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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on PC
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Monday, November 6, 2000


Alison and Jamal got up early to have breakfast because it was the only time they figured they wouldn't get caught by Amanda. While they were there they were surprised to see Curtis, one of Cedric's thugs, walk in. They were even more surprised when Amanda walked in and sat across from him. After briefly reliving his encounter with Rachel, Kevin called the hospital looking for Eve. He was puzzled to hear that she hadn't picked up any of her messages.

Eve and Ian were still locked in that room in the hospital. Eve was overly frustrated so Ian decided they should make the best of their time by looking for files for Estelle. While Eve was doing the search she started to get upset about the whole Rachel/Livvie situation, but stopped herself because she didn't want to get personal with Ian. She told Ian that they had crossed a line and she didn't want it to happen again. Then, Eve decided she didn't want to say anything more about it. When Eve brought up the rumors about Rachel and Boardman being an item, Ian commented that that happens when two people find themselves in the situation where they are together day in and day out. This topic made Eve jump up and try to find a way out of the room again.

Kevin filled Victor in on the events of the last few days. Lucy showed up too and told them that Livvie hadn't come home the night before. They called Chris and he told them that Livvie was with him, but she didn't want to talk to Kevin. Kevin made a comment about how Chris is the only one who seems to be enjoying this whole mess and Lucy replied with the idea that maybe Chris was behind the whole thing. She went on to wonder if Chris was the one who planted the DNA test in Eve's locker, but Kevin decided to drop the subject because it really didn't matter who was behind it, the damage was already done.

Jamal said that he thought that Curtis knew Amanda already because he was at the fundraiser. Alison couldn't imagine what Amanda would want with someone like that. They were both shocked when they caught Amanda sneaking Curtis a big envelope of money. After Curtis left, Alison went over to find out what Amanda was up to. They were both wondering what the other was doing there that early, but Amanda's excuse didn't hold up. She said that she had to be at a board meeting, but Alison knew that wasn't true so Amanda tried to make up another excuse, but Alison still didn't buy it. Alison and Jamal decided that if they could figure out what Amanda is up to, they might be able to get her off their backs.

Kevin was still frustrated. He knew he needed to do something but couldn't decide what the right thing was. Victor made sure that Kevin knew that decisions like this could stick with him for life and Lucy tried to get Kevin to remember how he wanted to help Livvie from the very beginning. This advice helped Kevin decide that he needed to go find Livvie and tell her the truth, but he needed to tell Eve before he could do that.

Ian tried to ask Eve what she was afraid of and she said nothing. She said that she just wanted to get out of that room and back to her life. Then, she remembered a way to check the computer to see if a certain test had been run, but when she started the check, the entire system went down. They gave up on the search and Ian eventually got the door open, but by then Eve was asleep. Instead of waking her, Ian covered her and watched her sleep. Shortly after she woke up, Lucy walked in. Eve was so excited to see her because she didn't realize that the door was open already. Lucy was pretty surprised to find the two of them there together. Eve hurried and left to find Kevin and Ian was left to defend himself to Lucy before taking off too.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Karen tried to help Ian access the GH computers, but they couldn't get in. Since he couldn't get into them, he decided to go through all the charts. Eve showed up and told him she would help. While they were searching they found a note pushed under the door saying "I have the answers to your questions, meet me at the park."

Kevin told Eve that he was going to tell Livvie that Rachel was blackmailing him. They ended up fighting about Livvie and Kevin left.

Livvie had a nightmare and left Chris's apartment to go back to live with her mom, even after Chris tried to talk her out of it. She ended up at the lake, and ran into Kevin, who told her that he ran another DNA test and the results said she wasn't his daughter. She told him she never wanted to see him again. Kevin left and ran into Chris and threatened him to stay away from Livvie. After Kevin left, mystery boy "Chandler" showed up, and started sweet talking Livvie.

Jamal met with Curtis, and told him he wanted him to take over Cedric's business. Curtis declined and then Alison showed up and told him that she would go to the police and turn him in for kidnapping her if he didn't tell her what kind of business he was doing with her Nana. He told Alison that he had told Nana that he was there the night Cedric died, and he saw the whole thing, that Jamal wasn't there. She paid him to keep quiet and not tell anyone. Alison was furious and swore to get even and to never forgive her grandmother. She began to make plans to get even.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Jack convinced Livvie not to run off and they spent some time by the water. Livvie asked him what his name was and he came back by asking who had broke her heart.

Lucy barged into Rachel's office demanding to know why Rachel is torturing Kevin when she knows he is Livvie's father.

Eve and Ian waited for the informant who had slipped them the note. After a kissing couple turned out to be a false alarm, Iris showed up and told them that if they didn't stop looking for answers they would "get us all killed".

Livvie wanted to know why Jack thought someone had broke her heart. Jack responded by saying that he could see it in her smile. Livvie obviously wasn't too impressed and got up to leave. Once again, Jack convinced her to stay, telling her that if she didn't want to talk about it, she didn't have to. Jack told her that he sort of lives everywhere and nowhere and Livvie asked if he ever gets lonely. Jack sweetly said that he wasn't lonely when he was with her, but, again, Livvie got frustrated and told Jack that if he knew what was good for him he would have nothing to do with her.

