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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on PC
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Monday, September 25, 2000

Ian was testy at the hospital after finding out that the formerly healthy Mr. Greene was dying. Karen found the organizer in the garbage can just as Alison and Frank were meeting to see if one of them had found it. Eve tried to make Ian see that he had done everything possible to help Mr. Greene but Ian couldn't see past his own regrets. Courtney went to the station to collect her reward money and she and Jamal argued about her turning him in.

Karen gave the organizer to an ecstatic Frank and he and Alison rushed to the police station to give it to Garcia. Gabriela administered Joe's second HIV test and told him to think happy thoughts. Amanda gave Courtney the check just as Alison and Frank came in with the organizer. Alison admitted again to killing Cedric in self-defense and Jamal thanked her for alwayd believing in him. Ian apologized for blowing up at Eve and Eve told Ian that if he ever needed a partner in crime, she was available. Gabriela and Joe didn't let his test get them down and they shared an intimate dance in the lounge.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Lucy and Scott prepared a tea party in Dominque's gazebo for Serena. The celebration was to surprise Serena with the completed adoption papers for her and Lucy. Despite how upset Serena has been about her parents split, she was overjoyed at the news of Lucy being her legal mother.

Rachel paid a visit to Kevin to tell him to stay away from Livvie. They argued about how Rachel had dealt with Livvie's dreams and Grace's drowning. Kevin threatened Rachel by saying that if she wasn't truthful about Grace's death, he would be.

Gail informed Rachel that Alison had signed a statement declaring that she had given permission to be medicated. Gail also announced that Rachel's suspension had been lifted, but she would remain on probation for awhile.

Rachel found Chris and accurately accused him of being up to something suspicious. Much to Chris's enjoyment, Rachel figured out that she was receiving payback for how she had treated Julie. Rachel pleaded with Chris to leave Livvie out of their feud. Chris stated that he has grown fond of Livvie, but that casualties are common in war. Then, he successfully insinuated that he knew about Kevin's relationship to Livvie.

Nervously, Livvie returned to the hospital to visit Kevin. As she prepared to give a lengthy apology, Kevin let her know that he understands why she lied. He also said that he thinks her actions were very courageous and there was really nothing to forgive. Livvie gently asked if she could continue her sessions. Kevin agreed on the condition that she knew this would only cause more friction between her and Rachel. Livvie said that she could care less about her mother and explained her recent realization about Joshua Locke. Kevin was shocked, but not surprised. Livvie also said that, since she knows even less than before, she really needs his help.

Rachel went as low as to beg Chris to keep quiet to protect Livvie. Then, she tried to convince Chris that Kevin is the one that was at fault in treating Julie. Rachel offered to team up with Chris to plot revenge on Kevin, but Chris said that he preferred to work alone.

Kevin told Livvie that he knows why she's having her nightmares.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Ian expressed his frustration about Mr. Green's case to Eve. Eve offered him all of her patient files that contained lab mistakes, but they were called away by a page to Mr. Green's room.

Alison and Jamal waited anxiously as the police investigated Cedric's organizer. Garcia announced that Cedric had been tied to the organizer by fingerprints on the batteries. After the firewall, posing as the annoying game, had been broken it was proven that Cedric was behind the racketeering operation. Garcia apologized for not believing them before, but said that they still needed to deal with the murder charges.

Lucy demanded to know what kind of game Chris is playing with Livvie. She was furious with him for keeping Livvie's identity a secret and said that she doesn't plan on standing by while he hurts another person that she cares about.

Kevin told Livvie that he knew Grace and that she had drowned 15 years ago. Livvie was frustrated when Kevin wouldn't tell her more, but he said that it was more important to concentrate on her feelings and memories concerning Grace. Livvie said that she has always felt sad about missing her aunt, but she had never known how strong the connection was. She couldn't believe that her mother and grandmother had kept the details of Grace's death secret especially since her nightmares corresponded so closely. Kevin tried to defend Rachel by saying that it might be too painful for her to talk about even if it could make Livvie feel better.

Eve and Ian arrived in Mr. Green's room to find him being restrained by the nurses. He was hallucinating again, shouting that someone was trying to get him. Then Mr. Green announced that he knew what had happened to him. When asked to describe what happened, he started spouting gibberish again and Ian ordered a sedative to calm him down. Ian told Eve that he was beginning to wonder if someone purposely caused Mr. Green's condition.

