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Monday, September 20, 1999

Someone is banging on the door at the cabin as Scott frantically tries to gag DV, who is tied to a chair. Scott holds over the fire, threatening to burn them and DV yells to go home; that everything is fine. Scott told DV that he knew the letters were important to him but not that he'd die for them.

Karen is sleeping next to Neil in his room when Joe walks in. Joe asks if Neil shouldn't be asleep. Neil is *this* close to breaking his record (hand-held video game) when Karen wakes up and says he told her that an hour ago. Joe says he'll have to wait until morning and tucks him in. Joe and Karen leave and Karen asks if Joe wants to crawl into bed with her - in the on-call room in separate bunks. He told her the doctor rescheduled Courtney's procedure to tomorrow morning.

Courtney wakes up in bed with Frank, who says he knows what she is thinking - cheeseburger. She says he's right, she's always hungry after lovemaking which is quickly corrected to sex. He says to make his well-done, hold the ketchup. She laughs. Forget the food - they have to make a baby! The phone rings and it's Joe, looking for Courtney. She told him she's watching a bad movie on TV and he tells her the procedure has been rescheduled. She'll be there. Frank says switching the sperm samples is risky; Courtney asks if it's as risky as her turning him in to the cops. He say the honeymoon is over but she says it doesn't have to be...

At Ferncliff, Chris is trying to convince Julie that it wasn't his fault he missed their wedding. She says it gave her time to think and that Kevin is right, she can't trust Chris. She says they get married an he takes his share of the money and leaves her there to rot forever. He'd *never* do that and brought up Christine. She told him to go find another crazy heiress to scam. He looks wounded and told her she's wrong. (note: it looks like he leaves and returned in the morning but the conversation continues.) He told her to prepare to be dazzled. She says not before breakfast. He tels her the plans he has considered and that since she's a simple girl, he came up with something special. He gives her a card? Booklet? which says "The Tale of the Brainwashed Beauty and the Con Man." He reminds her of the story he told her the night she was in labor and says he's written her another in hopes in will make her feel better. It has stick figures and is basically a fairy tale account of their friendship. Of course, they get married in the end, get Christina and live happily ever after in a castle in Tahiti.

Scott brought DV an apple. He says it's not poisoned and says he keeps coming back to rat poison for pain and suffering value. He says it'll be nothing compared to what was done to him in Algeria. Scott's mother didn't leave DV according to DV; she didn't love Lloyd, Lloyd didn't have the guts to fight fair because he knew he'd lose Meg to DV. Scott doesn't buy it but DV seems sure and says the letters tell the story. Scott starts to read one of the letters while DV looks uncomfortable. Karen and Joe are chatting about the procedure. He told her she's amazing and they kiss. Enter Courtney, reporting for duty. Karen says she'll keep her fingers crossed.

Back at the cabin, Scott is explaining his alibi to in detail. They rehash everything, Lloyd's fault DV has no family, blah, blah, blah. At the hospital, Joe told Courtney that he missed her pregnancy with Neil but is looking forward to this one. She told him about feeling Neil move for the first time and how she wondered throughout the pregnancy when she felt movement what the baby was doing in there. She says that it really is a miracle and Joe says his one will be Neil's miracle. The doctor enters and Courtney asks her to explain the procedure one more time. Meanwhile, Frank, with his little vial of "swimmers," is in the hospital looking for an opportunity to switch them for Joe's when he runs int). Karen asks what he's doing there and he says he came to see Neil (wrong floor) and then that he came to wish Courtney luck (OB/GYN). He starts to leave but Karen asks why he's not out celebrating. After all he did to her and Joe, he should be thrilled that Joe and Courtney are having another baby. He says whatever will help Neil... She told him not to add to Joe's pressure and he says he doesn't want to. Then leave, she says.

Julie told Chris that the end to the story is that they lived happily ever after - far, far apart. He says if she wants to throw everything away, fine, but something changed between them the night Christina was born. She can still count on him. He can't control his feelings for her. She is the most calculating, devious, beautiful woman he has ever met. Will she marry him? She will. And she's been fantasizing about being his wife in every sense of the word. He has too. They make out. The prenup stays.

