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Passions Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on PS
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Monday, April 10, 2000

Paris---Luis goes to police station to ask for help in locating Sheridan. He tells them that he thinks that Sheridan is in trouble and about her possible connection to Jean-Luc. Meanwhile Sheridan is being held hostage by two men. She is tied up. One of the men call the hotel and leaves a message that Sheridan decided to stay in the country with friends and that she would get in touch with everyone later. The officers wonder if Sheridan may be involved in smuggling drugs, but Luis nixes that idea. The officer calls the hotel and asks if anyone had tried to get in touch with Sheridan, but he said that only Luis had and Sheridan had refused to see him. The officers ask Luis to leave the station and refuse to help him in his search , which they think is personal. They even threaten to throw Luis in jail. Luis leaves but warns them that if anything happened to Sheridan it would be on them. At the cabin, the men are talking about ways to kill Sheridan. One of the men suggested shooting her in the head and making it look like a suicide. The other one said that she was rich and that there would probably be an investigation. He suggested that they just kill her and dispose of the body.

As the avalanche strikes, Tabitha picks up Timmy and starts to run but they are knocked down by the force of the avalanche. Charity and Miguel are on their skis are knocked out by the force. Chad and Ethan are outside the cabin as it hits and are immediately concerned for Whitney and Theresa who are in their car as it strikes. Theresa and Whitney scream as they see it coming towards them.

Ethan and Chad race to the car, but they find Theresa unconscious in the snow. Chad hears Whitney cry out and goes immediately to her. Her leg is hurt. As Chad is trying to see the extent of the damage to Whitney's leg, she faints. Ethan is cradling Theresa and realizes that she is not breathing and he gives her mouth to mouth. She wakes up and tells him that she has always loved him. Ethan looks puzzled. They take the girls back to the cabin. Chad bandages Whitney's leg. She wants Eve to look at it and fears that the damage might be severe and may cause her to never be able to play tennis again. Chad attempts to call the highway patrol, but the phone lines are down. Theresa goes to check on Whitney and tells her that she is afraid that she may have told Ethan that she loves him. Chad comes back into the room and tells Whitney that the phone lines were down, and tells Theresa that Ethan wanted to speak with her. Theresa goes to Ethan. He tells her that he didn't know that her feelings ran so deep. He told her that when she came to, she made her feelings known to him.

When Tabitha wakes up, she can't find Timmy. She reminisces about the times that they had. When she finally finds him, she says that she will do anything as long as he didn't leave her. Timmy wakes up and asks her if she would get rid of fluffy. Tabitha said that she couldn't , but then stated that she would get rid of him for one week, but that was the best that she could do. Timmy realizes that she could do better, but he accepts it. Timmy asks about Charity, and Tabitha said that she thought that they both had died. She said that she didn't really want Charity dead, but that Charity had caused Miguel's death so she should be getting her powers back.

Charity wakes up and sees Miguel lying in the snow unconscious. She screams for him to wake up. She said that it was all her fault because he was trying to protect her. She said that she wished that she had trusted her visions and had not come at all. She asks God why he didn't take her instead of Miguel.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Pilar comes in and Ivy questions her about the time the bum called about the bird statue and Pilar told him he had the wrong number. Pilar says she did lie but it was for Ivy's sake. Pilar tells Ivy that she shouldn't continue to pursue the bird statue thing, but Ivy says she will do whatever it takes to get Sam. Ivy goes to the wharf to get the bird but no one shows up. She starts to have second thoughts about getting the bird, but then Bird Bum shows up and she ends up buying the bird. She takes it back to the mansion and wonders how the statue will help her to destroy Eve and get Sam.

Eve is at home at first talking to TC, Sam, and Grace about Bird Bum. Then she calls Julian so that they can go look for Bird Bum and get the statue (she tells TC she's going to the hospital). They meet and are walking along the wharf, and Julian reminisces about the wild times he had with Eve. He tries to flirt with her but she threatens to cut off his fingers with a scalpel. They spot Bird Bum digging through some trash and question him about the statue. He tells them he just sold it and Julian gives him his phone number in case he finds the statue again. Eve frets that someone could be looking at the pictures of her right now.

