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Passion erupted between Edmund and Alex. Liza had Adam committed to Oak Haven. Stuart confronted Adam after learning that he had tried to ruin Stuart and Marian's marriage. Vanessa searched for her missing emerald, unaware that Erica had found it. Scott grew jealous of Becca and Leo's relationship.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, April 10, 2000

So that he'd not be around when Adam's downfall took place, Liza urged Marian to find a way to get Stuart out of town for a few days. Tad accused Marian of trying to undermine Liza's confidence. Marian and Tad bickered back and forth for several minutes before Liza stepped between them and ordered their silence. Tad scooted out of the room. While he was gone, Liza assured her mother that sleeping with Adam was all part of her plan and not a sign that she was still in love with him. Tad returned sporting a bottle of vintage champagne. Liza had to step away to answer the phone. Meanwhile, Stuart and Dixie both showed up, Liza tried to field the call, which turned out to be from Adam, but there was too much background noise to hear him. Liza asked everyone to leave so that she could tend to the private call. Noisily, everyone filed out of the office. Adam asked his wife about the racket and Liza quickly responded that several Chandler Enterprises board members had dropped by to speak to her. Adam said that he knew all about the hubbub because Tad had phoned him. Adam was less worried about business matters than he was with finding out something about Liza's demeanor. He told Liza that he knew why she had forgiven his transgressions --- and promptly warned her that she was not going to get away with it. Before Liza could press for details, the phone line went dead.

At the Gate House, Marian urged Stuart to attend a St. Louis art show, one she'd previously asked him not to attend. She concocted a bogus tale about wanting him to buy back some of the artwork he'd put up for sale. Stuart smiled warmly and mentioned how much he loved "Marian #26," one of his paintings. Stuart scurried off to pack his bags. Marian broke into tears because she hated lying to her husband. Scott returned home and caught Marian crying. When asked why she was upset, Marian said that she was going to miss Stuart while he was away. Stuart made a final appearance, assuring Marian that he'd buy back the artwork and raced off to the airport. Scott urged Marian to go along with his father, but Marian said that she couldn't leave because "something important" was going to be going down in town. Scott had stopped by to ask his dad for some advice, though it didn't look like he was going to be able to get any help for at least a few days. Marian offered her ear to her stepson and even tried to think of the type of advice Stuart would give. Scott told Marian of his fight with Becca and the possible feelings she was developing for Paolo. Marian apologized for having tried to break up Scott and Becca, saying that Becca reminded her of Stuart. Marian urged Scott not to let anyone come between him and Becca.

Becca wasn't pleased to see Leo in her room and ordered him to leave. Leo smiled broadly and said that he was there on "a fact-finding mission." In Leo's mind, everyone has some sort of dirty little secret and he wanted to find out what Becca was hiding. Becca shook her head and asked Leo to be honest about why he'd broken into her room. "I'm on the run," Leo confessed. Becca took his hand to comfort him, but she realized that her gesture could be misconstrued and quickly pulled away. Leo asked Becca why she was so down. Becca explained that she and Scott had gotten into a fight about him. Leo said that he was sorry that he'd caused her so many problems. Almost on cue, the phone started to ring. Becca had planned to let the phone ring, but Leo told her that she had to answer it just in case Scott was calling. Sure enough, Scott was on the other end when Becca picked up the receiver. Leo stepped to the far side of the room when she heard Becca mention Scott's name. Scott apologized for having been so crabby. Becca once again assured Scott that she and Leo were just friends. In the back of the room, Leo hung his head. Becca and Scott agreed to have breakfast together in the morning and the call ended there. Becca hung up the phone and turned around the talk to Leo, but he was gone.

