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Dorian and Mel were married. Cassie accepted Kevin's marriage proposal. Joey and Kelly kissed. Georgie's baby had the same blood type as Bo. Nora objected to Téa being on Bo's defense team. Drew was upset over Georgie's death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, May 18, 1998

At Sam's office, Joey tried to discuss Bo's case, but Kelly's mind was on Drew. Joey tried to get Kelly to forget about Drew and they almost kissed, but Joey pulled away. Meanwhile, Sam, Bo and Nora were all stunned by Hank's bombshell about Georgie's pregnancy. The news got worse when Nora read the autopsy report and said that the fetus had the same blood type as Bo. Nora backed Bo and said she was determined to find the real father. Nora believed that the father of Georgie's baby was also her killer. Drew was upset by the news of Georgie's pregnancy, especially when Rachel was so sure the baby was Bo's. Drew confronted Bo and asked him if he was the baby's father. Bo said he never slept with Georgie and felt bad that the baby never stood a chance. Drew raced out and later crashed his motorcycle. Hank and Nora went to comfort Rachel and she still insisted that Bo was the father of Georgie's baby. Max and Blair borrowed Téa's bridal veil samples that she left in Todd's office. When Téa returned, she complained to Todd about his indifference to her lately and said that all he seemed to have time for was Blair. Téa was upset that her veils were gone and went to the Banner to confront Blair. Dorian agreed to marry Mel immediately in the City Room at the Banner. Cassie called Andrew to perform the ceremony. Andrew ran into Téa and when she heard about the wedding, Téa realized that was why Blair took her veils. Dorian prepared for the wedding in Viki's office and asked Blair if she spoke to Kelly about the money yet. Blair lied and said she had. Blair, Cassie and Kelly gave Dorian something new, something borrowed and something blue. Viki walked in and jokingly offered herself as something old - an old nemesis. Dorian corrected Viki and said no, an old friend. Dorian and Viki bonded as Dorian talked about her love for Mel. Viki then gave Dorian a beautiful bouquet of roses for the wedding. In a farewell gesture to his dead wife, Mel removed his old wedding band. Kevin supplied the music as the ceremony began.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

The Banner:

Dorian and Mel marry in an impromptu ceremony in the city room. Obviously in love, the couple speaks from their hearts about their feelings for each other. Kevin is so moved by the ceremony that he mentions to Viki that maybe he should book the city room for him and Cassie. As Andrew gets to the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part, Todd unwittingly interrupts the ceremony when he comes into the room yelling for Téa. When he realizes that Mel and Dorian are getting married, he comments that it is the waste of a perfectly good Tuesday. Téa asks Todd why he is there. He says that he came there to make sure she got her wedding stuff back. After the ceremony, Dorian and Mel invite everybody, including Todd, Téa and Starr back to her house for an impromptu reception. Téa desperately wants to go, but Todd refuses, so Mrs. Manning decides to go to the party alone.

Llanview hospital:

Nora arrives to take an injured Drew home. When she finds out that he ran off the road in his motorcycle, she realizes that he is very upset about Georgie's pregnancy. When she asks him about it, Drew tells her that he thinks Bo is guilty. Nora tries to brush off Drew's comments as resulting from fear, pain and drugs, then goes to get his discharge papers. After Nora leaves, Annie asks Drew why he freaked out over Georgie's autopsy report. Drew keeps saying "I let her down. I didn't know.." When Annie questions what he's talking about, Drew claims it's nothing, but she brings up his strange behavior of late saying that he has been strung out since before Bo was arrested. Before Drew can reply, Nora returns to take him home.

At home, Nora reads Drew the riot act. Drew says the Bo didn't convince him that he was innocent. Nora reminds Drew that Bo took him back without so much as a second thought and now Drew wants Bo to prove himself?! If Drew can't stand by Bo, then he can go back to Tennessee. Nora walks out, leaving Drew alone. Drew proceeds to read a love note from Georgie and it is very clear how much he misses her.


All of Dorian's friends and family gather together to share in their joy. In a corner of the room, Blair tells Max that she is going to tell Kelly that she stole her inheritance, but before she can Dorian blurts it out, thinking that Kelly already knows. Ashamed, Blair runs upstairs and Kelly follows. In Dorian's bedroom Blair confesses everything claiming she did it for Starr and, surprisingly, Kelly forgives her. Kelly says that it is probably a blessing because now she is in a better position to handle it. Blair give Kelly a copy of Ian's will along with the letter he wrote her and the two make up.

