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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on PC
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Frank showed Joe the tabloid article about the General Hospital resident who might be HIV positive. Joe went to see Jill, since he was worried that the article would hurt her. Alan later assured a patient that she was in no danger of getting AIDS from GH.

Eve and Ian went to Mr. Green's apartment and found the place ransacked, with bloody handprints on the wall. A neighbor walked in and told them that she had heard Mr. Green fighting with someone. Eve found a medical ID bracelet that wasn't from GH.

Alison tried to plan a day for her and Jamal, but he gently rejected her plans and kissed her to make her feel better. Amanda paid a visit to Jamal's apartment and found Alison there instead. Amanda told Alison that she would get her out of any legal trouble if she gave up Jamal, but Alison refused. Amanda later confronted Jamal and warned him that the Barringtons were determined to do whatever it took to keep Alison away from him -- including committing her. When Jamal broke it off with Alison, she ran out of his apartment and screamed at something that she saw outside.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Jamal comforted Alison after she discovered a man who had collapsed in the alley. They called an ambulance and accompanied the "John Doe" to the hospital to make sure that he was all right.

Gabriela was going crazy answering phone calls concerning the article in the Inquisitor. Eve and Ian joined her after they returned from Mr. Green's apartment with no leads. Despite the chaos in the ER, Chris demanded to have a meeting with all of the residents in order to find out who the Inquisitor was referring to.

Kevin approached Chris about his involvement with Livvie. Chris immediately jumped to his own defense, claiming that he and Livvie had become close and he had no intention of hurting her. Kevin didn't seem convinced. Then, Chris praised Kevin's treatment of Livvie and made a point of saying how connected Livvie and Kevin seemed.

Meanwhile, Livvie was defending Chris to Lucy. Livvie said that she wasn't comfortable living somewhere where she had to keep apologizing for who her friends were. Lucy said that she didn't need to apologize, but that, in this case, they would just have to agree to disagree. Then, Livvie asked how Lucy was handling the news that she was Rachel's daughter.

Lucy explained that, at first, she had wanted to run in the opposite direction, but she had realized that Livvie was her own person with her own problems, and she needed her friends. Livvie described how Rachel was not the same person she had known her whole life. Livvie then told Lucy the truth she had learned about her father.

In the resident meeting, Eve and Karen tried to convince Chris to be more sympathetic to whoever it might be that was the topic of the article. Still, Chris demanded to know who was the cause for the recent chaos in the hospital. Eventually, Joe gave in to his anger and confessed that he had been exposed to HIV, but had tested negative twice.

As Joe was taking care of "John Doe," Alison was still shook up about seeing the body in the alley. Jamal put together that it was really Cedric's death that was bothering her. Alison said that it wasn't right for someone to hurt that man, but that, since she was a killer, nothing really made sense. Jamal said that it might be his presence that was constantly refreshing her memories of Cedric and that it might be best for him to leave. Alison tried to call his bluff, reminding Jamal how much they cared about each other, but he asked her not to call or visit and left anyway.

Ian discovered that Joe's "John Doe" was Mr. Green.

Livvie began to tell Lucy about the memories she had discovered while under hypnosis. She described her mother's scent, her voice, and the ring.

Meanwhile, Kevin had been carrying the ring around all day. He pulled it out of his pocket and heard himself describing it, the exact way Livvie remembered, while he was proposing to Grace.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Rachel eavesdropped while Lucy and Livvie expressed how thankful they were to each other for their friendship. After Lucy cautiously left Livvie alone in the suite, Rachel knocked on the door. At first, Livvie tried to slam the door, but Rachel stopped her and asked Livvie to make time to listen to what she had to say.

Courtney stormed into the Scanlon house and demanded that Neil go home with her. She said that she had seen the article about Joe, and she didn't want Neil under the same roof with him.

Ian and Eve shared their disappointment at having no leads on Mr. Green's case. Ian had a lot of shoulder pain, so Eve offered to help by giving him a massage. In the middle of it, Eve started going on about how upset she was that Kevin wasn't sharing his feelings about the Locke family with her. Ian offered up some friendly advice, and Eve rushed off to find Kevin.

