have living on the streets. She has a very important decision to make and she had better give it a lot of thought, because what she decides will affect the rest of her life. Don't screw up, Bridget, she warns.

Arriving at the guitar shop, Ridge is pleased that it is still open. As they are about to get out of the car, Brooke stops him because there is a group of street kids walking by. The kids stop and begin making comments about the fancy car. Ridge says that he will go ask them if they have seen Bridget. Just then, Brooke notices that one of the girls has Bridget's handbag.

When James arrives home, Sheila is disappointed that the partners didn't listen to him. He explains that the partners are having a problem accepting his marriage to her as ethical. How dare they? She says. I'm not going to let them do this to you!

Ridge gets out of the car and demands to know where the girl got the bag. The guys take offense and begin to push him around. Brooke comes up explaining that they are looking for their daughter; she has a bag just like that one. Ridge takes out a picture and asks if they have seen her. The two guys tell him no, but he doesn't believe them. The gang wants to leave, but Ridge tells them they aren't going anywhere until they tell him the truth. "Did you hear that?" one of the guys says. "Rich boy thinks he can take us! As the boys jump Ridge, Brooke tries to make a call on her cell phone. Seeing what she is doing, one of the girls' rushes Brooke and knocks her down. When Ridge tries to come to her aid, the boys' catch Ridge off guard and knock him to the ground. They begin to kick him over and over; as they kick him mercilessly, Brooke begins to crawl toward him. The kids run off, leaving Ridge down and in pain. Where are they? Ridge asks as Brooke lifts his head from the ground. They ran off, Brooke tells him. They ran off with Bridget's bag.

Bridget says she doesn't have to make her decision today, but Amber says, "If you don't call home now, I will call and tell your folks where you are." Bridget runs for the door, but Amber is quicker than she is. Catching her, Amber tells Bridget that she is smarter than that. She has been on the streets and she has seen how those kids live. Is that what you want? So many people love you and want to help you. You can go home or you can return to the streets and take your chances. It is up to you. What is it going to be?

Friday, May 29, 1998

James paces the floor while Sheila gets more and more upset. "We have to take action," she says. "We will sue them." But James tells her that they can't sue even though his partners are ruining his reputation. According to his partners, he is the one ruining his reputation by sleeping with a patient. James admits to Sheila that according to the contract he has with his partners, any party can be asked to leave if there is a breech of ethics. Sheila can't understand how having a wonderful marriage and a beautiful daughter can be a breech of ethics. It isn't the marriage, James says. Before they can talk further, the doorbell rings and Taylor is there. Sheila called me, Taylor explains. She thought you might need someone to talk to. Sheila tells Taylor what James' partners are doing to him. They became successful by riding James' coat tails and now they just want to toss him out. They can't do this! Taylor looks at her worriedly while James tells her that they will talk about it. No, Sheila says. She has some errands; talk to Taylor, she says.

Rick continues to pace the floor and man the phones.

Brooke helps Ridge get to his feet. We have to call the police, she tells him. What for? Ridge asks, disgusted. To make out more police reports? But Brooke thinks the street kids must have attacked Bridget to get her bag; she only hopes that Bridget lost it but she is afraid for her daughter. Let's get back to the car, Ridge says. We'll go home and make that report.

Amber and C.J. finally convince Bridget not to run again. Back in the storage room, they try to convince her to call home. Bridget looks at the phone longingly. Don't even think about it, C.J. advises. Just do it. Amber grabs the phone and says she will dial. Bridget is afraid her mother will answer, but Amber says that if she does, just talk to her. Bridget takes the receiver while Amber hurriedly punches in the number.

At home, Rick is pacing when the phone rings. He races for it and says, "Hello." But there is no one there. Again he says hello. Just as he is about to hang up, a tiny voice says, "Rick?" Rick is excited to hear his sister's voice. He tells his sister that he needs her and wants her home. He knows she blames Mom, but it isn't her fault. "We can't agree on that," Bridget tells him. Rick tells him that their parents are completely out of their minds. Bridget asks about Ridge. Rick tells Bridget that so far Ridge hasn't moved out; right now he is driving the streets with their mom. He begs her to call Ridge and Brooke on the cell phone, but Bridget tells him that she has to hang up. He wants to know where she is, but she refuses to tell him. She will only tell him that she is safe before she hangs up.

Taylor wonders if James wants to talk about the meeting with his partners, but James is very sarcastic. "I have become a liability to them. I need them to support me at the medical board, but instead I am sure that each of them will be there to talk against me." You are living in a pressure cooker, Taylor warns. And so is your wife. He tells her that his wife is fine, but Taylor reminds him that the woman she just saw leave was very upset. She has a history, Taylor says. "Oh, I forgot," James says sarcastically. "She could go off any minute! My wife is cured! I thought the trick was to put the past behind us." Taylor says that Sheila is facing pressures now that she has never had to face before. She says that James is the man who cured her; he is the only man who has cared for her and now he is being attacked because of her. How can anyone say for certain how she is going to respond to this?

Carlos asks his secretary about a report, but she tells him that she hasn't sent it off yet. He tells her good night; he will find it himself. She leaves the office. Unknown to the good doctor, Sheila is standing outside the office, looking through glass.

Ridge has no idea what to do now, except they just have to find Bridget! Brooke is next to losing it and Ridge isn't far behind. His little girl has never had to deal with men like that before, he says. He just hopes they found the bag instead of physically taking it from her. "The way the kids live down here," Brooke exclaims, near hysteria. "They are bought and sold every day. I never had any idea there were so many kids. I just pray that God is looking our for her right now!" As she reaches near hysteria, Ridge commands that she stop thinking like that right now. She tells him that she can't go through another night like this. Ridge wants to take her home and come back alone, but she refuses. She can't be home resting while her daughter is sleeping in gutters and doorways. Beating the steering wheel, Ridge can't bear to hear any more. He pulls her to him and she cries on his shoulder.

Amber asks Bridget if it felt good talking to her brother. It will feel even better to talk to her mom, she promises. If she will just talk to her mom, everything will work out! Ridge will care about her no matter where he lives; he will always be there for her. C.J. tells her that all three of them have lost the most important men in their lives; he and Amber got through it and so will Bridget, but not by running away and not by living on the streets.

Carlos is frightened when Sheila appears. Sheila pleads with him to talk to the other partners and tell them to help James. This is destroying her husband. Please give him a chance to plead his case to the medical board; don't just fire him, she begs. Carlos shouts at her to get out! Sheila says, "How dare you tell me to get out of my husband's office. How dare you speak to me in that tone! You are talking to the wife of James Warrick. Do you think I am going to let you get away with this? If so, you are wrong, dead wrong!"

James assures Taylor that Sheila is not going to do anything rash. Taylor wants to talk about James, but he says he would rather talk about Taylor, Ridge and Brooke. He asks if she is all right with Ridge spending so much time with Brooke. She tells him that as soon as they find Bridget, Ridge will come home to her. He is committed to her.

Ridge says he is taking Brooke home, then he is going to call the police. The car phone rings and Ridge answers, putting it on speaker. When no one answers, he is about to turn it off when Bridget speaks. Bridget tells him that she wants to come home. She tells them that she is fine and she will be home tonight. "It is over," Brooke says to Ridge. "Bridget is coming home." She grabs Ridge and kisses him.

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