Downstairs, an ecstatic Cassie formally introduces David to everyone in the room. David walks in and greets Clint and Viki who are very pleased to see their old friend. Kevin introduces himself and then asks David for Cassie's hand in marriage. David gives his blessing and tells Kevin that he hopes Cassie says "yes."

On the terrace, Téa meets up with Todd, who took Dorian up on her invitation and brought Starr to the party. Téa complains that Todd is hiding out on the patio. When Todd tells her he hates parties, Téa notes that he seems to hate everything he promised her: the flowers, the veil, the ceremony. Todd tells her that all he cares about is putting Bo Buchanan behind bars. Téa realizes that her whole life has revolved around Todd and she is sick of it. She has been as obsessed with Todd as Todd is with Bo and she has decided to put an end to it. Téa says that they should postpone the wedding and Todd expresses that he's not sure he can be the man she wants him to be. Téa is unfazed as she tells him her whining, wimpy days are over. She is going to be the woman she knows she can be, then she leaves.

Nora's office:

Nora is on the phone with another lawyer discussing Bo's case. When she sees Téa, Nora hangs up and asks what headline has Todd got in mind for tomorrow. Téa says that she isn't there for Todd, she's there for Bo. She wants to help him go free.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Dorian's House

Cassie accepts Kevin's marriage proposal and the two of them hug and kiss. Todd stumbles upon this display of affection and, disgusted, quickly walks away. Cassie is still worried about the baggage she's bringing to the marriage, her ex-husband, her son(what about Kevin's ex-wife and his son?:-), but Kevin assures her everything will be fine. They are interrupted when Kevin gets a call from his police source and Kevin quickly leaves. Andrew arrives just as Kevin is leaving and overhears the news that Kevin and Cassie are getting married. He gets a bit defensive at first, telling Cassie he has no intention of being just a weekend father to River. Cassie quickly reassures him that she doesn't plan to contest the custody agreement. Andrew offers Cassie his best wishes on her marriage to Kevin.

Inside, Todd walks in as Joey and Kelly are kissing. "It's an epidemic", he complains. He alerts them to the fact that Drew is standing in the doorway just as Drew collapses. Joey and Todd help Drew upstairs to Dorian's bedroom to lay down. Joey wants to call for help, but Drew stops him, he doesn't want any more Buchanans around. Todd can agree with that sentiment. He tells them he's been checked out at the hospital and he's just fine. Kelly orders Joey to take his uncle downstairs(like Joey could make Todd do anything). Fortunately for Joey, Todd agrees to go and they head downstairs. Kelly tries to get Drew to tell her what is wrong. After talking to Joey for a while, Todd pretends to leave, but actually sneaks back upstairs and eavesdrops outside Dorian's room. He hears Drew telling Kelly he's upset about what he saw in the autopsy report, but doesn't tell her what it was. Later, Drew wakes up from a nap to find Todd lying on the bed with him. Todd tricks Drew by pretending he knows all about the autopsy report and Drew reveals that Georgie was pregnant. Todd is absolutely thrilled by the news and can't wait to put it in the next edition of The Sun. Andrew, who was asked by Kelly to talk to Drew, walks in just as Todd is leaving. He asks Drew what was going on with Todd, but Drew doesn't want to talk to him. Drew heads downstairs as Todd is announcing with glee to Kelly and Joey that Bo got Georgie pregnant. Drew tries to attack Todd, but Andrew holds him back. "For once in this bought and sold town the truth will be told, by me. And there's nothing you Buchanans can do to stop it!", Todd declares.

The Diner

Kevin arrives at the diner to meet his police source, but runs into Barbara instead. He shares with her the good news that he and Cassie just got engaged. Barbara puts up a good front and tries to be happy for him. Kevin assures her that she is very special to him, she helped him through a very difficult time. After Barbara leaves, Kevin's police source arrives and it turns out to be Officer Annie. Annie reveals that there is evidence that points to suspects other than Bo, but Del isn't following up on it. She tells him that the other suspect is Drew, but when he tries to get her to tell him what the evidence is, all she will say is "Follow the bat".

