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John Sykes was named to replace Bo as police commissioner. DNA results showed that Bo was the father of Georgie's baby, but Drew admitted to Bo that he was the father. In turn, Bo confessed to the court that he was the guilty party. Todd found a piece of evidence.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, May 25, 1998

Written by: Molli


Nora arrives at Sam's room to talk about business. Sam reminds her that she took him off Bo's case. Nora makes several catty comments about Blair's presence. Blair, Sam, (and I) think Nora is overreacting. Sam gallantly suggests that Blair wait for him in the bedroom. Blair: "That seems practical" (ha!) Nora is still pissy about Blair, Sam informs her that they enjoy each other's company, and since he's not on the case, there's no conflict. Nora came to apologize to Sam about hiring Téa.


Téa tells Todd that she wants to take the job defending Bo. Todd paces, unbelieving. He insults Téa, saying Sam and Nora are so scared of him that they are "scraping the bottom of the barrel" by hiring her. Todd wants to be there when Téa tells them to go to hell. Guess what? Téa's mad now.


The premier lady-cop, Annie, has cleared out the station a bit so Bo can get out of his cell and walk around freely. She supports him completely. Bo is trying to figure out who actually killed Georgie. They discuss the bruise on Georgie's face that left the imprint of a ring with a crest on it. Bo doesn't wear one, so the killer is probably still wearing it.


Drew is kneeling at Georgie's grave, railing: "why didn't you tell me, Georgie. If I'd have known it wouldn't have ended this way" He displays the ring to her headstone, and bemoans that when she gave it to him (oh my!), she said it meant that she loved him and that they would be together forever. He yells at her to take it back, coz he doesn't want it anymore! He beats it into her grave, beside the flower Todd left. "Who's baby was it?" his? Dad's? Someone else's? "Cos I gotta know"!! Drew's face is awfully red.


Bo says there's no doubt that Georgie knew the killer, and it "could be" the father of her child. Annie thinks she might be able to dig up some "candidates" from Georgie's file. Heads up! Weber surprises them, but of course supports Bo, and won't tell on anyone. Bo tells Annie that he wants to take another look at that file, but she thinks he won't like some of the new information. Hm.


Nora is willing to put Téa on the case if it means Sam will return. Nora realized she needs him, with Téa, to defend Bo. Sam thinks he's too involved. Nora points out that Bo wants Sam back too, thanks to Téa's tattling. Nora pauses a moment to go to the bedroom door, bang on it: "it's a private conversation!" Blair jumps and silently calls her a B*tch. (LOL). Nora begs Sam to return, because she can't defend Bo on her own. Again, Sam resists, and again, has a plane to Chicago to catch in the morning.


Todd thinks Téa should not take the job for him; Téa thinks that's nuts. Todd wants her to think about the wedding instead; Téa reminds him that they put off the wedding. Téa reassures Todd that she wants to be his wife, but she needs to be a whole person. She needs to work for her personal identity. Todd offers her the head of the legal department at The Sun. Téa exclaims that he doesn't get it, and tries to explain again. She then confronts him with an insightful thought, that he is so fixated on Bo because it's a great excuse to keep himself "safe" from intimacy with her. Todd tries to get her to spy on them for him. Téa responds by telling him of Nora's insistence that Téa move out if she's going to represent Bo.

Todd sees conspiracy everywhere. Téa assures him that she isn't going anywhere, but has the right to decide what job she takes. Todd yells (pretty righteously) about Georgie's rights to be alive and have her baby, that Bo took away with a baseball bat. Téa isn't so sure Bo did it, and throws in that guilt or innocence is irrelevant to her, as a defense attorney. He forbids her again. Téa gives up. Todd softens and asks her not to leave. Téa thinks about it.

Nope, she's mad. She refuses to feel sorry for him, and AGAIN tries to make him see that she needs a life of her own. Todd thinks she's going back on their deal. "What deal?" Téa's dumbfounded. She wants a "real" relationship with him, and she's willing to wait as long as it takes, but she "needs satisfaction while she waits" Todd says "no!" and makes weird faces. Téa jumps up and down. (*great* moment) Todd thinks Téa is really just trying to find a way to dump him. "..Go be who you are, but if you take this job, you take your suitcases with you."


Bo sits at a desk, going over Georgie's personal file, regretting that he didn't act on the info. sooner. Annie agrees that "there is a lot of 'ugly' in there", but no felonies. How many of her victims had a chance to get her four weeks pregnant?, wonders Annie. She suggests that the father is someone she met along the way. Bo looks. Her last stop was Nashville, TN. Annie takes a deep breath and brings Drew into the mix. Predictably, Bo gets upset, then says Del was the perp, since he was in Boston and New York. Annie tries again (Yay Annie!) by pointing out that Drew's been acting really weird lately. Bo excuses him by blaming himself. Annie backs off. Bo tells her to forget about anything she heard about the "bat" thing too.

Drew arrives. Annie's face clearly shows that she's not giving up. (Woohoo!) She hassles him about being there; that someone else is covering his shift. He didn't come here to slack off. BUT, while they are spatting, Bo notices the missing button from Drew's leather jacket. Bo tells Drew that they were looking over Georgie's dossier; Drew heads out to get ready for work, but pauses at Weber's desk and eyeballs Weber's name tag. Drew offers to walk Weber to the locker room; Weber grabs his jacket and heads out with Drew. Annie watches them leave while Bo looks deep in thought.


Nora thinks Sam's decision is "personal". Sam denies it. He can handle his feelings, but wishes Nora was more honest about hers. Nora thinks she is. She wonders if she's asking too much of Sam, he says he doesn't have it in him to give her what she needs (to bring Bo back to her). He also says that he needs to get on with his life. He admits that his life is great, except for one thing he can't have, but he can deal with that. He just needs to get back to what he *does* have. Sam assures Nora that he will make sure Bo gets the best defense. Nora interjects that *he* is the best. Sam says he isn't, not under these circumstances. He has needs. Nora is disgusted that it's with Blair. Sam reminds her that they are both adults; he can't have Nora; so let him go.

Nora apologizes for lashing out, and Sam assures her that he wants she and Bo to be together. She offers to drive him to the airport, but he declines. Well.. that's that then. They say goodbye, and Sam tells her that if she ever needs anything.... she understands, but looks confused as she leaves.

