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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on PC
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Monday, July 20, 1998

Chris watches as Eve digs through her purse. She explains that she's looking for a gas receipt and told him her suspicions about Lucy. Fortunately, she finds it. She vows to find out if Lucy had anything to do with the missing gas and if she did - she won't live to see her wedding day. Chris suggests there may have been a leak in the gas line. Eve calls the place that has her car and asks them to check for a leak for insurance purposes. Later, Eve finds Scott in the hallway and told him about the gas receipt and that there were no leaks. She wants them to look at his security tapes from that day he's unconvinced that it would be worth his time. She convinces him to do it for Serena's sake. It turns out that her car is out of camera range. They do see Lucy's car approach and slow down.

Lucy is toasting the upcoming nuptials with her "very best friend" Felicia. They discuss Maxie walking with Serena down the aisle and being her eyes. Lucy prattles on about how much she and Kevin love each other and how Mac and Felicia love each other. Lucy mentions how often the two have been married. Felicia says that 2 of her marriages weren't legal, and the other two were to the same man, so she considers this her second. Lucy decides it's her first, since this is the first time she's marrying for love. Filly asks how anyone can be sure when it's right. Lucy gets an idea to prove her love for Kevin and has to call her hairdresser. Why? you all ask? To get the name of a tattoo artist of course!!! Lucy oddly brought up Cher as an example of older women getting tattoos, apparently she hasn't heard that Cher is now having hers (ouch!) removed. Lucy wants a tattoo of a heart with "Kevin" across it - on someplace very private - her butt. She likes the idea that it's permanent. Felicia offers to hold her hand during it. Lucy tells her that she'll do more than that - she's getting one too. Felicia asks why she would want "Kevin" tattooed on her behind? Lucy told her she needs to change her hair color. Lucy decides they need more margaritas to fortify themselves. Later, they look through a photo albums, including the pictures of themselves as nuns. They discuss how they each made bad nuns. They drunkenly chat - it was a cute scene, but hard to describe - nothing was really said. Felicia looks more and more upset as Lucy goes on about Felicia and Mac spending the rest of their lives together. Finally she breaks down in tears, but told Lucy that they are tears of joy. She agrees to get a Mac tattoo. The doorbell rings - it's Spike from "Tats to Go" who asks who wants the tattoo. They point to each other and say "She does". Later, as Lucy winces in pain during the tattooing, Felicia distracts her by discussing shopping. They decide Felicia should try on some of Lucy's clothes - she does. As Spike prepares to start on Felicia, she looks at Lucy's tat - it says Mac!

Gail meets Kevin at the hospital. He told her about Garcia's visit and his asking more questions about the book and murders. He explains that he wants to set up a profile and use himself as bait for the killer. They discuss serial killers and conclude that the killer wants power. Later, Kevin talks to a radio station about going on live and taking questions.

Tuesday, July 21

Courtney calls "Neil's father" only to reach his wife. The wife told her that she knows that Courtney has been blackmailing her husband and that the money is going to stop. Frustrated, Courtney slams down the phone and starts searching through the paper for an apartment. Joe asks what's going on and she told him that she needs a new place to live. He offers the Scanlon house. Courtney initially refuses, but eventually agrees.

Eve tries to convince Scott that something is not right with Serena's accident, but Scott refuses to listen to her. Neil gives Serena a light saber as a going home present. Lucy arrives with lots of stuff for Serena and Scott mentions that he and Eve looked at his security tapes, asking her why she drove by. Lucy covers her tracks. Scott asks her if she had anything to do with Serena's accident. She swears that she would never hurt Serena. Later on, Scott meets with a "mobility specialist" who encourages him not to move anything around the firehouse because Serena already knows where everything is. Serena practices walking with a sight cane.

Eve told Kevin about her gas receipt and her conversation with her mechanic. Kevin says that Lucy would never put Serena in harm's way. Eve asks if he's sure about that, and suggests he ask Lucy himself. She would never lie to me about something like that--not ever, he asserts.

Lucy tries to hide her "Mac" tatoo from Kevin. She eventually shows him and he laughs at her. You're all the entertainment one man can stand, he says. He told her that he and Gail have started a profile of the GH killer and that he's going on a radio talk show to draw the killer out. He confronts Lucy about Eve's accusation and asks her if she had anything to do with Eve's car running out of gas. I had nothing to do with Serena's accident, Lucy says.

