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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on PC
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Monday, November 13, 2000

Alison and Jamal started to get more involved before Jamal realized that this was Alison's first time and slowed things down.

Once again, Kevin was trying to make Eve understand his position on Livvie. Eve was still saying that she was trying her best to understand and help him through this. Kevin didn't belive her. He said that he thought Eve would be much happier if Livvie would just disappear. Eventually, Kevin told Eve that he had put an end to all of their pain by lying to Livvie and telling her the paternity test had all been a big mistake.

Lucy was searching the hospital for Chris when she was slowed by a body ache. When one of the nurses offered a massage and brushed Lucy's hair off of her neck, one of the suspicious marks appeared, but the nurse didn't notice.

Alison explained that she wasn't an angel, but that this would be her first time. Jamal was uneasy and said that a girls first time should be special and he didn't feel like they were doing it right. He wanted to precede the event with a fancy date and flowers, but Alison said that she didn't need all of that.

When Lucy did find Chris she demanded to know why Chris had taken it upon himself to make sure Eve knew that Kevin could be Livvie's father. Lucy even admitted that she had done the test, but Chris still wouldn't admit to any wrongdoing.

Held at gunpoint, Ian tried to get more information from Boardman. However, when a car came screeching through gunshots were fired and Boardman was hit. Ian immediately took Boardman to the hospital and tried to help repair him, he was very anxious to get Boardman back so that he could find out the truth. However, Chris made Ian leave the room and leave him to do his job.

Eve was sad because she knew how hard it must have been for Kevin to let Livvie go. Kevin explained that he couldn't just let go because Livvie was still his flesh and blood whether he was her father or her uncle. He said that when Livvie was ready to hear the truth he would be there for her. Kevin didn't think that Eve's heart was really ready to share with Livvie. Eve explained that her heart was with him no matter what. She also said that it was a shock when the real world interrupted their blissful life and she just wasn't ready for it when it came up. It seemed that they finally understood each other again and they were in the process of making up when Ian called telling Eve what had happened. Eve said that she needed to go, but, this time, Kevin went with her.

At the hospital, Kevin and Chris both took the opportunity to notice that Ian is never far behind when trouble occurs. Eve took Ian and took care of his cuts. Then, Chris made a comment to Kevin about how he is letting Livvie leave town with Rachel. This was news to both Kevin and Lucy so they both took off to find Livvie.

Alison and Jamal both told each other how much it meant that they were the first people who understood them they way they really are. After they exchanged their love for one another, they continued showing each other how much.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Jamal and Alison spent the night together. Alison told Jamal that for the first time in her life, she felt secure and wanted, and felt like she was really at home.

Kevin and Lucy continued their search for Livvie. Kevin left Lucy behind, and showed up at Rachel's house, to find her packing to move. He told her there was no way she was taking his daughter. Rachel told him that Livvie wasn't his daughter and Kevin said that she couldn't know for sure, since him and Ryan had identical DNA. He told her that as far as he was concerned, that made him the closest person to Livvie.

Livvie and Jack ran into each other at the waterfront. He told her that he wanted to spend more time with her. Livvie told him she was leaving town with her mom, and he tried to talk her out of it. Chris Ramsey showed up and told Livvie that he had something that could change everything. I turned out to be the copy of the DNA test that proved Kevin was her father. Chris told her he wanted to take care of Livvie.

Ian and Eve awaited news on Boardman's condition. They were hoping to talk to him about the deaths and hopefully find out the next victim. Detective Garcia showed up and told them that he had evidence that Boardman was involved in a drug running ring, and he made hints that he thought Ian was involved somehow also. Ian and Eve tried to figure out if the drug scheme was involved with the murders.Ian received a call from Iris and she told him that the doctor who treated the patients was a woman, and that she visited Hillhurst often.They argued and Rachel stabbed Kevin in the neck with a hypodermic needle.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Chris told Livvie that he wanted them to be together. Livvie was very confused since Chris had told her before that they were just friends. Chris said that he just couldn't let her go and that he really wanted to take care of her. Livvie started to get all upset about the confusion in her life. She wanted to know if Kevin was really her father or not and if he had lied about the DNA results so Chris dropped the subject and went with her to the hospital. Rachel visited a delusional Estelle and reassured her that everything would be all right. Rachel received a phone call in which she was making sure that all of her plans were being carried out. Then, she told Estelle that they would be leaving soon and Kevin wouldn't be able to stop them this time. Rachel called Livvie and told her that they would be leaving town that night. She told Livvie that she had one last thing to take care of, but for Livvie to be ready to go.

