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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on PC
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Monday, November 16, 1998

Chris is playing cards with Courtney and Neal. He is teaching Neal some poker tricks when Joe and Karen come home. Neal runs into Joe's arms. He was worried that Joe was going to die like his dad.

At the hospital, Frank sees Eve's impersonator walk by. He runs after her calling her Eve, however Julie intercepts him and prevents him from following. He decides to call Garcia and Julie went to check in on Mary.

Eve enters Mary's room to take her blood pressure. Victor was there and he is still convinced that Julie is the killer. Victor decides to ask Ellen if Julie can be removed from Mary's case.

At the Scanlon house, Joe is upset that Chris was teaching Neal poker tricks. Chris and Courtney leave to go to the movies. Joe tries to explain to Neal why card tricks is like cheating. Neal responds, "It's only a game." Joe is determined to warn Courtney to stay away from Chris.

At the hospital, Frank and Mary have a conversation about the General Homicide killer. Mary confides to Frank that Victor still believes that Julie is the killer. Victor enters the room and Frank starts an argument. However, the stress of this was causing pain to Mary, so they agreed to respect one another's opinion. Julie was listening from the doorway.

Later, Ellen went to Mary and informs her that Julie wants to be taken off of her case. Ellen left the room and Mary decided to get some rest. The killer walked into the room and picked up a pillow intending to suffocate Mary with it. Unfortunately for the killer, Victor returned with coffee. As he entered the room he saw Julie standing in a dark room fluffing a pillow. He asked her what she was doing and she responded, "I was trying to make Mary comfortable."

Later, Julie tries to convince Frank to allow her to take care of Mary when she gets out of the hospital. She thought it would be a good idea if Mary were to temporarily move into the Scanlon household.

Tuesday, November 17

Joe and Courtney discuss her relationship with Chris. Joe makes it clear that he disapproves of Chris as a role model for Neil and fills her in on Chris' shady past. Courtney tries to defend him, but Joe takes off. Courtney calls Chris, leaving a message telling him what a good time she had last night. Later, Frank and Julie ask Joe what he thinks about bringing Mary home while she's recuperating. They agree that this is the best option for Mary. During their discussion, Chris returns Courtney's call, much to the dismay of Joe and Frank. They make plans to meet later.

At the hospital, Joe confronts Chris about teaching Neil how to cheat at cards. He stresses the need for positive role models in Neil's life especially now that John is dead. Chris told him to mind his own business and back off. Courtney and Neil arrive and the three of them head for the stock car races.

Garcia arrives at the lighthouse and questions Eve's past experience with explosives. Victor and Kevin get irate and tell him not to focus on Eve. Garcia told them that Eve's mother used to be involved with an ex-army munitions expert while at the circus. Garcia leaves for the hospital, where he questions Eve about her past. Kevin realizes that Eve's look-alike surfaced at Greg Cooper's hospital. Kevin and Victor alter some photos of a few Port Charles' female residents, giving them all Eve's hairstyle, and include a photo of Eve. Kevin heads to visit Cooper in the hospital where Greg asks how Kevin's book is selling. Kevin shows Cooper the photos and asks if he recognizes anyone. Cooper identifies the photo of Eve as the woman who came to visit him.

At the Scanlon house, Julie told Frank that his family is just like how hers was supposed to be. I promise I'll take extra special care of your mother, she says as she flashes back to the scene in the hospital where she is about to suffocate Mary with a pillow. They tease each other about being more careful where they have sex because his mom will be in the house. After they make love, Julie receives a call from Greg Cooper. Kevin Collins is getting too close, Cooper says. I can't keep feeding him a red herring...and it's time to kill the one responsible. I understand, she responds and hangs up. When Frank asks who it is, Julie replies, "just the hospital..."

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Still distraught over learning that she isn't pregnant, Lucy helps Scott get ready for his court date. While she is upstairs getting him a tie, Gail and Lee arrive. They are obviously shocked to see Lucy coming down the stairs in her bath robe. Scott explains that Lucy is staying with him because of the threats she has received. Ellen arrives to babysit Serena while Lucy and the Baldwins head off for court.

Kevin told Eve about his visit to see Greg Cooper, and Eve is upset when she learns that the killer is attempting to implicate her.

Feigning panic, Julie calls Kevin and leaves a message on his machine asking for another therapy session. Before she leaves, she grabs an umbrella and dips its sharpened tip into a bottle of poison.