Blair comes out of the bedroom. She liked hearing him defend her. The have a cute talk about how he's a nice guy, and she comments: "It's funny. I can't seem to find true love, and you can't seem to have the one you found". What to do now? Blair figures that it's rare when two people really connect, so why not take advantage of the night, before he's off to Chicago? Sam's convinced, and leads her to the bedroom. But wait, Blair needs to ah freshen up in the bathroom, and asks Sam to wait for her in bed.

She comes out wearing one of Sam's shirt, but finds him in the sitting room instead. He's brainstorming for Nora, but Blair makes him stop thinking. Again, they start for the bedroom, again, they are stopped. This time Blair's to wait, and Sam needs to do one more thing real quick. He calls Nora to tell her about a case to look up, but she already knows about it. Sam also tells her about the ring box Asa found and his speculation about someone using the lodge. They assume it's Georgie, who probably got a hold of the key while working for Nora. They say goodbye again.


Drew's ready for work, but stops to chat with Bo. Drew admits he wrecked his bike because he had to get out of town as soon as possible. Bo thinks it's all his fault, but he needs Drew to be strong, to focus on his job, to keep his head on straight. Drew says that's why he came back. Bo believes the justice system will work, especially when the DNA results come back about the baby, proving that he isn't the father. Drew leaves, to go on night patrol, Bo thinks. Annie comments to Bo that Drew seemed shaky. Anyone could see him there in the hall, but Drew changes his name tag for Weber's.


**Nora notices a note from Rachel, but thinks it's too late to call and puts it aside. She settles back to read the autopsy report, discovers something shocking, then gets spooked when she hears a noise in the reception area.

**Sam finally goes to the bedroom, where Blair has fallen asleep. (amazing). He covers her up and leaves her to her slumber. What a sweetie.

**Nora grabs an ashtray, but Téa calls through the door. Nora opens the door to reveal Téa with her bags. Nora apologizes, thinking she left because of the ultimatum, but Téa corrects her. It's for the time being. Téa has great timing, because Nora just read that Georgie had had sex the night of the murder.

**Todd sets a picture of Téa on fire with his (father's) lighter. He calls Briggs, and tells him to work on a headline about Georgie's pregnancy.

**Annie goes to see Bo; he's back in his cell. She apologizes about sharing her thoughts about Drew. Bo doesn't ever want to talk about it.

**Drew is at the lab, pretending to be Weber, to pick up the DNA results. The technician reveals that he's sure they will want another one done, since the results aren't satisfactory. The technician gives Drew another test, to save a trip.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

The Palace Hotel Dining Room:

Kevin and Joey meet for breakfast and discuss Kevin and Cassie's engagement. Joey comments that things are going better for him and Kelly and tells Kevin about their kiss. Joey tells Kevin how Drew interrupted their kiss and then tried to take on Todd. Kelly, who happens to also be at the Palace, overhears part of their conversation and blasts to two Buchanans for their unwillingness to stand by Drew. Kevin believes that Drew is involved with the murder. Kelly is disgusted that Kevin would make such an accusation and storms out.

The police station:

Drew stands by while Del reads the DNA results from the lab and then tells Annie to call Hank fast. Later, Hank and Del argue about the results of Bo's blood test, which have come back as inconclusive. Drew leaves the station in a hurray and bumps into Kelly along the way. She gives him a gift - a snap just like the one he's missing from his motorcycle jacket - and sews it on for him.

Kevin comes to the police station, sees Drew's motorcycle jacket laying on a chair and proceeds to search it looking for the missing snap. Annie stops him and says that she is done giving him tips if he is going to behave that way. Kevin threatens her and tells her that she should just turn her back and let him do his job if she wants to keep hers. Annie reminds Kevin that her first priority is Bo.

Sam's hotel room:

Blair wakes up alone in Sam's bed and find the lawyer sleeping on the couch. Blair and Sam joke about the "best sex they never had." There's a knock at the door and Blair decides to make herself scarce and take a shower. When Sam opens the door, Todd rushes in raging about the fact the Téa has left him and saying it is all Sam's fault. Todd raves on about how he didn't want Téa to work and certainly not on Bo's case. Sam tries to clue Todd in to the fact that it is the twentieth century and wives have been working for many, many decades. He also explains that he is no longer Bo's attorney "for personal reasons" so none of this affects him any longer. Todd begins to grill Sam about why he left the case when notices the shower is running but Sam isn't in it. Todd gleefully jumps to the conclusion that Nora has spent the night and begins to congratulate Sam on how he "finally got ol' Nora in the sack".

The bathroom door opens and out comes Blair, who is surprised and actually showing signs of embarrassment. Todd looks unsurprised and a little sick as he says, "Hi Blair, leave it to you to get into the defense attorney's briefs AFTER he gets off the case." Blair goes into the bedroom to get dressed and Todd asks Sam why he's got one of Todd wives working for him and the other one working ON him? Sam takes Todd to task for his attitude and Todd says that since Téa left him he has a right to be mean. Sam is flabbergasted to hear that Téa would move out just because Nora told her to. That's when Todd tells the whole truth and explains that he threw her out. He figures it was just a matter of time before she'd leave him anyway so he just saved himself some time. Sam looks Todd square in the eye and tells him that he is his own worst enemy. Todd changes the subject and says that tomorrow's edition will contain the news that Georgie was pregnant and that the baby had the same blood type. Sam asks Todd not to print that or else he will alienate Téa for good. Todd agrees not to print the news, but only if Sam gets Nora to fire Téa. Sam refuses and tells Todd that if he doesn't change, he's going to end up alone. Blair comes out of the bedroom and agrees with Sam. Todd suggests to Blair that she should learn to spend some time alone and then leaves.

Sam's law office:

Téa reports for her first day of work and is surprised when Nora tells her that Sam is off the case. Nora thanks Téa for moving out, but Téa tells her it wasn't all her idea: Todd threw her out. The two discuss the case and Téa notes the irony that while Georgie was having sex, Todd was proposing to her and now both Georgie and her marriage are dead. Nora confesses to Téa that Sam dropped the case because of her behavior after she found out about Bo's affair and now her actions may cost her Bo. Téa assures Nora that Bo will be alright because he and Nora are so connected. Nora then asks Téa what does she see when she looks at Todd? Téa says she sees his pain and loneliness and how much he hates himself, but that's not always what its about. Sometimes Todd reaches deep inside himself and finds the courage to try to change and that inspires her to do the same.

