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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on GH
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Monday November 16, 1998

Robin announces her presence to an unaware Carly and Jason. Carly thanks her for taking care of Michael while she was "away." Robin tells Carly about Bobbie's visit and gives her the present Bobbie left. Tension fills the air as the two women try to hold a civilized conversation, but Jason interrupts and tries to smooth things over. Carly asks Robin if she'll help her catch up on missed times in Michael's life. Robin shows Carly the photo album she created from Jason's daily photos. Carly "jokingly" criticizes Jason's picture-taking abilities and the costume they picked out for Halloween. Fed up, Robin heads for bed, with Jason right behind her. Carly thanks Robin for making the album. After all, it could take months for me to catch up on Michael's life, Carly says. Robin and Jason stare at Carly. Did I say months? I meant weeks, Carly says with a smile. Later, Robin watches as Carly and Jason tend to Michael together.

Jax introduces Julia to "Isabella" and Julia freaks out, slapping Jax across the face. My sister's barely cold and here you are, she says. You're too proud to take a loan for me but you're not too proud to rent yourself as someone's paid companion. V tries to soothe the situation, saying that it's not what she thinks, but Julia refuses to listen. Frustrated, V lashes out with some mean comments of her own. Jax steps in and they agree to part company. Back in their suite, Jax and V assess their situation. They decide that Julia's reaction to them could work in their favor and decide to stay in Monte Carlo.

Lucky starts the truck and drives off as Luke screams in pain with his foot caught in the trap. Surprisingly, Lucky returns and finds Luke on the floor. He manages to release the trap and Luke instructs him how to bandage it up. They leave to seek medical care, only to return later after visiting a first aid station. Luke says he can't make the trip back to Port Charles in his condition, but that Lucky should go. Lucky gets Luke comfortable on the sofa and plants himself in a chair.

Nikolas and Katherine continue their passionate embrace. Nik starts to undress Katherine, but she stops him. She tries to reason with him, saying they shouldn't be doing this. Nik stares at her. You know I want you, he says. Who else looks at you the way I do? Kath protests again. You can't tell me that there's nothing but friendship between us, Nik says. He tells her that his first reaction to her dating his uncle was "But I saw her first." and asks if she ever got jealous when he was with Sarah Webber. She denies any feelings on her part and reminds him that she was with Stefan while he was with Sarah. He had his chance, Nik says. You're only stopping because you're still in love with him. She denies it and tells him that he's not a substitute for Stefan. He finally agrees to go--for now. You know inside how right this is, he says.

At Wyndemere, Stefan tells Helena that Luke and Alexis were behind the loose parapet. When Helena reminds him that she already told him that, she asks why he's telling her now. Stefan tells her to stay away from Katherine and go after Luke. Leave Alexis to me, he says. I'll have to find him, she replies. Stefan tells her that Luke is in a shack in the mountains about 40 minutes away. She says that if she wanted Luke dead, he would have been a long time ago. She won't have him killed because he's the one thing keeping Stefan and Laura apart. Stefan repeatedly tells her to stay away from Katherine and tells her about Kath's recent visit. Laura arrives as Helena is leaving. When Laura questions Helena's presence, Stefan tells her about Kath's visit and invitation and how he believes Helena was behind it. Laura asks him if he knows where Luke is--he says he doesn't know. When he questions why she wants to find him, even though she believes Lucky is safe with Luke, she replies that Luke would never hurt their son. You wouldn't come to me with a request to find him if you believed that. She tries to stand up for Luke, using Stefan's relationship with Nikolas as an example, but Stefan refuses to believe her. Nik comes home, flushed after his secret visit with Katherine. He sees them together and starts to leave, but both Stefan and Laura ask what's wrong. He says nothing and Laura leaves. Nik asks if there's news about Lucky and Stefan tells him that he's going to help find him. Nik apologizes for interrupting he and Laura. Stefan tells him that they have nothing to hide. Nik makes a veiled reference to the fact that sometimes keeping secrets is a good thing, and necessary. Stefan stares at him as he leaves.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Katherine gets a surprise visit from Helena. She asks about her visit to Wyndemere and Katherine gets defensive. Stefan is going to be sorry he ever met me, Katherine vows.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

Taggert met with Mac to report a mugging/shooting on Courtland St. Mac got upset because he doesn't understand why Felicia is so insistent about hanging out in such a drug inhabited area. Meanwhile, Alan has a visitor from his friendly dealer while Felicia looks on. As soon as he leaves, Felicia knocks on Alan's door and confronts him about the dealer visiting him. She offers Alan help -- anything, even if he comes to her when he needs to take a pill and she will help talk him through it. Alan tells her that's very sweet of her, but it doesn't work that way. As Felicia leaves, she asks Alan if she can meet the drug dealer. She explains that a writer needs to know what she's writing about and that's why she needs to be able to talk to these types of people. Alan is not very confident about it. Calls his dealer a dangerous man, even a parasite. He even goes as far as saying that this guy ruined him. Feeding his addiction. Felicia reassures him and Alan gives in. He admits to Felicia that he doesn't feel good about letting Felicia meet with this dealer, but it sure does feel good to be helping someone else again.

