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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on GL
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Monday, May 25
by Sarai Long

The clone is devastated when Josh tells her he is sending her away for the summer to help her become her own person. A very curious Alan presses Michael about Josh's involvement in cloning and is very impressed with Vicky's support of Michael. Phillip learns some upsetting facts about the night of Carl's murder when Lizzie tells him she saw Uncle Rick with Carl by the pond. Phillip confronts Rick and questions his best friend about his whereabouts the time of the murder. Rick is offended that Phillip's zeal to protect Beth would lead him to accuse his friend. Ben wonders whether Beth wouldn't be better off telling Phillip the truth about Carl's murder, but Beth is against the idea. Later, Rick visits Beth and says they have a problem.

Tuesday, May 26
by CBS

Abigail and Selena's plot to expose the corrupt guard is a success and Abby leaves prison a stronger woman. The clone is thrilled when Reva teaches her how to win Josh over, not realizing she will be leading Josh back to the real Reva. Ben and Beth make love, all the while knowing their true passions lie elsewhere. Phillip forces Harley to be honest about her feelings for him.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Cassie is at Company, reading the real estate ads in the paper, looking for an apartment, when Hart comes in. He says that he wants to ask her about Rob, since Rob hasn't shown up for work at the farm recently. Cassie tells him that Rob left for a job in Chicago, and that she must really get back to the papers and the apartment ads. Hart says first he has to give her something. It's a gift for Tammy, a wooden horse that Hart carved himself. Hart tells Cassie to tell Tammy that he misses her, "and her mother, too." Hart then apologizes for his behavior the other night, and for not trusting her more. He also says that he doesn't really believe the things Cassie told him about her and Josh the night they broke up. Cassie warms up to Hart, and the two of them talk about getting back together. They decide to start by going out on a date, and they kiss.

At the Bauers', Abby and Rick wake up, and cuddle in bed. They talk about how happy they are to be together at last. They put on their robes and go to the kitchen. When they come into the kitchen -- surprise! It's a party in their honor attended by their friends and family.

At the party, Dinah decides to take baby Maureen out to the garden, and Vanessa comes along. Dinah ends up confiding to Vanessa that she may be pregnant with Hart's child (really Rob's child). Vanessa's very surprised. Dinah explains that Cassie and Hart have broken up, and she intimates that she and Hart are back together again. After asking many concerned questions, Vanessa promises to stand by Dinah if she's pregnant. Later on, Dinah leaves to go to a drugstore to buy a home pregnancy test.

Also at the party, Holly's having just a little too much to drink. In answer to Abby's queries, she says that she can't talk about what happened with Fletcher and Meg. Ross and Ed discuss how Holly's doing -- they think she's OK, but Ed continues to watch her closely. Later, Holly asks to hold baby Maureen. Vanessa announces her idea to start a charitable support organization that will start with a meeting with Alan this afternoon. This brings up a babysitting and scheduling conflict with Matt and Vanessa, and Holly volunteers to do the babysitting honors. Holly then takes baby Maureen outside, and whispers to her, "You're my very own special little girl. You're my own little Meg."

Meanwhile, over at the Spaulding mansion, Ben arrives to give Beth some papers she left at his place and to ask her how she feels about what happened between them. She says she's OK with what happened, but is nervous about him being there this morning. Just then, Phillip and Harley arrive to tell Beth about how J.C. Clayton could not have murdered Carl. They're very surprised to see Ben there. Phillip tells both Ben and Beth about J.C., and says now Beth can recant her confession, since Lillian isn't in trouble if J.C. didn't commit the murder. Beth still insists that she killed Carl, which confuses Phillip and Harley. Phillip tries to explain it all again, but Beth is angry. She says, "If you don't stay out of this, you're going to ruin everything!" But then Phillip lets Ben and Beth know he saw the medical examiner's report from the police file, and that the bullets went in to Carl's body at a very different angle from how Beth says she did it. Ben's response is to point out the legal trouble Phillip could be in for looking at a police report, but Phillip brushes that off. Beth sticks to her story, and Ben says that under the circumstances, he won't prosecute Beth for murder; that he will see to it that she gets only a few months, and hopefully no jail time at all. Phillip doesn't trust Ben or what he says. Beth finally tells Phillip that she thinks they should no longer talk unless it's about Lizzie. She then tells him about the bad nightmare Lizzie had the previous night about Carl's murder. Phillip goes upstairs to check on Lizzie, and Harley leaves the room to go check her messages. But! Harley, in the hall, overhears Ben and Beth talk about having slept together the night before. She's stunned! Ben then leaves the room to make a call, and Phillip returns to the room. He tells Beth that he's had it with her, and that he's going to stay out of it now. He then returns upstairs to Lizzie. Harley then comes in from the hallway, and confronts Beth about sleeping with Ben. Beth tries to deny it, but Harley ignores her denials. Harley tells Beth she's glad Beth now has another "white knight", so that now Phillip will belong only to her. Just then Ben returns, and he and Beth go outside. Phillip then returns carrying Lizzie. Hearing that Beth is outside with Ben, he leaves Lizzie with Harley and goes outside to chase Ben off (see how long he stayed out of it?). Harley tries to comfort Lizzie about her bad nightmare, but Lizzie won't talk about it. All Lizzie will say is, "I can never talk about the night Carl died. No one can ever know what I saw."

