The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on B&B

Stephanie asked for Thorne's forgiveness. Bridget's disappearance disrupted Ridge and Taylor's first night as a family. Sheila returned home. Maggie left town. James received disturbing news.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, May 11, 1998

Stephanie admits to Thorne she has been alienating her family while not even realizing it. Steph talked to James and he advised her to count to ten whenever she feels her temper getting the best of her. So far it's working. Stephanie informs Thorne that Sally and Lauren dropped by and she almost lost her temper but counted to ten even as Sally threw water on her. Eric watched the whole thing and was proud Stephanie didn't explode. Brooke will be another story, Steph realizes. Thorne reminds his mother that Brooke is am important part of Eric's life since she is the mother of his two young children. Stephanie's hatred of Brooke runs deep but she can't let that get in the way of her iffy relationship with Eric.

James is on the cover of a prominent psychological magazine. James' colleagues are outraged he married a former patient. Taylor stops by for some advice on her run-in with Rick. Taylor informs James that Ridge might move in with her tonight but Rick is so angry, he thinks the only solution is for Ridge and Brooke to stay together. At least Rick is focused, James says. Bridget might be another story.

Bridget is devastated to learn Brooke knew Taylor was pregnant with Ridge's baby and slaps her mother. Bridget blasts Brooke and Ridge for letting her believe they were going to finally be a real family living together. Bridget declares her hatred of Brooke and storms out of the room!

Taylor feels bad for Rick and Bridget but Ridge has his own child that needs him. James advises Taylor to focus on Ridge, Thomas and her family being reunited. After Taylor leaves, James gets a visit from one of his colleagues who has something important he wants to talk about. Back home, Taylor puts up a "Welcome Home Daddy" and dreams of Ridge coming home tonight and beginning the rest of their lives together.

Brooke blames herself for making her children distrustful of her. Brooke feels she could have avoided this since she knew Thomas was Ridge's baby yet she married Ridge anyway. Ridge says their marriage would have worked has it not been for Thomas. Even so, Brooke realizes Ridge doesn't feel the same way about her anymore. His priorities have shifted from she and the kids to Taylor and Thomas. Ridge vows he will always love Brooke. Brooke wonders what Ridge is saying because if he really loved her, why would he leave her?

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

James' colleague informs James that the article about him in the prestigious psychological magazine says James is giving the profession a bad name since James married a former patient. James thinks people should mind their own business. The colleague says it is the duty to report ethical matters and James' marrying a former patient is very much a serious matter.

Stephanie wants to start over with Thorne. The problem Thorne has is Ridge has always been his mother's favorite child. Stephanie says she doesn't play favorites, each child is unique but she doesn't prefer one over the other. Thorne doesn't believe her but since they don't see eye to eye, Thorne changes the subject to his house. Since Macy lives next door and it would cost too much money to get out of the lease, Thorne is going to treat this as a test to get on with his life even though he still has feelings for Macy. Seeing Macy happy with Grant helps him put his feelings for Macy behind him. Although Thorne is putting his life back together, he isn't ready to come back to Forrester. He has something else in mind.

Katie thinks Brooke is letting Ridge off the hook by letting him leave, and notices Brooke seems a little different. Brooke does feel different because before Ridge left, he said he loved her and that will never change. Brooke thinks Ridge will come back to her because of his feelings toward she and the kids. Of course, Taylor won't make it easy for him. Brooke wonders if Ridge is thinking about what he said to me.

Ridge comes home to Taylor and lets her know things didn't go well with Bridget. Taylor tells Ridge that Rick stopped by determined to get her out of the way. Rick is convinced Ridge will never love Taylor the way he loves Brooke. Taylor says she is concerned about Bridget while Ridge thinks back to when he told Brooke he will always love her. With everything out in the open, the healing can begin. Taylor wants to celebrate their first night as a family. What could be more important than that?

James' colleague says he is getting calls from some of James' patients saying they don't want to see James anymore. Things can't continue this way. The colleague implies it would be best if James resigned since he made a serious ethical mistake and must take full responsibility. James is given a few days to think it over, and is crushed he might be kicked out of the profession he loves. Sheila makes a surprise return!

Taylor assures Ridge the kids will be fine once they realize how much support and love surround them. Taylor helps Ridge relax by kissing him and just as they are heading to the bedroom, the phone rings. It's Brooke. She demands Taylor put Ridge on the phone. Brooke informs Ridge that Bridget climbed out of her bedroom window and is gone!

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Brooke breaks the news to Ridge that Bridget is missing. Taylor tries to keep Ridge calm by reminding him that Bridget is sensible, plus we don't know for sure if she ran away. Bridget could be at the mall or at a friend's house. Ridge hopes Taylor is right.

Stephanie informs Eric her visit to Thorne was an effort to bring the family closer. Eric's main concern now is helping Rick and Bridget deal with the fallout of Ridge's departure. Brooke calls Eric and delivers the bad news that Bridget is missing. Eric races over to Brooke's. Katie retrieves a list of Bridget's friends with their phone numbers and starts calling to find out if any of her friends have seen Bridget.

James enjoys a tender reunion with Sheila and Mary. Sheila is glad to be home but needed the time to herself. James has the entire afternoon free which seems odd to Sheila since he is usually so busy being a famous psychiatrist. As James plays with his daughter, Sheila notices the magazine article which blasts James for marrying a former patient.