Back at the Q mansion, Monica and AJ discuss Carly and the baby. Monica's jealous because Bobbie has probably already been over there and she hasn't. AJ tells Monica that she ought to follow Bobbie's lead. A friend in Carly is a friend toward Michael. Monica tells AJ that Carly is not a friend she needs. Edward walks in and demand AJ to go suck up to Carly so that he can get Michael. Edward reasons that as soon as the befriend Carly the sooner they can get their hands on Michael. Monica argues that it's way to soon to approach Carly. She's not going to let AJ and Edward in after they are the ones that put Carly in Ferncliff. Edward and AJ argue that it wasn't their doing -- it was Tony Jones'. In walks Ned with the good news that reports are camped outside waiting for a statement about Emily's nude picture on the internet. Edward tries to throw everyone into gear and Monica puts a halt to that. She'll deal with the problem. Next, Edward fires into Ned. It's his fault, he's the one that got Emily into this mess, getting her to model. And in order to redeem himself, he can go visit Carly and get into her good graces. Ned says he's on his own, he's off to Monte Carlo. Of course Edward doesn't like THAT idea. He needs to be there to run ELQ. Ned says he's got AJ, the perfect suck up. Edward tries to console AJ but AJ will have none of that. And their deal is off. AJ's tired of Edward stringing him along while in the mean time, asking Ned to do what he is supposed to be doing. Bringing Michael "home." Edward placates AJ saying that he knew Ned would turn him down and now the ball is back in AJ's court to win. AJ warns Edward that he better not double cross him. And as for Carly, just give Robin a week or so and she'll be crying to Jason to give Carly the boot. And Q's will be waiting with their doors open to Carly. Edward laughs and says that's very shrewd thinking and that AJ reminds him of himself. Lila comes in with Reginald complaining about the reports. Edward blusters about and Monica and Emily comes in. Edward turns his sour mood on Emily which Monica doesn't put up with. During the midst of the arguing Emily's agent pays a visit. Edward lights into him. The agent turns the table on Edward saying that if Emily doesn't uphold her contract, he'll sue. Monica tells Emily that if she continues with her modeling career she's going to have to play by Monica's rules which means she needs to be chaperoned by a member of the family. Emily excited agrees. Edward doesn't agree and tries to get Lila to side with him. Lila tells Edward to let her alone.

Jason's feeding Michael while Robin's on the phone with the babysitter. Apparently Leticia's mother is sick and can't keep Michael today. Jason says that okay he'll just take Michael with him. Robin doesn't understand why he can't leave him with Carly. Isn't that the whole idea? Carly and Michael getting reacquainted. Not that Carly is doing much; she's still in bed. Carly walks in and announces that oh, she over slept. Hope nobody holds that against her. Its been so long since she's slept in a decent bed and she didn't think it would matter since Jason knows that she likes to sleep in. Robin leaves and Jason and Carly goo-goo over Michael. Bobbie drops in. She gives Carly a "coming home" present; a locket with Michael's picture in it. Jason walks in with Michael all ready to go to work. Carly protests saying that they should spend the day together, but Jason is adamant about going to work. Carly relents, admitting that he can't leave the baby with her because he doesn't know her yet and she doesn't know how to handle him if he starts crying. Jason offers to bring Carly with them to the garage but Carly declines. Bobbie offers to drop Carly off after their visit. After Jason leaves, Carly bashes Robin calling her an angel of purity and princess and saying that she doesn't belong in this pure white cottage and neither does Michael and Jason. Bobbie defends the surrounding; trying to sell Carly the house. Carly continues to bash Robin and Bobbie tells her that Robin is not manipulative. Carly asks Bobbie if she is going to take Robin's side when Robin has everyone on her side and she has no one. Bobbie tells her to be grateful for what she is being given there. Carly decides they should get out and go shopping. When Bobbie asked her if she needs any money, Carly looks in a jar on the desk and takes some money out.

Robin drops in on Felicia on Courtland St. to dump on Felicia about Carly. She has no one to talk to; Jason defends Carly no matter what she does. Robin tells Felicia that she see right through Carly's little game of being nice. She's going to try to kill her with kindness until she loses it and looks bad in front of Jason. Felicia totally agrees with Robin. Carly will do anything to further her own cause. Felicia tells Robin she can beat Carly at her own game. Feign indifference when Carly tries to push her buttons. That will drive Carly up the wall. Drive her out. Robin thinks it might work and she actually feels better after talking with Felicia.

Ned meets up with Alexis on the docks. After a little bit of sweet talk, he invites Alexis to Monte Carlo. Ned explains that he called Jax and found out about Julia being in Monte Carlo, throwing a monkey wrench in their plans and he wants to go smooth things over for Jax.

Carly shows up at the garage loaded with presents. Tells Michael that she loves to buy presents and Michael will always get the best of everything -- so long as Daddy's money holds out. Jason assures her that there is plenty of money. She then starts knocking the place with Jason works and tells him he doesn't belong in this kind of place any more than she does. Michael starts to cry and Carly looks a little panicked. Jason changes his diaper and reassures Carly about getting used to Michael and taking care of him. Carly starts in again about the garage and Jason finally sets her straight. He tells her about the car bomb that almost killed Robin and did kill the driver. The next bomb could kill Michael. He got out of the business because he didn't want to see the people he loves killed. He again tells her that there is plenty of money so she doesn't have to worry about that. Carly argues that its not just the money, she knows Jason and she knows that he loved that job and he was damn good at. He belongs in the organization. He doesn't belong in this garage. He's better than that. This garage thing must have been Robin's idea just like the cottage. Carly gets all snotty and uppity and tells Jason that she is going to start changing things. If there's money, she's going to start spending it, like redecorating Michael's nursery. The way it is now, it's not appropriate for a child.

