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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 20, 2000 on PC
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Monday, November 20, 2000

Alison realized that she hadn't exactly discussed moving in with Jamal. She could tell how uncomfortable it made him so she became determined to find a place of her own.

Chris questioned Gabriela about the guard outside Lucy's door, which led to him discovering what Eve and Ian were up to. At first, Chris was going to get rid of both of them, but with some pleading he was convinced to let them stay. Eve managed to make Chris focus on finding Livvie instead of worrying about what they were doing.

Out of desperation, Kevin went on television to try to reach out to Rachel.

Rachel tried to make Livvie understand why she had done what she had. When Livvie tried to leave, Rachel became furious and even frightened Livvie with the strong grip she had holding her back.

Alison called some friends to see if they had room for her, but she couldn't find anyone. At this point, Jamal had told Alison several times that he was ok with the idea of her moving in. He said that he was just shocked at first because they hadn't talked about it. Still, Alison didn't want to impose.

Finally, Eve and Ian made progress with the antidote for Rachel's disease. They went and asked Lucy if she was ready for it and she said that if she was going to go, it might as well be with a fight. Shortly after her injection, Eve and Ian were seeing good results as expected. However, just as they were about to celebrate, Lucy complained of being dizzy and went unconscious.

Livvie played along with Rachel while she explained her plan. Rachel said that she had arranged for a boat to take them away from PC so that they couldn't be traced. She asked Livvie to meet her at the docks in 2 hours so that they could leave and Livvie agreed.

Jamal did his best to explain that it made much more sense for them to live together than apart. Alison seemed to agree, but was still not 100% sure that they were ready for it.

Kevin was frantic about finding Livvie and Rachel. he had arranged a meeting at Rachel's office in the hospital with the police, but when on his way he ran into Livvie.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Scott arrives at the hospital and is alarmed to see Ian and Eve trying to resuscitate Lucy. Pulling Scott aside, Joe quietly warns him to get Serena down to the ER as soon as possible. A tearful Livvie fills Kevin in on her fears about her mother. Meanwhile, kneeling by the water, Rachel promises her dead sister that Livvie will never be with Kevin again. As Ian finally manages to get Lucy stabilized, Eve explains to Scott why they still have hope that the antidote will eventually take effect. After eliciting from Kevin a pledge that he will not call the police, Livvie agrees to lead him to Rachel. Sitting by Lucy's bed, Scott reminds his estranged wife how Serena expects her adoptive mother to live up to her promise that they will always be a family. Later, a frightened Serena arrives and clings to Lucy's hand. Garcia brought news about Rachel's crimes to a startled Karen and Joe. Serena breathes a sigh of relief after her mom finally opens her eyes and gives her a smile. Rachel went ballistic when she realizes that Livvie brought Kevin to the wharf.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Ian and Eve congratulate each other with a warm hug as their patient's vital signs slowly begin to return to normal. Meanwhile, Lucy senses that Kevin is in serious trouble. Rachel lashes out at Livvie for bringing their sworn enemy right into their camp. Though Livvie tearfully insists she did it out of love for her mother, Rachel grows even more incensed and berates the trembling girl at the top of her lungs. Joe cautions Ian that Garcia and the FDA are on the warpath. A fretful Lucy presses Eve to go find her husband before it's too late. On the wharf, Kevin attempts to persuade Rachel to surrender peacefully but she whacks him with a club and knocks him unconscious. Lucy thanks Ian for saving her life, then told her uneasy doctor she's determined to find him a good woman to love. When Rachel moves to finish her victim off, Livvie wrestles the club away and furiously spits out her hatred for the woman who raised her. As Kevin comes to, Livvie bitterly informs Rachel she wishes it was her who had drowned years ago instead of Grace. Ian went to the clinic to give Estelle an injection of the new serum. As Kevin and a horrified Livvie look on, Rachel suddenly leaps into the icy water and vanishes beneath the surface.

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Thursday, November 23, 2000

As Rachel tried to pull Kevin under with her, he flashed back to memories of Grace and Ryan. He remembered his reunion with Ryan as well as the night that Ryan died. Kevin eventually resurfaced without Rachel. Driven by memories of Grace and her drowning, Kevin refused to let Rachel die. Livvie begged him to save her in spite of all the horrible things Rachel had done to him.

Kevin remembered the first time he met Livvie as well as everything that had happened between them since then. He found an unconscious Rachel and on the dock, Livvie prayed for them both to resurface.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

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