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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on GH
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Lucky and Helena made small talk in the limo, and he explained how the ranch in Texas was "home" to him - his own past, not secondary to his parents or the Cassadines. Helena gave him a large, ornate box containing video tapes and a notebook of photos and updates on the people in Port Charles, but Lucky refused them, saying that he preferred to find out the info for himself, and declaring that he didn't need photos to remember.

After much scrambling and screaming, Luke and Laura pulled Felicia back up the cliff to safety. There was an awkward moment when Luke asked Laura "All right, darlin'?" and Felicia, rather than Laura, answered. Laura asked if Felicia had tripped, and Felicia told them about the matchbook cover she'd spotted (and subsequently lost over the cliff) and pointed out the "Lucky" in the rock, carved next to the triple L's. They were momentarily elated that Lucky had been there, but Luke spoiled the mood by pointing out that it could be a trick - anyone could have carved the name. They reasoned that the logical next stop would be Marrakesh, but worried that they were too far behind Helena to catch up. After Marrakesh would come Dublin, and Felicia volunteered to skip a step and go straight to Ireland perhaps to intercept Helena and Lucky. Later, on the plane, a sleeping Felicia clutched at Luke's arm, much to Laura's exasperation.

Mac was on a plane to Texas with Georgie and Maxie, taking them to live with their great-grandmother. Maxie tried to persuade Mac to move there, too, but he explained that the PD needed him. Maxie lamented that no one wanted her and her sister - Frisco had deserted them, and now their mother obviously didn't want them, and Mac tried to reassure her. He promised that her mother would return, but when Maxie eagerly asked if they would be a family again, waffled and replied only that there were all types of families. Maxie asked if he and Felicia were getting a divorce, but he replied that nothing was decided yet, and again assured her that he would always love her and her sister.

Rae went to Sonny's in search of the desk, but first Johnny and then Benny wouldn't let her get anywhere near the door, let alone inside. She tried to explain and persuade, telling Benny that she is "...very good with badly socialized people, especially if they have a sense of humor...or even... if they don't", but Benny wouldn't give an inch and eventually Benny and Johnny succeeded in sending Rae off in the elevator.

At the Port Charles Grill, AJ tried to apologize for knocking Carly down, but Sonny, enraged, went for his throat before he could get the words out. Carly tried to protest that she was all right and just wanted to go home but Sonny ignored her. Taggert, having dinner nearby with Hannah, finally intervened, and AJ, once free, began to yell about pressing charges. Sonny began to threaten AJ, but left after Taggert warned him not to speak. Taggert next turned on AJ, quietly called him a punk, and advised him not to push his luck. On the way out of the restaurant, Sonny was solicitous to Carly but turned down her offer of a walk. When they arrived back at the penthouse, Johnny tried to tell him about Rae's visit, but was put off until later. Carly tried to talk about the incident, saying that AJ's family had done more damage than she ever could and that she almost felt sorry for AJ, but Sonny jumped in and told her that it could never happen again. She had expected him to be grateful, but instead got a lecture about how she must never intervene when he is in danger. He began to outline rules for her behavior (#1 - don't jump in the middle, #2 - don't get involved in his business) but she became disgusted, told him to go to hell and went off upstairs. Later, Sonny was having a glass of water, sitting on his bed and remembering Lily and the Carly/restaurant incident, when Michael came in. Carly came almost immediately to retrieve him, but first Sonny got a goodnight kiss from the little guy and was obviously touched. Later, Sonny had a nightmare - he was thrashing about and calling out, and when Carly rushed in to comfort him, he clung to her.

Back at the Grille, AJ returned to the bar and tried to order a drink, but the bartender refused him. Hannah came up and suggested that if he asked nicely, perhaps he could get a cup of coffee in a paper cup. He questioned why she'd returned, and she explained that she would drive him home. AJ made some feeble attempts to get her to check into a room (with a mini-bar), but was distracted by the conversation at the next table where Rae was asking the waiter if he knew anything about the man in penthouse #4. The waiter knew nothing, but Hannah was curious as to what Rae wanted - involving what government agency? Rae tried to get some information and Hannah dodged giving any, but eventually AJ, after warning Rae of Sonny's character, blabbed his name. Rae thanked them for the warning and the info, and left. AJ made one more pass at Hannah, then headed for his room with mini-bar.

