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Monday, April 10, 2000

Kate runs into Austin and sits with him. Kate tells him that she's so glad she ran into him because they don't spend a lot of time together. Austin, who looks utterly bored, tells his mom that they'll be seeing a lot less of one another soon. Kate says she is sorry about that, but Austin tells her not to be because Victor isn't running a boarding house, and they need time to bond as a family. Kate says the only bonding that she's worried about is the bonding going on between him and Sami, and she asks if he's moving in with her? Austin says he is not going to move in with Sami just yet, they are only dating. He also wishes she would give Sami the benefit of the doubt. Kate says she really should since Sami has changed and has dedicated her life to making the world a better place. Austin says he should give Sami the benefit of the doubt because his relationship with Sami is in better shape than hers is with Victor. Kate says she and Victor would have been married if it wasn't for . . . medical problems. Austin asks why she doesn't marry him now? Kate says she doesn't want to rush into it, and there are other issues to be resolved. Austin asks what other issues? Kate says they are complicate, and realizes she has another appointment and has to go. Kate leaves, and ends up running into Nicholas outside, who gives her a steamy kiss. Kate and Nicholas hop in Nicholas' car, and Nicholas wants to take Kate back to his place. Kate refuses and agrees to drinks and dinner only. Nicholas says he doesn't understand why it has to be this way. Kate tells him to just shut up and kiss her.

Victor meets with Rex at Tuscany and warns him to speed up his conning Nicole out of the rest of his money, because he's afraid Nicole might leave Salem. Victor tells Rex to stay focused on the money, and Rex assures Victor that he's already shown Nicole who is in charge. Later, Nicholas and Kate show up for drinks. Nicholas orders two martinis, and Kate jokingly accuses him of trying to get her drunk so he can have his way with her. Rex eventually says goodbye to Victor, and when Victor gets up to leave, he hears Kate laughing. Over at the bar, Kate gives Nicholas a kiss, and Victor sees something which disturbs him! He glares and Kate and Nicholas with intense hatred! However, a couple was in front of them, and blocked their kiss from his view.

Sami is packing up the last of her things as Nicole watches. Nicole offers to help her if she needs it. Sami wonders what Lucas would think of his wife working for the opposition. Nicole tells Sami that if she wants her help, it would be best she not tell Lucas about this conversation. Sami wonders why Nicole would betray her husband, unless she doesn't love him. Nicole says she loves Lucas, and just because she believes Will belongs with his mother it doesn't mean she's betraying Lucas. Sami apologizes, and says that if she could help her get custody of Will, Eric might see her in a different way. Nicole says that would mean the world to her. Brandon shows up and can't believe they are getting along. Nicole asks Brandon what he wants, and Brandon says Sami asked him to talk to her (Nicole) on her (Sami) behalf. Sami tells Nicole it is not what it sounds like, but Brandon says he won't lie to his sister.

Nicole accuses them of working together to manipulate her, but Sami says that Brandon gave her the courage to fight for her son and she thought she would want to help. Nicole says she does want to help, but she needs to know how. Sami tells her that all she has to do is convince Lucas Will belongs with his mother. If she can do that, Sami says that maybe they can be friends and Eric will forgive her. Sami says speaking of Eric, she was supposed to meet him at Titan, but it is getting late and she has plans with Austin. Nicole suddenly remembers she has some errands to run, so she leaves. Meanwhile, Brandon tells Sami that Austin won't approve of what she is doing, and Sami says she knows.

Brandon asks Sami if she will dump Austin? Sami says no, and tells him to drop this line of conversation. Brandon apologizes and just says he feels protective of her and doesn't like that Austin doesn't understand why she feels the need to do whatever it takes to get her kid back. Sami doesn't know, but she tells Brandon that she is glad he does. Brandon tells Sami that they are connected because they are a lot alike, they both go after what they want. Brandon tells her she needs to wake up and realize she and Austin are a match made in hell. Sami thinks that Austin will forgive her, and she and Austin love one another. Brandon asks why they aren't living together then, and she responds that it is better this way. Brandon thinks she's only saying that because she knows this relationship won't work. Sami says she will make her relationship with Austin work, but in the meantime she needs to surround herself with people who understand her and can help her. Brandon tells her that he is at her service.