Lucy paid a visit to Kevin to tell him that she knew about Livvie's hypnosis. Lucy wanted to help Kevin deal with what was going on, since there was no patient confidentiality problem anymore. Kevin was somewhat relieved and began to tell Lucy how confusing the whole mess was. He was especially interested in why Rachel wasn't telling Livvie how she thought Kevin was responsible for Grace's death.

Frank struck out at Courtney, telling her that she was more destructive than HIV and that she was no longer the person that he had fallen in love with. Courtney claimed that he was the one who had changed; she vowed that she would get Neil back and left.

When Eve found Kevin, he was beginning to accept support from Lucy. Eve overheard Lucy telling Kevin how happy she would be if he would let her help him with Livvie. Eve headed the other direction and proceeded to cause havoc among her coworkers. Ian noticed her change in attitude and intercepted Boardman's Chinese food to surprise her.

Rachel told Livvie that she wanted to get past all of the negativity and that she had things to say that Livvie needed to know. Livvie said that all she really wanted to know was why she was unwanted in Port Charles. Rachel explained that after Grace's death, Estelle had never been the same. She claimed that she hadn't wanted Livvie to watch her grandmother in pain the way she had been. Rachel expressed how upset she was that Livvie was beginning to slip away just like Estelle. Livvie seemed to believe Rachel and comforted her with an embrace.

After Courtney left, Joe asked Frank if he thought it was just a coincidence that Courtney was using the article as an excuse to get Neil while she was one of the only people who knew he could have HIV. They both agreed it was not beyond Courtney to do something like that. The brothers determined they needed to find proof that Courtney had called the Inquisitor.

Livvie was resting her head on Rachel's lap while she stroked her hair. Livvie began to reminisce about her childhood and wanted Rachel to sing their special song. Rachel started to sing, but Livvie said that she was singing the wrong one. Rachel wiggled out of the situation by saying that she had sung many songs over the years and couldn't remember which one Livvie was requesting.

Kevin showed Grace's ring to Lucy. Out of nowhere, Kevin received a phone call from Estelle asking to meet him the next day. Lucy looked closely at the ring and realized that it perfectly matched the description Livvie had given. Together, Kevin and Lucy pieced together the possibility that Livvie could be Grace's daughter.

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Alison tried to make Jamal jealous by showing up at his apartment in a really tight outfit and pretending that she was looking for earrings she had supposedly lost. To twist the screws a little bit more, she mentioned going on a date with a guy named Chandler. When she said she had found the earrings and bent over to pick them up, her skirt ripped. Jamal gave her a jacket to cover herself up and told her to go home. After that Alison went home and changed. Later, she went to get some pizza -- and Jamal showed up. When he saw her, he turned around and left.

Shadowed in a silhouette, a source close to General Hospital granted an interview with the press about the HIV rumors. Joe and Frank were watching, but they had no idea who the mystery person was because, in addition to the silhouette, the person had their voice altered. After it was over, Joe said he would like to know who it was. Frank said he knew that it was Courtney -- and sure enough, it was.

Kevin went to Estelle. Kevin asked her why she had kept Livvie a secret for so many years. She danced around the question for a little bit, and then she started calling Kevin a murderer. However, when Kevin was getting ready to storm out of the room, Estelle begged him not to leave. Estelle said she didn't know why she was acting so irrationally, saying that she was lonely all locked up in her room.

Estelle asked Kevin to get a key out of her drawer, and when he looked in the drawer for the key, she tried to stab him. Kevin knew that Estelle was up to something and turned around just in time. In the drawer, Kevin found a photograph. He secretly slipped it into his jacket and left.

Friday, October 6, 2000

Joe told Gabriela that he suspected Courtney of being the person who had told the press about the "HIV-infected person" at General Hospital. They devised a plan to try and trap Courtney into revealing herself.

Kevin showed Lucy the photo of Grace and Livvie that he had taken from Estelle. They discussed the possibility of Grace being Livvie's mother. Lucy made a remark about Kevin possibly being Livvie's father, but Kevin told her to drop the subject. As Kevin was leaving, he and Lucy hugged, and Kevin's hair got caught on Lucy's watch.

Lucy went to Ian and asked if it was possible to do a DNA test on human hair. He told her yes. She went home and took some of Livvie's hair from her hairbrush and called the lab, where they agreed to run the tests for her.

Rachel and Livvie argued over Kevin and all the lies from the past. Livvie told Rachel she was a horrible mother and told her to leave

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