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Gary shredded the cashier's check for Ross's bail money. Grace admitted to Megan that Tricia had caused trouble for Tony and Megan. Ashley told Victor she was pregnant with another man's baby. Neil and Dru spent the night together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 10, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Today's recap was provided by Jennymc.

Sharon and Ryan continue their confrontation about Sharon's accusations that Tricia deliberately killed Tony. Angrily, Ryan insists that his wife is incapable of murder. But Sharon maintains her stance that Tricia knew what she was doing when she ran over Tony. She tells Ryan that surely, he too, must have doubts about his wife and her state of mind. But Ryan admits that he had, but that Tricia had pulled herself together after New Year's Eve -- for Megan's sake. He tells Sharon he just doesn't want to hear anymore, and angrily sweeps out.

In Victoria's office, she and Nick anxiously await news of the search warrant for Ross's apartment. The phone rings, and Paul tells them that the search yielded no evidence -- no computer, no typewriter, no stationery. But Paul is convinced that between the time he left the jail and the time the cops and Paul arrived for the search, Ross had plenty of time to get rid of anything incriminating. Victoria and Nick are upset that there is still no proof that Ross is the stalker.

Meanwhile, Gary phones to get his messages and gets word that Victoria has been trying to reach him. He then returns to his computer and continues typing his "fan letter" to Victoria.

Michael and Christine arrive to inspect their new business premises, where workmen are busy getting the empty offices in shape. Michael tells Christine that she can choose any furniture, art work, oriental rugs that she wants, from a selection of catalogs he has placed in the drawer of her temporary desk. "You're a managing partner now," he tells her. Christine calls Paul's office and asks Lynne to have Paul call her as soon as possible. When Michael reappears with a box of files from Desmond Industries, Chris tells him she'll look through them, and then they can discuss that and getting new customers after she's reviewed the documents. He mentions that he noticed she'd called Paul, and she angrily tells him that her personal life is strictly off limits to him.

Neil arrives at Olivia's apartment with groceries, telling her she has to keep her strength up. He also has a picture for her from Lily, which tips off Olivia that he has seen Dru. Neil admits he met with Dru, and tells Olivia that her sister is getting really suspicious about what is being kept from her. Eventually he tells Olivia that Dru believes the secret involves a relationship between him and Olivia. She suspects something about your illness too, he warns, but added that he stonewalled her. Olivia is adamant that there is no need to tell Dru anything. "But you have to find out if she's a match," Neil insists. "If she's not then you can get started on looking for another match." But Olivia doesn't want to do that. "If she's a match, she will be, if not ... " Neil says he will reassure Dru that there's no romance going on. After declining Olivia's invitation to dinner, he leaves to return to the office. As he leaves, Reese arrives. Olivia tells him her gums were bleeding. He is concerned, and tells her she will need another transplant of platelets; the drug therapy isn't working. Having heard Neil's parting words, he begs her to let Dru in on the problem. "Don't let professional detachment or family emotions cloud your judgment," he advises.

Meanwhile, at Malcolm's apartment, Mamie is putting some soothing lotion on Lily, and she and Dru warn Lily not to scratch! Lily trots off to go and read while Mamie wishes that Dru could visit family more often. "Not everyone feels like that," Dru replies with a pout. She tells Mamie that Olivia seems to be in a big hurry to see her leave again, and that she suspects that Olivia and Neil are involved. Mamie can't believe that, and Mamie advises Dru to open up to Neil and get the issues out in the open before it's too late.

Gary shows up at Victoria's office and innocently asks what's going on, and how did Ross make bail? Paul arrives, still frustrated and angry at the fruitless search at Ross's place. Then he turns to Ross -- "You were talking to Ross before he made bail! Care to explain?" Gary says he went there to try to get information from Ross. Paul is furious that the two stalker suspects are still walking free. He asks Gary to make a list of people who night have raised the bail money -- Ross's family, friends or associates. Gary readily agrees. Paul leaves and Nick has to go back to work, asking Gary to stay with Victoria.