Greta tells Eric that she plans to cook him dinner at her place, so he says he'll go pick them up a movie. He asks her what she'd like, and she tells him that she's in the mood for something romantic. They eventually decide on Snow White, actually it is Greta's preference and Eric agrees to pick it up. Greta leaves, and Nicole shows up to put the moves on Eric. Nicole pretends to be working, and asks Eric for some opinions on the July cover. Eric tells her it is her decision, and tells her to just believe in herself and forget about the past. Nicole says she wishes she could forget. Eric tells her that she's not a bad person, but Nicole says she is and he wouldn't believe how bad she really is. Eric wonders how she could think she is a bad person when he sees how she's trying to improve?

Nicole tells Eric that he is kind, and being with him makes her feel like she can change. However, she's afraid he won't be able to forgive her for what she's done. Eric says he can't forgive her for something he doesn't know, and she needs to forgive herself. Nicole says she doesn't think that is possible. Eric asks her what she thinks she's done that is so wrong? Nicole says she is just too ashamed to tell him. She swears she's not trying to play games with him, and his love has changed her forever. She says she'll always be grateful to him for that, and hugs him. She tells him that she loves him so much, goodnight, and runs out of the room. Outside, Nicole cries that she will always love Eric.

Greta goes to Dot.Com, and once again runs into Austin. He can't believe this has happened again. Austin notices that Greta has some romantic CDs, and Greta says she's planning a dinner for Eric. However, she's nervous that it won't turn out, and she's really worried. Austin asks what she has to be worried about? Greta says the movie for one, she chose Snow White. Austin says Snow White is a good story, it has a real adult theme in it such as if you wait long enough, the right person will come along. Greta asks what if that person is in love with someone else? Austin tries to assure her that Eric isn't in love with Nicole because he is with her now. Greta changes the subject and asks how things are with him and Sami. Austin says that Sami wants to do the right thing now. Greta decides to get home and start working on her dinner.

Everyone is celebrating Shawn's birthday and Bo and Hope's announcement. Hope wants a major wedding celebration, so Bo tells her that he'll give her the biggest wedding Salem has ever seen. Bo wonders if Hope would be so happy if she knew the truth about the baby, and he tells Hope that he has a very important question to ask her. Bo asks her if she feels any different about this baby than she did when she was carrying Shawn? Hope says the two can't be compared, the situations were totally different. However, when she found out about the baby, even though they weren't physically together, they were emotionally and she knew this baby would bond them together forever. Bo and Hope go for a walk, and continue talking about children. They look in the pub window and see Chloe, and Bo asks Hope how she feels about the Wesley's situation, raising someone else's child that is. Hope asks why she would ask him such a question? Bo says he was just curious. Hope says she'd like to say she'd love that child as if it was her own, wouldn't he? Bo says he would, and Hope says she is grateful that this child she is carrying does come from their love. She says she feels so blessed, and asks him if he doesn't feel that way as well? Bo says he just wants what is best for her. Hope says she and this baby are the luckiest people in the world, and she hugs Bo.

Belle asks Shawn how he turned out to be the polar opposite of his parents, who are such romantics. However, she apologizes for criticizing him on his birthday, and asks him to open his gift. He opens it, and it is a Parisian action figure. Belle thought he would like a souvenir of their trip. Mimi thinks Belle's gift is "real thoughtful." Philip gives Shawn a baseball game, and Mimi notices that Chloe is "wigging out." Chloe is pacing around singing to herself when Caroline comes up to her and introduces herself to her. Caroline asks why she's not hanging out with her friends? Chloe says they aren't her friends, Belle was nice enough to invite her, but she doesn't fit in. Caroline asks her if she can at least get her a soda, but she tells her no thank you. However, Chloe does offer to help her clean up, so Caroline accepts her offer. They talk about Shawn, and Caroline tells Chloe that Shawn is a good kid and she thinks she should get to know him better because she seems like a lovely young woman. Chloe thanks Mrs. Brady.

