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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on GH
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Monday, April 10, 2000

Rae and Tony went to the antique shop to search for the desk. Owner Paul Ruskin produced the desk and the key, but when Rae opened it, there was no Bible inside. They determined that if the Bible had been in the desk, it would have gone to the used book section of the store, so they proceeded to search through all the books. They were joking about college days when Mr. Ruskin suffered a grand mal seizure. Tony aided him while Rae called 911.

Roy carried Bobbie into the bedroom and they made love while we listened to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (unfortunately not the Roberta Flack version). Later, Roy worried about going back to prison and promised to love her forever while Bobbie vowed never to give up. He later thought about leaving, but Bobbie convinced him that they both needed that one night together.

Carly and Sonny debated the marriage issue. She at first laughed about the idea, suggesting the Sonny was having a psychotic episode, and he went along with the humor for a while, but it became clear that he wasn't joking about the marriage. He insisted, and they began to argue, with Carly pointing out that when he doesn't get his way, he becomes nasty, and he responded by doing exactly that. Carly explained that she didn't want to marry another man she doesn't love; she admitted to "having issues", but felt that inside she is someone worth loving and wants to wait for someone who sees that. Sonny guessed that she is holding out for Jason, but she said that Jason only proves that she is capable of being in a loving relationship. Sonny insisted that he is just trying to do the right thing and she must accept that Jason will not be back, but Carly replied that she knows what love is now and can't settle for less than the real thing. She ended the discussion by promising that she wouldn't change her mind, and went upstairs.

Stefan had Helena by the throat and threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where she had Lucky, so she explained that she had released him in perfect health in Vancouver, at the diner. Stefan wondered that she'd lost her hold, but she explained that Luke and Laura would soon discover the depth of her revenge, and that she could now die content. She taunted him about the poisoning, and criticized him for acting alone rather than hiring a competent staff (Faison). He pointed out that she'd killed her only ally, and then thanked her for his loss of Laura. He explained that men fall in love with their mothers (Helena: "Isn't it a little late for an Oedipal moment?"), she'd molded the contours of his heart, a mortal born to a goddess with golden hair and luminous eyes. Helena reminisced also: he was a painful disappointment, sallow and puny; he wouldn't sleep, wouldn't nurse, wouldn't smile, and Stavros was her saving grace. Stefan continued that he'd promised himself to fall in love with someone completely different, then unwittingly returned to the source - the same golden hair, luminous eyes and porcelain complexion. He touched Helena's face tenderly, but she only commented that introspection didn't become him and told Stefan not to blame her for his inadequacies when he admitted falling in love with rejection. He insisted that he was not - she had given him great strength and taught him how to close his heart and turn his back on a woman who offers only pain. Stefan proclaimed that he owed her an enormous debt, and reminded her that he repays his debts. He kissed her hand, then rose and moved the curtain aside. Two policemen entered the room and Stefan handed his mother into custody, adding quietly that that settles his overdue account. As she was taken away, Helena reminded her son that she always comes back, and promised to make him pay for this.

At the Triple L Diner in Vancouver, Laura ran to hug her son, but Lucky didn't respond. She turned in confusion to Luke, who started toward Lucky. Lucky belted Luke in the mouth, then ran out of the diner. They gave chase, but lost him and returned to question the waitress. They introduced themselves and asked about Lucky, and at first the waitress wouldn't help them but then admitted that Lucky had been waiting for his parents. They asked more questions and ascertained that he'd been brought there by Helena and that Stefan had appeared on the scene but not spoken to Lucky. The waitress said that Lucky's plan had been to keep moving, so Luke and Felicia split up to search the public transportation hubs. Meanwhile, as the waitress prepared to go home, she and Laura talked. Laura explained that they'd thought Lucky was dead, and gave the waitress her card with phone numbers, pleading with her to phone if she saw Lucky again. The waitress agreed and left, and Laura looked around, remembering, as Luke came in the door. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" played (unfortunately not the Carole King version) and they exchanged long looks, then Laura collapsed in tears.

