One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on OLTL

Bo was suspended. Sophia returned her tape to Kevin. Cristian tricked Roseanne into making a large donation to the Megan Foundation. Viki learned that her cancer had spread. Blair tried to get close to Ben. Joey and Kelly announced their nuptials.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, April 10, 2000

Bo attempted to get Lindsay to tell him her secret, but she refused and questioned whether or not he was still in love with Nora. Meanwhile, Nora tried to work things out with Sam, who said that he had to concentrate on Will's case for the time being. Sam remained pessimistic about Will's chances of staying out of prison. Bo was suspended pending the outcome of the investigation into the charges against him. Jessica told Will that she had misjudged him urged him not to plead guilty. Jessica also told Will that she could not bear the thought of him going to prison and they almost kissed. Jessica and Will were then interrupted with an invitation to Roseanne's wedding reception at the diner.

At the reception, Cristian, Antonio, Will and Jessica managed to turn the tables on Roseanne and forced her to make a donation to the Megan Foundation. Sophia didn't tell Ben the truth about Viki's whereabouts or her illness. Joey confronted Kelly and Kevin about what happened between them on New Year's Eve. Kelly and Kevin maintained that nothing had happened as Sophia arrived with the videotape. Sophia told Joey she had lied about everything and then privately gave the tape to Kevin and assured him she would keep her mouth shut. Viki attempted to cope after her surgery and was shaken by a telephone call from Ben.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000


Kelly arrives after Kevin calls her. He fills her in on what Sophia knows, and Kelly is clearly upset by this news. She doesn't trust Sophia one bit, but Kevin says that in this case, he trusts her. Kevin suggests that maybe the knowledge that she got proof was enough for Sophia. Kelly is sure that Sophia will make sure everyone finds out. Kevin tries to calm her down. He wants Kelly to believe Sophia since he does.


Sam and Ben sit and talk about Will's case. Sam says that he is running out of ideas. He wishes that Ben had pressed charges against Asa. Ben thinks that he did the right thing by not stooping down to Asa's level. Sam asks if Ben has talked to Viki at all, and Ben admits that he did call her because he just needed to hear her voice. Sam thinks that Ben was looking for something more, and Ben says that he does need Viki. He's not going to break his promise about going after Asa even though he does hate him. After a pause, Ben says that he's been thinking about their childhood. He asks if Sam remembers Ben being born. Sam recalls asking his parents for a baby brother, and one day they came home with Ben. He admits that he was jealous about his baby brother, who was called the "miracle baby" by their parents, who talked about what a miracle it was the way he came to them. Sam admits now that he had wanted baby Ben to just disappear; now, however, he wouldn't trade his brother for anything.

Llanview Police Department

John tells Sophia, who's busily working, that he needs to talk with her. He pulls her out of the room and tells her that he just got off the phone with the assistant warden at Statesville. There was a fight, and one of the prisoners was stabbed and died--Sophia's brother Freddie. Sophia is in shock, and John suggests that she take the day off. Sophia says she doesn't have to. She admits that it isn't a big surprise he'd die like that. She leaves quickly.

Kelly arrives and tells John that she needs to speak with Sophia. He tells her that Sophia stepped out and this really isn't the best time. Kelly comments that Sophia never waited for a good time to come after her, and she goes off looking for Sophia. She finds her curled up in the bathroom crying. Sophia tells her to go away, but Kelly kneels down in front of her. Kelly realizes that Freddie died. She says she's sorry and knows what it's like to lose somebody you love. Sophia tells her that they weren't even close, but she was all that Freddie had. She says that everyone knew he would die like this--everyone said that about her whole family. Téarfully, Sophia says that she doesn't want to be a horrible person who does horrible things, like what she did to kevin and Kelly. Sophia apologizes, saying that she doesn't want to be somebody no one cares about. Kelly hugs her as she cries.

