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Michael got his law license back. Diane hired Michael as her attorney. Victoria learned she was pregnant. Nick said that he had married too young. Nikki learned that Cassie was Sharon's daughter.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday May 18, 1998

PAUL stops by Christine's office and he finds her pacing and on edge. She tells him that Michael's hearing is today; she is torn about whether to go or not. Paul advises her not to go. He wants her to remember everything that Baldwin did to her in the past. He wants her to just blow the guy off---totally. Christine says that she just can't ignore what Michael as done for Danny. Paul says that his giving the kidney is all about how much he wants his license back, not that he has changed. He has done nothing to show that he is a changed man. He doesn't believe that Chris should help Michael and if she is honest, she doesn't think she should either. That is why she is having so much trouble deciding. Baldwin is just manipulating her because he knows that she has a soft heart. He is trying to make her feel guilty so she should just throw it back into his face. Well, it is pretty obvious where you stand, Chris says. She asks if it is because he can't face that Michael was so generous with Danny. Paul says he is happy for Danny, but he doesn't want Baldwin to use her---and that is all he is going to say on the subject. He leaves the office, but Christine is still thinking about her dilemma.

PHYLLIS tries to seduce Michael, but he reminds her that he is barely out of the hospital. Besides, he has too much on his mind. She tells him that genius is an aphrodisiac for her and the plan that he came up with was brilliant---pure genius. How could Christine not support his cause now? Michael says that it only goes to show how brilliant he is, because Christine turned him down. Phyllis is furious. What is the matter with that woman? I can't believe she isn't going to help you! I told you not to trust that bitter, vindictive woman.

Michael bemoans the fact that he has done everything he can to prove himself. She asked him to prove he had changed, but she won't accept anything he has done. He even gave away a part of his body! Where did I go wrong?

Where did you go wrong? You never listen to me. Now you are up the creek without a kidney. Michael says that he paid for his crime; he went to prison and served his sentence. When will he be able to stop sweating blood for Christine Williams?

TRICIA tells Meg that her plan for getting Phillip and Ryan together has backfired. She recounts the phone call she received earlier from Phillip. Meg tells her that this is only a little boy; she can't let an eight year old ruin her life. Tricia understands that Phillip sees her as the villain here, but his parents were already on their way to a divorce before she entered the picture. Meg says that she has to do something or Phillip will continue to undermine her relationship with Ryan. Tricia says that she will never let anyone spoil her future with the man she loves---not even his son!

VICTORIA is back in her bedroom after seeing Dr. Olivia. She can't believe that she is pregnant; this has to be a mistake. She decides to call Olivia and get a second pregnancy test done. As she heads for the phone, she experiences another dizzy spell. Sitting on the side of her bed, she says aloud, "This has to be a mistake! It can't be that! I can't think like that!" Think like what? Says a voice from the doorway. It is Victor and he wants to know what is wrong with her. Vicki covers up by saying that she always talks to herself. He should hear some of her conversations. She then asks him to move his cup of coffee; the smell is making her sick. Since when does the smell of coffee make you sick? He asks, worried.

Victoria says it is a lovely spring day and Victor gets the idea that the two of them can take the Arabians out for a morning ride. Victoria says that she has work to do at the office, but Victor reminds her that she works for Jabot and Jabot belongs to him. He won't take no for an answer, he tells her. As he is going out to get the horses saddled up, the phone rings and it is for him. Connie reminds him of an appointment that can't be postponed. Okay, he tells her, I will be right in, but I will have to disappoint my daughter. Vicki looks relieved, but she lets him think that she will get over the disappointment. When he offers to take her to the office, she makes another excuse. Victor leaves but at the doorway, he turns back and looks at her. "Hmppf!" he snorts. Once he is out of the bedroom, Vicki breathes a sign of relief. She then calls Dr. Winters office and makes an appointment. I have to find out for sure, she says.

NINA finishes reading a story that Phillip has written for class. She tells him that it is very good. He wants to know if the ending is believable and she tells him that it is. Sometimes people do find their way back to old loves. Phillip thinks that his dad would like it too. He asks Nina to invite his dad for dinner so he can read the story. Someday soon, Nina reluctantly agrees, but he wants it to be tonight. Nina says that tonight she has things to do; besides, his dad may have plans with Tricia. Don't worry about that, Phillip says; I have already taken care of her. Nina is confused; Phillip tells her that she can stop pretending. He knows that she still loves his dad; his dad is never going to marry that woman. I took care of that, he announces as he leaves for the school bus. Nina is left sitting there with a very confused look on her face.