Moans of ecstasy escaped Vanessa's lips as she rolled over in bed next to Paolo. Paolo wanted to know if his "angel face" was feeling better. "Say it!" Vanessa gasped. In his Italian accent, Paolo told Vanessa, "When I am with you, I forget all the other women." Still out of breath, Vanessa promptly noted that all of the other women had to pay for the services he rendered. Outside in the hallway, Erica prepared to knock on Paolo's hotel room door. Before she could, Palmer appeared behind her and asked her if she was lost; David's room wasn't anywhere near her current location. Erica turned and smiled nervously. She claimed that she'd stopped by to meet a business acquaintance. Back inside, Vanessa kicked, fidgeted, and pounded her fists against the mattress in frustration. She was furious that Leo had quit his job and irritated that Palmer wasn't putting her needs first. Paolo ducked out of the way of her flailing arms. He handed her a vase and urged her to toss it against the wall. Vanessa was all too willing to oblige. As Erica and Palmer continued to talk, the loud sound of breaking glass. Palmer suggested that Erica knock on the door, but Erica wanted to wait until Palmer was gone because her "friend," she claimed, was feeling under the weather and might be embarrassed to see the Palmer Cortlandt at her door. Palmer nodded his head and said that he was going to see if he could track down Vanessa. Vanessa rushed to put herself together and slinked out of the room via the adjoining suite. Paolo tiptoed over to the door, accidentally stepping on the broken glass along the way. Erica entered the room, saw Paolo with a bed sheet wrapped around his body, and immediately accused him of having been sleeping with someone. Paolo tried to deny the claims, arguing that he was sleeping when the knock sounded on his door. The shattered glass, Erica said, had all the signals of a "dissatisfied customer." Paolo was forced to admit that he'd had a female visitor, but he said that he'd had to do it to earn extra money. Erica reminded Paolo that she'd given him a more than generous amount for helping her --- but said that if it wasn't enough she could place a call to the authorities and make sure that he had free room and board for a while. Paolo agreed to abide by the terms Erica had set for him, which meant that he could not be with any other women either in public or private. Erica told the man that he would meet her for breakfast early the next morning. The time was set at 6:45 so that David would be sure to catch them together. To make things look even more incriminating, Erica said that she'd be wearing the same clothes. Paolo smiled and said that he understood the plan. Paolo received a phone call from someone and he told Erica that he had to take the call. Behind Paolo's back, Erica spotted an emerald on the bed. She carefully picked it up and placed it in her pocket. She then let herself out of the room. In the hallway, she was sure that she'd seen the emerald before... but she couldn't put her finger on who was wearing the emerald. Elsewhere in the hotel, wearing a white bathrobe, Vanessa backed her way down a corridor. From out of nowhere, Palmer appeared and called out her name. Vanessa was pressed to come up with a reason why she was parading around the hotel in a bathrobe. Vanessa crafted a tale of running out of hot water for her shower. She said that she'd called the housekeeping staff, but got no answer. Palmer puckered his lips and told Vanessa that he knew she was lying. Vanessa cringed, fearing that the truth about why she was really in the hall would come out. Vanessa, her one earring missing a piece of emerald, waited to hear Palmer's explanation. Palmer said that he believed that Vanessa was being truthful and that he was partly to blame for making her so upset. Vanessa liked that Palmer felt responsible and added a little fuel to the fire by agreeing that she'd be frantic ever since their argument in the dining room. Palmer took his wife in his arms and told her that they'd have to start spending more quality time together. Back in his room, Paolo frantically told the man on the other end of the phone, someone by the name of Rick, that he was good for the money he owed him. He pleaded not to be "cut off" from something, presumably drugs. He smiled evilly and told Rick that he was good for the money because he was seeing a woman "married to" Cortlandt Electronics.

Tad and Dixie returned home and Dixie immediately laid into Tad for lying about where he'd been; she'd stopped by the studio because he said that he'd be working late. Tad swore that he and Liza weren't up to anything malevolent. In fact, he said that they were celebrating the fact that WRCW had become an ABC affiliate. Dixie apologized for thinking the worst, but admitted that it still brought back some painful memories to see Tad and Liza working so closely. Tad broke down and admitted that there was more to his meeting with Liza than he'd said. Dixie instinctively knew that Tad and Liza were plotting against Adam. She let it be known that she did not approve of the plan, but Tad argued that he had to make sure that Adam could never hurt his family again. Dixie pleaded with Tad to drop the revenge plot. Tad said that he couldn't do that. Dixie nodded and asked Tad to join her in the bedroom. Tad advised her to run along; he had to make a phone call... to Liza.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Liza waited for Adam to return home. When he showed up, Liza asked him to explain what he'd said to her on the phone --- that she wouldn't get away with something. Adam told Liza that he knew she wasn't giving 100% when they'd made love before his departure to South America. He was certain that she was trying to force herself to have feelings for him again. He said that he had his suspicions about her request to have Power of Attorney, but that he'd signed the agreement as a sign that he trusts her. Liza bowed her head slightly and looked down at the ground. "I trust you with my life," Adam smiled. He vowed to do whatever he had to to win back Liza's live and trust and chicanery and dirty tricks were not part of his plan this time around. Adam turned his back and prepared to place a call to Barry, but Liza asked Adam to hold off on making the call. Liza told Adam that she'd already called for an emergency board meeting to address Tad's concerns. Stuart, she said, would even be speaking on Adam's behalf. Adam wrapped his arms around Liza and told her how much it meant to him for her to be going to bat for him. In the background, the telephone rang, but neither Adam nor Liza made any attempt to break their embrace.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Loud rapping drew Marian to her front door. She opened the door slightly and Tad burst into the house. He demanded to know if Marian knew Liza's whereabouts. Without letting Marian get a word in edgewise, Tad said that he was fearful that Liza and succumb to Adam's charm once again. Marian said that it was possible that Liza was taking a bath or perhaps bathing Colby. Tad looked sternly and Marian and vowed that he would not let Liza bail out on him now.