Taggert pays Felicia a visit on the pretense that he is investigating the mugging. Felicia offers to be a help to Taggert; she can be his ears around this place. She convinces Taggert and he goes into a little bit more detail about the mugging. He thinks its drug related and that ever since Moreno took over from Jason, drug crimes have escalated. Felicia assures him that she will listen and let him know whatever she hears. Taggert leaves saying that he will check in with her tomorrow. He then meets up with Mac again at the docks and tells Mac that Felicia "fell for it." Mac reminds Taggert that Felicia cannot know that Mac is behind any of this. Taggert assures him.

Bobbie and Robin show up at the cottage together. Bobbie forgot her scarf. They have a little talk about Carly and Bobbie thanks Robin for putting up with Carly. She realizes that it will be a huge strain on Robin and gives her a hug.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

What an awesome day on GH. My recap can't begin to do justice to the Luke and Laura dream sequences, but I tried and here it is!

V and Jax are back at the casino. V is looking great once again (and Jax can't look anything but good!). They decide to hold hands as they walk in (using one of their "signals" they worked out when they came up with their rules for creating the appearance of intimacy). They run into a man who introduces himself as Simon Prentiss. Jax remembers him as someone he put out of business last year. They laugh good-naturedly together at the memory. As they sit down at the gaming table, Ned and Alexis make an unexpected appearance. Alexis asks Jax if the seat next to him is taken. Jax, who is none to thrilled to see them, rudely says yes it is and turns away.

Nikolas is in his Uncle's study thinking about his night in Katherine's room. He picks up the phone to call her, but discovers that she is not in her office.

Lucky is still at the cabin with Luke who is dreaming about the night he raped Laura. We flashback to that night. Luke tells Laura he loves her and then convinces her to dance with him. In the present, Luke continues to dream fitfully as Lucky watches over him.

Carly is showing Robin her purchases from the previous days shopping expedition. Robin notices some fabric samples and asks Carly what they are. Carly explains that Jason told her she could redo her room. Robin is surprised that Carly thinks she will be there long enough to undertake a big redecorating project. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Robin opens the door and discovers AJ standing on the front porch.

AJ walks in commenting that he heard Carly was there. He notices that she didn't waste any time getting herself re-acclimated. Carly invites AJ to sit down and see her stuff, but Robin asks AJ to leave because Michael is there. She knows that she doesn't have to explain why to AJ. Carly says that AJ came to see her, not Michael. AJ says that he just came by to say hi, but now he will be on his way. Carly is furious when Robin asks AJ to leave. She is allowed to have guests, she isn't the hired help, she has rights.

Lucky tries to give Luke some coffee and notices that he looks flushed. He asks Luke if his leg still hurts and then feels his forehead and discovers that he is burning up. Lucky thinks maybe he should take Luke to the hospital, but he wants to find some aspirin first to try and bring down the fever. As Lucky looks around for aspirin, Luke, who is obviously delirious, sits up and grabs Lucky on the shoulder. He begs Lucky not to let him hurt her. Lucky is clearly disturbed by Luke's condition and promises Luke that he won't let him hurt her. Lucky tells Luke that he needs medicine and leaves to go get aspirin from the ranger station. He promises Luke that he will be right back.

Jerry visits Amy at the hospital asking questions about the picture of Luke from the masked ball. Amy doesn't remember seeing the man in the picture. As Jerry is preparing to leave, Alan arrives on the pretense of looking for Monica, but really performing a delivery for Tony. Amy, in her usual busybody way, thinks Tony is making Alan do his dirty work and tells Alan that he shouldn't let Tony take advantage of him like that. Amy stops Jerry and tells him that Alan was at the ball too. Jerry shows Luke's picture to Alan who immediately confirms that he saw the man in the picture at the ball.

Jax demands to know whey Ned and Alexis are there. Ned reminds Jax that he is having trouble with Julia and says that he is there to help. Jax says that the problem with Julia is handled and nobody booked Eddie Maine. Ned reminds Jax that he told Ned that Julia was ready to slit his throat and scratch "Isabella's" eyes out. He knows Julia when she gets like that and she is not easy to handle unless you have a graduate degree in that field, which he does. Jax says that Ned is jeopardizing everything. Jax being there looks like a coincidence, but the four of them being there looks like a conspiracy. Ned says that he thought Jax had enough to do, but if he wants to take a blonde tsunami to boot then be his guest. If Jax thinks Brenda got sullen when she was upset or depressed, he hasn't seen anything. Julia goes for the jugular, she is relentless, humorless, vindictive...As Ned reminds the group just what kind of person Julia is, Julia arrives and is delighted to see Ned. She runs up and welcomes him with a big kiss while Alexis looks on in surprise and asks if that is the jugular.

Luke is still delirious and dreaming about the night he raped Laura. He is telling her that he doesn't want to be her friend and he can't have her. She doesn't belong in his world and he doesn't belong in hers. He doesn't want to die without holding her in his arms just one time. He asks her to dance with him, but Laura says no. He asks her again and she reluctantly goes to him. All of the sudden we see Luke and Laura in the disco, but in the present day. They are dancing together just like that night so long ago and Laura is telling Luke that she has to go now. Luke is trying to kiss Laura and she is begging him to let her call a cab. He is frightening her. Luke won't let her leave. As he continues to kiss her, Laura is screaming No! No! No! In the cabin, Luke wakes up for a moment and whispers No Laura, not again. He then falls back into a restless sleep.