Sam's office

Nora tells Téa in no uncertain terms that the only way she will join Bo's defense is over Nora's dead body. Sam hears them arguing all the way down the hall and comes in to break it up. He's in charge of the defense team and he will decide if Téa will join them, he tells Nora. Nora argues against Téa, saying how can they trust the wife of the person who's attacking Bo in his paper. Sam asks to talk to Téa alone and Nora leaves, reluctantly. Sam asks why Téa wants to help out with the case. She tells him it would be a great jump start for her career. Sam thinks it might have to more to do with her marriage and Téa admits that it's true, she wants to find something she's passionate about, just as Todd is with this case. Outside in the reception area, Barbara stops by with some coffee for Nora and offers any support she can give. Bo was very supportive of her during the rape investigation and she's like to return the favor. Sam calls Nora back inside to tell her his decision. Sam agrees to let Téa help them, much to Nora's dismay. He explains that Téa can be objective about the case and that's what they need right now. Nora's too emotionally involved with Bo and he's too emotionally involved with Nora.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Nora, Sam, Téa, Bo and Officer Annie

Officer Annie visits Bo in his cell and mentions that she wonders if Drew will be in for his shift tonight. Why wouldn't he be, Bo asks, puzzled. Annie explains about Drew's motorcycle accident, she's surprised that Nora didn't call him to tell him about it. At Sam's office, Nora is still refusing to let Téa become part of Bo's defense team. When Sam remains firm in his decision, Nora fires him. No, I can't work like this, I quit, Sam tells her and storms out of the office. Viki, Téa and Jessica are all waiting outside the office. Sam stops long enough to tell them he he's quitting and heading back to Chicago. Nothing Viki says can change his mind. As Viki goes in to talk to Nora, Téa heads straight for Bo's jail cell to tell him what has happened. Your defense team is falling apart and I'm the only one who can save you, she informs him. Nora is too emotionally involved, she wants to prove to the whole town that Bo is innocent. Téa can remain objective, all she want to do is make one juror believe that there is reasonable doubt. Do you believe I'm innocent, Bo asks. Téa gives him the same answer she gave R.J. a few months ago, I don't know if you are innocent, and I don't care. Bo seems quite impressed with Téa. Meanwhile, back at the office, Viki is questioning Nora about why she fired Sam. Is it because of Téa, or does it have more to do with Nora's feelings about Sam. Nora insists it has nothing to do with Sam, the only thing in her life right now is Bo and getting Bo freed. Nora heads over to the jail and interrupts Bo's meeting with Téa. Téa quickly leaves and Bo questions Nora's reasoning, just like Viki did. Bo thinks that Nora is wrong, that they need Téa on the case.

The Palace Hotel

Todd and Blair meet out on the terrace and Todd tells her about Georgie's pregnancy. Because of the baby, Todd seems more determined than ever to bring the guilty party to justice, the guilty party in his mind being Bo. Blair cautions Todd that the story would have much more weight if they could get a copy of the autopsy report and confirm their story for once, unlike most articles in The Sun. Inside, Max is buying dinner for Asa, a thank you for helping him find his kids, Max says. Actually, Max is completely broke and wants to hit Asa up for money to invest in the Internet. Asa spots Todd outside and loses it, grabbing Todd by the jacket and threatening him. Todd for once remains cool and Renee breaks up the fight. She and Blair go back inside, leaving Asa and Todd alone. Asa writes a blank check and offers any amount of money to buy The Sun, just to have the pleasure of shutting it down. Todd refuses, he won't be intimidated by Asa and he won't be bought. Asa threatens to kill Todd if he keeps attacking Bo in the paper. While this is going on, Max's credit card is rejected, he's maxed out. Renee says she'll take care of the bill, which upsets Max. He owes Renee too much already, even the roof over his head. Renee assures him he'll get back on his feet soon. Asa comes back in and offers Max a deal. He'll pay Max very, very well to seduce Blair and find out what she and Todd are up to. Max refuses to betray his friend like that. Asa suggests he think about what Blair would do if offered the same opportunity. Outside, Blair rejoins Todd and he orders her to get a copy of the autopsy report. Todd leaves and Sam arrives and sits at a table on the terrace. Blair tries to get information out of him, but Sam's not talking, he hasn't even seen a copy of the autopsy report, he tells her. Blair tries to suggest they go someplace quiet and talk, but Sam turns her down and heads upstairs to his room. Not one to give up, Blair sends champagne and caviar upstairs along with a note. She is waiting downstairs for his reply. Max joins Blair and offers to drive her home, but Blair informs him she may not be going home tonight.

