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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on PC
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Monday, July 13, 1998

Kevin denies that Victor is the person that he based General Homicide's murderer on. Victor thinks he is. Later, Kevin realizes that the killer is indeed based on Victor. Victor comes out in full dress for Kev's wedding, the suit had just arrived. He's amused that the killer was based on him and jokes about it - Lucy and Kevin don't share his amusement. Victor feels complimented that he was the inspiration for such a clever character. Lucy manages to turn the conversation to their wedding. Kevin calls it the light at the end of the tunnel - Victor told him to make sure the light isn't just an oncoming train.

Frank told Joe, Julie, Lark, and Alejandro that he will die without the experimental drug. Julie and Joe are taking his vitals - Garcia wants to question him. They convince Garcia that he needs to get to the hospital, Julie takes time out of the emergency to yell at Lark. Lark informs her that it was Julie's dearly departed Daddy who first got Frank on the drug by using him as a human lab rat. They arrive at the hospital where Frank refuses to go to the chem ward for treatment. Frank says he doesn't need treatment, he needs DL-56. He begs Julie to get him some. Joe has security come and take him off to the chem ward. They drag him away while Joe and Julie agree to tell people he became hooked on pain killers. Julie heads off after Frank - Joe goes to tell Karen about the situation. Alejandro questions Lark and she tells him Devlin first gave the drug to Frank. She also told him Frank found out that he had been given it right before Devlin was murdered.

Scott waits impatiently with Karen and Eve for the outcome of the operation on Serena. Eve asks if he waits her to leave - he doesn't. She tries to calm Scott down without success. Karen is slightly more successful. Scott calls Lucy and told him about the operation. Kevin and Lucy leave for the hospital, Victor stays behind to "take care of some things". Karen talks to Eve about her feelings of closeness to her sister, Eve feels close as well. Eve thinks Scott still blames her - Karen asks her to give him time. Eve doesn't think time will help. Scott returned to the room - as impatient as ever. Lucy and Kevin arrive - Lucy is not happy to see Eve there. Kevin told her to leave Eve alone - she agrees and they go in. Karen told them Eve found the donor and TPTB continue to ruin Lucy's character by having her point out that Eve is responsible for Serena needing a transplant in the first place. Scott told them that the corneas came from Dr. May and that Eve talked to Dr. May's husband to get them. Kevin thinks that must have been a difficult thing to do, Lucy is stunned. Joe arrives and takes Karen aside and told her about Frank and the DL-56. They go to the chem ward and try to figure out what to do. Karen wants to try something that worked on some of the rats, Joe wants to give him a dose of DL-56 until they can figure out the best way to treat the withdrawal symptoms. Out in the hall, Julie is hostile to a curious Garcia. She told him that Lark is lying and there's no proof Bennett gave Frank some. Garcia thinks Frank may be the killer. Julie refuses to help him out. Back in the chem ward, Julie comes in - she couldn't find any of the drug. She started a new batch, but it won't be ready until tomorrow morning. Joe worries he won't make it until then.

Lucy claims Eve killed May for her corneas. Kevin told her that corneas can be taken from a corpse so there was no need to kill someone. Lucy interrupts Eve and Scott talking. They talk a bit about Kevin and Lucy's wedding. A nurse comes out to tell them that there's been a complication.

Victor, wearing a sweatshirt and stocking cap, is reading General Homicide. Next to him is a net and some scissors. He touches the net and says "Perfect". He picks up the scissors and says "Just what the doctor ordered" - the camera pans around and the page in the book has Kevin's picture taped to it!

Tuesday, July 14

Frank suffers as he went through detox from DL56. Karen gives him half the regular dosage of the drug under pressure from Joe and Julie. He's a ticking time bomb with this stuff, Karen says. She and Joe fight about the best course of treatment for Frank. Inside Frank's room, Frank asks Julie not to say anything to Mary about the drug. She wants to, but agrees to keep up their story that he got addicted to pain killers after the accident. He apologizes to her for being so cruel. They share a kiss.

Garcia talks to Chris about Frank. When Chris asks Julie what is going on, she starts to give him their story about pain killers, but Chris told her that he already knows, thanks to Garcia. Later, Chris calls his contact at Lance Pharmaceuticals and offers information on a human test case of DL56.

Garcia confronts Karen about giving Frank DL56--she denies it. He confronts Frank, trying to get him to confess, but Frank just laughs at him.