Alan and Jerry are still at the hospital. Jerry is asking Alan questions about the man in the picture. He wants to know if he spoke to him, what time was it. Alan says he could never forget the mask and that he did speak to the man, but that the man never spoke to him. He thinks that the man wanted to use the phone in Stefan's study.

Carly tries to convince AJ to stay. AJ says that it isn't Robin's fault, she is stuck in the middle. Carly says that noone asked Robin to be in the middle of anything. Robin says that it isn't about Carly, it's about Michael. Carly says that she is Michael's mother and this is her home. Robin is quick to point out that it is hers and Jason's home and Jason doesn't want AJ there. AJ leaves, saying that he didn't mean to cause trouble. Carly follows him telling him that he didn't do anything wrong. On the porch, AJ reminds Carly what happened when Robin left Michael with AJ. Carly says that this is totally different, she just wanted to let him in the front door. Carly takes this opportunity to point out to AJ that Jason got her out of the mental institution even though AJ was skeptical. AJ agrees that he was wrong and excuses himself to attend a family birthday, his own. After he leaves, Carly goes back into the house and picks a fight with Robin. She accuses Robin of practically announcing to the world that AJ is Michael's father. Robin tells Carly that she has no idea how many times she has been tempted to do just that. She tells Carly to keep pushing and see what happens.

Carly asks Robin if she is threatening her. Robin says that she isn't the one treating AJ like a yoyo. Carly begs Jason to keep AJ away and now all of the sudden he is her best friend. Carly says that AJ is a friendly face, which is rare enough in this town thanks to Robin. Robin laughs and asks if Carly really thinks it is her fault that people don't like her. She is surprised that people don't fall all over themselves to be nice to Carly so that she doesn't shoot them, or drug them or whatever. Carly is outraged that Robin brought up the drug incident. When did Robin become the champion of AJ's cause? AJ is not Michael's father. He is a drunk that fell into her bed one night. Robin points out that that doesn't stop Carly from using AJ whenever she wants to keep Jason in line or scare him into thinking that he might lose Michael. Who is the real baby stealer in this picture. Carly asks what point Robin was trying to make when she left Michael with AJ for hours. She accuses Robin of wanting Jason to lose Michael and she wants Jason to blame Carly. Robin says that it isn't about losing Michael or Jason. Carly can make Jason angry or miserable, but she cannot make him lying and adoring like Tony Jones. If she really wants someone to raise her son, why doesn't she groom herself for the job. As Robin finishes speaking, Jason walks into the room.

Lucky returns with aspirin to bring the fever down. He tells Luke that if that doesn't work, he has to put him in a bathtub full of ice and he is sure that neither one of them wants that. Lucky puts the aspirin in Luke's mouth and makes him drink water to wash it down. Luke flashes back to the night of the rape and Laura telling him not to drink, that it won't solve anything. Luke tells Laura that he needs the drink. Laura says ok, but let them help him, Anything can be worked out, really. Luke's dream continues, but now we see Luke and Laura as they are today, but in the disco like the night of the rape. Luke tells Laura that he really thinks she should go home now, but Laura says that she is his friend and she doesn't want to leave him like this. Luke looks up and sees Lucky standing in the disco watching. He turns to Laura and tells her that he is in love with her. It is like a sickness that is eating him up inside. Does she think that he wants to do these things, be this man caught between two worlds that don't mix. Laura is confused and wants to leave, but Luke stops her. He angrily tells Laura that she doesn't understand because she has Stefan. (Just like he told her that night so long ago that she didn't understand because she had Scotty). Does she know what it does to him knowing that she is in Stefan's bed every night. He dreams every night about holding her and making love to her. She is his life. Laura says she is sorry, that she didn't know. Once again we see Lucky in the disco watching the scene unfold. In the cabin, Lucky comes to Luke's side when he hears him mumbling something. As Lucky tries to calm Luke down, Luke sits up and grabs him. Luke lays back down as Lucky continues to reassure him that everything will be OK.

Tony is sitting with Helena while she waits for Katherine. Helena swears Tony to secrecy and then expresses concern about Katherine's health. She never told Katherine about the experimental treatment that saved her life. The treatment worked, so she never felt the need to tell Katherine the specifics. Katherine has no idea of the potential side effects, none of which she has shown so far. Tony offers to examine Katherine, but Helena is prevented from answering when Katherine arrives. As Tony leaves, Katherine asks what that was all about. Helena tells her that one never knows when an angry man might be useful. She then inquires about Katherine's morning and everything she has done since she saw her last night. Katherine expresses gratitude for Helena's concern, but assures her that she is not having a relapse, she is not yearning for Stefan. In fact, she is chasing quite a different rainbow now. Helena asks if revenge is what has put the roses back in her cheeks. Katherine tells her that when Stefan pays for what he did to her, she won't be the one to blame. Helena asks who will be to blame. Katherine says it will be someone who has the power to hurt Stefan since she obviously doesn't. Helena asks if she has a coconspirator, or has she found herself a new lover? Nikolas picks this moment to show up and order Helena to leave. Helena is never one to upset Nikolas so she agrees to leave. After she leaves, Katherine tells Nikolas that she never knew he could be so cruel. Nikolas says that Helena is evil and he doesn't want Katherine near her, her wants Katherine near him.

