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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on PC
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Boardman called security and the police when he found Ian with the deceased Mr. Greene.

Livvie started to relax and leave her problems behind for awhile. Chris took it upon himself to cheer her up. Once again, Livvie professed her thanks for all of the support Chris has given her.

Lucy asked Kevin if he would want to know if Livvie was his daughter. At first, he said no, but realized that he was just kidding himself and changed his answer to yes. Lucy admitted that she had performed a DNA test that proved that Livvie is his daughter. Kevin was furious with Lucy for doing the test without permission and invading his and Livvie's privacy. Lucy defended herself by saying that she couldn't sit and watch Rachel and Estelle control his life any longer. Lucy said that she understood that he is mad, but hopes that he will understand why she did it. Kevin calmed down some, but told Lucy to leave and not to tell anyone else.

When Garcia arrived at the hospital, Eve explained that Mr. Greene had been very close to death and she had invited Ian to keep him company. She did admit that when she left the room Mr. Greene had been alive, but Garcia said that they would have to wait for the autopsy results before any arrests could be made.

Chris took Livvie for a drive to help her forget her troubles. When they stopped, they laid on top of the car and Livvie asked Chris to tell her more about himself. She didn't get very far with her questions though. They started to talk about the connection they feel with each other and Chris leaned up and kissed her. Livvie was confused because when she had kissed him before he had resisted. Chris said that he meant what he said before and didn't want to take advantage of her, but he couldn't deny how close he felt to her. Livvie settled down with her head on his chest and they continued to enjoy the stars.

Lucy ran into Ian and offered, again, to talk to the board about his status at GH. Ian turned her down again. Then, Lucy asked Ian how one knows if they're doing the right thing. Ian's advice was that you should do what you think is right at the time and deal with the consequences later. Lucy was thankful, but not very comforted.

Eve found Kevin remembering a night with her under the stars. Eve told him about Mr. Greene and Ian and Kevin told her that he wasn't giving in on his opinion of Ian. Instead of reacting, Eve invited Kevin in to enjoy the evening by the fire, but Kevin stopped her and prepared to tell her about Livvie. Not long after he mentioned her name, Eve was calling Livvie names and acting out her jealousy. Eve even asked Kevin if he was attracted to Livvie. Kevin was obviously disappointed in Eve's reaction and gave up on anymore conversation for the evening.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2000

On the heels of Bob's demise, Eve learns that another one of her patients has wound up in the hospital morgue. As he wonders how to handle Lucy's bombshell, Kevin bumps into Livvie wandering through the park. Apologizing for not telling her right away about his connection to Grace, Kevin attempts to reach out to the angry girl but she coldly rebuffs his efforts. Eve realizes that Bernard Haller and Bob Green suffered the same symptoms just before their deaths. Meanwhile, Rachel is forced to medicate her mother after finding Estelle in the throes of some violent mood swings. Joe asks a giggling Gabriela to meet him in the supply closet. Courtney is taken aback when Frank suddenly begins coming on to her again. Thrilled to think they could be reunited, Courtney is all atwitter until Frank pulls out his camcorder and shows her the video he made of her meeting with her "anonymous" benefactor. Later, Frank orders a sputtering Courtney to repair the harm she's done or have her lies exposed on the six o'clock news. Gail suggests to Kevin that his wife's reputation is being damaged by her close association with Ian. Rachel is visibly rattled by Livvie's off hand remark about Kevin. Courtney retaliates against Frank by siccing a ravenous horde of reporters on a horrified Jill.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

The press demanded to know if Jill was HIV positive or not. Most of the residents took a turn at shooing them away, but they wouldn't budge. Then, Joe decided to step forward and admit that he had been exposed to HIV. Soon after, Karen stepped up to say that she had been exposed to HIV followed by Eve, Ian, Frank and the other nurses all doing the same. Then, Alan stepped forward to say that he had been exposed to HIV and threatened that the reporters would all lose their jobs if they didn't leave the hospital. Alan's enforcement was what it took to get them out.

Alison paid a visit to Rachel. She told her all about her new boyfriend, Chandler. She also told Rachel that her and Amanda had been right about Jamal being a loser and she wasn't interested anymore. Rachel didn't buy her story so Alison went on to defend herself and Chandler and ended up offering to introduce Chandler to Rachel. Rachel accepted the offer, but made it clear to Alison that she didn't believe her.

