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Marley and Donna told Jake that Vicky had had an affair with Shane. Cass and Matt tried to get to the bottom of the missing funds at Cory Publishing. Marley prepared for plastic surgery. Jake told Vicky their relationship was over.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on AW
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Monday, May 25, 1998

At The Cory Mansion,
Matt shows up with some flowers for Rachel and to offer his fake sympathies. Rachel takes the flower and heads into the study to place them in a vase. Paulina was also there and told Matt they need to try to help Rachel get through this. Matt agrees and as they walk into the study where Rachel is, Matt told Rachel if there was anything he can do for her, such as arrangements or anything for her to please asks. Rachel told Matt and Paulina that there will be no funeral. They asks her why not and Rachel told them the last thing she needs was a Chapel filled with people who distrusted her husband. Matt says but...Rachel cuts him off saying there's no discussion, she doesn't want anything but to honor Carl in her own way. Meanwhile, the sniper was outside looking in on them. Paulina tries to convince Rachel to change her mind by telling Rachel that she knows how much she loved Carl, but if she thinks she is the only one who believed in him she was wrong. Matthew chimes in that Paulina was right. Rachel told him that Paulina was the only one in the family who supported him and anything she does will include that Paulina cared. Paulina told her that she was gonna disappoint a lot of people. Rachel asks her like who. Paulina told her like Joe, adding that he and Carl may have had there differences but they worked them out and Sofia who looked up to Carl. She then says what about Vicky and the boys, adding that Carl was Ryan's father and their Grandfather they loved and cherished him. Matt chimes in again that Carl had a lot of friends. Rachel asks her where were they when he needed them, adding that he was blamed for everything short of World War II. Paulina told her maybe they had their own lives and their own problems, but that doesn't mean that didn't care about Carl. Rachel bitterly told her when you care you do something, you just don't stand there and point a finger. She then told Paulina that Carl was sick, he needed help and support and you where the only one who gave that too him. Paulina told her maybe they didn't know he was sick. Rachel snaps back that of course they didn't know, but that didn't stop them from doubting every single move he made and now he's gone. So if they want closure they're going to have to find it in their own way. She then gets up and leaves the room, leaving Paulina and Matt with a worried look on their faces. Outside the sniper who's name I believe was Scott was in his car talking to Carl on the phone. He told Carl that it' all going down just like he wanted, everyone thinks he's dead and all he has to do was say the word and he'll put phase 3 into action.

At The Prison,
Cass and Amanda show up to see Cameron to see if he can convince them that he is not the killer. Cass introduces himself and told Cameron that his partner Tyrone was already working on his case. Cass then leaves Amanda alone with Cameron so that they can talk. Cameron asks Amanda if she's going to work with him to find out who killed Carl. Amanda told him no. Cameron told her he can't be the only one behind everything. Amanda sarcastically says, let me guess, the conspiracy theory, and then told him don't all criminals use that when they don't want to take the blame. He then told her to answers the questions of why did someone take his gun and shoot Carl, she told him maybe he did when he stood her up. He says okay, who posed as the cop that night that pulled me over, who put the gun back under my bed when I was with you. Amanda told Cameron that she doesn't know, but she hates him because all this started when he showed up. She hates him for taking the job for Carl, she hates him for being nice to her up on the hill and most of all she hates him for making her care about him. Cameron told Amanda that she has to start using her head and figure out how he could have possibly been in all those places at once. Amanda says that maybe he wasn't working alone, so Cameron asks her to help him find out who the other person was and then asks her to look him in the eye and tell him he's a killer, but she can't do it. Amanda asks how she can help and he told her to find out everything she can about his gun, the shooting, and the fire. Amanda agrees to help him and then leaves.