Bobbie and Roy argued about what course Roy should take next. Bobbie at first insisted that Roy couldn't tell Sonny the truth, but Roy adamantly refused to inform on Sonny. Bobbie wondered if losing twenty years hadn't been enough, but Roy explained that, while he can't take back the mistakes he's made, he can't continue to lie. He was always a different phony guy with his own story, but each assignment ended with the betrayal of a friend. They may have been "bad guys", but by the end they were his friends and he had to turn them in. He further explained that he had had to betray Hannah over and over, and he didn't want to do that any more either. Bobbie quietly asked him not to leave her, but Roy replied that she'd learn to hate the liar. Benny arrived, wanting a word with Roy, and Bobbie went to wait outside, assuring Benny that she'd learned her lesson about eavesdropping. Benny congratulated Sonny on his promotion, pointing out that "Sonny doesn't trust anybody - you're the exception." Later, after Benny'd gone, Bobbie returned and Roy told her about their conversation. Bobbie had a new suggestion: Roy should go to Sonny and admit the truth, then ask Sonny to help him. They way, Roy could appear to keep his cover, avoiding a return to prison, and they could feed false information to the Feds. Roy began to protest, but Bobbie insisted that both Roy and Sonny could gain from the arrangement. Roy explained that he wanted Sonny to know how Hannah had tried to protect him from the FBI, and Bobbie pointed out that Roy always wanted to protect everybody but himself. He told her to go home, and she agreed, if he would call her after he spoke to Sonny. They kissed long and hard, and Bobbie exited leaving Roy looking thoughtful.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Carly hurried in to comfort Sonny after his nightmare and he confided to her how much the incident with AJ had bothered him. He told her that his dream had been about Lily and their baby and how he hadn't been able to stop their death. Carly assured him she would do everything she could to protect herself and the baby. She stretched out on a chaise lounge and had him feel the "bump" of her uterus where the baby was growing. They shared a close moment. As she started to leave, they talked about what had happened with the desk. She told him that he had taken really good care of her "surprisingly enough" and that he had only ask one thing in return: his privacy. She told him how much she regretted what she had done to make him not trust her. He told her that someone had pointed out to him that there was a big difference in letting someone into a desk versus spying for the FBI. She laughed and said, "Are you saying you overreacted?" He smiled and said, "No," but that he was willing to try again. The chemistry between them was electric as she went into her room.

Chloe had another nightmare and Jax came out of the bedroom just as she woke up. He asked her if she had been crying and she told him she had just woken up with teary eyes. He didn't buy it and finally she admitted that she had been having severe headaches for some time. When he wanted to call Tony, she told him that he already knew. They talked about how blindness would impact his life and he affirmed to her that he wanted to be with her regardless. He carried her off to bed to do God knows what to her.

In Texas, Georgie blurted out to Mariah that "Mommy has a boyfriend." Mac was mortified. After the girls went out to play, he filled Mariah in on what had happened. She insisted that Felicia loved Mac and there must be some misunderstanding. Mac said that the lies could not be denied and as hard as he had tried to trust Felicia no matter what, this is what they had come to. He told Mariah about their break up and reunion, as well as the condition he had placed on his return. She was dismayed when Mac told her that regardless of how much trouble Luke was in, anyone but Felicia, including himself, could have helped him. Felicia had made her choice. He regretfully told Mariah that he didn't know how long the girls would be with her, but that this was the best thing.

Emily and Liz talked about love in Emily's bedroom. They comforted one another, Liz telling Emily to have faith in Juan and trust that he would not be tempted by the groupies when he's famous. Emily assured Liz that when Lucky returned, they would love each other more than ever. They were interrupted by yelling in the house as AJ was returned to the mansion by hotel staff who drove him home.

Edward was furious and demanded that AJ leave that very night to go to a rehab center. Still immersed in self pity, AJ argued back, loudly proclaiming his victimhood. Monica sided with Edward that they had to stop enabling AJ and Alan fought that they had to help him, not shut him out. Eventually, he ended up stumbling to the boathouse with the blessings of everyone.

Lucky packed some money into his sock and readied for his reunion with his parents and his return to Port Charles.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Edward continued his quiet campaign against Jax and Emily asked who he was cheating out. Monica and Alan were concerned that AJ was missing from the boathouse and might have drowned. There was the usual banter about AJ which was interrupted by the arrival of Rae Cummings. She had prior dealings with Edward and wished to use that to get an introduction to Sonny. The family was aghast that she would want to contact him.