After Eve leaves, Grace leaves too and Sam presses TC to tell him about his leg. TC finally reveals all: He was playing in a big tennis championship against...Julian Crane, who was a pretty good tennis player back then. TC feels that Julian is behind his career-ending leg injury. Conversation shifts to Sam and Ivy, a situation that worries TC. Pilar comes in and Sam asks her about Ivy...she tells him that Ivy still wants him back. Grace returns and TC comes in, saying he called the hospital but Eve is not there...where could she be?

Chad looks at Whitney's wound again and says it may need stitches but it's not infected. She is still freaking out about never playing tennis again, and he says maybe it would be a good thing if she couldn't play tennis. She starts screaming at him and he explains that maybe being a tennis star is more TC's dream than Whitney's but she disagrees. She says Chad would never understand because he never sets goals to work for. Chad gets angry and says he does set goals with his music, and he works hard. Then she tells him that he knows nothing about family values...he doesn't even know if Harris is his real last name. He gets even more upset and tells her she must be right. He leaves and she starts crying.

Ethan tells Theresa that she said "I love you, I always have," and Theresa gets scared. He says that it must have felt good to say that and she starts going on and on about how she always wanted to say those words, etc. He says she must really be in love, just like him and Gwen. He thinks she was talking about loving Chuck and tells her to tell Chuck how she feels. He leaves to get hot chocolate and she bursts into tears. Chad comes in and tells Theresa he knows all about how she feels for Ethan. He says he knows what it's like to want to be with someone who is unattainable, and sometimes you just have to let go. She says she can't do that...does he really feel that he can just give up on the one he wants? Chad gets really emotional and says well, there's that old saying, "Love can sometimes be just a bitch."

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

He is still trying to get into Sheridan's room and pulls out a credit card to break in, but the manager comes and threatens to call security and the police. Luis says he'll leave but when the manager and maid aren't looking, he slips out one of the open windows in the hallway and edges along the ledge toward Sheridan's window. He has a close call when he slips and almost plunges to the pavement, but he manages to get to the room safely. He starts going through Sheridan's stuff when the maid is passing by and hears him through the door. She catches Luis and threatens to throw her out, but Luis tries to persuade her not to. As he is about to leave, he notices the rubbing alcohol on the table and asks what happened to Sheridan. The maid says Sheridan was stung by a bee and it drew blood. Luis says that shouldn't have happened and asks where Sheridan was standing when it happened. The maid shows him and Luis uses his detective skills to find a bullet in the wall! The maid is now convinced that Sheridan is in trouble and they go through Sheridan's address book to find Jean-Luc's address. Luis gets directions to the country house and starts to head over there.

Sheridan is trying to untie herself but Roger says she will never escape. She tries to tell him that she is very important and she has an American cop friend who will be coming with the police, but Roger calls her bluff. He leaves to dispose of Sheridan's car and find a grave site for her, and Pierre begins eyeing Sheridan's body. She says she wants to smile again and begins to seduce Pierre. He unties her and tells her to take off her clothes. She pretends to have trouble with her shirt and he goes behind her to help. She hits him on the head with a glass vase and he passes out on the floor. She tries to use the phone but it's dead and so she takes a gun and leaves the house. She is almost off the grounds when Roger stops her and drags her back to the house. He tells her they are sending her to her grave.

Kay is looking out the window and getting hysterical about where Miguel is. Simone thinks that he is dead but Kay won't believe it. She asks a rescue worker about it, but he tells her that they haven't found any survivors yet. Kay tells Simone that she can't lose Miguel because she loves him...even mean old Kay can love, she says. She decides to go out to look for him and Simone decides to come along.

