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Monday, April 3, 2000

While Rachel continued her quest to cause trouble at the hospital, Lee asked a conflicted Scott to fill a vacant seat on the hospital board. Rachel later learned from Alan that Scott had been offered a seat on the board and that there was still another seat open. In order to serve her own agenda, Rachel tried to flatter Scott into accepting the job. Later, Lucy was able to convince Scott to accept the position. On his first day at home with Frank and Courtney, Neil called Joe and asked him to come over. After Neil admitted he wished things could be like they were before, Joe firmly steered him in Frank's direction and urged him to give Frank a chance. Neil later reached out to Frank as they hung up the basketball hoop in the apartment. Eve surprised Kevin with the news that he got his job back at the hospital and presented him with a new office. Rachel was privately upset about Kevin returning to work.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Scott and Lucy are cuddling in bed, talking about getting up, her psychic powers and his being on the board. He says he needs someone else on the board like him to get things done. Lucy asks who and he says he's looking at her. She likes the idea and jumps in with both feet, Lucy style.

Eve is on the phone at the desk planning a surprise party to celebrate Kevin's reinstatement at the hospital. Kevin approaches and she cuts the call short and chats with him. He suggests they go out tonight but she says they should have a night in. He leaves tossing "partypooper" at her. Kevin comes upon Rachel pushing a nurse to give her Kevin's patient charts. He takes them from her and told her it's nice to see she's still working out her control issues. Exit Kevin. Alan, using the phone at the desk, is approached by Rachel seeking his support for her bid for the Board.

At the desk, Eve invites Matt to the party and he says yes. Lucy and Scott talk about her running for the Board; he says she's a shoe-in but she says he sees her like no one else does. He says yes but he still wants her sitting next to him in the boardroom. Lucy told Eve and Matt she's running. Eve told them about the party and invites them asking that they not tell Chris - she does not want him and "his nutcase of a wife" there.

Chris enters the penthouse to find Julie knitting. When asked she told him she has to do something. She's bored. He says soon she'll have her job *and* Christina and she'll be wishing for some free time. She says she worked her butt of during the strike and, when it's over, all she gets is "see ya." She has to keep busy.

At the Recovery Room, Karen and Joe chat. She asks how he is and he tells her a guy could go crazy waiting for a peer review. She asks what his strategy is and he doesn't really have one. Is he planning to go in there alone? Who will he take, he asks. She told him she was thinking Scott. He's on the Board now - conflict of interest? Joe told her no one can explain what he did and defend him like he himself can. Kevin is in is new office when Lucy stops by. She hugs him joyfully and offers congratulations. He apologizes for not letting her know and she says by tonight everyone will know anyways (LUCY!!). When asked what she means, she says the grapevine, that's it. She told him she's going for the empty seat on the Board and he thinks it's a great idea. Kevin pretends to be a stodgy old board member and tosses questions at her. She plays along with him giving her hints. He says anyone would be lucky to have her in his life. She comments that his reinstatement and her running for the Board is the same. They'll be seeing a lot of each other. He says his fingers are crossed.

Karen is at the desk with Rachel standing by. Rachel asks if she's alright and Karen says she is. Rachel apologizes for coming down on her so hard during the strike. Karen says she's just glad it's over. Rachel adds that it was kind of Karen not to mention that she was the one who supported Karen for her job. Karen says she wanted it and still does. Rachel knows what it's like to want something that bad. She's hoping to be accepted to the Board. Karen agrees to put in a good word with Scott and Lee. She'll speak to them tonight at the party to celebrate Kevin's rehiring.

Mary and Victor are decorating the Recovery Room and chatting about Kevin. Courtney and Frank enter with Neil, who makes a big noise. Victor and Mary pretend to be startled. Joe enters and Neil runs to him for a hug. Neil went with Joe to get a soda and Mary told Frank and Courtney how amazing it is; Neil was so sick! They talk about Frank and Courtney's new place and Neil's room there.

Lucy and Scott chat in the hospital. She has a feeling it's predestined. They have to pick up Serena and get to the party. They stop Eve as she's passing by and Lucy asks what she can bring to the party. Eve says nothing but Lucy persists. Eve assures Lucy she has it covered. Kevin approaches and congratulates Scott on making the Board. Lucy and Scott leave and Eve says she can't imagine anything worse than Lucy on the Board.

Rachel is asking Chris and Julie for their support. Julie says her support won't help. Rachel says she needs all the support she can get. She says she has to go to Kevin's congratulatory party. He got his job back?, Julie asks. Julie is annoyed that they'd rehire Kevin, mad stalker, and not her. All the more reason for Rachel to be on the Board. Chris says he understands why he and Julie aren't invited but Rachel is? Rachel says it wouldn't be a party without her!