Meanwhile, Hank asks Jared if he is sure he can handle Will's case. He fears that there may be a conflict of interest for Jared, since Will's father just helped him go free. Jared insists that he will go after Will. Jessica, Will, and Cristian arrive, and Jessica informs Hank that she has news that will affect the case. She hands him Roseanne's check for the $135,000. Hank isn't interested because Will still stole the money. However, he says that the check will help in the trial because it is a sign of Will's remorse. Will says that the check has nothing to do with remorse. He admits that he did something stupid, but he didn't commit a violent crime. Hank says that that is something for the jury to decide. Jessica insists that Will cannot go to prison because of a lie. She tells Hank that her grandfather was lying this whole time just because he hates Will's family and thought he had to protect her. "Will made his mistake out of love, because he wanted to make sure nothing would come between us because he loved me," Jessica says. Sam arrives as Hank tells Jessica that while he appreciates her feelings, they can't be used in court. Sam tells Jessica, Will, and Cristian that the check really wouldn't hold up in court, even though it isn't fair. Hank comments that they have no idea how the system works. Sam asks him how the system that would send an innocent boy to Statesville does work. He asks Jessica, Will, and Cristian to leave.

Alone, Sam asks Hank for a continuance. He says that he needs more time to make everything right. Hank says that it has already gone on long enough. Jared, however, has no problem with the continuance. He believes that he had a second chance, and Will should have the same. Hank is angry because Jared isn't being objective enough. Jared thinks that maybe Hank isn't being objective because he is under so much pressure. Sam interrupts and tells them that they have not begun to feel pressure yet. "You don't want to threaten me," Hank says. Sam says that it was not a threat, just a prediction. He doesn't know how his son could survive five years in prison. Sam says that he heard about what happened to Freddie Pelligrino. If a hardened criminal couldn't survive a year in prison, how could Will? How would Hank feel in six months if he had to call Sam to tell him that his son is dead? Hank doesn't believe that would happen. Sam screams at Hank that he better not let it happen to his son.

Outside, Cristian says that he can't believe the check didn't help the case. Will says that it's okay, he'll find something else to help him. Jessica and Cristian leave and Will waits for Sam. Sam comes out and tells Will that he is doing everything he can. Will says that he knows, and he has the best people on his side trying to help him, including Jessica. Sam says not to worry about anything, because he isn't going anywhere. Will tells his father that if he does have to go, he will, and he'll be okay with that. "I won't," Sam says. He continues, saying that he is proud of the way Will has held up through all of this, but he has done nothing that deserves Statesville prison, and he will do whatever he can to make sure that doesn't happen. Hank approaches then, and informs Will and Sam that he is prepared to discuss the new deal.

Cherryvale Clinic

Melanie comes in to talk with Viki. Viki says that she is not feeling too bad, and she's happy just to be alive. Now that the hardest part is over, she is looking forward to thinking about the rest of her life. Joey arrives to visit with Viki, and Dr. Daniels comes in with the pathology report on the lymph nodes. He says that the tests did show cancerous cells on two axillary nodes which were removed. He tells Viki that chemotherapy would be best to be sure that the cancer is gone. Viki asks how long the treatment would be, and he recommends several months of treatment, just to lessen the chance that it will recur. He says that they can start the chemotherapy after Viki has time to recover from the surgery. The doctors leave, and Kevin tells Viki just to focus on what she has--him, Joey, and Jessica, and it'll work out. Viki thanks the boys for being there while she fights her battle.

The Palace

Skye comes up to Renee and asks her where Max is. Renee says that he is out of town. Skye is pleased when Renee also says that Blair isn't with him.

