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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on PC
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Monday, October 30, 2000


Upon realizing that Livvie was in the room, Eve explained that she thought she was alone with Kevin. When she realized that Livvie didn't know about her father, Eve told Kevin that he needed to tell her the truth. As angry as Eve was that he hadn't told her, she was even more surprised that Livvie didn't know. Livvie became hysterical and jumped to the conclusion that he must have had an affair with Rachel. She lost control when she heard that Rachel wasn't even her mother. Kevin wanted to deal with Livvie and couldn't handle Eve at the same time so he angrily demanded that she leave the room.

Boardman came to help Rachel with a hysterical Estelle. Estelle was blabbering about people trying to kill her while Rachel tried desperately to calm her down. Boardman told Rachel that they needed to decide if Estelle would be a good candidate for his "radical approach".

Lucy went to visit Ian and found him still investigating the cause of Mr. Greene's death. She didn't waste any time before bringing up the situation she has noticed between him and Eve.

Kevin tried to explain to Livvie that he never wanted her to find out this way and especially didn't mean to cause her any pain. He started to explain that when he was listening to her nightmares he realized that they were the same ones he had been having all these years. He explained how it all made sense that their dreams were both coming from the same place. Kevin told the story about Grace telling him that she was pregnant and had had an abortion, Livvie was still resistant so Kevin pulled out the ring and told her the story behind it. Kevin tried to comfort Livvie, but she pulled away and ran out. As Kevin was chasing after her he found Eve lurking in the hall.

Lucy made clear her observations on how Ian feels for Eve and pointed out that Eve is a married woman. Ian told her that there is nothing to worry about and then flipped the blame on Lucy. Ian's theory was that Lucy is so concerned about Ian and Eve because she's afraid that someone else is coming between Kevin and Eve. Ian pointed out that Lucy is a little too interested in her ex than she should be.

After Boardman left Estelle's room, Livvie arrived and told Rachel the shocking news. Rachel covered her tracks and explained that Kevin was just trying to hurt their family. When Livvie asked why he would want to do that, Rachel went on about how they are the ones who know that Kevin is a killer and that they can bring him down so he's trying to destroy them instead. Rachel even went as far as to start crying and reminiscing about how she was the one who had been there Livvie's whole life and restating that she was her mother. Livvie was still confused and left to be alone. Estelle started to get upset and Rachel swore that she was going to take care of everything.

Eve apologized for not noticing that Livvie was in the room when she stormed in. Kevin explained that he didn't know about the paternity until recently. Kevin wanted to leave to find Livvie and Eve begged him not to. Kevin explained that he is probably the only one that can help Livvie right now. And, now that he knows she's his daughter, he couldn't abandon her. Eve volunteered to go with him, but he rejected the idea and told her he would talk to her later.

Lucy explained that she and Kevin have been friends for a long time and that's all they are now or will ever be. Lucy and Ian both apologized for their accusations and thanked the other for their observation. When Lucy left, they both took a moment to reflect on what had been said.

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COURTESY Stacia Ramiller

Kevin reminds Eve why his top priority right now must be his daughter. Meanwhile, Livvie shows up on Chris' doorstep and tearfully declares that her whole life has fallen apart. Ian and Joe examine the tissues from Bob Green's corpse and decide to call in a favor from a friendly pathologist. A badly shaken Livvie explains to Chris why she doesn't know who to believe in the face of conflicting statements from Kevin and Rachel. When her husband wonders how she stumbled across the DNA test results, Eve is aghast to discover that Lucy was privy to the details about Kevin's secret family long before anyone else. Terribly hurt to think that Kevin has been confiding in his old flame, Eve lashes out at him for betraying her trust. Chris invites a grateful Livvie to stay with him at the penthouse. Rachel calls and icily instructs Kevin to meet her at the Phantom Ball. Outraged when Kevin elects to go to the party instead of working things out with her, Eve slams out of the lighthouse and heads for Ian's place. Later, Ian and Eve share a lingering kiss. A jeering Rachel informs Kevin that Ryan is Livvie's real father.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Kevin continued to question Rachel in the funhouse. Rachel told him that Ryan was really Livvie's father and not him. Kevin refused to believe this could be possible so Rachel went on to tell Kevin how Grace had confided in her. She said that Ryan had tracked Kevin down and was ready to contact him when he learned about Grace. Instead of seeing Kevin, Ryan went after Grace as a way of paying Kevin back. According to Rachel, Grace thought it was fun to be seeing Ryan behind Kevin's back, she had even said that they were in love.

