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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on PC
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Monday, April 17, 2000

After spending the night making love with his companion from the dance floor, Joe assures the worried nurse that things don't have to get weird just because they work together at GH. Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Eve begins to have second thoughts about her impetuous marriage proposal and promises Kevin she won't hold him to the answer she pressured him into giving her the night before. Julie fears that she'll never regain custody of Christina if her career fails to get off the ground. Courtney and Frank bring their nervous son back to the hospital for some follow- up tests. Alan told Julie that although he was very impressed with the way she pitched in during the strike she still has a long way to go before she convinces the state medical board to reinstate her license. Karen is dejected to realize that Jill and Joe spent the night together. Lucy tries again to score points with Alan in her quest to win the vacant seat on the hospital board. Kevin confides his dilemma to Victor, who advises his son to make a dramatic proposal of his own to sweep Eve off her feet. Jill told a bristling Karen that what happened between her and Joe meant nothing at all. Courtney begins to put two and two together as she watches Julie fawning over baby Christina. Ignoring Mike's words of caution, Frank went in search of a poker game with higher stakes. Kevin brought tears to Eve's eyes with his romantic vision of their future as a happily married couple.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Joe is working on a patient as Karen breezes through and says something to him. He starts to answer but she's gone. Courtney enters the lobby and approaches Frank. He apparently didn't come home last night. She told him she got a job working for Amanda Barrington planning a reception for the Board Candidates. She reminds him that all Neil talks about is that baseball camp and he says he'll deliver. Frank leaves.

Lucy and Kevin are looking at one of his paintings when she starts to reminisce. She says this picture always seemed "lighter" than the others which disturbed her. He acknowledges her part in that change and asks what's up. She says Rachel and he told her to stay away from Rachel. She told him about following Rachel to the Institute and how Rachel has had her patient moved. He says there are more important things than Rachel. Like what she asks. He's getting married, he says. She told him she's thrilled although she looks sad. She asks for details and he provides them. She says he looks happy and promises to be at the wedding.

Karen is lying on the sofa in the break room when Eve enters. Eve literally looks like she's about to burst with joy. She tones it down as she sees Karen and offers to let her rest. Karen stops her and Eve says she'll never believe this. Feigning tragedy, Eve told her she and Kevin ... are getting MARRIED! Eve erupts with happiness and Karen shares her joy. Karen covers her own sadness admirably as they chat about it like the good friends they are.

Matt runs into Joe getting coffee. They chat and Matt says he needs a favor. Matt explains that he's found in his research an experimental device that may provide mobility to people like him - paraplegics. Joe is excited about it too and agrees when Matt asks his help in approaching Alan.

Courtney and Frank run into each other at the hospital again. He explains he was playing cards and winning all night - until he stopped winning and lost his profit as well as his initial cash. She asks what part of this conversation is supposed to make her feel better? He says that at least she knows where he was last night. She told him, next time, to cheat. He reiterates that he'll get the money but she tells him not to sweat it. It's their "turn." He asks what she means by that and what is that look? She says that if Julie can waltz in there like nothing happened, anything is possible. Frank says Julie was acquitted. Yeah, says Courtney, but it was so strange with her stuffing pillows up her shirt, pretending to be pregnant. She went on to say it was scary when Julie was trying to make everyone believe it was Frank's baby. Did he ever think about that? What if she HAD been pregnant for real? Frank says no; Julie is Chris' problem now and has nothing to do with their lives.

Matt is talking to Alan about the device. Alan is sold *but* there's no money in the budget for that. Joe interjects gently on Matt's behalf and Alan told him the ice around him is so thin, he's practically swimming already. Joe gets beeped ER and leaves; Matt looks disappointed. Alan tells Matt to please propose it again next fiscal year and leaves.

Two of the nurses are gossiping about Joe and Jill at the Desk as Eve comes over and overhears. Eve told them that if they're looking for more work, she can find them some. :) Eve leaves and Courtney stops at the desk and then sees Lucy. She hand delivers Lucy's invitation and they chat about how amazing Lucy is. Courtney deftly turns the topic to Christina and how Lucy doesn't know her real birth date. Lucy says she considers the Nurses' Ball last year her birthday; that's when they found her. Courtney says she meant it when she said that Neil and Christina had a bond. Lucy feels the same. Lucy, catching on, asks what is going on. Courtney stammers about Neil's first good checkup and seeing them together. Lucy accepts that and comments on how Frank has changed. Yeah, says Courtney, who'd have thought he'd be such a good father...