The doctor has to take a call just before starting Courtney's procedure (Frank arranged the page) allowing Frank to deliver his vial to her. But Joe walks in and is not pleased.

Lucy is home; where is Scott? She finds only a notation saying "Lake Raines." Meanwhile, Scott is playing around with the stereo at DV's, playing his mother's (and DV's) favorite song. He talks about his parents dancing to it and how in love they were. DV says he was a child and knew nothing. Scott asks why Meg didn't look for DV when Lloyd died if she loved him so much. She thought he was dead, says DV. No, she didn't care, says Scott who then burns the letters.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Francine Goldberg

Lucy walks into GH and asks a nurse to page Karen. Rachel approaches and welcomes her home. Rachel talks about how Scott missed her. Karen enters and Lucy blows Rachel off. Lucy answers my question from yesterday by telling Karen she left the girls with Aunt Charlene. Lucy wanted to surprise Scott but she can't find him. Karen tells her he may be out of town on business. So Karen hasn't seen him either? Not for a day or two. Cut to Rachel who's eavesdropping. She flashes back to last week where she saw the tablet that said LAKE RAINES. Cut to Scott and DV. Scott continues to taunt DV with Meg's letters. Scott looks for more things "that pertain to my mother". He comes across a picture of the boy. He asks DV who the kid is. Cut to Kevin on the phone with Eve. Idle chit-chat. Kevin told her a conference next week at the hotel has been moved up to tonight. Eve squawks, but Kevin told her she might not find it so painful as he peeks around the corner at a empty room set up for two.

Joe asks why Frank's there (with Courtney in the exam room). They cover, as always. Frank leaves. Joe's hostile. Frank's been hanging around a lot. What's going on?

Courtney told Joe she thinks Frank "has a thing" for her. The doctor comes back. Joe has a question for her about the procedure. They conveniently "consult" with their backs to Courtney while Courtney switches the samples. Karen told Lucy about Scott "taking some time to cool off." She finally tells her about the last DV/Scott encounter where DV threatened everyone. Karen still thinks he did go away to cool off. Lucy really doesn't, but she acts like she does. Cut to Scott. He asks all sorts of questions and taunts DV some more. The usual exchange. Scott leaves DV alone to get the tarp "to roll his dead body up in."

Eve comes into the hotel and finds Kevin tricked her. She's tickled. He has "an evening of romance" planned and even has an evening gown for her. She slips off to change.

It's romantic. Kevin wanted to show her how much she means to him. Eve gets the hiccups from champagne. "Cupid, we have a problem!" she quips. Joe told Frank he believes he's going after Courtney. The usual exchange ensues about how Frank wants everything Joe has. Frank's parting shot--"Some day you're gonna wish you were me." Joe and Karen are puzzled at that. Karen's also a little perturbed that Joe considers Courtney "his". They discuss and talk turns to Scott. Joe says he thought Scott might go after Bordeso. Karen looks like she has finally bought a clue.

Scott gets the tarp and reflects back on previous conversation. Can he really kill DV? Enter Rachel. She lets him know she knows what he has planned. He'll still do it--for his family. Does he want to go to prison? On death row? How will that help his family? Is it really worth it? Kevin uses "Auntie Ida's cure for hiccups." Drat! It doesn't work. Kevin tries some heavy French kissing. She's cured! They retreat to a more "private" alcove.

Frank went into Courtney's room following the insemination. They both think she's pregnant. At least they hope so.

Lucy sneaks into DV's cabin. He comes up behind her with the fireplace poker just as she finds the ropes on the floor. DV told her "you couldn't stay away from our little love nest." She asks what he did with Scott. He tells her Scott can't help her now. Cut to Scott outside with Rachel. She tells him a long story about a revenge killing like Scott's planning. Of course, it ends badly. Scott's choices aren't easy. He figures he has to "get rid of Bordeso without actually killing him." Suddenly there's a scream. Scott rushes toward the cabin.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Frank is with Courtney as she rests in bed after the procedure. She tells him he shouldn't touch her but he reminds her that she told Joe he had a crush on her which should explain it. They talk about the sex of the night before. Frank decides to go check on Neil and Courtney asks him to let her know how Neil is. Outside her door, Frank revisits the passion of the previous night in nauseating detail. Cut to Courtney, looking thoughtful.