Eric and Stephanie arrive but Brooke doesn't want Steph around. Stephanie reminds Brooke that she love Bridget and wants to help. Brooke snaps at Steph, who is trying to restrain herself from blowing up at Brooke. Katie informs none of Bridget's friends have seen her. Brooke calls the police to report a missing child.

Ridge feels Bridget blames him for destroying her family. Taylor assures Ridge that his love and support will help Bridget and Rick survive this crisis. In the meantime, Taylor wants Ridge to concentrate on she and Thomas, but Ridge's mind is elsewhere. Taylor wants to help Ridge but he keeps shutting her out. She gets Ridge to relax by giving him a massage. Brooke calls and says she is scared and worried about Bridget. Ridge abruptly leaves leaving Taylor furious he is still at Brooke's beck and call. Taylor vows once Bridget is home, nothing will stop Ridge from being with her.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Taylor is thinking about Brooke and Ridge; that woman drives me crazy, she says. No, she corrects herself, it is about Bridget. She will be home soon.

Rick is doing weights when Amber comes in. He says he has already run 5 miles today. She asks if all of this---the exercise and the running---helps get rid of his stress and he answers that it beats drinking and driving. She doesn't blame him for being mad at Ridge, but he isn't trying to hurt anybody. At least your mom and your sister have one thing going for them---you. You are move of a man than anyone I know. Don't worry about me, he says. Budge is the one I am concerned about.

They have tried all of Bridget's usual hangouts but there is no sign of her. Stephanie tries to reassure Eric that everything will be all right. Brooke tells Stephanie that she called Ridge. When Ridge walks in, she rushes to him and puts her arms around him. Thank God you are here, she says. Ridge says that he is as worried as Logan is; he only wishes that he had handled it differently.

Ridge gets an update; he says that this isn't like Bridget. Stephanie says she will be home. He tells Brooke not to worry; Bridget is a levelheaded child. He feels it was his fault; Stephanie is sure that he did the very best he could; he told the truth and that is the most important thing. She will be back. Brooke asks Stephanie if she has a crystal ball, but Stephanie says she knows how well Brooke raised her. Bridget has turned out to be a mature and well-adjusted young girl and she isn't going to be doing anything foolish. Brooke wants Stephanie to realize that her little girl is hurting an awful lot, but Stephanie tells her that that is all a part of growing up. I am the reason she is doing this, Ridge says. Stephanie tells him he has been nothing but honest and there is nothing wrong with that. "My family is breaking up," Brooke objects. "And there is definitely something wrong with that!"

Amber is sure that Bridget will understand. Rick says that even he doesn't understand. "Can I ask you a question?" Amber wants to know. "How was it growing up in a killer house with everything---furs and all kind of stuff?" He says that it was okay; he just took it all for granted. Not that he didn't appreciate it, but, he says, it isn't money that is important. It is your family that counts. His mom loves them more than anything in the world; she did a great job raising them and she did it all by herself. She is the best, but the one thing that she has always wanted is Ridge. They finally get it together and now he wants to leave; how could he do that? Budge and my mom have wanted this for as long as I can remember. Mom is sad and tries to hide it, but she is in a lot of pain. As soon as my sister finds out, she will be crushed. Stephanie and Taylor are cool ladies but when it comes to my Mom, they have this blind spot big enough to run a Mac truck through. Why can't they back off and leave her alone? Amber says she will always be there for him. She has to be; he is part of her and she is part of him. He says that they saved each other's lives, so now they are even. So we are, Amber says, but you can still count on me always. They kiss.

Eric is worried about both of the kids. Rick is vulnerable now. Ridge says that they should get Bridget back safe and sound first, then they can worry about Rick and Bridget together.

"You can leave now Stephanie," Brooke says as she walks up to Stephanie. "I'll have Ridge contact you as soon as she gets home." Stephanie says she isn't going anywhere. Brooke says she is only staying to see that Ridge doesn't stay here once Bridget is found, but Stephanie tells her that she loves those children. She isn't worried about where Ridge will go because he has already made his decision. Brooke says she is sorry her family crisis got in the way of the big homecoming. Stephanie tells her to stop manipulating the situation. She doesn't want her to be giving the children false hopes. Brooke says that Ridge has been a father to her children, but Stephanie reminds her that Eric is the children's father. You have to quit fighting it, Stephanie tells her. Ridge comes up and puts his arms around Brooke and begins to comfort her.

Taylor is looking at her wedding picture. She remembers the ceremony with Ridge looking at her with eyes full of love. We will have it all again, Ridge, she says. The phone rings and it is Stephanie calling from Brooke's house. She tells Taylor that they still haven't found Bridget, but it is only a matter of time, she is sure of it. She says that Brooke is playing her usual games and manipulating the situation. However, she really is concerned, as are all of them, but she doesn't want Taylor to worry. Ridge will be there with her and his son. Everything will be all right.

Stephanie approaches Ridge and tells him not to blame himself; he replies that it is kinda hard not to. She reminds him that this was to be a special day for him and Taylor, but he can't think of that right now. I can't just walk away, he tells her. She reminds him that he has his own family now, but since he let Bridget down, he is going to be there for her when she comes home. When Stephanie says that isn't necessary, Brooke comes up and says that it is necessary. She is really worried. It is getting dark outside. I have tried not to panic, she says. But I keep thinking about all that could happen to her out there. You are a mother, you should know how I feel. I am scared; I am scared to death that my little girl isn't coming home---that I will never see her again. Ridge walks over to her and pulls her into his arms.

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