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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, April 10, 2000

Today's recap is courtesy of CBS Television.

Lily doesn't tell Simon she has seen the photo of her lookalike. Holden arrives and is furious with Simon when he sees the extent of the damage from the fire. While Holden lets Simon have it, Lily scans a copy of the photo. She asks Simon to stay until the portrait is finished, and he reluctantly agrees. Later, Lily begins to investigate the fire and then calls Iva, asking for help. Camille informs Isaac that she got on F on her missed exam, and she'll be expelled from school. Isaac feels responsible, but Camille won't allow him to muscle her professor. She insists she will not call John to pull some strings for her either. Isaac decides to call John on Camille's behalf. At WOAK, Katie is trapped with Garth, who knows all about her and Henry's plan to ruin Molly. He reveals himself as the stalker, and forces her to make a confession on tape about what she did to Molly. He then wants her to take sleeping pills and make it appear that her guilt caused her to commit suicide. Katie is able to get away from Garth by climbing up a ladder, but he's hot on her trail. Meanwhile, Jack, Julia and Jake scramble to find Katie. Holden gets to WOAK and the others are close behind as the ladder is falling. Katie grabs the rope and they fall together as Holden, Jack, Julia and Jake look on.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Today's recap is courtesy of CBS Television.

Bryant claims he's been trading stocks online. Lucinda doesn't believe him, but plays along. Bryant sticks up for Matthew (Lucinda's butler), who has been helping him in his scheme. Lucinda fires Matthew, but quickly hires him back. Matthew tells Bryant this happens all the time. Bryant gets deeper into his lie about online trading, and later realizes how difficult it really is. Katie nearly falls from the rope, but Holden saves her. Jake unties Henry, who gets his hands on Katie's taped confession. Katie is horrified when Holden and the others discover a videotape. She is relieved when she learns Henry switched the tapes and later thanks him for saving them both. Julia and Katie bond over their victimization, and Julia offers Katie her support. Jack and Julia are thrilled to see their instincts about people are still correct. He thanks her for all of her help, and they kiss. Chris is let go and his name is cleared. He tells an apologetic Katie what goes around comes around. Katie is scared to go back to Molly's, and asks Holden to take her to Margo's. Jake immediately visits Molly to get her up to speed. As he's badgering her, her eyes flutter open. Susan examines her and warns Jake that there are no definite signs that Molly is coming out of her coma. Later, Molly responds to Jake by squeezing his hand.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Molly suffers a seizure while Jake is visiting her. Iva doesn't recognize the photo of Beloved that Lily shows her. Lily invites Simon up to the house, hoping to catch him off-guard. Isaac asks John to get Camille reinstated in med school.

Iva grills Simon about his interest in Lily and his background until he can't stand it any longer and invents an excuse for leaving. Iva warns Lily not to trust him but Lily is intent on finding the connection between her and Beloved first. Chris explains to Kim that he visits Molly because he doesn't want her to be all alone. Susan tells Abigail they've controlled her seizures but it's unlikely Molly will come out of her coma.

John accuses Isaac of being an opportunist and insists if Camille wants to be reinstated she must ask John herself. Camille browbeats Isaac for enlisting John's aid before thanking him, insisting that she can suppress her desire to be a doctor. When Chris and Abigail meet in the hospital, he shoulders the responsibility for driving her away from her mother.

Lily refuses to believe Iva when she warns her that Simon could be trying to hurt her. Simon sketches a family tree that shows Beloved as possibly being Iva's great-grandmother, though he wonders at the missing link between Beloved and Iva's mother Caroline. Chris visits Molly and encourages her to keep fighting now that Abigail's home, though he'll be staying away from now on. Abigail cries when Chris tells her he's ready to say goodbye for real and move on. Simon is evasive when Lily probes him about his family. Later, Lily searches through his things looking for clues.

Camille gives John a stirring explanation of why she wants to be a doctor after he accuses her of sabotaging her career. Camille is touched when she learns the proceeds from Isaac's opening of the backroom will go to breast cancer research. John arranges for a meeting between Camille and the med school.

Simon catches Lily rifling through his things. Abigail tells Molly she needs her to come back so she can be her mother and is shocked to see a tear running down Molly's cheek.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Though Simon catches her snooping, he guesses that she's simply trying to catch a peek at her portrait. Though he won't let her see the letters when she asks, Lily manages to grab a few of the letters from Simon's place. She reads one letter in which "the Rose" is for Beloved to keep for all time. Trying to report for the TV audience about Garth, Katie can't and panics. Holden helps her get through it and encourages her to forget about the past. Henry reminds Katie that she's to help him climb the ladder of success with her or else he'll let everyone see her taped confession. Emily is caught off guard when she is served with papers alerting her to Tom's decision to try to get full joint custody of Daniel. Emily is furious and vows to get the power she needs to stop him. When Ben refuses to do anything until Andy knows about her decision, Denise lets Ben thinks that she told Andy just before he left on the dangerous photo assignment. Ben then agrees to meet her at Java's casino night. Margo apologizes to Chris and his family for thinking he could be Katie's stalker.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Isaac reminds Henry he needs the coverage of the club's re-opening to be spectacular. Simon discovers some of his letters are missing and intuits Lily is responsible. The handwriting expert authenticates the age of the letters from Lily. When Holden returns home Lily introduces the expert as an antiques appraiser.

Holden is bent on spending time alone with Lily. Katie is upset when she remembers she has to go back to Molly's apartment to get dressed. Camille is stunned by John's efforts to get her reinstated.

Dr. Elwood insinuates to John that he would reinstate Camille if John dropped his opposition to him joining the hospital's board of directors. In Molly's apartment Katie is assailed by memories of Garth and her forced confession. When Simon lets his machine pick up, Lily assumes he's not home and leaves to return the letters.

Over Camille's objections, John accepts Dr. Elwood's deal--all Camille has to do is pass her makeup exam and be placed on academic probation. Isaac advises Roland to leave. A traumatized Katie doesn't pick up when Holden calls her. When Lily lets herself into Simon's house to return his letters to their hiding place, she's dismayed to see his bags are packed. Simon comes out of hiding once Lily leaves.

Lily guilt-trips Holden into leaving early for the re-opening. Camille tries to quell Isaac's doubts. Over Henry's protests, Holden leaves the club to check up on Katie. Lily tells Iva she's not going to let Simon leave.

While playing with Hope John gets a visit from Andy's publisher with some bad news. Camille recognizes Roland as being the man who attacked Isaac in his hospital room and wonders why Isaac just doesn't throw him out. Holden hears Katie screaming and breaks into her apartment. He finds her huddled in a bubble bath reliving the memories and comforts her. Lily arrives on Simon's doorstep dressed like Beloved and chides him--he looks like he's seen a ghost.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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