As Lucky checks Luke's condition and notes that the fever seems to be coming down, Luke continues to dream. He remembers the night of the rape when Laura explained to him that her life with Scotty is all she wants right now, but that they are his friends and they want to help him. In the cabin, Luke mutters something about not being her friend and not wanting to die. Lucky tries to tell him that he is hurt and he is with him. This isn't then, but Luke is still caught in his dream. He and Laura are in the present day, but still in the disco. Laura is telling him that her life with Stefan is all she wants right now and that she and Stefan are his friends and they can help him The rape scene continues to replay, but with Luke and Laura in the present day. Luke tells Laura that he dreams about making love to her every night and he again tries to kiss her while she begs him to stop. Luke looks up and Lucky is watching the whole thing. Luke starts begging Lucky to not let him hurt Laura, but when he looks again, Lucky is gone. Laura is begging Luke to let her go. In the cabin, Lucky is watching his father. Luke is crying and saying no, no, don't let me hurt her. Lucky is getting a little freaked out and tries to wake Luke up. He tells Luke that he isn't going to die, he isn't going to hurt her, he didn't mean to. He tells Luke to look at him. Luke turns and whispers something about not hurting her.

Jason is not happy to find Carly and Robin arguing. He tells Leticia to take Michael for a walk and asks what happened. Robin says that AJ came, she knew Jason wouldn't want him there so she asked him to leave. Carly is not happy with Robin's version of the story. She embellishes saying that the way Robin overreacted, if AJ didn't suspect anything before, he is sure to now.

Julia is with Ned, V and Jax in Monte Carlo She can't keep herself from commenting on Jax's "friend". She made some inquiries because she wanted to find out what sort of person throws herself at a man in mourning, if he ever was in mourning. She asks if they met before or after her sister died. Jax takes this moment to excuse them. As they walk away V turns to Julia and asks what kind of women throws insults at a man in mourning. Ned defends Jax to Julia who is outraged that Ned is on Jax's side. Ned says that Jax's grinning, boyish charm makes him think of a dart board, but he is on the side of anyone who loved Brenda, like Jax. They know that Jax never cheated on Brenda because Brenda would have tossed him out. Brenda is gone and who are they to say what Jax needs to get through it. Julia reluctantly agrees with Ned and allows him to lead her off to the gaming tables while Alexis looks put out.

V and Jax are at the gaming tables and appear to be doing well. Alexis finds Ned sans Julia and is not happy that she has been deserted for the evening. Julia walks up to Ned and Alexis and hands them champagne that she clearly intended for herself and Ned. She tells them to enjoy it and walks off in a huff. After she goes Ned, reassures Alexis telling her that being with Julia makes him want to swim naked with her.

Nikolas asks Katherine why she was with his grandmother. Katherine assures him that it was just for lunch. Nikolas tries to convince her to have lunch with him, but she declines and leaves him alone in the restaurant.

Luke's fever has finally broken and he seems somewhat coherent. He asks why it is so hot and Lucky explains that he has a fever that's breaking. Lucky gives him more aspirin. Luke doesn't remember taking the first dose and reluctantly admits that he was pretty far gone. Lucky picks up the trap lying on the floor. He asks who would ever use it on a wolf. Luke suggests that someone who was trying to protect a herd might find it useful on wolves. Lucky says that people hate wolves for no reason. He tells Luke about a book that he read about wolves. They aren't bloodthirsty killers. They kill to defend themselves or survive, to defend the pack. They are good parents. But, when they bare their teeth, they're as ugly as all hell. Lucky leaves to go make some soup telling Luke that he doesn't care if he eats it or not.

Carly asks Jason if he heard what Robin said to her. Is he going to let her talk to her like that? Jason says that if he was in charge of what people said, they would all just shut up. Carly says that she doesn't have to take this. She had a home, a place where she could stay where she didn't have to walk on eggshells. If that is gone now, fine. She can just take Michael and find another place. Jason tells her that they have all got to do better for Michael's sake. By the time Leticia is back with Michael, this will be over. Do they understand? Robin says that she thinks she does and walks up the stairs, leaving Carly and Jason alone. Carly flops down on the couch while Jason watches Robin leave with an aggravated look on his faceRecap --->

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Robin and Jason are at the airport saying goodbye as Robin prepares to leave. Robins tells Jason that he doesn't have to wait for her, she'll be fine. Jason says that if she were fine, she wouldn't be leaving. He has done everything just the way she wanted, at least the way she said she could live with it. He doesn't understand why she is running away without even a discussion. Instead of answering his question, Robin tells him that he should get home before Michael needs something Carly can't buy. Jason asks why they can't get into it. Robin says that she doesn't want to fight. Jason tells her that he isn't fighting, he just wants to know if she is coming back.

Jerry and Bobbie are spending a quiet evening together. Jerry has invited Bobbie to join him on a trip to the Caribbean. Bobbie explains that she can't possibly go considering that her daughter has just been released from a mental institution, her crazy ex-husband would try to steal their son the minute she turned her back and her brother has kidnapped her nephew. She hopes he hasn't bought any tickets with money he doesn't have. Jerry tells her to stop worrying about the money. He has a done deal and he wants to splurge. The way he sees it, her daughter has been reunited with her son, and he picked a hotel that would be great for kids so they can bring Lucas along. And as for Luke, if on top of the misdeeds he has committed, he has added kidnapping...Bobbie stops him and warns him to be careful what he says about her brother.