The surgeon who performed Serena's surgery is optimistic that the transplant was successful. Eve and Scott hug when they hear the news, while Lucy glares at them from the corner. Later, as Scott visits with Serena, she told him how much she is looking forward to being able to see again so she can look for Dominique's star. Lucy joins them. Serena asks about wedding plans and about Eve. When Lucy hesitates to answer about Eve, Serena told Lucy and Kevin that it was just an accident and not Eve's fault for what happened to her. She asks Lucy if she could get Eve to visit her more often. Lucy, in tears, asks Eve grudgingly to visit Serena--because it's what she wants, not what I think is a good idea, she says. During their visit, Serena told Eve not to be sad about the car crash. The surgeon arrives and wants to take Serena's bandages off. Slowly he removes them, but it's no use. Serena still can't see.

Wednesday, July 15

The surgeon told Scott that if Serena's immune system rejects the steroids that he's going to use to help bring the swelling down with, she could become permanently blind. Scott freaks out, and Karen tries to comfort him. He questions his parenting skills to Lucy, who told him that he's a great father and that he can't be with Serena 24 hours a day. Inside, Scott and Serena discuss her condition. He convinces her to be patient and that there is no reason to give up hope.

Lucy runs into Eve and asks who she's planning to kill next, now that Dr. May's corneas aren't working. You, Eve says. Eve takes Scott some clothes and a toothbrush. I called Gail to watch Serena while you freshen up, she says. I know you wouldn't leave her alone with me. Serena asks Eve to read to her, but before she begins, Lucy burst in with Serena's flower girl dress. Eve leaves. Serena asks if she can still be in the wedding even though she can't see. Of course, Lucy says. Just then, the phone rings. Lucy learns that the roof has collapsed in the church and they have to postpone the wedding for a week while it's repaired. She asks Serena to help her make calls to let everyone know.

Julie visits Frank after her shift is over. They start kissing and wind up throwing their clothes on the bed as they head for the bathroom. They make love in the shower while outside, an orderly comes in to make up Frank's bed. He accidentally takes all their clothes with him. They come outside and realize what happened. Frank has Karen paged to his room and asks her for two pairs of scrubs. What for? Karen wants to know. Julie comes out in a towel and explains what happened. Karen teases them, but agrees to help out.

Karen told Kevin that Dr. May's husband mentioned that she had a congenital heart condition, so she may not have been poisoned--but they will have to wait for the autopsy report. At home, Kevin gets caught in a trap that Victor has set. Victor is ecstatic--his plan works! Kevin asks how he plans to get the killer to come to the house. With a carrot, Victor replies. I'm going to figure out the next victim. Kevin starts telling him how ridiculous and dangerous this is when he gets a call from Mac. The autopsy report is in...Dr. May was poisoned with cyanide, just like in General Homicide.

Thursday, July 16, 1998


Karen reminds an agitated Frank that they'll have to cut his dosage in half once again to make certain the detox process continues. Determined to get his hands on more of the DL-56, Frank decides to appeal to Lark. Karen warns Julie that all of the test animals she's weaned off the DL-56 maintained the same behavior they displayed while they were on the drug. Later, Lark promises Karen she won't help Frank score a new supply of DL-56. Frustrated to see an opportunity for big bucks slipping away fast, Chris told the people at Lance Pharmaceuticals that he's conducting a human test of the new drug that has proved wildly successful. Enraged when Lark refuses to assist him, Frank accuses the girl of betrayal and orders her to get out. As Garcia begins working on a new theory for his investigation, Julie and Karen shakily admit to one another their fear that Frank could be the serial killer. Frank vows to blackmail Karen unless she provides him with higher doses of the drug she created. Undaunted by a junkie's threats, Karen calmly calls her patient's bluff. Afterwards, Chris offers to supply Frank with all the DL-56 he wants if he'll play human guinea pig.

Friday, July 17, 1998


Joe is dismayed to hear how his brother tried to blackmail Karen. Meanwhile, in the detox ward, Chris injects Frank with a full dose of DL-56. Garcia comes to the lighthouse to question Kevin, who bristles at the suggestion that he killed Dr. May in order to boost flagging sales of his book. Though Victor leaps to his son's defense, Garcia reminds both Dr. Collins that Kevin is still very much a suspect. Serena's ballet teacher and her classmates send a special gift to the hospital to cheer up their young friend. Later, worried that Michelle will say something about her unscheduled appearance at the dance studio on the day of the accident, Lucy asks the teacher not to visit Serena for a while. Kevin speculates about why he has become the focus of the real serial killer's hatred. Panicked to learn that Joe intends to draw more blood for tests, Frank calls on Chris to throw the lab boys a curve. Eve overrules Lucy and ushers Michelle into Serena's room for a visit. Kevin decides to use himself as bait for the murderer. Joe persuades Karen to release Frank after his latest round of tests come back clean.

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