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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on PC
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Eve and Kevin are in the on call room trying to figure out who ryan.cph.org is. In the next scene, Greg Cooper is escaping from Concord Psychiatric Hospital. Eve and Kevin finally realize what "CPH" stands for. Kevin calls the hospital only to be told that Greg Cooper has escaped.

At the firehouse, Lucy and Serena are playing Concentration. Greg Cooper is outside staring in. Scotty enters the room carrying 3 caramel apples.

Kevin calls Garcia informing him that Greg Cooper has escaped. He explains that Julie is Greg's accomplice. Kevin tries to contact Victor on Jasmine Island. He leaves a message on the answering machine explaining that Cooper has escaped and Julie is his cohort in crime. However Kevin was too late because Julie is holding Victor at gunpoint.

At the hospital, Eve tries to tell Frank but Frank does not believe Eve. He leaves in a rage searching for Julie.

At the firehouse, Lucy receives a phone call from Kevin informing her of the danger. When Lucy told Scotty, he wants her and Serena to leave the country. Scotty has to go to court for his sentencing.

Frank enters the Scanlon house in search of Eve. Lark gives him a flyer for the house on Jasmine Island. Frank leaves for Jasmine Island in search of Julie.

At the courthouse, Scotty is sentenced one week in jail and 600 community service hours. After the sentencing, Lee Baldwin receives a note from Scotty's pilot saying that Lucy and Serena never arrived at the airport and the bodyguards were found dead.

Kevin and Eve went to the Concord Psychiatric Hospital to search Greg Cooper's room. They found an album containing newspaper clippings of all of the general homicide killings. A birth certificate was found stating that Cooper's real parents were Marsha and Victor. Greg was the baby that Kevin saved as a child.

On Jasmine Island, Victor gets the gun away from Julie, however, Frank arrives and gets the gun from Victor. Unfortunately for Frank, Julie picks the gun up and points it at Frank and Victor.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

A frantic Scott gets Lee to ask the judge to delay his sentence for 24 hours. The judge grants Lee's request, and Scott heads out to look for Lucy and Serena.

Lucy awakens in an abandoned warehouse and calls for Serena. Greg Cooper walks into the room and told Lucy he has hidden Serena behind one of the doors, a man-eating tiger behind the other. To prove that he has Serena captive and that she is still alive, he uses a walkie-talkie to talk to Serena. Greg told Lucy she has to choose one of the doors if she hopes to set Serena free, but warns her that each of the rooms is rigged with a concrete slab that will drop, crushing whoever is in the room, after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Greg turns over the hourglass and leaves for Jasmine Island.

Scott arrives at the Scanlon house to meet Garcia and help in the search for Lucy and Serena. The police find a copy of General Homicide with Julie's name scratched out and the name Marcia Cooper written beneath it. They also find receipts signed by Marcia Cooper for walkie-talkies and the rental of a warehouse on the outskirts of town.

Lucy uses the walkie-talkies to communicate with Serena and tries to determine which room the girl is in. When that doesn't work, Lucy tries to create a psychic bond with Serena. She visualizes Serena sitting on the floor of a dark room, but also sees an image of a tiger.

Kevin and Eve arrive on Jasmine Island and find Victor and Frank bound and gagged. Just as they begin to untie them, Greg and Julie come into the room. While Julie holds everyone at gunpoint, Greg recounts the story of Victor's affair with Marcia, revealing that he is Marcia's son. Greg accuses Victor of being his father, but When Victor denies it, saying that Marcia was pregnant when he met her. Agitated, Greg insists that Victor was Marcia's killer, but Kevin reveals that Ryan committed the murder. When Victor points out that Kevin actually saved Greg's life that day, Greg becomes even more unhinged and insists on taking his revenge on Ryan's family and friends. He hands the gun to Julie, who claims to be his sister, and asks her to "do the honors."

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

As Lucy tries desperately to figure out which door to open to free Serena, Scott and Garcia arrive at the abandoned warehouse. Lucy explains the situation, and Scott decides to open one of the doors, hoping Garcia can shoot whatever jumps out if they pick the wrong door. They open one door and find a stuffed plush toy tiger. They open the second door and find another.

