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Monday, March 27, 2000

Joe enters the on-call room, flicking on the lights to wake the sleeping residents. Chris and Matt get up complaining and Chris an Joe bicker until Karen told them some people are trying to sleep! She send them on their way and told Joe to kill the lights. After they leave she comments to herself that she should have gone to cosmetology school.

Julie and Chris are hugging in the lobby when Lucy zooms in with the workmen. Julie asks about the girls but Lucy, distracted, says she's busy and excuses herself. Julie told Chris she was blown off but Chris reminds her that Lucy doesn't know how much Christina means to her. Well, says Julie, she will. Soon.

At the med cart, Frank approaches Joe saying he heard Joe had crossed the picket line. How did Mary take it? Not that well, Joe says, but it felt like the right thing to do. Frank attempts to anger Joe but Joe says he was just about to give Neil his meds. Frank says he'll do it; he and Neil are getting closer. Joe told him they'll have plenty of time together when Neil and Courtney move in with him. Joe does relent anyway and gives Frank Neil's meds to deliver.

Julie approaches Lucy again who explains that she's even busier than she was earlier. Julie comments on how much Lucy has taken on and Lucy asks for her help. Would Julie order some food from the Grill for Ms. Stewart? Julie gives Lucy thee folder she has for Ms. Stewart, slides in an insult and went to order the food. Lucy enters the room, turns on the light and finds the lady herself snoring in cold cream with a towel on her head! DS immediately covers her head up with the sheet and refuses to come out, demanding Lucy GO! Apologizing profusely, Lucy leaves but stops to chuckle outside the room.

Courtney stops Frank with the med cart and gives him a change of clothes and a brochure for an apartment complex. She asks if Neil has said anything about the move and Frank told her he seems to be getting used to the idea. She knows a very romantic linen closet where he can change but he told her he needs to make a living and moves on past her.

Joe, in Mr. Phelps (a pt) room, is going over his chart when Chris, his doctor, enters. He asks why Joe paged him and is told Joe can't administer meds if he can't read the writing. He says Chris' writing is way past acceptable. Chris good-naturedly asks Joe to discuss it outside and blasts him for criticizing him in front of a patient. Joe keeps talking so Chris reminds him he's NOT a doctor and, since he's so concerned, Mr. Phelps has a cyst that needs draining. He can do that. Joe, chagrined, went back into the room. Julie, who has seen the exchange, stops to talk to Chris. He says knocking Joe off his pedestal was the highlight of his day. Julie says, from pedestal to low man on the totem pole sucks. She vents about Lucy and says she could just put her fist through a wall. Chris suggests she hit something more forgiving - so she slugs him. She says he was the most forgiving thing she could think of. Julie is sick of Lucy and constant orders. She starts with the Christina will never be hers, blah, blah blah. Chris says he won't let that happen. Chris told her they'll get Christina back and then maybe they can start a family of their own too. Julie would love that. They kiss and start to enter the linen closet only to find Bimbo Barrington rocking out to a walkman in there. They laugh.

Ms. Stewart is perusing the research on Lucy's project when Courtney knocks. She enters, cheerfully, with the info on Lucy that DS asked for. DS went over the info and they chat about Lucy and not kindly. DS seems to feel she is superior to everyone. DS notes Lucy's penchant for wealthy men, including Scott with his $100 million inheritance. Courtney bows and scrapes along until she is dismissed by DS telling her the info would have been nice 2 days ago and tossing it. File under 'T' for trash.

Karen, working on a stack at the desk, is told by Dr (I can't think of his NAME) of the scrap between Chris and Joe. He is agitated and complains that it's bad enough the press is out to get them. Karen told him she'll handle it and keeps working. When he leaves she turns around and rubs her face in frustration and exhaustion. Joe sees her and looks very concerned.

Chris and Julie find an empty room and go to play. Just as they start to roll around on the bed, another worker enters and collapses on the next bed. Chris says "excuse me" and the response is "don't mind me. I'm so tired I'll sleep through the whole thing." Julie has a better idea and they leave.