Sam interrupts Téa and Nora discussing the case. Téa excuses herself and Sam tells Nora of Todd's offer to not print the DNA results if she fires Téa. Meanwhile, Téa is listening at the door and hears the whole thing.

Rachel's apartment:

Hank stops by to visit his daughter, who is strung out emotionally. Rachel is upset because Georgie's family won't return her calls and wouldn't even claim the body. She speaks of her friendship with Georgie, although Hank has to remind her that her "good friend" Georgie beat her up, but Rachel says that doesn't matter now. The fact is if Bo had been honest about Georgie, she would still be alive. The conversation is interrupted by the ringing of Hank's cell phone telling him to get down to the police station for the test results.

Later, Kevin visits and remarks how they have all changed since college: him, her, Todd and Georgie. Kevin also tells Rachel that he has reason to believe that Drew is a murderer. Rachel insists that Drew couldn't have murdered Georgie, but she also tells Kevin about the missing snap on Drew's jacket and Georgie's autopsy report. Kevin wants to go to the police with his suspicions, but Rachel begs him to talk to Drew first.

LPD locker room:

Drew takes the DNA retest kit out of his locker and takes a sample of his own blood in order to have it tested.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Llanview Police Department- Kevin, Annie and Drew

Drew is in the locker room. He pricks his finger for the DNA test card. He over hears two officers gossiping about Georgie's pregnancy. One thinks that Bo is the father. The other says that the baby belonged to some jerk who couldn't handle it.

In the squad room, Kevin tells Annie that Drew is guilty as hell. The two gossiping cops come in from the locker room and Kevin covers for Annie by saying she is throwing him out. As they walk away, Kevin tells her about the snap on the leather jacket. He is holding it in his hands. He says he had a source that told him it was missing and now it suddenly has been replaced. Drew comes into the squad room and asks his cousin what the hell he is doing? Kevin says he heard Drew had a wreck and he was just looking at the jacket, thinking how the leather must have protected him. Drew asks Annie to let him talk to his cousin alone. She agrees gladly, more than annoyed at Kevin, but still wondering about Drew's culpability. Drew tells Kevin that he has a capacity to grow just as Kevin has and he is not the same person as he was last year. He doesn't understand why Kevin is acting like an investigator. He tells Kevin to back off. Kevin smiles and asks about the ring and whether it is stuck in a jaw somewhere. Drew replies that the department doesn't like jewelry and mumbles yes when Kevin inquires if he has it home. Kevin says with a ring like that, Drew wouldn't need any brass knuckles. Drew tries to say he is only helping his father and orders Kevin to leave. Kevin informs him that he thinks the best thing he (Kevin) can do for Bo is find Georgie Phillips killer.

Later, in the police lab, Drew turns him his blood test for DNA sampling. The officer behind the desk asks if this is from another suspect or a retesting of Bo's sample. He mentions that the defense has asked for another test, too. Kevin is just one step behind his cousin. He remarks that it usually takes a long time on the force for a cop to be trusted with DNA patrol. Drew is on the spot with Kevin watching his every move so he lies to the Lab cop and says that it is Bo's second test. He turns to Kevin after the cop leaves and tells him to stop dogging him. He didn't kill Georgie. Kevin replies that he never said he did.

Back at the squad room, Drew hands Annie a list of video production houses. Annie remarks that Georgie was some operator. Guess she pushed it too far this time. Drew replies that they were taught not to blame the victim. Annie becomes defensive and tells Drew that Bo is the victim. All this time Kevin is watching Drew.

Palace Hotel-Congressman Graham, Barbara, Max and Asa

Congressman Graham shows his daughter the Sun's headline. Bo-dacious. Under it is a picture of Bo and Georgie at the Police Ball. Barbara says that Todd has a grudge against Bo. Graham says because of the rape. Barbara really doesn't want to go there. Neither does her dad except to note that she hasn't been the same since she quit the hospital to take care of Kevin. Now she is working on a per diem basis since Kevin got well. Barbara admits she misses working for the Buchanans. Her father calls the Buchanans "hypocrites" and attacks Kevin for writing drivel about his uncle. Barbara defends Kevin. Her father is suspicious about her feelings and asks if something is going on. Barbara replies that she hates to see someone getting pleasure out of someone else's pain and especially when that person is her father. She walks away.

At another table, Asa tells Max that Barbara seems like a nice girl and it is too bad her father is not the same way. Congressman Graham has been shooting his mouth off from Harrisburg to the hinterlands about Bo. Max asks what he can do. Asa is under the impression that Max already is working on Blair because Todd has not yet published a story about Georgie's pregnancy and because Blair spent the night with Sam. Max admits that he did not have anything to do with any of this. Asa reminds him that he will underwrite his internet project and all it will cost is Blair's Black heart. He need only seduce her. Max mentions how Blair got a job to set a good example for Starr and he would like to provide the same for his kids. Asa says he did not provide a good example and look how well Bo and Clint turned out. Max explains that Blair is a good friend and that he hurt her yesterday when he implied she was sniffing around Sam just for information. Asa points out that Max's twins were snatched from their beds and they never did anything wrong. Max can choose to help free the man who helped get those kids back and in exchange he never would have to worry about providing for them. Or he could worry about Blair. Max tells Asa that he talked on the phone with Leslie and she and Frankie would like to come home. "There's your answer", Asa replies. "Give me something to protect my son". Max gives in and says it is a deal as Asa write a check.

Nora's office- Sam and Nora

Sam says that Todd's offer is that the Sun will drop the pregnancy story if Nora fires Téa. Nora doesn't like Todd using his wife as a bargaining chip. Téa overhears this part of the conversation and leaves. Nora admits if this had happened the day before, she would have snapped at the offer. But since then, Téa and she got to talking and it changed things for her. Suddenly Nora notices the door is open and is sure Téa must have overheard. She looks all over, but can not find Téa. Téa has proved to be the biggest help and she is enjoying working with her. She asks Sam where Téa could be? Sam replies, "Where do you think?", his tone implying Nora should know Téa went to see her husband.