Scott and Rachel find Lucy unconscious on the floor of DV's cabin. They rush to help her.

Courtney is lost in a fantasy about she and Joe, married ecstatically. The new baby has saved Neil and Joe told her how much he loves her. They embrace and kiss and - Joe morphs into Frank. Courtney doesn't seem to mind. She snaps out of it and told herself Joe is the man for her. Frank and Neil are playing gams and talking. Frank is impressed by Neil's high score but Neil told him that he'd be good too if he had to lie around all the time. Frank told him it won't be much longer. They go back to the video game and Frank lapses into a fantasy. He and Courtney are talking about Neil's remission and she says she got more than she ever hoped for. She kisses him and he warns her that they're in public. She says she doesn't care and he carries her over to the sofa in the waiting room and they make out. Frank snaps out of it and hugs Neil. Scott and Rachel are tending to Lucy who can't remember what happened. Her head hurts and she's glad Scott is okay. She says she's okay but Rachel told her to see a doctor when she gets home. Lucy told Scott she heard something in his voice on the phone and came home. Then, finding the notation at the firehouse, she came to the cabin. She was afraid what he might do. Scott told her everyone is fine except her. They hug and Rachel asks if Lucy saw who hit her. It was DV and Scott says he should have killed him when he had the chance. Rachel asks if they should call the police. She says Lucy can file assault charges but Scott says they can't do anything anyway. Lucy asks why Rachel is there. Rachel says she heard something in Scott's voice too and went to get her medical bag. Lucy is skeptical about why Rachel is there. She says that Scott was really going to kill DV; Does he know what that would have done to all of them? At least he didn't go through with it. Rachel is standing is the door and hears Scott say he didn't choose not to kill DV, he chose not to let him win. Lucy is glad. She says Scott also won't let DV turn him into a coldhearted murderer like him. Scott says DV is the last man he wants to be like and that was enough to stop him. Lucy is pleased. Scott missed Lucy and hey hug with Rachel looking on.

Frank, back in Courtney's room, told her that Neil beat him at all the games even poker. Courtney is sure she is pregnant from the night before not the procedure. Frank is skeptical. He says it's too bad she didn't "just know" when she got pregnant with Neil. She told him the way she was then, it may not have mattered. He asks how she can just know? Dr. Newman comes in to see how Courtney is doing. She asks if Frank is her boyfriend. NO, they vehemently cry. Frank is Neil's uncle, that's all. He went to get coffee.

Rachel finishes checking Lucy out and says she's heading home. Scott doesn't see how DV got out of the ropes. He shows Lucy the picture of the boy. She recognizes that the picture was taken at Jasmine Island. What would he be doing there?

The doctor told Courtney it's only the first try and not to get her hopes up. Too late! The doctor leaves and Frank returns. Courtney told him what the doctor said. Her body is telling her she's pregnant. He tries to be realistic but she insists and comments that he's not excited. He says he's just surprised that it could happen already. She talks about his sperm (UGH!) and how many of them, well, you get the picture, she's pregnant. :) Frank says the important thing is having a donor for Neil and that this IS him excited. He told her again that the way he pictured fatherhood includes being known as the father. She says it's not what she pictured either, single with 2 kids. At least they'll know she's their mother, he says. There's only a 50/50 chance the baby will match Neil and what if she went through all this for nothing? She couldn't take that. They agree to tough it out together and admit they admire each other.

Lucy studies the picture and Scott says maybe it's not DV's kid. Lucy recalls that there were toys in DV's NY apartment. He had told her they belonged to the maid's kids. Only DV knows the truth and Scott is sure he's hatching another plan.