In the study, Liza stared off into space as Adam returned toting Colby. The baby woke up and Adam thought it best to comfort her in his arms. Plus, Adam thought it was best that Colby was there to see the present he'd gotten her in South America. Adam handed Liza a piece of slightly crumpled paper. She read the document and gasped audibly. "Is this for real?" she asked. Adam had drawn up the paper after thinking about the Power of Attorney agreement he had drawn up before leaving. He wondered what would happen to Colby if something terrible happened to both him and Liza. A court might hand the baby over to their next of kin, which would be Marian and Stuart. Adam, though, thought that it would be better for Jake and Gillian to assume parental roles to Colby. Moreover, Adam wanted those extended rights to begin immediately. Liza was stunned that Adam wanted Jake and Gillian to be a part of Colby's life. Adam explained that he wasn't up to anything devious; he just wanted to atone for the pain he's caused Jake. Adam turned his mind back to the upcoming board meeting. He asked Liza if she'd talked to Stuart about what he'd say before the board. Liza assured Adam that Stuart could handle everything. Adam nodded his head and told Liza that he wanted to track down his brother and talk to him before the meeting.

Mateo and Hayley played a game of hangman at SOS. Mateo won the game, but Hayley insisted that he'd misspelled the word she was supposed to be solving. At the bar, Tina created a special drink for Adrian. Hayley caught sight of Ryan entering the club and rushed over to his side to see if he could help her prove that Mateo was a bad speller. Regrettably, Ryan sided with Mateo, but Hayley refused to back down; she told Mateo to get the dictionary. After Mateo walked away, Hayley asked Ryan about his trip to New York, Ryan said that everything had gone well. Hayley smiled and praised her friend for accomplishing his goal. Hayley, however, was not talking about the business goal but rather Ryan's decision to bury himself in work to forget Gillian. Ryan smiled slightly and confessed that he wasn't doing such a good job of forgetting his former wife. In fact, he noted that they were coming up on what would have been his second anniversary. Greenlee made an appearance at the club and, like Hayley, wanted to know how Ryan had made out. Hayley couldn't help but notice the chemistry between the two, though she said nothing of it. Mateo appeared by Hayley' side and, in a roundabout way that included an offering of a chicken quesadilla, admitted that he had misspelled the hangman word. Ryan had one complaint about his budding business venture: Midori's technical people didn't want to go the extra mile to get things done. Ryan noticed Adrian at the bar and sauntered over to toss a business proposition his way. Ryan pitched the deal, but Adrian said that he was unable to help out because he had "more important things" going on in his life. Greenlee drifted off and imagined one of her "incredible dreams." She imagined that she was sprawled out on top of a piano, singing seductively to the man of her dreams --- Ryan. Upon drifting back to reality, Greenlee heard Adrian accept Ryan's offer. Adrian reminded Ryan that it would not be possible for him to grant everyone's wishes. What if, he asked, someone wanted someone else to fall in love with them? Tina imagined that she was trapped on a desert island and a sweat-soaked Adrian came to her rescue. Ryan, meanwhile, pictured Gillian dancing seductively on the dance floor. He walked over to her and she told him that to her, he would always be her husband. After that, she told him that she wanted him to make love to her all night. Ryan returned to reality and readied to call it a night. Tina and Adrian, who may have had a little too much of Tina's mixed drinks, agreed to meet up for breakfast.

Adam showed up at the Gate House and asked Marian if he could talk to Stuart. With little time to come up with a lie, Marian claimed that Stuart was outside somewhere sketching. Adam wrinkled his brow and reminded Marian that it was pitch black outside. Marian lamely offered that Stuart was sketching the moonlight on the water. As they talked, Stuart called from the airport to tell Marian that his flight had been delayed. He wanted to return home, but Marian urged him to stay at the airport. All the while, Marian said nothing that would signal to Adam that she was talking to Stuart. Instead, she told Adam that she had to tale the long distance call and Adam promptly left.

Back up at the main house, Tad wandered into the study and asked Liza why she wasn't answering the phone. Liza told Tad that she was having second thoughts about their revenge plot; she still wanted to stick it to Adam, but she wasn't sure if it was fair to destroy him. Tad flipped out, telling Liza that he would not allow her to back out. He reminded Liza that he'd put his marriage on the line to get revenge on Adam. Liza promptly replied that she hadn't asked Tad to risk his marriage. She showed Tad that paper Adam had drawn up. Tad read over it, but failed to see why Liza was so awed. Tad said that he was sure the paper was a trick of some kind. He would, however, have been willing to back out of Adam had signed the divorce papers. Liza told Tad that she'd seen the sincerity in Adam's eyes when he'd given her the paper. All along she'd thought that she could change Adam and perhaps this was a sign that the Adam of old was slowly fading away. Tad warned Liza that he would continue his take down strategy without her. Tad had just enough time to slip out of the room before Adam returned. When Adam returned, he told Liza that he wanted to accompany her to the board meeting. Liza smiled and agreed to his request.