Lucky and Luke are still in the cabin. Luke is conscious and appears to be much better. Lucky tells Luke that he should be unconscious more often. He thinks clearer. Seems like it was easier for him to tell the truth. He was wrong, Luke can't forget it either. Luke looks confused and asks Lucky what he is saying. Lucky tells Luke that maybe one thing he said was true, this is between Luke and Laura. Luke says that he didn't expect Lucky to be there when he came to. Lucky more than did his part by taking Luke to the ranger station and back. Luke remembers telling Lucky to go. He asks why he stayed. Lukcy says he didn't want to miss out on Luke's nightmare. Luke is the one who taught him that information is power. Someone muttering in his sleep could prove useful down the line. Suddenly, Lucky hears a noise outside and walks to the door just as Laura knocks. He asks who it is and then opens the door when he hears that it is Laura. Laura walks into the cabin and stares at Luke as he lies on the bed.

Laura looks at Lucky and asks if he is OK. Lucky says that he is doing better than Luke. Laura walks over to Luke and asks what happened. Luke jokingly says that he finally put his foot in his mouth. He asks how Laura found them. Laura looks a little uncomfortable but says that Luke knows she can always find him when she wants to. Lucky asks if Laura has talked to Liz. Laura says that she has and that Liz is fine, just worried about Lucky. She assured Liz that Lucky was fine if he was with his father. At least Liz got a phone call explaining Lucky's disappearance. Luke says that Laura got a call too, he left a message on the machine. Laura says that that explains why Lesley Lu has started calling the answering machine Daddy. It dawns on Luke that Laura thought Lucky was just missing. Laura explains that they didn't know anything until they heard from Liz. She thinks it's kind of pathetic that their little girl is calling the answering machine Daddy. She asks if there is any chance that Lesley Lu might have a shot at the real thing soon. Meanwhile, Stefan is outside listening to the whole conversation.

Nikolas has surprised Katherine with a visit in her bedroom. He invites her to dinner, but she is reluctant to agree. Nikolas says that they are just friends so it shouldn't be a problem. Katherine says that the problem is keeping their relationship as just friends. Nikolas asks what could possibly destroy their friendship? Unless somehow their friendship "develops". He asks if that would be such a bad thing and Katherine just smiles.

Carly is home alone with Michael who is supposed to be napping. She is admiring more purchases from her shopping trip when she hears Michael on the baby monitor. At first she just listens and hopes he goes back to sleep, but when he starts crying, she finally runs upstairs to check on him.

Robin and Jason are still at the airport. Robin is explaining to Jason that she thought she could handle Carly's return. She thought that she would be able to be supportive during this transition period, but she is so angry all the time. She doesn't like the person she is becoming. She doesn't want to stoop to Carly's level, but she doesn't want to tiptoe around her own house either. This trip will give Carly a chance to reconnect with Michael and when the trip is over, Carly will be out of their house. Then things will get better with her and Jason. She tells Jason that she will call him when she gets to Rome and she asks him to tell Michael goodbye, she loves him and she is coming back. Robin starts to walk down the jetway, but stops and runs back to give Jason a hug. She tells him that she loves him and will miss him every second. Jason tells her to just come back. They kiss one last time and Jason watches her board the plane.

Alan has agreed to hook Felicia up with his dealer. He wants her to get everything she can from this guy. And he also wants her to feel free to ask him anything she wants and he will tell her the truth. She needs to know that if this can happen to him, it will happen to anyone. She needs to warn people. He asks if this is the kind of information she needs for her book. Felicia says that the more research the better, but she doesn't want to pressure him. Alan says that it isn't a problem for him, but the dealer cannot know that she is really doing research. She should try to pass herself off as a user of whatever. Alan warns her that this dealer is very well connected and if he found out that Felicia was married to the police commissioner, who knows what could happen. Felicia assures Alan that she will be careful.

Bobbie explains to Jerry that the only man who has been consistent in her life is Luke. No matter what Luke has done, he has acted out of love, and always does what he thinks is best, especially when it come to people trying to mess with the Spencer family, like Stefan Cassadine. The point is, Luke is her brother and she will stand by him no matter what. His enemies are her enemies. Jerry tells her that she has given quite a testimony. He loves the way she gets so passionate when she is defending someone she cares about. The last thing he wants to do is make an enemy of her or Luke, and he is sorry. Based on what Bobbie has told him about Luke, he is sure that Luke and son are fine, so she has no excuses for not going with him to the Caribbean. Bobbie is still reluctant, but agrees to let Jerry continue to try to persuade her.

Lucky tells Laura that the ranger suggested that Luke go to the hospital and get a tetnus shot, but "you know Dad". Laura tells Luke that she really wants him to go the GH, today. Luke reluctantly agrees. Laura is surprised when Lucky volunteers to drive him. Laura asks if he is sure. Lucky says that he already drove him to the cabin and to the ranger station and back. Luke tells Laura that Lucky has done a fine job taking care of him and there is no reason that he shouldn't be allowed to finish what he started. Lucky points out that Luke would also be more comfortable lying flat in the 4x4. Laura agrees and tells them to be safe. Meanwhile, Stefan is still eavesdropping.