At ER, Frank is bringing in a trauma to Joe and Karen (and Jill) waiting. Karen fires off questions and decision, asking if the man has any allergies. Frank says no just as Joe says sulpha. Karen gives them a look and continues to treat the patient. The patient is moved out of ER and Joe went to find Frank. They have a confrontation about how Joe can't "cover" for Frank any more. Franks says it was a simple mistake, he's tired. Joe blasts him and Frank storms out.

Eve stops Karen on the stairs and apologizes for gushing earlier when Karen was in so much pain. Why didn't Karen tell her? Karen says Eve was so happy and she didn't want to spoil it with her problems. They enter the on call room as Eve says she's Karen's friend and would have comforted her. But, Karen says, Eve's in love and getting married! Eve asks permission to drop kick Joe but Karen says it's all her fault. She says she wanted Joe to come knocking at her door but, instead, she "settled" for Jagger and look how great that turned out. Eve asks what she can do and Karen told her she's doing it. Karen excuses herself to go see a patient. Lucy enters the on call room and asks Eve if she can have a minute. Sure, says Eve, so Lucy enters. Lucy wanted to tell Eve how happy she is for her and Kevin. Can she see the ring? Eve shows her and Lucy says she always knew Kevin had an artist's soul. Lucy told Eve he's her doc now and to make sure she takes good care of him. Eve will.

In the ER, Joe tends to his patient. He steps into the next room and finds Matt there. Matt asks what's up with Frank; he just screamed out of there. Joe says when isn't something up with him. Joe says he's sorry he wasn't more help to Matt with Alan. Matt says not to worry, he's got it covered. He called the manufacturer and offered to be a test subject. The equipment will be there in the morning! And the company will pick up all insurance and testing costs. Joe is thrilled as is Matt.

Frank, back at the bar where he gambled all night, is looking for another game. It's pay day, he says, plunking his cash on the table. Karen is in the on call room when Joe enters. He makes small talk but she ignores him. Suddenly she stands up and faces him. She confronts him about his covering for Frank. They both just got reinstated and they're already covering for each other again. Joe says it's not about Frank, it's about Jill. She doesn't want to hear about that. It was nothing, he insists. She agrees but he played around with someone IN the hospital - the walls are buzzing with it! He didn't mean to humiliate her. He wouldn't do it if he had it to do over. Karen says he's all impulse. He says maybe he was just letting off steam. The past few months haven't been easy. And they have for her? She asks when he stopped loving her. He didn't, he just didn't live up to her image of him. He suggests she take a look at herself before she blames anyone else. She's right. It IS over. He leaves and she stomps to her locker - and takes a pill.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

A beaming Eve displays her engagement ring for Scott, who wishes his former girlfriend all the best. At GH, Lucy steps up her campaign to woo the members of the hospital board. As Matt volunteers for the experimental "Para-Step" program, Mark's awkward attempt to congratulate him only lays bare Dr. Boardman's deep-rooted prejudice against the disabled. Posing as Rachel's assistant, Courtney went to Ferncliff and tries to obtain Julie's confidential medical file. Scott asks Lucy why she neglected to fill him in on Kevin's marital plans. Tony introduces Kevin to his old pal Rae Cummings and watches the two analysts form a fast friendship. Tired of taking guff from his colleagues, Joe complains to Matt about how his one-night-stand with Jill has generated such endless gossip around the hospital. Later, Joe watches as a thrilled Matt walks for the first time in years with the help of the "Para-Step" computerized system.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

At the hospital, Courtney blocks Frank's kiss and notices his 5 O'clock shadow. He told her that the cards were running hot but admits he ultimately lost. She leaves angrily for some fresh air. Frank follows her to the stairwell, where they discuss needing money for Neil's camp. She asks how much he lost - he reluctantly admits he lost next months rent. Later, Frank is in the stairwell with some guy, talking about the poker game. The guy warns him about the other players, but Frank says he can handle it.

Tony and Rae enter laughing. She agrees to sit in on a psych meeting since everyone has been so nice. He empathizes with her lack of success with the name-of-missing-daughter-bible hunt. They leave for the meeting.

Kevin tries to talk Eve into coming to the psych meeting - he REALLY wants her to meet Rae. They start kissing and are interrupted by Rachel. She needs notes from the last meeting and snidely comments on their constant togetherness. They break the news of their engagement. She vainly tries to appear congratulatory, takes the notes and leaves. Eve asks the question on everyone's mind: What's up with her??