Janet praised Amanda's performance on "Wave." Amanda said that she had to do a good job because Arlene had reminded her that her father might be watching. Brooke popped in fresh from her trip to China. She said that Laura was feeling much better thanks to an acupuncturist's needles. Janet was stunned to see Brooke back and asked her why she wasn't with Jamie. Brooke explained that Jamie was at the movies. Brooke handed out presents: a doll for Amanda and what appeared to be a jewelry box to Janet. Amanda raced upstairs, bragging that she wanted to show her gift to Arlene. Brooke cocked her head to the side and asked Janet why Arlene was in the house. Janet nonchalantly remarked that Arlene had dropped by for a visit. Brooke warned Janet that Arlene was "a real troublemaker," but Janet brushed off her concerns. A few seconds later, Amanda raced down the stairs screaming that Arlene had run away. Brooke and Janet tried to come up with a possible explanation for Arlene's sudden departure, but Amanda didn't buy any of them. She raced over to the phone and said that she was going to scold Hayley for making her aunt run off without saying goodbye. Janet plucked the phone away from her daughter and told Hayley what had happened. Hayley rejoiced and told Janet that she was lucky that Arlene had left, but Hayley could tell that Amanda was upset. Hayley and Mateo immediately headed over to the Dillon home. Amanda demanded an apology from Hayley, but Hayley delicately stated that she couldn't apologize to her mother. She swore that she hadn't said anything nasty to her mother since the argument that Amanda had overheard. The doorbell rang and the girl raced to the door in the hopes that her aunt had returned. Outside, a woman stood behind a young boy with a bruised eye. The woman, Linda Myers, told Janet that Amanda had given her son his black-eye. Janet looked to her daughter and asked her if the charges were true. "Yes, I hit him," Amanda growled. "And I'm not sorry." Amanda accused the boy of having made fun of her. Linda said that she would have been willing to forget the incident if Amanda showed even the slightest sign of remorse. Since she hadn't, the woman said that she'd have no other choice but to report the incident to the principal. After the woman and her son left, Brooke, Hayley, and Mateo decided that it might best to leave. Outside, the trio feared that things were spiraling out of control. Back inside, Janet asked her daughter why she'd slugged the boy. Amanda stuck by her assertion that the boy had been making fun of her. She even went as far to say that her father had always told her never to let someone make fun of her. Janet nodded understandingly and said that she was sure that Trevor had never told her to resort of violence. No so, according to Amanda. She said that her daddy had told her that she had to "hurt them before they hurt you." A grousy Amanda raced upstairs to play with her new doll. Mirror Janet smiled proudly at Janet. "Way to go!" she cooed. With an evil grin, the reflection told Janet that it looks like her daughter is following in her footsteps.

Inside the board room at Chandler Enterprises, Tad told the board that he was sorry to have to appear before them a second time. However, Adam, he claimed, had been calling his house and his family at all hours of the night with threats and other nasty messages. Outside, Adam asked his secretary if Stuart had shown up for the meeting. Upon learning that Stuart was a no-show, Adam decided that he'd have to speak on his own behalf. Liza turned her head to the side and said that she still believed it would be better for Stuart to plead Adam's case. No one knew that Stuart wasn't there, she smiled devilishly. "What if you play Stuart one more time?" she asked.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

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Paolo was in his room at the Valley Inn, on the phone frantically trying to get his "supply" on credit, promising that he'd soon have the money. But the person hung up on him, and then he had a visitor - Leo. Paolo again demanded his $30,000 from Leo to remain silent about Adam's part in Marian's set-up. But Leo had only a couple of hundred dollars to hand over. "You have 18 hours to get me the money," Paolo raged. Paolo then begged Leo to get him "a couple of grams" but Leo suggested Paolo take a hot bath to feel better, then left. Paolo then spotted Vanessa's scarf and thought of another plan ...

In Palmer's suite, he and a dressed-up Vanessa were sipping champagne. Vanessa's emerald earrings were still missing a stone. Palmer told her he wanted to spend more time with her, and Vanessa noticed that the bed had been turned down! Palmer went to another room to get a gift he had for Vanessa. Just then, Leo phoned, but Vanessa hastily put him off. Palmer, holding a large rolled-up paper, suspiciously asked who was calling, and Vanessa told him Leo needed to see her. He then told her he had the plans for their new house, as Leo came to the door. Vanessa was ecstatic, gasping her gratitude in Palmer's arms as Leo looked on. When Palmer went to call the architect about the house, Leo asked if Vanessa had made any progress at being named as Palmer's beneficiary in his will. Vanessa explained that it would take time and that Palmer was getting impatient at all the bickering with her and her sons, especially David. "He was in Pine Valley long before you were," Leo pointed out, asking her if she wanted to banish David. Then Leo voiced his suspicions. His mother was showing all the indications of having a lover on the side - that inner glow, the special perfume she always kept for her lovers on the side, and her lucky emerald earrings. At that moment Vanessa realized a stone was missing from her earring! Gasping in horror, she told Leo to stay and cover with Palmer while she went to recover the lost emerald.

At Tad and Dixie's, Becca was showing Junior how to tie knots and telling him how she'd learned that and other things from her dad. Junior told her that his dad didn't like camping, although Tad took him and Jamie sometimes. Then he brightened up, "But I went on my dad's private jet once, and he let me go in the cockpit and steer it," he told Becca. Just then Scott arrived, hidden behind a huge bunch of balloons. Becca thought at first it was Leo, much to Scott's chagrin. Junior took the balloons upstairs, and Scott tackled Becca again about her relationship with Leo. Becca said he'd been to see her, but she couldn't tell Scott why. Eventually, Scott agreed to let the subject drop and they agreed to meet for breakfast.