On Jasmine Island, Julie explains that Greg kidnapped her and told her that she was Marcia's daughter, his half-sister. Kevin tries to gain Julie's sympathy and asks her to tell him how the whole killing spree began. Cooper told them that he had wanted to kill Victor and Kevin in the Forest Hills Hospital fire, but Frank spoiled his plan. He then reveals how happy he was to have a new plan provided for him with the publication of Kevin's novel. Eve, Frank, Victor, and Kevin all try to persuade Julie to understand that Greg has brainwashed her, but she insists that she is his half-sister.

After thoroughly searching the warehouse and finding no trace of Serena, Scott talks to her on the walkie-talkie, trying to get her to remember the sounds she heard while she was being taken to the hiding place. She tells him she heard the noise of the car travelling over a wooden bridge and can hear a humming sound near the room where she is. Garcia realizes that the wooden bridge is a mile north of the warehouse near an electrical plant that may be source of the humming sound.

Julie recounts how Greg kidnapped her and talked to her for long hours about the way in which "their" mother died. When Kevin points out that being Cooper's sister left Julie with no real motive for killing Bennett Devlin, Cooper explains that Julie called him for encouragement after she learned that Devlin had caused Buddy's suicide. Julie admits that after talking to Greg, she waited for Bennett in his lab and killed him. Sensing that he may be losing control of Julie, Greg suggests they all go look at the place where Marcia was murdered.

Scott, Lucy, and the police arrive at the power plant and find Serena behind a locked door. While Garcia looks for another entrance, Scott forces the door open and frees his daughter. Inside the room, Lucy finds another stuffed toy tiger and a note from Cooper. The note told her that Kevin will be dead by the time she is reading the note.

On the bluff, Kevin and Cooper battle verbally for control of Julie's conscience. When Greg demands that Julie kill Kevin first, Kevin, Victor, and Cooper all grab for the gun. In the struggle, the gun goes off and Cooper, wounded, falls from the cliff. Julie collapses, calling his name.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

When Karen arrives at the Scanlon house for Thanksgiving, Lark voices her horror over learning that Julie really is the murderer. Joe and Victor bring Mary home from the hospital, and Joe told Karen and Lark that Frank has gone to the jail to visit Julie.

At the Jail, Frank takes Julie her Thanksgiving meal, and she flashes back to poisoning the plum pudding. She told Frank he should go home to have dinner with his family, but he told her he wants to spend time with her. She mentions the plum pudding and appears pleased when Frank tells her that Joe has promised to save him a piece.

When Ramsey shows up as Courtney's guest, Joe treats him coldly. Matt and Ellen arrive just in time for dinner. When everyone sits down to dinner, they all offer thanks for what they have and reminisce about the terror they've been through. Karen offers a prayer for Julie.

Julie remains hostile to Frank, still insisting that she is Marcia Cooper. When Frank begs her to explain to him how she came to believe Cooper, Julie told him that she lived her entire life wishing someone would tell her she was not really a member of her own family. She grows sad, recalling Buddy's suicide and comparing her feelings then to her feelings of blame over Cooper's death. She told Frank she feels guilty for killing Greg, the only person she believes really loved her. Frank tells her that he loves her too.

After dinner, Frank starts the traditional ceilidh by asking Neil to sing with him, but the boy declines. Instead, Lark reads from a book of Irish proverbs and Mary sings "Sweet Molly Malone." Matt told an awful joke and Ramsey sings song, then Neil suggests they have dessert. Lark heads off to the kitchen to get the plum pudding, and everyone else gathers back around the dining table. When Lark brought in the plum pudding, Mary notices that she hasn't made the hard sauce to go with it. Mary takes Lark back to the kitchen to make some while everyone waits impatiently around the table for dessert.

Frank tries to persuade Julie to face the truth about Cooper, but she is completely convinced that she is Cooper's half-sister. When Frank tells Julie how much he loves her, she told him that he loves a lie, that her affection for him was all an act. Frank refuses to believe her, but turns to go. Before he reaches the door, Julie warns him that she has put cyanide in the plum pudding.

Just as everyone is about to dive into dessert, Frank calls to warn Joe, who runs into the dining room just in time to stop everyone from eating the poisoned plum pudding. Frank thanks Julie for telling him about the poison and saving everyone's lives. He swears to her that he won't give up trying to reach that part of her that he knows still loves him.

Friday, November 27, 1998

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles did not air. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded.

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