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Thursday, May 28, 1998

by Angela Vogel

Michael's assistant, Vicky, visits Michael to ask for another freelance assignment. When he blows up about some missing papers, Vicky realizes that something is wrong and asks him about it. She also wants to know why he fired her and why he's been giving her the brush off. He relents finally, and tells her about his formula to clone a human being (he doesn't tell her that he's done it already though). She is excited and urges him to go to Alan Spaulding for the funding necessary to further his research. Reluctant at first, he agrees that Alan is his best option, for Alan has two things -- money and vision.

While Reva struggles to get out of the lighthouse basement, Clone Reva is home trying to seduce Josh. Reva hopes that the Clone will reveal some of the special secrets only she and Joshua shared -- and in doing so, alert Josh to the fact that Reva is still alive!

Harley speaks gently to Lizzie, trying to coax the little girl to reveal what she saw the night of Carl's murder. She is interrupted, though, by Beth who grabs Lizzie and cries, "Damn you! Keep away from her!"

Vanessa goes to Alan to ask for funding for her support group, Second Chances. Alan accuses her of wanting more from Spaulding than mere funding, and after a few minutes Vanessa agrees, saying, "Yes, I think you could use me."

Michael Burke interrupts their meeting and Alan threatens to call security to have him arrested.

Reva takes a pipe and starts chiseling her way out. "Why'd you do it, Josh?" she asks. "I guess I should be flattered that you made this thing. It means you couldn't live without me. But it's one hell of a memorial."

Clone Reva traces hearts on her palm and Josh's and presses them together, saying, "Always, Bud." Josh jumps back and demands, "Who told you about the hearts?" She claims she doesn't know how she knew that -- maybe he told her. Josh is rattled and unsure.

Alan gives Vanessa the financial backing she seeks and dismisses her to meet with Michael Burke.

Beth takes Lizzie upstairs and Phillip attacks Harley for harassing his daughter. Harley tries to point out that Lizzie is keeping a destructive secret for her mother, but he doesn't want to hear it. Beth returns and throws Harley out. Before leaving, a frustrated Harley says (in front of Phillip), "First you make your daughter an accessory, then you sleep with Ben Warren to cover your tracks. You're nothing if not thorough!" Beth promptly denies this, calling Harley a liar. At first, Phillip thinks Harley has made this up, but then decides he believes her and tells her to leave Springfield for a while, to go visit Jenna, while he resolves this mess with his family on his own.

Josh tells the Clone to wait until they're both ready to make love again -- that if real love is what she's after, she'll have to give it time. "And we've got plenty of that," he says, as the real Reva is chipping away the wall of her prison. Then a lukewarm Josh leaves for work. Once out the door, he says to himself, "Who told you about the hearts?" Inside, the Clone realizes that Reva tricked her, making Josh question her more instead of love her more. "You shouldn't have done that to me," she says. "I'd really hate to kill you, but I may have to."

Beth asks Phillip if he believes she slept with Ben Warren. "It doesn't matter," he answers.

At show's end:

* Michael tells Alan he can clone human beings.

* Clone Reva goes to see real Reva and tells her that things went so well with Josh (especially the part about tracing hearts on their palms), that she's come up with a perfect way to "pay her back for all she's done."

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Friday, May 29

by TV Guide Josh angrily surprises Alan during a massage session and demands to know why he sent a mole to do some snooping at the Lewis Oil offices. Alan hints that he's heard rumors about a new creation and stops Josh cold with the news that he has recently rehired Michael because of his human cloning project. Josh laughs at the idea and claims that he'll be wasting his money but Alan doesn't believe him. After he manages to stop Beth from taking Lizzie and leaving town, Phillip takes Lizzie back to the mansion where Harley overhears him telling his daughter how important Harley is to him. The two later learn more about Carl's murder when Lizzie admits she killed Carl. Arriving late for the meeting with Ross, Beth faces an angry Doris, the new assistant D.A. handling her case who doesn't believe her various excuses for being tardy. When Beth tells her tale of the shooting, Doris points out some inaccuracies and doesn't appreciate Beth's pleading for mercy. After Doris leaves, Ross asks Beth why she is lying. When Reva clone demands that she help her convince Josh not send her away to Paris, Reva agrees to help when her rival reveals that she has sent the children to a secret place. Reva clone explains her plan to have her take her place just long enough for Reva to convince Josh not to send her away. She then sets her free with the understanding that if she tells Josh the truth, she will never see her children again. Later, Reva sees Josh for the first time since Annie kidnapped her.

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