Lucky asked a trucker if he had room for a passenger, and the man agreed to give him a ride as long as he paid his own way.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

The fab four met for dinner and discussed Edward snaking Jax's company out from under him. The other three marveled at Chloe's support of Edward, listing all his sins from cheating on Lila to supporting Gertrude to undermining the distribution deal at L&B. Finally, she agreed that Edward needs to be put in his place.

Tony and Rae rushed Mr. Ruskin, the Thrift Store working, into GH and gave Amy his name. After he was taken into surgery, Tony answered Rae's question about why he wasn't practicing surgery any more. He kept it vague, not going into the specific details, rather that he'd had a hand injury and was a glorified consultant. Tony excused himself just as Alan walked up. He and Rae smiled at one another and went to the famous couches near the desk to talk. As they caught up, it because evident that they'd had an affair years before and agreed it was best not to revisit that territory. Rae asked him if he thought his family or his wife suspected they had known one another before and he said, "Absolutely not." They agreed that considering the rocky place where Alan's marriage was right then, that it was not a good idea to tell Monica about their past indiscretion. Amy was struggling to overhear them just as Monica walked up and asked her about an appointment. Distracted, she didn't hear what Monica was asking and she admonished her for her imagination always taking her away. Following her line of vision, she saw Rae and Alan with their heads together and went over to them. "Am I interrupting?" she asked. Rae told Monica what had happened with the shopkeeper. Alan offered the info that Rae was an old friend of Tony's and Monica noted that Rae had contacts ‘coming out of the woodwork' in Port Charles. Just then Amy paged Monica and she excused herself. Again, Rae promised Alan she wouldn't say anything about their tryst. He asked what was so important about the papers in the desk and she told him that she'd learned she was adopted and was trying to trace the family history. Tony reappeared just then and Alan excused himself. Rae asked Tony if they could keep her search for her daughter just between them and he agreed.

After the girls were asleep, Mac asked Mariah if she was sure she was OK with having the girls stay with her for a while. She said she was glad to have them there, but couldn't stop thinking about the tape she had seen of Felicia and Luke. Mac filled her in on all the details since Lucky died. He covered right up to the most recent events and told Mariah how upset he was, not only about her closeness to Luke, but also about putting herself in danger. What about Maxie and Georgie? Mariah asked Mac if he would be able to take Felicia back when she returned and he was about to answer when Georgie interrupted them with a nightmare. Mac settled Georgie and got her giggling again. He sent her to bed and told her he'd be there in a moment to tuck her in. Mariah said she knew it was the right thing for the girls to be there with her, that they needed stability. She worriedly asked Mac if he knew if he'd be able to take Felicia back when she returned. He said, "No" but before he could finish, Georgie called for him again. When he returned, he could tell by the look on Mariah's face that she wasn't going to let him off easily. After careful consideration, he told her that Felicia had changed. That she had used the girls to get him to come back and that was why he'd brought them to Texas this time. He told her that he didn't know how to be married when he couldn't trust his wife and that he could not trust Felicia, so no, he would not take her back.

Luke, Laura and Felicia compared notes and realized Lucky had not been seen at any airports, bus stations or train stations. Laura asked if he had checked all the box cars and Luke said he had. When Luke suggested that they split up and look again, Felicia said that it was time for her to go home. They wished one another luck and she said she'd take the last flight out.

Tammy and Mike arrived at the Port Charles Grill for dinner. Mike suggested that they go somewhere else because the foursome made him uncomfortable after the Gertrude fiasco. Tammy suggested they hit it head on and the went over to say hello. They assured him that everything had worked out for the best and told him that everyone was getting divorced and had happily switched partners. After they were taken away to their table, the four admitted that they were probable pretty confusing to the outside world and it was good they had each other. Jax left to take a phone call and Ned went to check on an artist, so Chloe told Alexis about the canceled trip and the medicine not working.

Secretly, Jax was conferring with two doctors, telling them that Chloe had started her second medication. Ned came upon him during the phone call and asked if Chloe's medication was not working. He told him that he was talking to a doctor in Johannasburg who was having luck in the field. Ned observed that Jax was going after Edward so vehemently because Edward was someone he could fight.