Marian was still trying to contact Stuart when Dixie arrived, asking to see Stuart. "He's at the movies," Marian lied. Dixie asked to know what Tad and Liza were up to. Marian angrily defended Liza, saying the whole plan was Tad's and he wanted Liza to hate Adam as much as he does. "She could lose parts of herself forever," she said with concern. "But Tad is pushing her to be as vindictive as he is." When Dixie asked where they were and what they were up to, Marian told her sadly, "It's probably too late." Then Stuart came in, saying he'd cancelled his flight. Dixie was surprised to see Stuart, but said she had to leave now. After Dixie left, Stuart told Marian the good news - he'd called the gallery and found out his "Marian No. 18" has been sold!

Outside the boardroom of Chandler Enterprises, Liza was trying to convince Adam to impersonate Stuart and go and explain to the board members that it was he (Stuart) who had signed the checks giving away nearly $80 million. Adam eventually agreed to trust Liza's judgment and thanked her for standing by him. Inside, Tad was setting Adam up by saying that he had been getting calls from Adam threatening him and the lives of his family. The board swallowed every word and were visibly shocked. Then "Stuart" entered and asked to speak to the board, to their surprise. "Tad is out to hurt my brother," he said. Then he went on to tell them that his brother hadn't been crazy in signing all those checks to charity, "It was me!" he declared with a big Stuart grin. But Tad, playing along with the act, said that Stuart couldn't take responsibility for Adam's actions and pretended not to believe "Stuart." Adam tried to keep up the bluff, but Tad blocked "Stuart" at every turn in the argument. "Stuart" said that Adam had been under a lot of stress. "Was that why he attacked me in jail?" Tad questioned. "Perhaps you were asking for it, Tad!" Adam retaliated, barely keeping in character as his brother. "Stuart" then begged Liza to tell all about Marian locking Adam up. Tad pretended to look shocked. In the background, Liza was playing her part as the distressed wife while the board expressed shock. Finally, she went up to Adam, "No more, sweetheart, please!" Then sadly told the board, "This is Adam!" Then she explained that Adam was having one of his episodes of taking on Stuart's personality. "My husband is incapable of running this company, he has lost his mind!" she declared, bursting into tears and rushing from the room.

Palmer was surprised that Vanessa had disappeared, but Leo explained she was hunting for a lost stone, and the two got into a relatively friendly heart-to-heart chat. Vanessa made him happy, Palmer admitted, but told Leo about the bizarre incident with Vanessa in the hotel corridor in just a bathrobe. Leo asked if he thought anything else was going on. "Would you tell me if there was?" Palmer asked. Palmer told Leo he respected him for resigning from Cortlandt, rather than just collecting a pay check. He explained to Leo how Vanessa had coerced him into hiring Leo, by bringing up the shooting that went wrong. "I thought she was cheating and you were her boy on the side." Leo was shocked that Palmer would have hired a hit man. "I won't be made a fool of," Palmer growled. In Paolo's room, Vanessa and Paolo found no trace of the missing emerald. Paolo tried to get Vanessa to stay and relax, and they reminisce about their first meeting in Rome. Vanessa succumbed to his phony charms for a while, then pushed him away, telling him, "This is too dangerous, go away!" "No!" Paolo told her with a flash of anger. Vanessa told him she knows what Palmer is capable of, but then allowed Paolo to take her in his arms again. When Vanessa returned to her suite, Leo told her that P almer had gone to housekeeping to inquire about her lost emerald. "He's on to you," he warned. Then he appealed to her for $30,000, but Vanessa said it wasn't a good time to ask Palmer for money. "He could pull the plug on everything," she said in alarm.

Dixie arrived back home, and after Becca had gone to bed, Junior told her about the jet trip with his dad and how he wasn't afraid of him that day. "Maybe I should tell him that. I think I hurt him when I told the judge I was afraid of him," Junior said. "Dad's not all bad, is he?" Dixie assured him that Adam had some very fine qualities and that he loved Junior very much. "I love him too. Is that all right?" Junior asked timidly. Of course it was, Dixie replied. Junior then suggested he'd like to spend more time with his dad, maybe this weekend? Probably not a good time, Dixie said sadly. "A lot of people want to get a piece of your dad right now."

Tad put on a false show of sympathy and went and hugged Adam, much to Adam's disgust. Angrily, he pushed Tad away and went for him, holding him down on the boardroom table - as the door burst open and Liza came in with a doctor, and two medical attendants who pulled him off Tad. "You told me your husband was delusional, you never mentioned he was violent," the doctor grumbled to Liza. "I'm having you committed," Liza told Adam, who was in shocked disbelief! Amid the furor, the attendants restrained Adam and led him out. Adam, protesting all the way, said he'd call his lawyer, but Liza pointed out that Barry worked for her now. Tad was trying to conceal his glee, while pretending to look shocked at the turn of events.