Charity is sleeping next to Miguel, wanting to die, when she sees a bright light. She wants to go to it but won't leave Miguel. She asks God for the strength to take Miguel to someplace warm, and the light comes and shines on her for a minute. She manages to drag Miguel to a cabin and lay him on a bed. She starts crying again, remembering all the plans she and Miguel had made about their life together...plans that are now lost. Kay and Simone find the cabin and come in. Kay immediately goes to Miguel while Simone asks Charity if she's okay. Charity tells Kay that Miguel is dead and Kay goes ballistic, telling Charity that this is all her fault and she has been nothing but a jinx since she came to Harmony...this makes Charity cry even harder and Simone tries to cover for Kay. Kay says she should have been there with Miguel, she even would have died with him, and Charity realizes that Kay loves Miguel. Kay says it's true and tells all about how her and Miguel go way back. She says it doesn't matter now because Charity took everything away from her. Suddenly Miguel's fingers begin to twitch and he wakes up! He says he saw a bright light and everything was really quiet and peaceful, and he wanted to stay in that place but then he heard someone talking about love and he realized that he had to tell that person that he loves them too. Kay leans down and says that it was her talking about love. Miguel says he loves her for being such a great friend, but he has to tell Charity that he really loves her. Charity hugs him while Kay cries on Simone's shoulder.

Tabby says she must make sure that Miguel is dead and goes out to test her powers. Her and Timmy go out on the mountain and she whips up some fire and martimmys from thin air! She rejoices that she has her powers back, but Timmy hears a noise. He goes to check it out and it's a bear! He's really scared but Tabby says no sweat, she could turn the bear into a cocktail olive for the martimmy. Suddenly she loses all her powers again because Miguel has come back from the brink of death. The bear roars again and Tabby and Tim-Tim make a run for it!

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Scooby Gang:
Miguel tells Charity that he loves her while Kay tells Simone that this isn't fair. Reese and the rescue worker show up and take Miguel down to the ski lodge. Charity talks to Kay and says she blames herself for what happened to Miguel and Kay had every right to be angry at her. She thinks that Kay loves Miguel only as a friend. She leaves and Simone and Kay talk about what a good thing it is that Charity doesn't know Kay's true feelings about Miguel. Kay says she had some hope before because Miguel never actually said that he loved Charity. Simone tells her that Miguel has always loved Charity and someday they will be making love or even getting married. Kay refuses to believe this. They return to the ski lodge where Miguel and Charity are again professing their love and kissing. Reese wraps his arms around Kay and she is thoroughly disgusted.

Once Tabby realizes she no longer has her powers, the bear corners her and Timmy and she uses Timmy as a decoy to run away. Eventually Timmy gets away too and they head for the ski lodge. They see Charity and Miguel together and Timmy says his heart is breaking. Tabby tells him that no one cares and they have bigger problems. Since Miguel and Charity are professing their love for one another, their relationship is getting deeper and deeper. If Charity sleeps with Miguel it could be disastrous because once she does that she'll have all her powers!

She's playing around with the bird statue when Pilar walks in and sees it. She scolds Ivy for having it and throws it into the fire! Ivy screams and manages to get the bird out intact. She yells at Pilar but Pilar says that Ivy really should not be trying to ruin Eve's life. Ivy says that once she has proof of Eve's affair with Julian, she can make Eve help her break up Sam and Grace. She leaves to go to a repair shop to get someone to break the bird statue open.

Book Cafe:
Eve is thinking about the bird statue and decides to go find it. She runs into Sam as she is leaving and they talk a little bit about their kids, etc. Eve leaves and runs into Ivy outside the Book Cafe (the repair shop was closed so Ivy is just walking around). They exchange some harsh words and Eve leaves. Bird Bum shows up and tells Ivy that he found out the bird statue is worth a lot more than Ivy paid him and demands more money. He shows Ivy the number of the guy that wanted the statue and she recognizes it as Julian's private line. She refuses to give him the money and he grabs the shopping bag with the bird and runs away! Ivy screams at him to stop and Sam comes out of the Book Cafe. He runs after Bird Bum and brings him back. Ivy gets her "property" back and Bird Bum promises not to bother her. She starts to flirt with Sam, but he won't have any part of it and leaves. Meanwhile, Eve is walking along the wharf and encounters Bird Bum. He tells her that he couldn't get the statue back but he has some information about it...for a price. She pays him $200 for the classified ad and calls the number. Ivy answers the phone.