MICHAEL is dressed and ready to leave for the hearing. He walks over to the phone and debates with himself as to whether or not he should place a call. Finally he dials Christine's office. He tells her that the hearing will be starting in an hour; he hopes she has changed her mind about attending. When she says she hasn't changed her mind, he asks if Paul has anything to do with that. He hates me, Michael reminds her. Chris reminds him that she can think and speak for herself. A couple of months ago, she would have shown up at the hearing and she would have fought it tooth and nail. Now she isn't going to oppose it at all; that is the best she can do. Michael says he hopes she changes her mind and hangs up the phone.

RYAN is happy when Tricia shows up at his office, but one look at her face tells him that something is wrong. She tells him about the call from Phillip and what he said to her. Ryan is angry at Phillip for talking to her like that. He knows Phillip is having a hard time, but that is no excuse for his bad behavior. Tricia thinks that she may have been too generous when she left them alone for a week. Now Phillip doesn't take their relationship serious at all; actually, it has given him false hope that Ryan and Nina will get back together. Ryan agrees; they need to show him somehow that they do have a future together. Tricia says that she has been thinking and thinking and she thinks she has the perfect way to prove their commitment to each other. Ryan guesses that she is talking about an engagement; they agree to get officially engaged with a ring and everything.

MEG tells Alec about what Phillip has done to her sister, but he doesn't seem too concerned. Basically, he is just an eight-year-old kid being a pain in the butt, he says. He thinks that Megan and Tricia are over reacting. He remembers when his parents divorced. It was a mess for a while, but then things smoothed out. There is always a "freak-out" panic phase then you adapt and get a grip. Megan thinks this situation is more serious than he thinks. When she sees what her sister has to deal with, bells go off in her head. She thinks Tricia will regret going after Ryan, a married man. Alec thinks that Tricia is lucky; she is a woman in love and you can't beat that feeling. She is lucky to have Ryan, but he, Alec, is the luckiest of all because he has her, Megan.

MICHAEL and PHYLLIS arrive at the hearing room. The three lawyers on the committee arrive and are ready to get started, but Michael tells them that he was expecting a witness; he would like to wait a little while for her. They say that they are late as it is; they want to get started now and when his witness arrives---if she does---then they will talk to her. Meanwhile, Christine stands outside the door to the hearing room and looks in through the glass.

Michael says that they have his petition, which he assumes they have read, which spells our his actions both before the charges and after his release from the penitentiary. What the petition doesn't say is his feelings about his rehabilitation. One of the lawyers interrupts him and says he is more interested in hearing about his first appearance before the censure board; he wants to know about his sexual conduct in regard to Christine Blair. Michael has a look on his face that says, "This is the worse thing that could have happened."

NINA arrives at Ryan's office wanting to know what is going on; she is getting one story from him and another different story from Phillip. What has happened to lead Phillip to believe that you are through with Tricia? Ryan tells her that their son called Tricia this morning and told her that he would never marry her. He is just a kid trying to cope with his parents getting a divorce, Nina says. What do you expect out of him. Who put all these ideas into his head? Well it wasn't me! Ryan exclaims as he looks accusingly at Nina. Well, I hope you don't think I had anything to do with it! Nina says. "Tricia will always be the other woman to Phillip," she goes on. "I don't envy you one bit. You wanted Miss Hotpants; now you have her you might lose your son. If you can live with that---great; if not---Oh well!" That is a hell of a positive statement to make! Ryan exclaims angrily. We can't allow him to be hostile to whomever I am seeing. He can't manipulate people just because he is upset! He swears that he and Tricia have to get through to him; he will have to accept this marriage. Nina tells him that when he walks down the aisle with Tricia, just remember that Phillip already has a mother. She isn't going to hand him over to some Bimbo. As far as she is concerned, Tricia looks like the kind of person who will get pregnant at the drop of a hat. Then Ryan will have another child in his life and where will Phillip be? Ryan says that Phillip will always be important in his life. He will not love him any less because he has another child; he won't let it happen. Nina says that she doesn't know what it will take to get Phillip to accept Tricia; that is the gamble he took so face reality.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

