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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on PC
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Monday, November 27, 2000

Kevin made another attempt at finding Rachel under the water. Again, she struggled when he tried to bring her to the surface. Livvie was hysterical, but managed to use her cell phone to call for help.

Eve was very excited when she returned home and found a man in her living room. She was disappointed when she found out it was Ian and not Kevin. She told Ian that she was really worried about what Rachel could've done to him. Ian promised that he wouldn't leave until Kevin was found. Eve started to take things out on herself by saying that she should know where her husband is and that she would is she hadn't been so caught up in everything except him. Then, she swore that if Kevin was alright, she would make it all up to him by keeping every vow she had made and being the perfect wife.

Lucy was getting frantic at the hospital because she could feel that something was seriously wrong with Kevin. She was so upset that she started to get up and put her clothes on to leave, but Victor intercepted her before she got very far. He tried to calm her down by telling her a story about when Kevin was young and had run off on Victor. It was a situation where Victor had been worried about Kevin, but everything turned out fine. It seemed to make Lucy feel better, but she said that she couldn't go on if anything happened to Kevin.

Just as the paramedics arrived, Kevin came to the surface with Rachel. Livvie was worried that she was dead, but Frank cleared her airway and showed that there was still life. Livvie was thankful that Kevin had saved her "mothers" life. They took Rachel to the hospital and Kevin and Livvie followed close behind.

Mac was at the hospital to find out what was going on. He told Kevin that he had called Eve. He asked Kevin about Livvie being his daughter and Kevin told him how unsure he was that he could do the job. Mac wanted to ask Livvie some questions, but Kevin insisted that he wait. Then, Eve and Ian showed up. Eve ran into Kevin's arms and Mac and Ian took a walk to discuss what Rachel had been up to.

Kevin told Eve that Rachel had tried to drown herself to make Kevin into a murderer. Eve seemed to want Rachel to die, but Kevin said that she had to make it for Livvie's sake. Eve was confused, but when Kevin told her that Rachel had admitted that he was Livvie's father, she seemed to understand.

Victor brought Lucy down to find Kevin kissing Eve. Lucy didn't want to interrupt the couple, but Victor convinced her that Kevin would be very happy to see Lucy up and about. In fact, Kevin was happy to see her up. Lucy told him that she just had to see with her own two eyes that he was ok.

Livvie snuck in to see Rachel when nobody was looking. She was alive with her eyes open but not responding to anything. Livvie did her best to send her words of encouragement.

Kevin asked Joe about Rachel's condition and found out that there really isn't anything wrong. The next step is to have Gail come down and do a psych exam. Joe asked if Kevin would rather do the exam, but he declined.

Things were slightly awkward between Eve and Ian. Ian asked if there was anything else that she needed, but she said that she has everything she needs so Ian left.

As Ian was leaving, an anonymous person was suspiciously snapping pictures of him.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Eve inadvertently lets it slip to Kevin how close Lucy came to losing her life while he was out searching for Livvie. Angry to learn that his friend lied during their phone call, Kevin reminds Lucy how important she is to him. An amused Joe guesses that Ian has fallen in love after he finds his downstairs tenant venting his frustrations on a punching bag. Lucy stands by her decision to hide the truth, explaining to Kevin why she didn't want to distract him from the hunt for his daughter. Distraught over her "mother's" condition, Livvie accuses Eve of wishing Rachel dead all along. Lucy encourages an anxious Kevin to believe that he'll instinctively be a wonderful father. Ian leaps to Eve's defense when Livvie lashes out at her in a rage. Afterwards, the chastised girl offers both doctors her thanks for the work they've done towards perfecting Rachel's research. Joe begins to suspect that the woman who has stolen Ian's heart is none other than Kevin's wife. Kevin is touched when Eve suggests that they open their home to Livvie. Lucy told Ian that he's not only been reinstated at GH but will now have full control over the clinic. Though grateful for her intervention with the hospital board, Ian assures Lucy he's also aware of her desire to have him too occupied with work to think about his feelings for Eve.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

At the Recovery Room, Alison and Jamal found a frantic Frank trying to please a customer after his waitress had just quit. The customer was complaining about there not being any cocktail sauce so Alison stepped in and whipped up her own blend. The customer said that it was the best he had ever had. Frank was impressed and told Alison that if she wanted the job it was hers, but she declined.

Kevin was surprised that Eve was willing to let Livvie live with them. The couple was very eager to make up for lost time, but Eve decided that it should wait. Instead of going home, Eve wanted Kevin to ask Livvie about moving in as soon as possible.

Chris went to visit Livvie and Rachel. Livvie was furious at Chris because she had overheard him telling the police that he wanted Rachel blown away. Chris admitted that he overreacted, but that he had just been worried about Livvie. Livvie said that she should've listened when Chris told her that he wasn't a nice guy. Chris said that he wants to be the one that she can turn to and that Livvie can find him when she's ready.

When a frustrated Livvie turned around, Kevin was there. She was upset that she didn't have anyone to blame for what had happened to Rachel. Kevin said that he would do anything to take her pain away and Livvie collapsed into a hug in Kevin's arms.

