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Morgan told a shocked Ridge that Stephanie had made all the arrangements for her to abort his baby. Ridge later confronted Stephanie but refused to accept Stephanie's attempts to defend her decision. As C.J. got ready for his date with Becky, Amber learned that Becky had pancreatic cancer.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Amber goes to the doctor, posing as Becky. The doctor explains that there is a growth near her pancreas and that they need to do more tests. Amber wants to know what the prognosis is if the mass is malignant, and the doctor gives her the grim news. Becky admits to Sally that she hasn't seen or heard from her baby's father since the day she told him that she was pregnant. She shares the story of her past and her dreams for the future. Sally tells Becky that they're more alike than Becky realizes. Becky tells Sally and Clarke that C.J. is going to make them proud. Ridge can't believe Morgan didn't tell him that she was pregnant, but she wonders what he would have done. Morgan admits that she told Stephanie, who sent her home on a plane after the abortion. Morgan tells Ridge that her life was a disaster after that. She apologizes to Ridge for destroying his child...and trusting his mother. Eric is stunned by Stephanie's attitude toward Morgan and wonders why Ridge's business trip with Morgan bothers Stephanie so much. Enraged, Ridge calls Stephanie. He says that Morgan told him everything. Stephanie implores him to come home and discuss it with her, but Ridge responds that she'll be lucky if he ever speaks to her again. He hangs up and embraces Morgan. Becky kisses C.J. good night, telling him that she loves him and has never been happier.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Sally gives C.J. the rules of life and admits that she was wrong about Becky. C.J. tells Sally about how he feels about Becky and ask her can she understand why. Becky reminds him of her. Sally is glad to see that he is in love and tells him to enjoy the feeling. C.J. says that it is incredible to have his "first" love.

At the apartment with Amber and Becky. Becky tells Amber that she has been tired but think that it will go away after she gets some rest. Amber tells her that she needs to talk to her and Becky think that she know what it is. Becky ask if she has been insensitive about leaving the baby with her while she goes out with C.J.. Amber assures her that is fine and that is not the problem. Becky ask Amber did her doctor call. Amber tells her yes but does not give her the full story about her going to hospital. She tells Becky that she does have a doctors appointment that evening and the she has to go. At first, Becky blows it off and wants to reschedule but Amber says that she should do it at least for her boyfriend and the baby.

Brooke is in Thorne's office looking at material. She touches some lace and remembers their romantic dance when she tried on the wedding dress for Thorne. She snaps out of it and Thorne enters shortly. She addresses him cooly regarding some work and turns to walk out the door. Thorne calls for her to come back. He ask her why is she avoiding him. Brooke explains to him that she wants to respect his marriage just like she told him that she would. Thorne says that avoiding each other is not going to make that happen. She assures Thorne vehemently that she is going to abide by her promise and that she is going to move on with her life. He tells her that Macy wants to talk to her and invite her to a barbecue with the family. Brooke says that she is in no mood for that. As Thorne is leaving, Macy walks in looking for Brooke. Thorne shows her in and leaves.

Macy says that they should find a way to get along and be friends. Brooke tells her that she does not think so. Macy tells her that she knows that she still has emotional ties to Thorne. Macy assures her that there is no other choice to make but to respect her marriage to Thorne. The sooner she accepts their marriage the better she will be. She assures Macy that their marriage is strong as a rock. Brooke is in no mood for the invite and tells Macy that she is not ready. Macy tells her that the invite still stands and leaves. She leaves.

Thorne returns to his office to find Brooke still there sitting at his desk crying. She tells Thorne that Macy does not know how they feel about each other and catches herself to say how she feels about him. She turns to leave and Thorne apologizes. She starts to leave and Thorne grabs her and holds her.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Megan arranges for some male models to show Brooke the latest designs from the Brooke's Bedroom men's line. The models playfully entice Brooke and she goes along with the game. Megan is glad to see a smile on Brooke's face again. Kimberly isn't thrilled when Rick mentions that he saw Amber. Macy interrupts Rick and Kimberly's kiss to invite them to the family barbeque she and Thorne are planning...and teases them just a little. When Rick is gone, Kimberly explains that she wants to wait to have sex and she knows there are times when it drives Rick crazy. Rick tells Brooke how supportive Becky's been of his relationship with Little Eric and what a good person she is. Brooke is glad to hear that they're getting along. Rick thinks she'll be a part of their lives for a long time to come. After Becky has her tests, she unnerves Amber by talking about death. Because Amber is her only family in town, Becky tells her how she would want to live out her last days. Amber wants to change the subject. Becky admits how blessed she feels to have her son, her health, Amber and C.J. When Becky goes to rest, Dr. Russell calls. Thinking Amber is the correct Miss Moore, he tells her that he has her test results and wants to see her this evening.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

C.J. shows off to his mother the diamond earrings he bought for Becky. When Clarke brings in a newly finished tuxedo for his son, C.J. reveals his plans to dine with Becky at the Café Russe tonight, in spite of the cost. When Sally worries that Becky may not have the dress to match C.J.'s plans, Clarke boasts that this matter has been taken care of. While playing with her son, Becky worries when she hurts her back. She confides to Amber that while she was fine in Paris, work at Forrester in L.A. has been very tiring. As she talks, Becky falls asleep. She wakes when C.J. calls to invite her out. Though Amber insists that Becky stay home and rest, C.J. hints that he's got big plans for the night. Just then, the dress Clarke designed arrives for Becky. When C.J. arrives to pick up his date, Amber hangs up on a call from the doctor's office about Becky's appointment tonight. Macy and Thorne prepare the beach house for the family barbecue. While they wait their guests to arrive, Macy comes on to her husband and suggests that they take advantage of the few moments before the party begins.

Friday, April 7, 2000

C.J. tells Sally that he's going to splurge and take Becky to the Café Russe for a romantic dinner. He shows his mother the gift he bought for her - a pair of diamond earrings. Becky tells Amber that she was sent home from work because she was so tired. C.J. calls and Amber urges Becky not to go out, but when a delivery man arrives with a gorgeous gown from C.J., Becky is too excited to resist.

Passion takes over as Macy and Thorne get ready for their guests. After they've made love, Thorne tells Macy how good she is for him. Becky looks beautiful in her gown when C.J. arrives to pick her up. Becky thanks C.J., telling him that no one has ever done anything like this for her before.

Amber arranges for a neighbor to watch the baby while she keeps the appointment with Dr. Russell. While she waits for the doctor, she spots Becky's file. As the barbecue gets underway, Sally tells Macy that her brother is head over heels in love.

Believing that Amber is Becky, Dr. Russell breaks the news to her that she has cancer. He explains that she is in Stage IV. There are medications he can give her for the pain, but he can't offer her much hope. When Amber asks how long she has, the doctor tells her six months. Amber thinks of the baby and starts to cry.

At Thorne and Macy's party, Eric tells Macy how worried they were about Thorne and how glad they were that she went to Venice when she did. Macy is confident that she and Thorne would have worked things out eventually anyway. Clarke presses Thorne for information about Ridge and Morgan. Eric goes into the bedroom to take a call from Ridge and walks in on Rick and Kimberly making out.

Macy overhears Eric reminding Ridge that nothing would have happened between Thorne and Macy if Ridge hadn't taken the action he did in Venice. C.J. and Becky enjoy a romantic evening at the Café Russe. When the waiter delivers their appetizer, there is a small box on the plate. Becky is overwhelmed by the beautiful diamond earrings and C.J.'s words of love. She kisses him.

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