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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on PC
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Monday, September 4, 2000

Frank helped Jamal sneak in to see Alison. He told her to not tell the cops any thing that it would not change any thing. She told him that she would never be the same that she need to take responsibility for what she did. He then implied that him leaving town was the only way to make things go away. She begged him not to leave but he said he had to do it. They said there good-byes and he left the room.

Joe had to stitch up a guy's hand and Gabrielle assisted. When he cut him self and then seen blood on Gabrielle he freaked out. After the patient left he asked if any blood got on her cut. She assured him it did not. That her cut is way up on her arm. He told her that to be on the safe side she should take some type of drug. She said that is an HIV drug and Joe said yeah and then she went speechless.

Rachel had a very heated argument outside Livvie's hotel room with Kevin. She insisted on seeing "Charlie." Kevin told her that she will never get near one of his patients again. She then implied that something more was going on with the secret meeting at the hotel late at night. Kevin told her that if she had any sense left she would seek help for her self then shut the door on her. Chris came and grabbed her after Kevin shut the door and told her to back off and wait. They need solid proof before they went on and destroyed Kevin. She agreed to back off for the time being but he better hurry up.

Chris meet with his PI and talked about checking on the one Mr. Locke that was alive. Told him to have the information for him by tomorrow so he could have this turn out the way he wanted it to. But that might be to late. Because when Rachel got back to the hospital and Jill praised what a good doctor Kevin was in front of her, Rachel took matters into her own hands. She call and reported him to the medical board. She said there was a doctor making late calls to a patient only in a hotel room.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Gabriela figured out that Joe could be HIV positive. He tried to calm her by telling her that he hadn't actually tested received positive test results. Gabriela was in shock and said that she wasn't ready to talk about it yet.

Planning on leaving town for good, Jamal showed up at the Scanlon house to thank Frank for all of his help. When Courtney and Neil arrived, Frank quickly sent Jamal upstairs. Courtney claimed that she had stopped by on her way home, but Frank pointed out that this was nowhere near on her way. Sensing Frank's anxiousness, Courtney took her time lecturing him about his involvement with Jamal. Frank's reaction when Neil wanted to go upstairs only helped to confirm Courtney's suspicion that he was hiding something.

Kevin tried to convince Alison that she needed to speak to a lawyer before sharing her confession with Garcia. When she refused, Kevin managed to get some time alone with his patient to be sure she knew what she was doing. After hearing the news from Garcia, Amanda walked in and accused Jamal of brainwashing Alison. When Kevin told Amanda that he didn't think that Alison was under any outside influence she said that she was going to remove him as her granddaughter's doctor. Kevin pointed out that Alison was in the clearest mind she'd been in in days. However, Garcia refused to accept Alison's confession claiming that she was just trying to protect Jamal.

Joe was nervous that Gabriela was angry or disgusted with him. She told him that she was more upset that he hadn't trusted her enough to tell her the truth. Joe explained how his initial reaction was to keep quiet, but he had realized that he needed the people around him to help him through. He said that he didn't mean to hurt her and asked for forgiveness. Gabriela told Joe that while he needs someone to depend on, she needs someone that she knows can trust her. She said that she needed some time. Joe said that he wasn't going to let her push him away and that he would be waiting when she was ready.

Alison enlisted Kevin in her effort to clear Jamal. Kevin assured her that he would call Mac and do what he could. Alison was determined to leave the hospital to try and help Jamal. Kevin initially objected, but, with Alison's persistence, he gave in and agreed to release her from the hospital.

Frank tried to convince Jamal to stay close because the police had made him their number one priority. Jamal told Frank that he would consider his advice, but he still left, leaving Alison's organizer behind.


Livvie called Chris to the hotel and demanded to know what was going on between Kevin and her mother. Chris started out by saying that he thinks that Kevin was just upset that he was removed from Julie's case. Livvie seemed determined to find out why Rachel didn't want her in Port Charles. Trying to help, Chris began grilling Livvie about other relatives. Livvie said that there wasn't anyone besides her mother and grandmother.

