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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on PC
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Monday, April 24, 2000

At the Recovery Room, Jamal discovered Frank bleeding from a gunshot wound and called the police. Frank was then rushed to the hospital, while Jamal was taken into police custody. Joe initially treated Frank when he was brought into the emergency room, but Karen decided to remove him from the case. A weak Frank told Courtney that he might have been shot over a gambling debt and Courtney promised to take care of it. Later, Courtney went to Chris and threatened to tell Lucy the truth about Christina's paternity unless he paid her off. As Kevin and Eve bonded while making wedding plans, Eve admitted that she never felt connected with her mother. Julie sneaked into Rachel's office and learned that Rachel had lied about her mother being dead. Meanwhile, Rachel felt the pressure to win the seat on the hospital board.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Sonny Corinthos arrived at the hospital to find out more about Frank's shooting and ran into an edgy Karen. Sonny realized that Frank had been shot over a gambling debt and Karen accused Sonny of being responsible for Frank's plight. Meanwhile, Courtney comforted Frank and then left to give Chris one last chance to accept her deal. Rae questioned Lucy about Christina and motherhood and admitted that she was looking for her own daughter. Later, Lucy began to suspect that Alan and Rae had been more than just friends at one point in their lives. As a favor to Dara Jensen, Scott agreed to take on her cousin Jamal as a new client. Scott and Jamal immediately clashed over the merits of the legal system, but Scott managed to get him released from jail.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

At an event for the hospital, Courtney continued to pressure Chris to give her money to keep quiet about Christina. Chris decided to slip Courtney a drug in order to ensure her silence for the evening, but Rachel ended up drinking the spiked champagne. Under the influence of the doctored drink, Rachel spoke quite candidly and told everyone what she really thought of them. In the process, Rachel jeopardized her chance of winning the seat on the board. Lucy jumped to the conclusion that Eve was Rae's long lost daughter and decided to try and reunite them. Rae admitted to Eve that she had hoped she was her daughter, but both women were disappointed when it turned out not to be true. Courtney told Lucy that she had something important to tell her. Mac Scorpio told Matt that Frank had been shot in a botched attempt to hit Matt because of his ties to the Mancusi crime family. Mac then urged Matt to enter the Witness Protection Program.

Thursday, April 27, 2000

Lucy told Scott that the hospital board seat was important to her, but said that their family was her life. Chris and Julie took a lightheaded Rachel home and were confused when Rachel referred to Julie as "Livvie." Later, Julie questioned a sober Rachel about Livvie's identity and Rachel covered with a lie. Sonny told Frank that he had paid off his gambling debt and warned that he better stay on the straight and narrow from now on. Later, an angry Sonny confronted Karen about her drug use. Matt made a deal with the FBI and left town to enter the Witness Protection Program. Chris told Julie that she needed to come forward as Christina's mother because Courtney had already figured out the truth.

Friday, April 27, 2000

Lucy was thrilled when Scott gave her the news that she had won the seat on the hospital board. Later, Lucy planned a victory celebration at the Recovery Room. Julie and Chris told Rachel about their plan for Julie to come forward as Christina's mother and Rachel said the timing was perfect. Meanwhile, Frank and Courtney's bond deepened as she anticipated a big payoff from Chris. Mike offered Frank his support and revealed that he knew the truth about his aborted robbery plans. At the Recovery Room, Lucy was stunned when Julie came forward and claimed to be Christina's mother.

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