Courtney catches Frank in the hall and asks if he's looked at the brochure yet. He says no and she told him she was just hoping. She suggests they just fight this one out, offering up clenched fists. He almost smiles and she told him she can see it - he can't resist her. He says he's going to have to learn to because he needs this job. He leaves and Courtney sighs. Lucy, flying by, is paused when Courtney asks if she's going to see DS. Lucy says yes and how does Courtney know her. Courtney says she's been practically living there with Neil and they've gotten to be friends. Lucy wouldn't want her for a friend but Courtney says she likes her. She offers to go in with Lucy to run interference. Lucy agrees. In the room, Lucy asks DS if she liked the samples Lucy sent. She did not and would never let Lucy decorate any of *her* residences. Lucy explain that she's in charge of designing a custom suite just for DS. DS says small town people are so gracious and eager to please. It's refreshing and agrees to look at them. She suggests that Lucy find her a decent lunch while she and Courtney go over them. Lucy suggests Courtney do that and she agrees. DS told Lucy she seems to get things done and Lucy told her she can jump through any hoop DS holds up. DS says that'll be just like having her own trained seal!

Up on the roof, Chris and Julie, wrapped in a blanket, are kissing as Karen comes through the door. She coughs and asks if they both don't have something else to do. Chris reminds her of when she and Joe got caught up there in a compromising positions. Karen says she'll just pretend she didn't see them. Julie says no, Karen needs the space more and they leave. Karen gazes off into the distance as Joe comes up and asks if she's thinking of jumping.

In DS room, Lucy adjusts her traction and DS comments that she's much too eager to please; it's common in women with her kind of ambition. Lucy thanks her and says she wants to bring up aligning their companies one more time. DS says she has one rule - never mix business and trash. Frank enters with her meds and she drools all over him. She tells Lucy he's a little slice of heaven on toast. Lucy says she'd have stiff competition and DS says the stiffer the better. Lucy told her to go for it and exits. DS' phone rings and she discusses Lucy's project and the possibility of stealing it.

Julie and Chris are going at it in the shower in the on-call room. They avoid an interruption my Bimbo and continue with their passion. On the roof, Karen and Joe talk and he told her she's doing a good job. He says anyone in charge would be disliked right now. She says she wanted to be Chief Resident but she keeps wonder if people are just seeing a mixed up kid making mistakes. Joe says no, they see her intelligence and her beauty; at least that's what he sees. Karen says when she runs and hides he always finds her. Finding her was the best thing he ever did, says Joe. She touches his face and says he's her best friend just as the rain begins to pour down. She went in but he enjoys the rain for a moment and then follows.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

In the on-call room, Chris, sleeping next to Julie, wakes up with a start. Julie asks if he's okay and he told her yes, he had a nightmare about Cooper. She says she knows what that's like. Chris says Cooper was after him for not working on him in the ER; Cooper said he'd get him with everyone else (in the dream). Julie says he did the right thing and Chris agrees somewhat uncertainly. They discuss it until Chris' pager goes off when he told her to go back to sleep and leaves.

In Neil's room, as Neil gasps for breath, Frank carries him to the bed calling for help. He gives Neil oxygen and screams for help again. Neil passes out even with the oxygen. Joe finally rushes in and helps Frank. Joe thinks it's an allergic reaction; anaphylactic shock. Joe leaves Frank administering oxygen and rushes to the med room. There, he smashes the glass door and grabs what he needs to help Neil - Benadryl and epi - and rushes back to administer it. Joe and Frank continue to bag Neil and wait for the injection to work.

At the desk, patient Camille is carried n by her husband. Chris ask what happened and she has a bad infection. She told him she came in yesterday but he was too busy to see her. She wasn't that bad then so she decided to come back another time.

Back in the on-call room, Karen gets up and gets ready for work without the lights, accidentally dropping something. Julie wakes up and told her to go ahead and turn the lights on, she's awake. Karen apologizes and says she's looking for toothpaste so Julie finds her some in Chris' locker. Julie told Karen about her bet with Chris about Joe and Karen; it cost her 20 bucks! Karen says she's sorry - more sorry than Julie knows. Julie offers to listen and Karen told her she made a fool of herself. It was an "in the moment" thing. Julie says that's not that bad. Karen says they're adults and they should be able to handle this as such. Julie applauds and told her "nice try." Karen smiles and says she's busted then lees to answer a page. (Note: I enjoyed the easy chatting between these two. Nice!)