Todd' office - Blair, Todd and Téa

Todd is incredulous that Blair did not sleep with Sam. She can see that he has a low opinion of her. He asks about the autopsy. She said she couldn't find it and she was having fun. Todd reminds her that she had a target. Blair asks him if he is afraid she and Sam will get together and there won't be room for Todd Manning.

Blair asks if Téa walked out on him and expresses doubt that the second Mrs. Manning will come back. Todd states Téa leaves all the time and she will be back. Blair wants to know how many times it will take before Téa leaves him for good. She tells Todd to stay out of her personal life. He replies, dismissing her, run along and do your job. Just then Téa comes through the door and Blair can't resist saying, "She's baaaack!"

"You look awful", Todd says. "You got fired or something?"
"Tell me that deal was not your idea. Tell me you did not pressure them to fire me"
"I had to. I would do anything for you."
"What did you offer them"
"I told them I would back off Bo and if they didn't, I wouldn't back off"
"Sweet Deal", Téa replies.
Todd says he hates Bo. "I want to set his hair on fire and put it out with a pickax. I want him to burn for what he did to Georgie. I let it all go. I let it all go for you"
"Did I ever ask you to give up your job for me. Did I even suggest you drop your campaign against Bo?"
Todd replies that he knew what she wanted, he did it and now she can come home because the fight is over. Téa asks if he is now forcing her to come home and he tells her she has a choice.
"What choice? To sacrifice Bo to have the job I want?"
Todd sees it as an everybody wins situation. He backs off and Nora will need Téa's help a lot less. He may have forced her hand, but now she can devote herself to helping some poor slob who didn't hit someone with a bat.
"You think if you say you love me, it won't hurt as much if you take away every part of my life except being your wife."
Todd denies he is taking away anything.
Téa cites her freedom, dignity and independence. "I knew you were a hopeless jumble of emotions, but I saw something I really wanted and I thought it was there for just the two of us. But as it turns out, I have to walk across a burning lake to get it. I have to die to get what I want. I need to save myself."
Todd replies that they can walk across the burning lake and save each other.

Téa replies: "You said I had a choice. Well, I choose not to let you control my life. I am not coming back to you, Todd. God knows, I would come back under any other terms. I have in the past. But not this time. And if you need to destroy Bo because of it, go do it. I gave you my heart, I have up my job, but I will not give you my soul. My soul is mine I am keeping it. I'm going to need it....down the road".

With tears running down her cheeks, Téa leaves Todd to ponder the seriousness of what she just said.

Nora's office- Sam, Nora and Téa

Nora still can't believe Sam brought this offer to her. Sam says he may be off the case, but his ethics bound him to tell her. Nora begins to think this through. If there were no Téa, there would be no headlines to poison the juries minds and then she could control the facts. She had been hoping the DNA would be back and would exonerate Bo. Sam suggests the defense get an independent test. She agrees. As for Téa, Sam wants to know what her decision is. Will she fire her? Nora wants him to make the decision with her, but he tells her it is up to her.

Nora phones Bo and he tells her they can take another blood sample. He left her to do what is right. Barbara Graham has agreed to go to the police station and get it. As for Téa, without Sam, Delgado is crucial to Bo's defense. Nora wonders if maybe Sam will change his mind, but he assures her he is leaving. Nora also asks if maybe Blair could convince him, then realizes it is not her business. Sam wants to go to Chicago, she can grudgingly accept that, but she still needs his help right now to figure out how to finger Todd. Sam advises her to use the fact that he used his wife as a bargaining chip against him. The more sympathy for Téa, the more they undermine Todd's credibility in the eyes of the jury. Sam says that Todd is like a black hole sucking life out of everything.

Nora wonders what is to prevent Todd from saying it is a conflict of interest to have Téa represent Bo. She is his wife and sister of the lead investigator. Sam thinks having Del as the top cop will be a great reason to have Téa on the defense. Nora inquires whether Sam thinks that Todd would take this to a judge. Sam is certain Todd wouldn't want to lose her. Téa returns and they apologize for her overhearing their conversation. She replies that she knows the score and could tear Todd's lungs out because in his perverse way, this is how he shows he cares. She knows she has only been on the case for 8 hours, but she has resignation papers, nicely worded. Nora tears them up and says she is not going to let the bad guys win.

Palace- Blair and Max

After her confrontation with Todd, Blair is sitting in the restaurant. Max joins her and apologizes for what he said about. He asks about Todd. Blair tells him that Todd bulldozed her. She had been feeling good, having a good time, then she fell asleep and Sam wound up on the couch. Nothing happened. Todd had difficulty believing that. He turned it into something ugly. Sam didn't need her to explain her past. He liked her for herself. She is determined to quit her job. If Sam can leave Nora, she can leave Todd. Max says she can't do that. It would be a hasty move. Todd hits her where it hurts, but he shouldn't make her quit a good job. Max asks about Sam and reminds Blair that she has a thing for older men. Blair states that Asa is 12 times older than Sam. Max tells her he believes she enjoys her job. Blair compliments him on knowing her better than anyone. He keeps her steady. Max also says that she should rethink quitting because if she does, Todd might retaliate by playing games with her visitation rights. Better to wait until this all blows over. Blair says it will not blow over, but rather it will blow up. She is sure Bo is guilty because she and Todd found the bat in Bo's car the night before the police found it. Max is shocked. Max puts the charm on and says that since she and Sam don't have much of a future together, how about him. He used to serenade her, he even proposed to her. Blair is suspicious at the sudden sentimentality and wonders if body snatchers got him. He tells her he wants to celebrate. He has an investor. He would like to treat her like she deserves to be treated. Blair says he is the best friend she ever had.

Later at the hotel check-out desk, she inquires with an employee if Sam checked out. She asks her to forward a note and greases her palm with green bucks. The note says, "Here is my number. Maybe next time you won't need to work and I won't fall asleep.". She signs Blair with a "0" and "x" above it for a hug and a kiss.