MICHAEL looks uncomfortable, but readily responds to the committee. You are right, he tells them. I should address the last time I was before the censure committee. However, I hope you realize that I am not the same person that I was back then. He begins, but the committee continually interrupts him, but he finally gets his message out. "I am ashamed that the last time, I denied ever having committed sexual harassment against Christine Romalotti, now Christine Williams. At the time, I was not ready to hear and accept the truth about myself, but thanks to a wonderful man that I met in prison, I did come to accept what I had done. The prison psychologist helped me to get a hold on my life. I have turned my life around. The witness that I was expecting was Ms. Williams; she has witnessed the change in my character." However, the committee insist on more convincing evidence that he has changed. They say that neither his work at the law office, his work at the hospital, nor the fact that he gave his kidney is convincing evidence that he has changed, only that he wants something very badly.

Outside in the corridor, Christine remembers the time when she was trapping Michael into repeating his sexual harassment of her and his behavior when he guessed that she was wired.

VICTORIA is in her bedroom when Olivia calls. Vicki tells her that she wants the blood test rerun; there has to be a mistake. Olivia tells her to go by the lab and get her blood drawn then come to her office right away. Just as Vicki is leaving her room, she gets a call from Cole. He wants to be sure that she is doing okay. I always take care of myself, she tells him.

DORIS tells Sharon that she should go home if she has any hopes of saving her marriage, but Sharon will not go back into that house until Nick accepts her daughter as part of their lives. She says that she could talk until she is blue in the face and it won't change the way Nick feels about Cassie; she just has to accept it. But, she agrees that she and Nick need to begin to start sorting out things. She asks Doris to watch Noah while she goes to see him. "You aren't thinking divorce, are you Sharon?"

NIKKI is having coffee when Miguel comes in hand hands her the mail. He turns to leave, but Nikki stops him. Are you all right, Miguel? He tells her that he is fine, but she knows that something is wrong and continues to pursue the subject. "I want to help you, Miguel," she says. He reminds her that he asked for her help once before, but she denied him that help. "I don't understand why you wouldn't help me," he adds. "Especially after all my years of loyal service to you and your family."

"You've never spoken to me in this way before," Nikki chastises him. "Los siento mas!" Miguel responds. He tells her that he had such high hopes for himself and Veronica. He has never asked for anything from her before to his remembrance. He reminds her that he told her how important Veronica was and how important it was for them to live and work at the ranch. It is important having the woman he loves with him; either she doesn't know this or she doesn't care. Now, if she will excuse him, he has to go. "You are coming back, aren't you?" Nikki asks. "I am going to see the woman I love," he answers. "I don't know what happens after that." Nikki is visibly shaken as Miguel leaves the room.

COLE is in Neil's office when Neil walks in. He came to see if Ashley was there; he wanted to invite her to lunch. Neil tells him that she is out of the building and will be gone for a couple of hours. Cole remarks on Neil's "happy face" and Neil tells him that his personal life is looking up! The two compare their love lives for a few minutes, then Cole leaves.

VICTOR returns home from his early morning appointment and tells Nikki that it is such a glorious day outside, they should have Miguel serve lunch out by the pool. When Nikki says that Miguel is in town with his ladylove, Victor remarks that it isn't Miguel's day off. Nikki tells him that she is afraid they are going to lose Miguel over not hiring his girlfriend. Victor is sorry Miguel is upset, but he cannot allow the hired help to dictate what goes on in the household. He resents the pressure Miguel has put them under and if Miguel doesn't like it, he can find employment elsewhere. Besides, he has asked Ellie, the former housekeeper, to come back and apparently she misses them as much as they miss her. So the subject is closed.

NICHOLAS is shouting at someone over the phone when Sharon reaches the office. When he hangs up, she remarks that he really loves his job, juggling six things at once. He asks how she has been and she reciprocates. He asks about Noah and she tells him that he is growing more every day. Cassie is doing fine also, she adds. He tells her that he knows she was out for dinner the other night with Tony; what is going on? Are you having me spied on? Sharon asks. He tells her that he was at the same restaurant and saw her; he only asks because he thought Grace and Tony were still an item. If he is wrong, let him know. Sharon says that she doesn't know what he is implying, but Tony is a good friend; he was there when she really needed one. She cannot just spend every minute in her mother's apartment with the kids; she needs to get out and unwind from time to time. Is there anything wrong with that? She says that she cannot just go on marking time like this; it isn't fair to her, the kids, or even to him.