Later, Ben goes up to Skye and tells her that he needs to ask for her help. He is going to give her a chance to redeem herself after what she did. Ben thinks that Skye will be able to find evidence because she still works for Asa. Skye insists that she will not turn on Max. Ben asks Skye what she wants. He doesn't think it's Max. He thinks that Skye wants to hold out for the kind of love he and Viki had. She deserves better than Max, just like Will doesn't deserve what he's going through. Skye doesn't want to think about that. Renee arrives and tells them that even though she has no legal reason to throw them out, she won't stand there and pretend she likes having them there. Ben tells her that he means no harm. Renee says that she had to send Asa out of town so he wouldn't die from the harm Ben doesn't mean. Ben says that Asa started this problem, and Renee tells him that he brought it on himself. Renee tells him that she liked him, but she should've listend to her husband and son when she had the chance. "Your son? You don't know the whole story," Ben states as Skye watches on curiously. Renee says that there is nothing more she needs to know. "There might be," says Skye. Renee doesn't want to hear it because she has had enough of the hatred and anger and efforts to destroy her family. Ben doesn't want her to feel that way. He asks her if Max is the son she always wanted. Renee says he is, and she already has spent a lot of years of pain and regret not knowing her son. Now that she has him, she is not letting him or anyone in her family get hurt ever again. Renee leaves. Alone, Skye comments that it must be weird for Ben to talk to his own mother and she doesn't even know it. She wonders if he can hide the truth from her forever. Cristian and Jessica arrive at the Palace. Jessica tells Renee that she has to find her grandfather. Renee apologizes and says that she can't let Asa get involved in any of this. She wants to keep Asa safe. Renee leaves without even hearing Jessica saying that she just wants to keep Will safe, too.


Inside a photo booth, Roseanne complains to Antonio, who kidnapped her and brought her there. "Why are we here?" she asks. She thinks that Antonio was sent by Cristian to keep her away from him. She asks him to take her home, but he refuses. He starts playing the video games and tells her that he won't let her leave until he proves his point. He tells her to try the game, and the does. She enjoys it and finds herself in the lead soon after starting. Antonio tells her that the day is all about fun. He wants her to just live life and not think about not feeling loved. He said that it looked great when she laughed. He tells her that the day is about opening your eyes and seeing things in a different way. He asks if there is a heart and soul to go with the laughter and kisses her.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Renee won't tell Jess and Cris where Asa is. Jess and Cris discuss her feelings for Will. When Cris asks her if she loves Will, Jess replies, "yes and no." Cris is convinced that Will is the wrong man for Jess and he is willing to wait around for her until she, too, figures this out. Later, Will shows up to tell Jess about the deal Hank has offered. Although reluctantly, Sam agrees to let Will accept Hank's offer of six months in minimum security, along with 300 hours of community service. Jess and Will embrace excitedly at the new. They decide to go celebrate and ask Cris to come along. The three end up going to the same bar Roseanne and Antonio are. After the kiss and convincing Roseanne that he wasn't setting her up, Roseanne and Antonio begin to really relax together. When Roseanne sees Cris come in, she grabs Antonio and starts passionately kissing him.

At the Llanview PD, Sophia is comforted by Kelly and then by Sykes and Lisa. Sophia is upset because she can't afford to bury her brother. The department chips in together, and gives Sophia the money she needs for the funeral. After this gesture, Sophia signs up for the police academy. She also tells Sykes that she is done meddling in Joey's life. Meanwhile, Kelly finds Joey and he says he can't wait until June to get hitched...he wants to marry Kelly right now!

Lindsay and Sam discuss Will's deal, but the conversation turns to Nora. Lindsay blames Nora for everything wrong in her life. Sam, however, won't accept that Nora is to blame for the miscarriage and defends her to Lindsay. In a rage, Lindsay informs Sam that he always has, and always will be on Nora's side, and she no longer wants anything to do with him outside of their children. Afterwards, Lindsay runs into Matthew and his babysitter at the park. The sitter desperately needs to get home to her mother, but Nora is no where to be found. Lindsay convinces the sitter to let her take Matthew home where they can wait for Nora...

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Asa's Mansion

Max informs Nigel that while Asa "sends hugs and kisses to all" he won't be returning home as long as "the son of Sam trial is going on" because he doesn't want to have to testify. Blair surprises Max with all she "bought" on her shopping trip to New York while he was away "fixing his father" - including her new assistant, Tim. Blair is confused when Max seems to treat Tim as his "new best friend" instead of being bothered by his presence, but Max wants Blair to "get even" with him so they can start over and be together again. "I know I hurt can invite all the guys up to your room that you wouldn't do it unless you loved're fighting dirty...I always loved you for that...I love you...I hate that I hurt you...nobody knows how long they have...I want to spend every second with you...I want things to be the way they were..." Blair claims that she doesn't "want us to end but...I can't let it go." Max reminds Blair that they have "been through lots of things worse than this...we're meant to be together...we can't survive without each other...close your eyes and think about how much I love you." Blair closes her eyes and kisses Max. When she opens her eyes, Blair vows that "I want you to know what you'll be missing because you're never gonna get it again." As Blair approaches the front door, Max threatens Blair about "even thinking of helping Ben" but Blair counters with a threat of her own: "I will say and I will do whatever I just watch me." Blair storms out as Skye arrives.