Gail and Rae are talking to Kevin about his engagement. Rachel comes up and is smarmily nice to Rae, probably in the vain hope that Rae, unlike everyone else, doesn't know her well enough to hate her. Rachel wonders about Rae's Quartermaine connection. Rae looks surprised that someone is as pushy as herself. Kevin explains that Rachel is running for the hospital board - which happens to be Q-heavy. Gail sends them into the room while she waits outside to round up any stragglers. Rae and Kevin head off arm in arm, followed by Rachel. Eve gets off the elevator and comes up to Gail - Kevin left his notes. Gail congratulates her and takes the notes, thus thwarting a meeting between Rae and Eve once again. (Unless the writers are playing with our minds - there are huge letters forming on the wall. For those less obsessive soap addicts - Rae has a boyfriend on OLTL, a previously unknown birth mother on AMC, and ex-lover on GH, and is looking for her daughter.)

Karen enters the on-call room and asks Matt to cover a shift for her. He asks if she's avoiding Joe. She admits she is, but doesn't want to talk about it. She asks about the walking therapy. He told her how it can help get and keep his leg muscles in shape for when a cure is found. She gets excited about helping him, when Joe comes in - he's planning on helping Matt. They start arguing over who will help. Matt gets pissed, told them to find someone else to fight over and leaves. They give each other dirty looks and follow him out. In the therapy room, Matt is walking with a walker and the leg getup. (I've missed a bunch of shows - will this work with everyone? I'm pretty sure "Matt" has a little control in one of his legs) Joe and Karen are helping out by arguing whether Matt is overtired or not. Joe is an asshole, Karen told him to go to hell. She told Matt to take it easy and leaves. Out in the hall, she literally runs into Eve. Eve sees Joe and tries to be sympathetic, but Karen snaps at her. Eve went into the therapy room and is impressed at Matt's standing. She asks about Karen and Joe is, well, Joe is Joe - no need to repeat obscenities. Meanwhile, Karen is fuming in the on-call room and takes a pill. (Is she taking more than one kind? Uppers and downers?) Later, she watches through the therapy room window while Eve jokes with the guys.

In the psych meeting, Kevin is complimenting Rae. Rachel talks about a case of hers. A man who lost his wife in a car accident is seeing her for grief counseling. She thinks he may have something to do with the accident. Gail questions if he's in denial. Rachel agrees. Rae talks about guiding him to acceptance. Rachel doesn't think the man has a conscience - Kevin thinks she's jumping to that pretty quickly after having only a few sessions with him. They snipe back and forth Rachel tries for Rae's support - Rae makes quick decisions about her radio callers. Rae says her advice is very limited and is also for entertainment - it doesn't compare to what they all do. Rachel says they all operate off instincts. Kevin says no. Gail and Rae say it sounds like a difference between two valid opinions. Rachel asks if Kevin doesn't believe that a person can be just evil. Kevin looks at her and agrees.

After the meeting, Kevin and Rae are in his office. She mentions the obvious tension between him and Rachel. He says Rachel's insecurities are her problem. He asks Rae to meet him and Eve later for drinks - she agrees and heads out. Kevin picks up a paper weight that Rachel had complimented before (saying someone very special must have given it to him) and stares at it. Meanwhile, Rachel is staring at an identical paperweight.

Julie and Chris talk about her efforts to be re-instated. She heads off to find Alan. Chris asks nurse Denise for messages and she told him Courtney is looking for him. Chris looks anxious. Elsewhere, Courtney talks to Julie about if she was rich, she wouldn't work - she'd just shop. They talk about when Julie tied Courtney up - Julie says she's changed. Courtney mentions Frank - she baits Julie by saying it's natural she ended up with Frank - after all, he's the father of her child. Julie told Courtney that she's glad Neil is doing well and walks off.

Courtney answers her cell phone - it's Chris returning her page. She told him it's about his wife - something he wouldn't want anyone else to find out. He told her he'll call when he gets out of surgery, he hangs up, looking anxious, while Courtney looks pleased with herself.

Friday, April 21, 2000

Willing to put aside their differences for the moment, Karen and Joe share in the joy of witnessing their friend Matt take his first steps with the help of the "Para-Step" device. Matt is amazed as he uses the computer- controlled equipment to walk for the first time in years. Courtney pulls Chris aside and confronts him about her suspicions involving Julie and Christina. Rae joins Kevin and Eve for a drink and quickly makes friends with Eve. Later, Eve begins wondering if Eve might be the daughter she's been searching for all these years. Frank is unnerved when he receives a threat regarding his unpaid gambling debts. Meanwhile, Neil decides to ask Frank to attend his father and son day at school. Later, a mystery man enters the Recovery Room and surprises Frank as he tries to steal.

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