"In your room at Oak Haven, think about all the lives you've hurt and the hearts you've broken, and you can get better soon!" Liza told her husband. "I'll only be thinking of one thing - and that's the woman I love," he replied. As he left, Tad gave a sardonic little wave "goodbye" to Adam.

Thursday, April 13, 2000

On the morning after Adam's institutionalization, Liza stood in the boardroom of Chandler Enterprises reflecting on the events of the night before. Adam's receptionist entered the room with a stack of papers, explaining that Adam usually scours the papers for the latest news every morning. Liza angrily snapped that she's in television and doesn't need a "stack of dead trees" to stay in touch with the world. As the woman was filing out of the room, Marian burst in carrying a copy of the trashy Exposer newspaper. Marian was shocked by the report because she hadn't known exactly what her daughter had in store for Adam. Liza pursed her lips and told her mother not to believe the sensationalist tabloid. Nevertheless, Liza admitted that Adam had been hauled off to Oak Haven. Marian worried that Stuart would take the news of Adam's commitment poorly and wondered how she'd break the news to him. Hayley suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what was going on. "My father ain't crazy," Hayley grumbled. Liza nodded and agreed that Adam hadn't lost his mind. This, she said, was payback for all the bad things Adam had done. Hayley told Liza that she could fight her own battles and didn't need anyone to avenge the wrongs done unto her. Upon hearing Liza claim that she was trying to do what was best for her daughter, Hayley remarked that Liza sounded just like Adam. Liza seemed offended by the comparison. Soon enough, Hayley stated, the doctors would realize that Adam wasn't crazy and subsequently release him. Marian, who had been listening quietly from the corner of the room, raced towards the door, telling Liza that she had to find Stuart and tell him the truth before it was too late. Liza turned towards Hayley and explained that her actions were solely an attempt to prevent Adam for ruining more lives. Hayley shook her head and noted that Liza had also ruined some lives of her own. She had, after all, also lied to Jake about Colby's paternity. Liza replied that she had to lie to Jake because she had no other choice. "There are always choices," Hayley responded. "You picked the wrong one." It took Liza a few minutes to realize it, but she soon came to the conclusion that Hayley had no idea exactly how she had gotten pregnant with Adam's child. Listening carefully to Liza's every word, Hayley hung her head in shame. She couldn't believe that she'd gotten on the stand during the custody battle to defend her father. Of course, she hadn't been told the truth. Still, Hayley told Liza that it would be better for her to drop her revenge scheme and file for divorce. Divorce, Liza replied, was not in her plans. That lead Hayley to a prompt conclusion: Liza was "either a fool or still in love" with Adam. Liza took a deep breath and again asserted that she was trying to fight for justice for her little girl. Hayley didn't but the explanation. In her opinion, Colby would be the one who was most hurt by Liza's actions. Hayley used herself as an explanation, reminding Liza that she'd been denied knowing her father for most of her life. Liza was surprised hat Hayley could simply forget her fathers transgressions. "What's done is done," Hayley replied curtly. "Be a woman your daughter can be proud of." Liza showed no signs of relenting. Hayley shook her head and walked out of the room.

Dixie found Tad plopped on the sofa with a veritable smorgasbord of pastry in front of him. It took her but a few seconds to determine that Tad was celebrating whatever it was he'd done to Adam. Tad smiled proudly and admitted that he was witnessing "the dawn of peace in the valley of the pines." Junior straggled into the room just as Tad was headed back to the kitchen. Junior sat down across from his mother and asked her if she'd mind arranging a visit with his dad. He smiled slightly and said that he'd found a new driving range for him and his father to hit some golf balls. Dixie stepped out of the room momentarily and the boy flipped on the television. The lead news story was Adam's institutionalization. Junior watched in horror and screamed for his mother. Tad and Dixie raced into the room and listened to the conclusion of the news. Junior was panicked. He threw his hands into the air and scampered off to his room to get dressed. Dixie looked angrily at Tad and demanded to know what he'd done. Tad said that he'd taken steps to make sure that Adam didn't hurt anyone again. He reminded Dixie that Junior had said that he was actually afraid of Adam. Dixie took a deep breath and told Tad that Junior had just asked her to spend more time with his father because he felt badly about testifying against him in court. Tad was floored by the news. This time Junior was scared and hurt --- and Adam wasn't responsible for it. Tad swore that he would never have moved forward with his plan if he knew that Junior was going to get hurt. Tad said that he thinks of Junior as a son and only wants best for him. Dixie argued that Tad wasn't interested in what was best for Junior because he was concerned only with his own motives. Tad offered to speak to Junior and explain everything, but that was met with stern resistance. "Stay away from my son!" Dixie yelled. Tad cringed upon hearing those words. He confessed that part of him was jealous because "that bastard" had given her a son and he couldn't. Dixie had no idea that Tad felt that way. Tad said that he didn't know he felt that way until Liza had pointed it out. Dixie was furious that Tad had discussed his feelings with Liza and not her. Dixie stormed out of the room. Later, Junior approached her and asked if he could visit his dad. Dixie explained that Adam wasn't allowed to have visitors. Junior said that he'd heard on television that Liza and Tad were present was Adam was taken away. What he wanted to know was why hadn't Tad done anything to help Adam?