Carly fixed Sonny breakfast after asking permission to use his kitchen. He told her as long as she cleaned up afterward. While they were eating, he told her that at least she hadn't burnt anything, then thanked her. He gave her a letter that had arrived for her and she said it was a flyer about Lamaze classes and asked if he was interested. She said she didn't want to deprive him of anything. He said he just wanted her and the baby to be healthy and whatever she wanted was fine. She said she was thinking of going with anesthesia because she was afraid that they would fight when the baby was being born. Roy came in and asked to speak with Sonny, so Carly left to go shopping after convincing Sonny that she didn't need Francis.

After Carly left, Sonny told Roy that he wanted him to go to Puerto Rico for him. Roy told him he should get someone else and then proceeded to tell him that he was an informant for the FBI. He told Sonny how much he hated lying and that he had to come clean with him before he saw anything that he would have to report.

Carly stopped by Bobbie's and arrived just as Hannah was telling Bobbie how much her father loved her and that she hoped Bobbie would forgive him. Carly was shocked to hear that not only was Roy Hannah's father, but also working for the Feds. Quickly, she hurried to the penthouse to tell Sonny. She burst in and blurted out the information. Sonny told her that he would handle it and that he already knew, but admitted that the Hannah connection was new. Roy said he was about to tell him that when Carly arrived. Sonny told Roy that he would not be able to allow Roy anywhere near his operation and that he would have to tell his men that he was an informant. He asked Roy what would happen now and Roy told him he would go to prison for blowing his cover. As he was leaving, Roy told Sonny that Hannah had not betrayed him, but had, in fact, put her job on the line to protect him. After he left, Carly was shocked that Sonny had let him go. Sonny quietly told her that Roy had put his life on the line to protect him and that he owed him for it.

Stefan encountered Lesley Lu and was asking her about her parents' trip when Lesley came out the door and suggested that LuLu go inside. She then asked Stefan to leave. Stefan told her he wanted to team with her to help Luke and Laura. He told Lesley that Luke and Laura were headed overseas to find Lucky, but that they were going to the wrong place. Just then, Nikolas walked out of the house and Lesley informed him that evidently Stefan knew where Lucky was. Stefan said he did not, only that Luke and Laura were on the wrong track. Nikolas ordered him to leave. As he left, he told Lesley to inform Laura that he was not giving up.

Tony stopped by to tell Chloe that the medication was not having the effect that he'd hoped and asked her to try a different one that had proven effective for people in her situation. They reviewed her symptoms and he said that the fact she'd had no blurred vision was in her favor and encouraged her to think positively.

Jax came in to see Chloe packing. She told him they were going to Northern Europe and he correctly guessed that the medication wasn't working. He comforted her and

Rae's next stop was Kelly's where she spoke with Tammy while eating apple pie and drinking coffee. Tammy hedged when asked about Sonny and said Rae could leave a message for him at the warehouse and gave her directions. Tony came in just then and he and Rae hugged warmly and caught up with one another as old friends. When she told Tony that her daughter, who she been told died at birth but was actually illegally adopted, was her objective and that the adoption papers in the bible in Sonny's desk were vital, Tony offered to ask Bobbie to intercede. Rae was grateful and Tony's pager went off. They agreed to have dinner later.

Carly and Sonny talked about her actions and his concerns about her running in and blurting out the information. He asked her to consider that Roy could have been armed and it could have gotten ugly. Carly argued that she was afraid he could have gone to prison. He guessed that would be a pretty sweet deal for her, him in prison and she with custody of both babies. She said she should go to the feds and rat him out herself. They laughed over the phrase "rat him out" and he asked her to rest, saying she'd had enough stress for today. He suggested that they take Michael to the park and she hurriedly agreed.

