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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on PC
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Monday, October 9, 2000

Another potentially romantic evening for Joe and Gabriela gets interrupted yet again when Victor and Frank barge in and announce that they've concocted a scheme to catch Courtney red-handed. Livvie is startled to encounter a handsome --and naked-- young stranger while wandering down by the water late at night. At the lighthouse, Eve reminds Kevin that making love isn't going to solve their problems. Complaining that he's been shutting her out for weeks, Eve suggests to her husband that he may be getting too close to his patient and could use another perspective on the case. Hastily pulling on his clothes, the young man disappears without answering any of Livvie's questions. Victor describes for Ian, Frank, Joe and Gabriela his plan to offer a large reward to trick the notoriously greedy Courtney into incriminating herself. Kevin swears to a skeptical Eve that he'd never found peace of mind with any woman until he met her. Livvie demands that Rachel reveal whatever terrible secret she's been withholding from her daughter for so many years. Eve happily jumps to the wrong conclusion when she finds Grace's ring hidden among Kevin's clothing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Ian told Karen about his experimental treatment of Mr. Greene. She couldn't believe that he and Eve were getting ready to give the treatment against the orders of Dr. Boardman.

Eve came in from a morning run in the best of spirits. Kevin struggled to tell her that the ring that she thought had mended their relationship was really not meant for her. He told her that it was Grace's engagement ring. Eve was upset that Kevin let her make a fool of herself, but then wanted to know why he still had the ring. Kevin said that Grace had given it back to him the night she died, but he wasn't sure why he had kept it all these years.

Rachel buddied up to Boardman by taking his side against Ian. Later, Boardman approached Ian to let him know that he knew he intended to treat Mr. Greene against orders. Ian continued to defend himself saying that his treatment was the only possible chance there was for Mr. Greene to be saved. Boardman threatened to take the case to the hospital board and Ian challenged him to do it.

Joe and Gabriela were excited while they prepared for their performance in front of Courtney. Frank brought her into the coffee shop to discuss insurance forms. After they argued about where Neil would stay, Frank left. Joe and Gabriela came and sat in the booth behind Courtney without acknowledging that she was there. Gabriela showed Joe the article in the paper and he read it aloud while Courtney paid close attention. Gabriela told Joe that she was nervous about what would happen when his name came out and that she wasn't sure that she was ready for the consequences. Joe tried to get her to stay, but Gabriela told Joe that they were over and stormed out while Joe followed close behind. Courtney seemed to be very intrigued by what she had just witnessed.

Eve told Kevin that he had been lying to himself and her about what effect treating Livvie was having on him and their relationship. She tried to make him see how different their relationship had become and told him that she was really scared about how she felt. Kevin said that Livvie needed him more than ever right now, but that he would make a real effort to spend more time with Eve. He reassured her that she was the most important thing in his life.

Ian went ahead and began treatment of Mr. Greene before Boardman had the chance to get to the board. He was interrupted by hospital security and escorted out of the room. Boardman confronted him in the hallway and Ian asked if there was any particular reason why Boardman wanted his patient to die. Boardman denied the accusation and continued to push Ian until he slugged Boardman and took off.

Joe and Gabriela congratulated themselves on their stellar performance. Frank had to remind them that they needed to keep up the show until they were certain that Courtney had fell for their set up.

The lighthouse phone rang and Kevin went to answer it. It was Livvie asking to see him later at the hospital. Kevin quickly said that it would be all right, but, before he could finish, Eve had gone.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Eve called Karen from Jake's and begged her to meet her there so that she could vent about her fight with Kevin. While she was waiting, Ian bought her a drink to get the evening started.

Livvie went to see Kevin at the hospital to ask why Rachel had said that he kills with water. Kevin told Livvie again that he didn't think it was a good idea for him to tell her too much. He said it was better for her to figure things out on her own. Livvie got angry and started to leave while telling Kevin that Rachel was right about him. This was the outburst that caused Kevin to give in.