In Neil's rooms, Neil is resting easier; seems fine. As he comes around, Frank told Joe he should leave before Neil sees him. Neil might tell someone and Joe acted as a doctor - more trouble. Frank promises to cover for him and take any flak that may come. They *are* expecting to get in serious trouble in spite of saving Neil. Joe watches from the doorway as Neil wakes up and Frank told him he's okay. The interaction between Frank and Neil is becoming more and more tender. Franks went to get Neil some water and talk to Joe. He told Joe not to be crazy; Neil is fine but Joe's career isn't and this could well end it. Joe asks hat he'll say and Frank told him not to worry about it - he'll cover and take any blame.

At the desk, Joe is walking b when Karen calls him - Zombie man. LOL! He stops and she asks if he is going to crash. He told her he can't sleep. He's stressing over what happened with them, isn't he, she asks. No, he says, he's fine. He looks like something is wrong. No, he's fine really. He offers to cover the desk while she checks on her patients. She says that's typical; she seems to be persona non-grata with everyone these days. Joe says that's not what he meant. Her pager went off and she says it's Neil - not an emergency. So she has to go. He got his wish, she says, she's outta there. She stalks off and Joe looks pensive.

In Neil's room, Neil and Frank are talking when Alan comes in to ask about the broken medicine cabinet as Karen also arrives. Franks says yes, he broke in and explains why. Karen asks who treated Neil and Frank says he called for help but none came so he did it himself. She examines Neil and asks why Frank didn't page her. He didn't have her pager number. They go to the hall to talk and Frank immediately says he knows he's not authorized to do that. Alan says he has no intention of coming down on Frank. It was a medical emergency. Karen comments that she's surprised Frank was able to diagnose it so quickly. What brought it on? What had he eaten? Frank says he had brought a peanut butter sandwich to Neil but Neil had had thousands of them. Alan says yes but, with Neil's compromised immune system, he could have developed an allergy, Frank again blames himself, this time for making the sandwich. Alan reiterates that he will not come down on Frank; he saved Neil's life. Karen looks like she suspects something.

Chris is with Camille and her husband. She has a bad infection and he is sending her blood work down to seek answers. He'll put her on broad spectrum antibiotics inpatient. She is concerned about not being able to go home. Chris leaves dealing with great frustration when hubby comes and apologizes. When asked for what he says Camille didn't tell him it was this serious. Chris told him it was not his fault.

Frank finds Joe to thank him for his help with Neil. Joe wants to tell the truth; Frank could get in trouble too. Frank assures him that Alan has promised not to punish him. It's best to leave it. Alan comes up asking Joe if he's proud of Frank. He also told Frank that he's recommended Frank get his paramedic job back. After Alan leaves, Joe says so much for honesty. If they tell the truth, they're both screwed. Julie is at the desk with Karen when Joe brought some test results out. He starts to leave but Karen stops him. She says she knows he was the one who saved Neil. He denies it until Chris calls out to Karen about Camille. Her fever isn't going. Joe offers advice but Chris rudely told him to go get him a sandwich. Joe complies good-naturedly.

In Neil's room, Frank and Courtney fuss over him. Neil announces he's hungry and Courtney offers to get him some. No peanut butter, says Neil. Frank accompanies her to the hall where she congratulates him - she saw Alan who told her about Frank getting his old job back. Does Frank feel uncomfortable with this lie? He sure seems to...

Julie find Chris in the on-call room and asks for a good morning kiss. He complies half-heartedly and she asks if it's Camille Owens. He says yes and he's trying to figure out what he missed. Julie says he needs rest but he says he's responsible for not being there when she needed him. He blames Cooper and Julie says Cooper can only affect him if he lets him. Chris is disappointed in himself for NOT treating Cooper. He feels he compromised his oath. He's lost his objectivity and doesn't know what that means. He says Cooper is one thing but Camille Owens deserved his best. Julie says he's being too hard on himself but he wonders if he's cut out to be a doctor after all.

Frank and Neil talk baseball. Neil says he wouldn't be looking forward to going to the games if not for Joe. He says Frank too; he saved his life last night. Frank downplays it but Neil is insistent.

As Joe gets on the elevator Courtney rushes on. She told him that while he's not crazy about the idea of her and Neil moving out, she could have pushed for him to move. He's surprised she didn't. With all the problems he's having at work she didn't think he needed that too. She babbles on, baiting him but he keeps his cool until she exits.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Lucy told Serena that she can't play hooky and go visit Neil. Serena asks about the strike and worries that no one will be taking care of Neil. Alan calls, Lucy shoos Serena off to Aunt Charlene waiting in the car. Alan told Lucy that Donatella Stewart called Lucy talentless and wants her fired. Alan tells her he doesn't want to hear any more complaints from Donatella - Lucy promises to set her straight. Lucy went to Donatella and told her Alan is taking her off the project per Dona's request. She puts down the samples she brought in and says she's going to tell her chemist that the deals off. She starts to walk and Donatella asks her to not be so hasty. She insincerely starts to apologize, then decides she can't do it - so Lucy walks off.