Rachel, in the woods, calls DV and asks if he's alright. He is and is also in the woods. He's well hidden and knows the woods well. She asks what's next and he says his driver is coming and thanks her for getting him out of the ropes. Rachel is surprised that DV didn't kill Scott. He was going to but Lucy showed up. Why didn't he kill her? He has other plans for her. He says Scott found a picture of "the boy" and Rachel says that IS a problem.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

Kevin and Eve enter the lighthouse, raving about last night's getaway at the Port Charles Hotel. Eve says it was the best "medical seminar" she's ever been to and suggestively reveals to Kevin what she "learned." They're getting amorous again when Victor enters the room carrying a tray with breakfast (waffles and syrup). K&E are puzzled as to why he's there. V: "You don't really think I came over here at this hour just to use your waffle iron, do you?" They wonder what's going on. Eve asks if Victor found out that D.V. really is The Cobra. She's stunned at his response: "It's about your son, Eve. We've uncovered proof..you were right the first time, Eve..he did die at birth."

At Ferncliff, Chris enters the visitors' room, tosses a bouquet at Julie, and told her she'll be the next young lady to head down the aisle. She can't believe the wedding is actually happening today. They joke about the Ferncliff-supplied bouquet and its lack of thorns. Julie says the flowers (roses and carnations) are beautiful, but she's more of a lily and iris girl. Chris pretends to note this detail in his "Julie journal." J: "Are you keeping a list of my likes and dislikes?" C: "Well, I have to know how to please my bride, don't I?" J: "I hope you put Chris Ramsey in the 'like' column." She wonders when the ceremony will be; he says Rachel is picking up the JP.

Cut to Rachel, on the phone with Bordisso. "You're making a big mistake going through with this." B: "Don't be so cautious, Rachel. This is exactly what we need to break up Scott and Lucy." R: "You use psychic projections on them, and they're gonna tie it together with what's happening to Kevin and Eve." B: "I'm willing to take that risk." R: "You're losing perspective, and you're making reckless choices." B: "When I want a therapy session, I'll pay for one." R: "I can't stop you..but I can certainly make things difficult for you." B: "Now who's the one making a mistake?" They hang up. Rachel ponders her next move. Scott enters the firehouse and hears Lucy upstairs on the phone. He's shocked to overhear that she's speaking to Bordisso, and from the sound of the conversation, the two are in cahoots. Lucy: "No, don't worry, Scott did not suspect a thing. He has no idea I was the one who untied you...I'm just relieved you got away...if anything ever happened to you, I...no, I can't wait to be together, either. OK, I love you too...ta..." Lucy comes downstairs, still holding the cellphone. She hadn't realized Scott was home. Scott snarls, "Oh, so that gave you an opportunity to sneak a call in to your boyfriend?"

At Ferncliff, Chris told Rachel that Julie is changing clothes. He fusses with the flower for his lapel, and she accuses him of being nervous. He denies it--he just wants Julie to have a nice wedding. Finally he admits that he is a little excited. "It's just weird." R: "Because you're marrying somebody who has been declared insane?" C: "No..no..it's just, uh..I've actually found a relationship that has a chance of working." R: "You must have had some lousy relationships." C: "There was a time I thought I was in love...but, for whatever reason, it didn't work out." R: "Any idea why?" C: "Well, you may find this hard to believe, but I'm not exactly the kind of...up-front sort of person." R: "No!! And here I thought you were just *out there* with your feelings." C: "It's just..with every other woman I've ever been involved with...they haven't been able to read between the lines. Julie can, though, you know? She gets it."

Julie enters, radiantly beautiful in her simple white wedding dress and strand of small pearls. Rachel told her she looks beautiful; Chris is almost too speechless to agree. He gazes at Julie, then told her that she took his breath away. Rachel asks them if they're ready to get the show on the road; they wonder where the JP is. Rachel told them that unfortunately, the JP has passed away [!]. No one else will marry them because they think the bride is a mass murderer. But not to worry, Rachel told them...she herself will perform the ceremony! [Gag!] At the lighthouse, Victor hands Eve an autopsy report on her son. Kevin wonders where he got it. Victor says he got the report from his intelligence contacts, and that they're absolutely reliable. "By the act of passing this information on, they vouch for its authenticity. I know this is not easy, but maybe now you can put all of this behind you, both of you." He told Eve the best thing for her to do is grieve for her loss and then get on with her life. Eve sits on the couch, stunned. But Kevin refuses to give up--he wonders, what about the visions he keeps having, and the little boy's voice that Eve heard. Victor says he might have an answer, and asks if Bordisso has a reason for wanting to hurt Eve. Eve says it's possible, if he found out that she had his son. If Bordisso knows about the baby, that would explain why K&E have been bombarded with memories of the child. V: "Monk, if Bordisso is Cobra, he has associates who know how to make people see and hear things that aren't real." K: "Handy little tool." V: "With a great deal of potential. He can manipulate, he can drive someone crazy...whatever he wants to do!"