Shawn and Philip make a bet over their videogame. Shawn loses the bet, so he has to play the piano for everyone. Shawn agrees to play, but only if Chloe will sing with him. The other kids start teasing Chloe and saying maybe she'll howl at the moon. Belle tells her to do it to show those jerks how talented she is. Shawn asks her to do it for him, so she agrees. Before they start, Chloe gives Shawn his present, a classical CD, which he thanks her for. Shawn gets an idea from her gift, and begins playing one of the songs from it. Chloe sings along with him, and everyone is shocked by her beautiful voice. Afterwards, Chloe runs out when nobody claps. They are too stunned, but begin clapping once she is gone. Belle wants to go after her, but Shawn tells her no, he will talk to her. Shawn tells Belle that Chloe is embarrassed right now, she just exposed her true self to them all. Outside, Chloe wonders how she could have done that.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

While having drinks at the restaurant bar, Victor watched as Kate and Nicholas laughed and flirted with one another. He could see they were having a good time. He approached them and said "Well, isn't this a surprise." They were stunned to see him. Kate and Nicholas asked Victor to join them and when he did he asked them what they were celebrating. They lied and said they had been discussing The Peterson Award Titan had received due to the work Nicole and Eric had done. Victor agreed it was quite an accomplishment for the company. He changed the subject by asking Nicholas how Billie was doing. Nicholas explained the two of them had lost touch. Victor said he would never understand young people. Kate agreed while Victor reminded her she was still young and vibrant. He asked Nicholas if he agreed. Nicholas said he did. Victor explained he was tired and it was time for him to go home. When Kate said she would accompany him he insisted she stay and enjoy the good time she'd been having with Nicholas. Once he left them alone they both seemed uncomfortable. Kate was worried Victor had spotted the two of them kissing. She berated herself for kissing him while the two of them were out in public and for being there with him at all. She and Nicholas argued about what would happen if someone caught them in a compromising position. Nicholas told her to stop worrying and relax. He said if Victor had seen them kissing he surely would have said something. He said they need to believe Victor bought their story. Kate said she hoped that were true but what she really needed to do was go home with Victor and talk to him...not stay there with him. He reminded her Victor said he wanted her to stay and have a good time. Kate said that may be so but she reminded Nicholas that the fact remained that she would marry Victor and nothing was going to change that. Nicholas said what she wanted was the title of "Mrs. Victor Kiriakis" yet still have a boy toy on the side. Kate disagreed. He told her the way they were always arguing was a sign they were f

alling in love. Kate said Victor showing up was the sign that let her know she should not be with Nicholas and the reason they were arguing was because the situation between them was a disaster. She told him "It can't go on." He put his hand on her leg and moved closer to her. "Why don't we make love and then decide if it will go on or not" he said. his limo on his way home Victor spoke to his driver about finding "the right woman." The driver said he hadn't found her yet. Victor told him he remembered being young too. The driver reminded Victor that he was very fortunate to have found a great woman in "Ms. Roberts." When Victor told his driver he needed to go over a contract he put the divider up between them. To himself Victor said although he loved Kate very much it seemed unfair to keep her in a relationship where he couldn't give her all the love she deserved...the love of a man who was able to make love to her. He wondered if it was time to "set her free." At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami told Brandon she was dedicated to making her relationship with Austin work but right now she's focused on doing whatever it takes to get her son back. She said she must surround herself with the people and things that will help her attain that goal. She told him she knows her family and Austin love her they just don't understand what she needs to do to get Will back. Brandon promised to help her anyway he can. She told him he was the only one who understood what she had to do to get custody of Will and she thanked him for being such a supportive friend. Sami told Brandon he's a really good guy but his sister is another story. He told her although she and Nicole may never see eye to eye she should be grateful Nicole's on her side. He said because of his close relationship with his sister he understands her motives. Sami said she could see the two of them were close. He told Sami he always had been and always would be close to his sister. Sami said she could tell the two of them think alike. Brandon reminded Sami that the two of them also think alike just not on a brother/sister level. "That's why I think we should get to know each other better" he said while stroking her hair. Sami moved away from Brandon and told him she thought they knew each other pretty well already. They were interrupted by a phone call from Larry who told Brandon he needed to see him right away. Brandon asked if it could wait until the morning but Larry insisted the meeting happen tonight. Brandon apologized to Sami for having to leave so abruptly. Sami told him not to worry as she had something she needed to take care of anyway. When Brandon met with Larry at the basketball court Larry said he felt like Brandon was using him for his own means. Brandon swore he would support Larry through the entire situation with Abe. Larry told Brandon he didn't think things were going to play out the way Brandon expected them to. Brandon was confused.