Nick says that he misses his son; he misses Sharon and he misses how things used to be before . . . "Before you found out I had a daughter?" Sharon asks. "Nick, I need an honest answer. Are things over between us? I think that is how you feel, but you just can't bring yourself to tell me so. Am I wrong, Nick?"

Nick thinks on it for a while, then he tells her that it is complicated. I never stopped loving you, he tells her. And I still love you, Sharon says. I know you want to concentrate on your career, but what about me? How am I supposed to choose between you and my daughter? Nick says that he never asked her to choose, but she says that that is what it all comes down to: you or Cassie. After thinking for a moment about what she has said, Nick asks her if she will have dinner with him tonight at their home. A delighted Sharon says that would be great.

MIGUEL angrily tells Veronica that he is going to leave the ranch, but she tells him that they don't have to live and work in the same house to be together. He is afraid that she is going to leave him, but she says that she has no where to go. She begs him to stay with the Newmans; he will be happier in the long run, she says. She tells him that she knows about burning your bridges. One day, he says, I hope you will trust me enough to tell me about all the horrible things that have happened to you in the past.

After visiting the lab and having her blood drawn again, she goes to Olivia's office. As they are talking, the lab tech brings in the lab results. "It was a false positive, right?" Victoria asks. Olivia tells her that the results are the same; she is pregnant. "How could this happen?" Vicki asks as she turns away. "Obviously you aren't ready for a child," Olivia says. "You don't have to go through this alone. We have some very good counselors here." As she reaches for the phone, Vicki stops her. "NO! No one is to know about this---NO ONE! Do you understand?" What about the father? You are going to tell the father, aren't you? Olivia asks. Vicki tells her that she wants her assurance that she will tell no one about this, especially Neil. Olivia draws herself up and tells her that her professional ethics dictate that she would never tell anything that goes on between her and a patient.

CHRISTINE enters the hearing room and is recognized by the committee. She tells them that she is there neither to support nor oppose Michael's reinstatement, but the committee wants to know how she feels. She says that unless she was 100% sure that Michael had changed, she couldn't support the petition---and she isn't sure. Michael asks permission to ask her some questions. He asks if she opposed his parole and she admits that she did. He then asks her if she believes today that she was right or wrong to oppose his parole. She admits that she was wrong back then. He then asks her if her present difficulty is based on fact or on her memories of what he did in the past. Chris thinks on it for a while then tells him that it is impossible not to remember; you can't just put your memories aside. Michael thinks on that, then tells the committee that he accepts her answer and will ask her no further questions. Michael tells the committee that he can't put those memories aside either. There isn't a day that he doesn't remember the horrible things he did. Because of what he did, he has lost his life; he isn't talking bout his time in prison, he is talking about the one thing that gave his life a sense of purpose---his law career. This is something he has to live with today---in the present.

The committee retires to make their decision. Phyllis tries to encourage him, but he tells her that he was a drowning man trying to grab on to something and missed. He squares his shoulders and says it is just the price I have to pay for what I did.

OLIVIA goes to Neil's office and comments that he is sure in a wonderful mood. Is it his work or his relationship with Victoria Newman. He tells her that his life is GREAT and it is thanks to Victoria. How far has things gone? Olivia asks. What? Neil gulps. Olivia continues; just how involved are you? He tells her that she is being too personal; this is none of her business. He accuses her of running over here to learn all the juicy details of his love life and he isn't the kind of man who kisses and tells. She tells him that they have always been able to talk about anything, but he says that they have never talked about their sex lives. He tells her that he has business to take care of and he is sure that she has patients back at the hospital. She walks out of the office, but outside, she stops and has a horrified look on her face.

MICHAEL tells Christine that he understands why she couldn't support him. He hopes that her bad memories will fade in time so that she can begin living in the present. The committee returns and without preamble, tells Michael that they are denying his petition. Without personal corroboration that he has changed, they don't believe that he has the moral character to practice law.

As the committee begins to leave, Christine stands up and asks to be heard once again. During the recess, she began thinking. Now she thinks that possible she does live too much in the past. Yes, what happened to her was a horrible ordeal, but since his return, Michael has demonstrated that he is not the same man. The old Michael Baldwin would never have sacrificed a part of his body to help someone else. She believes that the past does not rule the present and for the first time, she believes that Michael Baldwin deserves a second chance. Today, she believes that he possesses the moral character and will not be a detriment to the standards of the bar or an adversary for justice.