Once Tammy and Mike were seated, they both speculated about the abrupt change of partners. Mike thought maybe there was more to the Gertrude thing than he'd been told and Tammy suggested that maybe they had rushed into marriage before they felt committed. Mike said that was the reason you wouldn't see him walking down the aisle any where soon and Tammy answered, "Oh really?" They talked about how Mike felt he had botched the first marriage and was afraid he would again. Tammy told him how hooking and doing speed had been her way of sleepwalking through life so that she didn't have to deal with anything. She said taking the job had Kelly's had been scary for her because she'd had to confront her fear of failure. He toasted her success at Kelly's and the idea of them helping each other with their fears.

Laura and Luke tried to imagine where Lucky could be. Laura wondered why Lucky had left a trail if he didn't want to be found. They speculated that someone could have been watching them or that it could have been a trap. After going through many ideas, they agreed that if Lucky had escaped, he would try to find Liz. Luke suggested that the best thing to do was for him to look for Lucky and Laura to go home in case he went to Port Charles. Luke assured Laura that they would find him. At the airport, Laura saw Felicia at the gate and noted that they would be on the same flight. She asked if Felicia had contacted Mac and the girls and she said they still weren't answering.

Hannah and Taggert arrived at the Grill for dinner and as they were seated, Hannah excused herself briefly. Dara arrived, dressed to the nines and thanked Taggert for his message to meet him there. He explained that there must have been a mistake, that he was just telling her where he would be if she needed him. Just then, Hannah returned and asked a humiliated Dara if she was joining them. Taggert quickly covered and said he was filling her in on their celebration. Dara quickly excused herself.

Katie the waitress came back into the Triple L to pick up her paycheck. Luke talked with her again and realized that Lucky was hitchhiking. He asked if there wasn't a truck stop in town and she told him there was, down by the interstate. Luke thanked her and hurried out.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Ned was devastated to learn that L&B's sound board needed to be replaced, to the tune of $10,000. As he was mourning the loss of their last capital, Edward came in and began needling him about L&B's shaky ground. He offered to buy out Ned's ELQ stocks to give him some ready money. Ned refused and showed him the door. Chloe arrived and Edward speculated that Jax had pulled her into his camp and she told him she was in her own camp. Together, she and Ned went to the back and Edward started to leave, just as Emily arrived. He asked what she was doing there and she told him her classes were late that day. She pitched to him about backing Juan and he turned her down cold and left. Juan overheard and said he had asked his father and had gotten the same response. Emily whined, wondering why no one else would help him and he said that they would in time, for now, all he needed was his GIRLFRIEND.

Liz was distracted and having trouble getting orders right at Kelly's. Taggert was there having breakfast and waiting for Hannah, who came down and joined him. As they chatted, the issue of her father came up and she told Taggert he was the reason she joined the FBI and was the best agent ever. He said he hoped he could meet him some time and Hannah said maybe he would.

Emily came in and asked if there was any word from Luke and Laura. Liz dejectedly told her there was not. Emily worried what would happen if Nikolas and Liz got into a fight on the road and Liz said that wouldn't happen. When Emily tried to press her friend for "the plan", Liz admitted that they didn't really have a plan...that they were just going to start looking.

Lucky went into a biker bar with a "room for rent" sign in the window. He offered to pay first month and a deposit, but admitted that after that, he was tapped. He said he could fix their computer and the bikes out front in exchange for room and board. The scampy looking owners agreed. Lucky said he would get busy as soon as he took care of some business. He left for Port Charles, the next town over.

Bobbie and Roy woke up together and again, she tried to get him to stay and not report to the FBI. She encouraged him to ask Sonny for help, but he said there was nothing Sonny or anyone could do. He was a federal snitch who had outlived his usefulness.

Alexis came to talk to Stefan about the events and he told her Helena was in custody in British Columbia. She told him that if he didn't find Lucky, he'd have no case. He was sure that he would. He filled her in on Helena letting Lucky go and what that could mean. He also told her that he was over Laura. Nikolas stormed in and demanded to know where Lucky was. Stefan said that he didn't know, but would find him. Nikolas informed his uncle that he would not be waiting that long.

Roy came into the diner and asked Liz if Hannah was around. When she was not, he phoned Bobbie and she arrived. He made her promise to tell Hannah the truth about him. She said she would and he left for his meeting with Ford.