Téa and Todd

Téa returns home after visiting Bo and calls out Todd's name, but he doesn't answer. Where could Todd be, she wonders. Todd is visiting Georgie's grave site. He picks a white flower from nearby and lays it on her grave.

Friday, May 22, 1998

Palace Hotel - Blair and Max, Sam and Asa

In the restaurant, Blair tells Max about her forthcoming date with Sam in his suite. He replies that she always had a thing for older guys and she would date a troll if he was Bo's lawyer. Blair informs him that Drew slipped and told her that Georgie was pregnant. She needs to confirm the information by getting the autopsy report. That may be why she has a date, but it also because Sam Rappaport has sexy smile lines, she explains. She reads the note from Sam and announces to Max that Mr. Rappaport wants to know what is taking her so long.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Sam's room, Sam accepts the champagne and caviar and with a smile hands the waiter a tip and a note for Blair. Asa arrives and asks if it is anyone he knows. Sam tells him it is not Nora. Asa says that he has an itch he can't scratch regarding the case. Someone has been using the lodge. Fire logs were replaced. Sheets were changed. At first he thought it might be Joey using the lodge as a love nest. Asa is sure that since Georgie asked Bo to meet her inside the lodge, she must have had a key. The night she was killed might not have been the only night she was there. Maybe Georgie and the man who killed her were the ones changing the sheets. Sam replies that the police went over the lodge and did not find anything. Asa pulls out a ring box. It is empty, but it has a picture of a gold man's ring on the front. Asa thinks it might be a gift Georgie gave the killer. Sam does not think Asa should have with held this information, but Asa says that Delgado is hellbent on pinning the murder on Bo and he would only twist the evidence. Sam informs Asa he is no longer Bo's lawyer and if he believes the ring box has to do with the murder, he has to tell Nora. Asa is amazed to find out that Nora fired Sam and tells him they should have left their excess baggage at the airport.

Downstairs, Max and Blair continue their conversation and Max tells her that he and she are the same. They look for opportunities and gain the advantage, no matter who they hurt.

Buchanan Enterprises- Rachel and Drew

A figure prowls through the darkness until he comes to Asa's office. He turns on the light and lifts a file from the desk. It is Georgie's autopsy. He turns the light back off and sees Rachel and tells her it is just him. Each asks why the other came. Rachel is trying to track down her mother. Drew admits to breaking in to get the autopsy because the police ordered him away from the case. He can't let Del railroad him. Rachel still insists that Bo had an affair with Georgie. She cites the flowers, calls and the entries in the diary. Drew replies that she does not know for a fact Bo sent the flowers or made the phone calls and people write lies in their diaries all the time. They agree to look at the autopsy together.

At the first sight of Georgie beaten and dead, Rachel gasps. The autopsy says the cause of death was a severe trauma to the head caused by a lethal blow from a blunt wooden instrument. Wood was found among the shattered pieces of Georgie's skull. Drew asks if there is any evidence cited. Subject's hand was opened to reveal...she sees a picture of a decorative snap and that Drew has one just like it missing on his motorcycle jacket. She does not tell Drew. He asks why she stopped. Rachel says it is just the image of Georgie's hand being broken open. She says that the subject also had a bruise on her cheek consistent with blow from a hand wearing...a ring (a heavy gold ring). She looks at the ring on Drew's hand and tells him just to go. He asks her if she will tell anyone about his breaking into Buchanan Enterprises, but she just repeats he should go. ( The ring on Drew's finger matches the picture on the ring box Asa showed Sam).

Bo's cell- Nora, Bo and Del

Bo still insists that Sam should head up the defense team. Nora thinks it is too complicated, but Bo has researched Sam's record and he notes that Sam won a case almost exactly the same as this in Chicago. Nora is familiar with the case. Bo is sure Sam can help them prove that he is not the murderer. Bo knows that if the situation was reversed he would call on every friend to save Nora, but right now none of their friends fits the bill. Hank will have to prosecute. Clint and Viki helping them will just make it look like the Buchanans are using their clout. Sam, on the other hand, is a world class attorney and they need his expertise.