Nora's office- Nora, Téa and Sam

Sam and Nora agree that if Todd wants a confrontation, they will do what they do best and fight fire with litigation. His bribe is actionable. They can keep him tied up in court with Sam and Téa's testimony. Sam says he protected Todd from his father and from his self, but now he has to learn he doesn't get the ball because his is strongest on the field. He pushed and they have to push back. Téa realizes the wisdom of this, but her heart still wonders.... "Where would Todd and I have ended up? Where would we have come to, would we have killed each other or just tired ourselves into a peaceful old age together? I don't know, I don't know", she is sobbing. Nora wants to work with her. That's why they went this far. They have the weapons to fight Todd, no matter what he throws at Téa. She wants Téa to know that she has Nora's total support and she hugs her. Sam leaves and reminds Téa that Nora will need the ring box Asa gave him.

Llanview Police Department- Kevin and Barbara

Barbara arrives to do the blood test and Kevin is distracted from watching Drew. They chat for a while and he wonders why she is there, but she says it is confidential. She invites him out for a beer again, with or without Cassie. She is just a friend and they had a great time at Rodi's last week. Kevin had been wondering if that was true. She again tells him that whenever he needs a break...Just than he notices Drew has left his desk and Kevin scurries off to look for him.

Todd's office- Todd, Briggs, Nora

Todd is snapping pencils in his hand and with his teeth when Briggs comes in and he asks his opinion on the headline "Baby makes two murders". Besides thinking that it leaves them liable, Briggs just doesn't like it. Todd decides to kabosh the headline and tells someone at the press room to run the Llanview Graduation on the front page. The employee doesn't believe it is Todd until he threatens to kill him.

Nora enters the office and tells him. "What you are doing your wife and my husband is no longer acceptable. I will put you through mortal combat with my lawyers until you drop, your business fails or you die. I don't care which. Then I am going to sue you from the top of your ratty head to the bottom of your overpriced shoes and then I am going to have you busted on every relevant charge on the books. You will be so tied up in knots that you will look like a fouled up fishing line"

"Knock yourself out", Todd replies. Nothing bad will happen to me. Téa Delgado would never file charges against me. She loves me too much" Nora lets out an evil laugh and as she turns her back, Todd's confident face turns doubtful as Nora goes through the door.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Written by: Mechelle Larkin-Davis


Ofcr. Annie visits Bo and brings donuts. She apologizes for accusing Drew. Bo compliments her for thinking like a detective, but tells her that she's way off about Drew. He goes on about how Drew used to be a screw up, but now he's changed. While they're talking, Kevin walks in (also bearing donuts). Annie leaves and Bo asks Kevin whether he's there as a reporter or as family.

Nora's office (Téa & Nora)

Nora and Téa try to come up with someone Georgie could have been seeing in order to increase reasonable doubt for Bo. An upset Nora berates Sam for quitting. Téa reminds her that Sam did not quit but that Nora fired him.

Sun (Blair & Todd)

Blair walks in with the days paper in hand, whose very un-Sun like headline reads "Happy Grads". She asks Todd if they have become the college paper and asks what happened to the "Bo's little bundle of joy" story. Todd replies that he would have run the coroner's report if Blair had kept her clothes on long enough to get it (in reference to the Blair/Sam incident). Blair angrily tells him that Sam didn't have the report and reminds him that she did not sleep with Sam. Blair then digs at Todd by asking if he's upset that Téa didn't come rushing back to his loving arms. Todd fires her. Blair tells him that he's lucky she didn't quit. Max talked her out of it.

Palace (Asa & Max)

Max tells Asa he won't do anything to hurt Blair. Asa tells him that they're out to get Manning, not Blair and he wants to know if Max has any info. Max tells Asa that Todd and Blair found the bat in Bo's car the night before the police did. A surprised Asa asks Max what the hell he's telling him. Max goes on to say that the anonymous call to the police was made by Blair. A very angry Asa rises from the table and says that it's one thing to print the lousy lies about Bo, but if Manning is trying to frame his boy he will kill him.

Court (Hank & Congressman Graham)

Graham tells Hank that he has named a new police commissioner and that he doesn't think that Hank can be objective as a prosecutor given his friendship with Bo. Graham says that he and the governor are also thinking of bringing in a special prosecutor. Hank insists that he can be objective. Graham asks, no matter what evidence comes to light? Hank says absolutely. Graham hands him an envelope and says then you should have no problem releasing this to the press. Hank reads the contents and says "this can't be".

Nora's office (Téa, Nora, Rachel & Drew)

Téa reads a list of men that Georgie scammed. She then goes over a list of things taken from the lodge and comes across a pair of gloves. She asks aloud, why the killer would take gloves from the lodge. Why wouldn't the killer have gloves with him. Nora replies that maybe the killer didn't go there with the intent to off Georgie. Perhaps it was a crime of passion. In walks Rachel, who doesn't say anything worth writing. She did however ask Nora if she had anybody in mind who would have killed Georgie. Nora replied no. Rachel then asked about the DNA results. Nora said that the first tests were inconclusive and that the results of the second were not in yet. Rachel says she may know who he is. Nora asks 'he' who? 'He' who killed Georgie or 'he' who fathered her baby. Drew enters.

Jail (Bo & Kevin)

Bo wards off all of Kevin's suspicions about Drew. Kevin says that Georgie had a bruise on her face from where the killer had hit her so hard it left an imprint of his ring. Bo says he knows. Kevin goes on to say that Drew wears a ring. Bo replies that half of Llanview wears a ring. Kevin counters that Drew has stopped wearing his ring. Bo asks what that proves and wants to know how Kevin came about this information. He thinks there is a leak in his department. Kevin assures his there isn't. He tells him that Rachel gave him the info. Bo asked why Rachel would be interested. Kevin reminds him that Rachel was Georgie's roommate and that the whole murder has thrown her for a loop. He adds that it hasn't thrown her so far that she didn't notice a snap missing from Drew's jacket. The same kind that matches the snap found in Georgie's fist. Bo says it doesn't prove anything and that he has the same kind of jacket. (yeah but is the snap missing?) Kevin says all the little things that don't mean anything, mean a lot when you put them all together. Bo accuses Kevin of being out to get Drew. Kevin tells Bo that Drew is a con artist.