Once again, Alison told Garcia that she had killed Cedric in self-defense. Garcia said that, by looking at her medical reports and the forensic data, he finally believed her. That, in combination with the proof that Jamal didn't have a motive, led to the dropping of the murder charges as well. Garcia said that they still plan on doing an investigation into what happened and that Jamal's lying about his involvement might not help Alison's case. Then, Garcia gave Jamal a lecture about all of the trouble he's been in lately. Garcia said that it probably won't be long before Jamal is in trouble again and tried to get Jamal to think about whether or not he wants to take Alison down with him next time.

Livvie asked Kevin to help her explore her feelings about Grace. Kevin pointed out that his personal connection was a major reason why he shouldn't treat her anymore, but Livvie insisted that she wouldn't be comfortable with anyone else. Kevin agreed to treat her with the condition that Livvie promise to see someone else if she ever feels uncomfortable with him. Just as Livvie began to ask Kevin why he and Rachel hate each other so much, Lucy walked in.

Livvie apologized to Lucy for her lying behavior. Lucy was in such a good mood about Serena's adoption that she instantly forgave her. When Livvie said that she was planning on staying with Chris, Lucy offered to have Livvie stay in the hotel with her again. As Kevin was telling Livvie to consider the offer, Chris showed up in the doorway.

Chris explained that he was just stopping by to make sure Livvie was alright. When he asked what offer they were discussing, Lucy icily said that it was between the three of them. Livvie told Kevin and Lucy that, although they may not agree, Chris was a good friend. When Livvie told him about possibly staying with Lucy, he immediately said he thought it was a good idea. After Livvie left with Chris, Kevin vowed that he won't let Chris hurt Livvie.

Alison and Jamal enjoyed their freedom by enjoying a leisurely walk. They started to talk about where their lives are headed and shared another short kiss.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Livvie went to see Estelle to try and get answers from her. Estelle lost it when Livvie brought up Kevin. Rachel came in just as Estelle was going to tell Livvie the truth. Livvie refused to back down and demanded answers from her mother and grandmother. Estelle berated Rachel for making a mess of everything. Courtney couldn't handle Neil's impertinence with her and took it out on Joe. Joe told Courtney that she wasn't acting much like a mother. Courtney responded by picking a fight with both Joe and Gabriela. Neil asked Frank if he would consider letting him move in and Courtney went ballistic and told Frank there was no way that would ever happen. Courtney later called a gossip rag and told them she had a juicy scandal to report. Frank and Alison surprised Jamal by fixing up his apartment for him. Alison tried to get close to Jamal, but he wasn't ready to take their relationship to that next level. Alison shut him up by kissing him passionately.

Friday, September 29, 2000

Joe anxiously awaited his HIV test results, which turned out negative. He and Gabriela celebrated.

Kevin had a nightmare, and when Eve tried to wake him, he woke up screaming at her.

While they were talking about the dream and all the stress he has been under, Livvie showed up and asked to speak with Kevin alone. Eve left to go to the hospital and Livvie told Kevin she wanted him to hypnotize her, to help her remember the past. Kevin tried to explain to her that it didn't always help, but she insisted, so they started a session right then. While she was under, he took her back to when she was 3 years old, before Grace drowned. She started to remember sitting on her mothers lap, admiring a ring that her mother was wearing. She described the ring as "The dark sky with twinkling stars all around". This description seemed to shake Kevin up, and he stopped the session. After Livvie left, he pulled out a box, and inside was the ring that Livvie had seen.

Ian was at the Recovery Room, and while talking to Victor, he got an idea about a therapy to use on Mr. Green. He told Eve about it, and they decided to try it. Dr. Boardman found out about it and told them that they were not to use it, but they continued with their plan, till they went into Mr. Green's room and found it empty.

Courtney told Frank she wanted Neal to come home. Neal was angry with his mom and told her he wasn't going home. Frank tried to explain to Courtney that she needed to back off, and give Neal time to cool down, or she was going to lose him for good. She stormed off, Later Frank found Neal reading a copy of the National Inquisitor, and the story on the front page was about Joe. Neal started to question Frank about the story.

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