At Grant's and Cindy's Penthouse,
Cindy was standing around pondering whether or not to call Grant. She then thinks to herself what's the worse that can happen and decides to call him. Grant answers the phone from in his hospital room and Cindy says nothing. Grant finally told her that if this was her on the phone, she's not fooling him. Cindy told Grant that she thought maybe they could talk, now that he's had some time to cool down and think things through. Grant told her that he has actually been thinking a lot about her lately. Feeling uplifted, Cindy says you have really. Grant says really; I was thinking that you might want to pack up the over-priced tasteless things you bought with my money and get the hell out of my suite, because if you're still there when I gets home, I will have you thrown out on the street, you got it, CLICK! Cindy was physically shaken at Grant's words and went to the closet and pulls down a box with a safe inside of it containing enough information on Grant to get him put away for life. As she was looking through the box of items, Gary shows up to see if she was okay. Outside Cindy and Grant's place, Gary says to himself oh Cindy, Cindy, I love to see what's inside that box. Even if I don't push to hard, you'll hand it right over to me and then he leaves. Inside, Cindy sits there holding the box and then starts crying to herself.

At Vicky's Place,
Vicky was up in her room lying in her bed when she hears someone coming who she assumes in Jake. She then says, Jake I've been waiting for you and then pats the bed for Jake to join her, but when he doesn't she turns around to see Lila standing there. Vicky springs out of her bed and asks Lila how in the hell did she get inside and told her to get out before she calls the police. Lila tells Vicky that she has information that will prevent Grant from ever getting custody of Kirkland. Vicky hangs up the phone and told Lila that she doesn't understand why she would want to help her. Lila says she'd like to be paid for her information. Unfortunately, Vicky told Lila NO! There will be no deal. She was not getting a penny from her so she can just take her little proposition and get the hell out of her house. Lila accuses Vicky of loving the idea of destroying every chance Lila has at happiness. Vicky cuts her off and told her that if she wants to blame her for her sorry life then fine, but she was still not getting a cent. Lila spouts at her to be smug if she wants, because she was going to get exactly what she deserves and she loves that the whole town use to worship her and now they are turning their back on her, even her own mother.

At Bay City General Hospital,
Jake was there visiting Marley and telling her about him and Vicky. Marley says Vicky how could you. Jake says Marley it's me, Vicky isn't here it's Jake. Marley just keeps on mumbling Vicky how could you, Shane. Jake asks her what about Shane and Marley told him that Vicky lied and slept with Shane over and over again and only the three of them know. Shocked, Jake asks her only what three know, but Donna walks in and Jake looks at her as if she knows what Marley was talking about. Jake takes Donna into the hall and says they have a lot to talk about concerning Vicky. Donna denies that Vicky slept with Shane, but Jake says he never told her what he was angry about. Jake accuses Donna of covering for Vicky and he asks her if Vicky slept with Shane. Jake asks if the night in the lodge was the only time and Donna says no, but then she says he is confusing her. Jake storms off and Donna was pleased with herself. Donna goes in to see Marley and told her that their plan worked. Marley feels bad for Jake, but Donna says they did a good thing. Marley told her mother that she doesn't know if she can go through with hurting Jake like this, but Donna tells her that in the long wrong it's for the best because if he stays with Vicky, he'll end up being hurt.

In Grant's Room, Cindy shows up to see Grant who tries to call security on her the minute she walks in the room. Cindy told the nurse that everything is fine and then yanks the phone out of the wall and barricades the doors. Grant tells her this was a bit extreme, but Cindy told him that he was going to listen to her whether he likes it or not. She told him about all the information she has on him that could put him away for life, like him trying to kill Vicky and Shane and framing Jake for the murder and his involvement in the Carlino fire. She then told him about Gary coming over today and how he was standing only 2 feet away from her and she wanted to show him what was in the box. Grant nervously asks her if she did. Cindy told him that she wanted to, but she didn't because she still loves him. Cindy also says that she knows he still loves her. Grant told Cindy that he wouldn't be able to send her to the crazy house because of all they went through, he was just upset with her. Grant asks her to get him some water and when she leaves Grant calls Gary and asks him to keep his eye on Cindy. Cindy returns and Grant told her that their marriage was over. Cindy went nuts! Grant told her to get a grip, so she gets a grip around his neck and starts choking him. Gary walks in and Cindy storms out. Grant told Gary that Cindy thinks he's having an affair with Vicky and he wants Gary to keep an eye on Cindy.