Victor comes home with real estate flyers advertising the house on Jasmine Island. Kevin told him that Julie is on her way over and asks for some privacy during her visit. Victor agrees, reluctantly, to stay out of Kevin's way, but when Julie arrives carrying the umbrella, Victor grabs it from her hand, believing the handle might conceal a blade. He breaks the handle off and, over Julie's objections, takes it to the other room to attempt to repair it.

Julie told Kevin that she feels anxious because people like Victor still suspect her of being the killer. She says her dreams are getting creepier and produces the journal she has been keeping. Julie sees the real estate flyers for the Jasmine Island house. Victor comes back without the umbrella, saying he was unable to repair it and has thrown it away. Julie reacts angrily, telling Victor he had no right to discard the umbrella. Kevin gives her one of his own umbrellas when she leaves.

Outside the courtroom, Eve apologizes to Karen for getting Scott in trouble. Karen told Eve that Scott's behavior is not her fault. Lucy and the Baldwins show up, and Scott stays in the hallway to talk to Eve for a moment. Eve told Scott she wants to lie for him on the stand, but he won't let her.

Ellen and Serena plan a surprise treasure hunt for Scott and Lucy when they return from court. Serena gets the map Scott brought back from Florida to use as a pattern for her own map of the firehouse.

After the D.A. makes his opening remarks, Lee argues that Scott is pleading not guilty because his actions and conversations with Eve are protected by attorney/client privilege. Eve is called to the stand. While the D.A. grills her about the bracelet, forcing her to admit that Scott has committed perjury and obstruction of justice, Scott stands and offers to change his plea.

While Kevin and Victor discuss the possible reasons Greg Cooper might have for implicating Eve, Julie uses a pay phone to call the realtor and make an appointment to see the house on Jasmine Island.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Due to ABC News coverage of Ken Starr's testimony to Congress, Port Charles did not air today. Broadcasting will resume on Friday where Wednesday's show left off.

Friday, November 20, 1998

Victor told Kevin the realtor has arranged for him to meet a prospective buyer for the house on Jasmine Island and takes off to cozy the place up. Meanwhile, Kevin heads for GH to compare notes with Eve and come up with some clues to the killer's identity.

At the Scanlon house, Lark prepares a plum pudding from Mary's recipe. While her back is turned, Julie slips some opinion into the batter. Frank comes into the kitchen and tries to sneak a taste, but Julie stops him. Then she urges him to convince Mary to come home to stay with them for Thanksgiving.

As Scott and Lucy prepare to play Serena's treasure hunting game, Eve calls to find out if Scott has heard anything from the judge and to once again apologize for getting him into so much trouble. Scott once again absolves her of any responsibility. Serena comes in with the original Florida treasure map, which she places on the coffee table. Lucy and Scott dive in and begin to play her treasure hunting game. When they finish, Serena asks them if they think the Florida map could really lead them to a buried treasure. She reaches for the map and accidentally spills Lucy's coffee cup on it. While Lucy dries the map, Scott calls a friend from the library who specializes in restoring damaged documents.

Joe and Frank invite Mary to stay with them when she is released from the hospital, but she refuses. A while later, Karen talks to Mary and tries to convince he to reconsider their offer, pointing out that Mary should feel fortunate to have such loving sons. Mary relents and tells Joe and Frank she will stay with them for a short while.

Claude, the document restorer, comes to the firehouse and examines the treasure map. He assures Scott that he can repair the damage done by the spilled coffee, and Lucy notices that an "underimage" seems to have appeared where the coffee was spilled. Claude told Serena that the document is likely very old and is drawn on true vellum.

Kevin arrives at the hospital just as Eve hangs up, and she told him she feels responsible for Scott's problems but she has to accept that Scott is with Lucy now. Kevin asks Eve if she was able to obtain the schedules for each of the people trapped in the elevator on the day of the bombing. She has, and when they compare notes, they realize that there is a large gap in Julie's schedule for that day. Kevin recalls that Julie has told him she was working on the computer in the on-call room during that time. He and Eve go to the on-call room to check the computer's logs to see if Julie really was there. The computer usage log for the day of the bombing reveals that Julie was not logged on, but someone named "Marcia" was. Eve points out that Victor's mistress was named Marcia. After several failed attempts at breaking into Marcia's account, Eve succeeds using the password "homicide." She and Kevin examine Marcia's saved e-mail files and discover a diagram that explains how to manufacture a bomb.

Victor arrives at the Jasmine Island house and gives Mary a call to make sure she is all right. He then checks the answering machine and hears a message from "Marcia" saying she will be there presently. He busies himself trying to make the place more homey. When he answers the door expecting to meet the buyer, he finds Julie on the doorstep.

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