Sun (Todd, Blair & Asa)

Todd finds out that his lame 'Grad' headline has caused sales to drop 20%. Blair asks him what he plans to print tomorrow "Crowd gathers at community pool". Todd says that he's going to print Buchanan knocks up Georgie Phillips then splits her head open. Blair tells him if he prints that without proof that he will be looking at a major law suit. Asa strolls in and says if Todd prints that, he will be looking at a funeral (his own). Asa hurls a few Texas slurs and accuses him of trying to frame Bo. Todd says he prints the truth and tells gramps he's losing it. Asa replies that he is far from losing it and accuses Todd of putting the bat in Bo's car. Blair asks Asa where he got that ridiculous story. Asa tells Todd that he is messing with the wrong clan and if the cops can't nail him, then he will. Todd tells Asa that he doesn't scare him. Asa says he should be scared because he is going to be all over him like a bad disease until he falls down on his butt. Todd asks Asa if he's done. Asa says no, he won't be done until Todd is rotting on death row. After Asa leaves, Todd tells Blair that she has 10 seconds to explain how Asa got that information about the bat because only two people knew (he and Blair). Blair hotly denies telling anyone. Todd tells her that he pays her to dig up dirt on other folks, not to spill his.

Nora's office (Drew, Nora, Rachel & Téa)

Drew asks if he is interrupting and Rachel says yes. Nora tells him that he has every right to be there. Rachel says maybe so considering he was here alone the other night. Nora asks Drew if he broke into her office. Drew says yes, but he can explain. He said that he needs some information from the coroners report. He apologizes. Nora asked Rachel if she also read the report and if that was where she got her theory on who the killer might be. Rachel looked at Drew, then said that the killer could have been any number of people. Drew then tells them that Del is off the case.

Jail (Bo & Kevin)

Bo asks Kevin if he honestly believes Drew would let him sit in jail for a crime he committed. Kevin says he does. Bo goes on defending Drew and packs his bag for a guilt trip. He goes on about how if he had been there when Drew was growing up blah blah.... Kevin asks him if he is trying to say that it's his fault that Drew is the way he is. Bo says that he is proud to have Drew as a son. He accuses Kevin of being an un-objective reporter when it comes to Drew. He says that Drew has nothing to do with this and that it all started with a sick girl named Georgie Phillips. Kevin replies, who happened to be pregnant. Bo asks Kevin how he knew that. Kevin says that half the town knows that and wonders why Todd hasn't printed it. He says Todd is probably waiting on the DNA results. Bo asks Kev what he knows about the DNA test. Kev says he doesn't know the results, but he knows that Drew was at the lab. Bo asked what Drew was doing there and Kev told him that Drew was dropping his test off. Kevin asked Bo didn't he think that was kinda weird that Drew would be dropping his test off considering that he's family and all. He then told Bo that the really weird part was when the lab tech asked Drew whose blood it was, that Drew started hemming and hawing around and could barely get Bo's name out like he wasn't sure if it was Bo's blood.

Palace (Blair & Max)

Blair storms over to Max's table and tells him that she should kick him in the teeth for telling Asa about the bat. Max feigns ignorance and asks why she thinks he would tell Asa. Blair replies, for money. Max says that Asa has snoops everywhere and that he could have found out from one of them.

Jail (Bo & Kevin)

Bo tells Kevin to lay off Drew because he could rake up things nobody wants to hear. Kev asks like what? The fact that he was trying to make up to Drew a childhood he was never there for. (I like this new Kevin) Bo kicks Kevin out of the jail. Kev tells him that he is not gonna him take the fall for something he didn't do. Kevin leaves and Ofcr. Annie walks in and asks Bo if he's okay. Bo begins to tell her about the night he received a collect phone call (20 years ago) from a little boy asking for daddy. He refused the call because he thought it was a wrong number. Annie tells him that it's not his fault. He tells her that he can't change the past, but he can change the future and asks her to go get Drew and tell him its a matter of life and death.

Nora's office (Téa, Nora, Drew & Rachel) Rachel notices the bandage on Drew's finger and asks if he cut his finger. He replies it's a paper cut. She tells him that she gets paper cuts all the time but never puts a band aid on them. Nora asks Téa if she's heard anything from Del. The phone rings and Hank tells Nora to get down to the court house for a big press conference.

Court House (Drew, Rachel, Ofcr. Annie, Hank, Kevin, Congressman Graham, John Sykes, Blair, Todd, Téa & Nora)

Kevin accuses Sykes (new commissioner) of being in the congressman's pocket. Officer Annie comes in and tells Drew that his dad wants to see him. Drew leaves and Rachel asks Kevin if he talked to Bo. Kevin tells her he did, but that Bo didn't want to talk about his precious son. Nora asks Hank what's going on. Hank tells her that Graham has named Sykes and the new commissioner.

Jail (Bo & Drew)

Drew asks Bo what's up? Bo says you tell me. Drew tells him that he's still trying to get him out. Bo asks, are you? Bo then tells him that he knows he wasn't the best father, but that he would do anything for him. All he asks for in return is Drew's love, respect and honesty. Drew, puzzled, asks Bo what he's getting at. Bo tells him that he's worried about him. Drew tells him that they should be focusing on the case. Bo says he is focusing, but that everything keeps coming back to Drew. He tells him that he's getting all kinds of information from all sides and it all points to him.

Palace (Asa & Max)

Asa walks over to Max's table and asks if he's setting up camp. Max replies that his office is being painted. Asa tells him that he is paying him to tail Blair so his office is wherever she is. Max blasts Asa for telling Todd about the bat. Asa tells Max to find out where Todd was the night of the murder. Max tells him that Todd was proposing to Téa. Asa tells him to find just one hour of unaccounted time and they will have a new suspect.

Jail (Drew & Bo)

Drew asks Bo if he's been talking to Kevin and asks whether or not Bo trusts him. Bo says that he has questions. Bo brings up the jacket and the missing snap and the ring with the crest. Bo asks Drew if it is all coincidence. Drew says that he is not a murderer and turns to walk away. Bo then asks Drew whose blood is it at the lab.