Back At Vicky's Place,
Vicky asks Lila what does she know about her mother, but before Lila can answer her Jake shows up and the minute he sees Lila he screams at her to get out of this house now. Lila tries to explain, but Jake told Lila that he doesn't care why she was here, she just better get out before he does some real damage to her. Lila told him that she didn't come by to cause trouble, she just came by to offer Vicky away to get Grant out of her life for good. Vicky tells Jake that Lila came by to get money from her for information she supposedly has on Grant. Lila snaps back at Vicky that she does have information, but Jake cuts her off and yells that he doesn't care what she has and then stops short to asks how in the hell did she get in the house anyway. Vicky told Jake that Lila broke into their place while she was upstairs taking a nap. Jake told Lila to listen to him, because he's only going to warn her one time and he has already talked to Cass about getting a restraining order against her. Lila confidently told Jake that Cass wouldn't do that, but Jake told her that Cass will do what he pays him to do. He says I will call him and they will put you in jail that day. Vicky also told her that if she shows her face around there again, she will have to deal with her. Lila asks was that a threat. Jake says very perceptive Lila. She then tells them fine, she will leave, but when Grant comes after her child, don't' come crying to me because I am going to laugh in your face and with that, Lila leaves. Outside Lila was distraught that her plan didn't work and desperate for money. She then thinks about Matt and heads over to the Cory's. Inside, Jake asks Vicky if she was okay and Vicky told him she was great now that her knight in shining armor has arrived to rescue her. She then pulls Jake into a kiss, who pulls away from her. She then asks him what was wrong and Jake asks Vicky not to tell the boys about them just yet. Vicky told him okay, but what should she tell them, because she doesn't want to lie. When he hears her say lie, Jake thinks back to what Marley told him at the hospital and told Vicky that he has to go back to the hospital. Vicky says but he just got home. Jake tells her he knows, but he'll be back and then leaves to go back to the hospital. Jake returns to the hospital and told Marley that he won't be going any where. Listening in, Donna says to herself, no he won't.

Back at Cory's,
Matt told Rachel that he wants to say something. Rachel says as long as it isn't talk about preparing a Memorial service. Matt told her okay and then says that he hopes she doesn't become bitter. Rachel told him that she is bitter and this kind of senseless violent death makes one bitter. Paulina says of course it does, but we'll help you get through it and we'll get through it together. Rachel says it won't bring him back will it, and it won't change the way it ended and then proceeds to leave the room again. Matt stops her and tells her that he feels terrible about what happened and he regrets having any part in it. The doorbells rings and Rachel told him before answering it, too little too late Matthew. Rachel then opens the door to find Lila standing there with some flowers for her. Lila told Rachel how sorry she was and she came by to pay her respects. Rachel invites her in and Lila comes in and heads straight for her target - MATT. They greet her and Lila plans to play on Matt's feelings for her and acts like a dizzy spell has just come over her. Matt asks Lila if she has been taking proper care of herself. Lila told Matt that she probably hasn't ate, adding that he knows how much she hates eating alone. Matt told Lila that he was going to help her through this. Lila thanks him and gets ready to leave, but before she does she hears Matt tell Paulina that he has fallen in love with Sofia. Meanwhile outside still in his car, Scott told Carl that they should be finding out about his little plan right about now.

At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices,
Amanda stops by to see Carl to tell him about her talk with Cameron. She tells Cass that she wants him to help her get Cameron out on bail. Cass suggest using the Cory account and gets ready to log on to the computer so he can get the process underway, but when Cass tries to access the Cory accounts, he finds out that they have recently been depleted about one hour ago. Amanda asks him how can that be since you have to know the codes to get into the accounts. Cass told her he knows but the accounts where being electronically cleaned out an hour ago..

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Lila invades Cass' office, apologetic over her bounced check. However, she becomes indignant when he questions her relationship with Grant. Lila tells Cass that she'd gone to Grant's hospital room to see if he knew anything about the hit-and-run.