Megan argues with Tricia -- telling her that she really needs to get some professional help and can't understand why she can't talk to Ryan about her troubles with Sharon. But Tricia excitedly interrupts her with the news that their father has invited her to visit him in London. "I really need to get away," she tells her sister. "I can talk to him, he'll listen and understand." She is so excited, and Megan thinks it may be a good idea. "Why don't you come too?" Tricia asks. Megan considers for a moment, then agrees, much to Tricia's joy. Ryan returns home and Tricia tells him her decision about the trip. As she rushes to the phone to make airline reservations, a concerned Ryan urgently questions Megan in a hushed voice. "She needs help," Megan says. The stress of Sharon's accusations are making her fall apart, they agree. Tricia happily tells them she just got the last two tickets on a flight to London.

Sharon shows up at the police station again to talk to Det. Lacerra, and again voices her suspicions about Tricia. Lacerra is doubtful, and asks Sharon what proof she has. When Sharon tells him what Tony told her about New Year's Eve, and stresses how much Tricia hated Tony. But that's not enough for the detective. "That's all hearsay," he tells her. She mentions that Grace also knew what was going on, but that she's in New York now. "So you have no proof," Lacerra tells her. Sharon is disappointed at his reaction, then suddenly remembers something about Tricia! "Wait a minute, she DID know that he was coming," she tells the detective.

After Paul and Nicholas leave, Victoria tells Gary all about the profiler who's been consulted and gives him her take on the stalker. "He's someone who has to live a fantasy life because he cannot keep a relationship with a real woman," she tells him. As she talks more about her stalker, she gets more and more emotional and upset. Gary tells her he's so happy she can confide in him, and they hug. "I'm so grateful you're around," she tells him, as he gently strokes her hair, a relieved expression on his face.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Upon accepting an invitation from Desmond, Michael and Christine head to Chicago. Christine calls Paul to inform him of her travel plans, but, still upset over the situation, Paul decides not to call his wife back. Later, Mary pays him a visit and reminds him that Christine is just doing what is best for her career and that he needs to get over his own personal feelings and offer her some support. Elsewhere, Tricia is ready to leave town when she is stopped by a detective who has come to question her. At the same time, Sharon tells Nick that she has gone to the police about Tricia and her involvement in Tony's death. Not sure his wife has made the best decision, Nick suggests that she just accept the decision of the police to rule the tragedy and accident. Later, Nick signs the lease to open another Crimson Lights in Milwaukee. Tomas meets with Nina and tells her that he's suffering from writer's block. Nina offers her help and he asks if he can come over to her place and cook dinner for her. Over at Newman, Neil informs Victor that Jack took the bait and has decided to expand the Jabot line nationally. In the meantime, Jack celebrates his latest move while Jill and Ashley remain skeptical and worry about the balloon payment that is almost due. After they leave, Frank comes in and tells Jack that they are in trouble.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Jill questions if Ashley agreed with Jack out of family loyalty. She assures Jill that she didn't but she is concerned about Victor, wondering if he will retaliate against Jack. Jill, however, has no remorse about what happened to Victor and is only concerned about the huge loan payment they have to pay in May. Ashley leaves and goes to visit Victor and asks how things are with Victoria. Victor tells her that they thought things were under control, but now they are not. He tells her that he knows this is not the only reason she came to visit him. She then tells him about Jabot's expansion and he tells her that he already knows. They agree to not let business interfere with their friendship. In Jack's office, Jack shows loan officer Frank a copy of Jabot's expansion plans. After much prompting from Jack, Frank finally agrees to present Jabot's loan to the board of directors for an extension. However, at the same time, Victor receives a call, while Ashley is in his office, from his friend, Alan, that he has secured the Jabot loan and that Frank will not be told anything about it.

After he hangs up, Ashley comments that he has obviously managed a "cue;" he tells her, no, he's just setting things right again. He then asks Ashley out to dinner and they leave.

At school, Billy picks up some yearbook photos and takes one of Mac, hiding it when she walks in. He tells her that he is still grounded. They begin to talk but are interrupted by Raul who tells them that he has an idea. He tells them that he wants to go rent some movies so he and Mac can come over to his house, if they can get Billy's parents permission. Brittany walks in; uncomfortable, Raul and Mac leave. She inquires about Billy being grounded and he tells her that he still is. She tells him that she hopes he isn't by next weekend. He assures her that he will probably be grounded until summer. Obviously upset, Brittany tells Billy that she'll accept whatever time with him she can get.