Video Arcade

Cristian wants to know "what the hell is going on here" when he sees Antonio and Roseanne kissing. Roseanne dismisses the kiss as "not what you think" and hurries out of the arcade but Antonio assures his brother he only wants him "to be free of her...don't tell me you're jealous?" Cristian, although not jealous, wants "all of us" to be free of Roseanne and doesn't want Antonio to get "stuck" with Roseanne while trying to help him. Antonio claims he was only trying to "distract" Roseanne to "get her mind off her next move for 10 minutes." While Cristian is doubtful because Roseanne "always has something up her sleeve", Antonio is convinced he "was making progress...she can't do anything to me that hasn't already been done...if I don't do this, you'll never get rid of her...she won't get to me..."

Across the room, Jessica ponders Cristian's feelings for Roseanne but Will changes the subject because he is "through getting in between you guys...I thought I knew what was best for just got me in trouble and hurt you." Will encourages Jessica to talk to Cristian because, as he explains, after he does his time he wants her to be with him "because you want to be, not because you think you can't have Cristian." Although Jessica doesn't want to talk about Roseanne because they "came here to have fun" before Will goes away, Cristian promises Jessica that Roseanne will "be out of my life by the time Will is done with his sentence." After Cristian leaves the arcade, Will promises to find a way to make everything up to Jessica and proposes that after his sentence they finish the trip they started last summer. "I want to take you someplace to take all the pain away." He tells her of a childhood trip to the Grand Canyon where his family camped out underneath millions of stars. Will wants to take Jess there so they can camp and watch the stars come out. "On the last one, I'll ask you to marry me...I am a changed guy, you'll see." Later, in the photo booth, they take silly photos and then kiss.

Roseanne's Penthouse

When Roseanne arrives home, R.J. is waiting for her. He wants "pay back" for Téa's million dollars but doesn't want to play "mind games" with Roseanne. "This is will tell the whole world about Bo beating me." John Sykes arrives to speak to Roseanne about her testimony and when he overhears R.J. ranting about him being Bo's "lap dog" he accuses R.J. of "coaching" a witness. John claims he stopped by only to "encourage" Roseanne to be "completely honest...tell them what R.J. said and did as well...tell all the truth." R.J. is skeptical that Sykes wants the whole truth revealed in court because then he counters that John's abuse of authority by "harassment" of R.J. and his "friend" would have to be revealed. R.J. plays a race card when he alludes to himself being "more colorful and a little less right" which leads to "cops telling you you're suspicious." Sykes doesn't want to "make it a racial had nothing to do with the color of your skin" but instead, he encourages Roseanne to "think long and hard about the price of his friendship...just tell the truth." While R.J. stands by the fact that he never did anything physical to Bo, John is convinced that a jury will believe that R.J. acted with "malicious intent" to provoke Bo into a fight when they hear all the testimony which will include Antonio's. When R.J. is quick to insult Antonio, Roseanne is just as quick to tell him to "lay off" Antonio. After Sykes leaves, Roseanne hints at her "big plans for Antonio" while R.J. fears that Antonio and Cristian are simply setting her up. Roseanne isn't worried, however, because "I'm good at mind games, too...I'm smarter than he is..." and she is sure that if she has Cristian see her together with Antonio, sooner or later, "he'll know what he's missing...Cristian and Antonio will have something between them and it's not gonna be brotherly love."

Later, Roseanne calls Antonio and arranges a meeting with him. When Cristian arrives home, he finds a note from Roseanne asking him to meet her at Serenity Springs Spa to discuss their annulment. At the Spa, Antonio takes off his towel and joins Roseanne in the hot tub.

