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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on PC
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Monday, September 11, 2000

Alison brought Jamal to the Quartermaines' boathouse and assures him no one will find him in this new hiding place. As they brainstorm about how to locate the proof they need, Alison overrules Jamal's objections and decides to search for Cedric's organizer in the police station's evidence room. A gloomy Joe confides to Ian how badly his talk with Gabriela went. Following his eye-opening chat with Joshua Locke, Chris returns to Livvie's hotel room, where he feigns shock at her news that Rachel has brought Kevin up on ethics charges. Garcia scoffs at Alison's theory about Cedric framing Jamal, then shows the girl that the only electronic organizer found at the scene of the crime was her own. Meanwhile, Neil stumbles across Cedric's organizer at the Scanlon house. Rachel reluctantly told her mother how Livvie has been lying to them both for several weeks. Across town, Chris encourages Livvie to hire a private investigator to look into her mother's past. Frank and Joe share a warm fraternal moment following a game of one-on-one. Rachel calls Livvie and insists on meeting her for a long overdue face-to-face conversation.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Courtney found Neil playing with the Cedric's organizer at the hospital. She got upset that Neil took it from the Scanlon house without knowing who it belonged to and decided to leave it at the nurses station for Joe.

Livvie was tempted to give up on finding dirt on her mother. Chris did his best to convince her to keep looking. Eventually, she decided to go ahead with the P.I. hoping that if she could find out her mother's secret that she would be able to testify to help Kevin.

When Alison finally found Frank, she told him about the evidence on the organizer. Frank remembered seeing the organizer with Neil so he went to find him at his checkup. Meanwhile, the organizer got stuffed in a pile of files and taken away by Eve. Then, Eve got knocked over and the organizer got shoved in behind the cushion of a couch across from the nurses station. Frank found Courtney and tried to find out what Neil had done with the organizer. Courtney told him, but the organizer was not where she left it. Sensing something strange about Frank, Courtney hid while Frank caught Alison up on the adventures of the missing organizer. Courtney found Amanda and told her that Alison is still hung up on Jamal. Amanda seemed unsurprised by Courtney's revelation, but was persuaded to double the reward money. Shortly after, an orderly found the organizer and began playing games. Chris put a stop to the fun and ordered that the organizer be delivered to the lost and found.

Chris got on the phone with the private investigator to discuss plans to tell Livvie that her father has been found alive and well.

When Kevin told Livvie about the possibility of signing an affidavit she suggested that it might be better if they just quit their sessions. Kevin said that halting the sessions would probably seem like an admission of guilt. Sensing how upset Livvie was about the mess Kevin was in, he told her not to worry about testifying or signing a statement or anything. He said that he would take care of the situation himself.

Courtney came dangerously close to discovering Jamal when she and Amanda went to check out the Quartermaine boathouse as a site for Amanda's upcoming fundraiser.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

While Kevin was appearing before the ethics committee, Eve and Ian were just getting off of a double shift. Ian managed to get Eve to admit how worried she was about her husband's future. He tried to reassure her that all she could do was hope for the best.

Karen went to the Scanlon house to drop off some files for Ian, but found Joe instead. She confronted Joe about how they have been avoiding each other since she got back from rehab.

Despite Courtney's persistence, Amanda had just decided that the boathouse wouldn't be a good place to have her fundraiser when Alison came running in. Alison claimed that she had a date with Emily and couldn't find her. Amanda was too excited that Alison was associating with her "type" of people to be suspicious of the lie so the three of them left the boathouse. Later, Courtney got suspicious when Amanda told her that Emily and Alison have never been really good friends.

Joe said that, even though they haven't been spending any time together, he had been watching Karen. He said that he noticed that she was stronger and could tell she was doing well. He said that he knew their breaking up didn't help her addiction. While explaining how he went for the quick fix at the end of the relationship, Joe confessed that he had been exposed to HIV. Karen was worried, but said that she could tell that there was more going on than he was saying. Then, she asked him about Gabriela. She said that she could tell that he was interested in her, but Joe seemed discouraged. Karen tried to encourage Joe to continue fighting and said that she's sure he'll find his way.

Gabriela asked Jill if she was upset that Joe told her about the HIV situation. She was surprised to hear that Joe had discussed her with Jill. Jill explained that she and Joe's relationship was a rebound for both of them and that love wasn't really an issue. Gabriela was still upset that Joe held back about the possibility of having HIV. Jill tried to explain what she first felt when she found out she was sick. She also said that if Joe said he wants Gabriela in his life, he meant it.

Eve put on a comedy show when a guy came up to her and Ian asking for help with a hangnail. Ian said that he wants to help people even if all that's wrong is a hangnail. Eve took this opportunity to ask why Ian decided to stay in PC. He said that he was sticking it out because he hadn't done what he had come to do. When Ian expressed his concern for her and Kevin, Eve admitted that Ian was a pretty good friend.

Jamal was frustrated with Alison after hearing that Amanda had doubled the reward on his head. He was more upset to find out that Alison's efforts to find the organizer had not been successful. Alison shut him up by refusing to stop talking until he calmed down. Then, she started to talk about how much they mean to each other and leaned in to kiss him. Jamal quickly backed away and continued to complain about their streak of bad luck.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Before Lucy and Scott left for Port Charles, the French police told them that they helped bust a baby-selling ring. Everyone's gratitude gave Scott and Lucy little comfort. Rachel offered her services to Ian when she saw how overworked he was at the clinic. He accepted her help, but cautioned her to keep her personal and political feelings out of the clinic. Livvie was shocked when Chris told her that the P.I. they hired found information on her father. Mr. Greene returned to the clinic looking for help and was horrified to see Rachel. Rachel claimed to have never seen the man before. When Ian and Eve looked for the blue mark that Mr. Greene had on his neck before, it was gone. Livvie wanted to confront her mother, but Chris convinced Livvie that she should go and see Joshua Locke to get answers. Eve bolstered Kevin's confidence as much as she could and was encouraged when Ian said he believed in Kevin as well. Scott asked Lucy where they stood and she told him she wanted he and Serena to be her family, but she wasn't sure it was enough. They came to the painful realization that though their friendship was intact, their marriage might be over.

Friday, September 15, 2000

Scott and Lucy arrived back in Port Charles, where they discussed how they would tell Serena of their plans for divorce. Scott asked Lucy if she would legally adopt Serena before the divorce, so she could take care of Serena if something ever happened to him.

Livvie finally met with her father, but when she told him who she was, he told her that he wasn't her father, that Rachel had married him without telling him that she had a 3 year old daughter. Livvie was so angry at her mom that she left to confront her about the lies.

The board met to decide Kevin's fate. Rachel testified against Kevin, bringing up his past problems. Kevin explained to the board his reasons for meeting with Charlie in private in her hotel room. The board decided that without Charlie's testimony, they had no choice but to decide against Kevin. Kevin told the board that Rachel had brought these charges against him as revenge, because of his past with her sister. Rachel started saying terrible things about Kevin when Livvie walked into the room, called her a liar, and told the board not to believe anything she said.

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