At the penthouse, John was on the balcony remembering the conversation he had with Stefano. Stefano had told John he indeed made love to Hope while on his honeymoon with Marlena. Marlena watched John through the window and wondered what he was keeping from her. John looked to God and asked what he should do. Marlena joined him and asked what she could do to take his worries away. He asked her to tell him once again what Hope's chances were for regaining her memory. Marlena said she couldn't answer that for certain. She said Hope may regain her memory next week...or may never regain it. They went back inside and Marlena asked him what he'd been thinking while on the balcony. He said he'd been thinking about his honeymoon and about how very much he loved and needed his wife. She explained she was there for him and wasn't going anywhere. He kissed her passionately and the two made love. When they were finished Marlena asked him when he was going to tell her the truth about what had him worried. He said he just wanted everyone to be as happy as the two of them. While Marlena was playfully tickling him they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Marlena opened the door to let Sami in who immediately apologized for her bad timing. Marlena asked Sami what was going on and when she said "Mom, there are some things you should know" John left the two women alone so they could talk. Sami explained to her mother about Victor kicking all of them out of the mansion. Marlena said she would have the guest room made up for her. Sami told her Eric had already offered her a place to live and they both agreed that would be best. Marlena said she wished Sami had told her this earlier but Sami explained she had to figure out what she was going to do on her own. Marlena remembered Sami would not be taking Will with her when she left the mansion. Sami told her mother that would not stop her from doing everything in her power to regain full custody of her son. She said that even Nicole supported the idea that Will should be with his mother. Marlena worried that Nicole couldn't be trusted and said after what happened between Nicole and Eric she doesn't have much faith in her. Sami agreed and said that was the last time Nicole would mess with the Brady's. She told her mother if Nicole tried to trick her the way she tricked Eric she would live to regret it. the bedroom John called Stefano. When Stefano answered John said nothing but Stafano said "John." When John asked him how he knew it was him Stefano said he would know that breathing anywhere. John told Stefano that because he did so much for him while he was his mercenary and because he had chosen not to tell of Stefano's misdeeds that Stefano must promise to give him peace of mind. He told Stefano that in exchange for his silence he must leave his family and friends alone. Stefano told John they must get together and discuss their situation. Once they hung up John again remembered his time as Stefano's mercenary and recalled himself fighting with another man. To himself he said "A trained killer...kills."

At Stefano's mansion, he explained to Rolf everything was going according to plan. He told of his plan to use Lexie to find out if he is the father of Hope's baby. He said once Lexie performed the amnio he would learn whether or not he was going to become a father again. He told Rolf that even if he's not the baby's father and John is he could still enjoy it because once John's discovered as the father the relationships of John and Marlena and Bo and Hope will be ruined. He said "Doc" would never be able to forgive John for making love to Hope. He toyed with the idea of being the one to tell Marlena of John's indiscretion. He said no matter how the situation played out he would be the winner in the end.

