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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on PC
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Monday, October 16
COURTESY Stacia Ramiller

Ian packed up and waited for Eve in the on call room. When she arrived, Eve jumped to the conclusion that Ian was giving up and going back to Doctors Without Limits. She started to accuse him of not caring about his patients and quitting too early. Eve was shocked to hear that Ian was not giving up, but had been fired.

Kevin told Victor that there is a chance that Livvie could be his daughter. Victor was confused because Livvie is supposed to be Rachel's. Kevin went on to tell Victor about the ring and the photo and what Livvie said during hypnosis. Victor started to see why Kevin was concerned.

Lucy gave in and opened the paternity test results not knowing that Chris was closely watching.

Ian told Eve that he thinks that the mugging and the narcotics and Mr. Greene's condition are all related somehow. He asked Eve if she would watch over his patients after he left. She said she would do one better and get him copies of his patient files before he left. Ian strongly urged Eve to stay out of it, warning her that the situation was getting dangerous, but Eve said that she was already involved and went to get the files.

Chris found a confused Livvie in the hospital and asked what was the matter. Livvie explained how Rachel and now Kevin had been keeping things from her. She also said that Eve had mentioned something about Grace being a horrible person. Livvie couldn't understand why she wasn't getting the whole story.

Kevin told Victor that he remembers that Grace told him she had been pregnant, but had had an abortion. He said he had never thought a lot about the possibility she had been lying. Victor offered his support and asked what Eve thought about all of this. He was shocked and disappointed to learn that Kevin hadn't told her. Victor stressed that she should know what's going on. Kevin explained that he didn't want his past to influence his relationship with Eve and, despite Victor's pleadings, decided not to tell Eve about Livvie.

Chris tried to calm Livvie down. He advised her to pull back from Kevin and Rachel and to find a clear place where she can sort through her thoughts. Chris showed concern for Livvie's well being, saying that she needed to make sure she was taking care of herself. Once again, Livvie was eager to accept advice from Chris and told him what a great friend he was and that he was the only one she could trust anymore.

Lucy found Ian and offered to go talk to Alan about his release, but he stopped her. Realizing that Ian was up to something, Lucy let it go. Then, she asked him to take a look at the DNA results. Ian confirmed that there is a 99.8% chance that someone is the father of someone. These weren't the results she was hoping for, but now Lucy needed to decide what to do with the news. Later, Lucy ran into a disturbed Kevin. When Lucy asked if he was upset about Livvie, Kevin said that he really didn't want to talk about it and Lucy dropped the subject even though she was holding the truth in her hands.

After Ian left the hospital, Dr. Boardman cautioned Eve saying that he liked her, but she should be careful who she associates with because he doesn't want to see her get hurt.

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Tuesday, October 17
COURTESY Stacia Ramiller

Courtney finally phones the number in the ad to take credit for the tabloid article and to claim her "just" reward. Afterwards, Victor reminds his fellow conspirators to make sure they get his meeting with Courtney on videotape. Jamal shows Ian and Eve where he found Bob Green lying in the alley. Amanda suggests to Rachel that she might regain some credibility with her colleagues at GH if she can find a way to make Alison toe the line. Gabriela tries to reassure Joe that Neil will understand in time why they had to expose Courtney's misdeeds. Eve encourages Jamal to think positive about his future, then is disappointed to hear that he and Alison are no longer an item. Rachel warns a seething Alison that her family can have her committed against her will. Later, Kevin and Rachel angrily face off once again. As Courtney meets with her mysterious contact in the warehouse, Frank secretly records the entire scene with his trusty camcorder. Meanwhile, Joe hesitantly explains to his young nephew how he was exposed to the virus which causes AIDS. Eve and Kevin make an effort to mend the small but spreading hairline fractures in their marriage. Another argument ensues, however, when Eve demands that her husband stop treating Livvie Locke. Jamal lets a secret slip to Alison.

Wednesday, October 18
COURTESY Stacia Ramiller

Jamal tried to cover his tracks with a story about Amanda, but Alison didn't buy it. She slowly came to figure out that Jamal had pushed her away because Amanda had threatened her.

Kevin walked in while Eve was trying to reach Ian. Eve explained that she wants to keep in touch with Ian and fill him in on his patients while he's gone, but Kevin didn't approve. When Kevin said that he didn't want Eve to see Ian anymore, Eve thought it was just a form of payback for how she had been about Livvie. Kevin dismissed that idea, but went on to say that Ian is a magnet for trouble and could be dangerous for Eve to be involved with. Immediately, Eve snapped back saying that Livvie is dangerous for Kevin too, but he won't stop seeing her. It didn't take long for Kevin to get annoyed with the argument and walk out.