Eve talks to the jeweler across the street from the firehouse. He told her he has four security cameras, and one is located where she parked her car.

Kevin and Lucy go to the radio station where Kevin is interviewed. Kevin baits the killer to call him. A caller with a disguised voice says he is the killer. Kevin asks him to tell him something only he and the killer would know. I put that clown suit in your drawer, says the voice. All of my victims deserved to die and so do you.

Wednesday, July 22

Talking to the General Homicide killer on the radio, Kevin asks him why he's doing it. The voice says that all of his victims deserved to die and that he has the utmost respect for Kevin but he, too, must die. He suggests to the listeners to listen very carefully, because it may be the last voice his next victim ever hears. Kevin tries to get him to admit something that would give his identity away, but the killer just rants about each of his victims deserving to die for one reason or another. Garcia shows up as the conversation is ending. After the killer hangs up, Garcia told him to stop provoking this lunatic. Kevin told him that he's come to far not to do anything now. Garcia asks where Victor is and Lucy and Kevin flip out at the suggestion that he may have been the caller. This person has no trouble fitting into society or he would've been caught by now, Garcia says. Stop making it so personal. Kevin told him that it is personal. At home, Victor congratulates Kevin for "using his pawn."

Frank comes home euphoric and told Julie about the radio show with the killer, but that it was impossible to tell who it was because he or she disguised their voice. I recognized something that he said, Frank says. The doorbell rings, and Julie gets a package. It's her father's personal effects from Minnesota. Inside they find a picture of Eve, holding the pen that Bennett gave her. They call Garcia, who says he'll take note of it.

The jeweler told Eve that the tape from the night of Serena's accident would already be erased because he reuses them. However, it's possible that the tape she's looking for was rotated out by his wife. He checks and confirms that the tape is missing. Later, at the hospital, Eve gets a call from him to say that his wife used the tape to record their son playing baseball. There may still be something here, though. She rushes over and they start viewing the tape, but it's mostly little league stuff. Suddenly it switches over to the security tape--and shows Lucy crouched behind Eve's gas tank. Eve vows revenge.

Thursday, July 23, 1998


Though Joe assures her there hasn't been anything between him and Courtney for years, Karen recalls the pain of Jagger's betrayal and admits to Joe that she doesn't like the idea of his attractive old flame moving in with him. Serena comes home and begins to slowly maneuver her way around the firehouse with her cane. Although Scotty tries to keep her morale up with high praise for her efforts, Serena soon breaks down in tears of frustration as she stumbles over once-familiar objects. Frank angrily objects to the new roommate taking up residence in the Scanlon house but Joe insists that he's determined to help Courtney out for the sake of her ailing son. Unaware that Eve is holding a trump card, a confident Lucy advises the intern to give up her futile efforts to pass off the blame for Serena's accident. Tired of trying to adjust to her blindness, a sobbing Serena begs her father to carry her. When Scott reminds her of the big event she's been so looking forward to, Serena bitterly declares that she no longer wants to participate in the wedding. Eve decides to pay Lucy back in grand style by publicly humiliating her.

Friday, July 24, 1998


Following the wedding rehearsal, a giddy Lucy and Kevin return to the lighthouse to practice for their honeymoon. Chris tries to cheer Eve up with a gourmet home-cooked dinner, complete with candlelight and soft music. Worried about the magic going out of their lives after marriage, Lucy gives Kevin a preview of what his future could look like. As she makes herself at home in the Scanlons' living room, Courtney and Frank exchange insults that quickly turn to ugly threats. On the premise that turnabout is fair play, Kevin treats Lucy to his version of a Homer Simpson-like couch potato. His bride-to-be, however, soon finds a way to distract him and rejuvenate his romantic side. Chris and Eve indulge in a little after dinner dancing but the subject of Scotty rears its ugly head once more. Courtney gives a giggling Julie some gory details about her boyfriend's playboy past but Frank regards his houseguest's stories as no laughing matter. Eve shows Chris the nasty little wedding present she's prepared for Lucy.

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