The new commissioner is named. Hank tells the press that Georgie was pregnant at the time of the murder and that DNA tests were conducted and the results show that Bo was the father. As a result, Bo will be charged with 3rd degree murder. Todd looks smug, and Nora looks faint.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Kelly and Joey

Kelly and Joey have just gotten out of Dorian's pool after taking a swim. Joey is happy that finally no one is around to interrupt them and he and Kelly start kissing. Joey thinks the kiss was incredible, and Drew wasn't even there to interrupt it. Joey wants them to be more than just friends and he wants to know if there's anything he can do, if there's anything in their way. They reminisce about their time together in Paris. Kelly doesn't know where they are going to end up, but the past is over, they're going to have a fresh start. They start kissing again.

Joey's cel phone rings, it's Kevin calling. He tells Joey to find Viki and come down to the courthouse, it looks like Bo is going before the judge. Joey and Kelly both rush off to go get dressed and head to the courthouse.

Cassie and Viki

Cassie and Viki are having lunch at the Palace Hotel to celebrate her engagement to Kevin. Cassie wonders if this is the right time to be celebrating. Viki says what happened to Georgie was sad and Bo being arrested for her murder is terrible, but the rest of them can't bring their lives to a screeching halt because of it. Mel almost tried to postpone his honeymoon to cover the story, but Viki wouldn't let him. She asks Cassie if she's heard from them and Cassie replies that they are having a terrific time. Viki's a little surprised, didn't Dorian get upset when she learned Cassie's going to be marrying Kevin? Cassie admits that she didn't tell Dorian yet, she's a little worried about her mother's reaction to the news. Cassie can't wait to get away on her own honeymoon, she and Kevin need to get away and take a break from everything. "Kevin is obsessed with Bo's case, I can barely get his attention", Cassie explains.

Viki knows that Kevin has been very involved in covering Bo's case, so much so that Viki has questioned the wisdom of letting him cover it. But Kevin has been very objective in his coverage, despite his personal feelings. That's one thing Cassie admires about Kevin very much, his integrity. Cassie mentions to Viki that her priorities are changing and she'd like to spend more time with River, and with David while they still have the time together. Viki thinks David is amazing. When she heard that he was in a wheelchair and speaks with a computer, she thought that he would be somehow, diminished, like Dorian or Kevin were when they were in the hospital. But David's spirit is incredible and he just radiates life. When he comes into a room, it's still David and his extraordinary presence that comes in. Cassie's glad that Viki sees it too, underneath he's still the same man. Cassie feels that River and her father will be a burden to Kevin, despite what he says. Cassie just hopes that Kevin can handle it.

Viki assures her that Kevin will be just fine. He would never have gotten so close to River if he wasn't planning to stick it out, he would never want to hurt River. Cassie thought so too, but it's nice to hear it from Viki. Cassie knows that Viki hasn't always been comfortable with her seeing Kevin. For a while Cassie felt so guilty about her marriage she couldn't let herself admit out loud that she loves Kevin. But now she can, she loves Kevin, Cassie says with a big smile, and they are going to have a wonderful marriage. Joey and Kelly come in and tell them that they have to get over to the courthouse, Bo is going before a judge. Cassie stays behind, she wants to check on David, she'll catch up to them later.

Bo, Drew, Nora and Annie

Bo is trying to ask Drew if the blood he took to be tested was Bo's, when they are interrupted by Annie. She tells them it was announced that the DNA results prove that Bo is the baby's father. Bo asks to speak to Drew alone. Annie agrees to leave and to keep any other visitors out. Drew tells Bo that he never meant for any of this to happen, he made a huge mistake. He admits that the second sample of blood he took to the lab was his own blood. "I'm the one who got Georgie pregnant".

Bo asks if Drew was trying to set him up by telling the lab it was Bo's blood. Kevin was standing right there, Drew explains, he had no choice. I was going to tell you the truth, Drew swears, but at the time he didn't know if Bo had an affair with Georgie, too. Drew knows now that he wasn't and he's very sorry. Bo wants Drew to tell him the whole story, from start to finish, and don't leave out any details. Drew met Georgie when he was attending Llanview University and they went out a few times. He ran into her again in Nashville, Georgie claimed she was visiting friends there. Drew was very depressed at the time and all he wanted to do was to fix things, to earn the right to use the Buchanan name. Bo tells Drew he doesn't have to earn it, he *is* a Buchanan, no matter what anyone says or thinks. Drew decided to come back to Llanview and become a police officer. Georgie was the one who encouraged him to join the academy, she was very supportive of him. They came back to town together, but Drew didn't come to get back at anyone, he just wanted to keep his return secret until he graduated the academy and could make Bo proud. Bo believes what he's saying, but he still has to ask him one question. Georgie came to town and infiltrated and wrecked all of their lives, "so why shouldn't I believe that everything Georgie did was your idea?"

It was Georgie's idea to work for Nora, Drew insists. She said she did it to help pave the way for Drew after he graduated. They thought that when Bo found out he and Georgie were involved, Bo would welcome him back with open arms. I had no idea what Georgie was doing to you and Nora, Drew swears, Georgie would make suggestions and he would follow them. Georgie really seemed like all she wanted is for things to work out for Drew. All Georgie wanted was for things to work out for herelf, Bo corrects him. Bo asks when the last time Drew saw Georgie was. That night, at the lodge, Drew says, the night she was killed. Drew surprised her there and they made love, and afterwards Drew asked Georgie to marry him. Drew thought that Georgie would be thrilled, but instead she went ballistic, said things that Drew would never imagine her saying. Things like she would never marry a stupid cop and she had bigger fish to fry, meaning Bo, and that Bo was too stupid to see what was right in front of him. She went on a big tirade about the Buchanan family and Drew defended them, told Georgie that he thought she was crazy. Georgie slapped him hard and Drew hit her back. He feels sick about it, he never hit a woman before, but he was so angry he just snapped. He tried to apologize, but she just got worse and went into at total rage, and then.... Drew stops speaking. "Drew, you're not going to tell me you killed her, are you?", Bo asks.

"I didn't kill Georgie, Dad", Drew tells him. Bo looks relieved and asks if there's anything else he needs to know. Before Drew can answer, Nora storms in, yelling at Annie that she is not a *visitor*. Nora wants to talk to Bo alone and Bo sends Drew upstairs. Nora knows that the DNA results aren't true, the lab must have made a mistake. They're going to find out who the real father is and throw the suspicion on someone else. Bo doesn't say anything at all in his defense and Nora starts to look worried. "Bo?", she questions, but they are interrupted by Annie, who has come to escort him to the courtroom. Nora tells him not to look so worried, they are one step closer to getting him out of there and one step closer to getting the case dismissed. Bo doesn't look convinced.