Del shows up and says it is a good thing his attorney is present. He has questions about the autopsy report. He asks Bo what rings he owns other than his wedding ring. Bo replies that he only has his wedding ring. Del informs him that Georgie was struck in the face with a gold ring with a crest on it. He also asks about the snap and Bo says there are snaps like that on his motorcycle jacket, but the jacket is brand new and all the snaps are still on it. Nora is becoming very angry at all the circumstantial evidence. She calls Del an arrogant, pompous, self serving jerk. Del tells both of them that he has heard that his sister is joining the defense team. Bo is lucky because Téa is the best.

After Del leaves, Nora states that she would like to smack him. They can't trust Téa or any other member of her family. Bo agrees that Del wants to nail him and that Todd is his biggest cheerleader. But he has a totally different perspective on why Téa is the perfect candidate to defend him. They would score major Public Relations points. Téa is the sister of the lead investigator and the wife of the publisher of the Sun. Sam is smart enough to know the value of that. As for Bo, he believes that it is wise to keep his friends close and enemies closer.

St. James Cemetery- Todd and Andrew

Todd stands by Georgie's grave. He says, "I'm sorry. I didn't know about the baby but if I did...I'm sorry". Andrew over hears and Todd tells him he can go back inside, everyone is safe out here (in the graveyard). Andrew asks if Todd is having a crisis of conscience. Maybe he realizes if he smears Bo in the Sun, he will be smearing Georgie too. Maybe he will have the decency not to print the scoop regarding the pregnancy. Todd reminds Andrew that "you gave up the franchise on decency when you boffed my wife. You are not a decent man. A decent man would stand up for the oppressed. You are a cog in the Buchanan wheel, a brick in the Buchanan stone wall".

Andrew says that Todd shouldn't condemn Bo without the facts. Todd looks at him and asks what about him, what about Todd Manning. Andrew replies that although Todd is not his favorite person, he would like to think he would judge him innocent until proven guilty. Todd fires back that that is crap and that Andrew in fact led the charge when Todd was suspected of raping Barbara Graham. Andrew admits he was wrong. He tells Todd why not put that in his next headline. Todd replies that he does not have a column for hypocritical clergy. As far as he is concerned, all the facts are in and Bo is guilty. Andrew says that will sell a lot of papers. Todd feels that "someone has to stand up for Georgie and her unborn baby. Someone has to let the residents of Llanview know that Georgie's killer will pay. Someone has to ask the tough questions". Andrew wants to know why Todd, "someone who has made a career out of standing apart from the human race", is so worked up about this girl. What does Georgie Phillips death have mean to Todd?

"No, No, the question is what does Georgie's death mean to you. You and the Buchanans are contented to let this girl and her baby just lie here forgotten", Todd counters. Andrew says she is not forgotten. She had a proper burial and she has a beautiful head stone. Todd asks who paid for it. Andrew says it was an anonymous donor. "I know you won't speak out. You are scared the Buchanans will hit you where it hurts- the collection plates every Sunday. All the high and mighty get big funerals and prayers". Andrew agrees that Georgie and her unborn child deserve prayers and asks Todd to join him. Andrew kneels down, but Todd continues to stand. Andrew prays for God to grant peace to Georgie and the baby taken so violently from them and to give them the comfort they were not given on earth. As he gets up to tell Todd to go home to his wife and child who deserve love and comfort too, he realizes that Todd is gone.

Palace Hotel- Sam, Asa, Blair, and Nora

Blair arrives and Asa tells her to lay off his son in that rag of a newspaper she writes for. He is not blind to Sam's attraction for his ex wife. Blair says she just calls them as she sees them. Asa tells her it is anything or anyone for a lousy buck and storms out.

Sam asks her if Asa is right about her. Blair says that she just tried to convince Max and now him that she did not come about the story. Sam replies that Asa is just worried about his child and just wait until her daughter Starr is a teenager. He has a boy and girl of that age himself. Sam says he is divorced and he and his ex wife tried to work it out for the kids and just made a bigger mess of it. Blair replies she is glad her first marriage did not involve children. She was married before Todd, Sam asks. "Oh yeah, to Asa", she grins. "Whoa! This town gets more and more interesting". "A lot more with you in it", Blair says softly.