Chris' patient (the wife - I don't know the name) is still running a high temperature. The husband is upset that she's not improving. Chris wants to go to the lab and check something. Husband gets angry at the lack of answers and threatens to take Wife to Mercy if he doesn't get answers in an hour. Chris promises to drive her himself if he can't figure out the problem. Chris went down and yells at the lab guy., who notices that Chris got the wrong lab results. Lab guy says he was called to the ER yesterday and a temp was working there and messed things up. Chris looks at the correct results and notices that Wife just had an infection and they treated her with the wrong meds - now she's septic. He told the lab guy that if she dies, it's lab guys fault. He went back up and told Husband the new med should help. Husband asks why Wife didn't get the good stuff before - Chris told him they had to have a consult down in the lab. Wife went unconscious, Chris calls a code blue and ushers Husband out. Joe and Karen answer the call and work on her, spouting a bunch of technical stuff. They are successful at resuscitating her.

Rachel meets Julie pushing a patient. Rachel asks the patient very loudly how she is doing (mainly so we understand that the patient can't hear what she and Julie talk quietly about.) Rachel asks if Julie heard about Chris' fight and assures her that she knows Joe started it and will do what she can to help. She yells at the patient to have a nice day, and heads over to annoy Karen. Rachel plays up the fight media damage and nags Karen about not being in control. Karen told her to get f"., okay, she just looks irritated, but I'm sure that's what she was thinking. Joe overhears and tries to set Rachel straight and told her it's none of her business. Rachel threatens him with her position on the review board and mentions his temper. She walks off. Karen told Joe that Neil is being released. He's angry that she didn't tell him. Courtney and Frank overhear - Frank, being used to not being consulted about Neil, is happy. Courtney shares Joe's pissiness. Karen told them to go ahead and get made at her, then get on with being happy that he's better. She leaves to answer a page. Later, she went into the meds room, takes out a bottle and swallows a pill!

Rachel meets Lucy in the hall and asks if Donatella is getting to her and asks about Scott's progress with the strike. Lucy told her to mind her own business. Rachel opines that Lucy just wishes she was a real doctor. Lucy tells Rachel "Maybe so do you" and walks away.

Serena is in the stairwell with a nurse who is sneaking her in to see Neil. The nurse checks to see if the coast is clear - it's not, she sees Lucy. The nurse and Serena start down the stairs, when Rachel pops in and asks what they are doing there. She orders them out of the stairwell. Serena admits that she had to see Neil, and got scared trying to get through the picket line, nurse Katie helped. Katie heads back out, and Rachel gets snarky to Lucy, who pretty much ignores her. Lucy scolds Serena and told her she'll have to be punished. Serena offers no "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" for a week. Lucy thinks no TV, computer, or phone for 2-3 weeks. They get in the elevator and Lucy told her she'll have to call a friend and get the work she missed at school today. Serena sulkily points out she's not allowed to use the phone.

Frank and Courtney tell Neil the good news. He's happy until they tell him it will be to their new place, not to Joes. Frank leaves for work, Courtney tries to cheer up Neil. He says he's not cured, he's in remission. She tells him that he can be afraid, or he can start doing what he wants to do. His mood improves and he decides to go with the second option.

Lucy returns to Donatella's room for her swatches. Dona drops a picture - Lucy picks it up and notes it mustn't be someone related to D, since the girl in the picture is very pretty. The girl is Donatella's daughter, a big shot on Wall street - very busy. Lucy says all her money is in pork bellies, which causes Serena at the door to giggle. Donatella asks who she is and Lucy told her that Serena is her daughter. Serena offers to visit Donatella too, if it's okay with Lucy. She offers to come back and play cards. Donatella accepts and compliments her on her fashion sense. Serena told her she got it from her mom. Lucy says they have to go, but Donatella stops her and mentions that they need to put the finishing touches on the luxury suite. Lucy agrees and they leave. Out in the hall, Serena told Lucy that Donatella seems sad. Lucy says that will happen when you forget how to be human. Serena thinks they should teach her how. Lucy thinks she knows how they can do that.

