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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on PC
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Monday, November 30, 1998

In the opening scene, Scotty calls Serena from jail to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. Lucy was not there to receive the call. She was visiting Kevin at the Lighthouse. They were sharing a special moment when Eve arrived. Lucy made a hasty exit. Eve's plan is to rescue Kevin and Victor from spending Thanksgiving alone. She wants everyone to put all of the bad memories behind and think about the good things. Eve has made arrangements for the three of them to go to a Karaoke bar and grill.

At the firehouse, Serena is sad because her father is in jail. Lee tries to cheer her up by telling her a story about the time when Scotty brought home a stray dog and hid the dog for weeks without him knowing about it. Lee was allergic to dogs and could not understand why he was sneezing all of the time. Then on Thanksgiving, Scotty ran into the dining room white as a ghost. Lee went into the kitchen to see what was the matter and found the dog with the turkey hanging out of his mouth. Lee's only reply was, "Get that dog some gravy!" After the laughter was through, Serena wanted to call her dad. Lucy had a better idea. She decided to bring Thanksgiving dinner to Scotty.

The Karaoke threesome enter the bar and grill and ordered a huge beverage in a coconut with three straws.

Scotty was surprised when he entered the interrogation room to find all of his family there with Thanksgiving dinner. Garcia enters the room and is invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

At the Karaoke bar, Kevin persuades Eve to sing. She agrees only if Kevin sings with her. The twosome sing "Don't go breaking my heart" off key! After the song, Eve and Kevin convince Victor to sing. Victor performs "I'm to sexy for my shirt". Kevin thanks Eve for making this Thanksgiving a most memorable occasion.

At the jail, Karen and Joe make their departure. Lee talks about Julie's case. They all agree that Julie would not have done what she did if she had not been brainwashed by Cooper. Garcia enters with somewhat distressing news, "My men just reported from Jasmine Island. Cooper is presumed dead, however no body was found!"

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Courtney receives a letter from John's parents in Greece telling her that they're coming to visit. She gets very upset, much to Mary's dismay. Mary tries telling Courtney how important grandparents are in a child's life and that Neil could really benefit from having them around. You really don't understand the situation, Courtney says. Karen and Neil come home, and after Neil went to his room, Mary told Karen about the impending visit. Mary and Neil work on physical therapy exercises together while Karen and Courtney discuss John's parents. Courtney threatens to tell them the truth about Neil's true parentage and Karen tries to discourage her. I'll do anything to protect Neil, Courtney says. Later, when Joe returns, Karen told him about her conversation with Courtney. After watching Neil and Mary having fun together, Joe says that maybe Courtney's admission would be good for everyone.

Joe and Frank head to Lee's office, where Lee and Kevin are discussing strategies for Julie's defense. They tell Frank that if they don't plead insanity, Julie will most likely face the death penalty. Frank freaks out and refuses, but eventually they make him realize this is her only chance to save her life. Frank asks how long she'd have to be kept in a mental institution. Kevin, Lee and Joe all look at each other. You have to accept the possibility that she may never get better, Kevin says. Frank takes off, with Joe hot on his heels. Joe told Frank that he's got to face reality with this situation. Frank tries to explain his feelings, using Karen as an example, but Joe sticks to his belief that this is Julie's only option. Frank leaves, eventually winding up in an office of a mob lawyer. He asks the lawyer if he'd represent Julie. The lawyer laughs and says that Julie doesn't have a prayer of getting off.

Kevin visits Julie in jail. She lashes out at him, blaming all of the Collins family for destroying her family. Kevin told her he understands, and tries to share the story of losing Ryan. Julie refuses to listen until he calls her Marsha. She told Kevin how good Cooper was to her, and how he was the only family she had left. Kevin questions how good a brother he was if he starved her while she was kidnapped. It was for my own good, "Marsha" replies. He asks her to pretend that he's Greg, and tell him anything she would've wanted to tell Greg. She looks at Kevin, and his face transforms into Greg's. Hello, Marsha, he says.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

During Kevin's continued attempt to break through Cooper's brainwashing, Julie recalls the moment Greg first introduced the notion that she is his sister. Hoping to help Julie realize the truth, Kevin asks her to talk about how afraid she was when she was in Cooper's clutches. Instead, Julie talks about how Greg "took care" of her--rewarding her with food and water only after she actually began to believe that she was his sister. Nevertheless, her tainted memories of Greg's "kindness" begin to blend with more realistic memories of his torture. She recalls looking at "family" photographs with Greg and being coached to repeat after him the "lessons" he had to teach her about her identity and their mission to avenge Marcia's death. Julie told Kevin she is tired, so he leaves, asking if he can come back tomorrow. She agrees, but remembers after he is gone a moment when Greg told her to meet him in a secret place if anything should go wrong.

When Eve told Ramsey she is going to visit Scott and take him a bag of apples in jail, Ramsey taunts her with the fact that Lucy is still living in the firehouse. Eve told Ramsey, rather unconvincingly, that she believes Lucy is only living there because of the death threats and will soon move out.