Luis is driving to Jean-Luc's country house, and he meets several delays such as forks in the road, a train passing by, etc. He thinks about his first tango with Sheridan and says she just cannot die. At the cabin, Roger tells Pierre how stupid he is and they lead Sheridan out into the woods with a gun to her back. They reach her gravesite and tell her to kneel down in front of it...Pierre puts his gun to her head. Meanwhile, Luis reaches the country house and looks around but the house is empty. At first he thinks that Sheridan isn't there, but then he sees the compact he gave her and realizes she's somewhere on the grounds. As he steps out the cottage door, he hears a gunshot! He runs into the woods and hears Roger and Pierre yelling to each other...they're chasing after Sheridan. Apparently she threw dirt in Pierre's face and he missed her with the gunshot. She is running through the woods with the bad guys in hot pursuit. She hides behind a tree as they come into the same clearing as her and when they have left, she makes a run for it. Suddenly, someone grabs her and a hand clamps down on her mouth!

Friday, April 14, 2000

Sheridan is running from Roger & Pierre when she trips and a hand clamps down on her mouth. It's Luis and he whispers that they have to get out of the woods. She wants to be a decoy but he refuses and says he'll do it himself. As they are running, Sheridan trips right into Roger and Luis jumps in. He and Roger start grappling and Sheridan grabs a stick. She hits Roger with it just as Pierre fires his gun and misses (he hits a tree behind her instead). Sheridan and Luis get away, but Sheridan trips and hurts her ankle. Luis picks her up fireman-style and carries her back to his car. They get back to her hotel and Luis again asks why Sheridan just turned on him in Harmony. She says he's a cop, he can figure it out. He is about to leave but she grabs him and hugs him, saying she's so scared. Meanwhile, Pierre and Roger decide to go back to Sheridan's hotel to kill her.

Crane Cabin:
Chad is looking out the window, thinking about how isolated they are in the cabin. Ethan says they have to do something to cheer Whitney and Theresa up. In Whitney's room, Whitney tells Theresa that she has got to get over Ethan and Theresa says if she loses her one true love she'll never love again. Ethan walks in and says that can't happen because Theresa is such a great girl. He says the man Theresa loves is an idiot, but Theresa tells him he doesn't understand. Whitney tells Ethan maybe he should leave her and Theresa alone right now. Ethan goes back by Chad and tells him what happened. Chad tries to hint that Ethan can't see what's right in front of him, but Ethan doesn't get it...he still thinks Theresa is upset about Chuck. They decide that they need to get the girls to laugh a little and so Ethan calls them. He says some of his sisters' clothes are in one of the closets and asks the girls to get dressed up while he and Chad make dinner. When Whitney and Theresa leave, Ethan goes into an old trunk and pulls out some fake mustaches and he and Chad start to prepare their comic act. When the girls return looking beautiful, neither Chad nor Ethan can speak for a minute. But then they go into their Italian chef accents and tell the girls that this will be a night they will never forget.

Eve calls the number in the classified ad and Ivy answers. Eve realizes Ivy has the bird and tells Ivy she needs to see her right away. She heads for the Crane mansion and Ivy asks her to help Sam have an affair with Ivy. Eve of course refuses and tells Ivy that this will destroy the lives of Ivy's children. Ivy says that it doesn't matter, a life without passion is dark and dull. She says she needs Sam to love her again. Eve refuses to help and Ivy says they have nothing more to discuss. As Eve starts to leave, Ivy brings up bird statues and says she's a collector. She brings out a bunch of statues, but none is THE statue. Eve calls her bluff, but then Ivy pulls out THE statue. Eve looks at it with shock and then the phone rings. Ivy answers it and it's Julian. She holds a short conversation and as she hangs up, Eve takes the bird and runs out of the house! Ivy calls the gatekeeper to close the gate and call the cops, but the gate is broken. Ivy decides to call the police herself to report a theft.

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