Joe was eager to get out of the hospital so Gabriela left to see if she could pull some strings. While she was gone, Emilio paid a visit to Joe and asked him to let go of Gabriela. Joe explained that he doesn't have HIV and most likely won't have it, but Emilio was still upset that there was a chance. When Gabriela joined the conversation, Emilio told her that Joe was not worth risking her life over.

Eve and Ian threw several questions at Iris with no results. She was very anxious to leave, but shocked when she heard that Bob Greene had died. Still, Iris was much too nervous to talk. She said that keeping quiet was the only way she could stay alive and that she was afraid she would be found by the other doctors so she ran off.

Lucy told Rachel that no one is going to believe that Ryan is Livvie's father, but Rachel stood by her story. Lucy was furious with Rachel for going after Kevin when she knows it's going to hurt Livvie. Then, Rachel decided to strike back by accusing Lucy of being a bad mother. Rachel went as far as wondering where Christina is right now before Lucy hauled off and punched her.

Rachel slowly got up and hit Lucy back, leading to wrestling around the office for awhile. Rachel called Lucy a tramp and accused her of trying to impress Kevin all the time. Lucy told Rachel that she was going to tell Livvie what an evil person Rachel was. Then, Lucy landed one more heavy punch and walked out.

Eve blamed Ian for the way things didn't work out with Iris. She thought that he had pushed Iris too far. Eve made a point of telling Ian that she wished he would stop and think before acting upon his impulses.

Gabriela told Emilio to back off. He explained that he has seen people suffer through HIV and AIDS and he didn't want to see her go through that. Gabriela told him that she knows what she's getting into and she's not ready to run away.

Jack tried to calm Livvie down by telling her that everybody has problems. She told him that someone had broken her heart, but it wasn't a boyfriend. Livvie explained how she is caught among all of these people who claim to care for her, but all hate each other. Jack told her that she needed to stop worrying about what everyone else wants and decide what she wants. Then, he said she should do whatever it takes to get it, no matter who it hurts.

Joe told Gabriela that Emilio had a point, but Gabriela said that she thinks that what they have is worth being brave for even if the future is uncertain. Then, she asked him if he was going to bail on the relationship. Joe made it clear he didn't intend on going anywhere.

Lucy found Livvie knocking on Rachel's door and tried to stop her, but was too late. Livvie said that she needed to be with her mother and when Rachel opened the door, she hugged her and told her how much she loves her. Livvie explained to Rachel that she just wants everything to go back to the way it was and that she wants to move back to Arizona. Rachel told Livvie that as soon as she tied up some lose ends, they would go.

Iris came back to Ian and Eve and told them that she wanted to help, but that she didn't know how much she could remember. She did say that she had been taken to a clinic and given injections several months ago. She also said that Bob Greene had helped her escape, but they had gotten separated. And, Iris remembered hearing doctors talking about the head doctor at the clinic being a very important figure at GH. Ian and Eve immediately assumed Boardman.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

Kevin and Rachel engage in a barrage of insults after bumping into one another in a corridor of the hospital. Though Jamal suggests that confronting Amanda may not be the best way to proceed, Alison insists that cornering her grandmother will force the truth out of her. Iris told Ian and Eve she's certain the doctor who injected her at the clinic also works at General Hospital. Meanwhile, Lucy is perturbed to spot Kevin's wife in close conversation with Ian yet again. Livvie informs Chris that she and her mother are leaving Port Charles for good. Lucy is knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant. Coming to to find Rachel leaning over her, Lucy accuses the shrink of attacking her from behind. Warning that she has Curtis' taped confession, Alison orders Amanda to leave Jamal alone or have her misdeeds exposed to the world. Mark lets Joe know in no uncertain terms that he is persona non grata around the hospital. Jack and a wide-eyed Livvie share a long, lingering kiss. Rachel brought a groggy Lucy to the ER for treatment of her head injury. Later, watching Kevin's over-the-top reaction to her mugging, Lucy confides to Ian her fear that something is terribly wrong with her friend.

Friday, November 10, 2000

Alison receives notice from her father's attorney that the family is cutting her off without a cent. Upon being released from the hospital, Lucy heads straight to the lighthouse and entreats Kevin to let her help him. Meanwhile, Ian and Eve continue their dogged pursuit of the truth surrounding Mark's illicit and lethal activities. Jamal urges Alison to consider what she'll be throwing away if she insists on staying loyal to him. Ian suggests to an astonished Eve that her husband's bizarre behavior of late may be the result of an unauthorized injection. Across town, a trembling Lucy watches in alarm as Kevin begins trashing the lighthouse in a blind rage. Afterwards, Kevin breaks down sobbing in Lucy's arms. Eve and Ian overhear Mark on the phone, quietly warning his co-conspirator that he's come under suspicion. Later, a gun-toting Boardman corners Ian in the parking garage. Lucy is revealed to have a familiar blue mark on the back of her neck.

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