Outside Brady's Pub, Bo and Hope were loving being in each other's arms. Lexie came upon them and told them they looked very happy. They invited her in to Shawn's birthday party for some cake but she said she was running late for her dinner date with Abe. She explained she had just come from visiting her father and although she knows most of Salem doesn't like him or his evil doings she will always love him because he is her father. Hope told Lexie no matter what she will always remember what Stefano did to save the lives of her and her baby. Lexie told Hope she was appreciative of her support. Bo said he wanted to get Hope home and off her feet. Hope said she felt fine but Lexie reminded her she needed to get prenatal care. Hope said she had a thorough exam in Paris and the baby had been kicking her constantly. "That must be a good sign" said Hope. Lexie asked Hope why she was afraid to get the care she and her baby needed. Hope said she knew she needed to see a doctor but was afraid because she hadn't realized her condition until so late into the pregnancy and because when she thought she was Princess Gina she smoked. Lexie told her smoking was never a good thing but said it caused the most damage at the end of a pregnancy. She reminded Hope it's not too late to get the care she and the baby need and hopefully everything will be fine. Hope promised to see a doctor and then asked Lexie if she would be her doctor. Hope explained she knew Lexie wasn't a OB but said she would feel comfortable with her because they're friends. Lexie agreed to do Hope's blood tests at the hospital but said she couldn't do the amnio. She told Hope the amnio would tell them if the baby was healthy or of any complications. Hope promised to go to the hospital in the morning for a complete checkup and bloodwork. She said she would think about the amnio. Lexie said she couldn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do but said she felt the amnio was important. Once Lexie was gone Hope told Bo she would definitely get a checkup and bloodtest...but she would NOT get the amnio.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Greta tries to cook dinner but makes a mess instead. Having pity on her, Eric takes her out to eat. As they dine, they run into Nicole and Lucas. At the next table, Nicole talks loud enough so Eric hears she is trying to support Sami and her son. Nicole also mentions that she's worried that her marriage will not survive. When Lexi mentions her concern of having Stefano as the grandfather to their children and the resulting danger they may face, Abe is reminded of Larry being shot. When Larry tells Brandon and Benny that he is not going through all that testing with doctors again, Benny mentions he could get 25 million dollars. Brandon boasts that by the time they are through with Abe, he won't have a penny to his name. Philip spots Chloe on the pier and asks why she thinks she is better then everyone else and wonders why she's afraid to let anyone know who she really is. He admits that he thought her singing at the pub was awesome. He then takes off her glasses and says without them, he thinks she is really pretty.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

At the Wesley's, when Nancy returned home from dinner with Craig her father berated her for being out too long. She reminded him they had invited him to join them. He said they had more important matters to discuss in private. Nancy asked him where Chloe was and he told her she went to a party at "some pub." Nancy realized he must be talking about Brady's Pub and is excited by the prospect that Chloe may finally be making some friends. He told her his granddaughter is too intelligent for the people here in Salem. He ordered Nancy to pack Chloe's things. "I'm taking my granddaughter home with me tomorrow" he said. Nancy asked her father why he would want to bring Chloe into his home now after he didn't want her around when she was born. She asked him why he was no longer worried about his reputation which may be tarnished once people begin questioning him about where Chloe came from. He said he and Chloe were kindred spirits and he would deal with it in his own way. She berated him for making her give Chloe up at birth. He reminded her he didn't force her to do anything was her decision. She told him if he had offered her his support when she was a young unwed mother things may have been different. He told her she should've known he would've supported ANY decision she made just as he had supported her decision to give the baby up for adoption. She asked him if he had been testing her back then and when he didn't answer she realized in his eyes she must've failed his test. Again he said nothing. She said she wished Craig were Chloe's father because he would have married her and they would've been a family. Her father said that was just a fantasy and things could never really be that way. He asked her who Chloe's father was. She told him it's too late for that to matter now. "As Chloe's grandfather I have a right to know" he said. Nancy told her dad Chloe's father was older and more educated. She said at the time of conception she had been drinking. When she refused to tell him anything else he told her she must tell Craig the truth. When she said she couldn't he told her secrets have a way of coming out and sooner or later Craig would figure it out. Nancy said it was her problem. She told him "I gave my daughter up once. I won't give her up again...not even to you daddy and that's final."