Nora and Sam's House

Nora arrives home to find Sam but no Matthew or Marianne. Even though she found Matthew's hat on the park bench where they were supposed to meet, Nora is seemingly unconcerned but asks Sam if he will stay and wait with her. He agrees and tells Nora that it is because he wants to share some good news with Matthew. When Sam explains about accepting Will's "really good deal" from Hank, Nora is happy because "I didn't want to see you lose your son." Sam confides that "I haven't fought for anyone this hard in a long time" which makes Nora smile and reply, "I've missed you...let's celebrate with apple juice and might be kind of nice for Matthew to have the two of us spend some time together..." Sam agrees because "I missed you, too" and convinces Nora to call Marianne and check on Matthew's whereabouts. While it doesn't seem to bother Nora, Sam is visibly upset when he learns that Lindsay took Matthew from the park instead of Marianne. He leaves a message on Lindsay's cell phone directing her to immediately return "his son" home. Sam tries to hide his fears from Nora but finally has to admit that Lindsay was "very emotional" when he spoke to her about Will's case. Nora dismisses this as "hormones running amok" after a miscarriage but then is afraid to "imagine what she would have done if you didn't have good news - she might have gone over the edge." Panic begins to set in as she questions Sam, "Is that where she is...over the edge? Why does she have Matthew?" Later, Nora is freaking out as she remembers a client she defended and got off: a nanny who kidnapped a baby after her own miscarriage. Sam tries to act calm as he reminds Nora that "this is not a case...millions of women have miscarriages...they grieve, make peace with it and move on...Matthew is safe, that much I am sure of." But Nora is skeptical of Sam's words because "you're wound tighter than I am...what's going on?" Finally, Sam has to admit to Nora that "I saw Lindsay earlier today and she's not doing well. I'm very concerned about her." When Nora asks him, "Could she have taken our baby?" Sam is forced to answer, "Yes, she could have."

Scenic Overlook

Lindsay is parked with a flat tire and no spare. Matthew is contented with his bottle as Lindsay talks to him. "You really are a beautiful baby...I bet Nora would hate to lose you...your mother hates me for loving Bo and she hates me even more because he loved me back...I was gonna give Bo something that she couldn't give really do look like Bo, don't you?...whose baby are you, Matthew?" Skye, acting in an unfamiliar role of Good Samaritan, was driving by and stopped to offer Lindsay help with the flat tire. Surprised to see Lindsay with a baby, she wonders, "Whose baby is that? Is he Sam's?" Lindsay wants to know who Skye thinks he looks like but then admits that he is Nora's - and Sam's. Lindsay doesn't need Skye's help because a tow truck is on the way but she wants Skye to understand that she was "on my way to doing something good here...but no good deed goes unpunished..." After Skye leaves, Lindsay listens to the message left earlier on her cell phone by Sam and gets angry. "That's Nora working on him...If he's gonna believe her, he doesn't deserve you either...Let's see how they like this...come on kiddo, let's go."

Bo's Apartment

Carrying Matthew, Lindsay lets herself into Bo's apartment. Looking around, she speaks to the sleeping child: "You look like you fit right in, like you actually belong here. Maybe you are Bo's...I wonder what he would do if he knew about that."

Friday, April 14, 2000

The Buchanan Mansion

"What the hell are you doing here?" asked Max after finding Skye on the other side of the door. "I missed you," Skye replied. "That makes one of us, now get out of my way," said Max. Skye tried to warn him of going after Blair, "...and if you get her back, then you really do deserve her," said Skye before Max brushed passed her.

At the Bar...

Ben's vision is blurry and then he felt someone touching his hand. "Blondie?" he called out as he saw a blurry blond woman. "No, it ‘s me. Are you alright?" asked Blair as Ben's vision got back in focus. "Yeah, I'm fine," Ben replied. Blair sat down & dropped her purse on the counter. "You know I worried about you the whole time I was in New York. Did you get a doctor to look at you're head?" "Asa's swing ain't what it used to be," Ben responded. Blair started to apologize for letting the Cayman Island Banker for getting away. She explained to him how she hates what Asa has done to them - for setting up Sam's son so he may end up going to prison for a crime he didn't commit, and Ben has to stay working at a Dive cus Asa took away his medical license and made Max his lil' errand boy. "And what about what did he did to you?" asked Ben. Blair told Ben she wants him and Sam to nail Asa to the wall. But Ben tells her it's over. He explained the deal Will was offered - six months in a minimal security prison and 300 hours of community services. "Yeah, well, Asa knew about it and told him to forget it so he could set him up. You and I can make a perfect team cus I am in a perfect position to dig up dirt on him; we can bring Asa Buchanan down, come on... what do you say?" asks Blair holding Ben's hands as he smiles at her.