Jamal caught Jack stealing a hot dog and took the opportunity to set him straight about Alison. Jamal admitted that their little scheme was "out there", but said that when Alison gets an idea, it's not worth it to stop her because she's usually right. Jack continued to say that he didn't owe Jamal or Alison anything and that the deal was off, but when Jamal told him that he knew he was cheating at dice the other night, he changed his tune.

After the crowd thinned, Eve was happy to see Ian again. Almost before they could speak, Alan was telling Ian to leave before security was called. Then, Alan gave Eve a warning about being involved with Ian. Alan was concerned that Eve would end up losing her job as well if she didn't stay away from him. First, Eve tried to defend Ian, but then she just thanked Alan for the warning and went back to work.

Ian was still lurking and pulled Eve into a room. Eve filled him in on the morgue arrival of Bernie Heller who was a patient that had also had one of the blue marks. Ian didn't seem too surprised to hear that Bernie had died of the same causes as Mr. Greene. Eve told Ian that she would see what else she could find out and meet him later.

Everyone was congratulating themselves on a job well done with the press when Jill walked up and thanked them all for their support. When Courtney walked in, Gabriela went after her, but Joe managed to stop her before she got to her. They both took this opportunity to tell Courtney what they thought. Courtney admitted that she had called the press in on Jill, but said that she only did it to get the heat off of Joe. Then, Frank approached and his turn with Courtney. Frank told Courtney that, this time, she had really gone too far.

Chris and Rachel crossed paths and Rachel told him how all of the staff was talking about how he was the only resident that didn't step forward with the others saying they were exposed. As usual, Chris and Rachel threw threats back and forth until Rachel left, but it seemed that Chris was bothered by the encounter this time.

One of the reporters that had been there earlier had an accident ended up at GH. Joe figured out what was wrong and told the guy that they would send him to Mercy. Obviously in a lot of pain, the reporter asked why they wanted to transfer him and Joe told him he didn't think he would want to be treated by a staff that had all been exposed to HIV. The reporter dismissed the thought and asked to be treated anyway.

Eve found out that Bernie's body, his autopsy, and the morgue attendant she had been talking to had all disappeared. She went to the park to tell Ian and they decided that they would go and get tissue samples from Mr. Greene before he disappeared too.

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Thursday, October 26, 2000

Lucy urges a gloomy Kevin not to let Rachel deprive him of his daughter. Later, when an obnoxious punk hassles Livvie at the pizza place, Kevin quickly steps in to run the younger man off. Jamal reminds Jack to chill out during dinner at the Grill with Alison's snobbish grandmother. Eve and Ian sneak into the hospital morgue to take some tissue samples from Bob Green before his body disappears as mysteriously as Bernie Heller's did. While Ian examines Bob's corpse, Eve breaks into the file room and begins reading about Bernie's case. Alison and Jamal are forced to cover with a fight when Amanda comes upon them standing together in the park. Chris eagerly badmouths Kevin after Livvie wonders if she's been too hard on her former therapist. Eve is attacked in the morgue by a figure dressed in surgical scrubs. Ian attempts to come to her rescue but is knocked aside as the intruder flees. Chris asks Livvie to be his date for the Halloween bash thrown by the Barringtons. Later, Chris finalizes his annulment and prepares to wreak his revenge on the people who destroyed his marriage.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Alison anxiously awaited "Chandler", who showed up late for dinner with her and her grandmother. He managed to charm Nana and she totally fell for his act.

Lucy continued to try to talk Kevin into telling Livvie that she was his daughter. Chris was eavesdropping and printed a copy of the DNA results, which he placed in Eve's locker. He called Livvie to meet him, and then told her he wanted her to let Kevin continue to treat her. She went to talk to Kevin, and while she was there, Eve crashed in the room, not seeing Livvie, and confronted Kevin with the DNA results. She asked Kevin if he had been planning on telling her that Livvie was his daughter.

After Ian saved Eve from her attacker, she told him she had injured the assailant in the arm. Ian went to tell Dr. Boardman that he had been cleared in Mr. Green's death, and noticed bandages on Boardman's arm. He asked him how he got injured and Boardman told him a nurse had cut him during surgery.

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