Rachel gone, Chris told Julie he's on call tonight. They can have some time together. Dinner, bowling and Lookout Point? Yup. They race for the door.

At the Recovery Room, the party is waiting for Kevin. As Lucy bitches about Eve not arranging to get the guest of honor there, Eve and Kevin enter and walk up behind her. Eve taps her on the shoulder she turn and yells "Surprise." Everyone else follows suit and the party and congratulations begin! Karen arrives and approaches Scott and Lucy about supporting Rachel. Enter the uninvited Rachel who went to Eve and Kevin and apologizes for crashing. She offers congrats. She offers to bury the hatchet and announces she's running for the board. Eve says she's running against Lucy? Lucy asks Rachel. Lucy, approaching, confirms. They wish each other some kind of luck. Lucy then told Lee and Gail she's running. Stunned they say they will talk to her later about it. Karen talks to Scott about Joe and Scott says he can handle it. There's no conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Victor congratulates Kevin again and expresses his pride. Mary toasts the interns for their support during the strike and Courtney seeks pay from Lucy for a volunteer position Lucy says no. Scott worries that Courtney will sue Joe and the hospital.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Rachel continued to try and round up support for the board seat and was uncharacteristically friendly to Alison in an attempt to gain access to her grandmother, Amanda Barrington. Rachel also came up with a plan for Julie to spy on Lucy and then give her the information. Chris wholeheartedly disagreed with Rachel's plan and felt that Rachel and Julie's professional relationship was out of whack. Rachel lobbied for Scott's vote, but Scott coolly informed her that he was the one who had suggested that Lucy run for the seat. After she and Frank had a disagreement over money, Courtney told Frank she was going to sue Joe and the hospital for malpractice. Scott offered to represent Joe at his peer review, but Joe refused. Joe then confronted Karen and accused her of interfering by urging Scott to help with his case. After Frank was evasive about what he would say at the review, Joe decided to take Scott up on his offer and also apologized to Karen.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Chris and Julie are lightly clad in bed. Julie mentions that she still sometimes wakes up expecting to still be in Ferncliff. Chris reassures her with kisses. After some more kissing, Julie says they have to get going. She has a busy day - an appointment with Rachel. She told Chris she's never been happier and today she's going to quit therapy.

Scott chats with Joe. Joe says he thinks they see things the same way - Scott says yeah, like a couple of hotheads. Joe wants Scott to take his case after all. Joe expresses some ideas in typical arrogant Joe fashion - Scott reins him in. Scott told him that the case is lost if Frank and Courtney sue and asks what Joe thinks the chance are that they will. Joe says he wouldn't put it past them, and Courtney doesn't pass up a chance at getting the green. Scott told him to call in any favors he's owed by his brother. Lucy comes in and Joe went off to get them some menus. Lucy is full of plans to stay in people minds and has a list of people to back her - the Q's, Amanda, Stefan, and of course, Lee. Scott looks at her and doesn't say anything. Later at the hospital, Scott talks to Lee about Lucy running for the board. Lee has doubts about Lucy's fitness for the board - she has the wrong temperament. Scott told him how hard Lucy works, but gets nowhere. Meanwhile, Lucy sweet talks a nurse while Rachel lurks in the background.

After the nurse leaves, Rachel told Lucy that they need a volunteer to iron strait jackets. Lucy walks off and is run into by Amanda's granddaughter who moans about having to work at the hospital. Lucy offers to buy her lunch, granddaughter told her she'll have to top Rachel's Smashing Pumpkins tickets.

Rachel heads to her office in time to hear a message for Libby come across her answering machine Julie arrives and notices Rachel seems upset. Julie says she came to her appointment early to tell her something. Julie told her how well she is doing and it's because of Rachel. She also told her that she thinks it's time to stop therapy. Rachel plants seeds of doubt by talking about how it must be so hard to watch another woman call herself Christine's mother and she was hoping to help Julie handle the feelings of anger and pain. An obviously deflated Julie wants time to rethink dropping therapy. Rachel told Julie it's up to her - but no matter what, she'll stay Julie's friend. I hate Rachel.

Julie meets Chris for lunch. Julie says she always had a slight feeling that Rachel was using her and today, Rachel's manipulations made it clear she was. Chris is a little surprised that Julie knew how Rachel really was - Julie says she used Rachel back to get out of Ferncliff. Chris is in love all over again.

Scott and Lucy are back at the Recovery Room. Scott reluctantly told her that while Lee is crazy about her, he doesn't think she belongs on the board. Lucy is crushed that Lee doesn't believe in her. Scott tries to say Lee is just old and stubborn. Lucy says they'll have to convince him that she's right.

Frank and Courtney are at home discussing the lack of food. Courtney talks about shopping - they'll have lots of money after they sue Joe and GH. Frank tries to dissuade her - their pasts will be brought up, etc. She says they have the ammo they need - their son almost died.