Penthouse- Téa, Nora and Todd

Téa is wondering where Todd is when the doorbell rings and she opens the door expecting to see her husband. But it is Nora. She tells Téa that she and Sam eat, breath and sleep this case and they expect the same of her. Nora does not trust Todd nor does she trust that Téa wouldn't share pillow talk with him. No worry about that, Téa mumbles. Anyway, short of moving out of Todd's home, what can she do? Nora expects her to do precisely that as a condition of joining the defense team. She says to think of it as a temporary work related separation, like a out of town case, except she could have some contact with Todd. All Nora is trying to do is minimize the risk of having Téa aboard. Téa replies no deal. She will continue to live in the Penthouse and the fact that Nora is there at all says that Bo wants her on his team. Nora informs her that she has a line item veto. Téa replies that she is as aware as Nora of client attorney privilege and the client is the first priority in a case. Nora tells her if she divulges any information about Todd, she will have her disbarred for life. Nora leaves and Téa says sarcastically, "Drop by any time". She goes upstairs wondering where Todd is. Todd quietly comes through the door and says "Delgado", but she does not hear him. He looks very upset and shaken. He is holding his father's lighter, staring at the flame. He picks up the phone and dials Sam.

Palace Hotel-Sam, Asa, Nora, Blair, Max

Sam answers and Todd reminds him of an incident involving the lighter and a dumpster at school. He was 14 and afraid to call his dad and Sam rescued him. Sam asks if he wants him to come over and at first he says yes, and then he mumbles somehting about Sam coming to wash behind his ears and tuck him in, then says "forget it", still looking at the glowng flame.

Blair asks if it was Todd and Sam says it was. Blair tells Sam that Todd trusts him and that Sam is the only Bo supporter her ex husband did not trash. They certainly have a unique relationship. Even when Sam turned the tables on Todd and created doubt about Todd's connection to Georgie, he did not slam Sam in print. Sam replies he was just doing his job. He was Todd's football coach in Chicago. Blair says that it is hard to picture Todd as a little boy, but sometimes when Starr is sleeping, she gets a glimpse of what he must have been like. Sam tells Blair that even then Todd had a rage inside which he channeled into football. Blair jokes that maybe Todd should go back to playing. Sam explains that Todd was great on the field. He always had bruises, he thought from the game, but it was from home Sam wished he had noticed it sooner. Blair admits that Todd had been hurt very badly and she hurt him some more. He was also the great love of her life, emphasis on was. Sam says that his ex wife was not the great love of his life, she was second choice. He goes off to call his kids but comes back in time to find Blair rummaging through his briefcase.

Sam tells her he no longer represents Bo, so she won't find the autopsy report in the briefcase. "If what you said before about not wanting a story is a lie, you are free to go", Sam says. Blair does not deny it, but says it is not the only reason she came. They start comparing profiles, ages of children, astrological signs etc and before they know it they are about to kiss when Nora knocks on the door and she is shocked to see Blair and Sam together.

Downstairs at the restaurant, Asa tells Max that he figures Blair got what she wanted. She knows how to watch out for her own. Her kid will never go hungry. Max gets the hint and says that Asa was right about a man providing for his family. He agrees to be his bloodhound on the condition that Asa will back any venture Max chooses and that Asa will be a silent partner. Asa has his own conditions. He wants a contract specifying Max is his consultant and he wants Max to be the first face Blair sees every morning and the last one she sees every night. Max reluctantly agrees, but gives Asa his first taste of advance information. He tells him Georgie was pregnant and that Todd knew. As soon as Blair gets the autopsy from Sam, Todd will go to press with the news and all hell will set loose for Bo.

Penthouse- Todd and Téa

Téa comes out of the shower and finds Todd downstairs. They both want to know where the other has been. Téa tells him that she has not known where to find him, certainly not here at the Penthouse. Todd tells her quietly that a husband should be around more for his wife. But he is curious where she has been. She replies that she has been talking to Sam, Nora and Bo. He perks up. Did she find out anything he could use? Téa says this is not why she met with them. Téa offered to defend Bo. Todd can't believe it.

St. James Cemetery- Drew

There is a white rose in the dirt covering Georgie's grave. Drew sees it and kneels sobbing, "WHY, WHY, WHY". Then he throws himself face forward and pounds the ground, despite his bad arm.

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