On the docks, Chloe asked Philip what he had just said. "Your pretty" he told her. He asked her why she was hiding behind her glasses. When he put them on to prove his point about how unattractive they were he realized he could see. He told her he had 20/20 vision and shouldn't be able to see while wearing them. "These aren't prescription lenses" he said. Once again he asked her why she was hiding behind them. Chloe said she really does need to wear glasses. He didn't believe her. She asked for them back and said she was going home. Philip said because it was dangerous for her to be alone on the docks at night he would take her home. She asked him why he was so concerned about her safety. Philip claimed he was headed in the same direction as her and that is why he offered to take her home. "Not because I'm worried about you" he said. They talked about the music she had sang at the pub. He told her he really liked it and it seemed as if when she was singing she completely blocked the rest of the world out. She told him that was one of the advantages of singing. He told her she was also using her music to hide behind and asked her why she'd do that. When she replied sarcastically he told her she had a beautiful voice and there was no need for her to hide behind the music or glasses. She blushed when she smiled. He told her she should smile more often. "You have a pretty smile" he said. She laughed nervously and he laughed with her as they began to walk home.

At the pub, Belle asked Shawn if he was enjoying his birthday. He said what makes him happiest is the fact that his mother is back and his parents are happy. He told her his parents deserve their happiness more than anyone he knows. He discussed his summer plans saying this was going to be the best summer ever. He said he was looking forward to getting his drivers license and his "own set of wheels." While Shawn and Belle danced with Jason and Jan Belle spotted Mimi sitting alone looking upset. She excused herself and went to ask Mimi what was wrong. When Mimi tried to say it was nothing Belle told her "Mimi, your my best friend. You can't lie to me." Mimi said she got upset when she listened to the others discussing their summer plans. She said because her father is out of work she won't be making any summer plans with the rest of them. Belle reminded her they could still have a great summer without having to make any "big" plans. Mimi agreed and thanked Belle for her support. When Belle noticed Jason again making fun of Chloe she and Mimi joined the group. Belle asked him when he was going to stop teasing Chloe. Jason told Shawn he hadn't realized he was into the same weird music Chloe liked. Shawn explained he and Chloe were friends who had music in common. Belle told Jason liking that kind of music didn't make anyone "strange." Then to Shawn she said she hadn't realized he and Chloe were so close. "Chloe and I are friends, Belle. Do you have a problem with that?" Shawn asked. She told him she didn't have a problem and that he could be friends with whoever he wanted to. Shawn told Jason what was most important was that he stop teasing Chloe as she is a nice person who doesn't deserve the ridicule.

At Lady Vi's, after returning to the table he was sharing with Lexie Abe asked her who she'd been talking to on the phone. She told him it was her father and he called because he's concerned about the heath of Hope's baby. Abe was curious as to why Stefano has taken such a interest in the Brady's...a family he'd always despised. Lexie told Abe she didn't want to argue about her father she just wanted to enjoy her husband's company. Abe said he didn't want to argue either and he told her he hoped her father wasn't influencing her to go against her own instincts. Lexie asked him if he was questioning her doctoring ability. He immediately said that wasn't what he was doing. She told him she had a mind of her own and said her main concern was the health of Hope and her baby. She said she was happy her father had begun to show some compassion toward Hope. She wondered if the ordeal in Paris had made her father become a better person. Abe wasn't convinced that's the case. When he offered to order her another drink she explained that one was her limit "just in case" Abe told her she would make a wonderful mother one day. They talked about the possibility of adoption and both agreed to take it under consideration if they aren't able to conceive.

