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Monday, December 4, 2000

As everyone tried to recover from the shock of the explosion, Jamal was frantically looking for Alison. When they found her under a pile of debris, they noticed a substantial cut on her head. Joe and Gabriela managed her wound and Jamal was relieved to see that she was ok when she asked if her cut would leave a scar because she didn't want to have to wear bangs.

At first, Lucy's main concern was Livvie because she didn't know that she had left the party much earlier. Lucy was relieved when Kevin gave her the news.

Joe had recognized Ian's car as the source of the explosion. Lucy struggled with the knowledge that Eve and Ian were outside the Recovery Room when the explosion went off. She didn't want to worry Kevin if there was nothing to be concerned about, but he overheard her telling someone else. He didn't believe that that could be a possibility because he knew that Eve had been on the way to the hospital. He wouldn't even accept that it was Ian's car outside because he knew that Ian was supposed to have left town earlier.

Livvie remembered that Estelle had no idea what had happened to Rachel, so Jack took her over to see her. Estelle seemed to be feeling better after the cure that Ian gave her, but not completely. She kept asking when Rachel was coming to pick them up to leave Port Charles. Livvie couldn't bear to tell her how serious Rachel's condition was so she just told her that Rachel had had to leave for awhile. Estelle immediately jumped to the conclusion that Rachel was dead. Livvie tried to clear it up by saying that Rachel was just resting for awhile.

At the hospital, Jamal argued with the nurse who was taking her time getting Alison admitted for treatment. In the process they discovered that Alison's health insurance had been cancelled. Gabriela came over and took care of the situation, but it didn't calm Jamal down that much.

Kevin and Lucy went to the hospital to look for Eve. They only found disappointment though when one of the nurses told them that they had called Eve to come in but she had never made it. When they arrived back at the scene of the explosion, Mac was trying to investigate. Kevin was beginning to realize that Eve could have been in the car when Mac admitted that they had found Eve's wedding ring in the car.

Back at the hotel, Livvie started to ask Jack questions about why he had come to Port Charles. He started to tell her that there is only one thing that she needs to know about him, but quieted the conversation with a kiss instead.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Livvie finally pulls back from Jack's kisses and asks him to tell her more about himself. As stunned colleagues and friends gather in the on-call room, Chris is shocked to hear the news about Ian and Eve. Outside the Recovery Room, Kevin howls in anguished grief after positively identifying his wife's wedding ring in the charred remains of the burned car. As Victor and Mac begin their investigation, a weeping Lucy manages to coax Kevin away from the scene of the bombing. Jack avoids giving Livvie any direct answers when she wonders why he always seems to show up just when she needs him most. Revealing only that he lost his mother after years of separation, Jack told Livvie he wishes they had found a better doctor who might have saved his mom's life. Later, Jack has a strong reaction after hearing Chris' voice on the answering machine. Frank comforts Karen as she grieves for her lost friend. Upon learning that the car bombing was a professional job, Kevin bitterly curses Ian for destroying his life. Meanwhile, several men lock an unconscious Ian and Eve into a cell in an undisclosed location.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Lucy filled Scott on the outcome of the explosion. Lucy started to blame Eve for her own death and Scott had to calm her down. Then, Lucy broke down saying that she just couldn't believe that Ian and Eve were dead. Just as the words "Eve is dead" came out, Serena walked in the door.

Livvie went to see Kevin. Once she got there, all she could say was how sorry she was. Kevin started to tell Livvie how much she would've liked Eve if she had gotten to know her better. Eventually, Livvie was ready to leave because she couldn't come up with any words to soothe Kevin's pain. When she prepared to go, Kevin stopped her and asked her to stay.

Eve and Ian woke up in their dungeon-like surroundings and managed to untie their hands. Before they had a chance to try for an escape, their captor showed up with his goons to say hello. When Ian tried to attack them, he was knocked out almost instantly and they left.

Scott and Lucy did their best to break the news to Serena gently. After a bit of sadness, Serena's first concern was for Kevin. She asked if they could stop at the firehouse on their way to go see him and Lucy and Scott agreed.

Joe and Gabriela tried to comprehend the loss of two friends. Gabriela expressed how the event made her feel that she hadn't really grown up yet. She was remembering how in love Eve had been with Kevin and was grateful that Eve had had that opportunity. Gabriela said how she wished that Ian had had the same chance...Joe admitted that he thinks that Ian had found someone, but he wouldn't tell Gabriela who it was.

When Ian awoke, Eve drilled him with questions about the man in charge of their abduction. Ian said that his name was Harris and that he thought that he had killed him years ago. Apparently, Harris was a businessman who got in the way of a shipment of cures for a virus that was on its way to a village that Ian was working in. Ian was devastated that he had promised a bunch of children that they would get better, but couldn't make it happen, because of Harris.

Kevin was happy to see Serena, Lucy and Scott. Scott made an attempt to express his sympathy to Kevin and told Livvie that he was glad she was with Kevin. Serena gave Kevin the stuffed elephant that Eve had given her back when she was blind. She said that all Kevin needs to do is hug the elephant and Eve would appear in his dreams.

Gabriela told Joe that the accident had made her realize something else..that she didn't want to waste anymore time. Again, she told him how much she wanted to make love and Joe still said that there was too much of a risk. With pleading, Joe admitted that he had thought about it though and eventually he gave in and they started to make plans.

Harris returned and Ian asked him to get right down to what he wanted. Harris said that since Ian had tried to take his life, he was going to pay for it with human life. Ian assumed that Harris was referring to Eve and tried to jump Harris, but the guards put a quick stop to that and took Ian from the room. Eve begged Harris not to hurt Ian. Harris seemed to to enjoy her pleading and said that he would be back for more.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Everyone pitched in and helped clean up after the explosion, as they were all cleaning Joe said that Ian and Eve would want them to celebrate life, so the made a toast to Ian and Eve.

Jamal was upset after the explosion, because he said that he was not able to take care of Alison, after the incident about the insurance, but Alison told him that it didn't matter, that she just wanted to be with him

Kevin went to where he and Eve got married to say his own special goodbye.

Eve escaped from Harris's security and went to look for Ian. Harris began to tell Ian why he brought them there, he was dying from assassin's disease and he wanted Ian to save him. When Eve found Ian, Harris told them that back in Port Charles everyone thinks that they're dead. Harris also told them if he dies that they would die to.

Friday, December 8, 2000

Lucy icily advises Chris to leave Livvie alone. Joe finds Kevin tearing apart the Scanlons' basement apartment in a wild frenzy. Ian and Eve are locked together in a bedroom to discuss how they're going to find a cure for Harris. As they share a pizza, Livvie confides to Jack how much she wishes she could help her grieving father. Chris arrives and shoves Jack to the ground, then furiously orders the boy to stay away from Livvie. Lucy tries to reassure Serena that even broken hearts can be mended with the passage of time. As he trashes Ian's apartment, Kevin told Joe he won't rest until he's found evidence leading to his wife's killers. Later, Kevin is shocked to discover an unfinished note detailing a brief moment of intimacy between Eve and Ian. Ian promises his fellow captive he won't let anyone hurt her. Joe reluctantly reveals to Kevin how Ian had developed feelings for Eve before he decided to leave town. Chris is stunned when Jack bitterly reveals himself to his brother. Feeling betrayed and confused, Kevin returns home and begins drinking heavily. After knocking over a lit candle, Kevin hits his head on the bureau and falls senseless to the floor.

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