Kevin told Eve that he believes that Alison probably did kill Cedric. He said that it was a good explanation for why her memory was blocked.

Ian grew more uncomfortable about the mysterious, inconclusive patient data that has continued to surface. Eve got on his case about how he wouldn't have to worry about it much longer since he would be leaving. Ian said that he thought he might have to postpone his trip to find some answers.

Kevin received a letter telling him that he was being investigated for alleged misconduct in his sessions with "Charlie". Certain it was Rachel that had reported him, Kevin immediately confronted her. Rachel cited several personal traits that she thought backed up her grounds to report him. Kevin said that Rachel is just trying to get back at him for telling Gayle about her treatment of Alison. The confrontation led to another argument about Grace. Kevin said that he would tell Rachel anything she wanted to know about his relationship with Grace if she told him exactly what she was doing in Port Charles.

Rachel continued to say that she knows the truth about Grace's death. Kevin admitted that he made most of his mistakes around the time he was with Grace, but that he did not kill her. He told Rachel that he was very proud of the man he is today. He also said that it was too much of a coincidence that the doctor that came to replace him with Julie just happened to be his dead ex-girlfriends sister and demanded, once again, that Rachel tell him why she came to Port Charles. The stress of the argument obviously got to Rachel because, suddenly, she grabbed Kevin and kissed him! They separated for a moment, but Kevin repaid the favor before confidently leaving her office.

Eve pulled all of her past ER patient records to help Ian find more information on their mystery. She started to press Ian for details on his date with Karen. Ian jokingly played along telling her how head over heels he was for Karen and how he even got a tattoo of Karen's name. Eve was disappointed that Ian wasn't as excited about her matchmaking as she was. While going through the files, Eve found that the patient of Rachel's that recently committed suicide also had incomplete labs.

Chris told Livvie not to stay cooped up in the hotel and to make sure that she continued treatment with Kevin, assuring her again that Kevin could definitely help her. Livvie was happy to hear that Chris plans on doing all he can to dig up information on Rachel.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

Ian asked Karen to help him look up some test results on the computer, they discovered that someone has been giving the patients extra tests.

Kevin also told Eve that Rachel kissed him.

Alison went to Frank's house looking for Jamal, she was disappointed when Frank told her that he didn't know where he was. She told Frank that she had to find him. Frank was concerned about Alison looking for Jamal, he told her that she needed to get all her strength back first, that's when she explained to Frank that she had gotten her memory back, and admitted that she killed Cedric.

Kevin told Gail that Rachel brought up charges against him. He explained what the charges were about, Gail told him to be careful, even though he knows what went on in the hotel room, Rachel has a good case. She also told him that he could lose his license.

Lucy went to go meet Natalie about Christina.

Ian also made an important decision, deciding that he was going to stay at General Hospital.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Rachel and Kevin face off again in the halls of the hospital. Scott secretly tails Lucy as she meets with her contact. At the warehouse, Alison told Jamal she's so close to remembering the final details of her fatal encounter with Cedric. Scott chases the man carrying the baby while Lucy's contact snatches her purse containing the ransom money and races off into the night. After the police collar the couple, Lucy is devastated to realize that the child she was negotiating for is a little boy who was stolen from his mother. Livvie calls her mother and reports that she's still having nightmares. When Rachel invents yet another excuse to prevent her daughter from "returning" to Port Charles, Livvie puts a quick end to the conversation. Chris finally tracks down Joshua Locke. Following a burst of fresh recall, Alison realizes how Cedric faked his computer files to frame Jamal. After restoring the abducted baby to his overjoyed parents, Lucy and Scott return to their hotel room to regroup. Rachel discovers that Livvie has been lying to her for weeks. Joshua told Chris he hasn't even spoken to his ex-wife for fifteen years and is definitely not the father of her child.

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