Ian and Eve managed to pull themselves away from their passionate kiss. Immediately, Eve came up with several excuses to leave. Then, she apologized and expressed how sorry she was to Ian and Kevin. When Eve tried to leave, Ian followed. He said that he thought that maybe they should discuss what had happened, but Eve didn't want to. They both agreed that it had been a mistake and that it wouldn't happen again.

Everybody else was trying to enjoy themselves at the Phantom Ball. Courtney was cozying up to Amanda, Joe and Gabriela were flirting away, and Neil was running around video taping the party. Although, Frank doesn't know that Neil is video taping over a tape that he found in the back of Frank's closet.

Alison and Jack showed up and impressed Amanda for awhile, they were soon joined by Jamal. Jack had told Alison that he was looking for someone who ended up being Livvie. Alison and Jamal snuck off later to be alone.

Livvie was trying to enjoy her evening with Chris and forget about her "parents". However, when she started to describe Chris as being the hero in her life, he got frustrated and left her. When they caught up again, Chris explained how he is nobodies hero. He went on by telling Livvie that she would find out that he is not a nice person just by asking anyone at the hospital. Livvie tried to reassure Chris that anyone that thinks that about him just doesn't know him the way that she does.

Kevin didn't really start to believe Rachel until she mentioned the name of an Italian hotel where Grace and he had first made love. Evidently, Grace and Ryan used that hotel as a rendezvous point. Kevin had begun to get extremely angry by now and demanded that Rachel show her face. When she finally emerged, she threatened to tell Livvie the truth unless Kevin told her that he had lied about being her father.

Frank ran into Courtney arm in arm with another man at the ball. When he approached, Frank warned the unsuspecting man about how Courtney would soon be raiding his wallet. While Courtney tried to brush off Frank's accusations, they obviously served their purpose because the guy took off.

Eve came to the party looking for Kevin and found Livvie. She apologized for the way she had stormed into Kevin's office and said that she didn't mean to hurt Livvie. Eve even offered to lend an ear if Livvie ever wanted to talk. Livvie got upset and told Eve she didn't want to talk to her or her husband.

After Rachel left, Lucy found Kevin in the funhouse. Her first instinct was to get him out of there since a place like that has so many bad memories for Kevin. Kevin told Lucy what Rachel had said about Grace and Ryan. He also explained that it actually makes sense. Eve found them just as Lucy was comforting Kevin with a hug.

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Thursday, November 2, 2000

As the Phantom Ball continues, Livvie is pleased to recognize Jack beneath his mask. Eve demands some answers after finding her husband and Lucy embracing in the Hall of Mirrors. Explaining how Lucy walked in on the end of Rachel's sick joke, Kevin told Eve that his twisted twin brother has become a part of the strange story surrounding Livvie's birth. After Lucy departs, Eve tearfully implores Kevin not to let anyone come between them. Joe suggests to Gabriela that they agree to be exclusive and not date anyone else. Neil and Serena catch a jumpy Alison and Jamal on videotape as they sneak up on various partygoers with Frank's camcorder. Ian secretly trails Mark to Estelle's room in the psychiatric hospital. Chris interrupts just as Jack and a starry-eyed Livvie are about to kiss. Gabriela assures Joe she'd like nothing more than to go steady with him. Livvie bitterly informs Kevin that he will never be her father. Amanda gathers her guests together to view a video about the hospital but is treated instead to the tape of Courtney viciously lashing out at everyone in town---especially the Barringtons. Afterwards, a mortified Neil apologizes to Joe for his mother's nasty remarks. Ian guesses that Estelle is about to become Mark's next victim. As Gabriela looks on in horror, Joe is attacked by a trio of masked thugs.

Friday, November 3, 2000

Joe was beaten up by three masked men. Gabriela tried to save him, but they restrained her. Joe was hurt pretty bad, when Frank came out and helped to stop the attack. The men got away, but Joe collapsed. They transported him to General Hospital where he was treated by Karen and Eve. Gabriela, who was covered in Joe's blood, was confronted by her brother, who told her to stay away from Joe. Neal lashed out at Courtney, blaming her for the attack, because she was the one who started the HIV scare. Joe came to in the hospital, and him and Gabriela shared some tender moments.

Kevin dreamed about Ryan, who in the dream, told Kevin that he was Livvie's father and that him and Grace would laugh about deceiving Kevin in the past.

Chris followed Livvie to the lake, where he told her he cared about her. He told her that Kevin had a dark side, and that he had some psychiatric problems.

Ian told Eve that Dr. Boardman was treating Rachel's mother, and that she had the same symptoms that Mr. Green had. He also told her that Mr. Green had been murdered.

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