Lucy visits Scott in jail with (no big surprise here) a bag of apples. She told Scott she thinks it is time for her to move out of the firehouse and get on with her life. Scott objects, claiming that he wants Lucy to be around so Serena can have some stability. He asks her to stay at least until he is released from jail. She agrees to stay, and Scott asks her to keep herself open to the possibilities. When Lucy gets up to leave, Scott plants a big kiss on her. She walks out the door and runs into Eve in the hallway. Lucy apologizes sincerely to Eve, who once again thanks Lucy for saving her life in the elevator. Frank shows up at Ramsey's demanding a double dose of DL-56. Ramsey tells Frank he doesn't have any on hand and will have to make a new batch at the lab. He proposes that Frank allow him to use a new formula he's been developing that will have fewer negative side effects. Frank refuses to go along with it until he has seen every scrap of Ramsey's research. When Ramsey calls the hospital to reserve lab time, Matt overhears the call and notes with curiosity that Chris has booked time in the lab.

During her visit with Scott, Eve is disappointed to see that Lucy has beaten her to the punch with the apples. She told Scott that she is eager to repay him for his kindness and protection and volunteers to help out with Serena while he is in jail. When Scott told her that Lucy is taking care of Serena, Eve volunteers to help out after Lucy moves out of the firehouse. Scott told Eve that Lucy may not be moving out.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Frank meets Chris in the lab for his dose of the new DL-56 formula. After Chris injects him, Franks complains that he doesn't feel the same power rush he felt with the original formula. Frank leaves the lab moments before Eve arrives, sneezing and coughing, to tell Ramsey about her visit with Scott in jail. Chris sends Eve out to get breakfast and makes notes on his research, paying particular attention to the formula's ability to enhance Frank's immune system. When Eve returns with breakfast, Chris counsels her to get over her affair with Scott and asks if he can take a throat culture to use in his research. When she presses Chris for information about his formula, Chris told her it is an herbal compound. He labels the culture and puts it away on the shelf.

At the Scanlon house, Neil comes to the kitchen and discovers Mary in the process of making pancakes. When she accidentally knocks some eggs off the counter, he helps her clean the mess and told Courtney that he is the one who dropped the eggs. Mary won't let the boy lie for her, but she does let him help her make the batter. Joe, Courtney, Neil, and Mary have breakfast together, and Neil asks Mary to come to his school as his special friend for Grandparents' Day. Mary agrees and heads upstairs to get dressed. Courtney told Joe that she regrets not telling him the truth about Neil from the beginning. Just as they are about to leave for Neil's school, John Kanelos' parents arrive on the doorstep.

In jail, Julie has taken a day off from therapy, but Frank stops by to visit with her. After recalling the time Cooper told her to play along with the cops in order to escape and meet him in their secret place, Julie told Frank that she has had nightmares about Cooper. She told him that she is confused and doesn't know what is real anymore. Frank tries to reassure Julie, and she takes the opportunity to pretend she's breaking through Cooper's brainwashing to the realization that she really is Julie Devlin. Tearfully, Julie told Frank that she feels remorse for what she's done and believes Cooper tortured her into believing that she was his sister. She told him she is terribly afraid of spending her entire life in a mental institution and asks Frank to help her escape. He tries to talk sense to her, explaining that he's contacted another lawyer to take her case, but Julie told him she isn't just concerned about what will happen to her--she told him she is pregnant.

Friday, December 4, 1998

Frank reacts to Julie's announcement that she is pregnant with concern, insisting that she see a doctor. Julie refuses, saying she is afraid her baby will be treated with scorn and taken from her if she isn't able to escape from jail. She makes Frank promise to keep the baby a secret and asks him once again to help her escape.

When John's parent ask to see Neil, Courtney tries to tell them that he has already left for school, but Neil bounds into the room and is overcome with happiness at seeing his father's parents. Neil asks them to come with him and Mary to Grandparents' Day at school.

Matt pump Lark for information about Frank, especially concerning his addiction to DL-56. Lark doesn't tell Matt anything, but it's obvious that Matt suspects that Chris is working on the drug in secret.

Phil Porter, the representative for Lance Pharmaceutical, arrives at the lab to meet with Chris and Frank. Frank shows up a few minutes late and obviously in need of a dose. He manages to pull himself together long enough to get through the interview with Porter, who congratulates Chris on his research and promises to make him a wealthy man. When Chris escorts Porter out of the hospital, they run into Matt, who eyes Chris suspiciously. Back in the lab, Frank pockets the vial bearing a warning label from the storage unit, thinking it is the original formula of DL-56. Frank uses a hospital pay phone to call Julie, who complains that she is experiencing morning sickness. When she asks Frank if he will help her escape from jail, he eyes the bottle he has stolen from the lab.

Joe told Karen that Neil was elated to see John's parents, and he wants to consult with Gail about what possible harm he could do by telling Neil that he is really his father.

At the school, Neil arrives with Mary and John's parents, whom he introduces to Serena and Gail. Despite everyone's efforts to be pleasant, Courtney's discomfort is obvious. While Neil and Serena are having a snack, John's parents take Courtney aside and thank her for allowing them to see Neil. They tell her that they hope to see much more of him and they want him to visit them in Greece. Panicked at the thought that they might take Neil, Courtney told them that Joe is Neil's real father.

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