At the firehouse, Lucy is on the cellphone with Don. She hangs up, triumphant over a business decision she's made. Scott doesn't want to hear about it--he's furious and accuses her of conspiring with Bordisso behind his back..or maybe of hatching a plan of her own to take down Bordisso, behind his back. A fiery argument ensues, with Lucy vehemently denying Scott's accusations. Scott: "I know what I heard!" Lucy: "Well, I know what I didn't say!"

Back at Ferncliff, Rachel explains to Chris and Julie that she became an ordained minister in college by paying $19.00 and filling out a couple applications, on a dare by her sorority sisters. Chris muses, "What's next, you get a medical degree off the back of a cereal box?" Rachel admits she's never done a service like this before, but is confident she can do it. Laughing, Chris and Julie agree that having a shrink perform the wedding is fitting under the circumstances. Rachel says all they need is a witness. J: "What about Heather the Hatchet, the murderess next door?" C: "Oh, Pookie, she's such a cut-up!" Rachel offers to find a couple orderlies. Chris reassures Julie that he wants to go through with the wedding.

At the firehouse, Lucy has made Scott a cup of kava-kava tea with gingkoba booster to relax him and help restore his memory. He is less than enthused. She swears to him that she's not conspiring to go after Bordisso behind his back and that she didn't make the phone call that he supposedly heard. S: "So I'm hearing things!" She says they've all been under a lot of pressure with the Bordisso mess. Scott has been under pressure before and never imagined phone calls that didn't happen--he wonders if he's going crazy. They agree that there must be some sort of explanation. Scott apologizes for doubting her; they decide to go visit Kevin and Eve and show them the little boy's picture.

At the lighthouse, Victor is putting on his coat to leave. Kevin can't help but believe Victor told them what he did, to stop them from searching for the boy. Victor denies this, and leaves. Kevin tries to convince Eve that they shouldn't give up, but she stops him.

"Kevin..stop, please. I don't want to get my hopes up anymore. I can't do it. It's like losing my son, over and over and over again, and it hurts, too much, OK? It's over, and I have to face that, and you have to let me. Whether there's a bigger picture to all this or not." Kevin understands and hugs her reassuringly. "I swear to you, if I find out David Bordisso is the reason.." E: "If David Bordisso has anything to do with this..I'm not gonna let him get to me, OK? He can throw me as many psychic images as he wants. It's just gonna be a big waste of his time.."

Back at Ferncliff, it's wedding time. In a bizarre ceremony conducted by Dr. Locke and attended by two orderlies in white coats, Chris and Julie become man and wife. And, awww..they've written their own vows. J: "I, Julie, take you, Christopher, to be my lawfully wedded husband..to have and to hold from this day forward, in good times, or hard time in the pen, insane or marginally balanced, as long as I let you live." They exchange rings [and the ceremony takes a somewhat more serious tone], and Rachel pronounces them husband and wife. Chris kisses his bride; the orderlies applaud.

At the lighthouse, Scott and Lucy have stopped by. They tell Kevin and Eve about the adventure at Lake Raines. Eve thinks D.V. will now be after them more than ever; Lucy explains that that's why they're keeping the kids and Sigmund out of town. Kevin wonders if they've thought of ways to protect themselves; Eve suggests they move to Guam. Things look promising for a little catfight, but Kevin calms the ladies down. Lucy hands him the little boy's photo, saying that's the real reason why they're there. "We found this photograph in D.V.'s cabin. Now, doc, to me, it looks like this picture of this boy was taken..maybe..on Jasmine Island." Kevin: "This is him..this is the boy I've been writing about." [Handing the picture to Eve] "Oh my God, Eve..could that be your son?"

Friday, September 24, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Victoria Hart.

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