Roy went back to Bobbie and told her what had happened. Bobbie was shocked that Carly had overheard them. Roy told them that now that his cover was blown, he was surely going to prison so they didn't have much time. Bobbie assured him that they would find a way to keep him out of prison...that she was never going to say good-bye to him again.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Jax and Chloe were packing for a trip to Russia when a phone call came in - Edward had successfully raided a tech company that Jax wanted. Jax was pleased despite his loss and explained that that sort of wheeling and dealing is what he enjoys and is good at. He left immediately to go to the Quartermaines' and congratulate Edward, and as soon as he was out the door, Chloe clutched her head, moaning.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward offered Ned some celebratory champagne, and they sparred verbally while awaiting Jax' arrival. He showed up a moment later and congratulated Edward. They traded cracks about profits and financial skills, but all understood that the point of the maneuver was for Edward to take something that belonged to Jax. After answering questions about Chloe's condition, Jax left to return home. Edward immediately went into the uncertainty routine - praying that Jax doesn't go after ELQ, worrying that he's in too deep this time - but Ned recognized this as a ploy to lure him back, and refused to take the bait. He told Edward that he was the one who picked the fight with Jax and he's on his own. Edward sputtered and called Ned an ingrate, but Ned just smiled, thanked him, and left.

Chloe had fallen asleep and was dreaming about a diner, "Once Upon a Dream" playing on the jukebox. She wakened as Jax returned, and he explained that Edward had thrown down the challenge and now it's his turn. Chloe immediately decided to cancel the trip, over Jax' protests, since it would give Edward time to rally his forces if they left at that time.

In Texas, Maxie, Georgie, Mac and Mariah gathered in the living room to discuss the day's plans. Maxie was worried about school, but all agreed to take one more day off and ride the horses. Later, Mac and Mariah were alone and discussed the situation with Felicia. Mac admitted that he doesn't answer the phone when it's Felicia on the line, unless the girls are there to talk to her. Mariah didn't believe that Felicia was capable of such deceit and hurtful behavior, but Mac said he had proof - the videotape Faison had taken of Felicia and Luke together. Mariah demanded to see the tape, and Mac obliged. He explained that even after seeing the tape, he'd been willing to forgive her, but she went off again. Mariah agreed that she didn't want the girls around "anything like that", and stated that if Felicia comes to her senses they'll take it from there, but in the meantime the children should live with her. The girls came back from their riding outing, and all happily agreed that they'd stay with Mariah. Meanwhile, Felicia called home, but there was no one there to answer the phone. She left an "I love you" message for the girls and for Mac.

Alexis went to Stefan's office and found him going through old photos of Laura. He demanded the file she'd brought, and searched through it hurriedly, insisting that he had to find Lucky before Luke and Laura did. He told Alexis about his recent trips to the Haunted Star and to Ice Princess Island, and admitted that he'd lost Laura. Alexis questioned him about his plan, and he explained that he was trying to discern where Laura had been happiest, as that would be where Helena could do the greatest emotional damage. He also explained Felicia's presence - Luke was having an affair with her. Stefan suggested that Helena might be nearing the end of her tour, realizing that she would be caught if she kept it up much longer. Alexis wondered if perhaps Helena were trying to lure everyone to the same spot at the same time, and from that Stefan reasoned that they would be not at Port Charles, the last place, but the next to last place - Vancouver. He ordered the jet and vowed to bring Lucky home and give Helena what she deserves.

Luke and Laura were in Marrakesh, discouraged over their lack of success in tracking Lucky. Laura suggested that Helena underestimated the "power of us" and that maybe they had, too, but before Luke could comment, the phone rang and it was Felicia, calling from Ireland. He told her to stay there for a while and promised to be in touch, but when he hung up, Laura's tone was cold as she asked,"Where do we look next, or do we have to wait for Felicia?" Luke was not interested in discussing the Felicia situation, but Laura pressed, insisting "This is our trip, not Felicia's, and I don't see how she's helping us." Later, they made up and agreed that they didn't want to fight. Laura admitted that she missed Luke, and started to cry as he held her. They shared memories of Ireland and Marrakesh, and agreed that they missed the feeling that they could do anything together. They agreed sadly that they couldn't go back, that they weren't now the same people they had been then. They talked about how exciting it had been to be all over the globe, but remembered also the fear and running away in the night. Luke had something he needed to tell Laura: the happiest he'd been in his whole life was when he'd been with her, and she tearfully agreed, tenderly stroking his face until, again, the phone rang. Felicia, of course. She asked Luke where they'd lived the longest, and he relayed the question to Laura, who suddenly realized that the real question was where they'd been the happiest - the Triple L Diner in Vancouver. Luke excitedly instructed Felicia to hop on a plane and meet them in British Columbia. This was enough for Laura, who turned and stomped off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Helena and Lucky had already arrived at the Triple L and ordered breakfast. Lucky was anxious to be off to Port Charles, but Helena explained that this was their last stop together and suggested that they take a walk around town to see where he used to live. After the walking tour they went back to the diner where Helena commented that the stability of living there must have been a relief for young Lucky after all the travel. She said that she appreciated his company on the tour, but guessed that he was anxious to leave, and handed him $500. He questioned her, and she told him to add it to the amount he'd "appropriated" from her already, then added that he could keep the jewelry, too. He was suitably abashed. Helena then said he was clever and independent, qualities that would stand him in good stead. She told him he was then on his own, and announced that she was leaving. Lucky was confused, and said he thought they were going to Port Charles, but Helena pointed out that PC would still be there, although, she suggested, he might want to wait for his parents to arrive in Vancouver before he moved on. She commented "It's all up to you" and left the diner, leaving Lucky on his own.