Matt and Sofia share a stolen kiss in the kitchen of Carlino's. Sofia tells him that she'll tell Nick that their relationship was over that day, since Marley was out of danger. Nick calls in the middle of Matt and Sofia's meeting, after which Sofia decides to go to the hospital to break the news to him.

Chris finds Jake outside of the hospital, preparing to leave town. While Chris tries to get Jake to talk to him about why he's leaving, Donna runs out and begs Jake not to leave her daughter. Jake told Donna that the problems are between him and Vicky, and to stay out of it. Donna answers "no, it's not Vicky, it's Marley, who needs emotional support from Jake." Jake accuses Donna of covering up for Vicky.

Chris and Toni meet in the station house, where Chris tries to get some information on the hit and run from her; however, she refuses to give up what she knows. He deduces that the police have no leads. They decide to spend a romantic afternoon together.

After Cass offers her free legal advice, Lila asks Cass about what legal obligations a father would have towards a child. As Cass accuses her of carrying someone other than Shane's child, she covers and replies that she's asking if Shane's family would have any obligation. Matt interrupts them, and Lila leaves, asking Matt to join her at Carlino's later. Matt and Cass look over the Cory Publishing corporate accounts, which have been cleaned out by electronic transfer. The Cory safe has been emptied, as well.

Lila pays a visit to Shane's grave. Lila vows to make her baby a Cory, even if it means coming between Sofia and Matt. She's afraid that Matt and Sofia will try to take the baby away from her if they stay together, so she decides that she'll marry Matt.

Jake visits a still-bandaged Marley. They talk about Jake's rescue of her from the fire since Marley has little memory of the events surrounding her injuries. She told him that she knew she was close to dying, but she came back for him. Jake probes Marley over her comments about Vicky and Shane. Marley told Jake that Vicky called her in Lassiter but she was so angry with her that she couldn't forgive her for all the lies. As she's about to elaborate on *what* the lies are, the doctor shooes Jake and Donna out. Donna tells Jake that what Marley told him was true. Later, Jake overhears Marley confide to Donna that she remembered about Vicky and Shane's *affair*, but didn't want to hurt Jake by telling him.

Sofia shows up at the hospital and greets Nick, to the chagrin of a seemingly less-than-thrilled Donna. Nick informs Sofia that they have to change their relationship and things will be different with him from now on. As Sofia tries to tell him that their relationship was over, she suddenly sees a vision of Donna dressed as a nun, urging her to tell Nick.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Gary told Joe and Paulina that he was working for Grant. When Paulina threw a fit, he informed them that he was really working against him. He wants to, "Put him away for a long time." Later, Gary went to see Grant at the hospital and heard Grant and Cindy fighting about Vicky, Kirkland, and divorce. When Grant realized Gary was standing in the hallway listening, he changed the conversation to his advantage making Cindy look crazy. After Cindy left, Grant made it sound like he was deeply concerned for his wife and asked Gary to find out if Cindy was responsible for the fire. When Gary went to see Cindy to convince her to work with him against Grant, he told her that Grant wants him to prove she was responsible for the fire. She said, "Let him burn."

Chris tried to get to the bottom of the hit and run. When he got nowhere with Lila, he went to Grant. Grant remembered a woman driver. Then Grant leaked dirt on Cindy about her "emotional instability."

Cass told Matt that he will get to the bottom of the missing funds at Cory Publishing. Matt wondered if the company could and would survive.

Sophia told Nick she doesn't want to marry him. Nick immediately suspected that she was having an affair with Matt. She denied that accusation. She insisted that her and Nick's feelings for one another are changing. He denied it. She wants to explore life. He wants to settle down with a family. She is not ready for that and farm life. She doesn't want either of them to have regrets. Sophia gave the ring back to Nick. Nick packed his things. Crying Sophia went to Carlino's to meet Matt. Matt pledged his love to Sophia.