Michael sits very still while the committee members confer. They turn back and tell Michael that they are reversing their decision, but they are putting him on probation for a year with Ms. Williams as his monitor. She will report to them every three months. I won't let you down, Michael tells them.

Michael approaches Christine and thanks her profusely for her help; he promises that he will not let her down. Just answer my prayer, she tells him, the prayer that I haven't made a terrible mistake today. Michael's face is filled with joy without a trace of guile.

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Wednesday, May 20

Christine visits Danny in the hospital and tells him about Michael getting his license back and how it happened. Danny wonders if she would've helped him if he'd given his kidney to someone else. He tells Chris that she still has a decision to make and hopes she's thought about it. Christine tells him that she's almost ready to decide between him and Paul. Danny asks her to make up her mind before he's discharged from the hospital, and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Mary goes to Paul's office and tells her to make the most of this situation in Paul's marriage and take advantage of it, hoping she could win Paul's heart. Lynne isn't up for the challenge. Later, Paul quizzes her on what they were discussing. She admits that Mary was asking about the state of his marriage so Paul yells at her that this separation is only temporary and that Chris will be coming back to him.

Victor reminds Nick that the most important meeting of the year is tonight. When Nick says he has something personal to take care of, Victor blasts him for putting his personal life before business. After much useless bantering, Nick finally tells his dad that he's supposed to have dinner with Sharon. Victor agrees that that is more important that anything and gives him permission to miss the meeting.

Doris tells Sharon to listen to what Nick's concerns are and then make whatever compromises are necessary to get her marriage back on track. She also suggests that hitting the hay might help, too.

Jack goes to see Diane, and lectures her again about the attorney she's hired and suggests that she get a new one. Of course, while they're talking Michael happens to call and makes her feel confident again that she hired the right person for the job. Jack is disgusted when Diane tells him again that she thinks Victor will come back to her.

Phyllis congratulates Michael again but says that she thinks it's too bad that he has to report to Christine for the next year. She offers to take him to lunch to celebrate, but he turns her down to go see his new client. At Diane's, they rehash the situation yet again.

Sharon whips up a chicken-broccoli casserole and waits for Nick to come home. When he does, they start talking about the state of their marriage. Nick rambles on about the importance of his job, and how he's being groomed to take over the biggest conglomerate of the world. He says that it's a scary thought, and wonders what will happen if he fails. Sharon is supportive, but he keeps telling her how much work it is going to be for him, and how much time he'll need to be spending at the office over the next few years, getting prepared. Sharon asks where his wife and family fit into all of this. Nick tells her that Noah's his son and he's okay with that, but he won't be spending as much time with him as he had planned due to his workload. "Cassie's not my child," he says simply. Sharon is outraged and tells him that she will not be moving back home without both of her children, that is not an option. She's stunned when Nick tells her that he thinks he got married too young. "How is that supposed to make me feel?!" she hollers as Nick cries the blues about his life. Furious, she stomps out.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

NEIL is sitting at his desk working when he stops and begins to think of Vicki. Smiling, he calls her on the phone. Vicki is sitting in her darkened office just staring into space when Neil calls. He says that since they missed lunch together, he would like to take her to dinner. She tells him that she has a ton of work to catch up on. Maybe another time?

MALCOLM brings Olivia a glass of wine saying that she looks like she could use it. Did she have a hard day? She tells him that it concerns a patient; she was thrown for a loop today and doesn't know yet what the outcome will be. She mentions that he also looks like he has something on his mind. He has; he is tripping because of a talk he had with Neil earlier. This thing he has with Victoria is serious; it has gone a lot further than they thought. Are you ready for this? They are in love! Olivia says that sometimes things happen that make a relationship develop faster; she too has a bad feeling about the relationship. Malcolm reminds her that if this goes on, she can just kiss Neil and Dru's marriage goodbye. How do you think Lily will react when she hears that her father has taken up with another woman? He knows that those two loved each other! Olivia reminds him that Neil hasn't been a husband in months; she doesn't think Neil and Dru will get back together again. It is best for them to move on. Malcolm thinks Olivia knows something that she isn't saying. He is just worried that Neil is getting involved with the boss's daughter and on the rebound. He hopes that Neil has the sense not to move too far too fast. What did I say? Malcolm asks at the look on Olivia's face.