Katherine is trying on perfume and Nikolas comes up behind her to "help". As he starts to kiss her on the neck, Katherine stops him. She tells him that she loves their friendship, but everything she has ever loved she has lost and she doesn't want that to happen. Nikolas assures her that it won't happen this time and leans in to kiss her. Katherine stops him and tells him not tonight, and no dinner either. If Nikolas agrees to leave now, she will agree to meet him for lunch tomorrow. The arrangement is satisfactory to Nikolas and he leaves Katherine alone in her room.

Lucky is helping Luke out to car with Laura following behind. Laura asks Luke where he will be staying. She says that they really need to talk and try to work things out. Luke says he will be in touch with her as soon as he gets his leg checked out. As both cars drive away, Stefan emerges from the bushes. He does not look happy.

Bobbie and Jerry are cuddling on the couch while Jerry continues to try and convince Bobbie to join him on his Caribbean vacation. They are interrupted by Jerry's cellular phone. Stefan is calling. He wants proof on his desk by tomorrow night that Luke Spencer was responsible for loosening the parapet railing. Jerry agrees and hangs up. Bobbie asks if that means his deal is going through. When Jerry says yes, Bobbie says she is glad because he'll need the money for all the fun things she and Lucas will want to do in the Caribbean.

Jason arrives home to Carly chattering happily about her afternoon with Michael. She notices that Jason is a little quiet and asks if Robin got off OK. Jason says yes, but Robin can't take Carly living with them and it isn't good for Michael to be around Carly and Robin fighting. He tells Carly that they will have to find her a new place to live before Robin returns. Carly says ok, if that is what Jason wants. Jason says that none of this is what he wants, but it's how it has to be for everyone's sake.

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Julia and V have it out in Monte Carlo
Bobbie tells Luke that she is going to the Caribbean with Jerry
Jerry tells Stefan that he can be a good friend or a bad enemy

Friday, November 20

Jerry shows up to give Stefan the receipt and tells him that he has transferred Nikolas's money to a Swiss bank account. Stefan asks him about Luke being at the ball and Jerry tells him that he has found out that Luke was there, but balks at naming the witness who spotted Luke in the study on the night of the ball. Stefan asks Jerry who was in the mask in his study the night of the ball. Jerry refuses to hand over all his information, but Stefan says that any information gained is due him. Jerry asks that Stefan make sure that nothing of this investigation comes back to haunt him. Stefan gives his word that Jerry's name will not be used. Convinced of Stefan's word, Jerry names Alan Quartermaine as the witness. Stefan then hands Jerry a briefcase full of money. Before he leaves, Jerry warns Stefan that he can either be a good ally or a bad enemy. To which Stefan takes into account.

Jax and V are at the gambling table and Jax has won another hand of baccarat. Julia approaches and tells Jax she needs to talk to him. Ned, Alexis and V are all trying to get her to leave him alone while he's winning. Julia makes a ruckus about Jax dating so soon after Brenda's death and a fed up V has had it and tells Julia that they need to clear something up and escorts Julia outside. Once alone, V told Julia the truth as to what was really going on and that she is not an heiress, she is Jax's assistant and is way over her head. She then explained to Julia that she and Jax are only pretending to be lovers in order to scam their way into the high stakes game. Julia does realize who V is and knows that V is not a Contessa, but tells her it's okay and she appreciates V's honesty about Jax's situation. V explains that she is just doing this as a friend for Jax, not as a lover. Julia offers her assistance to Jax. V thanks her graciously, but says that Jax will probably turn her down. Julia told V she wanted to help, but figured V was probably right and V excuses herself to go back inside to see how things are going with Jax. Julie then placed a call to Jerry and enlists him in her plan to rescue Jax from impending disaster. Julia told Jerry she wanted to send him $2 million dollars to give to Jax through Jerry because she feared he would lose everything. Jerry turns her down, but says he will help Jax on his own. Julia says that she thought Jerry was broke, but all Jerry told Julia was that he would handle things.

Meanwhile Inside, Ned and Alexis are explaining to Simon about why Julia is so upset. Simon tells Jax that maybe they should go and check on Julia and the Countess, but Jax tells him that he is sure they are fine and encourages him to continue with the game. V returns from outside and sits next to Jax as the gaming continues. Jax's winning streak turned into a losing streak and Ned asks Jax if he is ready to retire for the evening. Jax says he can't turn down this much money at the table. The cards are dealt, Jax has a smile on his face, but Simon has won the game. Jax hasn't given up yet. He offers to pick one card from the deck and whoever gets the highest wins, but he has nothing to bet. Simon offered Jax the chance to recoup his loses by suggesting that they up the ante and make things much more interesting. Jax refuses to back down from Simon's wager. Simon leers at V saying that Jax does have something of value. V smiles at him. Simon wishes to use V as "currency" for his game. V is game, but Jax wants to clarify the terms. Simon says "a nightcap, in my room". V plays along with Simon. Jax isn't sure about it, but V reassures him. The cards are dealt again. Jax draws a king, but Simon draws an ace. Simon then stands up, and holds his hand out to V.

Over lunch, Nikolas works hard to convince a blushing Katherine that there are no more impediments to their relationship becoming intimate. As they sit there waiting on the waiter, he comes up and asks them if there'll be anything else for the young lovers. Katherine looks flustered and immediately changes the subject and starts talking about living At the Quartermaines'. As Nikolas listens, she compares it to a circus. She then asks about his relationship with Emily, and tells him that Emily has a crush on him. Nikolas asks her to drop it, and tells her that they should be talking about why they are really there. Katherine tries to evade Nikolas' obvious pursuit of her and tells him they don't have as much in common as he thinks they do. He on the other hand doesn't think so. She wonders what Stefan would think of them together. Nikolas tells her he doesn't care at all what Stefan might think. Katherine still tells him that they can only be friends. They finish their lunch and leave.

