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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on PC
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Monday, March 20, 2000

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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Joe entered the on-call room, flicking on the lights to wake the sleeping residents. Chris and Matt got up complaining, and Chris and Joe bickered until Karen told them some people were trying to sleep. She sent them on their way and told Joe to kill the lights. After they left, she commented to herself that she should have gone to cosmetology school.

Julie and Chris were hugging in the lobby when Lucy zoomed in with the workmen. Julie asked about the girls, but Lucy, distracted, said she was busy and excused herself. Julie told Chris she had been blown off, but Chris reminded her that Lucy didn't know how much Christina meant to her. Well, said Julie, she would -- soon.

At the medicine cart, Frank approached Joe, saying he had heard Joe had crossed the picket line. He wondered how Mary had taken it. Not that well, Joe said, but it had felt like the right thing to do. Frank attempted to anger Joe, but Joe said he had been just about to give Neil his meds. Frank said he'd do it; he and Neil were getting closer. Joe said they'd have plenty of time together when Neil and Courtney moved in with him. Joe relented, anyway, and gave Neil's meds to Frank to deliver.

Julie approached Lucy again. Lucy explained that she was even busier than she had been earlier. Julie commented on how much Lucy had taken on, and Lucy asked for her help. Lucy asked if Julie would order some food from the Grill for Ms. Stewart. Julie gave Lucy the folder she had for Ms. Stewart, slid in an insult, and went to order the food. Lucy entered the room, turned on the light, and found the lady herself snoring in cold cream with a towel on her head. Ms. Stewart immediately covered her head up with the sheet and refused to emerge, demanding Lucy go. Apologizing profusely, Lucy left but stopped to chuckle outside the room.

Courtney stopped Frank with the medication cart and gave him a change of clothes and a brochure for an apartment complex. She asked if Neil had said anything about the move, and Frank told her he seemed to be adjusting to the idea. She knew a very romantic linen closet where he could change, but he told her he needed to make a living and moved on past her.

Joe was in Mr. Phelps's room, going over his chart, when Chris, his doctor, entered. He asked why Joe had paged him and was told Joe couldn't administer meds if he couldn't read the writing. He said Chris's writing was way past acceptable. Chris good-naturedly asked Joe to discuss it outside and blasted Joe for criticizing him in front of a patient. Joe kept talking, so Chris reminded him he was not a doctor and, since he was so concerned, Mr. Phelps had a cyst that needed draining. Joe could do that. Joe, chagrined, went back into the room.

Julie, who had seen the exchange, stopped to talk to Chris. He said knocking Joe off his pedestal had been the highlight of his day. Julie said that being bumped from pedestal to low man on the totem pole sucked. She vented about Lucy and said she could just put her fist through a wall. Chris suggested she hit something more forgiving -- so she slugged him. She said he was the most forgiving thing she could think of.

Julie was sick of Lucy and her constant orders. She started with saying Christina would never be hers. Chris said he wouldn't let that happen. Chris told her they'd get Christina back, and then maybe they could start a family of their own too. Julie said she would love that. They kissed and started to enter the linen closet but found Bimbo Barrington rocking out to a Walkman in there. They laughed.

Ms. Stewart was perusing the research on Lucy's project when Courtney knocked. She entered, cheerfully, with the information on Lucy that Ms. Stewart had asked for. Ms. Stewart went over the information, and they chatted about Lucy -- and not kindly. Ms. Stewart seemed to feel Lucy acted superior to everyone. Ms. Stewart noted Lucy's penchant for wealthy men, including Scott with his $100 million inheritance. Courtney bowed and scraped along until Ms. Stewart dismissed her, telling her the information would have been nice two days earlier and tossing it, stating, "File under 'T' for trash."

Karen, working on a stack at the desk, learned of the scrap between Chris and Joe. The doctor who told her about it was agitated and complained that it was bad enough the press was out to get them. Karen told him she'd handle it and kept working. When he left, she turned around and rubbed her face in frustration and exhaustion. Joe saw her and looked very concerned.

Chris and Julie found an empty room and went to play. Just as they started to roll around on the bed, another worker entered and collapsed on the next bed. Chris said, "Excuse me," and the response was, "Don't mind me. I'm so tired, I'll sleep through the whole thing." Julie had a better idea, and they left.

Courtney caught Frank in the hall and asked if he had looked at the brochure yet. He said no, and she told him she had just been hoping. She suggested they just "fight this one out," offering up clenched fists. He almost smiled, and she told him she could see it -- he couldn't resist her. He said he was going to have to learn to because he needed the job. He left, and Courtney sighed.