SHARON enters the ranch house looking for Nikki, but Victor tells her that she is resting upstairs. He offers to help her and she says that he is just the person to talk to. It is about Nick, she begins. She is so confused. She doesn't know where she stands or what to do. She tries to understand, but nothing makes any sense. She wonders where Nick's priorities are and whether she fits in his life any more. "He is very much his father's son," she says. "He loves and admires you so much and wants to follow in your footsteps. His job is very important."

These are important years for Nick, Victor explains. Trying to make a name for himself is very hard; there has to be 100% commitment. It requires sacrifices. Sharon says that Nick also has a commitment to her and to Noah. How can he just forget about us? Is the price of success that his family has to take a back seat? If that is so, then her family doesn't stand a chance.

Victor says that he understands her conflict; there will be enormous problems for the family to face, but he knows that Nick loves her. He thinks that she should move back to the ranch with Nick so that the two of them can come to terms with the nature of the relationship. She has to find out if she wants to make the sacrifices that will be required of her. "One thing I know, nothing is worth fighting for more than family. I know that!" Victor draws her into his arms and holds her.

NICK is back at the office. Grace comes in talking business but Nick isn't listening. He tells her that he had dinner with Sharon. "I don't know why I said it," he rambles. "I wish I could take it back, but I know I can't." What are you talking about, Nick? Nick gives her the whole rundown about what happened at the house. The last thing he wants to do is hurt his wife. Grace tells him that it is the pressure. He is under pressure at work and now he has a lot to deal with at home. He is trying to build a career while maintaining a relationship at home. Nick says that his relationship with Sharon is important; he just never expected a family so soon. Does this sound unfair to you? This place means everything to me! Grace says that she can see where he is coming from, but she can also see Sharon's side. She asks him, "Are you sure you aren't using work as an escape? Maybe you aren't comfortable at home so you throw yourself into your career---something you love and can control. You can control your business life, but you can't control anything else in your life." How did you get to be so smart? Nick asks her. She tells him that she knows what makes him tick. She will be there for him if he needs to talk.

COLE is playing chef for the night for Ashley, promising to do that a lot when they are married. Everything is going okay except he needs some cumin for his main dish. He calls the main house and asks Miguel if he has any. Miguel will be right down with it.

While waiting for Miguel, they begin talking about his new book. It is coming along pretty slowly thanks to his research assistant writing her own book. Miguel comes in with the cumin and, while there, he learns that Cole is looking for a research assistant.

MIGUEL rushes over to Veronica's place and tells her the good news. He thinks it is the perfect job for her, but she wants to think about it for a while.

DORIS is knitting when there is a knock at the door. Tony is there to invite Sharon to lunch. Doris tells him that he doesn't like him paying attention to her girl; she is a married woman with two children. Sharon is at the ranch right now working on her marriage and the last thing she needs is interference from him.

VICKI is working in her office when Neil stops by with flowers and dinner. She tells him that she isn't hungry, but he continues to put the big Mac and fries on the desk in front of her. Looking like she is about to throw up, Vicki tells him that she appreciates the effort, but she isn't in the mood to eat. Are you all right? He asks. Maybe I can help you. Vicki says that no one can help her. Is it us? Neil asks. I care about you; I just want to help. Maybe if you open up with me, you will find the answers. Not this time, Vicki tells him. Neil says he will not push her; he can see she is in a lot of pain. She can tell him anything. He will always be there for her.

NIKKI comes downstairs and joins Victor in the living room. She couldn't sleep; her mind just went on and on. She wonders about the new man in Vicki's life; she wants to be sure that her daughter is happy. Right now, Victor tells her, I am more concerned about our daughter-in-law than our daughter. He tells her what has been going on with Nick and Sharon. Nikki is surprised that Sharon is that disillusioned with Nick, but she knows what she is going through. It is difficult to live with a man who is consumed by his career; it is one reason that they grew apart in the beginning. She looks at her son and he is so much like his father, but she is alarmed that history will repeat itself. She doesn't want their marriage to end. "Your commitment to business at the expense of everything else is one thing I wish our son had not inherited," Nikki says. Victor hopes that Nick will find the balance between work and family.

COLE and ASH are finishing dinner when Miguel returns. He wants to talk to Cole. He reminds him that he was talking earlier about needing a research assistant; he has the answer for him. His girlfriend, Veronica, once worked as a research librarian. Will Cole talk to her? He doesn't want to seem too pushy, but Veronica is a shy and unassuming person. She could really use this opportunity.

VERONICA is thinking that this job would be so perfect for her. But, do I dare risk it? Should I take the chance? Do I dare!