Lucky calls to see if Liz is home, but Audrey tells him she is at the Library. He gets a knock at the door and thinks it's Liz, but opens the door to find his mother standing there. She has brought him his coat for the winter. Laura tells Lucky they need to talk and asks for details about what went on between him and his father during their time at the cabin. He doesn't say much, only that Luke wanted to make things right. She asks him if there were any surprises and he says "you mean, did I tell Dad about you and Stefan?" Laura tells Lucky if he means when he came to Wyndemere and found her dressed in a gown while she was drying her clothes. Lucky says yeah, that. Laura refuses to talk about it, saying that its pointless to go over it again. She says that its between the adults. Lucky says that he knows that they each have their own opinions on things, and that they can just agree to disagree, but tells his relieved mother that he has not told his dad about the incident at Wyndemere. Laura turns to go, but stops and says that she loves him. Lucky warns his mother that Luke will soon figure out how things have changed between her and Stefan. Laura tells him that Luke is the only man she will ever love and then leaves. Soon after Liz shows up and happily welcomes Lucky home. She tells Lucky she was really worried about him and asks about what happened at the cabin. Lucky tells her a little bit about what went on, but changes the subject and tells her he wants to know what has been going on with her since he has been away. Liz tells Lucky that the police are not going to prosecute Tom for her rape and that Taggert told her that Tom can't be charged with her rape because of lack of evidence. Lucky is baffled and tells her that the guy confessed to the crime. Liz tells him she knows, but with out no evidence, it would be just her word against his. She then says that at least Tom will go on trial for extortion anyway. Lucky doesn't think that it is fair, but then tries to comfort Liz.

As an excited Lucas brings Bobbie things to pack for their upcoming trip, Bobbie is surprised to see her brother hobble through the front door of the brownstone. He comes limping in and asks Bobbie if she is going to give him a kiss. She is shocked to see him and tells him she is debating on whether he deserves a left hook or a hug. They hug and Bobbie asks Luke what has happened to him. He tells her he got his leg caught in a bear trap. Bobbie examined Luke's leg wound and asked for the rest of the story about what had happened up at the cabin. Luke tells her that it was time for him to make a move in his relationship with Lucky, and thinks that it may have worked. After Bobbie is done doctoring Luke's leg. He realizes that she is trying to get rid of him, and asks where she is going. She tells him that she and Lucas are going away with Jerry. He asks for all the details and Bobbie tells Luke about her Caribbean plans with Jerry. Luke wonders where Jerry got the money and who will hire Jerry in the future if he is persona no gratis in the business world. She tells him tactfully to stop thinking the worst of Jerry and mentions that Jerry has smart business sense and she has no doubt that he will find away to earn back the money he lost. Luke leaves it at that for the time being and decides to go lay down for a while. Later, Jerry severely disappoints Lucas terribly when he cancels their trip to the Caribbean because he has to go to Monte Carlo.

Mrs. Landsbury knocks, saying that Laura is there. Stefan hides Jerry's report inside the mask and then tells Mrs. Landsbury to show her in. Laura tells Stefan that she is there only to say thank you for showing her where Luke and Lucky were. She says that their time alone in the cabin let them get close together again. Therefore she has to seize this possibility of having her family come together again and therefore cannot come to Wyndemere to see him and Nikolas any more. Stefan pretends not to understand. Laura tells him that her main focus is on rebuilding her family and that he has a way of distracting her, and infuriating her husband. She then tells him that she will still see Nikolas on more neutral territory and hopes he understands. Stefan looks at the mask and tells Laura that he has assisted her in reuniting her family and just hopes that Nikolas won't be hurt by all this. He then tells Laura that Luke will pile up these hates, and will force her to decrease her time with Nikolas. Laura says that her time with Nikolas will not decrease, it just won't be at Wyndemere. She then tells him that Luke is her husband, and she loves him and wants to be with him, no matter what. Stefan tells her he understands, and wishes her the best. He then asks her to wait a moment, he has something to give her. He leaves for a moment, but slyly arranges for Laura to see the shocking evidence he's compiled against Luke. Left alone, Laura wanders around the study, and sees the mask. She finds the paper that Stefan hid inside it. As Laura reads the evidence linking Luke to Katherine's fall, Stefan watched Laura's reaction and seemed pleased that she had seen the evidence. She also finds the photo that Stefan had copied from the ball. Stefan is silent as he walks in and sees her. She quickly hides the papers again. Stefan hands her a ribbon that she had left on the island, as a memory. She is very nervous, but thanks him and quickly leaves. He glares at her back and then picks up the mask again and smiles to himself.

Katherine returns from her lunch date with Nikolas, but can't seem to get him off of her mind. She reminisces about she and Nikolas kissing and coming close to almost making love the last time she was in her room. The phone rings bringing her out of her daydream. It is Nikolas telling her that he has something that she left at the restaurant, and he wants to bring it up. She opens up her bedroom door to find Nikolas standing there. She complains to him that someone might see him there. Then she asks him what is it that she forgot. He tells her this and then kisses her. She tries to stop him again, and tells him that people will talk about them, but he can't stop now as they succumb to the passion....... .

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