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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on PC
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Monday, September 18, 2000

Alison wisely spoke in code while talking to Jamal on the phone as Courtney lurked nearby. Ian was happy to see that Lucy had returned and she immediately launched into all the new things she wanted to do at the clinic. Rachel was shocked to see Livvie walk into the hearing and was even more taken aback when it was revealed that Livvie was Charlie MacMillan, Kevin's patient. Kevin reeled when Livvie announced that Rachel was her mother. Livvie explained to the ethics committee all the events that led up to the hearing and publicly denounced Rachel as a liar. Eve and Lucy butted heads over Kevin when Lucy wanted to run to his side. Lucy suggested that she and Eve work together to help Kevin. Alison told Jamal about how she grew up in the care of exotic servants and Jamal told her about the family dinners he used to have. As they shared a meal, Courtney peeked through the window, but Frank caught her in the act. Ian asked Dr. Boardman about the extra tests that were being done on his patients, but Boardman told him to handle it himself. The charges against Kevin were dropped and still Kevin offered Livvie his support. As Ian stopped in the hospital stairwell, someone dressed in scrubs knocked him unconscious. Frank brought Courtney into the boathouse and Alison and Jamal planned to make an escape. They were met at the door by the police who arrested Jamal.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Courtney proudly sat by while Garcia arrested Jamal Alison tried her best to get herself arrested instead. Garcia threatened to take her seriously, but Frank convinced her that she couldn't help Jamal from behind bars. As Garcia was leaving, Courtney made sure that she would get the reward for leading the police to Jamal.

Rachel volunteered to tell Livvie anything she wanted to know once they had their privacy. As they were leaving the hospital, Livvie ran into Lucy for the first time since her identity had been exposed. Livvie apologized for not being honest and Rachel tried to hurry them out, but Lucy and Eve demanded an explanation. Kevin intervened and left Livvie to deal with her problems with Rachel.

Ian awoke to find that his wallet and backpack were missing. When he exited the stairwell, he ran into Karen who insisted that he get his injuries looked at. Ian was more concerned about finding the perpetrator and the missing clinic files that were in the backpack.

Kevin and Lucy realized that Livvie's dreams must have been related to Grace's death. They said that, although they should be angry about the way that Livvie lied to them, they still feel bad for her. Eve couldn't understand why they weren't more upset. Lucy became worried about Rachel causing Livvie more pain and convinced Kevin to go with her to find them. Rachel was furious with Livvie for lying to her and taking up with Lucy and Kevin. Livvie told Rachel that she had hired a private investigator because she knew she would never get the truth. Rachel told an emotional story about meeting Livvie's father at a party and having a one night stand. She said that she didn't even know the father's name. Livvie seemed to believe the story, but asked whether Rachel had just been protecting herself by keeping the truth secret.

When Lucy and Kevin showed up to give Livvie a chance to explain, Rachel tried her best to get rid of them. Livvie insisted that her friends stay and started to explain herself. Rachel was upset to find out that Livvie had told Kevin about her dreams. Lucy tried to get Livvie to leave with her and Kevin, but Rachel wouldn't have it. Livvie was trying to quiet the argument just as Chris walked in. To everyone's astonishment, Livvie immediately ran into his arms and asked him to take her away.

Garcia resisted initially, but then let Alison visit with Jamal. Alison made Jamal to promise that he wouldn't give up. Then, they shared a kiss between the cell bars!

While Eve was examining Ian further, he told her how concerned he was about the missing clinic files. Karen delivered Ian's test results showing that he had a mild concussion and said that he shouldn't be left alone. Eve tried to get Karen to be the caregiver, but ended up with the job herself.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

When Karen paid a visit to Scott he filled her in on what he and Lucy went through while they were looking for Christina. Then, he gave her the news about the their upcoming separation. Scott tried to explain that the decision made by both of them, but Karen couldn't understand what was wrong that couldn't be fixed. Scott assured her that they were doing the right thing and that they would all still remain a family.