Karen comes out to the desk and is faced with Chris, Matt, and Joe, who are worried about patient health. They want her to tell Alan to either settle the strike or the doctors walk. Alan sees them talking and asks Karen what is going on.

Friday, March 31, 2000

Following up on Thursday's episode, we begin at the hospital with Chris, Matt, and Joe threatening to walk out if the strike doesn't end soon. Karen told Alan that she'll handle it, and he exits with the comment, "You'd better." Karen doesn't understand what's going on; Chris doesn't see any other way to get Alan's attention.

Karen doesn't think that ticking Alan off is the best strategy. Matt insists that they're walking out today. Karen orders them to the on-call room to continue the discussion.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, Scott is ranting to Lucy about Serena's behavior (skipping school and hopping a bus to the hospital). Lucy explains that Serena really needed to see Neil; besides, Serena's not crazy, she's just impulsive, and where on EARTH could she get that from? Scott and Lucy are both grateful that Katie the nurse hooked up with Serena and helped her. The conversation switches to the strike; Scott needs to talk to Alan, and Lucy is off to see Donatella.

In the on-call room, Eve is finishing getting dressed as the gang arrives. Karen told Eve about the guys' threat to walk out; Matt explains that he told Eve about it, and Eve assures Karen that she is siding with the others. Karen doesn't think their walk-out will force the hospital to shut down, but Joe explains that they've convinced several interns and orderlies to walk with them. Karen told Joe he ought to stay out of it if he wants his job back; Joe argues, but Matt agrees with Karen and told Joe that if they need his support, they'll let him know. So, Karen asks, why are they still around? Chris explains that the orderlies and interns won't walk without Karen's backing. The others ask her to be a doctor and not a manager - and she agrees, though pointing out that there could be repercussions. Lucy arrives in Donatella's room just as Ronny Price (TV reporter) is leaving. Lucy can't believe he got past security, but Donatella explains that she invited him. Donatella rants about how much she hates GH, but assures an anxious Lucy that she was a "good girl" during her interview with Price. Donatella wants to know where the samples are for the baby line. Lucy assures her that the samples will arrive today; not only that, but the luxury suite is ready for Donatella to check in. Donatella told Lucy she's "a peach" and sends her off to fetch her a cappuccino. Lucy, gritting her teeth through a wide grin, complies.

The residents find Scott and Alan (Boardman is not in sight); they demand a meeting. Karen, with assistance from the others, explains their position - the hospital is falling apart, and there have been too many near-misses endangering patients. Alan insists they're doing everything they can to resolve the strike, but Karen says that's not good enough. They know people sometimes die, but to lose patients due to staff shortages is unacceptable. She told them that the residents, interns, and orderlies are ready to walk out.

Julie is answering the constantly-ringing phone at the nurses' station while Joe looks for a chart. Neil gets off the elevator and hugs Joe. He's going home tomorrow, and Neil wants to make sure Joe has his new phone number and address. Can Joe drive Neil home tomorrow? No, Joe needs to work. Neil is sad - he's afraid he won't see Joe anymore. Joe assures him they'll see lots of each other.

The residents arrive, congratulating Karen on her leadership in the conference room. Julie asks how it went. The residents greet Neil, congratulating him on being released. Neil told Eve that he talked to Kevin - he's going to miss hanging with him - but Eve assures Neil that he'll keep seeing Kevin. Neil assures the residents that they are "the best" - he'll recommend the place to anybody he knows who is sick. Neil went back to his room, and Matt remarks, "That'll make you stop and think." Everybody went back to work.

In the conference room, Alan is ranting about the threatened walk-out. He told Scott, "YOU have to do something." Scott told Alan that they've got to settle before the walk-out; they have to find a middle ground with the nurses. Scott told Alan to "call off Cassadine and his bean counters" so there is some negotiating room. Alan explains that Stefan is out of the country, and authorizes Scott to do what he needs to do in order to end the strike.

In the on-call room, Julie told Chris she's worried - what if he loses his job because of the walk-out? Chris isn't worried - he'll just find a job somewhere else. Julie's fear is that they'll have to move - away from Christina. Besides, if he gets labeled as a trouble-maker, Julie's career will go down the drain too, and that will ruin her chances of getting Christina. Chris drags her back to the point - one of his patients almost died because of the mess the hospital is in. If there are ramifications, so be it, but they'll deal with them together. Before Julie can respond, Eve arrives and told Julie she's needed at the desk. Eve told Chris he's needed to assist Boardman. Eve also admits that she admires Chris for spearheading the residents' decision to strike. He asks, does this mean you've forgiven me for walking out on Greg Cooper? Eve tells him not to push it - but maybe he's not the "selfish jerk" she made him out to be.