In the lobby of The Valley Inn, Vanessa bumped into Paolo. She asked her lover if he'd found her missing emerald. Paolo, who stepped closer and began to nuzzle Vanessa's neck, swore that he hadn't seen the missing gem. Vanessa returned to her room. Paolo, meanwhile, strolled into the dining area and joined Erica at her table. Erica scolded him for being late, but said that no harm was done because David hadn't shown up for breakfast yet. Paolo was irked that he'd gotten up early for nothing. Erica placed a call and learned that David had gone out of town for a medical conference. She was furious that he hadn't told her that he was leaving. Paolo asked Erica if she'd ever concerned that her plan to make David jealous could backfire. Though it was none of his business, Erica told her male escort that David's departure proved that he truly had feelings for her. Opal breezed into the room and walked over to the table. She hoped that she wasn't interrupting. Paolo leapt to his feet and introduced himself as Paolo Decaro. Opal looked him up and down quizzically. She that she knows two things: a bad dye job and shoes. Upon examination of the man's shoes, she knew that he couldn't possibly be the heir to the famed leather business. Paolo "remembered" that he had to make a phone call and scurried out of the room. Opal assumed that Paolo was Erica's newest "hunk du jour." Erica vehemently denied that anything romantic was taking place between her and Paolo. In passing, she told Opal that she was paying Paolo to be seen with her as a way to make David jealous. Opal crooked her neck back and forth and looked around the room. David wasn't there. Erica put her head in her hands and bashfully admitted that her breakfast date with Paolo was a terrible "miscalculation." On that note, Erica pulled the oversized emerald from her pocket and asked Opal if it looked familiar to her. At first, Opal was shocked that the gem was real. After closer examination, she said that the gem looked like it came from "old money." Erica didn't say why she needed to know whose emerald it was, but Opal was more than willing to help her track down the owner. Opal grinned and said that they were going to have a good time "tracking down that Cinderella." Out in the lobby, Paolo and Vanessa once again crossed paths. Vanessa's face turned pale. She demanded to know what Paolo was doing with Erica. Paolo insisted that he and Erica had business dealings. Paolo again tried to cozy up to Vanessa, but Vanessa pulled away. After all, this was a very public place. Vanessa coldly told Paolo that she had "certain obligations" as a married woman. So she told him to think of last night as a goodbye. Paolo refused to concede that things were over. He told Vanessa that he'd be up in his room in a little while waiting for her. Paolo returned to the dining area just as Opal was leaving. Erica decided that it was time to go, but told Paolo that she wanted him to accompany her to a Teens Against Addiction benefit because she was certain that David would be there.

Stuart looked over a painting in Adam's study. Winifred enter the room and mistook him for Adam. "Mr. Chandler! They let you out!" she chirped. Stuart turned around and told Winifred that he wasn't Adam. Winifred continued talking about Adam's situation, unaware that Stuart had no idea what had taken place. A little while later, Tad showed up in the study and Stuart begged him for his help in getting Adam out of Oak Haven. Tad shook his head and softly noted that he was one of the people who'd put Adam in the sanitarium. "He got what he deserved," Tad smiled. "Think of it as a temporary time-out." Stuart's face turned red. "Don't talk down to me!" he shouted. He told Tad that he'd been in Oak Haven and knew what a horrible place it was. Tad nodded his head and pointed out that it was Adam who'd put Stuart in Oak Haven. Stuart continued to defend his brother, saying that Adam had no business being in a mental hospital. Tad, breaking his promise to Liza and Marian, told Stuart that he couldn't believe that he was siding with Adam. He told Stuart that Adam had paid Paolo to sleep with Marian. Stuart shook his head violently from side to side and told Tad that he was wrong; Adam had looked him in the eye and sworn that he had no part in the seduction scheme. Tad pointed Stuart towards the VCR in the room and told him to press the play button. Stuart followed Tad's instructions and looked on in disbelief as Leo confessed that he'd been hired by Adam to destroy his marriage.