The Courthouse

Hank announces that Georgie Phillips was pregnant at the time of her death and the DNA results prove that Bo Buchanan was the father of the baby. Nora sits there in shock as Hank continues that there will be a preliminary hearing this afternoon and Bo will be charged with murder in the third degree. Hank then concludes the press conference and refers any questions to acting-commissioner John Sykes. Congressman Graham warns Sykes to watch out for Hank and to make sure he plays by the book. The two men, along with all the reporters, leave the courtroom. Nora wants to rush off and go see Bo, but Todd gets up and stands in her way. "You just heard definitive and conclusive proof that your husband was an adulterer. How does that feel?", Todd asks.

Todd badgers Nora for a quote, doesn't she have anything to say about her husband knocking up his secretary and then knocking her off. Nora brushes by Todd with out saying a word. Téa warns Todd to back off, they will prove that this is a mistake. This is science, not something that the Buchanan's can throw their money and weight around and get out of like they always do, Todd tells them. He suggests that Téa stay out of the way, "because Bo Buchanan is going down and I don't want him falling on your pretty, little head".

Out in the hallway, John Sykes is answering reporters questions. It is asked if the results will be confirmed by a second lab. Sykes answers that they have no plans to do so at this time, they have confidence in the results. This case is basically closed, he continues, the evidence has been gathered and the case is now in the hand of the courts.

Back in the courtroom, which everyone else has now left, Rachel joins Hank. Hank tells her things don't look good for Bo. Rachel admits she suspected Bo in the beginning, but she was starting to think she was wrong. Now she doesn't know what to believe. Hank is holding onto one thing, Bo has never lied to him before and Bo is not a killer. Hank doesn't know what's going on, but it's not what it looks like. Rachel asks how he's going to prosecute a case he doesn't believe in. Hank will do it the same way he does other cases, the best way he knows how.

After Kevin calls Joey to tell him to come down to the courthouse, Todd comes over to harass him. Time to call all the Buchanans, circle the wagons, Todd says. "Go impale yourself", Kevin replies and walks away. Then it's Blair's turn to go over and bother Téa. Looks like you're going to lose your first big case, she observes. Todd should have followed his instincts and run the Georgie pregnancy story, "instead of letting some little piece of fluff like you sway his judgment". Téa looks surprised. "Todd held that story because of you", Blair explains, then leaves the room. Todd and Téa look at each other.

"So are you happy?" , Todd asks Téa, "you walked out on me, did that give you any joy, any pleasure?" "Yeah, it was a real rush", Téa replies sarcastically. "Just remember that you walked out on our marriage so you could stand up in this courtroom for Bo Buchanan, the bed thumper". "Nice mouth, Todd, and a stunning interpretation of events. No wonder you're such a stellar journalist", Téa tells him. Todd tries to warn her that the Buchanans are just using her and when Bo goes down, he'll take Téa down with him. Téa thinks Todd is putting too much weight on the DNA evidence, and even if he is the father, that doesn't make him a killer. I'm not going to stand here and debate this with you, Téa says, I've got a job to do. Todd thinks it's not going to be easy, the commonwealth has a airtight case. Téa tells him, "If I have to find the killer myself, I will do it, but I will get an acquittal". What if Bo really did it, Todd asks. That's irrelevant, she replies, I'm his lawyer. Todd says he's not going to stand around and watch Bo lie his face off in court and turns around and leaves.

Everyone starts arriving at the courthouse, including Clint and Asa. Asa yells at Hank for not giving them some warning that Bo was going before the judge. They all knew this was going to happen sooner or later, why didn't Asa call the courthouse and check the docket, Hank defends himself, unwilling to take the blame. Clint asks if there is anything they can do for Bo, but Hank has no answers. Joey arrives and goes over to ask Kevin if he had a chance to talk to Bo yet. Not yet, Kevin tells him, Bo was with Drew and Kevin really doesn't trust him, especially after he saw Drew messing around with the blood sample. Asa and Clint are now talking to Viki. Clint tells her he's sure this must all be a big mistake. Viki would like to think so, but what about the DNA evidence, how could that be wrong? Asa says it doesn't matter, even if Bo did have an affair with Georgie, he didn't kill her. Kelly is talking to Drew and comments that he doesn't look good. Drew just says he's worried about his father. Kelly assures him that Téa and Nora will get him off, they have the truth on their side. Bo enters the courtroom and everyone take their seats. Hank tells Bo that he has to play this by the book, but he wants Bo to know that he's behind him all the way. He had to fight Graham to be able to stay as prosecutor on the case. Bo warns him not to do anything that might jeopardize his job and Hank promises that he won't. The judge enters the courtroom, it's Judge Fitzwater.

Téa takes a moment to remind Bo that he doesn't have to say anything at all at this preliminary hearing. Nora tells Téa that once the formal plea has been entered, she plans to move to have the DNA evidence dismissed, it was obviously tampered with or contaminated. Bo says nothing. Meanwhile, Hank tells Sykes, who's sitting right behind him that he doesn't need a baby sitter. Sykes claims that's not what he's doing, he's just there doing his job. Judge Fitzwater starts the proceedings, commenting that she has seen the same faces in her court before, usually in a different alignment, and it saddens her to be where they are today. She says the charge against Bo is murder in the third degree and asks Hank to begin. Instead, Bo stands up and declares he would like to make a statement. Both the judge and Nora try to get him to shut up, but Bo is determined. After a long look at Drew, Bo declares that he is guilty. The courtroom erupts and Nora stares at him in shock and horror.


When Todd returns from the courtroom, he finds someone setting up a TV in his office with a feed from the courtroom. Todd doesn't want to see Bo's ugly face he tells the man and kicks him out. Todd sits down at his desk and looks at the picture of Bo and Georgie on the front page of The Sun.

Todd removes one of the pictures on his wall to reveal a wall safe behind it. He opens it and takes out a glove, like a gardening glove. He flashes back to the scene of Georgie's body being pulled over a log and then covered with branches. Only this time, we see more detail, the person is wearing a glove exactly like the one in Todd's safe. Is Todd the killer??.....

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