As Stefano was finishing his call with Lexie, he heard his front door slam. The reason he had called Lexie was to tell her he'd been reading on the internet about how important it is for a woman to have folic acid while pregnant. He asked her if Hope could've got enough folic acid while Kurt held them captive. Lexie had told him that when Hope went into the hospital for blood tests she would be tested to determine whether or not she got enough. The doors to the room he was in were yanked open "John, why are you barging into my house?" asked Stefano. John grabbed Stefano by the neck and asked why he shouldn't kill him right now. Stefano reminded John he's the only one who can tell him if he's the father of Hope's baby. John told Stefano he owed him for all the things he'd done for him years ago. Stefano asked John if he'd been remembering things they did together years ago. John said he was remembering a lot of things...many incriminating things. He told Stefano what he really wanted to know was if Stefano himself could possibly be the father of Hope's baby. Stefano didn't answer but asked John if he remembered making love to Hope on the submarine. After John had another memory of that encounter and told Stefano he was really in love with Gina at one time. Stefano reminded him he may have thought he was in love with Gina but it was Hope's body that he made love to. John asked Stefano how close he'd gotten to Hope after he had thrown him overboard. When Stefano evaded the question John reminded him that when they were in Paris Stefano had led him to believe he too had been intimate with Hope while on the submarine. Stefano didn't admit to anything. He said he's the only one who knows John is the father of Hope's baby. John told Stefano Hope may never recall what happened on the submarine to which Stefano said if that's the case..."Nobody knows your secret but me. What a stroke of luck!"

On their way home from Shawn's party, Bo and Hope decided to stop and get something to drink. While there Hope had a cramp and said "It's too early for the baby to come." Bo was worried and said he'd take her to the hospital right away but Hope told him she was fine...the baby was just kicking like crazy. Bo brought up the amnio again and Hope finally agreed to have it done. She said she would do it for him and Shawn because she knew it would make them happy. Bo was pleased and hugged her happily. Hope noticed another couple at the bar and she told Bo they were talking about her. Using the excuse that she wanted peanuts she asked Bo to go over and find out what they were saying. When he did the couple commented to him about the resemblance between the woman he was with and the Princess they had read about in the paper. He told them their was a resemblance but the woman he's with is much more beautiful than the princess was. "Inside and out" he said. When he returned to Hope's side he admitted the couple had indeed been talking about her. He said they were talking about how beautiful she pregnancy agreed with her. She told him her happiness was what was making her glow. She asked him to tell her more about her time as Princess Gina. He explained it was like she had two personalities. One as Hope and one as Princess Gina with Gina being the most dominant. Hope asked him how he could've believed the Gina persona. He told her she had been very convincing. He explained as Hope's personality she was desperate to find out about her missing years and he wanted to help her. He told her he knew something was off when as Gina's personality she began spending most of her time with Stefano. Hope recalled Bo telling her Princess Gina and Stefano worked as a team to steal paintings. Bo told her that was when she went to Paris. He told her he'd also went to Paris and by the time he left to return to Salem he felt like he had finally reached her and was anxious to bring her home. He said she'd told him there was one more thing she had to do but would meet him back in Salem soon. He told her it was Princess Gina who arrived back in Salem and she was still very much in love with John but soon realized he was happily married to Marlena with no intention of ever leaving her. He explained she began doing things way out of character like trying to ship Shawn off to boarding school because she didn't want him around. Hope was devastated and Bo said he didn't want to say anything more because he didn't want her to get upset. She told him she wanted to know what happened to Princess Gina. "Did she die of a broken heart?" she asked.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Nicole stops by Eric's place and asks for his help. She claims a genuine desire to see Sami with Will and adds that she also wants to make up for the pain she caused him. Eric is wary of her real reason for seeking him out. Chloe has a terrible day when she overhears Nancy telling Albert that being reunited with her daughter has been a nightmare. Her day gets worse when Philip asks her not to tell anyone that he walked her home because he doesn't want any of the other kids to know he's been with her. Shawn and Belle make plans to spend their summer volunteering to help people. Mimi continues to have money worries. Philip panics when he hears Chloe being badmouthed again and anyone who befriends her. John refuses to believe Stefano's claim that John is the father of Hope's unborn baby. Stefano offers to help him if John will only tell him all that he has remembered from his hidden past. Bo asks Hope when she began to realize she wasn't Gina. Hope tells him about Kurt and how her memory slowly returned. She wonders aloud what has made him so sad.



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