At Carlino's, Cass ran into Lila and informed her that he knew the baby's father was Grant. She laughed. Then Cass realized it was the only man she hasn't trashed in Bay City...Matthew Cory.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Matt and Sofia meet outside of Carlino's . Matt told Sofia that he loves her. Sofia listens while Matt pours his heart out to her about his feelings for her. As he's leaving, she stops him. She told him that she's talked to Nick and ended their relationship. She then told Matt that she loves him, too.

Cass creates a scene in Carlino's after figuring out that Matt may be the father of Lila's baby. Lila denies it, but Cass pushes away her denials. Lila told Cass that she can't believe he'd accuse her of sleeping with someone for money. He tries to get her to see that her schemes aren't working and Felicia walks into the restaurant. He warns her that if the baby was a Cory, she could end up without her child and no money herself.

Felicia joins Cass at a table. Cass told Felicia that Lila owes him money and that's why he's been around her so much. Felicia replies that she hasn't seen Cass this alive since Frankie. They discuss the Embers mess and Felicia tells Cass now that Carl was gone, he can get on with his life.

Amanda pays a visit to Cameron in his jail cell. Cameron speaks to Amanda about survival in prison and asks if she's found out anything else. Amanda tells him that someone transferred money from the Cory account and there's no logical explanation for it. She asks Cameron what he knows about it. Cameron urges Amanda to report the theft to the police, but she's reluctant to do so because of Rachel. Amanda accuses Cameron of lying to her all along about being an ex-con, and they talk about trusting each other. Cameron confides in Amanda that if he stays in prison, he knows he'll be killed, one way or another. Amanda leaves. Cameron was tormented by the prison guard. As he vents his anger, he discovers a way that might possibly get him out of jail. As the guard looks into his cell, he hides a metal rod behind his back.

Amanda walks onto the terrace where Rachel was sculpting a bust of Carl. Mother and daughter share a quiet moment. Matt and Amanda meet in the Cory living room, and Amanda told him that she doesn't think Rachel was strong enough to hear about the missing Cory Publishing money. Rachel overhears Amanda ordering Matt not to say anything in front of her and asks what they're talking about. Matt asks her if she liquidated the Cory operating funds. Rachel says no. Matt told her that the funds were taken before Carl died and that he thought that Carl was trying to murder her. He told Rachel that he's relieved because now Carl can't hurt her anymore. Rachel finds Amanda in her room looking over the Cory jewels, where Amanda was going to hock the jewels to post Cameron's bail money. Rachel told her that she doesn't even know him and how can she post his bail? Amanda says that no matter what her mother says, she's going to do it. Amanda talks with Cass in the Cory living room about posting Cameron's bail. Cass warns her that if he skips out, she'll be liable for the full amount of bail and that could wipe out the rest of the Cory money.

Lila drops by Nick and Sofia's apartment with a wedding present, only to have Nick tell her that the wedding was off. When Lila asks who Sofia's in love with, Nick told her it's Matt. She urges Nick to go after Sofia, and he says he's tired of going after her. Sofia walks into her apartment to find Lila laying on the couch. She asks Lila why she's there and Lila gives her the wedding present. They talk about Nick and Matt. As Lila's about to tell Sofia why she can't see Matt, Cass' advice about the Cory's taking her baby comes back to haunt her and she leaves.

Matt went to Carlino's looking for Sofia, and runs into Nick, who's leaving the apartment key for Sofia. Nick told Matt that Sofia may think she wants him now, but she's changed her mind before.

Friday, May 29, 1998

At Carlino's
Lila was there hoping to hear from Matt Cory and telling her baby that he was going to be rich and proper just like his daddy Matthew Cory. Amanda walks in and Lila tries to make nicety with her. Amanda was very nonchalant with Lila and heads over to take care of the business she was there for hocking the family jewels. The buyer told Amanda that she thought these jewels where her daughters legacy. Amanda told her they are, but this was a matter of life and death and she would need a cashier's check for 2 million tonight. The buyer asks to see the jewels. Amanda pulls them out and shows them to the buyer, impressed she makes a check out to Amanda.