Eve caught Lucy getting dressed to leave the hospital and didn't think that Lucy was ready. Lucy wasn't about to take orders from Eve so Eve conceded. They chatted about Lucy's stint with death and appeared to be on the same side for once. Both were surprised, but agreed that this did not make them friends. Eve made a comment about Lucy butting into her life and said that it must just drive Lucy crazy that Eve is married to Kevin. Lucy struck back by saying that the marriage wouldn't last long if Eve didn't stop playing around with Ian.

Jack showed up at the Recovery Room and Jamal and Alison told him that he wouldn't need to pretend to be her boyfriend anymore. Jack didn't really care about that situation, he was more concerned with getting information on Livvie and Rachel. Amanda showed up next and wanted a word with Alison. Alison agreed only to find out that Amanda was behind Alison's recent failure at trying to find a job.

Eve said that Lucy would probably love it if Eve hooked up with Ian because then Lucy could have Kevin. Lucy said that she couldn't get Kevin back if she wanted to because he is in love with Eve, but she doesn't want to see Kevin hurt. Eve explained that she is doing her best to help Kevin through his most recent ordeal by asking Livvie to move in. Lucy didn't respond well to hearing that Livvie was going to live with Kevin, she thought that Livvie should go back to living with her. Eve said that Livvie should be with her father, but instead of continuing the argument, the women decided to let Livvie choose and to coexist peacefully to the best of their ability for Kevin and Livvie's sake.

Kevin asked Livvie if she would like to move in with he and Eve and told her that it was Eve's idea. Livvie was happy, but was having a hard time thinking about a new home given Rachel's condition. Kevin took Livvie in Rachel's room and Livvie did some reminiscing and said a final goodbye to Rachel. As Kevin and Livvie left, they ran into Lucy and Eve. Livvie was happy to see that Lucy was doing ok. Lucy asked Livvie if she would like to live with her and Livvie accepted. Livvie made sure that Kevin wouldn't mind if she lived with Lucy for awhile and thanked Eve for the offer.

Alison couldn't believe that Amanda had gone to such great lengths to prevent her from being with Jamal. Amanda tried to convince Alison to come back home, but Alison shocked Amanda by telling her that she had a home...with Jamal. Amanda tried to tell Alison that Jamal's love for her wouldn't last, but Alison responded by saying that at least it doesn't hurt like it does to be loved by Amanda. After proudly watching Amanda leave the room, Alison decided to take Frank up on his offer and accepted the waitress position.

Jack continued to ask questions about Livvie and then brought up the subject of Chris who entered the room a short time later. Frank told Jack that if he wanted to know something about Chris he should just go ask. Instead, Jack walked over and dumped his drink all over Chris. Chris was shocked, but even more so that Jack just stood there staring at him. When Chris asked why, Jack said that he looked like someone he used to know. When Chris dismissed him, Jack was upset that Chris hadn't recognized him.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Lucy helps Livvie move back into her suite at the Port Charles Hotel. As the girl starts to undress, however, she's startled to find Jack hiding in her bedroom. Ian has an erotic dream about making love to Eve. Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Kevin reminds his wife that they still have some issues to work through concerning Ian. Explaining how he climbed into her room from the fire escape, Jack urges Livvie to come away with him. Ian surprises Joe by announcing that he's decided to move on. Eve suffers pangs of guilt when Kevin humbly apologizes for meddling in her partnership with Ian. Joe guesses the real reason his friend is leaving town and encourages Ian to work things out with Eve rather than running away from the problem. Determined to cheer up her young charge's holiday season, Lucy cooks up the idea of introducing the girl to her extended family with a belated Thanksgiving feast. Jack brought Livvie down to the river bank, where she shakily reveals how all her childhood traumas revolve around her terror of the water. Promising to alleviate her fear, Jack gently leads Livvie into the river to prove that it will do her no harm.

Friday, December 1, 2000

Livvie becomes distraught after getting wind of Lucy and Victor's plans for the big family dinner. Eve reports for duty at the hospital and is upset to learn from Gabriela how Ian abruptly resigned the night before. Meanwhile, Kevin heads to the basement apartment at the Scanlon house and offers Ian his apology. Livvie told Lucy she isn't ready to deal with a bunch of strangers who mean nothing to her despite the fact that they may be related. Ian asks Kevin to say goodbye to Eve for him. Livvie went back to the river bank in hopes of running into Jack once again. At the Recovery Room, Victor confides to Mary how worried he is that his teenaged granddaughter will have no use for him. As he finishes packing his belongings, Ian can't stop thinking about all the times he and Eve have been close. Livvie finally makes an appearance at the party and meets her grandfather for the first time. Sensing the girl's discomfort, Kevin assures his relieved daughter she doesn't have to stay. Later, Livvie is delighted to bump into Jack. Eve confronts Ian and demands to know the real reason he's leaving Port Charles. An enormous blast rocks the Recovery Room.

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