Frank was trying to help Jamal find a job, but not having much luck because most people recognized him from the news. Once again, Jamal said that it might be better for him to leave town. Frank mentioned Alison as a reason to stay, but Jamal got upset and said that there was nothing between them.

Lucy had a dream about Christmas with Livvie and Kevin. In the dream, Livvie called Kevin dad and they thanked Lucy for bringing them together. Then, Rachel and Estelle showed up and Kevin let them stay in the spirit of Christmas. Lucy freaked when she guessed that the gift they had brought for Kevin was bomb. When she said something, Kevin calmly gave it to Lucy and offered to leave with the rest of them. Before they left the room and much to Lucy's disgust, Kevin and Rachel shared a passionate kiss.

Kevin told Livvie that he was once engaged to Grace and that he was with her the night she died. He left out that Grace had intended on killing them both, but told Livvie the rest. Livvie was shocked at first, but then got angry at him for keeping this from her. She accused him of telling her pieces at a time to keep some sort of control over her. Once again, she said that Rachel had been right about him and stormed out.

Karen backed out of meeting Eve, leaving her with Ian. Eve drank too much, took over the bar and ended up dancing on top of it too. After putting on quite a show for the other patrons, she fell into Ian's arms and asked him to dance. Ian obliged, but when the music stopped and Eve went to call a cab, it was obvious that Ian wished the night had gone on longer.

Jamal got involved in street betting on dice with a couple of guys he and Frank ran into. One of the guys looked like he was the guy Livvie ran into skinny dipping earlier this week. Jamal was doing quite well at first, but didn't stop when he was ahead. Eventually, he lost, Frank left, and the game dissolved shortly after.

Kevin went to find Livvie at Lucy's. He told her what happened and Lucy offered to help him with Livvie. Kevin immediately told Lucy that he did not want her involved. Just after he left, Lucy received a phone call telling her that the DNA results she had been anxiously waiting for would be ready the next day.

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Thursday, October 12, 2000

Following their wild night at Jake's, Eve nurses a morning-after hangover in the hospital cafeteria while Ian cheerfully advises her to lay off the kamikazes for a while. Meanwhile, Lucy lends a supportive shoulder to a gloomy Kevin when he drops by to check on Livvie. Anxious to see Courtney fall into Victor's trap, Frank goads her with threats of withdrawing his financial support. Amanda encounters Jamal in the halls of the hospital and archly reminds the young man of his promise to keep his distance from her granddaughter. Later, Alison uses a startled stranger in a clumsy effort to make Jamal jealous but is embarrassed when it turns out that the two are already acquainted. Kevin told an angry Livvie it's impossible for him to maintain his professional objectivity now that they know how their personal lives have been irretrievably intertwined. Afterwards, Livvie receives a visit from a fuming Eve, who orders the confused girl to stay away from Kevin. Ian told an irked Kevin how he bumped into the shrink's wife at Jake's. Jamal is forced to hurt Alison again to keep her at arm's length.

Friday, October 13, 2000

Lucy told Alan that she had ordered DNA tests and asked him to destroy them so that she wouldn't find out what the results were. Chris Ramsey overheard them talking and called the lab and told them that he was instructed to pick up the test results. He picked them up, and opened them, and then took them to Lucy. He told her he had found them and brought them to her. She questioned him, and asked him if he had read them. He told her no. As he left, Lucy started to open the envelope.

Dr. Boardman intercepted a package for Ian, and when he opened it, he found illegal narcotics. Ian denied any knowledge of the drugs, but Boardman called the police. When the police came, they said that Ian had a previous record for illegal drugs, but since Boardman had opened the package and Ian hadn't signed for it, there was nothing they could do. Alan came in and fired Ian.

Kevin confronted Eve about her night out with Ian. She admitted being with Ian and getting drunk. They argued about that, and then the argument changed to Livvie. Kevin left and went to see Victor. He told Victor that he was afraid his marriage was falling apart, and then he told Victor that he might have a daughter.

Livvie asked Rachel about Grace's death. Rachel told her about the night that Grace died, and then asked Livvie to stay away from Kevin.

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