Blair warns Ben that once Asa finds out, he'll blow a gasket and towards his way so he and his family better be careful. Ben assures her Asa's in no condition to. Blair warns Ben that Asa's obsession has let everything fall to the wayside including Buchanan Enterprises-where that could take advantage of him. "We could find one of his competitors and get some inside info on him that way we could bring Buchanan Enterprises down. We can take all that $$$ for ourselves--Come on Ben! You deserve it! You are the rightful heir! You know the only reason why people put up with the old coot cus of his power and influence.

Ben then holds his head in pain. Blair asks what's the matter and where he feels the pain. He says above his brow and she grabs a towel and ice to rub the pain away. Then lo-and-behold, Max walks in and sees this intimate moment and turns green. He slams the door (no response from them). He walks over. "Gee, I sure hope I'm interrupting something," Max says with a smirk on his face, and Blair just glares at him.

Max walks over to Blair to snatch her my the arm to take her with him. She yells for him to let her go. Ben tells him to back off as he comes around the bar. He tells Max to leave but he said not without he wife as she pulls away. Then walks in Skye as she says with a grin saying she wouldn't miss this - the real son, the fake son, and the heiress-wannabe; ding-ding. Round one. Blair just glare at her grabbing hold of the bar counter behind her. Trying not to go after her.

Blair was shocked that Max brought his mistress with him. Max said he followed her. But Blair pointed out that she was with him before to follow him. He said Skye showed up at his place. Blair's not buying it. She pushes pass Max to plead to Ben to make them leave cus she couldn't stand them being together in front of her like that. "Damsel in distress, 101-A," said Max as he pointed at her. "No, that's fainting, so this must be 101-B." Blair then asks how much pain and humiliation he's going to give her, and that it's obvious that Syke is the one he wants. Then Desperate Skye comes in saying she'll take him. Max tells her to shut up. Ben tells them both (Max & Syke) to leave. Blair said she would leave cus the two of them makes her nauseous as she grabbed her stomach and went to the stool at the bar. "No, this is 101-A." Ben pushes pass Max and goes over to Blair in concern and offers her some water. Max told Blair to give up the act. It was convincing the 300th time he saw it. Blair asked him if he wanted to see more tears. She said she is all cried out. "What do you want now, blood?" Max told her to give it up. Ben said for him to leave that he got 10 seconds. Max said he could do it in three. Syke said, "Very interesting Asa Jr., as she followed Max. Ben just looked back at Blair with concern.

Asa's house

Syke followed behind Max. Max told her that Blair was going after Ben.


Blair shed tears and Ben gave her tissue. She said they play these sick games and she tries to convince everyone he means nothing to her, that the marriage means nothing either, when all she wants to do is fall into his arms. She cries again as Ben hugs her. Blair then smiles as she rubs his back. Where are her tears?

The Hospital

Viki tells Kevin the importance of her writing all the details about her journey through breast cancer on her laptop journal . Kevin then remembers the time when he was 12 and she told him how great it was to have a journal and it's best not to concentrate on the words to just write. She realizes something's wrong and asks Kevin what's bothering him. He says he doesn't have a care in the world besides worrying about her. Viki notices the brush off treatment immediately. "I have breast cancer, my brain, and my mouth, and heart are working just fine. I'm not incapacitated, so stop treating me like I am."