Friday, May 22, 1998

NIKKI is bored with doing nothing but rest but Victor wants her to get strong again. After a few kisses, she wishes that her son and his wife would learn the lesson that they finally learned. She is afraid that Nick will be so driven at work that he will push Sharon away. She doesn't want him to realize too late how important family is in his life. Victor thinks that Nick will find a balance between work and family. Surely Sharon realizes that every man has to concentrate on his career. Yes, Nikki agrees, but did she realize how lonely it would be? If he isn't careful, Nick's emphasis on his career could cost him his marriage; he could end up a lonely old man. She asks Victor is they still have security guards on the property at night and Victor assures her that until that psycho maid is caught, there will always be guards outside. No one will get past those guards! Nikki thinks that she needs to talk to Sharon, but Victor doesn't think they should interfere. She says that if they knew what drove the kids apart, they would be in a better position to help them.

MALCOLM is thinking about Neil and Victoria, but Olivia tells him that she doesn't want to talk about them any longer. That bothers Malcolm because he feels that she is hiding something from him. She tries to tell him that she isn't hiding anything; she is not at liberty to say anything. There you go again, Malcolm says. You are keeping something from me. You have to trust me, Olivia tells her husband. I do trust you, Malcolm reasons, but all I want is some information. I can't give it to you, she insists. Yes you can, he tells her. Olivia is firm; I cannot and I have my reasons, she tells him.

COLE tells Miguel that he is only in the early stages of several projects; he doesn't know as of now just which project he will go with. It would be premature to hire someone now. It will be a month or two before he will need an assistant. When the time comes, he will be glad to speak to Veronica. Miguel is visibly disappointed and says that Veronica needs a job now. He thanks Cole for listening and leaves. Cole tells Ashley that he hates disappointing Miguel. What do you think of Veronica? He asks. She says that Veronica is attractive and sophisticated; she didn't seem to be Miguel's type, but obviously Miguel thinks she is the right one.

VICTORIA sits at her desk with her head in her hands. What do I do now? She asks herself. I'm carrying Cole's baby and in love with Neil. As if on cue, the phone rings and it is Neil. She apologizes for being a drag earlier and he reminds her that he is a good listener. He wants them to go out and raise a little Hell and he promises that there will be no questions. She says that he is wonderful, but she has some stuff to sort through.

As she sits at the desk, Vicki remembers back to the night when she and Cole were celebrating her promotion. She remembers looking at her calendar and saying that the timing couldn't be more perfect. She gets up and walks around the office. Next she remembers waking up the next morning and telling Cole that they had made love. Her last words, spoken in a very coquettish way, were: time will tell.

"Time will tell," she murmurs as she gets up and walks across the office again. "What the hell was I thinking?" She walks back to her desk and sits down again. "Should I call Cole? What will I say?"

ASHLEY begins clearing the table. When Cole protests, she tells him that it is only fair; he cooked the dinner so she will wash up. The phone rings and Cole answers. It is Vicki and she wants to meet him for dinner. She won't tell him what she needs to see him about; she tries to sound light and flirty, but Cole hears the desperation in her voice. He tells her that he will meet her at Yves. He tells Ashley that he feels that he needs to see what is going on with Vicki and she tells him that she will be waiting there for him.

JILL is surprised to see her grandson at her door. Phillip says that while his mother is in Dad's office, he wanted to see her. He tells her that his mother and father will be getting back together if she will help him. We can make it happen, Grandma Jill. I know we can. Jill tries to convince him that his mother and father are divorced; they have moved on with their lives. His dad is committed to Tricia now. Phillip tells her not to worry about Tricia; she won't be around for long. Jill tells him that you can't get people together if they don't want to be together. He gets angry that Grandma Jill won't help him. She is just like the other grownups that won't listen to him. If his mother comes looking for him, tell her I'll be at the car, he says as he runs out of the office. Jill tries to stop him, but he is gone.

Meanwhile in RYAN'S office, he and Nina are going after each other in a big way. He thinks that she is giving him false hope and she says that it must be him that is doing that; it certainly isn't her. Their son is obsessed with getting them back together; and no matter what she does, she can't discourage him. She has done everything she can to convince him that they will never remarry, but the kid is going to believe what he wants to believe. "Could he be seeing something that we aren't?" Ryan asks. They look at each other dumbfounded then both of them say that is impossible. They begin shouting at each other again. She reminds Ryan that he is only a little boy, but Ryan says that a child should now have the power to dictate what their parents will do with their lives. He certainly isn't going to keep him from marrying Tricia. Nina asks how Phillip is going to feel when he marries Malibu Barbie and ride off into the sunset. Ryan tells her that that wasn't called for; they can either continue to snipe at each other or they can work together, but one thing for certain, he will stop at nothing to make them all a family.