Frank paramedically brought in a patient to the hospital. After the staff takes over, Joe comes in and reminds Frank that he saved Neil's life - twice. In an attempt to get Frank to side with him, he gets even more arrogant. He tells Frank to stick with what he knows is right - Frank says he plans on it and leaves on another call. I hate Joe.

Frank and his partner return to GH. Courtney arrives with lunch, and partner goes off to flirt with a nurse. Frank tries again to convince her that the suit is a bad idea. She wants to do it for their future. Alone in her office, Rachel pulls a blonde baby doll out of a bag in her drawer. She looks at it sadly, then puts it back, seeming to struggle for control.

Friday, April 7, 2000

Lucy arrives at the hospital; she asks Katie the nurse if she can use the phone. Lucy calls Monica but gets her machine - she wants to talk to Monica about her candidacy for the board. Then, as Rachel eavesdrops, Lucy gives Katie a note for Alan, inviting him for lunch. The note went into Alan's message slot, and Lucy hurries away. Rachel asks Katie to get her a patient file; while Katie is gone, Rachel steals the note Lucy left for Alan.

Eve and Kevin meet in a hallway. She asks his schedule; Kevin has a patient at 1:00. After that, they agree to meet and "lighten up together."

Joe visits Frank and Courtney's apartment, looking for Frank. He's not there. Courtney tries to shut the door in Joe's face, but he pushes it open, telling her they have to talk. Joe wants to discuss the malpractice suit. Courtney points out that Joe treated Neil without permission. Joe claims that he saved Neil's life; Courtney tells him to "tell it to the judge." They argue about it some more; Courtney finally admits that she feels entitled to money from the hospital's insurance. Joe asks what Frank will do when he finds out what Courtney really is; Courtney assures Joe that Frank already knows, and he loves her. Joe figures that'll change in time.

Chris comes to Rachel's office in response to a message she left him. She wants Chris to talk Julie into resuming therapy. Chris doesn't think Julie needs Rachel anymore. Rachel tries to blackmail Chris, threatening to tell Julie that Chris took money from Bordisso (regarding Christina's parentage); Chris calls her bluff, pointing out that DV arranged for Rachel to meet Julie to begin with. Rachel thinks it'll be worse for Julie to feel betrayed by her husband than by her therapist. She wants Julie back in her office within 24 hours. She swears it's for Julie's good. In addition, she wants Chris to get his colleagues to support Rachel's candidacy for the board. Chris tells her she's some piece of work, and leaves without committing to anything. After he's gone, Rachel calls and invites Alan to lunch.

Kevin is in his office, surrounded by boxes. He finds a spot on the wall for a mirror, and is hanging it when Lucy flies in. She tells him he can't hang the mirror there, facing the door, because the chi will go bouncing off the mirror and back out the door. Hasn't he ever heard of feng shui? Kevin teases that he had some with his moo goo gai pan; Lucy swats him with her purse. She thinks it's terrific to see him setting up his office. He agrees that it feels good.

Kevin figures they'll be seeing a lot of each other once Lucy's on the board; she's afraid that Rachel will win instead. Lucy was counting on Lee's support but isn't going to get it. Kevin asks why, and Lucy explains that Lee doesn't find her to be standard board material. Kevin figures that Lee is vanilla, while Lucy is "neapolitan and nuts." Lucy agrees, though she prefers to think of herself as gourmet sprinkles. Kevin told her she has his vote - but she reminds him that he doesn't get one.

Lucy asks Kevin how much he knows about Rachel. Not much, he says, and he wants to keep it that way. He pulls out a file he has on Rachel. Lucy reads the label upside down (Kevin remarks on this ability of hers) and asks about the contents. Kevin explains that it is leftover from when he was doing research on Rachel. He told Lucy not to waste her time - there's nothing there. He tosses the file on top of the credenza; Lucy gazes hungrily at it as Kevin went to answer the intercom. His patient is an hour early. Lucy prepares to leave; Kevin invites her to drop by anytime. They exchange "ta's" and she leaves. Kevin moves the mirror, muttering, "Bounces, the chi, huh? We'll just see about that!"

Joe is at work at the Recovery Room; Rachel arrives for her lunch date with Alan. Frank comes in to pick up his takeout order. Joe fills him in on his visit to the apartment. Frank told him to stay away from Courtney. Joe accuses Courtney of greed. Frank doesn't want to hear it; he takes his food and leaves. Alan arrives, and he and Rachel take a table together.

