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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on PC
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Monday, March 15, 1999

Courtney and Chris

Courtney spent the night with Chris, hoping to find the contract that Chris signed with Lance Pharmaceuticals. The next morning, Courtney slips out of bed to try to rummage through Chris's file cabinet, only to find it locked. Chris awakens to the racket that Courtney is making trying to break into the file cabinet. He catches Courtney red handed shaking his file cabinet. However, Courtney explains that she was going to surprise Chris with breakfast in bed. She removed her ring and set it on top of the file cabinet. It just happened to fall off and fall behind the cabinet. She was just trying to move the cabinet to get to her ring. Chris moved the cabinet and found Courtney's ring that she so artfully planted to prove her innocence of any wrongdoing.

After breakfast, Chris went snooping in Courtney's bag and retrieved a bank envelope. When Courtney came back into the room, the two said their good byes and Courtney left. Chris remained standing at the door smiling like a great big cheshire cat.

At the Recovery Room

Karen and Joe are having breakfast when Scotty and Serena join the two for breakfast. The two were planning their wedding. Karen asked Serena to be their flower girl. Frank comes over to the table to refill coffee cups when one of the employees come over with a package that just arrived for Frank. Frank reminisces as to what the content of the package is. He knows that it is the listening device that Courtney had sent to him. Serena is excited about the package and asks Frank to open it. He tries to back out by saying that he does not have a knife to open it with. Joe, being the resourceful doctor that he is, offers to open the box with his penknife. Frank claims that the box is full of sharp electrical supplies so he does not want Joe to hurt his hands.

Meanwhile Kevin and Eve enter the Recovery Room. Serena is so happy to see them both. She even invites them to join their table. They politely decline. They do walk over to the table to offer their greetings. Karen mentions to Eve that she has left several messages at Chris's for her. To which Eve responds that she temporarily moved out of Chris's. Karen presses for information as to where Eve is living now. Kevin interjects that Eve is staying at the Lighthouse. That got Scotty's attention, who did not look at all pleased to hear that little tidbit of information.

Also sitting at a table in the Recovery Room was Matt and Ellen. Matt was relieved that for once they were able to go out in public and not to have Sebastian show up. Matt spoke to soon because in walked Sebastian to take a seat at the counter. Matt was furious. He also told Ellen that Sebastian was working for Lance Pharmaceuticals. Matt went over to Sebastian to return the surveys and he gave him a piece of his mind. Matt discussed DL-56 and questioned Sebastian's character for working for a company like that. Sebastian stood his ground and said that he was proud to work for a company that helps so many people.

Later on, Sebastian went to stand and passes out. Ellen rushes to the rescue, calling out to Sebastian.

At the Lighthouse

Lucy arrives at the Lighthouse. Earlier she had spoken to Scotty about this plan for the next infomercial. She wants to take DV's story about the French-Algerian War and romanticize it. Now she was heading to see Victor, who she considers to be a walking encyclopedia. It turns out that Victor was actually involved in the French-Algerian War and even had a little romantic adventure there as well.

Victor and Lucy share a couple of drinks together while Victor told Lucy about his time in Algiers. He remembers this French barmaid named Sinthie who hid him out and eventually helped him to escape the country. Lucy asked what ever happened to her, but Victor had no idea. Victor gave her his journals to peruse through. Lucy asked Victor if he ever came across a DV while over there. Unfortunately, he did not recall.

Victor and Lucy were laughing over one of Victor's many stories when Kevin walked in. He was very shocked to see Lucy sitting on his couch. Kevin explained that he forgot the library books. Lucy picked up some books from under the coffee table and asked Kevin if these were the books that he was looking for. Kevin took the books. Lucy commented that she was surprised that Kevin was reading mysteries. In walks Eve, stating that she had forgotten her pager. Lucy finally gets the message. Eve and Victor disappear leaving Lucy and Kevin in the room alone. Lucy is very upset that Eve is living at the Lighthouse. Kevin told her that he informed her that he was moving on with his relationship with Eve. However Lucy feels as though he should have personally told her.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

The Lighthouse

Lucy admits to Kevin that she is shocked Eve has already moved in. He explains that he's protecting her from D.V, but Lucy gets him to admit that it's more than that. Eve returns briefly to inform Kevin that the tow truck has moved his car and that she is leaving for work. After he leaves, Lucy collapses on the couch and tries to regain control of her emotions.

Stakeout Central

A betrayed Courtney rants to Frank about Chris making love to her when he knew she was lying about her inheritance. Frank reminds her that he warned her not to underestimate Ramsey. She angrily responds that this is far from over - this was just round one!