Viki was feeling excluded from Kevin's life because he wouldn't be acting like that with her if she wasn't in the hospital sick with cancer. Out of frustration Kevin tells her, "I can't stop thinking about my brother's fiancée." Viki asks if Kelly knows, and he says she feels the same but they got a lid on it. Viki then reminds him that they've been trying this for awhile now and still hasn't gotten him anywhere. Then he explains how it's hard, like it is for her and Ben. Once realizing what he said, he apologized. Viki shook it off and told him of the old feelings she felt when he called her on her cell. Kevin asked if it could be cus it never left. Viki denies it, and said it's the same for you and Kelly. [Probably to get the conversation off of her.] Kevin says no, it's different cus someone else is involved in his situation. Viki says, "Joey." Kevin then asks what he should do. Viki shakes her head and tells him that those feelings are real and that they wouldn't go away. "If it is real love then it would find a way through any barrier he tries to put up. " Kevin asks what she's trying to tell him. Is he to pursue Kelly?

Viki responds with a question, if he could literally hold back. Kevin says, "I cannot allow myself to love Kelly." "That's not what I asked you." "I'm not going to hurt Joey. I would never do that to him. It would kill him. And especially with what you're going through right now... you know, I thought Jess would be the one who would have the problem with this, but it turned out to be Joey. V: "I've noticed. He feels things very deeply." K: "-As opposed to me?" V: "NO! You're just more hard-headed." K: "I'll take that as a compliment." V: "Does he suspects what's going on between you and Kelly?" K: "Yeah, but we denied it." V: "I don't like it." K: "How do you think I feel? There is this enormous amount of guilt between us. Nothing but lies. I didn't look for this! I didn't want this!" V: "I know. Life doesn't work out like that?" Kevin explained how the feelings he feel for Kelly was connected to his mourning for Grace and it felt good having her close; it was natural. Soon enough he couldn't tell when the friendship ended and this began. His pain and loss is subsiding and he yearn for her is growing. "Every cliché that goes with being in love I'm going through. And every time I see Kelly my heart beats faster. My temperature goes up. My mouth goes dry. I can't stop looking at her. I just want to reach out and touch her. But I try really hard not to. I tried to push her away, turning her off, staying away from her... and nothing works!

Viki feels she was wrong for telling Kevin to stay away from Kelly. Then asks what would he do once they were married. Kevin said he was thinking about going to Europe to be with his dad. Viki said running away isn't the answer. Then asked what would he do if Kelly walks in the door this second. Kevin smiles and says he'll tell her he loves her. So.... she walks in! Kevin smiles and holds her hands telling her he has something to say.

She said, " you first, I have something to say to the both of you." Kevin was about to speak till Happy Joey walks in and blurts out they're husband and wife as he holds up his wedding band on his hand and laughingly kisses his bride! Then Viki stares at Kevin as he tries to muster up a smile.

Bo's Place

While cradling Matthew in her arms, Lindsay thinks: Bo's reaction if Matthew really is his cus he know that Jeff Barnes was paid to alter the paternity test. However, he doesn't know if her message reached him in time. She thought he wouldn't believe her cus he would never believe another word she would say. "I don't honestly know if he did or not. Bo could still have a baby. Then there's the question of the mother, would he want her back? She asks Matthew. Pacing the floor, Lindsay goes on to say how Nora took away the two men she ever loved from her - Bo and Sam. "Hurry up Bo, we've got so much to talk about," Lindsay says as she stares at the door.

Nora's House

Nora is frantic and worried about what Lindsay might do to Matthew. Then Sam felt that was the right moment to tell her that Lindsay holds her responsible for her miscarriage. Now Nora is really worried and asks Sam what are they going to do. "We're going to call the police," said Sam.

"John is on his way," says Sam. Still pacing the floor holding her arms, Nora remembers her client who miscarried and then kidnapped the baby she had baby-sat and how the baby wasn't returned until after a week. Sam assures her that they couldn't have gone far in the short amount of time that has passed. Then Syko walks in with the female cop (from the day before who was sent to take care of the abusive boyfriend). Syko asks if it's a kidnapping and Sam says he's not sure cus it could be a matter of Lindsay's car breaking down. John reminds him she's not his client and he needs to know his gut instinct. Sam told him Lindsay is having some emotional problems and he's not sure if she's emotionally stabled right now.

John asks if she's gone off the deep end. Nora says she has always been good with Matthew and she doesn't think she would ever harm him. Sam jumps in to say, "it would be all of our best interests if we find them tonight." He told Syko about the messages he left at the gallery and on her cell and how he has not gotten a response back. John Syko leaves with female cop. Nora falls to her knees wringing her hands as Sam joins her massaging her shoulders.