In the conference room, Scott has just presented an offer to the nurses' representatives. Their attorney advises them to reject it - it's missing some important points. But Scott insists that it's a fair deal, and the reps agree to take the offer to the nurses.

Lucy gets off the elevator, clipboard in hand. She is on the phone, asking Don is everything is all set. She asks Karen if a package has arrived; Karen says no. Lucy notices Karen's hands shaking and asks if she's okay - Karen blames it on caffeine, sugar, and no sleep. Lucy asks her about the rumors that the residents are going to walk out; Karen confirms it, and they agree that Scott is stuck in the middle.

Scott walks the nurses' reps to the elevator; as they leave, he asks if they've heard that a couple of patients almost died. Yes, the nurses heard that. Scott says it happened because of the strike; he tells them they ought to remember why they became nurses to begin with and accept the offer. Lucy asks him how things are going; Scott is worried that, if the residents walk out and the hospital has to close, Stefan might decide not to re-open it. The residents discuss this possibility, but then all their beepers go off at once. They hurry to the ER.

Down in the ER, Alan and the residents work on several victims of a construction site accident. Suddenly, the doors to the ER open; several of the nurses are standing there. Audrey, Mary, and the others rush to put on gloves and gowns and get to work. Scott and Hector (one of the nurses' union reps) talk briefly - it's not official yet, but the union is recommending that the nurses accept the latest offer, so they decided to come back to work. Alan told Frank that, while this means he has lost his job at the hospital, it's no big deal - Frank is going to get his paramedic job back.

Upstairs, Lucy wheels Donatella into the luxury suite. Donatella looks around and says it's not too bad, especially after the "hell" she's been in. Lucy, with forced good cheer, whips Donatella's wheelchair around and to a stop. Donatella grumbles about Lucy's "perfect child with the perfect daisies in her hair." Lucy gives Donatella a bag containing the samples, suggesting that she try the skin care cream. (I'm a bit foggy on the concept of designer skin care cream for babies... but never mind.)

Alan arrives with the news that the strike is over, and that he has arranged for Donatella to be airlifted to New York City right away. Donatella then told Lucy what she REALLY thinks of the suite. The curtains clash with the bedspread (and she's right, they do), the furniture looks like it belongs in a bar, and the mirror is tacky. Lucy assures her the mirror is an antique, and Donatella snipes, "From what period? Early bordello?" She remarks that Lucy gives "new meaning to the word 'trash.'" Furthermore, DS Enterprises doesn't need Lucy - they'll be coming out with their own line of baby products in the summer.

Donatella begins to apply the cream to her face, noting that it makes her face tingle, while Lucy, behind her, tries not to laugh. Lucy wheels her over to a mirror, where Donatella can see that the cream has turned her face green. Lucy told her the color will take 2-3 weeks to come off. Lucy then told Donatella just what she thinks of her. Donatella vows never to forget this; Lucy says the same. Donatella yells for an orderly. When he arrives, she throws an afghan over her head and he wheels her away, grinning.

Lucy jumps onto the bed, celebrating her victory. Scott joins Lucy, sharing the news that the strike is over. He looks around the room, noting that it reminds him of a place they stayed in Miami Beach where they had to put quarters in the bed to keep it vibrating. Lucy grabs the remote control and shows him that there's no need for quarters here (which I suppose is what makes it a luxury suite). They settle down on the bed, kissing, and evidently somebody leans on the remote, because the vibrating stops and the TV comes on. Like a bad dream, Donatella's face shows up on screen - it's her interview with Ronny Price. Price is trying to get her to dish dirt on the hospital, but Donatella insists that everything in the hospital is running smoothly. She praises the services of the "personal assistant" she was assigned, Lucy Coe. Lucy shuts off the TV, turns the vibrating bed back on, and pulls Scott back down on the bed with her.

Julie approaches Alan to ask for her job back; Alan told her to "let the dust settle." Immediately after that, Joe asks Alan when his review can be rescheduled; Alan wearily promises to "look into it." The episode ends with scenes of a busy ER, back to normal staffing levels again.

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