Back at Chris's apartment, Livvie asked if she could stay for the night because she wasn't ready to go back to Lucy's. Chris tried to discourage Livvie from giving up on Lucy and Kevin. He even encouraged her to keep getting treatment from Kevin.

Eve decided that, rather than waking Ian up every 2 hours to keep an eye on his concussion, they should stay up all night together. When Ian returned from changing, Eve found herself pausing at the sight of Ian with no shirt. In an effort to keep them occupied, Eve started to tell Ian about the Livvie/Rachel situation, but he fell asleep in the middle of the story. Anxious to find a way for them to stay awake, Eve found some cards and enlisted Ian in a game of "truth poker".

While trying to get in a quick shower, Gabriela hurried into the on call room and started removing her clothes. She was surprised when Joe made his presence known from one of the bunks. Joe offered to leave her with her privacy, but she said that she was used to having a bunch of guys around. Gabriela became furious when Joe apologized for trying to push her into a relationship and said that he had decided to let her off the hook.

After winning several games himself, Ian found himself at the mercy of Eve's questions. She wanted to know why he wasn't interested in the beautiful, intelligent Karen. Ian tried to say that he couldn't be interested in a coworker, but Eve said that she could tell that wasn't the reason. She went on to accuse Ian of being interested in someone else, but he managed to avoid answering. Later, while Ian wasn't looking, Eve fell asleep on the couch. He gently covered her with a blanket and left her to rest.

Livvie told Chris that she is ready to take bigger steps in the quest to find out the family secrets. She went on to tell Chris what a difference he's made in her life and how much he means to her. Much to his surprise, she thanked him by giving him a big kiss!

Chris quickly put an end to the kiss and Livvie apologized for her lack of judgement. He said that he was flattered rather than angry and understood how she could be confused with all that's been going on in her life.

When Joe asked why Gabriela was so upset, she said that she wasn't going to let him make her decisions for her anymore. She had a hilarious fit and, eventually, told Joe that she likes him a lot and that she had decided that they were going to give their relationship another shot. Joe didn't resist so they sealed the decision with a kiss.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Rachel stormed into Chris's apartment and found Livvie dressed in one of his shirts. Livvie insinuated that something more had gone on than Chris just helping her out. Lucy stopped by to see Kevin who was lost in memories of Grace. Kevin blamed himself for not knowing that Livvie was Grace's daughter and was determined to help Livvie. Meanwhile, Livvie demanded that Rachel leave, but Rachel refused to leave without her. Joe asked Gabriela out on their first official date, the day before his second HIV-test. Eve woke up smiling at Ian and later examined him to make sure he was okay. Ian rushed her out of his apartment, not wanting to be alone with her anymore. Lucy worried that Kevin was going to get mired in his past again. Back at the hospital, Ian got the test results for Mr. Greene. The results from an independent lab revealed that the formerly healthy Mr. Greene was now dying. Rachel slapped Livvie when Livvie accused her of being sleazy. Joe and Gabriela decided on a simple date, especially after Ian's overly exotic suggestions. Eve burst in and told Lucy she could go home to her own husband just after Lucy told Kevin that she and Scott were breaking up. Chris shoved Rachel out of his apartment and snidely promised her that he would take care of her little girl.

Friday, September 22, 2000

Serena watched as Lucy packed to move out. She told Lucy that she didn't have to adopt her, and Lucy and Scott explained to her that they both loved her and they would always be a family even if they didn't live together.

Gabriela and Joe were interrupted by Joe's family while trying to have a candlelit dinner. Gabriela invited them to stay for dinner, and things were going well, until Courtney showed up to pick up Neal. Neal overheard them arguing about Courtney turning Frank into the police for the reward money, and he refused to go home with Courtney, telling her that he didn't want her to buy him things with the money she received for the reward.

Garcia offered Jamal a deal...5 years. Lee Baldwin tried to convince him into accepting it, when Alison came in and told Jamal not to take it, that she was trying to prove his innocence. Garcia took Jamal to the County jail, and Alison feared for Jamal's safety, since Cedric's associates were there.

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