AJ arrived at Jax's penthouse and wanted to know why he was summoned. Jax smiled playfully and told him he had a deal that might interest him. They reached an agreement on some deal to do Edward in (off screen explanation that we, the viewers, were not privvy to). AJ said he was just trying to picture the look on Edward's face and said he was in. Chloe arrived and they exchanged pleasantries and condolences. AJ left and Chloe immediately asked Jax what AJ was doing there. Jax told her he had worked out a deal with AJ and she expressed her concerns over dealing with AJ when he was drinking. Jax told him he'd take his chances.

Alexis arrived at L&B and Ned filled her in on the soundboard problems and Edward's visit. He told her he had considered selling his ELQ stock, but couldn't do it. She told him there was one way to bring money into L&B immediately...two words. "Eddie Maine" He balked at first, but agreed to one night, money up front. They talked about some of the insecurities he had about performing again.

Nikolas and Liz talked about all Stefan had said. Nikolas said he didn't know what to believe any more. He said he was going out to look for Lucky and Liz said she was going too, she just had to clear it with Bobbie and Chloe.

Roy arrived for his meeting with Ford and told the back of a chair that he was done with the FBI. The chair turned and Larkin was polishing his new name plate and informed Roy that Ford had been put into early retirement for being on the take from Sonny. Roy scoffed at the notion, but Larkin blew him off and told him he was heading for prison.

Liz told Bobbie she was going to need some time off to go search for Lucky. Bobbie was skeptical and said that if Luke and Laura didn't find him, how could Liz? She said she would just follow her heart. Bobbie encouraged her to do so, then sat with Hannah who had just come in. She asked Liz for coffee and Lucky watched from outside as she poured it. Hannah asked what was wrong? Was something wrong with her father?

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Jax was busy on the phone with business dealings, and when he hung up, asked Chloe if his career was going to be a problem for her. She admitted that she was not entirely comfortable with his rivalry with the Quartermaines, but other than that had no problem with his endeavors and promised no interference. She did say, however, that AJ's involvement concerned her, and when Jax left to go to a business meeting, Chloe phoned AJ. AJ arrived shortly thereafter, and wondered who had asked Chloe to telephone him. She said that she'd "made a unilateral decision all on my own" [Ed.: is there any other way to make a unilateral decision?] and they talked about the bad breaks they'd both experienced recently. Chloe urged AJ not to trash his life - to stop drinking, make up with his family and not raid "some little ELQ subsidiary." AJ picked up on this last bit, realizing that Jax hadn't told Chloe that he was going after ELQ in its entirety, but before he could comment, Jax returned. Jax was surprised to see AJ, but Chloe explained that they were simply discussing family matters. AJ left, and Jax admitted to Chloe that his deal with AJ was to buy his shares of ELQ stock.

Carly returned from shopping to find Michael playing cheerfully with Sonny, and took the opportunity to point out that they could be a happy family without marriage. Sonny took Michael upstairs, and Johnny announced Father Coates. Carly greeted him with some confusion, assuming that he was there to hear Sonny's confession. Sonny came down, and cleared up the misunderstanding: the priest was there for premarital counseling. Sonny explained that they were going to be married in a church, and that later the baby would be baptized. Carly said that she didn't agree, but Sonny quietly insisted that she would, explaining to Father Coates that Carly was just suffering prewedding jitters. The priest understood, gave Sonny a paper with questions for the happy couple to consider, and left. Carly took the paper and tore it up, calling Sonny arrogant and presumptuous. Sonny explained (again) that they must do what's right regardless of their individual wishes, that the children need a proper family and home. Carly angrily stated that she would never marry Sonny, threatened to take the children and leave, and stormed out of the room, leaving Sonny with a bemused smile.