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Friday, April 7, 2000

Roy is at the docks when Sonny arrives. Roy asks if they have unfinished business. Sonny says they do and hands Roy an envelope. The envelope contains a check and cash. Roy asks what it is and Sonny tells him severance pay. Sonny tells Roy that he is going to tell his men that Roy is an informant. Sonny warns him that once that happens, his cover will be blown and suggests that Roy should take the money and run. Roy says he is tired of running and he won't do it anymore. He tells that he told him who he was in return for Sonny saving Bobbie. They both appreciate what they did for eachother. Roy keeps the check and gives back the cash. Sonny tells Roy to watch his back and Roy tell him to do the same. They say goodbye.

Roy goes to Kelly's and before he can open the door the fed goon Larkin corners him. He taunts Roy with the information that he knows Roy was fired from the warehouse. Larkin tells Roy that Sonny must know he is an informant and his cover is blown. He tells Roy that Ford will be contacting him tomorrow and not only will he go back to prison, but Hannah will find out her father is a felon. Roy grabs Larkin and tells him if he speaks to Hannah, Larkin will answer to him. Larkin reminds Roy that he will be going back to prison where he belongs.

Bobbie is at the brownstone when Carly arrives, furious that her mother has put Sonny in danger of being arrested. She tells her mother that Roy is setting her up. Bobbie tells Carly that all of this whole nonsense began with her and that it is Carly's fault. Carly is livid and tells her mother she can't believe what she is hearing. She tells her daughter that if Roy goes back to prison she will never forgive her. Carly reminds her mother that Roy has been lying to her since he hit town. Bobbie tells her daughter that she loves Roy and Roy loves her. They were just starting to work things out when Carly came bursting into Sonny's to tell him what Roy was already doing. Carly tells her mother that Roy is using her and that it is not love. Bobbie asks Carly to please try to convince Sonny to help Roy stay out of prison. She tells Carly maybe Sonny could feed Roy false information to keep the feds off his back until they can come up with something better. Carly reminds her mother that after the desk incident she doesn't want to risk alienating Sonny again. Bobbie angrily tells Carly she owes her for helping Jason when he was shot. Carly shoots back that Roy is no Jason. Bobbie tells Carly to leave and she does.

Bobbie has candles and wine ready for Roy when he arrives. He wants to take her out on the town with his severance pay. Bobbie wants to know what happened and Roy tells her he only wants to concentrate on her for the night. He doesn't want to discuss prison or Sonny or any of it. It could be their last night and he wants it to be memorable. Bobbie tells Roy she won't let him go again. Bobbie continues to try to convince Roy to run and he won't do it. She says there has to be something we can work out. He is just sorry he dragged her into it before he got it all resolved. She tells him never to be sorry. She loves him and no matter what happens she always will. They embrace.

Sonny is on the docks after he has left Roy and bumps into Rae. She asks him for help in directions to the Corinthos/Morgan warehouse. She says she only wants to ask Mr. Corinthos one question and will be out of his way. She doesn't want to hear anything about Sonny being a plague to Port Charles or a hoodlum. She has heard it all. Sonny smiles and confesses he is the plague. Rae is embarrassed and charmed by Sonny. She explains about the desk and Sonny tells her he doesn't have it anymore. He tells her he donated it to charity the day before. He is sorry and she says she is too for calling him those names. No problem. Rae heads off in the direction of Kelly's. Tony comes in to meet Rae at Kelly's and she fills him in on her meeting with Sonny. She tells Tony she was quite taken with Sonny. He smiles and says, "No comment." Tony makes a phone call and arranges for someone to open up the thrift shop so she can look at the desk. He tells Rae that he knows what it is like to have a child out there that you are desperate to see and be with.