Ian and Eve realized that it was Rachel, not Boardman, behind the suspicious injections. Their new motive was that Rachel must be using humans to test a cure for her mother. Their first move was to make as many phone calls as possible to try and locate Rachel, but they couldn't reach her. Then, they discussed going to see if Estelle knew where she was. As this discussion was going on, Livvie and Chris walked up.

Gabriela surprised Joe at home with a feast and entertainment to get his mind off of his injuries. When one thing began to lead to another, they ended up discussing sex. Gabriela said that she knew the risks and wanted to go through with it, but Joe said that he couldn't stand to endanger her life. She was disappointed, but they decided that they would find other ways to show each other how they feel.

Livvie was furious at the idea of Eve visiting her grandmother so when Eve was insistent, Livvie decided to join Ian and Eve in their search. At Estelle's, Eve pushed for answers for Rachel's whereabouts. Estelle remembered that Rachel had been there, but didn't know where she had gone. When Eve continued to push, Estelle got upset and Livvie got even more angry. Livvie demanded to know why they were so concerned about Rachel and threatened to call security if they didn't fess up. Reluctantly, Eve and Ian explained their theory about Rachel's plans. Of course, Livvie couldn't believe it and she was determined to prove them wrong so she accompanied them to Rachel's apartment next. Once in the apartment, Eve and Ian started to ransack the place looking for any clues, but didn't find any until Eve turned up Kevin's watch. Eve explained that she had given the watch to Kevin as a gift and there's no way he would have just left it somewhere. Then, Ian started to grill Livvie about the last time she had spoke to Rachel.

As Rachel was calmly driving off, we got a glimpse of the events of Kevin's abduction and could hear Kevin in the trunk of her car banging desperately to get out. Rachel simply turned up the radio and drove on.

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Thursday, November 16, 2000

Eve fears the worst after stumbling over her husband's watch in Rachel's apartment. Meanwhile, Kevin awakens to find himself tied to a chair in a makeshift laboratory. Alarmed to see an unconscious Lucy lying next to him, Kevin's heart sinks even further when Rachel gleefully explains how he's wired directly to an IV which will give his friend a concentrated dose of Estelle's disease if he makes any move to escape. Though Livvie adamantly insists that her mother isn't capable of murder, Eve repeats her frantic assertion that Kevin is in grave danger. Rachel informs her astonished prisoner that Grace's peculiar behavior was caused by the same illness which is now destroying her mother's brain. Vowing to leave no witnesses behind after she leaves town, Rachel promises Kevin that before he perishes he'll have the chance to watch Lucy suffer a slow and agonizing death. Ian uncovers more evidence tying Dr. Locke to Bob Green and Iris De Marco, then is agitated to discover that Lucy is the mysterious "Patient X". Later, Ian and Eve find Iris lying dead next to a dumpster with another clue clutched in her lifeless hand. Kevin appeals to Rachel to stop living in her sister's shadow and use her own considerable skills to make a new life for herself. Realizing he's just trying to soften her up, Rachel angrily yanks Kevin's arm, sending the deadly fluid dripping into Lucy's veins. As Livvie arrives and tearfully begs her mother to stop, Ian attacks Rachel from behind and Kevin shouts for Eve to pull the IV.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Ian chases after Rachel when she disappears with Livvie in tow. Meanwhile, Eve warns a dismayed Kevin that it may already be too late to save Lucy. Alison invites a delighted Jamal to share her bubble bath. Kevin and Eve rush Lucy to the ER, where they fill Joe in as he struggles to treat his patient. Gasping for breath, Lucy begs Kevin to find Livvie before she falls prey to Rachel's lunatic scheme. Ian arrives with Dr. Locke's notes and suggests that Lucy's best chance lies with a possible antidote they might be able to glean from the unfinished research. Though reluctant to leave his ailing friend, Kevin decides he must go in search of his daughter. Teasing Alison about her lack of experience in the real world, Jamal explains to his girlfriend how difficult it is to find a job which can pay the bills. Kevin calls Victor in to help him look for Livvie. With Lucy growing progressively weaker, Eve and Ian realize they have no choice but to try the experimental antidote. Jamal is caught off guard when Alison announces that she's moving in. Rachel brought a frightened Livvie to a strange house and warns the girl not to try leaving. Ian is alarmed to discover that he can't decipher Rachel's notes.

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