In Wales, Alex and Edmund appeared at the sanatorium demanding to speak to Dr. Griffith. They were greeted by a nurse who flat out refused to let them see the doctor without an appointment. She looked down in the scheduling book and determined that hey could be penciled in for an appointment in about a week and a half. Edmund refused to leave and threatened to barge into the doctor's office himself. Nurse Margaret headed off to see if the doctor had some time in his schedule. While Edmund and Alex waited, a cleaning woman entered the room and watched Alex curiously. Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Griffith exited his office and apologized for keeping them waiting. Edmund wasted no time in asking the doctor to see Alex's medical records. The doctor said that he was unable to release the records because they were being stored off-site in a warehouse. Edmund offered to go and pick up the files, but Dr. Griffith said that the files were in such disarray that it'd be nearly impossible to find Alex's files. Edmund told the doctor that he owned an internationally renowned magazine and would launch an exposť on the hospital's unwillingness to hand over its files. Dr. Griffith took a deep breath and headed back to his office to make some calls to his supervisors. Inside his office, Dr. Griffith grumbled that Edmund was a very persistent man. "I told you he's a problem," Guy replied, saying that he wanted to "terminate" him. The doctor shook his head and reminded Gut that their superiors had given them strict orders. Guy felt that their superiors were out of touch with the situation; they were about to "lose" Alexandra Marick. Dr. Griffith urged patience. The doctor left the office. As he left, Guy fidgeted in his chair, revealing a revolver in a holster under his sports jacket. Outside, the doctor told Alex and Edmund that no one could get the files for at least a week. He urged them to return home and check back with him later. Alex told Edmund that her mother owned a cottage nearby and that they could stay there for a few days. Alex made the call, all the while the cleaning lady watching her closely. Alex stepped forward and asked the woman if they knew each other. The woman looked down at her feet and told Alex --- almost nervously - that they'd never met and offered an apology for staring at her. Edmund and Alex turned and walked towards the door . "Goodbye, Anna," the woman said softly. Alex and Edmund abruptly turned around, but the woman had mysteriously vanished.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Today's recap was supplied by Susan Richmond

At the Valley Inn, Leo corners the hotel manager and asks where David is. All the hotel manager can tell him is that David is out of town, he doesn't know where David is or when he plans to return. Leo's cell phone rings - it's Paolo reminding him that his time to get the money is running short. Becca arrives and seeing that Leo is upset, offers to help him. He asks her to go away with him, now, but she turns down his invitation. She gets out of him that what he needs is money, so she pulls out her wallet to loan him some. She is stunned when he reveals that he needs $30,000. Scott walks in during their conversation and he and Leo get into a shoving match in the middle of the lobby. Becca manages to break them up, but they continue their argument, moving into the dining room and making a big scene. Becca orders them to sit and discuss the situation quietly. She tells Scott how much he means to her, but that he's being too possessive, can't she have other friends and feelings for other people? Just what sort of feelings does Becca have for Leo, Scott asks. Leo wants to know the answer to that question, too. Becca has no answer and storms off, telling them she doesn't care if they kill each other.

Frustrated by Stuart's continued defense of Adam, Tad shows him the tape of Liza and Leo, where Leo confesses that it was Adam that ordered him to hurt Marian. Stuart is in shock and seems not to believe his own eyes at first. Tad tries to talk to him, but Stuart gets almost hysterical, pushing him away and yelling at Tad to leave him alone. Tad feels badly for hurting Stuart, but feels he had to know the truth. After Tad leaves, Stuart remembers his conversation with Marian where she confessed what had happened with Paolo and then remembers his conversation with Adam where he swore he had nothing to do with Marian being hurt. Stuart picks up a picture frame from Adam's desk which has Stuart's picture on one side and Adam's picture on the other and looks at it. As he leaves, he sets it back on the desk, but too close to the edge. After he leaves, the pictures fall, shattering the glass.

At Oak Haven, Adam tried everything from reasoning, to bribery, to threats to convince the doctor that he was perfectly sane and should be let go. It was all a trap, set up by Liza and Tad, he tries to explain. The doctor is suggesting that Adam should get some therapy when Stuart bursts in to see Adam. Adam asks Stuart to defend him, to tell the doctor that there's nothing wrong with him, but Stuart says nothing. Adam asks to talk to him alone and Stuart accuses him of being the one who hurt Marian. Adam continues to deny it, even after Stuart tells him about the tape of Liza and Leo. Stuart keeps pushing Adam, telling him to use every bit of love that he has for Stuart to tell him the truth. Finally, Adam admits that he was the one that hurt Marian. Tears fall down Stuart's cheeks and Adam has tears in his eyes as well after making his confession.

After leaving Stuart, Tad went to the school to see Jamie, hoping to see a friendly face. But Jamie had talked to Junior and was cold to Tad as well. How did I become the villain, Tad asked Brooke, who was there to pick up Jamie. Tad finally stood up to Adam after all the terrible things he has done for as long as he can remember, and somehow he turned out to be the bad guy. Brooke tells him that she understands what he did and why he did it. Tad is pretty sure that Dixie and Junior will eventually forgive him, what he's most worried about now is how much he hurt Stuart.

In England, Alex and Edmund are driving around in thick fog, looking for the house where Alex's mother lives. She can't believe she's having so much trouble finding it, since it's the house she grew up in. Edmund comments that she hasn't mentioned what happened at the institution and Alex flashes back on the memory of the housekeeper calling her "Anna." She so distracted that she drives right off the road into a ditch. No one is hurt and she recognizes where they are, so she and Edmund set off on foot. When they reach her mother's cottage, no one is there and Alex starts to worry that something may have happened to her mother. They hear a beep and notice that her mother's computer is on, an email has just come in for Alex. Alex is nervous to open it, but does and finds it's from her mother, who left for a conference and will be out of town all week. Alex is relieved that everything is alright and leans over and gives Edmund a kiss. The kiss turns passionate and Alex and Edmund wind up lying on a nearby bed, still kissing.



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