In Jail
A fed up Cameron decides to break out of jail by overpower the guard by knocking him over the head will a metal pipe he found inside the chair. However, before he can put his plan into action, Tyrone shows up to see him with news about his case. Sensing Cameron was hiding something, the guard demands to know what he was hiding behind his back. Tyrone tries to intervene, while Cameron slips the pipe down his back into his pants. The guard told Tyrone he doesn't care what he was there for he wants Cameron to show him what was behind his back. Cameron assumes the position and the guard checks him out but doesn't pat him down. The guard then checks up under the bed and Cameron says are you satisfied. The guard then leaves and Tyrone told Cameron that the last thing he needs was a concealed weapon charge, especially since he'll be out in a few hours. Happy to hear that, Cameron hugs Tyrone and asks him how did he get the judge to lower his bail. Tyrone told him he didn't. Cameron says then how am I getting out of here and Tyrone told him Amanda Cory has posted his bail. Cameron was surprised and Tyrone told him it would be bad if Amanda's faith was wasted and Cameron skipped town on her the minute he was free. Cameron says fine and then yells for the guard to let him out of there. The guard comes and Cameron told him that he was looking at a free man. As they are walking down the hall, the guard looks at Cameron leaving and says he was looking at a dead man. Outside the jail, Tyrone suggest to Cameron that he heads over to Carlino's with him to thank Amanda personally, but Cameron says later he has other things to do. He then calls Josie interrupting a romantic evening she and Gary had planned and told her they need to meet. Josie leaves, while Gary sulks. Back at Carlino's, Tyrone told Amanda that her confidence in Cameron may be misplaced and could wind up costing her a cool two million dollars. While Cameron looks in on Tyrone and Amanda and then tries to hitch a ride out of town.

At The Cory Mansion
Cass and Felicia are in the study when Rachel comes in. Cass told her he would like to leave and get started on that little matter at Cory they discussed. Rachel says, yes absolutely. Felicia asks them what matter at Cory and Rachel told her about the Cory accounts being depleted of all funds. The doorbell rings and Cass went to get it while Felicia offers Rachel ways of helping out in her time of need. Cass returns with a package and asks Rachel if she was expecting it. The package turns out to be an urn containing Carl's ashes. Rachel was reminded again that Carl was gone and becomes sad. Cass and Felicia try to console her, but Cass decides to let Felicia handle it while he heads out to see if he can track the missing funds. Felicia sits down by Rachel and asks her if she plans on having a memorial service for Carl. Rachel told her no, Carl and her where alone in life and they'll be alone in death. Felicia told her that she knows she was feeling angry and alone right now, but begs her not to isolate herself. Rachel says why shouldn't she, there was no one in this whole town who believed in him including Felicia. Felicia told her she was right about that in the end, but begs her again not to shut out every one else. Rachel asks Felicia if she understands how lucky she was to have found love again and to be able to share your soul with the person you fell in love with as well as your heart. Felicia told her that was why it was so important to have her friends around when she tries to say goodbye and then asks her if she can let them comfort her. Rachel told her there was no comfort. Felicia pleads with Rachel to give them a chance, but Rachel told her that every one has had their chance. Felicia then told her that Carl touched many peoples lives in many ways and they need a chance to be able to mourn him too. Rachel asks, "including you?" and Felicia told her yes, including me. Rachel then told her that she didn't even trust him and he didn't trust her in the end. Felicia then reminds Rachel that she was the one who brought Carl to Bay City in the first place and she would be lying to herself and to Rachel if she didn't admit that there was a time in her life when Carl was very important to her. Rachel told her when she decides what she was going to do, then she'll let Felicia know and then walks off in another room holding Carl's urn. Felicia then went to the phone and calls someone and told them that she needs help with Rachel and then hangs up.