Sonny arrives home to find Carly reading to Michael on the couch. He joins them and picks Michael up to show him the view Jason used to show him from the penthouse and tells him that he owns half of the coffee house, thanks to Jason. Carly reminds Sonny it is Michael's bedtime. When Carly tries to take him from Sonny he tells her he will put him down and they all go upstairs, one little family in the making. After they have put Michael to bed, Carly marvels at how at home Michael feels and how easily he went to sleep for Sonny. Sonny explains it is a guy thing and they laugh. As they are picking up toys together Carly tells Sonny her ultrasound is coming up and she would like him to go. He says great that he just needs to know when so he can plan around. When Carly asks around what? Sonny replies that he has spoken to a priest and they will be getting married next week. Carly looks shocked.

Lucky is at the Triple L diner and talking to the waitress. He orders breakfast. Helena is looking on from outside as Lucky tells the waitress he is there to meet his parents. After the waitress serves him breakfast she begins messing with the register. It is stuck. Lucky tells her what to do to unstick it. She wants to know how he knows that. He tells her his parents owned the place and that his father bought the register second-hand. He also tells her he is one of the "L's" in the Triple L. The waitress introduces herself to Lucky and tells him her name is Katie. Helena is still looking on from outside and walks away. As Lucky and Katie get better acquainted Lucky spots Stefan outside the diner and asks Katie to hide him. She hides him behind the counter. When Stefan comes in and asks her about a boy fitting Lucky's description, she lies and tells him she hasn't seen him. Stefan leaves and Katie tells Lucky the coast is clear. He won't explain why Stefan is after him, but tells her that he didn't do anything illegal. As Lucky looks out the window Katie wants to know why someone is after him. She tells him that she would help him. Although they hardly know each other she feels like she can trust him and would help. He says he would do the same. He says he wishes he could thank her. The movies would be nice. He tells her he can't because he won't be there long. She says she will take a raincheck for when he comes back to town.

Liz is at Kelly's as Emily walks in. Em wants to know why Liz seems so freaked. Liz explains that every time the door opens she thinks it might be Lucky walking in. He has been a prisoner for a year and Liz wonders if they have changed him. What if they aren't connected anymore? Em reassures her pal that the minute Lucky walks in and sees her they will both remember how much in love they are. Liz and Emily continue to discuss the future when Lucky comes home. Emily says that they will have to all hang out and how much fun they will have. She hopes that Lucky will like Juan. They comment on how much the two guys have in common. Just then Juan walks up and tells Emily that he won't cut a demo until he is 50 at the rate he is going. Juan explains to Em and Liz that money is a real obstacle. They go down the usual list of potential benefactors. Liz mentions Nikolas and Juan tells her that he would never take money from Nik. Emily reminds him that if he doesn't get over this pride thing he won't make. Just then Nikolas bursts in to Kelly's and tells Liz he has a lead on Lucky. He heard from Ms. Lansbury that Stefan was in British Columbia. He tells Liz if they hurry they can be there by nightfall. Liz looks nervous. Liz tells Nik that she can't even think because it has happened so fast. She says that if Helena is notified she might hurt Lucky. Nik assures her that Lucky will be safe. He tells Liz that perhaps they should wait and think it through first.

Helena is on her jet preparing to leave. She calls to Andreas to bring her the champagne and tell the pilot she is ready to leave. Stefan comes up behind her and starts to choke her. He wants to know why she is celebrating and what does it have to do with Lucky Spencer?

Felicia is on a payphone crying and leaving a message for Mac and the girls. She is pleading her case that she wishes she could be with them and knows they will understand when she returns. Luke and Laura arrive at the airport and spot Felicia. They say a guarded hello and head for the rental cars to begin the journey to find Lucky. Luke shows Felicia a map of where they are headed as Laura gets the rent car. Laura looks annoyed when she shows up and decides that it is time to begin the drive to British Columbia. When Luke and Laura and Felicia arrive at the Triple L they are a little apprehensive. Felicia tells them to go in and she will keep a look out for Helena. When Luke and Laura walk in they spot Lucky at the counter with his back turned to them. Luke says, "Cowboy," and their boy turns around. Luke and Laura grab hands and are thrilled they are looking at their son. Lucky looks confused.

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