Felicia returned home to find no one there, and only her own phone message on the machine. She had just phoned the PD and determined that Mac was in Texas when he walked in. She was at first relieved, then Mac interrupted her to state that he'd packed enough of her things for her to get "resettled." Felicia didn't understand, protesting that she'd left messages, and said she'd go get the children now. Mac informed her that she would not go get them, and they argued vehemently about the children. Mac pointed out that "they need a mother" and when Felicia angrily protested that "they have a mother", replied "No, they have you - a woman who's never around because she's off trotting the globe with her lover." Felicia defended herself as best she could against Mac's charges of infidelity and neglect, but Mac stated that the children were staying in Texas and told Felicia that he'd explained everything to Mariah, including showing her the videotape. Felicia tried again to explain the videotape and then accused Mac of being vindictive, asking if he'd ever considered how he was hurting the children by his actions. This was too much for Mac, who left to go to work after telling Felicia to take her stuff and be gone by the time he got home. Felicia began to cry, then called Mariah and left a message to call her at the Port Charles Hotel.

At Kelly's, Lucky watched through the window as Liz cleaned up. She felt his eyes on her, but saw no one when she turned to look. At a table, Hannah and Bobbie talked about Roy. Bobbie explained that Roy was caught in a lot of tension with the FBI, and Hannah offered to come to his rescue, citing her own Bureau troubles, but Bobbie advised her to let Roy work it out himself. She gave her blessing to Bobbie and Roy's relationship, and they talked about Hannah's childhood and what a wonderful "agent" her father was. Hannah left, and Bobbie was about to do the same when Lesley came in with Lulu. Lesley told Bobbie that she hadn't heard anything about Lucky, and Bobbie left. Liz went over to hug Lulu, and got the update while Lucky watched from the window. Laura entered next, and Lulu excitedly ran to her mother. Laura explained that she and Daddy had gone to look for "something special", and that they'd found it but not been able to bring it home quite yet, although Daddy is still looking and will surely bring it home soon. Lulu and Lesley went on home, and Laura told Liz all about the encounter with Lucky and it's unsatisfactory ending. Liz began to cry, and apologized, and Laura tried to comfort her by telling her that they were still hopeful and that Luke is still looking. Liz told Laura about her plan to go with Nikolas to search for Lucky, and Laura warned her against Helena's long reach. Later, Nikolas arrived and Liz excitedly gave him the update on Lucky. They grabbed suitcases and left to begin the search, as Lucky watched from his hiding place.

Roy arrived at Ford's office to find Larkin in the desk chair. Larkin explained that Ford had been taking bribe money from Sonny and had been sent away, leaving him in charge. Roy found this a little too convenient and was suspicious, but Larkin moved on to other matters. He had Roy's file and explained the situation to date: after Roy's attempted assassination of Senator Mitch Williams (a federal matter, since it was mob-ordered) Roy had had his sentence reduced to 25 years in exchange for his services as an informant. Roy still owes five years on that agreement, unless the Bureau determined that Roy had violated the original agreement, in which case Roy would have to serve out his original life sentence. Roy protested that there had been no chance of a life term, then realized that Larkin had changed the document and hurled it to the floor. Larkin demanded that Roy pick it up, reminding him that he can have Hannah charged with obstruction of justice. Roy told him that he understood that Hannah could be used as leverage, picked up the file and stated that he needs time to get his affairs in order before returning to prison. Larkin smirked, called in Officer Matthews to place Roy under arrest, and at that instant Bobbie barged in and shouted "No!." Roy calmly tried to get Bobbie to leave, but she refused, demanding to see Ford. Larkin informed her that he was in charge now and left with the officer and Roy. Bobbie promised Roy she would get help for him, and they swore their love to one another as he was led away. Larkin later returned to find Bobbie still there. She tried to plead Roy's case with Larkin, but he refused to listen, stating simply that the deal was off the table now. Meanwhile, Roy was placed in his prison cell. -

Friday, April 14, 2000

Felicia tried to call the girls in Texas, but was devastated that Maxie kept hanging up on her. Distraught, she phone police headquarters and left a message for Mac to call her, that it was urgent.

Tony conferred with Rae and told she told him that she had been to Mercy hospital and a convalescent home, but still had not found the Bible. Tony told her he had called Volunteer Services and asked them to hold every box of donated books for Rae to go through. He said he was going to speak to Alan about doing the same thing, but Rae quickly offered that she was going to talk to him about it. Tony was paged and left. Rae told Amy that she was looking for Dr. Quartermaine and Amy pointed out that Monica was standing right there. Snidely, Monica said, "Something tells me I'm the wrong Dr. Quartermaine." Monica asked Rae what her interest in Alan was, was it medical? Rae admitted it was personal and Monica sourly said she wasn't surprised. Rae explained that she was looking for a Bible that may have been donated to the hospital and Monica informed her that Alan was Chief of Staff, not a lost and found. Rae let her know that Alan had volunteered his help and she intended to take him up on his offer, whether Monica liked it or not. Monica said that she did not.