Lucy found Livvie and said that there was something that she needed to know. She tried to explain to Livvie that Kevin is a good, honest person who only wants to help. Livvie got upset, wishing that everyone would stop telling her who to trust and how to feel. She threatened to move out if Lucy didn't stop so Lucy gave in and offered to give Livvie the space she seemed to want.

Gabriela set up a romantic dinner by the fire at a spot looking over the city. After dinner, her and Joe played a game to get to know each other. At the end of this "first date" they ended up kissing in the firelight.

Everything was falling in to place for Alison, now that she knows Jamal didn't want to push her away. If it was up to Alison, her and Jamal would be together immediately, but Jamal pointed out that Amanda wasn't going to give up. Then, Alison decided to go out on her own, but Jamal made her realize that she wasn't ready to give up the family cashflow. At a dead end, they decided to go their separate ways, give it some thought, and come up with the solution tomorrow. Before she left, they shared a big kiss.

Lucy showed up at the lighthouse looking for Eve. Lucy wanted to try to help Eve with her relationship with Kevin, but Eve wasn't going to have it. Lucy, frantically, went on to say that Eve needs to not pressure Kevin and to just leave him alone until he figures things out. This time, Eve attacked Lucy by asking why she was giving marital advice when she had been married so many times. Lucy responded by saying that she thought that Eve might have grown up during her time with Kevin, but she was wrong. As she was being shoved out the door, Lucy told Eve that she didn't know Kevin the way Lucy did and that she really needed to listen or she would ruin everything.

Livvie angrily approached Kevin by the water. She asked if he was thinking about drowning and he admitted that he thinks about Grace's death every time he sees water. Livvie accused him of being interested in her dreams because he has those nightmares himself. Kevin admitted that he does have those dreams, but still said that he still could help Livvie. Livvie still felt that Kevin was a liar and ran off. As they were talking and as Livvie was leaving, Kevin saw and called her Grace.

Alison ran into someone in the alley that she thinks could solve all of her problems with Amanda.

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Thursday, October 19, 2000

Alison enlists the reluctant help of a casual acquaintance she calls Chandler in her quest to foil her grandmother's scheme. Kevin returns to the lighthouse to find Eve preparing to step out for the evening. Complaining that they've become two ships that pass in the night, Kevin nevertheless shrugs off his wife's offer to stay home. Chris bumps into Ian at the Port Charles Grill and invites his former colleague to join him and Eve for dinner. Alison explains to Jack and Jamal how she's going to use her new "boyfriend" to get Amanda off her case. When Jack balks at playing along, Alison offers him some cold cash to seal the deal. Ian and Eve learn that Iris has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital called Hillhurst Manor. Following Ian's departure, Eve asks Chris for all the dirt he's dug up on Livvie. After buying Jack some fancy new threads, Alison drags her bogus beau over to the Grill and parades him in front of her grandmother. Ian meets Estelle at the mental hospital and learns how Iris was taken away by men wearing a curious logo on their sleeves.

Friday, October 20

Kevin confronted Chris about his involvement with Livvie. Kevin brought up Julie and her problems, and Chris told him not to council him on his marriage, when Kevin's wife was spending a lot of time with another man.

Rachel went to Lucy's apartment to try to talk Livvie into moving back in with her. Livvie refused, so Rachel left, but she followed Lucy to Kevin's house, and told her to stay away from Livvie. Kevin showed up and she told him to stay away from Livvie also. After Rachel left, Kevin told Lucy that he was beginning to believe that Livvie might be his daughter. He told her that Grace had told him she was pregnant, but she also told him that she had an abortion. Lucy asked Kevin if he had a chance to find out for sure that Livvie was his daughter would he take it.

Mr. Green went into renal failure, so Eve called Ian to be there during his final moments. Mr. Green came to for a few minutes, and mentioned the name Iris DeMarco. Dr. Boardman showed up and Eve tried to get rid of him, but he barged into the room, just in time to see Ian turning off the life support machines. Ian told him that Mr. Green had died, and Dr. Boardman accused him of killing Mr. Green

Livvie met Chris for lunch, and told him that she would never trust Kevin again

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