Meanwhile, Kevin is in the midst of a session with his patient. The guy is fixated on women - half-dressed, semi-dressed, undressed. He imagines seeing them everywhere. Outside the door, Eve checks her watch. It's 12:20 - she comments to herself that Kevin's appointment isn't till 1:00. Inside the room, Kevin is explaining to Glenn (the patient) that there is a huge gap between fantasy and reality. Just because one imagines something doesn't mean that - - He doesn't get to finish the sentence; just then, Eve enters the room, murmuring, "Time for my appointment?" She removes her coat - underneath the coat, she is wearing nothing. Glenn stares at her in shock; Kevin silently directs Eve's attention to Glenn. When she sees him, she screams, puts her coat back on, and dashes out. Glenn asks, "Did you see her?" Poor Glenn thinks he imagined her, and figures he's a hopeless case. Kevin reassures him, claiming that it was the first step in his behavior modification therapy.

Chris calls out to Eve, who is racing by clutching her coat together. He invites her to take her coat off; she told him she can't. Chris asks if Eve and Kevin are still investigating Rachel; she explains that after Julie's acquittal it didn't seem important anymore.

Julie arrives at the Recovery Room and takes a table. She eyes Rachel and Alan. Rachel is volunteering to serve on the review board. Alan tells her he's not sure he can do that. Rachel asks, is that because I'm running for the hospital board? Alan says, no - the peer review board is facing a big battle. Rachel insists that she is one of the few objective observers. Alan told her he'll think about it. Rachel sucks up - Alan is her role model and mentor, gag, choke. Lucy arrives during this exchange, sees Alan and Rachel together, and stands there, steaming.

As Julie pretends to read the paper, Lucy walks up to Alan and Rachel's table. She glares at Rachel while mentioning to Alan that he must not have gotten her note. Rachel told her she'd invite her to join them, but they're discussing hospital business. Perfect, Lucy says, because she's a member of the hospital family. Not officially, Rachel insists, but Lucy sits down with them, explaining that she finds titles so awkward. Alan congratulates Lucy on the good publicity - and referrals and donations - they got as a result of Donatella Stewart's complimentary interview with Ronny Price. Rachel listens, annoyed

Rachel's cell phone rings; she leaves the table to take the call as Lucy grins. We hear Rachel say, "How bad is it?" Lucy pumps Alan for information about Rachel; he doesn't provide any, but obviously enjoys sparring with Lucy. Rachel returns to the table, explaining that she has to leave due to an emergency. Lucy is pleased, but then Alan announces that he has to leave too. Alan goes; the ladies taunt each other briefly before Rachel leaves. Lucy also leaves - she has decided to follow Rachel. Julie watches them out the window, while calling Chris on her cell phone.

Back in Kevin's office, Eve is apologizing. Eve figures Kevin's patient will need therapy for the rest of his life; Kevin explains that, in fact, it cured him. Eve asks what Kevin is doing later. He's "pretty free." So is she. "So I've noticed," Kevin jokes. Eve wonders if Kevin wants to go home and fool around. He doesn't - he likes her original idea better. Why doesn't she go find that trench coat and try him again?

Back at the apartment, Frank asks Courtney about Joe's visit. Courtney rants about Joe, but Frank says Joe is a good doctor. He asks Courtney to drop the suit because of the impact on Neil. Courtney points out that Neil will get all sorts of benefits from the money from the lawsuit, but Frank points out that Neil loves Joe. How will it affect Neil if the lawsuit means that Joe can never practice medicine again? All the money in the world won't make up for that kind of pain. Courtney says she can't give up the lawsuit, but Frank tells her she has to, for Neil. Courtney reluctantly agrees.

At the Recovery Room, Julie is filling Chris in on the Rachel/Lucy confrontation. Chris told Julie about his conversation with Rachel. He thinks Rachel is definitely up to something. Julie thinks they should sneak into Rachel's office - in fact, she could even go back into therapy. Chris doesn't like that idea, but Julie eventually talks him into it. She picks up the phone to make an appointment.

Lucy follows Rachel to the gate of the Van Wyck Institution. The gate is locked. She presses the bell, claiming to be a delivery person. Nobody answers.

We see a room inside the institution. A framed photo of two girls sits on a table - a taller girl with light brown hair, and a shorter one with dark brown braids. A woman (played by Beverly Garland) stands at the window, gazing out. Rachel, carrying a shopping bag, enters the room. The woman looks at her in silence. Rachel begs her, "Mom, please, you've got to stop doing this." The woman walks towards her. She looks into her face and says, "Livvy?" Rachel answers, "Yes, she's come back to you." She reaches into the shopping bag and gets out the doll we've seen Rachel with before. She hands the doll to her mother and says, "She's right here." Rachel's mother sinks into a chair, cradling the doll in her arms and crying quietly as she caresses the doll's head. Rachel sits behind her on the arm of the chair, stroking her mother's hair and comforting her. She told her mother, "Don't cry, Mama. I haven't forgotten."

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