Audrey saw Laura and told her how happy she was that Lucky was alive. Laura filled her in on the details and finished just as Stefan walked up and made a remark about thinking Laura would be with Luke. Laura tried to excuse herself and Stefan wondered if she would be able to continue working at the hospital with so much animosity for him. Laura said she wouldn't have a problem unless he made one. She said the last thing she was worried about was working for him. He asked if she would continue to look for Lucky and she said of course she would. She asked if he had any information that might be useful and he said that she wouldn't believe him anyway and she admitted this was true and excused herself. Stefan phoned someone and told them to follow her from the hospital.

Nikolas and Liz arrived at the Triple L in Vancouver. Katie was behind the counter and when they questioned her, she told them that Lucky had indeed been there. She told them what she knew and Liz bristled when she said that she thought Lucky had liked her. After they searched the town, Katie told them she remembered one thing, he'd said he was done with the past and was looking toward the future. As she and Nikolas talked, Nikolas asked if she was jealous of Katie. Liz admitted that she had never considered Lucky with another girl. Suddenly it dawned on her that by looking to the future, Lucky meant Greenwich Village. They hurried off to New York.

Sonny told Carly he had spoken to Father Coates and that he'd told the priest there would be no wedding that week. Carly told him that was good because the idea of them as husband and wife was pretty scary. Sonny told her to let him know when she was ready and he'd book the church. She adamantly told him she would never marry him and that he needed to understand that. A fight ensued and Carly warned both Sonny and Johnny not to mess with her. Sonny looked at Johnny and quipped, "Hormones."

Bobbie asked Alexis to meet with her and she described Roy's plight and begged her to help him. Alexis said she couldn't really do anything because the case was not going to go to trial, but suggested that Bobbie pull in Hannah because she was a Fed and had the inside connections. Bobbie agreed that was a good idea. Alexis left and Carly rushed in, telling Bobbie she wasn't going to believe what Sonny was pulling this time. Bobbie abruptly told her, "Not now." Carly continued telling her about how Sonny was an absolute caveman and that she and Michael were moving into the Brownstone that day. Bobbie told her there was no way she was moving in, she had her own problems with Roy. She blasted Carly for being responsible for sending Roy back to Pentonville (?!) by telling Sonny about him. She told Carly that she was tired of her using Michael to get what she wanted and that they had everything they needed with Sonny. Go Home.

After Bobbie left, Rae commented to Carly that it didn't seem that went very well. Carly, for unknown reasons, began to confide her situation to Rae. Rae assured her that a mother never forgets the child she left behind and that this too would pass. Carly excused herself after saying that she hoped they'd run into one another again.

Mike came to Sonny's and Sonny told him to congratulate him, he's getting married. Mike asked who he would be married, and he answered, "Carly, of course." Mike scoffed and Sonny admitted that Carly wasn't into it, but assured his dad she would be. He said Carly just had...issues, but was going to marry him, like it or not. Mike suggested that Sonny try an alternate route...take Carly out to dinner and give her a nice ring. Sonny said he didn't have the stomach for it. Bobbie was announced by Johnny and came in. Mike excused himself and Sonny informed Bobbie that Mike wasn't "100% on the idea of him marrying Carly." Bobbie told him that she wasn't going to let Carly move into the Brownstone and that they had to work this out themselves. She told him that Roy was back in prison and insisted that Sonny help him. Sonny said he didn't really know what he could do and Bobbie abruptly told him that wasn't good enough. She pushed him further, with him continuously telling her he didn't know what he could do. Roy had had a deal with the Feds and, for better or worse, he had blown it. He promised he'd do what he could, he just didn't know what that would be. After she left, he called Benny and told him to send someone to Pentonville to keep an eye on Roy and make sure he's safe.