At Bay City General Hospital
Donna tries to lift Marley's spirits by talking of her upcoming surgery and the fact that they did the right thing by telling Jake about Shane and Vicky. Marley still feeling guilty about hurting Jake and not feeling encouraged about going through with the reconstructive surgery told Donna she has decided that she was not going to do it. Donna told her that she has to have the surgery because it has already been scheduled for today. Marley told her she doesn't care and Donna asks her what was she suppose to tell Jake, since he has been by her side during this whole ordeal and he was more involved with her than ever. Marley told her it's because he was pulling away from Vicky and she was the one who caused it. Donna told her it was because he saved her life and she can't refuse the surgery, because she'll let him down if she does. Marley told Donna once she was better Jake will eventually go back to Vicky or find someone else. Donna told her not to be discouraged and then told her she was going to go find Jake. Meanwhile, Vicky encounters Jake out in the corridor and stops him so they can talk. Jake asks her how was Marley doing and Vicky told him she was about to have her first operation this afternoon. Vicky asks Jake where was he last night and what's going on with him and why was he acting like he has been towards her. Before Jake can get into it, Donna spies them from looking out the window in Marley's room and decides that she must not let Jake and Vicky spend any time alone. She heads over to where they are talking and told Jake that Marley doesn't want to have the surgery and asks him to speak to her. Jake slips in his hospital garb and heads into Marley's room. Vicky told Donna that she can't understand why Marley doesn't want to have the surgery. Donna told her how can she stand there with her perfect face and say what her sister needs to do. Vicky looks at her and asks her why was she so mad at her, because she didn't cause Marley's accident. Donna told her she knows. Vicky then demands to know why Donna has been treating her so badly. Donna told Vicky she can't get into this with her right now she has to leave. Vicky told Donna that she was tired of not being able to get a straight answer from any body and asks Donna if she said something to Jake. Donna told Vicky she has to leave and suggest that she finds out from Jake what was going on with him. Just then the doctors arrive and Jake told them they can go in. Relieved, Donna thanks Jake and told Marley they are all there for her as they wheel Marley away, Donna leaves.

Vicky corners Jake and told him that she wants him to explain what was going on. Jake told her he doesn't have time for this now, but Vicky told him that the last thing she remembered was he went to the hospital to see Marley and now he was acting like he wants nothing to do with her. Jake told her that her sister was in there struggling to see if she can get a new face, so why doesn't she just leave him alone. He then walks off as Lila comes up on Vicky making small talk. Vicky told Lila that she was in no mood for her and today was not a good time. Lila asks her if everything was okay with Marley and Vicky told her that Marley was having surgery this afternoon, no thanks to her. Lila told Vicky that she knows Vicky doesn't believe the crazy notion that she hit Marley. Vicky told Lila not now. Lila wonders what was wrong with Vicky and turns around and sees Jake standing down the hallway, then says was the second honeymoon a bust. Vicky says no, we are just under a lot of stress that's all. Lila says, stress my foot. Jake hasn't forgiven you for your little fling with Shane has he. Vicky says, yes as a matter of fact he has forgiven me, but Lila says, has he Vicky. Has he really? Vicky asks Lila why was she smirking like that and why did she come and see her last night. Lila told her that she already told her, she had information on Grant. Vicky asks her what information and Lila says too late, it's not for sale anymore. Vicky told Lila that she must be pretty broke and desperate if she was sneaking into her house, trying to peddle what she knows. Lila told her to face it, she blew it. Vicky told Lila it's strange, first she can't get a straight answer from anybody including Jake and now Lila was walking around like the cat that ate the canary. Sensing foul play was involved, Vicky asks Lila what was she up to. Lila asks her if she thinks she would know what was going on in Jake's mind, or even Donna's. Vicky told her she would if she put it there. Lila told Vicky she can tell her this, that Vicky's in big trouble, but then again she's probably use to that. You know once a liar, always a liar and then went strutting off satisfied that she has won that round.