Lucy, flying by, paused when Courtney asked if she was going to see Ms. Stewart. Lucy said yes and asked how Courtney knew her. Courtney said she'd been practically living there with Neil, and they'd gotten to be friends. Lucy said she wouldn't want Ms. Stewart for a friend, but Courtney said she liked her. She offered to go in with Lucy to run interference. Lucy agreed.

In the room, Lucy asked Ms. Stewart if she had liked the samples Lucy had sent. She had not and would never let Lucy decorate any of her residences. Lucy explained that she was in charge of designing a custom suite just for Ms. Stewart. Ms. Stewart said small town people were "so gracious and eager to please." It was refreshing, and she agreed to look at them.

Ms. Stewart suggested that Lucy find her a decent lunch while she and Courtney went over the samples. Lucy suggested Courtney do that, and she agreed. Ms. Stewart told Lucy she seemed to get things done, and Lucy said she could jump through any hoop Ms. Stewart held up. Ms. Stewart said that'd be just like having her own trained seal.

Up on the roof, Chris and Julie, wrapped in a blanket, were kissing as Karen walked through the door. She coughed and asked if they both didn't have something else to do. Chris reminded her of when she and Joe had gotten caught up there in a compromising position. Karen said she'd just pretend she hadn't seen them. Julie said no, Karen needed the space more, and they left. Karen gazed off into the distance as Joe walked up and asked if she was thinking of jumping.

In Ms. Stewart's room, Lucy adjusted her traction, and Ms. Stewart commented that Lucy was much too eager to please; it was common in women with her kind of ambition. Lucy thanked her and said she wanted to discuss aligning their companies one more time. Ms. Stewart said she had one rule -- never mix business and trash.

Frank entered with Ms. Stewart's meds, and she drooled all over him. She told Lucy he was a little slice of heaven on toast. Lucy said she'd have stiff competition, and Ms. Stewart said the stiffer the better. Lucy told her to go for it and exited. Ms. Stewart's phone rang, and she discussed Lucy's project and the possibility of stealing it.

Julie and Chris were going at it in the shower in the on-call room. They avoied an interruption by Bimbo and continued with their passion. On the roof, Karen and Joe talked, and he told her she was doing a good job. He said anyone in charge would be disliked at that moment. She said she wanted to be chief resident, but she kept wondering if people were just seeing a mixed-up kid making mistakes. Joe said no; they saw her intelligence and her beauty -- at least that was what he saw.

Karen said when she ran and hid, Joe always found her. Finding her was the best thing he had ever done, Joe said. She touched his face and said he was her best friend, just as the rain began to pour down. She went in, but he enjoyed the rain for a moment and then followed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Gail agreed to help Kevin get reinstated at the hospital. Rachel set up a clandestine meeting with Dean, the head of an HMO conglomerate, who promised to make her the chief of staff when his corporation took over the hospital.

Meanwhile, the nurses' committee backed out of a deal they had made to move forward with the negotiations. Karen began to question her priorities as a doctor. A passionate Eve took a stand and claimed that as doctors, they were obligated to treat all patients. Eve's words were later put to the test when Greg Cooper was rushed into the emergency room.

Dr. Boardman ordered Karen not to treat an injured nurse who had been taken in to the emergency room. lan, however, went over Boardman's head and told Karen to treat the nurse.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

After Chris was unable to operate on Cooper, Eve took over and attempted to save his life. Despite her best efforts, Eve was unable to revive Cooper, and he died. Chris admitted to Julie that he had backed away from operating on Cooper because he hadn't wanted to be responsible for saving his life.

Rachel attempted to undermine Kevin's relationship with Neil and pointed out to Neil that Kevin had been neglecting him. Camille Owens, a former patient at the hospital, returned and complained about discomfort after her recent surgery. Camille, however, decided to leave without being checked out by a doctor when Chris was unavailable.

Friday, March 24, 2000

The doctors were forced to spend the night at the hospital after random acts of sabotage starting breaking out. Kevin became furious when he discovered that Rachel had used Neil to get back at him. After Alan refused to discuss the strike negotiations with her, Rachel made an important ally in Dr. Boardman and ended up seducing him.

Kevin was troubled when he realized that Eve was avoiding intimacy with him. Eve admitted to Kevin that she was afraid making love would put a strain on his heart and said she was scared of losing him. Joe and Karen spent the night together in Karen's office and made love. Later, a blackout hit the hospital.

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