Mac came home and Felicia thanked him for being there. She told him that they had to get to Texas as soon as possible. "We?" he asked. She told him that Maxie was hanging up on her every time she called and refused to speak to her. She said that they had to go there as a family. Mac said he was no longer going to pretend they were a family and she would have to make this trip on her own. He said he loved the girls too much to lie to them. Felicia accused Mac of turning the girls against her and Mac raged at her for all the times he had to look at the girls and lie about their mother loving them and wanting to be home with them. Felicia said they weren't lies and Mac countered that Felicia could have been there if she had wanted to, but chose to chase Luke instead. He guessed that a husband and family just didn't stack up to the drama of Luke's life. Felicia told him she would be in Texas with the girls if he needed her.

Laura told Lesley that she and Luke would be combing the country looking for Lucky. Lesley told her she was glad the two of them were close again and Laura admitted that they were a good team. Lesley wondered what would happen when Lucky was home and Laura said it wasn't the same. She said they were going to keep in touch and meet back in Port Charles in two weeks if they didn't find him. Lesley hoped that they would all be safely home by then. LuLu brought Laura a picture she had drawn of the family, including Lucky. Laura said an emotional good-bye and wen t to the airport.

Mr Ruskin, the Thrift Shop employee, thanked Tony for saving his life. Tony said he was glad he and Rae were there to help. He said he'd like to thank Rae personally and Tony said he would send her in. After he left, Amy brought in some books for him to read, including the Bible.

Rae found Alan and he gave her a pass he'd made up for her and said he'd get a volunteer to show her around the hospital. She admitted to him that she'd had a run in with Monica and he glibly asked if she was OK. Rae observed that Monica was very territorial and Alan said she had a remarkable sixth sense about him having feelings for another woman. Rae suggested that he come clean and he said that honesty wasn't usually the best policy in their marriage, that they didn't really have a conventional marriage. Alan wished her well and luck in finding the documents. She asked if he was trying to get her out of town and he answered, "Absolutely." She said she understood. Tony walked up and Alan excused himself. Tony told her Mr. Ruskin was feeling better and looking for her to thank her.

Alexis informed Stefan that Helena would be released from custody the nest day unless he could produce some evidence against her. Stefan assure her that he would have Lucky soon and was having Laura followed. Alexis wryly commented that having her followed would not exactly endear him to Laura and he told her that pleasing Laura was not a priority. Alexis was surprised that Stefan could cut Laura off just like that and he assured her it was so.

Carly returned to the penthouse and told Sonny either he calls off the marriage or she's gone. He asked her where she thought she'd go and she bluffed "the Brownstone," saying Bobbie wanted her and Michael to move in there. Sonny laughingly called her a liar and told her Bobbie had been there earlier and he knew Bobbie wanted no part of it. Incensed, Carly ordered Leticia to pack Michael, they were moving. Sonny asked Leticia who paid her salary and she responded that he did. He told her to take the day off and say hi to Reginald for him. She happily thanked him and skipped away, much to Carly's chagrin. She came downstairs later with Michael and bags in tow. Sonny asked if he even got a good-bye kiss and she said, "in your dreams." He laughed and said no, he meant Michael. He kissed Michael good-bye and said he'd see him real soon. He told Carly to let him know where she ended up. As she struggled with Michael and the bags, she called for Johnny to help her, but Sonny smiled and said he was on a break. Carly called him a jerk. She told Michael not to worry, being homeless was not so bad. As the elevator doors closed, Sonny called to her too late.

Rae visited Mr Ruskin and he thanked her. She thanked him for the leads and said she wasn't giving up until they found the Bible.

Bobbie met with Hannah and said she had something to tell her. She told her about Roy's arrest and Hannah mistakenly thought it was a new assignment. When Bobbie told her the arrest was real, Hannah refused to believe it. Bobbie told her that she didn't know everything about Roy...that he was not who she thought he was.

Lesley and LuLu were playing ball on the front porch when the phone rang. Lesley told LuLu to stay where she could see her and threw the ball one last time. It went toward the bushes where Lucky was lurking and as she went for the ball, LuLu saw him. She said, oh so sweetly, "Lucky, you came back from heaven!"

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