MEGAN is surprised that Tricia is in such a good mood. Just this morning she was all broken up that Phillip was ruining her life. Now she is walking around with a big smile on her face. Tricia tells her that she is now officially engaged. She doesn't have the ring yet, but that will come. She isn't worried about Phillip any longer.

NICK and GRACE finish up a big report and both of them are really jazzed at the job they have done. He looks at his watch and is surprised that hours have passed. Grace is just as excited; she isn't even tired! She tells Nick that he has what it takes to get ahead at Newman Enterprises; he has that killer instinct, that drive and determination that his father has. Nick wishes that his wife felt that way. "You understand where I am coming from," he goes on. "Sharon only thinks that I am selfish and maybe I am. I just want her to come home; I miss her and Noah. But she wants things that I cannot give her."

Let me play Devil's advocate, Grace suggests. Did you feel this overwhelmed when it was just you, Sharon and Noah? Is Cassie the real problem? Nick says that Sharon wants him to accept her, to be a father to her. Suddenly his little family of three has become a family of four. He is an instant father; father to a child that was fathered by a high school jerk that left Sharon as soon as he got what he wanted. Cassie may be a wonderful child, but he wishes to Hell she still lived with Grace.

MIGUEL arrives at Veronica's place with bad news. He took it upon himself to ask Cole about the assistant job, but he won't be ready for an assistant for another month or longer. He says he felt he owed it to her, but she tells him that he doesn't owe her anything. He has been nothing but kind and generous to her since the day they met. She doesn't know how she will ever repay him. Repay me? You never have to repay me, Miguel tells her. You talk like you are leaving. Tell me you won't leave. Veronica tells him that he doesn't know her, but he says that he does. She is a loving woman who has been hurt by someone she trusted. But she can always trust him; he promises her that he will be there for her. Veronica says that it is herself that she is worried about. She isn't sure that she can trust herself. "Let me help you learn to trust again," Miguel pleads.

Sharon is staring out the window when Nikki knocks at the door. What are you doing here? Sharon asks her. Is it so odd that I'd want to help when my son and his wife are having problems? Nikki asks. What is wrong between you and Nick? Sharon tells her that she can't talk about it, but Nikki won't accept that. Why would you assume that I couldn't help you? A woman who has been through a hell of a lot in her lifetime is offering you help. Are you just being strange or are you just arrogant? Nikki angrily demands. "How dare you talk to me like that?" Sharon asks, offended. Nikki tells her that it is only because she cares so much about her and Nick and Noah. She doesn't want Sharon to make the same mistakes that she made at the beginning of her marriage to Victor. If anyone knows how it feels to come in second to a profit and loss statement, she does. Sharon tells her that there is more to it than that. Nikki then tells her that she is to blame. You don't' want to look at the issues because if you do, you will have to accept the responsibility for what has happened. I am taking my share of the responsibility, Sharon insists. Nikki tells Sharon that she cares about her but she has become an obstacle to Nick's career. You knew when you married him that he wanted to learn the business; he wasn't interested in living on his father's wealth. I admire that in him, Sharon tells her mother in law. Then you have to know that this involves carefully mapping out a plan. You don't just start up the ladder. It doesn't help to have a wife who is discontented with the life that he is giving her. Sharon says that she isn't discontented with life. Nikki wonders what she calls it when she just picks up and moves out because she is bored. You don't know what you are talking about, Sharon tells her. Nikki then accuses Sharon of using Cassie to get back at Nick. Sharon is aghast! Yes, Nikki says, you were getting back at Nick by bringing in this girl and spending all your time with her. When you were neglecting your husband and child for this little girl, you were punishing him for neglecting you. You were playing games with him because he was ignoring you. How can you be so selfish and insensitive? Nikki asks her, angrily. You are calling ME selfish and insensitive? If you only knew! Sharon tries to walk away, but Nikki won't let her. Knew what? What are you hiding from me? "She is my daughter," Sharon admits. "Cassie is my little girl." Nikki just stares at her open-mouthed.

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