Sam started to realize how much Matthew means to him. He reminisces about the time he spent with Will as a child and how he missed out on a lot and how he has done a lot of that with Matthew. Nora says Will turned out fine, but of course, Sam still was beating himself up about it. Then he snaps! He says he should have seen this happen and how he should have dragged her off to a psych ward when he had the chance. Nora worrying, asks how far over the edge is she. If she is capable of hurting Matthew. Sam says no. She might hate her but she loves Matthew & she children and she would never anyone. John calls. He found her car and said there's no sign of her or Matthew. Sam relayed the message to Nora and said, "We're on our way." He hangs up the phone and says, "let's go," to Nora. Nora says no, she has to make a phone call first. Sam looks at Nora with a crazy look in his eye. She calls Bo to leave a message on his machine....

Bo's House

Lindsay hears the phone rings and then overhears Nora's plea to Bo. She mention him on his fishing trip and tells him if he's seen Lindsay or heard from her. She said she's gone off the deep end and they think she has taken Matthew. She asks if he knew where she might have gone and taken him to please call. To call once he gets the message. "Well, don't worry about it Nora, you've already found me!" said Lindsay as she was working herself up. Lindsay felt Nora is using Matthew to get Bo back. She erased Nora's message and says she's got a few tricks of her own. She grabs Matthew and leaves.

Nora & Sam at Lindsay's car

John points out Lindsay's flat tire and Sam is relieved and felt a little better. Nora said she could be walking. John said he'll make a few phone calls. Nora then panicked and thought about what Matthew should be doing right now. Sam held her as she cried. John said they're going to check the woods and Nora said she'll help. John told them to go home just in case she calls or comes by.

Nora's House

Nora walks in turning on the lights as Sam follows behind closing the door. As she looks up there's Lindsay holding Matthew. She asks where have they been, "we were starting to worry about you two."

The HOT Tub

Roseanne invites Antonio to the hot tub with her. But to her surprise, he shows up with nothing but a towel, as he drops it to get it. Roseanne tries her best to look away and prevent from smirking. Antonio smiles as he settles in the tub and asks, "what do you want to talk about?" "Chris. He walked in on us...kissing," said Roseanne as she stays on her side of the tub. "Oh that, he said you did it cus you saw him walking in; any 5 year old could have figured that out," he explains smiling and enjoying the tub. "Well, did you tell him about the other kiss?" She asked as he looked dumb-founded. "I didn't think so. So what was it?" "A moment between two people," he swims close to her, kissing distance away, "like the one we're having now."

Antonio asks Roseanne if she would like to make the kiss happen again. She gets all big-eyed and worried about her response so she pushes him away. Then, as she faces the entrance door, Roseanne notices Chris coming in, {Antonio's back was to the door} and then swims to Antonio and puts his arms around her and says, "I admit I do want that kiss," as she grabs his face and about to kiss him. Antonio smiles and turns away to say, "Hello Chris." Chris comes in saying, "Antonio." Then, Roseanne pushes Antonio off her and Antonio just laughs and he settles on her side of the tub. She rushes to Chris grabbing a towel. She pleads to Chris, telling him she did not ask for Antonio to come in the tub with and certainly not naked. Chris responds, "look, it's not a problem," as he pushes pass her to speak with Antonio about the pipes at the diner. Antonio told Chris to tell their Mom not to worry about it. Before walking out, Chris then tells Rosie that she'll be asleep by the time he gets home so he said his good-byes now. "Wait! Let me explain!" Rosie pleaded. "Chris said, there's no need and leaves. Rosie stares at Antonio and said he made this happen.

Antonio said Chris didn't care. And she said soon he will. Rosie said he was the most conceited, egotistical, selfish man she has ever met. She said he thinks he knows everything, he said no, he has one omission. He said how could she be so smart about some things and so ignorant about other things. Rosie called him Mr. Almost Lawyer, and said she knows a lot more than he does as she walks out touching the towel around her hips. Antonio then realizes she has his towel as then tries to call out. Then he just stared with this sexy smile.

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