Later at the coffee house, Brittany is sitting with J.T., observed by Raul and Mac. He tells her that he hopes she doesn't let the fact that Billy is grounded prevent her from having any fun. He will always be a willing participant. Angrily, she tells him to shut up. She then says she has an idea on how she can help Billy. Knowing that Billy needs Brittany in his life because he can't have her, Mac suggests to Raul that they invite Brittany along when they visit Billy. Raul doesn't want to but Mac tells him that Billy needs her.

Nina and Tomas are enjoying a romantic and playful dinner. Jokingly, Tomas questions, since he's never seen Phillip, if she really has a son. She tells him that whenever something fun or wonderful happens in her life, she wishes Phillip was there to share it with her. He tells her that she is a wonderful mother and wonders if she wants more children. Suddenly upset, she tells Tomas to drop it. (Nina is obviously thinking of the child that was stolen from her a long time ago.) Tomas attempts to get her to open up but she tells him that they both have their secrets and they should just keep it that way.

Almost having to force himself in the house, and after Megan says she wants to hear what the detective has to say, the detective questions Tricia about her dislike of Tony and if she tried to break Tony and Megan up. Tricia lies and tells him that even though she disliked Tony and didn't think he was right for her sister because of their different backgrounds, she had come to accept his relationship with Megan. She was on her way to their wedding when the accident happened, carefully omitting the fact that she was planning to stop the wedding. He questions her about her relationship with Grace and the "panty" incident. She again lies and tells him that Grace planted the bra because she wanted Tony back. He asks her if Grace will collaborate her story. She says that Grace is a liar and would probably say anything. He also questions her about the "kiss" on New Years Eve and she also lies that it ever happened. Tricia is obviously upset and after Ryan intervenes, telling the detective that if he has any more questions, Tricia will only answer more questions with a lawyer present, the detective leaves. After he leaves, Tricia, more than ready to leave to see her father, tells Megan to hurry or they'll miss their flight. Megan, however, adamantly tells Tricia that she is not going. After she leaves, Tricia still plans to go. However, Ryan, who is very angry with everything he's heard, tells her that now more than ever he knows she needs professional help. He reminds her that she told him once that she had done some things that she was ashamed of to break up Megan and Tony. Ryan tells her that he does not want her to go and if she does, he will not be there for her when she returns. Later, when her father calls, she tells him that she's not coming and before he can question her, she tells him she has to go and hangs up.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Friday, April 7THT, 2000

While Victor mulls over the kiss he and Ashley shared the previous evening, Diane places a phone call to the sperm bank and asks them to ship his frozen sperm to the clinic. Later, as Jack and Ashley have breakfast together, Victor shows up. He and Ashley share a brief exchange leaving Jack worried that his sister is getting romantic with her former lover again. Meanwhile, Brad continues to show an enthused Nikki all of the different things she can do online....including making stock purchases. Over at Crimson Lights, Sharon meets with Christine and tells her about her suspicions about Tricia. When Michael arrives, Sharon goes back to work. After she is gone, Christine calls a friend of hers at the police station. Listening to her conversation, an upset Michael learns that the case concerning Tony's death has been reopened. At the same time, Ryan and a very reluctant Tricia prepare for her first meeting with the psychiatrist. Ryan tries to convince his wife that he's not making her go because of Sharon's accusations...he believes she's needed to seek help for quite some time. As the two head out, they are greeted at the door by Tricia's father, Keith, who isn't happy to learn that his daughter is headed to see a shrink. Elsewhere, Mac and Raul go to John and ask him if he will let up on Billy's punishment a bit and let them visit him. John agrees to think it over, but tells them that Brittany is not to be included. When they arrive at school, Billy tells Brittany what happened and she tells him about her not-so-successful meeting with his mother. She tells him that she doesn't think she got anywhere but that she was touched to hear that he told Jill how much he cares about her. She thanks him with a kiss as a jealous Mac looks on. When Billy sees Mac, he pulls away from Brittany and tells her he has to head to class. After he is gone, J.T. confronts Brittany and asks her what she sees in Billy. He warns her that it's not good for her reputation to be hanging out with losers like Mac, Raul and Billy.

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