Back At Carlino's
Lila arrives and sits down at the counter and orders something to go. She does a slip of the tongue and told the waiter to charge it to Ms. Cory's account. She then corrects herself and says she means Ms. Roberts account. While she sits there waiting on her food, she dreams of herself as Ms. Matthew Cory, a rich and powerful lady who was out on the town looking for another house to buy. The dream takes her to Vicky's house and she was with her son, little Matt Cory Jr. and they enter inside the house. As they are looking around she comes upon a cleaning lady who turns out to be Vicky. Shocked Lila asks Vicky if she still lived there because the sign outside said for sale. Vicky told her no, but they let her clean the house and then she can get to spend time in a place where she has had so many happy memories. Lila introduces her son and went on to tell Vicky how smart and brilliant he is. The boy asks to go outside and Lila told him of course he can. Alone, Lila told Vicky that she was the one who caused Vicky to lose everything. Vicky asks her why and Lila told her because she was rich and had every man panting after her, especially Shane the only man Lila has ever loved and besides, she just plain ticked her off. The dream then ends with Vicky on her knees begging Lila for a job to still be able to come clean her old house and Lila telling Vicky if she just plays her cards right, maybe she'll even let Vicky clean the Cory mansion one day. Vicky was saying thank you, thank you. Out of her dream the man brought Lila back her order and says he hopes it was right. Lila told him if it isn't, she'll do something about it because she always gets what she wants.

At Scott (the hitman's) Place
Scott dressed in a suit, was walking around looking over a document and says that it was all he needs to convince the Cory's of who he is. He then places it inside of his briefcase. He calls Cass, but gets no answer. He says to himself, that Cass must be working overtime to find the missing money. Not that he'll ever find it, hell I don't even know where it is. Poor guy, first all those Embers In The Snow fiascos and now this. He hasn't gone to the police and then there was Cameron. Cameron bored me from the minute he started poking around in your business, but Cameron's not going to be a problem around Bay City any more.

Back At The Hospital
Vicky manages to trick Jake and ends up locking him inside of a room with her. Jake told Vicky this was just like her to be thinking of herself when her sisters was in their in surgery. Vicky told Jake there was nothing she can do for Marley right now, but she wants to know why Jake has been avoiding her. Jake becomes angry and Vicky asks him if she was in the Twilight Zone, because just the other day he proposed again and they were talking about being a family again. Jake told Vicky it's about time she was brought up to speed and informs her that the life they talked about was over.

Back At The Cory's
Donna shows up to help Felicia help Rachel deal with her grief. Rachel comes in the room and upon seeing Donna, asks Felicia if she call her. Felicia told her yes, because she wanted her to see that she was not alone. They all sit down on the couch with Rachel in the middle of them. Rachel told them that when Carl was torn from her she felt the threads of her life break. Felicia told Rachel that she felt the same way when Luke died and Donna chimes in that so did she when Michael died and she was still grieving his death in away that nobody can understand. Felicia then told Rachel that she was not any different than her and Donna. Rachel cries out that she feels different. Donna told her she knows and they feel different too, but it's the nights that are the worse the dreams. Felicia adds and then there are the good dreams, they are actually worse than the bad dreams because when you wake up happy and you look over and they are not there beside you anymore. As they go on, Rachel in the middle was crying out loud. Donna says and you are afraid to go back to sleep, I know, because you are so depressed you don't know what to do, I know. Rachel says that she was all that was left. Felicia told her Carl that didn't leave her, he loved her and so did Mac. Rachel cries that they both left her too. Donna then told her that she was different and they are all different, while Felicia finishes and says they are different, but they are all alike because they feel like they have been left behind. Rachel cries and they comfort her as they all talk of the loss of their respective dead ones. Amanda returns home and calls Cass and told him that Cameron was released. Cass asks her if she has seen him and she says no, but she still feels like she done the right thing. They hang up and the doorbell rings. Amanda answers it to find Scott the hitman standing there dressed in a suit telling her that he has an appointment with Mr. Hutchins. Amanda looks as if she doesn't know what he was talking about and Scott scans his date book and told her he was sure it was for tonight. Amanda says Mr. Hutchins made an appointment with you for this evening and Scott told her yes it was for tonight. Amanda then asks him what was it regarding and Scott told her Mr. Hutchins wanted to talk to him before he started work. Amanda asks him what work and he told her about the position at Cory Publishing. Amanda was startled and Scott asks her if she was all right...

Classic DAYS star dies from heart attack
Multi-soap vet Robert Hogan has died


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