The ER

Ellen and Matt arrive with Sebastian, who is still unconscious. His pulse is weak and they begin to treat him.

The Lighthouse

Lucy mentions the changes Kevin has made to the Lighthouse since she moved out and emotionally explains that she feels like his first wife, although she never was, who has met his new girlfriend. Seeing Kevin move on hurts and she is jealous even though she knows she picked Scott.

Stakeout Central

Frank and Courtney discuss what to do about Ramsey stealing her bank envelope and how to make him believe that her inheritance is all in cash.

The ER

Eve arrives just in time to prevent Ellen from administering a medication that could kill Sebastian due to his heart condition. Ellen questions how she knows about Sebastian's illness and Eve fills Ellen and Matt in on the details of his condition and that it is terminal.

The Lighthouse

Kevin comforts Lucy by telling her he doesn't like the idea of being replaced by Scott either, but that they have both moved on. He points out that their lives started to change when Scott came back to town and that Lucy has a bond with him that Kevin can never understand. He suggests that she hold on to the good times they had and not feel guilty about loving Scott.

The ER

Sebastian regains consciousness and Eve fills the embarrassed patient in on Ellen and Matt bringing him in and their learning about his condition. Near the Nurse's Station Ellen excitedly told Matt she is researching Sebastian's condition and has made some phone calls on his behalf. Matt, unmoved by Sebastian's plight, attempts to discourage Ellen's involvement in his case but she responds that he's just like any other patient who needs her help.

Stakeout Central

Frank discusses the details of Chris's wrongdoings with Courtney. Beginning with Chris offering him DL56 (he realizes in hindsight that he was almost detoxed when he took it again) through drugging him the night of Lark's Birthday Party, Chris has intentionally ruined Frank's life and has to pay for it. Courtney eagerly assures him that he will - no one gets the better of her and gets away with it!

The Lighthouse

Preparing to leave, Lucy brought up Sigmund missing his duck pond. Kevin assures her that they're both welcome to visit it any time. She went on to admit that when she sees him with Eve he looks happy and Kevin acknowledges that she looks happy with Scott and Serena, too and walks her out.

The ER

Matt questions Eve about Sebastian's prognosis and she informs him that he could have a month or a day, there's no way to be sure. Ellen checks on Sebastian who confesses that he didn't want to upset her by telling her about his illness and attempts to cheer her up with his dreams of having a future in Port Charles.

Stakeout Central

Courtney and Frank discuss her White Knight / Bad Boy fetish. Under different circumstances she'd be attracted to Chris, but she claims she fell in love with Joe in Greece and is determined that they will be together and raise Neil as a family. She is interrupted when they hear Chris answer a call from his PI who informs him that Courtney doesn't have an account at the bank. With an evil grin, Courtney mentions that Chris's Dad is a con artist and tells Frank she has a brilliant idea.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Courtney came up with a new story about how she had received her money in order to gain Chris' trust. Courtney then told Chris that she had been paid off by the Kanelos family in cash under the table and hadn't officially inherited money from her late husband's will. Frank overheard Karen telling Matt that she wanted a small wedding. Later, Frank urged Joe to take an interest in planning an elaborate ceremony. Ellen considered having dinner with Sebastian, but became even more conflicted upon learning from Eve that Sebastian's dying wish was to further explore what they shared in New Orleans. Matt became upset when Ellen canceled their plans in order to spend time with Sebastian.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Victor was hurt when he incorrectly assumed that Mary thought he was foolish and he sought advice about love from Kevin and Eve. Meanwhile, an upset Mary confessed to Lucy that Victor was having second thoughts about getting married. Joe and Frank were shocked to learn about Mary and Victor's fight and were disappointed to find out that Victor wouldn't be attending his own engagement party. The party guests were later relieved when Victor and Mary kissed and made up. Courtney pulled Chris into a steamy kiss in an attempt to make Joe jealous. Kevin and Eve were alarmed when they learned that Scott and Lucy were doing business with DV. Scott and Lucy asked Karen and Joe to star in their next infomercial.

Friday, March 19, 1999

An uneasy Matt encouraged Ellen to have dinner with Sebastian, who later challenged Ellen to consider having a relationship with a dying man. Courtney stole Karen's engagement ring while an approving Frank looked on. A panicked Karen searched for her ring and feared in might have fallen down the kitchen sink. Mary was livid to learn that her family heirloom was missing and Joe had a hard time hiding his disappointment about Karen's "carelessness."

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